Roll of Honor November 1863

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    As of November, 1863
    North Carolina Standard
    November 25, 1863
    We are indebted to Surgeon E. Burke Haywood, Surgeon in Charge of the General 
    Hospital, Raleigh, for the following official record received from the War Office and 
    the list of North Carolinians who have distinguished themselves in the battles named 
    and whose names have been recorded on the Roll of Honor.  These names are to be 
    preserved in the office of the Adjutant and Inspector General for reference in the future 
    as having best displayed courage and devotion on the field of battle.
    Battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
     29th Regiment
    Corporal A.B. Freeman, Company A
    Pte. Thomas Elkin, Company B
    Color Bearer J. R. Lanning, Company C
    1st Sgt. E.F. Roberts, Company D
    Corp. W.S. Smith, Company E
    Pte. D. Millsaps (Killed in Action), Company F
    Pte. Abraham Hedrick, Company G
    Pte. Jas. A. Gillespie, Company H
    Pte. Thomas Willis, Company I
    Pte. Robert King, Company K
    39th Regiment
    Colonel David Coleman
    Lt. Colonel Hugh H. Davidson
    Acting Adjutant Isaac S. Hyams
    1st Lt. Abram Booker, Company A
    1st Lt. W.T. Anderson, Company B
    Sgt. John C. Rogers, Company A
    Pte. W.T. West, Company B
    Pte. J.W. Cobb, Company C
    Pte. J.B.A. Staton, Company D
    Pte. Moses Fulbright, Company E
    Sgt. John W. Wiggins, Company F
    Sgt. John E. Moore, Company I
    Companies G and H made no selection
    Company K not in action
    Battle of Chancellorsville
    2nd Regiment
    Sgt. John E. Banner, Company A
    Pte. W.H. Flowers, Company B
    Sgt. T.E. Ellis, Company C
    Corp. S. Felton, Company D
    Sgt. J.T. Booth, Company E
    Corp. J.E. May, Company F
    Pte. Thomas Williford, Company G
    Pte. Simon Graddy, Company H
    Pte. Aaron Pitt, Company I
    Corp. Charles Calter(?), Company E
    4th Regiment
    Sgt. W.S. Shufford, Company A
    Pte. Jacob W. Wilhelm, Killed in Action, Company B
    Sgt. Jos. W. Leggett, Killed in Action, Company E
    Pte. G.W. Shivas(?), Killed in Action, Company H
    Pte. William H. Barrow, Killed in Action, Company I
    Pte. W. R. Josey, Killed in Action, Company K
    The other companies declined making a selection
    5th Regiment
    Pte. William Henry Medlin, Company A
    Pte. Richard H. Briggs, Company B
    Pte. New - - D. Bridges, Company C
    Pte. J.M. Guilford, Company D
    Corp. Monroe Cruise, Company E
    Corp. Patrick H. Robbins, Company G
    Pte. Thomas Felton, Company H
    Color Corp. Francis Bradshaw, Company K
    7th Regiment
    2nd Lt. A.M. Walker, Company K
    Corp. William H. Milstead, Company A
    Sgt. William G. Sawyers, Company B
    Corp. Phillip Strickland, Company C
    Sgt. Thomas Brinkle, Company D
    Pte. E.H. Eure, Company E
    Pte. Edward Williams, Company F
    Corp. J.W. Smith, Company G
    Sgt. R.M. Caldwell, Company H
    Pte. T.L. Purdie, Company I
    Sgt. J.S. McCurdy, Company K
    12th Regiment Infantry
    Pte. D.B. Hoover, Company A
    Corp. Sam Alston Ward, Company C
    Pte. T.A. Stone, Company D
    Sgt. L.M. Willis, Killed in Action, Company E
    Pte. Jerry Draper, Company F
