North Carolinians Buried at Gettysburg

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    Taken from an article in the Fayetteville Observer dated September 26, 1864
    A friend has favored us with the annexed list prepared with care by a gentleman formerly of this 
    state and no in one of the departments at Washington; who says, it may be some consolation 
    to the friends of the buried to know that the graves are carefully marked and surrounded by a 
    high fence.  The 170 names on the list are understood to be those who died in the hospitals 
    at Gettysburg of wounds of disease and were buried in the cemetery there.  It is known that 
    others were killed in the battle there whose names do not appear, and who were probably 
    buried on the bloody field where they fell.  An equally accurate list of those will probably never 
    be obtained.  Of some of these, the friend who enclosed the list to us says:  “Among those 
    who fill nameless graves are Lt. Iowa(?) Royster, Tutor of Rhetoric and Elocution in the 
    University of North Carolina, and Lts. John H. McDade, William Mickle, N. Brooks Tinney 
    and Jas. W. Williams of Chapel Hill.  Lt. Royster was one of the eight members of the Class 
    of 1860 who received the first distinction at the University and of the eight there are but three 
    survivors.  The youngest of the eight and the associate Tutor of Lt. Royster, Captain George 
    P. Bryan, fell leading the charge in the cavalry fight ten miles east of Richmond on the 16th 
    August last.  George Wilson, Junius C. Battle and Captain William A. Wooster repose in 
    earlier but not less glorious graves.  Of the 81 members who composed that Class, 18 are 
    know to have passed already to that ‘bourne whence no traveler returns.’  We ne’er shall look 
    upon their like again.”
    W.C. Medlin, Company E, 47th 
    G.W. Weare, Company K, (Regiment number illegible)
    W.G. Poindexter, G, 28th
    M. Propes, Company unknown, 7th
    Rufus Homes, F, 47th
    (first name not given) Goddy, Company unknown, 26th
    Jas. Sanders, H. 59th (?)
    W.F. Lewis, B, 28th
    Sgt. M. Brooks, H, 16th
    Jos. J. Marshburn, company unknown, 55th
    Jno. H. Goodwin, B, 18th
    Sgt. Major (first name not given) Baines, company and regiment unknown
    Lemuel Cooley, company unknown, 47th
    (first name not given) Shankle, I, 52nd
    Sgt. Goodson, company unknown, 52nd
    Sgt. W.H. Smith, company unknown, 52nd
    Alfred Hatty, I, 52nd
    H.H. Bridgen, E, 18th
    (first name unknown) Gates, company unknown, 7th
    A Farmer, company unknown, 54th
    Lt. F.M. Harney, F, 14th
    Sgt. R. Titty, G, 53rd
    (first name unknown) Epps, B, 53rd
    J.J. Outlaw, A, 43rd
    Lt. W.A. Bray, B, 2nd
    Sgt. D. McKinney, B, 2nd
    J.J. Brown, H, 2nd
    J.J. Baker, E, 20th
    A B. Tew, E, 20th
    W.W. Wyatt, H, 23rd
    J.J. Lowder, B, 20th
    Peter Yauncey, E, 12th
    M. Mason, G, 6th 
    Lt. Boggan, H. 43rd
    Lt. George F. Boyd, A, 45th
    W.B. Trayham, B, 20th
    W.M. Lee, A, 23rd
    9first name unknown) Frick, H, 23rd
    ‘W.H. Herring, F, 20th
    Jno. Wilson, B, 12th
    D.W. Sawry, H, 12th
    Corp. B. Allen, company unknown, 12th
    Jno. Huss, F, 1st
    S. Attory, G, 1st
    J.C. Freeman, E, 6th
    Lt. W.L. Battle, D, 37th
    J.R. Robinson, G, 52nd
    T.Bailey, K, 26th
    Jas. Massey, A, 4th
    W.F. Dearman, I, 16th
    A.J. Glascon, H, 21st
    O.K. Parish, I, 2nd
    Allen Dees, B, 43rd
    J.E. Perry, G, 32nd(?)39th(?)
    R.N. Thompson, I, 52nd
    J. Marley, E, 53rd
