List of Battles by Date

    Battle of Fort Sumter April 12 - P.G.T. Beauregard fires on Fort - first important 
    battle of American Civil War 
    Battle of Sewell's Point (May 15  May 16) - Union gunboats fight inconclusive 
    battle with Confederate artillery. 
    Battle of Aquia Creek (May 29  June 1) - Confederate artillery hit by naval 
    bombardment, later withdrawn. 
    Battle of Philippi Races June 3 - Union troops under McClellan defeats rebels 
    Battle of Big Bethel June 10 - Union attack on Confederate positions near a church repelled. 
    Battle of Boonville June 17 - Union forces defeat pro-Confederate governor's Missouri 
    State Guard. 
    Battle of Hoke's Run July 2 - Robert Patterson defeats Confederate force but fails to 
    capitalize on his victory. 
    Battle of Carthage July 5 - Confederate victory in Missouri during U.S. Civil War. 
    Battle of Rich Mountain July 11 - Confederate force split in half mid-battle; one half 
    surrenders, the other escapes. 
    Battle of Blackburn's Ford July 18 - Irvin McDowell defeated in recon-in-force against 
    Confederate forces at Manassas. 
    Battle of 1st Bull Run, or 1st Manassas July 21 - Union under McDowell lose to 
    Confederates under J.E. Johnston, P.G.T. Beauregard, Jackson nicknamed "Stonewall". 
    Battle of Athens August 5 - Union victory in small skirmish in Missouri 
    Battle of Wilson's Creek August 10 - Union forces lose 
    Battle of Kessler's Cross Lanes August 26 - Confederates surprise and defeat Union forces. 
    Battle of Hatteras Inlet Batteries (August 28  August 29) - Union forces capture 
    two North Carolina forts. 
    Battle of Dry Wood Creek September 2 - Union cavalry from Kansas defeated by 
    Missouri State Guard. 
    Battle of Carnifex Ferry September 10 - Confederates withdraw by night after 
    several hours of fighting. 
    Battle of Cheat Mountain (September 12  September 15) - 300 Union troops 
    withstand uncoordinated Confederate attacks. 
    First Battle of Lexington (September 13  September 20) - Union forces badly 
    defeated by Missouri State Guard. 
    Battle of Liberty September 17 - Minor Missouri State Guard victory. 
    Battle of Greenbrier River October 3 - Confederates withdraw after inconclusive battle. 
    Battle of Santa Rosa Island October 9 - Union forces capture island. 
    Battle of Ball's Bluff October 21 - 700 Union soldiers captured 
    Battle of Camp Wild Cat October 21 - Confederates chased from Cumberland Gap 
    Battle of Fredericktown October 21 - Missouri State Guard defeated. 
    First Battle of Springfield October 25 - Union forces capture town. 
    Battle of Belmont November 9 - Grant captures and destroys Confederate 
    supplies near Cairo, Illinois 
    Battle of Round Mountain November 19 - Confederate forces defeat Opothleyahola 
    near present-day Stillwater. 
    Battle of Chusto-Talasah December 9 - Opothleyahola defeated near present-day Tulsa. 
    Battle of Camp Alleghany December 13 - Confederates withstand Union attack. 
    Battle of Dranesville December 20 - Union defeats Confederate forces under J.E.B. Stuart. 
    Battle of Chustenahlah December 26 - Opothleyahola defeated, flees to Kansas. 
    Battle of Mount Zion Church December 28 - Union victory in Northeastern Missouri. 
    Battle of Cockpit Point January 3 - Inconclusive Civil War battle in Virginia. 
    Battle of Hancock - (January 5  January 6) - Unsuccessful Confederate attack 
    on Maryland town. 
    Battle of Roan's Tan Yard January 8 - Confederates routed. 
    Battle of Middle Creek January 10 - Union forces under James A. Garfield 
    defeat Confederates under Humphrey Marshall. 
    Battle of Mill Springs January 19 - Union victory, Felix Zollicoffer killed. 
