Wounded North Carolinians in Hospitals June 1862

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    Fayetteville Observer, June 2, 1862
    At Keen, Baldwin and Williams’ Hospital
    J.S. Martin, 22nd
    W.G. Ray, 6th
    S.A. Hoover, 4th
    Columbus Kerr, 4th
    J.A. Houpe, 4th
    L.L. Rawley, 14th
    D.S. Bustle, 4th
    Alfred Baker, 23rd
    At Banner Hospital
    David Hoke, 23rd, Co. B
    Jno. R. Elgson, 4th, C
    Pinckney W. Ramseur, 23rd, B
    Capt. Wm. P. Hill, 23rd, H
    John H. Charles, 4th, G
    Jno. A. Weddell, 4th, C
    Hugh Baxter, 4th, B
    Jas. T. Stone, 23rd, G
    Capt. Thos. R. Tetterton, 4th E
    Jno. W. Goodsey, 4th, G
    Milus Holtzhaur, 4th, C
    Charles P. Arms, 4th, C
    Wm. Bunningham, 23rd, A
    Jno. R. Muncerlyn, 23rd, A
    Andrew P. Rising, 23rd, A
    Wm. F. Kenyon, 23rd, F
    Wm. S. Sudderick, 23rd, A
    Sydner Coffin, 22nd, A
    Lawson Porch, 22nd, A
    Pleasant R. Hermes, 22nd, F
    Sgt. Mason T. Mitchell, 22nd, H
    Jno. H. Beachman, 4th, G
    Wm. Perry, 4th, G
    Jas. P. Sheppard, 27th, H
    Marshall W. Moore, 4th, C
    Ed F. Martin, 4th, B
    At 3rd Alabama Hospital
    A Frecklin, 4th N.C., Co. K
    R.R. Underwood, 4th, H
    H.L. Melton, 4th, H
    H.S. Hunter, 23rd, K
    A M. Yode, 23rd, F
    M.W. Holmes, 23rd, G
    W.S. Lassiter, 5th, C
    J.T. Robb, 4th, C
    H. Purcell, 6th, L
    W.T. Brogdell, 5th, F
    J.M. Richards, 4th, C
    J.S. Feinester, 4th, C
    S. Claywell, 4th, C
    S.H. Robbett, 4th, H
    J.H. Smith, 4th, B
    J. Daniel, 4th, D
    R.W. Nesbitt, 4th, H
    J.H. Sherrell, 23rd, F
    W. Smithdeal, 4th, K
    C.L. Miller, 4th, K
    H.M. Warner, 4th, F
    J.J. Valentine, 4th, E
    Wm. Lefebres, 23rd, B
    A Kirksey, 23rd B
    J. Sanderson, 4th, D
    At Globe Hospital
    W.J. Laycock, 6th Regiment, Company C
    W.T. Greshem, 6th, C
    J. Holt, 6th, G
    W.P. Rees, 16th, I
    P.G. Cockrum, 16th, I
    M.L. Henley, 16th, I
    J.H. Fletcher, 16th, I
    1st Sgt. J.P. Johnson, 16th, I
    W.J. Edney, 16th, C
    J.C. Joiner, 4th, H
    At Chimborazo Hospital
    W.S. Beard, Company C, 4th N.C., head
    J. Boon, A, 6th, back
    N.V. Cowan, B, 4th, shoulder
    W.A. Cutler, E, 4th, chest
    R.A. Coon, D, 6th, leg
    Lt. J. Coggin, C, 23rd, foot
    W.C. Clemens, I, 6th, hand
    Lt. W.A. Croyer, I, 22nd, back
    Lt. W. Coffee, K, 6th, arm
    N.H. Dillard, I, 6th, thigh
    H. Duke, E, 23rd, hand
    Corp. A. Frexler, B, Lee’s Battalion, thigh
    Sgt. W.J. French, I, 6th, thigh
    A A Gabrier, K, 23rd, upper lip
    J.W. Gibson, F, 6th, hand
    W.C. Hobbs, A, 4th, arm
    O. (or C.) C. Homan, B, 23rd, shoulder
    B. Howell, C, 5th, thigh
    Corp. N.W. Hester, H, 6th, thigh
    J.S. Irvin, B, 22nd, thigh
    Lt. H.H. Ighams, G, 4th, head
    J.T. Lamb, G, 5th, hand
    A A Lewis, I, 6th, thigh
    J.B. Morrison, G, 18th, shoulder
