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WELCOME! Diane Siniard is your host for the North Carolina Lost Souls Civil War Project. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions. There is a search engine available for this site. It is located on the home page for your convenience!

These pages are dedicated to the men and women of the Civil War. Yes, there were women involved with the war from rolling bandages and making uniforms, to nursing the sick and wounded, to being "spies" for the Confederacy.

Everyone thought the "Yankees" would be easy to beat and that the whole War would be over in just a few days. Well, our boys were certainly wrong on this aspect as thousands of them gave their lives to protect our Southern way of life.

I hope you enjoy these pages dedicated to our ancestors, and that you will send in some info of your own to add here, or to the County site where your ancestor(s) lived.

Please check the "What's New?" link as it will have all of the new additions that have been added to the site!

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  • North Carolina Civil War Veterans pages

  • US Colored Troops
    These are from NC ONLY!

  • North Carolina Civil War Veterans Headstone Photos

  • North Carolina Civil War Colored Veterans Headstone Photos

  • Civil War Mystery Guests

  • Rosters of NC Troops

  • Campaigns

  • North Carolina Newspaper Digitization Project
    Great place to search or browse old NC newspapers!

  • Transcribed Books

  • Notable Persons of the Civil War

  • In Their Own Words

  • Letters from the Civil War

  • New Bernian Led Famed Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg

  • The Six Hundred

  • Bladen County expenditures for the War

  • An Iredell Neighborhood Fifty Years Ago 1845-53

  • Descendents of Matyrs Among the Iredell

  • Early Iredell Patriots

  • Important Dates in the Civil War

  • Military Information, Formations and News

  • Military Obituaries

  • Civilian Marriages & Obituaries

  • Confederate Pensioners From Statesville Landmark

  • Things I Remember About the War Between the States By Richard Barton Myers

  • List of Civil War Battles by Date

  • List of Battles in North Carolina

  • West Point

  • University of North Carolina
    Last class to graduate before the outbreak of the Civil War

  • North Carolina American Civil War Military Contributions

  • Casualties Among General Officers on Both Sides During the War

  • Wounded North Carolinians in Richmond Hospital June 1862

  • Wounded North Carolinians in Hospitals June 1862

  • Prisoners of War - Fall 1863

  • Roll of Honor November 1863

  • Co I, 49th NC At the Battle of Malvern Hill

  • The First NC Soldier Who Died

  • History of Fort Hamby

  • Battle of Tranter's Creek

  • Andersonville Prisoners of War

  • North Carolinians Burials

  • Confederate Dead

  • Civil War Prisons

  • Civil War Veterans Reunions

  • A Guide to Military Organizations and Installations of North Carolina 1861-1865: INTRODUCTION

  • Duplin County Boys Song

  • Little Known Facts About The Civil War

  • Interesting Tidbits

  • Civil War paintings by John White

  • North Carolina Civil War Soldiers Index

  • The Constitution of the Confederate States of America

  • Civil War Medical Terminology

  • Early Medical Terms & Diseases

  • North Carolina in the Civil War Mailing List
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  • Civil War Terms and their Meanings

  • Civil War Slang and Its Meaning

  • Confederate Heritage & History Month

  • Confederate States Map

  • President Jefferson Davis's Inaugural Speech

  • Confederate Government Heads of State

  • The Typical Confederate Soldier

  • "God Save the South"

  • Origins of the Old North State and Tar Heel State

  • Civil War Rosters ~ North Carolina Links
    Excellent site to find alot of links and other information on the Civil War!

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