Battle of Fredericksburg

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    The following regimental casualties are in this document:
    15th Regiment (two different lists, one from the North Carolina Standard and another from the 
    Fayetteville Observer, not cross referenced, just shown as printed)
    38th Regiment
    16th Regiment
    13th Regiment
    27th Regiment
    Other Articles in this Document:
    Fredericksburg—letter from A.A. McIver, Company G (Robeson), 24th N.C.
    Fredericksburg—letter from T.A.B. of the 46th Regiment
    48th Regiment
    37th Regiment
    24th Regiment
    6th Regiment 
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, December 22, 1862
    We learn from the Greensborough Patriot that Lt. Wier of that town of the 46th Regiment was 
    killed and Col. John A. Gilmer, also of that town, of the 27th Regiment was severely wounded 
    by a ball in his leg, at the battle of Fredericksburg.  They have both, we believe, been in the 
    service since the commencement of the war, and both have earned distinction on more than 
    one bloody field.  We believe that Col. Gilmer is a son of the late Hon. John a. Gilmer.  Lt. Wier 
    was a graduate of our University, of the class of 1860, and all who were at the commencement 
    of that year must have been struck with the excellence of his patriotic oration and predicted for 
    the intellectual youth a bright future.  Alas that the fond hopes of parents and friends should thus 
    early have been blasted.  Lt. Jacob Shepperd, aged 21, was also among the killed at Fredericksburg. 
    North Carolina Standard
    December 24, 1862
    The success of Burnside in crossing the Rappahannock was to have been looked for by those 
    acquainted with the position of both parties.  General Lee, therefore, allowed him to cross without 
    risking too much in order to invite Burnside to a position favorable to our success.  The result has 
    proven his sagacity, the battle on Saturday last opened as early as 6:00 in the morning and 
    continued during the day.  
    General Jackson occupied the right and General Longstreet the left.  A portion of Generals A.P. 
    Hill, McLaw and Ransom’s divisions bore the brunt of the fight.  The night closed with our troops
    in possession of the battlefield and the enemy driven back.  A renewal of the fight was expected 
    on Sunday and Monday but the latest information shows that Burnside had been so roughly 
    handled he was in no temper to renew it.
    The following wounded officers and privates from North Carolina had arrived in Richmond at the 
    last accounting:
    Lt. J.K. Wiggins, Company B, 16th N.C.
    Lt. W.H .Hold, Company D, 38th N.C.
    Captain H.C. Fise, Company H, 37th N.C.
    Lt. L. Crawford, Company A, 57th N.C.
    Pte. J.W. Pully, Company C, 24th N.C.
    J.W. Aycock, Company D, 24th N.C.
    J.H. Lindsay, Company A, 5th N.C.
    W. Carswell, Company F, 6th N.C.
    J. Hansom, Company G, 19th N.C.
    D.M. Baker, Company I, 2nd N.C.
    R. Candrell, Company I, 57th N.C.
    J.P. Sales, Company G, 54th N.C.
    W. Sauls, Company D, 54th N.C.
    J.E. Stancil, Company D, 54th N.C.
    J. Fields, Company F, 3rd Cavalry
    W. Wood, Company G, 54th N.C.
    R. Hanner, Company I, 3rd Cavalry
    North Carolina Standard
    December 31, 1862
    Headquarters 15th Regiment Camp near Fredericksburg, Dec. 18
    Casualties in the Battle of Fredericksburg, December 13
    Company A
    Killed:  Privates R.H. Drake, W.C. Edwards, Levi Johnson
    Wounded:  A.J. Britton, severely in head, C.R. Clark, slightly in head, J.B. Howell, slightly in 
    hand and breast, John T. Brown, severely in breast
    Company B
    Killed:  Privates James Alverson, Zachariah McFarland, Samuel McRorie, Phileomon M. Ritch
    Wounded:  S.M. Alexander, leg, W.M. Broom, head, E.L. Broom, head, J.C. Baker, leg, Thomas 
    Birmingham, Corp. B.G. Coon, Ptes. R.C. Forbis, C.J. Freeman, E.W. Griffin, H.B. Knotts, J.A. 
    Lucas, J.C. Long, J.C. McLarty(?), R.M. McLelland, T.A. McLeane(?), J. McP - - - ol, W.P. 
    Richardson, J.B.D. Steigall, James Summers, T.M. Thompson, W.T. Wolfe
    Company C
    Killed:  Pte. E. Robinson
    Wounded:  Corp. D.G. Blanton, Ptes. A.C. Putman, J.R. Hembrick, L.E. Lankford, M. Burns, F. 
    Rominger, S.d. Blanton, W.D. Hames(?) Rames(?)
    Company D
    Killed:  Corp. J.R. Froneberger, Pte. A.B. Jarold(?)
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.P. Withrow, hand, Sgt. T.J. Withrow, leg, Corp. W.H. Hunt(?) Hunter(?), side, 
    mortal, Pte. T. Bracket, slight in face, P.H. Philbrek, thigh, A.H. Erwin, head, S.F. Eller, foot C. 
