Spencer Wright

Contributed by: Orval Wright

Spencer Wright was the second son of Moses and Elizabeth Prewit Wright. 

He was born May 31. 1830 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina  according to a 
letter written by his father in 1861 where Moses lists the names and birthdates 
of all his children. Rutherford later became Cleveland County.

Spencer was baptised in the Pisgah Baptist Church near Caser of which his
parents were charter members. 

He moved to Marion County, Arkansas sometime before 1850. He likely was 
following the girl he would later marry, his cousin Elizabeth Prewit,  a daughter 
of David and Sara Downs Prewit also of Cleveland Co.

Spencer and Elizabeth were married in Marion County, Arkansas on October 
2, 1851.

Shortly before the Civil War, Spencer and Elizabeth along with three of his 
young children moved to Grayson County, Texas.

When the War broke out, Spencer enlisted in the 16th Texas Calvary ( later 
dismounted ) on March 1, 1862.

He survived the war, possibly  never leaving Texas,  and was discharged after 
Lee's surrender. 

Spencer moved to new land near Miles, Texas in Runnels County in the fall of 
1889.  He died from pneumonia on February 3, 1890.

He and Elizabeth are buried at Ballinger, Texas in Runnels County.

It may be interesting  to note that his wifes father  was in the Union Army as well 
as was two of her brothers.  Two other brothers were among those killed in Utah 
in the infamous "Mountain Meadows Massacre". 

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