    Pte. J.E. Hux, Company G
    A.L. Barnes (no rank given), Company H
    John W. Arrington, Company I
    John R. Johnston, Killed in Action, Company K
    14th Regiment Infantry
    Pte. Henry B. Sanders, Company C
    Sgt. J.F. Goforth, Company D
    Sgt. Urias Pool, Company E
    Sgt. J.M. Whitmire, Company F
    Sgt. J.R. Smith, Killed in Action, Company G
    Corp. C.M. Smith, Company I
    Sgt. L.N. Keith, Company K
    Companies A, B and H declined making selections
    16th Regiment Infantry
    1st Lt. C.L. Robinson, Killed in Action, Company H
    1st Lt. A.M. Roberts, Killed in Action, Company M
    Pte. F. Riley, Company B
    Corp. W.H. Wiggins, Company C
    Pte. K.C. Blanton, Company D
    Pte. Lawrence Cook, Company E
    Corp. A.M. Madows, Company F
    Pte. J.W. Williford, Killed in Action, Company G
    Pte. E.P. Jacob, Company H
    1st Sgt. T.L. Williams, Killed in Action, Company I
    Corp. J.J. Blackwell, Killed in Action, Company K
    Color Sgt. John A. Carpenter, Company M
    20th Regiment Infantry
    Corp. C.A. Patterson, Company A
    Pte. D.R.A. Elliott, Company B
    Corp. Richard Faulk, Company C
    Pte. Josiah Hudson, Company H
    Pte. Newberne Tew, Company I
    Pte. Thomas N. Morris, Company K
    23rd Regiment Infantry
    Pte. J. D. Birmingham, Killed in Action, Company A
    Pte. A. Hedick, Company B
    Sgt. Bantly Harris, Killed in Action, Company C
    Pte. N.C. Morrison, Killed in Action, Company D
    Pte. Samuel Clark, Company E
    Pte. W.A. Towell, Killed in Action, Company F
    Pte. T.M. Thamason, Company G
    Pte. J.C. Ford, Killed in Action, Company H
    Pte. Robert Hester, Company I
    Pte. J.F. Killian, Killed in Action, Company K
    30th Regiment Infantry
    Pte. Jno. R. Holland, Killed in Action, Company A
    Pte. W.J. McDowell, Company C
    Sgt. J.W.J. House, Company F
    Pte. William McCauley, Company H
    Pte. E.M. Bales, Company K
    Companies B, D, E, G, and I made no decision
    34th Regiment Infantry
    Pte. Mathias Brown, Company A
    Pte. Wallace Winn, Company B
    Sgt. George W. Keone, Company C
    Pte. Obediah Eller, Company D
    1st Sgt. David M. Taylor, Company E
    1st Sgt. Thomas S. Shufford, Killed in Action, Company F
    1st Sgt. Charles B. Todd, Company G
    Pte. Samuel Dellinger, Company H
    Sgt. Elisha Robbin, Company I
    Pte. Joseph Hogan, Company K
    37th Regiment Infantry
    Pte. W.J. Goss, Company A
    Sgt. J.E. Fairchild, Company B
    Sgt. B.F. Brown, Company C
    Pte. Jno. L. Austin, Company D
    Pte. J.E. Coffee, Company E
    Pte. William Kelly, Company F
    Corp. J.A. Rolinett, Company G
    Sgt. G.W. MeKee, Company H
    Sgt. Jno. Tally, Company I
    Pte. M.D.L. Parsons, Company K
    38th Regiment Infantry
    Adjutant D.M. McIntire
    Lt. A.J. Brown
    Pte. Jesse Nethercut, Company A
    Pte. Thomas Dinkins, Company B
    Pte. Benjamin Sutton, Company C
    1st Sgt. David A. Thomas, Company D
    Pte. W.J. Hutchinson (Killed in Action), Company E
    Pte. W.M.S. Huffinan, Company F
    Corp. W.T. Matheson, Company G
    Corp. D.P. Woodburn, Company H
    Pte. T.J. Ramsey, Company I
    Pte. W.J. McPhaul, Company K

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, April, 2007

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