North Carolinians Buried at Winchester, Virginia & Frederick City, Maryland

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    The Landmark,
    Statesville, N.C.
    May 15, 1896
     Of the Confederate soldiers who lie buried at Winchester, Virginia, 
    the graves of nearly all from the states other than North Carolina are 
    marked by suitable headstones.  There are 448 graves of North 
    Carolina soldiers which are unmarked, save by pine boards, on which 
    are inscribed, in most cases—and whenever facts were known—the 
    name, company, regiment.  These boards were furnished by the pious, 
    patriotic women of Winchester for the purpose of identifying the graves 
    and in anticipation that they would be replaced by monuments of more 
    enduring form.  These are decaying and the time has come, if we would 
    save the resting places of our dead patriots from oblivion, that we should 
    mark them by proper headstones.
    The Rev. James Battle Averett who, during the war, and for many years 
    thereafter, had his home in Winchester, and his good wife, a native of 
    Manchester, have interested themselves in this matter and have procured 
    for us the names of the Confederate soldiers who are buried in Winchester.  
    A list of those is published below.
    It will only cost $3.50 apiece to procure marble headstones, with the 
    proper inscriptions thereon.  It will be seen from the list that nearly every 
    North Carolina regiment that was in General Lee’s army has some 
    representation there.  It is proposed that this headstone shall be provided 
    by the following plan:  let every person who will help us in this work, 
    instead of making a general contribution, pay for one or more stones.  
    If it should happen, in looking over the list, that someone would prefer to 
    purchase a stone for some particular soldier, that they may do so, with the
    understanding that should two or more make the same selection, that the 
    first one making the selection would have it and the contribution of the other 
    would go into the general fund.
    Mr. T.P. Jerman(?), principal clerk in the auditor’s office at Raleigh, has kindly 
    consented to receive and hold the contributions until the work shall be 
    accomplished.  Let everyone who will pay $3.50 for a stone, or who will pay 
    at that rate for several stones, (and I doubt not that there are several who 
    will purchase several), send the money at once to Mr. Jerman(?).
    I appeal to the people of the state and especially to those old soldiers for I 
    realize that upon them the scheme depends for success, to respond very 
    promptly and liberally.
    Veteran comrades, these be our brothers.
    C.M. Cooke
    Raleigh, N.C.
    The following is a list of North Carolina Confederate soldiers with their 
    company and regiment who lie buried in Winchester, Virginia, and 
    whose graves are without a headstone.
    (Transcriber’s note:  While every effort was made to correctly show 
    the list below, often the ink had faded and even enlarging the print 
    cold not correctly reflect the written words—often the middle or ending 
    part of a name was illegible, ink blots over the letters of the regiments 
    or companies—always verify by a second source.)
    Lt. D. Woodley, A, 34th
    D.W. Baldwin, ----, 2nd
    H.D. King, C, 12th
    ----- ----- Smell(?), B, 6th(?)
    A Goodson, K, 3rd
    Peterson Carter, E, 14th (?)
    W.J. Robert, D, 4th
    W. Bingham, B, 54th
    R.M. Rath, K, 4th
    W.J. Riddick, C, 20th
    Thomas Pope, D, 32nd
    T.A. Price, D, 45th
    J. Moore, K, 14th
    R.B Murrey, A, 53rd
    J.W. Huffman, B, 37th
    E.M. Roberts, K, 14th
    J.H. Walker, H, 6th
    Lt. Rufus Atkinson, G, 13th
    J.B. Martin, H, 26th (?)
    N.B. Rice, C, 11th
    Lt. Jas. E.M. Howard, I, 4th
    Captain J.R. Duvall, M, 21st
    R. Woolsby, E, 19th
    A C. Ma- - - gill, C, 5th
    W.T. Owens, B, -----
    John Cook, H, 37th
    James Hogan, K, 22nd
    Orderly Sgt. W.B. Morrison, H, 58th(?) 68th(?)
    Lt. Hugh A. Hill, A, 33rd
    M.E. Jones, E, 35th
    A C. Dune, N.C. Cavalry
    W.M. Pierson, -----, 26th
    Lt. Wm. Beavens, D, 43rd
    James E. Bevel, G, 21st
    R.E. Ellen, D, 23rd
    G.W. St. Sing, Warrenton
    Lt. T.W. Stephenson, C, 4th
    Lt. W.W. Jones, D, 1st
    Capt. D.L. Clary, F, 37th
    General Archibald Campbell Godwin, Ramseur’s Division
    Col. .C.C. Blacknall, 23rd, killed Sept. 19, 1864
    Col. R.R. Peppers, 21st, died June 10, 1862
    Col. Walter Stallings, 2nd, died ----- 10, 1864
    Jas. H. Wilson, Walker’s Division
    Joseph Heaget, A, 48th
    W. Howell, A, 3rd
    J.J. Howard, C, 30th
    L. Street, A, 40th
    P. Thrift(?), L, -----
    S. Sark(?), E, 12th
    Lt. D.L. Watten, D, 33rd
    R.G. McDonald, D, 19th(?) 49th(?)