    Everhart, arm, A. Everhart, arm, M. Everhard, hand
    Company G
    Killed:  G.W. Haeley
    Wounded:  Lt. H.C. Kearney, slight, Pte. J.W. Wilson, Sgt. W.A. Blackley, slight, Sgt. G.R. 
    Parham, slight in side, Corp. S.H. Moore, slight in hand, J.F. Ellington, shoulder and leg, Ptes. 
    W.H. Allen, head, G.J. Andrews, severe in breast, H.T. Best, slight in thigh, Daniel Bunn, arm, 
    R.H. Hinckley, serious in breast, J.H. Frazier, slight in hip, M.C. Holmes, slight in foot, J.H. Loy, 
    slight in arm, A. May, slight in knee, A. Moore, slight in leg, (first initial illegible) R. Moore, slight 
    in leg, S.G. Moore, serious in leg, Guilford Rudd, slight in arm, N. Strickland, slight in arm, Willis 
    Pharrington, slight in breast and leg, M.D. Upchurch, slight in arm, G. Winston, slight in arm, 
    G.T.C. Wier, serious in arm, R.W. Hight, slight in leg.
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. R.M. Nelson
    Wounded:  Sgt. S. Patterson, sight in neck, Sgt. W.B. Smith, leg and breast, Ptes. John A. 
    Johnston, hip, J.H. Lanier, arm, Daniel A. McDougall, knee, H.W. Shoat, foot, George M. Sink, 
    hip, John A. Spence, knee
    Company G
    Wounded:  Ptes. G.W. Colvard, shoulder, J.G. Burnett, arm, H.H. Gilham, hip, Henry Allen, 
    thigh, J.G. Murphy, neck
    Company H
    Killed:  Ptes. Orren Lamb, D. Spencer, John Moser(?)
    Wounded:  Capt. W.G. Stone, head, Ptes. John Sink, arm, Oliver Kinney, hand, E.M. Weasner, 
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. J.S. Gurley, B.B.(?) Mayo, J.H. Williams
    Wounded:  1st Lt. H.T. Hart, slight in hand, 3rd Lt. S.M. Pender slight in face, Sgt. J. Johnson, 
    severe in leg, Sgt. H.S. Leggett, slight in shoulder, Corp. J.W. White, slight in neck, Ptes. L. 
    Billops(?), slight in shoulder, J.J. Bradley, slight in hip, J. Davis, slight in shoulder, W.T. Davis, 
    severe in head, G.A. Little, severe in leg, D. Nickels, mortal in side, since died, R.F. Ricks, 
    slight in side, O.(?-or C.) Sunlin(?), severe in hand, A. Taylor, slight in hand, L. Waddle, slight 
    in side, W. Borden, slight in hand.
    Company K
    Wounded:  1st Lt. G.W. White, slight in shoulder, 3rd Lt. W.D. Braswell, slight in thigh, Corp. 
    J.J. Coggins(?) severe in head and thigh, Corp. R.H. Braswell, severe in shoulder, Corp. R.D. 
    Long, severe in thigh, Ptes. Ned Bullock, slight in head, F.M. Bradley, slight in knee, W.F. 
    Garrey(?) slight in arm, John Gill severe in side and arm (missing), A.P. James, slight in side, 
    W.H. Lander in hand and body, John W.T. Melton, hip, Josephus Shelton slight in head, J.R. 
    Womble, slight in hand
    A.M. Houston, Acting Adjutant
    Second List for the 15th Regiment—this was from the Fayetteville Observer, Monday, Jan. 5, 
    15th Regiment
    Killed:  Company A—R.H. Drake, W.C. Edwards, Levi Johnson; Company B—Jas. Alverson, 
    Zach McFarland, S. McRorie, P.M. Ritch; Company C—E. Robinson; Company D—Corp. J.R. 
    Fronebarger, A.B. Jarrald; Company E—J.W. Wilson, G.W. Bailey; Company F—R.M. Nelson; 
    Company H—Orren Lamb, D. Spencer, Jno. Moser; Company I—J.S. Gurley, B.B. Mayo, J.H. 
    Williams, D. Nickels
    Company A
    Wounded:  A.J. Britton, J.T. Brown, severely, C.R. Clark, J.B. Howell, slight
    Company B
    Wounded:  S.M. Alexander, W. H. Broom, E.L. Broom, J.C. Baker, Thomas Birmingham, Corp. 
    B.G. Coon, R.C. Ferbis, C.J. Freeman, E.W. Griffin, H.B. Knotts, J.A. Lucas, J.C. Long, J.C. 
    McLarty, R.M. McLelland, T.A. McLeane, J.M. Pistol, W.P.Richardson, J.B.D. Steigall, Jas. 