    W.W. Cor(?)Col(?), company unknown, 21st
    Sgt. M.B. Pendley, E, 6th
    Corp. S.P. Fassett, K, 28th
    B.F. Pittman, C, 1st
    F. Luther, B, 52nd
    William Home, H, 43rd
    Thomas Bailiford(?), G, 2nd
    Henry Danley, K, 47th
    George Linch, I, regiment unknown
    H.A. Tate, D, 11th(?)
    Sgt. J.A. Robnett, G, 37th
    W.A. Roe, I, 7th
    (first name unknown) Miller, A, 52nd
    George Nickson, G, 52nd
    (first name unknown) House, company unknown, 47th
    (first name unknown) Griffin, company unknown, 26th
    (first name unknown) Todd, company unknown, 11th
    Smith F. Barnes, G, 27th
    Capt. E.G. Morrow, G, 28th
    Thomas W. Howard, company unknown, 28th
    J.R. Johnson, company unknown, 47th
    Major A. Miller, company unknown, 21st
    Powell I. Anton(?) Antor(?), company unknown, 26th
    W.B. Marcom, company unknown, 47th
    Daniel Holley, K, 21st(?)
    Thomas E. Mackey, company unknown, 52nd
    Lt. Theb.(?) Theo.(?) D. Deems, G, 5th
    Lt. W.A. Carr, E, 5th
    Capt. G.T. Baskerville, company unknown, 23rd
    W.(?) Terrell, H, 45th
    L.R. Wade, E, 39th (?)
    J.N. Jones, E, 45th
    J.(?) W. Snider (2nd Bat.), G, 45th(?)
    T.J. M(rest of last name is illegible), company unknown, 32nd
    Sgt. C.A. Watkins, H, 45th
    R.B. Estis, H, 45th
    J.T. Miller, N.C.
    F. Magee, company illegible, 32nd
    George Moore, F, 6th
    R. Conse, C, 45th
    George A. Byrne, C, 43rd
    G.G. Gay, F, 43rd
    Thomas Hull, E, 53rd
    A.J. Davis, K, 52nd
    M.R. Hamilton, E or F, 32nd
    F. Vick, D, 32nd (?)
    G.W. Forkman(?), I, 32nd
    J.C. Huser, F, 1st
    J.T. Williams, H, 3rd
    E. Littleton, G, 3rd
    W. Davis, I, 3rd
    Lt. (first initial illegible) H. Potter, F, 3rd
    Lt. Thomas J. Kelly, N.C.
    Sgt. W.C. Davis, F, 1st
    (first initial illegible) C. Paul, D, 1st
    M.J. McRae, I, 26th
    S. Keith, I, 3rd(?)
    J.E. Adams, D, 55th
    L.G. Cobb, D, 45th
    P.S. Bottell, G, 47th
    W.R. Arent(?), H, 52nd
    H. White, C, 55th
    t.B. Thompson, G, 53rd
    T.J. Turner, company unknown, regiment illegible, ends with a ‘2’
    B.F.Waler, I, 30th(?)
    J.D. Allay, E, 47th
    Thomas Wellon, E, 45th
    Edward Barker, company and regiment illegible
    J. Fiffer, I, 40th
    N. Cone, A, 47th
    R.C. Steel, I, regiment illegible ends with a ‘6’
    J.C. Kincaird, G, 57th
    Jas. Robinson, B, 45th
    Wm. Gilbert, D, 23rd
    Wesley Jolly, I, 32nd
    D.A. Greene, G, 55th
    S.E. Waisner(?), E, 18th(?)
    J.W. Pelman, N.C. Cav.
    Jas. M. Roberts, A, 45th
    Calvin Romford, C, 4th
    Lt. P.W. Horbrich, A, 53rd
    Lt. Askew, H, 2nd
    Lt. Alexander, B, 13th
    A J. Bowman, F(?), 32nd
    E.C. Griffith, K, 32nd
    Capt. S.H. White, G, 32nd
    C. Meek, G, 2nd
    Anthony Divers, E, 2nd
    Lt. Thomas W. Baker, D, 3rd
    L.(?) J. Isley, F, 6th
    M. P. Ellington, E, 27th
    W.A. Griffin, company unknown, 27th
    Sgt. A. Dement, F, 47th
    John E. Waller, company and regiment unknown
    E.P. Little, D, 37th
    Sgt. M. Brackett, H, 16th
    Sgt. Wm. Smith, company unknown, 26th
    Alfred Holly, I, 52nd
    C. Addy, company unknown, 26th
    G.W. Weare, K, 13th
    James Sanders, H, 52nd
    Lt. J.W. Stewart, F, 18th
    Archibald Nixon, G, 52nd
    William Hutchinson, company unknown, 22nd
    Lt. J.W. Kerns, B, 28th
    Josiah Kellis, E, 28th
    William Howard, K, 53rd
    Henry Hall, H, 13th
    William A. Packett, company unknown, 55th

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer July 2007

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