Duplin County Boys Song

Duplin County Boys Song --Sent to me by Archie Kennedy

This is the words to the song I was telling you about. I found it in a book copyright date 1943, by Bell Irvin Wiley. The title is “The Life of Johnny Reb”.

Ho for the maids of Kenansville
A song for Carolina’s fair
We’ll sing a stanza with right good will
To beaming eyes & flowing hair
To rosy cheeks & teeth of pearl
And drink to each fair girl
But who shall be the toast, I say,
Who shall be the toast, Miss K?
If eyes of azure & bright & beaming
With angels smiles will set you dreaming
Then indeed the toast shall be
A bumper full for lovely Annie-
If eyes as dark as the gazelle’s
Brightly flashing warm your fancy
Drink to ˝ Doz belles
But G may drink to lovely Nancy
Too long ’tween drinks will never do
My boys they’re all to good for you
Stay at your camp attend the drill
Keep out of scrapes & Kenansville
Fill up your glasses, hold you jaw,
A toast to all hip-hip huzzah!
A glass & cheer for each fair maid
And a tiger give for our Brigade

There is no mention to what tune this was sung, but just the words show it was a happy-party song.
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