    Summers, T.M. Thompson, W.T. Wolfe
    Company C
    Wounded:  Corp. D.G. Blanton, A.C. Putman, J.E. Hambrick, L.E. Lankford, M. Burns, F. 
    Rominger, S.H. Blanton, W.D. Hames
    Company D
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.P. Withrow, Corp. W.H. Hunt, R. Brackett, P.H. Philbeck, A.H. Erwin, S.F. 
    Eller, C. Everhart, A. Everhart, M. Everhart
    Company E
    Wounded Slightly:  Lt. H.C. Kearney, Sgts. W.A. Blackley, Sgt. G.R. Parham, Corp. S.H. 
    Moore, J.F. Ellington, W.H. Allen, H.T. Best, Daniel Bunce, J.H. Frazier, M.C. Holmes, J.H. 
    Joy, A. May, A. Moore, R.R. Moore, G. Rudd, N. Strickland, W. Tharrington, M.D. Upchurch, 
    G. Winston, R.W. Hight
    Wounded Severely:  G.J. Andrews, R.H. Blackley, S.G. Moore, G.T.C. Wier
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgt. S. Patterson, Sgt. W.B. Smith, John A. Johnston, J.H. Lanier, Haywood Mason, 
    Benjamin Miller, Daniel A. McDougal, H.W. Sheaf, George M. Sink, Jno. A. Spence, G.G.W. 
    Colvard, J.G. Burnett, H.H. Gilliam, Henry Allen, J.G. Murphey
    Company H
    Wounded:  Capt. W.G. Stone, Jno. Sink, Oliver Kinney, E.M. Weasner
    Company I
    Wounded Slightly:  Lt. B.T. Hart, Lt. S.M. Pender, Sgt. H.S. Leggett, Corp. J.W. White, L. Billups,
    J.J. Bradley, J. Davis, R.F. Ricks, A. Taylor, L. Waddle, W. Barden
    Wounded Severely:  Sgt. J.M. Johnson, W.T. Davis, G.A. Little, O. Sumlin
    Company K
    Wounded Slightly:  Lt. G.W. White, Lt. W.D. Braswell, Ned Bullock, F.M. Bradley, W.F. Garvey, 
    A.P. James, W.H. Lander, J.W.T. Milton, Jos. Shelton, J.R. Womble
    Wounded Severely:  Corp. J.J. Coggins, R.H. Braswell, R.D. Long, Jno. Gill
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, January 5, 1863
    Casualties in General Pender’s N.C. Brigade at Fredericksburg
    38th Regiment
    Company A
    Wounded:  Sgt. M.W. Brown, Lewis Thomas, Daniel Thomas, J.A. Best
    Company B
    Wounded:  Sgt. H.B. Brown, L.W. Wooten
    Company C
    Wounded:  Lt. R.F. Allen, Thomas Myers
    Company D
    Wounded:  M. Lecamy, R. Shipp
    Company E
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.J. Elliott, F. McDuffie
    Company H
    Wounded:  J.J. Scarlett
    Company K
    Wounded:  Capt. M.M. McLauchlin
    34th Regiment
    Killed:  E.L. Pendleton, W. Hutson
    Company A
    Wounded:  Capt. N.E. Woode, E.J. Wiles
    Company B
    Wounded:  William Brooks, J.H. Davis, Sgt. T.J. Strant
    Company C
    Wounded:  Capt. F.L. Twitty, J.T. Henderson
    Company D
    Wounded:  J.T. Freeland, J.R. Eurf, M.N. Frieze
    Company E
    Wounded:  G.W. Robinson, Jno. F. Bess, S. Hoyle, J.J. London, L.S. Kindrick
    Company G
    Wounded:  R.T. Stevens, J.H. Puckett
    22nd Regiment
    Killed:  Company L—Sgt. J.W. Luther; Company M—Corp. S.W. Trogden
    Company A
    Wounded:  W.B. Clark, Sgt. P. Barlow, Sgt. S.A. Dule(?) Duls(?), C.A. Grier, Jno Coleman, 
    Wm. Estes, G.L. Nelson, I. Palmer, H. Coffey, W.A. Fingle, J. Badger, W.A. Allen, G.H. Sider, 
    L.J. Sudderth, Jas. Stattings, R. Deal
    Company B
    Wounded:  Corp. E. Burnette, W.F. Burnette
    Company E
    Wounded:  W.H. Reeves, S.Y. Baker, J.B. Jester, W.H. Dean, Richard Long, A.L. Ward
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. D. Edwards, Sgt. B.H. Edwards
    Company G
    Wounded:  Sgt. R.T. Blackwell, Sgt. M.R. Sartin, J.H. Rogers, T.G. Robertson, R. Simpson
    Company H
    Wounded:  J.T. Langford, W.S. Joyce, Jerry Collins, P.H. Padget, C.H. Joyce
    Company I
    Wounded:   D. Faulkner, Eli Johnson, P. Aldridge
    Company K
    Wounded:  J.D. Burger, (first name or initial illegible) Yarborough
    Company L
    Wounded:  H.D. Perry, A.P. Hutton, C.C. Jones, W.J. May, B.Y. Langley, J.A. Webster, J.A. 