    R.A. Mills, B, 4th, arm
    T.H. Murry, E, 4th, thigh
    Isaac McGhee, F, 6th, leg
    J.M. McKenny, G, 6th, thigh
    Lt. J.R. Nicholson, C, 23rd, head
    W.S. Plumer, B, 4th, arm
    N.M. Stackleather, B, 23rd, shoulder
    C.H. Stokes, A, 22nd
    T.J. Scott, K, 29th, shoulder
    J.M. Turner, B, 4th, arm
    W.A. Widrick, B, 6th, head
    Lt. John Keafe, A, 6th
    J.M. Larrance, M. 22nd
    J.W. Martin, H, 6th
    Wm. Pendler (or Pendier), F, 6th
    G.M. Scarlett, G, 6th
    S.H. Sasser, C, 6th 
    Ross Factory Hospital
    C.S. Johnston, C, 4th
    J.B. Bowles, H, 4th
    A Green, C, 23rd
    S.S. Goford, 14th, dead
    N. Tomlin, H, 4th
    S. Powell, E, 4th
    Royster Hospital
    R.S. Liggett, E, 4th
    J.E. Farwell, F, 23rd
    Jacob Ommery, A, 4th
    H. Haynes, G, 23rd
    Crew’s Factory Hospital
    Capt. S.W. Stowe, 16th
    A.J. Anderson, 4th
    Joseph Lane, 4th
    B.F. Whilling, 4th
    J.L. Davis, 16th
    Robert Dalton, 16th
    E.R. Roper, 16th
    W.H.  Myer, 4th
    James Norris, 4th
    J.W. Jackson, 23rd
    W. Forsite, 23rd
    Elisha Myers, 4th
    John Whitley, 4th
    Pinkney Marlen, 16th
    R.H. Wall, 16th
    Wm. M. Wall, 16th
    N. Criger, 22nd
    S. Hars, 22nd
    Jackson Smith, 22nd
    D. York, 22nd
    Lt. J.W. Ludderth, 22nd
    S.F. Harper, 22nd
    S.J. Powell, 22nd
    John Maines, 22nd
    Joseph Loveless, 22nd
    Lero L. Tate, 22nd
    J.P. Greenleaf, 22nd
    Lt. W.B. Rivett, 22nd
    O. Talton, 23rd
    O’Miller, 23rd
    Christian & Lea’s Hospital
    J.J. Groves, 23rd
    J. Pelt, 23rd
    J. J. Brickle, 4th
    Benjamin Thurp, 4th
    R.A. Hall, 4th 
    G.R. Rowe, 4th, dead
    C.C. Doughty, 4th
    J.T. Crowell, 4th, dead
    Daniel Moyer, 4th
    N.W. Carpenter, 4th
    Cameron Coty, 23rd
    Jno. N. Barnes, 4th
    Jno. S. Benton, 4th
    J.W. Latham, 4th
    The Gicathmey(?) Hospital
    R. Ricks, 13th
    The Liggon Hospital
    T.W. Taylor, 14th
    Alexander Simmons, 18th
    S.B. Toler, 18th
    D.K. Evans, 37th
    W.J. Davis, 37th
    J.P. Gordon, 37th
    Wm. Gerley, 37th
    G.W.  Williamson, 37th (?)
    N. Peacock, 7th
    James Brown, 12th
    A.D. Moore, 23rd
    J. Wilson, 23rd
    David Vaughan, 23rd
    S.H. Humphreys, 23rd
    Lt. Jos. E. Hill, 23rd
    A.B. Ervin, 23rd
    John A. Flemming, 4th
    S.L. Perry, 4th
    L.A. McAlister, 23rd
    John A. Payne, 23rd
    R. Jones, 5th
    Died of their Wounds---
    Ross’s Hospital
    S.S. Goforth
    Seabrook’s Hospital
    Lt. J.C. White, C, 4th
    Capt. J.H. Miller, E, 23rd
    Christian & Lea’s Hospital
    G.R. Howe, 4th
    J.T. Crowell, 4th
    (Transcriber’s Note:  The below is in smaller print than above so I do not know whether the below 
    are wounded or those who died of wounds as above)
    At Bird Island Hospital:
    H.R. Singleton, 6th, E
    J. Smallwood, 6th, E
    P. Lingley, 6th, D
    James Reese, 4th, I(?)
