Early Iredell Patriots

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    SEPTEMBER 11, 1953
    Before the Revolution, there was no official way for those who desired freedom from 
    England to unite in their resistance.  These people soon found themselves in danger 
    from those who were loyal to England.  To insure their safety they formed committees.  
    There is an article in the noteworthy scrapbook compiled by Rev. E.F. Rockwell, pastor 
    of the old 4th Creek Presbyterian Church, bearing on this subject.  It appears under the 
    title “The Connection of Iredell, Then a Part of Rowan, With the Committees of Safety 
    in That County, 1774-76”.
    This account follows in full:
    William Sharpe of Snow Creek, the maternal grandfather of the late Judge D.P. Caldwell 
    and Hon. J.P. Caldwell, one of the  most prominent men at that time in this section, was 
    a member through and for the latter part of that time, and was the secretary and keeper 
    of the records. Other names on the list for this region are:
    David Caldwell, the paternal grandfather of the above mentioned D.P. and J.P. Caldwell,
    who lived, died and was buried near where Henry Turner’s mill stands.
    John Archibald, of the same neighborhood
    John Montgomery, of Snow Creek
    John Sloan, of the upper end of the county.
    John Nesbit, grandfather of Richard A. Nesbit
    John Perviance(?), same vicinity
    Robert King
    John Nichols
    Ninian Steele
    From the lower end of the county:
    Gilbraith Falls
    John Davidson
    Moses Winslow
    John Brevard
    Alexander Osborne
    Hugh Osborne
    Addie Osborne
    George Davidson
    John Dickey
    William Davidson
    Francis McCorkle
    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, September 2008

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