    Missing:  Company H—Jas Fair; Company M—Sgt. W. A. Pounds
    16th Regiment
    Killed:  Company I—W.B. Whitaker, Lt. L.A. Ward; Company K—Corp. P.B. Green, Corp. W. 
    Company B
    Wounded:  Lt. Ira Profitt, T.F. Brooks, J.B. Calahan
    Missing:  J.A. Woodnop, a. Brown, W.A. Thomas, Levi Hall, J. Divinnie(?)
    Company C
    Wounded:  J.W. Wilson, Wm. Collis, W.S. Young
    Missing:  Lt. W.J. Edney, Sgt. W.M. McLelland, W. Hensley, J.L. Ray, E.M. Hunnicutt, J.M. 
    Hall, J. Keck, William Barnett
    Company D
    Wounded:  Gee or Geo. Haris, D.D. Lancaster
    Missing:  W.R. Harris
    Company E
    Wounded:  J.W. McGalliard, corp. H.K. Branch, Sgt. S.K. Cannon, E. Baker
    Missing:  A. Chapman
    Company F
    Wounded:  J.A. Green, S.W. Hutchinson
    Company G
    Wounded:  Capt. P. Erwin, Corp. W.G. Blanton, J.M. Atkinson, J.C. Mills, J.N. Pope, J. 
    Steadman, B.G. Arrowood, Lt. J.B. Ford
    Company H
    Wounded:  W. Sorrels, B.P. Jacobs
    Company I
    Wounded:  Sgt. T.D. Brittain, Corp. G.W. Jones, J.M. Dewbury, J.G. Lowry, K.D. McCarson, 
    E.K. Nelson
    Missing:  M. Sutton
    Company K
    Wounded:  Capt. J.C. Camp, Sgt. J.C. Wilson, Jno. Cooly, S. Johnston, P.M. Henderson
    Company M
    Wounded:  Lt. W.W. Noland, A. Hoves, J. Ruffstettler, J.H. Hooper, Stephen Pettus, J.R. Benton
    13th Regiment
    Killed:  Company A—C.O. Hawkins, F. Sawyers; Company B—L.W. McGinn; Company C—
    Sgt. J.L. Hamlett, A. Powers, W. Campbell; Company G—Corp. W.J. Andrews, L.H. Perdue
    Company A
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.H.F. Graves, J.C. Reagan, A. Haralson
    Company B
    Wounded:  W.J. Taylor, W.R. Wryfield, J.W. Mulvee
    Company C
    Wounded:  W. Brandon, S. Covington
    Company D
    Wounded:  G.N. Austin
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. F. Williams, Lt. A.M.C. Dobbin, Corp. J.D. James, G.W. Peturew, J. Hodges, H. 
    Gatlin, D.C. Wallace
    Company G
    Wounded:  Corp. H.E. Wilkinson, W.E. Garnett
    Company H
    Wounded:  Lt. J.M. Smith, T. Featherstone
    Company I
    Wounded:  Charles Davis, B. Wall, G. Trexler, Corp. J.A. Thomas, Lt. W.N. Winchester
    Company K
    Wounded:  Corp. N.A. Maxwell, J.R. Gulleck, Jas. Warren, F. Pettigrew
    Other North Carolina Regiments (all above was Pender’s Brigade)
    27th Regiment
    Killed:  Company B—B.W.D. Archer; Company C—Jno Hines; Company G—M. B. Robinson
    Company A
    Wounded:  Corp. Soals, B. and E. Holloman
    Company B
    Wounded:  J.M. Hardin
    Company C
    Wounded:  Lt. Wooten, Ptes. Collins, Field, Patton, Wine, Barrow
    Company E
    Wounded:  Ptes. Smith, Brady, Crawford, Askew, Corbitt, Cason
    Company F
    Wounded:  Ptes. Weeks, Jackson, Small
    Company G
    Wounded:  Ptes. Patterson and Thompson
    Company H
    Wounded:  Capt. Williams, Sgt. Smith, Ptes Congleton, Withington
    Company I
    Wounded:  Lt. Smith, Sgt. Ward, Pte. Owens
    Company K
    Wounded:  Pte. Coley
    Field and Staff:  Wounded, Col. J.A. Gilmer
    18th Regiment
    Killed:  Company B—W. Roberts; Company C—T.P. Ward, W. Best, M.M. Hampton; Company 
    H—S.G. Allison; Company I—D. Bell, P. Palmer, M. Southard, J. Fulks;  Company K—Corp.
    J.A. Dunham, J.D. McDonald, C. Swindle, J.W. Higgins, R.B. Campbell
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. T.J. Purdie, Adjt. W.H. McLaurin
    Company A
    Wounded:  Capt. T. W. Bruner, J.M. Simmons, F.W.W. Sumlin, D. Stearns, slight
    Company B
    Wounded:  Lt. T.K. Wiggins, N. Pate, slight, Sgt. W.J. Edwards, A.J. Cain, B.B. Gause, L. 
