North Carolinians Buried at Blandford Cemetery Petersburg, Virginia

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    Contributed by: David L. Wright
    Am sorry to report that virtually all the NC soldiers buried at Blandford were 
    moved from batlefields where they fell to mass graves.  Records exist but 
    no headstones.
    I can show anyone interested the following marked graves:
    Lt. W. H. Littlejohn, Co I, 56NC Inf. 1845-1895
    Manning F. Cummings, Co A, 1st NC Art. 1843-1864
    Capt. Joseph Gray Lockhart, Co B, 56NC Inf.  1836-1885
    John Q. Barefoot  Co. B, 56NC Inf.  1838-1862
    D. A. McIntosh      Co B, 26NC Inf.  1846-1865
    Jacobs W. Holt     Co C, 46NC Inf     1846-1915
    William Herbert Littlejohn enlisted 5/15/1862 as Adjutant.  Promoted to 3rd 
    Lt on 5-29-1863 and 1st Lt on 8-24-1863, he was wounded 7-18-1863 at 
    Battery Wagner, SC.  He had detached service at Petersburg, VA from 1-28 
    to 4-30-1864 with the 21st NC Inf.  He was hospitalized at Greensboro, 
    2-22-1865 before being discharged.  He also served in the 26th, 51st and 53rd 
    NC Inf. Regiments.
    Manning F. Cummings enlisted on 6/5/1861 in Wake County, NC as an 
    18-year-old private in Co A, 1st NC Light Artillery.   Born in Virginia, he was 
    promoted to Corporal 10/15/1862.  Wounded at Cold Harbor on 6/3/1864, he 
    died of his wounds in Richmond on 6/9/1864.
    Joseph Gray Lockhart, a 26 year old farmer, enlisted as Captain, Co E, 56 NC 
    Infantry, in Northampton County, NC on 4/1/1862.  He was hospitalized on 
    5/25/1864 in Petersburg, Virginia and resigned on 10/11/1864, presumably 
    due to health problems.
    John Q. Barefoot, a 35 year old Johnston County, NC farmer enlisted as a 
    private in Co B, 56th NC Inf.  in Sampson County, NC on 7/2/1862.  He died 
    of disease in a Petersburg, Virginia hospital on 12/8/1862.
    D. A. McIntosh, Caldwell County, NC transferred into Co I, 26th NC Inf.  on 
    12/7/1864.  Promoted Sergeant on 1/11/1865 he was killed at Hatcher’s Run, 
    2/5/1865.  He also served in Co G, 19th NC Inf.
    Jacob W. Holt, 18 year old Warren County, NC clerk enlisted at age 18 on 
    4/16/1862 in Warren County in Co C, 46th NC Inf.   He was taken prisoner at 
    Hatcher’s Run on 4/2/1865 and confined at Point Lookout, MD where he took 
    the Oath of Allegiance on 6/13/1865.  

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