Casualties Among General Officers on Both Sides During the War

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    Casualties Among General Officers on Both Sides During the War
    From 1861-1863
    North Carolina Standard
    November 4, 1863
    Generals Killed and Wounded:  
    Major General Philip Kearney at Chantilly; Isaac I. Stevens at Chantilly; Jesse L. 
    Reno at South Mountain; J.K.T. Mansfield at Antietam; Israel B. Richardson at 
    Antietam; Hiram G. Berry at Chancellorsville; A.W. Whipple at Chancellorsville; 
    John F. Reynolds at Gettysburg
    Brigadier General Killed and Wounded:  
    Nathaniel Lyon at Wilson’s Creek; F.W. Lander at Edward’s Ferry; W.H.L. Wallace 
    at Shiloh; Thomas Williams at Baton Rouge; H. Bolen at Rappahannock Ford; 
    George W. Taylor at Manassas; Isaac P. Rodman at Antietam; P.A. Hackleman at 
    Corinth; Jas. S. Jackson at Perryville; W.K. Terrill at Perryville; George D. Bayard at 
    Fredericksburg; C.F. Jackson at Fredericksburg; Joshua W. Sill at Stone River; 
    E.N. Kirk at Stone River; Edmund Kirby at Chancellorsville; George Boomer at 
    Vicksburg; Stephen H. Weed at Gettysburg; E.J. Farnsworth at Gettysburg; 
    S.K. Zook at Gettysburg; George C. Strong at Morris Island; W.H. Lytle at 
    Died:  Major Generals C.F. Smith; O.(or C.?) M. Mitchell, William Nelson, E.V. Sumner
    Died:  Brigadier Generals J.H. Helm, R.L. McCook, F.E. Patterson, Thomas Welsh, 
    C.D. Jamison, J.B. Plummer, Jas. Cooper
    Resigned:  Major Generals E.D. Morgan, Charles S. Hamilton, C.M. Clay, R.J. Ogelsby
    Resigned:  Brigadier Generals J.W. Phelps, C.M. Thurston, J.W. Denver, Willis A. German, 
    Jas. Craig, T.T. Crittendon, A.C. Harding, M.S. Wade, William G. Campbell, James Shields, 
    John Cochrane, Thomas F. Meagher, L.F. Ross, C.C. Dodge
    Cashiered:  Major General Fitzjohn Porter
    Dismissed:  Brigadier General J.W. Revere
    Confederate Generals Killed or Died from Wounds: 
    Generals A.S. Johnston, Shiloh; Lt. General T.J. Jackson, Chancellorsville
    Brigadier Generals Killed or Died from Wounds:
    Robert S. Garnett, Carrick’s Ford; Barnard E. Bee, Bull Run; F.S. Barstow, Bull Run; 
    F.K. Zollicoffer, Mill Springs; Benjamin McCulloch, Pea Ridge; James McIntosh, 
    Pea Ridge; A.H. Gladden, Shiloh; T.W. Ashby, Cross Keys; Robert Halton, 
    Fair Oaks; Richard Griffith, Chickahominy; T.(?) G.(?) Rhett, Chickahominy, 
    C.S. Winder, Cedar Mountain; R.E. Garland, South Mountain; L. O’B Branch, 
    Antietam; George B. Anderson, Antietam; ------ Stark, Antietam; J.T. Hughes, 
    Lexington; Henry Little, Ioka; ------- Moore, ------- Martin, Corinth; Maxey Gregg, 
    T.R.R. Cobb, Fredericksburg; J.E. Rains, Roger Hanson, Stone River; E.F. Paxton, 
    Chancellorsville; E.D. Tracy, Port Gibson; L. Tilghman, Champion Hill; Martin E. Green, 
    Vicksburg; William D. Pender, Richard B. Garnett, William Barksdale, Paul J. Semmes, 
    Gettysburg; J.J. Pettigrew, Falling Waters; A.E. Stein, Prairie Grove; B.H. Helm, 
    P. Smith, Chickamauga
    Died:  Major Generals D.E. Twiggs, Earl Van Dorn, J.S. Bowen, D.R. Jones
    Died:  Brigadier Generals J.B. Grayson, P. St. G. Cooke, W.D. Smith, Daniel S. Donelson, 
    John B. Floyd, T.A. Flournoy, J. B. Villipigue, J.K. Duncan, W.H. Carroll
    Resigned:  Major Generals M.L. Bonham, Gus A. Smith, George B. Crittendon
    Resigned:  Brigadier Generals T.T. Fauntleroy, G.W. Randolph, S.C. Anderson, 
    Albert Pike, Humphrey Marshall, H.R. Jackson, L.T. Wigfall, J.R. Anderson, 
    Robert Toombs, Roger A. Pryor

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, April, 2007

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