    Blackwell, severe
    Company C
    Wounded:  Lt. S.A. Long, Corp. J.W. Stephens, S. M. Stephens, S.A. Vause, severe, D.r. Best, 
    slight, D. Green, slight, E.K. Vause, slight, Julius Dula, slight, G. Mull, slight, T.J. Martin, slight, 
    J.B. Stokes, slight, J.S. Peevey, slight, W. Benfield, slight
    Company D
    Wounded:  R.R. Williams, E. Spivey, severe, the following slightly:  Neill Edwards, Robert E. 
    Barney, D.R. Parker, W.O. Andrews
    Company D
    Wounded slightly:  W.J. Coos, G.W.P. Woodcock, L.H. Malpass
    Company F
    Wounded:  W.H. Powell, severe, wounded slightly:  J.B. McKinnon, J.G. Martin, N.A. McNeill, 
    William Watters, Jeff Baynard, W. Harriss
    Company G
    Wounded Severely:  Lt. B.A. Hallett, L. Church, A.W. Hamrick, W.L. Ensley, L.W. Russell, 
    wounded slightly:  Lt. J.J. Poisson, Corp. R.T. Lloyd, Corp. E.J. Moore, G.W. Carlton, R.S. 
    Wilkins, E. Hawkins, W. F. Wilson, J.D. Ells(?)
    Company H
    Wounded:  D.M. Barefoot, severely, wounded slightly:  Sgt. A.G. Smith, Sgt. H.Hall, J.R. 
    Baldwin, Jas. Jolley, W.H. Joyner, J.A. Hinson
    Company I
    Wounded severely:  S. Bell, J.J. Arwood, S.A. Godfrey, H.H. Burgess
    Wounded slightly:  R.C. and W.A. Burgess, Jas. A. Evans, T.M. Casey, H. Jones
    Company K
    Wounded slightly:  Sgt. W.H. Kins, J.M. Collins, J.W. Cain, George Jones, A.W. Jessup
    Wounded severely:  Corp. J.W. Sykes, D.M. Monroe, W.J.  McDuffie
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, December 22, 1862
    From the North Carolina Soldiers
    Correspondence of the Fayetteville Observer
    From Company G (Robeson), 24th N.C.
    Battlefield, Fredericksburg, Dec. 15
    Messrs Editors:  
    The morning of the 11th we were roused from our bivouacs by the signal guns.  Barksdale’s 
    brigade from Mississippi had a fight in the streets in the early morning—nothing else done.  
    On the 13th sharp skirmishes and heavy booming—only one man dangerously wounded in the 
    24th N.C.  About 9:00 at night our regiment was put in front and posted in line at the head of 
    Main Street.  Next morning the battle opened upon our regiment and the 24th(?) Georgia.  We 
    fought all day and piled the ground with Yankee slain.
    The following is a list of the gallant dead and wounded of my company:  Killed—Corp. James 
    D. McAlister and Corp. Malcolm J. Morrison   Wounded—Sgt. A.P. McKinnon shot through 
    the body, Corp. P.D. Brown in arm, Ptes. John H. Baker, thigh, D.E. McBryde, thigh (since 
    amputated), Owen Tatom, arm, Riley M. Wh(rest of name is illegible), Wm. S. Smith, head 
    and dangerously, one name illegible, Robert McGeachey(?), very lsightly in shoulder.
    The wounds of Sgt. McKinnon and Private Baker and McBryde are dangerous but they are all 
    in such good spirits that I am inclined to think at least I hope, they will survive.  All the remainder 
    are doing well and are in excellent spirits considering their condition.  Corporals McAlister and 
    Morrison were both shot through the head.  McAlister was killed in the first of the fight, while in 
    the act of shooting.  Both of them have been noted in the company for bravery and good behavior 
    and I would say to their relatives and friends that we brought them off the field and gave them a 
    decent burial.
    The fighting was the most terrible we have been called upon to endure.  The enemy charged over 
    a dozen times and four times charged up within forty yards but every time we repulsed them.  
    The world may judge how we fought when it is told that we fired 85 rounds but about 4:00 our 
    cartridges gave out.  No proposals were heard to give back but every man became a hero and 
    proposed to beat them back with the bayonets.  We had all the advantages of position and 
    Cobb’s Brigade and our little division is said to have repulsed 60,000 of the enemy.
    Yours, etc.,
    A.A. McIver
    Captain, Co. G, 24th Regiment N.C.T.
    Letter from the 46th Regiment Bivouac Before Fredericksburg
    December 12, 1862
    Messrs. Editors:
    The sun is just up, the ground is white with frost, and the remains of the recent snow lies lingering
    on the hillsides; the man are clustered around their smoky fires, trying to keep warm, and I am 
    seated on a knapsack while I write.