    Battle of Fort Henry February 6 - Ulysses S. Grant and gunboats under 
    Andrew Hull Foote take fort and gain control of Tennessee River 
    Battle of Roanoke Island (February 7  February 8) - Union forces under Ambrose 
    E. Burnside capture island. 
    Battle of Elizabeth City February 10 - Destruction of the Mosquito Fleet. 
    Battle of Fort Donelson (February 12  February 16) - Grant takes fort, accepts 
    surrender of Confederate army, and gains control of Cumberland River 
    Battle of Valverde (February 20  February 21) - Union forces routed in New Mexico Territory. 
    Battle of Pea Ridge March 7 - Missouri saved for Union 
    Battle of Hampton Roads March 9 - Monitor defeats Merrimac 
    Battle of New Bern March 14 - Union troops disembark from ships and capture town. 
    First Battle of Kernstown March 23 - Union forces defeat Confederates under 
    "Stonewall" Jackson. 
    Battle of Glorieta (March 26  March 28) - Union forces outmaneuver Confederates 
    near Santa Fe. 
    Battle of Shiloh (April 6  April 7) - Ulysses S. Grant attacked by Albert Sidney 
    Johnston and P.G.T. Beauregard, defeats them 
    Battle of Island Number Ten (February 28  April 8) - Union victory by Pope 
    Battle of Ft. Pulaski April 11 - Union takes fort 
    Battle of Peralta April 15 - Union forces defeat the 5th Texas Mounted Volunteers. 
    Battle of South Mills April 19 - Confederates thwart attempt to destroy a canal. 
    Battle of Fort Macon (March 23  April 26) Confederate fort surrenders after Union 
    artillery bombardment. 
    Battle of New Orleans (April 25  May 1) - Union forces capture city. 
    Battle of Yorktown (April 5  May 4) - Union troops win skirmish near site of 
    decisive Revolutionary War battle. 
    Battle of Williamsburg May 5 - McClellan and Longstreet fight inconclusive battle. 
    Battle of Eltham's Landing May 7 - Inconclusive Civil War battle in Virginia. 
    Battle of McDowell (May 8  May 9) - Stonewall Jackson's Confederates defeat Union forces. 
    Battle of Drewry's Bluff May 15 - Union naval attack repelled by Confederate artillery. 
    Battle of Whitney's Lane May 19 - Union campaign towards Little Rock, Arkansas halted 
    Battle of Front Royal May 23 - Stonewall Jackson forces Union retreat by 
    threatening the rear of the Union force. 
    First Battle of Winchester May 25 - Stonewall Jackson defeats Nathaniel P. Banks. 
    Battle of Hanover Courthouse May 27 - Union victory during U.S. Civil War. 
    Siege of Corinth April 29  May 30 - Union forces capture town, Beauregard 
    tricks Union in order to escape to Tupelo. 
    Battle of Seven Pines May 31 - J.E. Johnston attacks Union forces, wounded, inconclusive 
    Battle of Tranter's Creek June 5 - Confederate forces retreat after Colonel Singletary is killed. 
    Battle of Memphis June 6 - Union forces capture the city. 
    First Battle of Chattanooga (June 7  June 8) - Union forces bombard the town. 
    Battle of Cross Keys June 8  John C. Fremont defeated by elements of 
    Stonewall Jackson's force. 
    Battle of Port Republic June 9 - Costly victory for Stonewall Jackson. 
    Battle of Secessionville June 16 - Union fails to take town, Union commander 
    later court-martialed for disobeying orders. 
    Battle of Saint Charles June 17 - The USS Mound City is hit by Confederate 
    shore gun and explodes. 
    Battle of Oak Grove June 25 - Indecisive battle between McClellan and Lee. 
    Battle of Beaver Dam Creek June 26 - Robert E. Lee defeated. 
    Battle of Gaines' Mill June 27 - Lee defeats McClellan. 
    Battle of Garnett's & Golding's Farm (June 27  June 28) - Indecisive battle 
    between Lee and McClellan. 
    Battle of Savage's Station June 29 - Union forces withdraw 
    Battle of White Oak Swamp June 30 - Indecisive artillery duel during U.S. Civil War. 
    Battle of Glendale June 30 - McClellan retreats from Lee's Confederates. 
    Battle of Tampa (June 30  July 1) - Union gunboat attacks, but later withdraws. 