    D. Hake or Hoke, 6th, F
    J.W. Leggett, 4th, E
    S.(?) Weison or Welson, 16th, C
    W.C. Collatt(?), 16th, K
    L. Finger, 23rd, G
    A. Desmont, 23rd, G
    L. Roberson, 23rd, G
    S.W. Webb, 23rd, G
    W.W. Miller, 6th, G
    J.D. Stevenson, 6th, E
    Ira Combs, 4th, D
    P.A. Hireling, 4th, K
    Lt. A.M. Lowry, 23rd, I
    At 2nd Georgia Hospital
    T.E. Moore, 5th, B
    T.W. Jones, 16th, K
    Wm. Bertrum(?), 4th, D
    J.H. Thomas, 4th, H
    H. Warlick (dead), 23rd, B
    John Huntsinger, 16th, B
    M.A. Kirkpatrick, 16th, F
    T.B. Stilt(?), 4th, F
    W.W. Leach, 4th, G
    A.T. Carter, 4th, A
    Lt. J.D. Ziegler, 22nd, H.
    At Greaner’s (?) Hospital
    B. Smith, 5th, B
    At 3rd Georgia Hospital
    John J. Rivers, E, 4th
    Davison  (last name illegible, six letters, the last three are “gue”), G, 4th
    G.D. Jefferson, E, 4th
    J.M. Baldwin, F, 22nd
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 9, 1862
    Messrs. Editors:
    Richmond, June 5, 1862
    The big battle is still put off and there has been nothing of importance along our lines.  I could 
    not get to camp yesterday on account of the weather.  It rained most of the day and every place 
    is so muddy and overflowed that an engagement on the Chickahominy can hardly take place this 
    week.  Should it rain no more they may get ready by Sunday.  I have been among some of the
    regiments near the city.  In the Richmond papers you can get lists of wounded, though imperfect 
    yet.  Among a list of wounded not published yet at the Howard Hospital are:
    C.L. Johnson, 4th Regiment, Co. C, N.C.T.
    J.B. Boles, 4th, from Iredell, badly in hand
    Anderson Green, 23rd, C, Montgomery, in back by piece of shell
    Capt. Ambrose Scarborough, killed Sunday morning in skirmish before battle, also of C, 23rd, 
    from Montgomery
    Frank Dumas, in same, killed on Saturday
    Major E. J. Christian, of Montgomery, 23rd, wounded in battle, afterwards died in the hospital.  
    I could not find him.
    Lt. Nicholson, C, 23rd, from Montgomery, wounded in battle and afterwards died in the hospital
    John Holmes, B, 23rd, wounded in head
    Jacob Reynolds
    Andrew Hyles
    Capt. Shuford (Lincolnton)
    John W. Covington, slightly wounded in breast, Pee Dee Guards, 23rd, from Richmond Co., in 
    Ligon Hospital
    Killed in the Pee Dee Guards:
    John C. Ussery
    Wm. A. McKethan
    Missing in the Pee Dee Guards:
    Parks Chappell
    Thomas B. Ledbetter, slight, shot in foot and hit by piece of shell on back
    E.C. Moorman, slight
    Stephen Webb, shot through thigh, flesh wound
    Angus Morris, slight
    M. Scott, slight
    18th Regiment:
    Capt. Devane’s Company:
    S.B. Toler, in Ligon Hospital, from Bladen, wounded at joint of elbow
    Capt. Devane was sick and not in the fight of Branch’s Brigade.  Lt. Wooten commanded that 
    T.F. Prigden
    W.H. Sykes
    John McKethan
    Alex Andrews
    W.J. Maultsby
    Jas Cromarty
    M.V. Sutton
    Captain Sykes of another Bladen Company also killed.