    Sunday morning, Dec. 14—It would require much time to relate to you all the incidents of yesterday.  
    Soon after I stopped writing, the firing of the pickets in front of us became general.  We, of the 
    46th, 15th, 27th and 48th N.C. advanced in line of battle, and on reaching the summit of the hill 
    we opened fire on the abolitionists whom we saw drawn up between us and the river.  We kept 
    up a terrific fire until they wavered and commenced falling back, when we again advanced, and 
    gained a rock fence on the east side of the telegraph road, behind which the 24th Georgia was 
    lying. We were almost invulnerable in our new position and kept up a continual firing until about 
    10:00 at night.
    The 48th and 15th N.C. kept their position on the hill to our left, where they kept up an incessant 
    fire until after dark.
    It was about 2:00 pm when we went into the fight.  The enemy attempted to advance on us seven 
    times during the day but we mowed them down like grass, and they were compelled to fall back
    in disorder.  They planted their colors and rallied their men to them but they would not stand. 
    They even attempted to charge us after dark but our boys treated them to such a volley of lead 
    that they left the field and the ball was closed for the day.
    The 27th N.C. was stationed on our right.  The 25th N.C. joined us during the evening.  The 24th 
    Georgia remained behind the fence, but the N.C. regiments resumed their former positions in the 
    rear of the hill to rest the remainder of the night.
    Ransom’s entire division was engaged on our part of the line.  It is unnecessary that I should 
    expatiate upon the unsurpassed bravery of our N.C. boys, you have had too many instances of 
    their heroism.  It is sufficient to say that they sustained the fighting character of the old north 
    state and did not falter, though their comrades fell beside them.  All engaged from whatever state, 
    fought with great gallantry and enthusiasm and the officers stood by their men.
    The day was ours—the ground in front of us was literally covered with the “blue coats” but of the 
    entire number lost on either side I have not heard.  Ours, in comparison with the enemy, was 
    Though we rejoice in the victory God has been pleased to award to us, we regret to record the
    loss of noble men.  Lt. S.P. Weir of Company F, 40th N.C. fell pierced in the head by a minie ball.  
    Major J.M. Kelly of the 35th N.C. was also killed.  General Jno. R. Cook was severely wounded 
    but not thought mortally; Col John A. Gilmer of the 27th N.C. was wounded in the jaw; Lt. Daniel 
    Stuart, Co. D, 46th N.C. severely wounded in the hip; Lt. C.c. Goldston and N. McNeill, Company 
    H and Alexander Rowe, Company K, 46th N.C. were wounded.  The entire loss in killed and 
    wounded of the 46th N.C. is estimated to be 75.  I have not learned the losses in the other 
    Capt. E.D. Hall, being senior, took command of Oates(?) Brigade, Capt. C. Stuart took command 
    as lieutenant colonel of the 46th N.C. and Captain A. C. McAlister as major.
    Monday, Dec. 15—The weather now is pleasing and the boys in fine spirits.
    Very respectfully yours,
    T.A.B., 46th N.C. Regiment
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, January 5, 1863
    Casualties at Fredericksburg, 48th Regiment
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. S.H. Walkup, Maj. A.A. Hill
    Company A
    Killed:  Privates Osborne, Thomas, J.P. Presson, C.J. Ritch
    Wounded:  J.S. Broom, Sgt. P. Holmes, J.W. Irby, Corp. D. N. Hall, Sol Holmes, J.T. Saney, 
    A.C. and M. Prerssley, Corp. S. Polk, J. Alexander, L.F. Austin, W.P. Rape, E.F. Rushing, 
    Sgt. P. Broom, Sylvester Acock, B. Holmes, Sgt. C. Moser, Wm. B. May, Jackson Phillips, 
    Corp. P. Irby, Phillip Penniger, C.D. Holmes, J.(or I.) P. Penniger, S.D. Baker, W.W. Owen, 
    J.W. Mullis (or Mullin), J.M. Thomas, W.E. Manns, E.H. Stegall
    Company B
    Wounded:  Sgt. G.W. Pope, Obediah Shaw, T.W. Johnston, Wm. Jarrett, Wm. Tysinger, P. 
    Ward, Sgt. B.F. Hilyard
    Company C
    Killed:  W.L. Christey, J.S. Lippard
    Wounded:  Lt. J.K. Potts, J.M. Walker, M.S. Brem, E.C. Kimble, A. Bass, Hugh A. Cline, 
    D.S. Lentz, Riley Davis, J.R. McNeely, C.A. Troutman, G.W. Elliott, Corp. J.F. McKaly, 
    W.S. Cook, P.C. Johnston, J.(?) B. Josey, R.C. Knox, W.R. Moore, W.D. Astwalt, W.F. 
    Ritchie, W.J. Waugh
    Company D
    Killed:  Z. Cobbin
    Wounded:  Capt. J.C. Dowd, foot, Sgt. M.C. Phillips, head, Corp. Baxton Phillips, hand, 
    Privates Jas. H. Lambeth, face, J.A. Stutts, heel, W.C. Phillips and D. Pascal, head, Jas. 