    Sgt. Wm. Emory, H, 33rd
    A.B. Malaminson, -----, 14th
    W.C. Smith, G, 38th
    F.M. Hall, E, 21st
    A.S. Singleton, I, 3rd
    Robert Turner, H, 4th
    W. Helms, A, 18th
    J.W. Green, D, 24th
    A.W. Heath, K, 4th
    Capt. H. Logan, G, 21st(?), 31st (?)
    L.A. Carter, C, 46th
    W.K. Warner, K, 25th(?)
    W. Oned, F, 33rd
    M. Willie(?) Willis(?), B, 8th
    A Houston, F, 5th
    J.A. Moorefield, M, 4th
    Bennett Heart, -----, 23rd
    W.J. Moore, -----, 17th
    W.C. Davis, H, 23rd
    Peter Hefner, F, 38th
    L.P. Rush, A, 18th
    T. McElmore, A, 3rd
    H.C. (or R.C.) Graham, C, 49th
    J.D. Blakely, nothing further listed
    A Russell, H, 23rd
    B. Johnson, I, 18th
    P.E. Sla- - or, F, 48th
    D.H. Serthe(?), E, 2nd
    Peter Walker, I, 4th
    ----- Cappo, -----, 5th
    J. Bramfell, G, 4th
    Wm. G. Andrews, H, 35th
    E. Patterson, L, 22nd
    R.P. Johnson, M, 16th
    J.W. Belvin, K, 37th
    S.F. Blaylock, I, 6th
    S. Davis, D, 17th
    Unknown, -----, -----
    J. O’Brien(?), E, 23rd
    Jacob Deal, A, 18th
    B. Kerr, A, 7th
    F. Council, B, 33rd
    Capt. J.H. Hedgecock, D, 18th
    W.S. Griffin, I, 18th
    W. Craine, D, 18th
    ------- Wright, H, 18th
    M.B. Hall, A, 27th
    H. Smith, K, 37th
    Unknown, G (or C), 1st
    J.S. Pegram, -----, 4th
    J.R. Stedman, I, 34th
    L.W. Smith, L, 7th
    J.D. Heath, H, 4th
    W. Seal(?), B, 27th
    T.S. Godfrey, F, 17th
    S. Sonner, -----, -----
    S. Wilkins, I, 41st
    ----- Lance(?) Lanne(?), C(?), 23rd
    J.P. Moorehead, H, 4th
    John Grice, I, 18th
    L.L. Burnett, G, 27th
    John Wagner, K, 23rd
    W.H. Perry, A, (two numbers, the second is a ‘7’)
    S. Green, D, (?)
    A Coges(?) Cuges(?), G(?),6th (?)
    N.R. Daniel, G(?), 2nd
    H.C. Hovil(?), I, 37th
    S.N. Day, F, 18th (?)
    G. Wells, A, 3rd
    C.P. Wilburn, D, 22nd
    J.L. N-----, K, 3rd
    G. Porch, B, 18th
    T. Jones, A, 6th (?)
    B.F. Trine(?), L, 25th
    Unknown, C(?), 42nd
    H. Bumgardner, A, 18th
    M.D. Couler, F, 30th
    N. Maberry, K, 23rd
    J.W. Keeler, E, 16th
    J.B. Walker, H, 6th
    P. Harriman, -----, 23rd
    W.E. Wall, B, 21st
    W. Quailes, F, 46th
    Thomas Neve(?), B, 18th
    Sgt. L.L. Phillips, I, 46th
    W.W. Calimore(?), D, 48th
    H.I.(?) Frazier, E, 15th  
    W.J. Baker, -----, 21st
    J.P. Kelly, H, 7th
    H.C. Paine, A, 22nd
    S.T. Capson, E, 13th (?) 15th (?)
    S. Cross, I, 3rd
    Lt. G.W. Butts, C, 2nd
    N.C. Herring, F, 20th
    D.P. Blow, 10th(?)