    Battle of Malvern Hill July 1 - McClellan defeats Lee but withdraws after battle. 
    Battle of Hill's Plantation July 7 - Union victory in Arkansas. 
    First Battle of Murfreesboro July 13 - Confederate victory during American Civil War. 
    Battle of Cedar Mountain July 30 - Jackson defeats Union troops 
    Battle of Baton Rouge August 5 
    Battle of Kirksville (August 6  August 9) - Union forces capture town. 
    Battle of Cedar Mountain August 9 - Union forces repelled by Confederate counter-attack. 
    First Battle of Independence August 11 - Confederate victory near Kansas City. 
    Battle of Lone Jack (August 15  August 16) - Confederate victory, Union 
    commander killed. Rebels forced to withdraw after battle. 
    Battle of Fort Ridgely (August 21  August 22) - Failed Santee Sioux attack 
    on Union controlled fort. 
    First Battle of Rappahannock Station (August 22  August 25) - Union supplies 
    destroyed during skirmish. 
    Battle of Bull Run Bridge - Confederates capture and destroy Manassas Station. 
    Battle of Thoroughfare Gap August 28 - Longstreet defeats small union force. 
    Battle of 2nd Bull Run, or Second Manassas August 30 - Jackson, Lee, and 
    Longstreet defeats Pope's Army of Northern Virginia 
    Battle of Richmond (Kentucky) - August 30 - Confederates under Edmund Kirby 
    Smith rout Union army under Gen. William Nelson 
    Battle of Chantilly September 1 - Union forces escape from nearly being cut off, 
    Philip Kearny is killed. 
    Battle of South Mountain September 14 - McClellan defeats Lee. 
    Battle of Harpers Ferry (September 12  September 15) - Stonewall Jackson 
    captures Union garrison. 
    Battle of Antietam September 17 - McClellan ends Lee's invasion of North, 
    bloodiest day of war 
    Battle of Munfordville (September 17  September 18) - Union force surrenders. 
    Battle of Iuka September 19 - Grant is victorious near Mississippi town. 
    Battle of Shepherdstown (September 19  September 20) - Confederate 
    brigades counterattack and defeat pursuing Union brigades. 
    First Battle of Newtonia September 30 - Union forces panic under bombardment 
    from Confederate artillery. 
    Second Battle of Corinth (October 3  October 4) - Confederate attack fails. 
    Battle of Hatchie's Bridge October 5 - Confederate force under Earl Van Dorn 
    escapes across river. 
    Battle of Perryville October 8 - Buell v. Bragg, indecisive 
    Battle of Clark's Mill November 7 - Union force surrenders to larger Confederate force. 
    Battle of Cane Hill November 28 - Small Confederate force delays Union while larger 
    force escapes. 
    Battle of Prairie Grove December 7 - Union secures NW Arkansas 
    Battle of Hartsville December 7 - Disguised in Union uniforms, Confederates infiltrate 
    and defeat Union forces. 
    Battle of Fredericksburg December 13 - Lee routs Burnside 
    Battle of Kinston December 14 - Union forces under John G. Foster defeat Confederates 
    under Nathan Evans. 
    Battle of White Hall December 16 - Foster fights indecisive battle with Beverly Robertson 
    Battle of Goldsboro Bridge December 17 - Foster defeats Confederates and destroys 
    the bridge. 
    Battle of Jackson, Tennessee December 19 - Confederate feint to distract Union forces. 
    Battle of Chickasaw Bayou (December 26  December 29) - Union attack on 
    Confederate right flank thwarted. 
    Battle of Parker's Cross Roads December 31 - Confederates repel Union 
    double-pronged assault. 
    Battle of Murfreesboro December 31, 1862  January 2, 1863 - Forces fight to draw 
    Second Battle of Springfield January 8 - Confederates enter town, but are unable to 
    take nearby fort. 
    Battle of Arkansas Post January 9 - Part of Vicksburg Campaign, fight for control of 
    mouth of Arkansas River 
    Battle of Hartville (January 9  January 11) - Confederates are victorious, but unable 
    to continue raid. 