    Forrest and Reuben Hancock, shoulder, K. Bryan, face, J.M. Wallace, breast, G. Fine, leg, 
    G.W. Gilmer, hip, S.W. Broadaway, hand
    Company E
    Killed:  Lt. P.W. Plyler, John Rogers
    Wounded:  Sgt. T.C. Eubanks, Wm. Elliott, F. Starus, R. Simms, Corp. J. Belk, E.H. Stegall, 
    J.W. Parker, M.R. Starns, Carey Deason, David Autry, A. Jenkins, Wm. Tadlock, J.M. Parker, 
    Sgt. J.C. Wadsworth, Wm. Starns, Ellison Hays, Sgt. C.C. Correll, Daniel D. Rogers, Levi 
    Johnston, J. Pigg
    Mortally wounded:  Harrison Osborne
    Company F
    Killed:  C.B. McGinnis, Jas Vickery, D. Haskey
    Wounded:  Capt. H.A. Gray, Lt. W. Howard,Corp. D.P. Belk, Owen Pope, A.M. Nesbit, Wm. 
    Vickery, D.C. Godfrey, Robert Fowler, Sgt. J.M. Walker, Sylvander Williams, Corp. R.C. 
    Delany, J.M. Braswell, Corp. K.R. Gordon, Lewis Baker, S. Jarman
    Mortally wounded:  Sgt. Erwin Simpson
    Company G
    Wounded:  Lt. E.L. Tysor, wrist, A.A. Young and Henry Mimms, foot, P.R. Jones, Daniel 
    Vestal, ankle, Blake Hart, breast, J.M. Dowdy, arm, D.H. Snyder and J.N. Hill, head, Alvia 
    Moore, face, J.T. Guthrie, hand, C.M. Holt, thigh, B.H. Guthrie and T.w. Dowdy, shoulder, Jno 
    Riddle, wrist, A.J. Beale and J.M. Poshee (or Foshee), leg, Joseph Stone, hip
    Mortally wounded:  Westly Clodfelter, dead
    Company H
    Killed:  Jacob Myers
    Wounded:  Lts. J.F. Heitman, Wm. F. Beasley and Erastus Smith, Saul Leonard, Elias 
    Leatherman, C. Haggie (or Haggle), Jas. F. Cox, Jas. W. Smith, Adam Enerhardt, A. Phillips, 
    Thomas Wall, Corp. Reuben Grimes, F. Sambeth, Corp. J. Kinsey, Wm. Essex, M. Hartley, 
    Franklin Miller, F. Livengood, E. Fishell
    Mortally Wounded:  A. Davis, Jesse James
    Company I
    Killed:  Sgt. J.S. Long, S. Beattie
    Wounded:  Lt. Sugar Dulin, Wm. A. Austin, J.M. Love, R. Stegall, Albert Dees, Wm. I. Cook, 
    R.A. Burnett, John Kostier, Sgt. A.H. Boyt, Wm. B. Long, W.B. Hoyle, Corp. S.B. Hart, 
    Bishop Brothers, J.F. Hill, S.A. Miller
    Mortally Wounded:  John Wright, dead 
    Company K
    Killed:  Sol Roberts, John Yarbrough, W. Bodenheimer
    Wounded:  (Transcriber’s note, not exactly positive the following wounded are from this company) 
    Lts. J.C. Stafford, H.C. Banner, and Walter bitting, Reuben Proctor, F. Hiatt, W.D. Smith, Corps. 
    W.H. Goodman and Jno Weimer, B. Ransom, Sgt. A. Keiger, M.r. Sapp, Romulus Tash, Martin 
    Evert, A.M. Riggins, Mathias Reed, Jas. Morgan, Adam Clodfelter, Jacob Fulk, Sgt. J. Reed, 
    Lewis Westmoreland, W.H. Wolf, W. Caudle, Jno Crouch, W. Eiger, Wm. Hasten, A.F. 
    Mossinger (or Morsinger)
    Casualties 37th Regiment
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. W.M. Barber and Maj. W.G. Morris
    Company A
    Killed:  Andrew Gentry, John Mash, W. Mullins, Shadrach Miller
    Missing (Prisoner):  Alex Bullison
    Wounded:  Lt. W.A. Stuart, Sol Henck (or Honck), Silas May, Willy Severt, J.P. Fisher, Thomas 
    Trivet, Sgt. H. Tomlinson, M.B. Stringer, Geo. Black, Corp. J. Taylor
    Company B
    Killed:  W.B. Robbins, W. Pitts
    Missing (Prisoner):  Jas. S. Greer
    Wounded:  Lt. J.B. Todd, S. Green, Henry Cook, Larkin Hodges, Jesse Miller, Alfred Miller, Corp. 
