Prisoners of War - Fall 1863

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    North Carolina Standard
    October 14, 1863
    We are under obligation to a friend for the following list of Confederate officers 
    confined in West Buildings Hospital, Baltimore, on the 25th of last month.
    Col. Rankin, 21st N.C.R.
    Col. Leventhorpe, 11th (?) N.C.R.
    Col. J.K. Connelly, 55th N.C.R.
    Col. William Gibson, 48th Georgia
    Lt. Col. J.R. Herbert, 1st Maryland Inf. Battalion
    Lt. Col. M.J. Bulger, 47th Arkansas
    Maj. W.H. Williamson, 7th Tennessee
    Maj. J.M. Hancock, 2nd N.C. Batt.
    Capt. George A. Graves, 22nd N.C.R.
    Capt. Z.A. Blanton, 18th Va.
    Capt. S.W. Brewer, 26th (?) 28th (?) N.C.
    Capt. George H. Jones, 22nd Georgia
    Capt. George S. Jones, 2nd Georgia Battalion
    Capt. John W. Johnston, 11th Georgia
    Lt. H.J. Walker, 18th N.C.
    Lt. Thomas Newell, 45th (?) 46th (?) Georgia
    Lt. Henry Shepherd, 43rd N.C.
    Lt. W.C. mercer, 37th Va. Cavalry
    Lt. J.E. Weymouth, 18th Va.
    Lt. W.H. Burton, 11th Miss.
    Lt. G.P. Bryan, 2nd N.C. Cavalry
    Lt. J.H. Williams, 14th S.C.
    Lt. F.M. Kelly, 48th Georgia
    Lt. William E. Killan(?), 45th Georgia
    Lt. J.M. Ray, 48th N.C.
    Lt. M.B. Swearingen, 5th Florida
    Lt. E.M. Kidd, 2nd Louisiana
    Lt. B. Barksdale, 23rd Virginia
    Lt. A.M. Belcher(?) Belsher(?), 2nd Mississippi
    Lt. S. Genargin, 16th Alabama
    Lt  Jas. A. Riddick, 3rd Virginia
    The informer says one of two of the officers are in the same hospital whose 
    names he did not get.  He says they were all well treated.  Col. Connelly 
    has lost an arm; Col. Leaventhorpe was doing well.  The men were expecting 
    to be sent to Johnsonís Island, Ohio.
    North Carolina Standard
    November 25, 1863
    Eighty two Confederate prisoners died at Camp Douglas near Chicago 
    in the month of October.  Among them we note the names of John Anderson, 
    64th N.C.T.; John J. Gray, 62nd N.C.T.; A.J. Prusnell, 62nd (?) N.C.T.; Avery 
    Reeves, 62nd N.C.T.; James L. Shelton, 62nd N.C.T.; Jacob Sellers, 62nd N.C.T.; 
    Jackson A. Tague, 62nd N.C.T.  Three quarters of all deaths were from inflammation 
    of the lungs.
    North Carolina Standard
    December 30, 1863
    The following is a list of deaths among North Carolina troops held as 
    prisoners of war at Hammond General Hospital, Point Lookout, Maryland, 
    from 4th October to 30th November, 1863.
    Corp. C.W. Lucky, 22nd Regiment
    J.W. Simpson, 4th Regiment
    William Baker, F.M. Baldwin and B. Christy, 52nd Regiment
    A.C. Digh, 55th Regiment
    W.P. Enhart, 11th Regiment
    Charles Tate, 2nd Regiment
    Ed Wilbar, 45th (?) Regiment
    Bartlett Pierson, 20th Regiment
    J.N. Alexander, 11th Regiment
    A. Austin, 55th Regiment
    M. Baldwin, 62nd
    A.J. Carter, 22nd
    S.C. Creer, 10th 
    Y.R. Davis, 52nd
    John Fowler, 47th
    S. Garrett, 11th
    W.B. Grant, 2nd
    D. Crenshaw, 32nd
    R.(?) or B.(?) Harris, 52nd
    A.S. Hartly, 37th
    Jno. Ingram, 18th
    J.A. Killian, 23rd (?)
    B.F. Kidd, 21st 
    A. McDaniels, 61st
    J. McDaniels, 26th
    E. Murphy, 45th (?) 46th (?)
    S. Nance, 6th
    Jno. Pendy, 52nd
    E. Setson, 23rd (?) 25th (?)
    A.P. Smith, 45th
    H.M. Smith, 52nd
    J.D. Sullivan, 26th 
    M.J. Webster, 61st
    A. Williams, 26th
    J.B. Williams, 2nd
    J. Young, 22nd
    J.E. White, 26th (?) 28th (?)
    J.L. Austin 37th(?), 7th (?)
    Y. Barnhardt, 52nd
    T.E. Boney, 4th
    L.G. Hudd, 55th
    L. Bishop, 52nd
    D. Bowman, 52nd
    W.H. Crickman, 1st
    W.B. Crocker, 47th
    A. Carswell, 54th
    Jno. Done, 47th
    A. Earpe, 55th
    W. Erzell, 5th (?) 6th (?)
    G. Evans, 55th
    J.M. Ferrell, 12th
    S. Shaw, 44th (?)
    J.B. Fortner(?), 37th
    J. Freeman, 46th (?) 48th(?)
    George Green, 44th
    W. Hatley(?), unit illegible
    E. Sigman, 11th
    L.R. Tyler, 4th
    W.P. Thover, 1st
    M.E. Watkins, 11th
    A.W. Walker, 18th
    F. Avery, 4th   

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, April, 2007

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