    Bear River Massacre January 29 - Shoshone forces massacred by Union troops. 
    Battle of Dover February 3 - Failed Confederate attack on town. 
    Battle of Thompson's Station March 5 - Confederate victory in Tennessee. 
    Battle of Fort Anderson (March 13  March 15) Daniel H. Hill leads unsuccessful 
    Confederate attack on New Bern. 
    Battle of Kelly's Ford March 17 - Indecisive cavalry battle during Civil War. 
    Battle of Vaught's Hill March 20 - Union forces withstand attack by John Hunt 
    Morgan's Confederates. 
    Battle of Brentwood March 25 - Union force surrenders. 
    Battle of Washington (March 30  April 20) Hill unable to take North Carolina town 
    from Union forces. 
    First Battle of Franklin April 10 - Confederates withdraw after rearguard defeat. 
    Battle of Suffolk (April 11  May 4) Twin indecisive battles at Norfleet House and 
    Hill's Point fought over town. 
    Battle of Cape Girardeau April 26 - Confederate attack fails. 
    Battle of Grand Gulf April 29 - Unsuccessful naval attack by Grant's forces. 
    Battle of Snyder's Bluff April 29  May 1 Union feint during Vicksburg Campaign. 
    Battle of Day's Gap April 30 - Union victory during a raid in Alabama. 
    Battle of Port Gibson May 1 - in Vicksburg campaign, Grant defeats Confederates 
    Battle of Chalk Bluff (May 1  May 2) - Confederates win but can't continue raid. 
    Battle of Chancellorsville May 2 - Lee defeats Hooker's Army of Potomac, Jackson killed 
    Second Battle of Fredericksburg May 3 - Union forces under John Sedgwick 
    defeat Confederate forces left to guard the town by Lee. 
    Battle of Salem Church (May 3  May 4) - Lee defeats Sedgwick. 
    Battle of Raymond May 12 - Failed Confederate attempt to protect Vicksburg from 
    approaching Federals. 
    Battle of Jackson (MS) May 14 - Sherman, McPherson defeat Johnston 
    Battle of Champion's Hill May 16 - Grant defeats Confederates 
    Battle of Big Black River Bridge May 17 - Confederate forces trapped in Vicksburg. 
    Battle of Plains Store May 21 - Union victory near Baton Rouge. 
    Battle of Milliken's Bend June 7 - Confederates unable to break Siege of Vicksburg. 
    Battle of Brandy Station June 9 - Pleasonton surprises J.E.B. Stuart's cavalrymen 
    in their camps near Brandy Station 
    Second Battle of Winchester (June 13  June 15) - Confederate victory paves way 
    for Lee's invasion. 
    Battle of Aldie June 17 - Indecisive battle during Robert E. Lee's march north. 
    Battle of Middleburg (June 17  June 19) - J.E.B. Stuart retreats from engagement 
    with Union cavalry. 
    Battle of Upperville June 21 - Indecisive cavalry battle during Lee's invasion. 
    Battle of Hoover's Gap (June 24  June 26) - Union victory prevents Confederates in 
    Tennessee from coming to the aid of Vicksburg. 
    Battle of Goodrich's Landing (June 29  June 30) - Confederates drive Union Black 
    Regiments off of several plantations. 
    Battle of Hanover June 30 - J.E.B. Stuart forced to change his route, delaying his 
    efforts to unite with Lee's force outside Gettysburg. 
    Battle of Gettysburg (July 1  July 3) - Lee loses to Meade, Pickett's Charge fails, 
    ends second invasion of North 
    Battle of Vicksburg July 4 - siege from May 22 ends, Grant accepts surrender of 
    second Confederate army 
    Battle of Helena July 4 - Confederate assault on river port fails securing eastern 
    Arkansas for Union 
    Battle of Boonsboro July 8 - indecisive action at rearguard of Lee's retreat. 
    Siege of Port Hudson (May 21  July 9) - last Confederate stronghold on 
    Mississippi surrenders. 
    Battle of Corydon July 9 - Confederate raid results in civilian casualties, including 
    a Lutheran minister. 
    Battle of Fort Wagner July 11 - first of two Union attempts to take Ft. Wagner. 