    Captain Norment’s Company from Robeson, 18th, I am informed lost 20 or more in killed, 
    wounded and missing.
    The Scotch Boys from Richmond Co., I learn, took 60 or over into battle and lost 34 in killed, 
    wounded and missing.  These are thought to be killed:
    Duncan Gibson
    Alex Jones
    Andrew Clark
    Alex McLauchlin
    Murdoch McDuffie
    Archibald McRae
    Wounded badly:
    Hugh S. Patterson
    Hugh Roper
    Wm. Buchanan, jr.
    Daniel McKinnon
    6th N.C., Company G, Capt. Craige from Rowan
    Sgt. John Barringer
    Sgt. Rufus R. Owens
    Andrew Gullet
    Wm. Porter
    Captain Freeland, Orange, badly wounded and taken prisoner.
    The wounded of these do not appear in the lists published:
    Spotswood Hospital:
    W.J. Lacock, Company C, 6th N.C.T., flesh wound, leg
    J.G. Cockeran, Company I, 16th, in thigh
    W.P.(?) Rees, company G, 16th, concussion, left arm
    M.L. Hurly, I, 16th, fracture of forearm
    N.J. Edney, C, 16th, wound in back
    Lt. L.A. Ward, Company I, 16th, hip
    Sgt. J.P. Johnson, Co. I, 16th, right shoulder
    J.H. Hitcher, 16th,  I, 16th, left breast
    Thomas Y. Whitlock, of Davis, 4th, foot amputated
    Killed in that company:
    Jas. Cook
    J. Barlow
    Also, Lt. White of Iredell, C, 4th, Capt. Simonton of Iredell, A, 4th, and Lt. Redding, E, 4th, killed
    E.A. Morrison, A, 4th, wounded in side, slight
    In the 23rd Regiment, Lt. Hill, H, from Gaston, in Ligon Hospital, arm shattered
    Capt. Hill, of same, mortally wounded in shoulder and thigh
    Sixteen wounded all in the company, among them:
    Jas. C. Robinson, mortally and several badly
    Capt. Miller, Catawba, died in the hospital
    From the appearance of the weather this morning, I think I can get out to camp today.  I may 
    be able to give you more particulars soon.  I think I will leave this evening or tomorrow morning 
    if there seems no prospect of an immediate engagement.  The city is very  much crowded and 
    still large numbers of soldiers flock about the streets and any number of finely dressed officers 
    may be seen any time.  Nous verrons.
    Long Grabs
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, July 7, 1862
    Wounded North Carolinians in the hospitals in Richmond
    Seabrook’s Hospital
    Philip Dunnavant, 7th
    Sgt. R.R. Revels, J.W. Shields, Henry Moss, 34th
    L.A. Ford, 23rd
    Sgt. R.W. Robins, 22nd
    Headly Duke, 12th
    W.H. Moore, 16th
    George Torrence, 37th
    David Ray, 38th
    Calvin Pierce, 37th
    Stephen Lullan, 38th
    K.M. Covington, 38th
    M.F. Scarbrough, 1st
    S.S. Lindford, 1st
    Jas. Heard, 1st
    Corp. H.J. Williams, 1st
    W.A. Newby, 38th
    Sgt. T.L. Russell, 38th
    H.N. Tomlinson, 38th
    Jesse Grant, 38th
    John Brown, 1st
    Albert Shaw, 1st
    Ellis Burchin, 38th
    H.H. McCaskill, 38th
    Corp. John D. Shaw, 1st
    Jno. Jenkins, 1st
    H.G. Wiggins, 38th
    Sgt. E.I. Garrison, 3rd
    Corp. Jno. H. Brantly, 1st
    J.C. Lackey, 38th
    A. Barney, 16th
    Henry Evans, 16th
    John Elan, 2nd
    Adjutant J.S.R. Miller, 1st
    Capt. R.W. Rives, 1st
    Dan(?) S. Andrews, 2nd
    Andrew Lasting, 1st
    Jas. T. Baggutt(?), 1st
    E.D. Johnston, 1st
    James H. Jackson, 22nd
    M. Chappell, 38th
    C. Crouch, 38th
    Corp. E.W. Saunders, 34th
    Jno. Means, 3rd
    W. Taffar(?), 22nd
    Jesse Scarlet, 38th
    W.R. Oldridge, Jas. Mills, W. Bolen, John Jones, J.M. Auldered, G.P. Able, R. Jamison, 
    Corp. R. James, G. B. Swanger, J.A. Blair, J.A. Rhea, 16th
    Jas. W. Powell, 1st
    J. Atwood, 38th
    Thomas L. Stanfield, 16th
    D.D. Price, 34th
    A.M. Anthony, 16th
    P.B Bailey, 3rd
    Enoch Signman and Sgt. T.B. Regh, 16th
    C.H. Long, 22nd
    W.A. Millan, 16th
    J. Alwyn, 16th
    Corp. J.P. Bungarner, 16th
    Jas. Bain, 34th
    H.A. Clark, 22nd
    J.R. Chambers, 16th
    M. Coffey, 2nd
    J. Bell, 1st
    J.M. Badger, 22nd
    J.H. Bosh(?), 38th
    D.C. Crites, 14th
    Benjamin Donnell, 12th
    C.H. Davis, 37th
    Banner Hospital
    R.C. Lackey, 38th (?)