    J.W. Hughes
    Company C
    Killed:  J.R. Hamilton, H.M. Hagens
    Missing (Prisoner):  M. Stroup, J.C. Walker, C. Stroup
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Pottus, Corp. A.J. Derr, B. Burleson, M.C. Dellinger, W. Henderson, E.M. 
    Pucket, S.J. Stuart, D.A. Soloman, J.A. Todd
    Company D
    Killed:  R.A. Gardner
    Missing (Prisoner):  A.W.H. Price, S.T. Carelock, G. Medlin
    Wounded:  J.C. Nantz, R.A. Laney, Patrick Little, David C. Thomas, Sampson Collins, Jno. Q. 
    Adams, Wm. T. Griffin
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. J.M. Farthing, N.C. Shull
    Wounded:  Corps. J.E. Tribit and Marion Wilson, W. H. Cable, J.O. Lusk, A. F. Mitchell, J.W. 
    Company F
    Killed:  A.L. Bell, M.B. Turner
    Missing (Prisoner):  Sgts. J.T. Forrester and B.F. Clary, D.L. Bowman, M. M. Bowman, Lowrie 
    Dula, W.A. Deal, D. Fox, Willis and W.F. Parks, W.S. McGee, E. Wallace
    Wounded:  Sgt. T.S. Vannoy, Corp. J.A. Keeler(?), H.M. Bryan, W.H. Lackey, Jno. Parsons, 
    Jas. Isenhower
    Company G
    Killed:  D.A. Meadows
    Wounded:  Lt. J.B. Foot(?)Pool(?), Jno. Harrington, J.M. Baumgarner, R.B. Smith, D.F. 
    Harmon(?), Jas. Snow, R.B. Queen, L.L. Watts, Wm. Austin, Tobias Barnes, Jas. Crouch, 
    Sgt. Alex Campbell
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. Jas. Alexander, E.C. Lineberger
    Missing (Prisoner):  H.S. Beam, J. Brymer, H. Wright
    Wounded:  Capt. H.C. Fight, Jacob Hovas, C. Stroup, F.(?) H. Paysour, M.C. Abernathy
    Company I
    Killed:  A.J. Hovas
    Missing (Prisoner):  R.A. Sharp, J.L. Orr, Thomas Devine, W.J. Crocker
    Wounded:  Lt. W.M. Sitts(?), J.W. Clark, J.W. Maunty(?), F. Clarke, J. Stearns, R.A. Sharp
    Company K
    Wounded:  Sgt. W. Ross(?), Corp. Jno Halsey, Hugh Blevins, Jno J. Owens, Henry Treadway, 
    Jacob McBrady, Jonathan Lee, James T. Hy(?), Zach Phillips, John Tilly(?), Frank Parsons, and 
    Isaac Privet, supposed to be dead 
    Casualties 24th Regiment:
    Company A
    Killed:  George Newton
    Wounded:  A. Jefferson Whitfield, mortally, Jas. Beaver, severe, Jno. D. Horton, slight
    Company B
    Killed:  Jas. W. Davis
    Wounded:  Corp. Jas. R. Williams, Pte. Jas. C. Canady(?) and Jas. K. White, severe, David G. 
    Henderson and Jesse W. Spight, slight
    Company D
    Wounded:  Sgt. John Johnson, slight
    Company E
    Wounded:  Lt. Loudon Brown, severe, Wm. Woney, arm broken, John W. West, jas. Ganis and 
    Jno. Wilkins, slightly
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgts. Hector Strickland and Wm. H. Cuthbreth(?), severe, Ged R. Stannel, slight, Jno 
    Gardner and Wm. F. Warrick, mortally
    Company G
    Killed:  Corps. J.A. McAlister and Malcolm J. Harrison
    Wounded:  Sgt. Archibald P. McKinnon, Milby White, Duncan E. McBride, mortally, Corp. Pat D. 
    Brown, Hector(?) Baker, Owen Tatum, Wm. S. Smith, Neil Livingston, Riley M. White, severe, 
    Malcolm McCormich, Robert McGauchy(?), slight
    Company I
    Wounded:  Jas. A. Royals, severe
    Casualties 6th Regiment
    Company B
    Killed:  Corp. W.H. Wedding
    Wounded:  W.R. Riggs, G. T. Laws, severe, W. Watson
    Company C
    Wounded:  Wm. A----- (Annas?), J. McKerrall, slight
    Company E
    Wounded:  Sgt. S.D. Dunnavant, W.S. Ford, slight, J.S. English, severe
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. G.N. Albright, severe, R.G. Thompson, J.C. Gibson, slight
    Company G
    Killed:  J.M. Walker, J. C. Swisher
    Wounded:  G. F. Shinn, R.F. Graham, John Howard, slight, W.J. Smith, severe, Sandy Donohoe, 
    Company H
    Wounded:  W.D. Richmond, severe
    Company K
    Killed:  Harrison Moore, W.A. Roscoe
    Wounded:  John Burton, slight

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer September 2007

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