    Battle of Williamsport (July 6  July 16) - Meade and Lee fight indecisive battle. 
    Battle of Honey Springs July 17 - In Indian Territory, two largely Black and Native 
    American forces meet. Union victory. 
    Battle of Fort Wagner, Morris Island July 18 - second of two Union attempts to take 
    Ft. Wagner fails, heroism of the 54th Massachusetts. 
    Battle of Manassas Gap July 23 - Indecisive battle by day, Confederates withdraw 
    by night. 
    Battle of Big Mound (July 24  July 25) - Union forces defeat Santee and Teton Sioux forces. 
    Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake July 26 - Sibley defeats Sioux forces. 
    Battle of Salineville July 26 - Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan 
    surrenders in Ohio: the Northernmost U.S. Civil War Battle 
    Battle of Stony Lake July 28 - Sioux forces escape Union forces in pursuit. 
    Second Battle of Fort Sumter (August 17  September 9) - Union attempt to retake
    fort fails even after massive bombardment and naval attack. 
    Second Battle of Chattanooga (August 21  September 8) - Union captures town. 
    Battle of Lawrence August 23 - Quantrill's Raiders pillage the city. 
    Battle of Devil's Backbone September 1 - Union victory after heavy fighting. 
    Battle of Whitestone Hill (September 3  September 5) - Union forces defeat 
    several Native American tribes including Sioux and Blackfeet. 
    Second Battle of Sabine Pass September 8 - Confederate forces place stakes 
    in river to help aim their guns at Union ships, Confederate victory. 
    Battle of Bayou Fourche September 10 - Union victory allows for capture of Little Rock. 
    Battle of Davis' Cross Roads (September 10  September 11) - Union forces 
    establish defensive positions prior to Chickamauga. 
    Battle of Chickamauga September 19 - Bragg defeats Rosecrans, George 
    Thomas of US anointed "The Rock of Chickamauga" 
    Battle of Blountsville September 22 - Union forces capture town. 
    Battle of Baxter Springs October 6 - Quantrill's Raiders massacre Union Black 
    Troops during U.S. Civil War. 
    Battle of Blue Springs October 10 - Confederate forces overrun. 
    First Battle of Auburn October 13 - J.E.B. Stuart escapes by hiding in a ravine. 
    Second Battle of Auburn October 14 - Confederates attack Union rearguard, indecisive. 
    Battle of Bristoe Station October 14 - Meade defeats elements of Lee's forces, 
    but Confederates destroy railroad during retreat. 
    Battle of Buckland Mills October 19 - Union cavalry caught in ambush, defeated. 
    Battle of Pine Bluff October 25 - Confederate attack fails. 
    Battle of Wauhatchie (October 28  October 29) Longstreet defeated by Union forces. 
    Battle of Collierville November 3 - Abortive Confederate attack on the town. 
    Second Battle of Rappahannock Station November 7 - Union forces surge across 
    river, forcing Lee to retreat. 
    Battle of Campbell's Station November 16 - Confederate double-envelopment attempt fails. 
    Third Battle of Chattanooga (November 23  November 25) - Grant defeats Braxton 
    Bragg and relieves Union forces besieged in Chattanooga 
    Battle of Ringgold Gap November 27 - Confederates under Patrick Cleburne defeat 
    Union forces under Joseph Hooker. 
    Battle of Fort Sanders November 29 - Longstreet unable to take fort due to poor 
    quality gunpowder. 
    Battle of Mine Run (November 27  December 2) Meade bombards Lee's 
    Confederates but then withdraws. 
    Battle of Bean's Station December 14 - Union forces withdraw a short distance. 
    Battle of Mossy Creek December 29 - Confederate cavalry forced back. 
    Battle of Dandridge January 17 - Union forces withdraw 
    Battle of Athens January 26 - Union victory in Northern Alabama. 
    Battle of Fair Garden January 27 - Union phyrric victory. 
    Battle of Morton's Ford (February 6  February 7) - Diversionary Union attack. 
    Battle of Meridian (February 14  February 20) - Sherman occupies town 
    Battle of Olustee February 20 - Union can't take Florida 
    Battle of Paducah March 25 - Confederate raid by Forrest successful. 