    E. Sparkman, 3rd
    S.M. Hines, W.C. Meachem, Jacob Childers, 38th
    W.T. Herndon, 7th
    Hiram Jarrell, 3rd
    Lt. Isaac L. King, 22nd
    Martin Eagles, 24th
    Sgt. John Wynn, 1st
    Junius(?) A. Alburty, 21st
    Bal- - -  Moore, 21st
    Jos. W. Walker, 6th
    Corp. Wm. A. Cox, 6th
    Wm. J. Bart or Eart, 6th
    George H. Smart(?), 28th
    John D. Hudson, 28th
    Daniel J. Phillips, 5th
    Wm. H. Williams, 34th(?)
    D.M. Stroad, 34th
    Wm. Harris, 34th
    Wm. Harvell(?), 34th
    Ellis Sartin, 22nd
    Abner Camp, 34th
    Jas. A. May, 22nd
    B.A. Overcash(?), 34th
    Benjamin Martin, 34th
    Corp. Wm. Wright, 34th
    Samuel Cunningham, 4th
    Capt. D.A. Parker, 24th
    John Brockwell, 24th
    Sol. W. Young, 24th
    Sgt. R.H. Teague, W.D. Barnes, F.(?) W. Query, 7th
    Eli Brown, J.L.M. Clemery(?), 37th
    J.S. Thompson, C.W. Rowland, 28th
    W. Yow(?), 28th
    Thomas A. Gibson, J.M. Hendricks, 37th
    R.H. Bird, W.H. Stutts, 28th
    G.J. Huntley, 34th
    Levi Coley, G.A. Parker, Azarin(?) Brown, J.H. Hatchford, 28th
    Sgt. J.W. Green, 37th
    W.H. Gibson, 7th
    Alexander Reeves, 26th (?)
    E.F. Kemp, Thomas Bullard, regiment illegible
    Christian & Lea’s Hospital
    Sgt. J.B.(?) Angley, 1st
    E.M. Walter, 4th
    H.F. Pridgen, 4th
    Jos. Allman, 6th
    D.A. Mann, 34th
    J.T. Freeman, 22nd
    Jones Peterson, 10th(?) 16th(?)
    C.A. Kennedy, 20th (?)
    Globe Hospital
    Wm. Cooke, 36th(?)
    John King, 1st
    E.J. Hobbs, 3rd
    Aug. Reese, 38th
    T. Strickland, 1st
    Capt. H.C. Worley, 16th(?)
    D.C. Campbell, Wm. H. Felts, 38th
    Sgt. T.J. Atkinson, Corp. J.B. Parker, 34th
    H.H. Allred, 16th
    Thomas Knight, 22nd
    Moore Hospital
    J.W. Calder, 22nd
    Capt. Eugene Grossom, 30th (?)