    Battle of Elkin's Ferry (April 3  April 4) - Confederates unable to prevent Union 
    river crossing. 
    Battle of Mansfield April 8 - Banks Union Red River Campaign halted by rebels 
    Battle of Pleasant Hill April 9 - Confederate attack fails. 
    Battle of Prairie D'Ane (April 9  April 13) - Frederick Steele defeats Sterling Price. 
    Battle of Fort Pillow April 12 - N.B. Forrest takes fort, massacres black soldiers 
    Battle of Poison Spring April 18 - Part of Red River Campaign in Arkansas, black 
    troops massacred 
    Battle of Monett's Ferry April 23 - Confederate forces driven back. 
    Battle of Marks' Mills April 25 - Part of Red River Campaign in Arkansas 
    Battle of Jenkins' Ferry April 30 - Part of Red River Campaign in Arkansas 
    Battle of the Wilderness May 5 - Grant and Lee meet inconclusively 
    Battle of Albemarle Sound May 5 - Indecisive naval battle during U.S. Civil War. 
    Battle of Port Walthall Junction (May 6  May 7) - Union forces destroy railroad 
    Battle of Cloyd's Mountain May 9 - Union victory, Confederate General Albert G. 
    Jenkins killed. 
    Battle of Swift Creek May 9 - Union forces damage railroad, but are stopped by 
    Confederate forces. 
    Battle of Cove Mountain May 10 - Union victory after brief battle. 
    Battle of Chester Station May 10 - Union forces under Benjamin Butler pushed back. 
    Battle of Yellow Tavern May 11 - Union forces win cavalry battle, J.E.B. Stuart is killed. 
    Battle of Rocky Face Ridge May 7  May 13 Indecisive battle near Atlanta. 
    Battle of Resaca May 13 - Sherman defeats Johnston 
    Battle of New Market May 15 - Confederate forces halt Union army under Franz 
    Sigel from advance up Shenandoah Valley 
    Battle of Proctor's Creek (May 12  May 16) - Beauregard defeats Butler. 
    Battle of Adairsville May 17 - Failed Confederate attempt to destroy part of the 
    Union force approaching Atlanta. 
    Battle of Ware Bottom Church May 20 - Beauregard boxes Butler in. 
    Battle of Spotsylvania Court House (May 8  May 21) - Grant and Lee meet 
    inconclusively, Grant writes to Halleck "I propose to fight it out on this line if it 
    takes all summer" 
    Battle of Wilson's Wharf May 24 - Confederates under Fitzhugh Lee defeated by 
    two Union black regiments. 
    Battle of North Anna (May 23  May 26) - Lee outmaneuvers Grant, but because 
    of illness, he is unable to capitalize. 
    Battle of New Hope Church (May 25  May 26) Hooker's forces defeated. 
    Battle of Pickett's Mill May 27 - Unsuccessful attack by Sherman on Johnston. 
    Battle of Haw's Shop May 28 - Union advance halted. 
    Battle of Dallas (Georgia) May 28 - Confederate withdrawal in Georgia. 
    Battle of Totopotomoy Creek (May 28  May 30) - Union forces pushed back. 
    Battle of Old Church May 30 - Union forces drive Confederates back to Cold Harbor. 
    Battle of Cold Harbor (May 31  June 12) - Lee repulses Grant, Confederate general 
    says "This is not war, this is murder". 
    Battle of Piedmont June 5 - Union forces under David Hunter defeat Confederate 
    defenses on march to Staunton, Virginia, upper Shenandoah Valley 
    First Battle of Petersburg June 9 - Beauregard defeats Butler. 
    Battle of Brices Crossroads June 10 - N.B. Forrest routs Union force almost three 
    times as large 
    Battle of Trevilian Station (June 11  June 12) - Confederate victory, George Armstrong 
    Custer nearly surrounded and has to be rescued by Sheridan. 
    Second Battle of Petersburg (June 15  June 18) - Lee repulses Grant at back door to 
    Battle of Lynchburg June 17 
    Sinking of CSS Alabama June 19 - USS Kearsarge sinks CSS Alabama 
    Battle of Kolb's Farm June 22 - Confederate attack fails due to poor terrain conditions. 
    Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road (June 21  June 24) - Union siege lines extended for 
    Siege of Petersburg. 
    Battle of Saint Mary's Church June 24 - Union forces fight a successful delaying action. 
    Battle of Kennesaw Mountain June 27 - Johnston repulses Sherman 
    Battle of Marietta (June 6  July 3) - Sherman defeats Johnston 
    Battle of Monocacy Junction July 9 - Union Gen. Lew Wallace slows up Jubal Early, 
    saving DC 
    Battle of Fort Stevens (July 11  July 12) - Failed confederate attempt to capture 
    Washington, D.C., President Lincoln, observing the battle, comes under Confederate fire. 
    Battle of Tupelo (July 14  July 15) - Union victory, Nathan Bedford Forrest wounded. 
    Battle of Cool Spring (July 18  July 19) 
    Battle of Rutherford's Farm July 20 - Confederates under Jubal Early caught by surprise 
    and defeated. 
    Battle of Peachtree Creek July 20 - Confederate attack fails 
    Battle of Atlanta July 22 - Sherman turns back Hood 
    Second Battle of Kernstown July 24 - Jubal Early defeats Union forces. 
    Battle of Killdeer Mountain July 26 - Union forces defeat Sioux. 
    Battle of Ezra Church July 28 - Confederates fail to gain element of surprise, finding 
    entrenched Union forces. Union victory. 
    Battle of the Crater July 30 - Lee defeats Burnside 
    Battle of Folck's Mill August 1 - Indecisive Civil War battle. 
    Battle of Utoy Creek (August 5  August 7) Indecisive battle on Union right flank near Atlanta. 
    Second Battle of Dalton (August 14  August 15) - Union forces withstand attack until relieved. 
    Battle of Globe Tavern (August 18  August 21) - Confederate forces lose control of 
    railroads at Petersburg. 
    Battle of Lovejoy's Station August 20 - Confederates repel Union raiders attacking the station. 
    Second Battle of Memphis August 21 - Partially successful Confederate raid. 
    Battle of Mobile Bay August 23 - David Farragut takes port, says "Damn the 
    torpedoes, full speed ahead" 
    Second Battle of Ream's Station August 25 - Union lines overrun by Confederates. 
    Battle of Jonesborough (August 31  September 1) - William J. Hardee's Confederates 
    defeated, resulting in Atlanta's fall. 
    Third Battle of Winchester September 19 - Sheridan defeats Early, several officers 
    killed or wounded on both sides. 
    Battle of Fisher's Hill (September 21  September 22) - Successful Union frontal assault. 
    Battle of Fort Davidson September 27 - Union forces detonate their own fort after 
    losing to Confederates. 
    Battle of Chaffin's Farm (September 29  September 30) - Union forces victorious, 
    but fail to capture several forts. 
    Battle of Peebles' Farm (September 30  October 2) - Union victory near Petersburg. 
    Battle of Saltville (October 1  October 3) - Confederates defeat Union Black Cavalry, 
    war crimes committed against captured blacks. 
    Battle of Allatoona October 5 - Union fortifications hold. 
    Battle of Darbytown Road October 7 - Confederate attack repelled near Richmond. 
    Battle of Tom's Brook October 9 - Union cavalry defeats Confederates. 
    Battle of Glasgow October 15 - Union forces surrender. 
    Second Battle of Lexington October 19 - Union forces driven out of town. 
    Battle of Cedar Creek October 19 - Sheridan defeats Early, drives rebels from 
    Shenandoah Valley 
    Battle of Little Blue River October 21 - Confederate victory in Missouri. 
    Second Battle of Independence October 22 - Union forces occupy town. 
    Battle of Byram's Ford (October 22  October 23) - Confederates under Marmaduke defeated. 
    Battle of Westport October 23 - Union forces win decisive battle to take control of Missouri. 
    Battle of Marais des Cygnes October 25 - Price's Confederates pursued into Kansas. 
    Battle of Mine Creek October 25 - Price's army crushed, flees back into Missouri. 
    Battle of Marmiton River October 25 - Price escapes Union pursuit. 
    Battle of Decatur October 26  October 29) - Confederates unable to cross river. 
    Battle of Boydton Plank Road (October 27  October 28) - Union forces take 
    control of road, but withdraw after battle. 
    Second Battle of Newtonia October 28 - James G. Blunt defeats Joseph O. Shelby. 
    Battle of Johnsonville (November 4  November 5) - Confederates bombard Union 
    forces during the night after a fire starts near union positions. 
    Battle of Bull's Gap (November 11  November 13) - Minor Confederate victory during 
    U.S. Civil War. 
    Sherman's March to the Sea November 16 - Sherman lays waste to South 
    Battle of Columbia November 24 - Confederates divert attention 
    First Battle of Adobe Walls November 25 - Kit Carson fights Kiowa forces to a draw, 
    but manages to destroy their settlement. 
    Battle of Sand Creek November 29 - U.S. forces massacre Cheyenne and Arapaho. 
    Battle of Spring Hill November 29 - Confederate mistakes allow Federal forces to redeploy, 
    leading to the Battle of Franklin. 
    Battle of Franklin November 30 - Hood attacks Thomas but loses 
    Battle of Waynesboro, Georgia December 4 - Kilpatrick stops Wheeler from attacking 
    Third Battle of Murfreesboro (December 5  December 7) - Confederate raid mostly 
    First Battle of Fort Fisher (December 7  December 27) - Failed Union attempt to take fort. 
    Battle of Nashville (December 15  December 16) - Confederate Army in Tennessee 
    Second Battle of Fort Fisher January 15 - Union takes fort 
    Battle of Rivers' Bridge February 3 - Union forces capture river crossing. 
    Battle of Hatcher's Run February 5 - Union force launch unexpected attack. 
    Battle of Wilmington (North Carolina) February 22 - Last rebel port falls. 
    Battle of Waynesboro March 2 - Remnants of Confederate Army of the Valley are destroyed. 
    Battle of Natural Bridge March 6 - Confederate victory in Florida prevents the capture 
    of Tallahassee. 
    Battle of Wyse Fork (March 7  March 10) - Confederate attacks repelled by Union artillery. 
    Battle of Averasborough March 16 - Union and Confederate forces attack one another 
    in turn, both attacks fail. 
    Battle of Bentonville (March 19  March 21) - Sherman defeats Confederates 
    Battle of Fort Steadman March 25 - Lee attempts to break siege 
    Battle of Lewis's Farm March 29 - Union forces capture Confederate earthworks. 
    Battle of White Oak Road March 31 - Confederate forces under Richard H. Anderson 
    Battle of Dinwiddie Court House March 31 - Pickett defeats Sheridan. 
    Battle of Five Forks April 1 - Sheridan routs Confederates in last important battle of 
    American Civil War 
    Battle of Selma April 2 - Wilson defeats Forrest. 
    Third Battle of Petersburg April 2 - Grant defeats Lee. 
    Battle of Sutherland's Station April 2 - Lee's supply lines are cut. 
    Battle of Namozine Church April 3 - Several Confederates captured, Custer's brother 
    earns Medal of Honor. 
    Battle of Sayler's Creek April 6 - Union victory, Lee realizes his army will not last long. 
    Battle of High Bridge (April 6  April 7) - Union forces thwart Lee's attempts to burn 
    bridges and to resupply, Grant proposes that Lee surrender, but he refuses. 
    Battle of Cumberland Church April 7 - Union forces attack Confederate rearguard, but 
    darkness cuts the attack short. 
    Battle of Spanish Fort (March 27  April 8) - Union forces capture fort just east of Mobile. 
    Battle of Appomattox Station April 8 - Union forces thwart Lee's final attempt to resupply. 
    Battle of Fort Blakely (April 2  April 9) - Union forces capture fort outside of Mobile. 
    Battle of Appomattox Courthouse April 9 - Lee's forces surrounded. He subsequently 
    Battle of West Point April 16 - Union victory during final phase of U.S. Civil War. 
    Battle of Palmito Ranch (May 22  May 23) - Confederate victory in Texas during 
    final phases of U.S. Civil War.

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