    J.B. Sheats, 34th
    Wm. B. (or R.) Floyd, 16th
    George W. Shafer, 22nd
    John W. Hutchins, 22nd
    Thomas Crabtree, 22nd
    Thomas E. Kates(?), 1st
    John W. Pugh, 3rd
    Wm. R. Robinson, 16th
    Jesse Young, 16th
    John Tuebyfill, 16th
    A.O.(?) Lynch, 34th
    Allen M. McInness, 34th
    D.(?) A. Wilson, Gilbert Arrowood(?), Calvin J. Deal, C.B. Powell, Margantin(?) Jones, L.J. 
    Wells, Dan Hoffman, Alf Gross, John D. Hoke, Dan M. Matthews, Wm. L. Lackey, Jas. W. 
    Lacking, D.B. Talley and Y. Brewer, 38th
    H. Young, R.A. Painter, P.L. Edwards, E.M. Hunnicutt, Dallas James, Jos. E. Green, Jno. 
    M. Snelson, Jno. K. Hall or Hail, 16th
    A.H. Jones, Wm. H. Lewis, 1st
    Isaac Rochelle, Benjamin J. Garrish, 3rd
    Wm. T. Brantly, 26th, died
    Jas. H. Belvin, Elijah W. Belvin, Wm. Moore, 1st
    Jas. E. (last name illegible, might be Benton), Jno. R. Ruffin, 33rd
    A.W. Sandurity, 38th
    Lewis Miller, 16th
    Wm. J. Nelson, drummer, 7th
    Jno. W. Yates, 22nd
    Howard Hospital
    J.E. Moss (unit illegible, may 25th?)
    H. Helms, 48th
    W.D. Sitton, J.J. Justice, J.H. Edney, 25th(?)
    Lt. E.H. Grier, 19th
    L.J. Erwin, 25th(?)
    W.A. Roberts, 35th
    R. Bowin, J.A. Campbell, 24th
    W.B. Costin, M.L. Williams, J.W. King, H.P. Conner, 25th
    Corp. J.A. Hedrick, 45th (?)
    W.T. Horn, 26th (?)
    J.M. Cox, 22nd
    W.R. Haynes, 38th (?) 39th(?)
    D. Hannick, 16th
    N. Royals, M. Royals, 20th
    John Morrison, 16th
    W. McGaney, 7th
    Royster Hospital
    J.D. Oliver, 2nd
    P.P. Slayd, 1st
    S.E. Steel, 38th (?)
    J.P. Jones, 16th (?)
    Luther C. Hale, 24th
    Central Depot Hospital
    W. Elliott, 24th
    J. Leadford, T. Darer(?), J.A. Clarke, W. Painter, 16th
    J.A. Newton, 34th
    T. (or F.) Anlow, 16th
    G.S. Dawtry, 28th
    Second Georgia Hospital
    S.G. Boon, Company F, 1st
    Third Georgia Hospital
    J.C. McGugan, 38th
    Moore Hospital, June 28 and 29
    Wm. R. Brown, 1st
    C.A. Gregory, 12th
    J. Cave, 1st
    A.F. Marsh, 22nd
    W.B. Hollingsworth, R. Shipp, Wm. T. Sutton, 38th
    M. Gill, 1st
    A.S. Hair, 38th, dead
    Tim Wheeler, 24th
    G. Osborn, 26th
    R.F. Parker, D.R. Foster, 24th
    J.H. Russell, 12th
    J.O.(?) C. Barlow, 28th (?)
    W.M. Carter, 38th 
    J.P. Bradshaw, 13th
    M. Rush, 34th (?)
    R.C. Montgomery, Wm. B. Powell, J.T. Rice, N.C. Tunstall, 12th 
    R.F. Carter, 20th (?)
    C.F. Kingsberry, J.E. Ducke(?), J.D. Pain, Henry Pitts, M.C. Hamlett, 12th
    J. Watkins, 20th (?)
    J.N. Phipps, Wm. S. Hallerday, 12th
    Wm. Wilkins, 34th
    Wilburn Willis, 22nd
    Wm. H. Wright, J.T. Scism, 34th
    J.E. Croom, 18th
    Capt. J.P. Brooks, J.D. Shines, Ensign, D.J. Brandhurst, Sgt. Major, 20th
    Ligon Hospital, June 28
    Milton Dulin, 48th (?) 18th (?)
    J.T. Sprinkle, 28th
    J.M. Jones, J. Massey, 4th

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer January 2008

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