    I.C. Grier, A, 18th
    N.W. A------, -----, -----
    L. Woodruff, I, 23rd
    A Foster, ----, 5th
    M. Slater, G, 23rd
    S. Sta-ds, A, 6th(?)
    J.A. Elliott, A, 6th (?)
    J.L. Taylor, E, 1st
    Jacob Taylor, E, 1st
    B.F. Fisher, -----, -----
    Obediah Leonard, I, 14th
    ----- Holden, C, 7th
    John Watts, K, 16th
    J.A. Marriott or Marriett, I, 1st
    A H. Wilson, A, 2nd
    Wm. Pierce, H, 2nd
    ------ Newsome, A, -----
    J. Tally, H, 53rd (?)
    E.W. Culler, 21st
    A.G. Vancannen, H, -----
    R.H Leston, H, 2nd
    J. Magrub(?), L, 3rd
    Levi Owens, A, 2nd
    S. Hays, B, 26th
    E.M. Sulman, G, 37th
    G. Raptor, C, 24th
    R.W. Nesbit, K, 4th
    I.W. Montgomery, D, 4th
    W. Moss, C, 12th
    Uriah Holley, nothing further listed
    B. Galmon, I, -----
    J.M. B-----, L, -----
    R.R. Wobb, L, 28th
    P. Santo, A, 3rd
    W. S------, A, 37th
    G.W. Campbell, -----, -----
    D.S. Bustle, C, 4th
    Corp. J.H. Watson, E, -----
    W.H. Smith, -----, 43rd(?)
    Capt. C.H. Sturdivant, K, 43rd(?)
    J.H. Outlaw, A, 43rd
    Corp. E.J. Dickens, F, 43rd
    Sgt. M.N. Bell, F, 43rd
    Corp. L.D. Grady, A, 43rd
    ----- Snow, -----, 4th
    J.L. Gibson, D, 1st
    Unknown, -----, -----
    Unknown, -----, -----
    ----- McClaine, B, 27th
    Jacob Bishop, E, 2nd
    F. Lane, I, 28th
    W. B-----, I, 18th
    J. Brune, A, 48th
    J. Duncan, G, 23rd
    H.D. Warner, A, 18th
    J.J. Hinton, I, 3rd
    N.M. Robbins, E, 18th
    Sgt. A.G. Hawkins, E, 38th
    T. Butler, I, 14th
    George Fisher, C, 28th
    S. Morton, K, 5th 
    N. James, E, 13th
    Leslie Taylor, A, 3rd
    H.J. Kirk, F, 5th
    J.A. Hall, A, 40th
    J. Sheppard, G, 45th
    R. Deane, E, 7th
    T. Thomas, G, 16th(?)
    D.C. Maxwell, E, 3rd
    W. Thomas, -----, -----
    L. Dot, K, 32nd
    R.P.C., K, 33rd
    J. Smith, K, 16th
    J. Ludley, E, 40th
    J. White, K, 6th
    C. Pool, H, 14th
    W. Barne, D, 28th
    A Carter, -----, 48th
    O.P. Smarter, F, 18th
    ----- Maxwell, H, 7th
    Henry Shurell, K, 48th
    W.M. Foster, C, 2nd
    T. Franklin, C, 33rd
    A.M. Rankin, H, 2nd
    D.B. Feller, E, 2nd
    W. Hartman or Harlman, I, 18th
    Q.D. Council, D, 27th
    J.W. Skipper, M, 2nd
    J.M. Holcomb, I, 5th
    W.L. Cline, A, 18th
    W.T. Steed, G, 46th
    C. Dunegan, G, 27th
    Owen Grey, B, 3rd
    P. Millar, -----, 5th
    Nathaniel Patterson, B, 2nd
    D. Inman, A, 20th
    J. Samson, D, 23rd
    B.P. Sorrels, C, 34th
    S. Bertis(?), F, 18th
    E. Farney or Fanier, E, 23rd
    M. Adams, H, 23rd
    J.E. Brookshane, F, 25th
    J. Miller, A, 45th
    S. Gorman, D, 18th
    N.O. Harwell, I, 49th
    J.N. Fisher, A, 18th
    John Norkett, F, 15th
    J.C. Midley, C, 38th
    J.A. Adams, G, 3rd
    ----- Burman, -----, -----
    J. Tyson, B, 18th
    Lemt(?) J. Pather, A, 15th
    Jackson Coble or Cable, G, 13th
    Thomas Boone, C, -----
    J.D. Harwick, E, 18th
    W.R. Fellis(?), H, 33rd
    M. Campbell, -----, -----
    Unknown, A, 6th (?)
    W.R. Maxwell, A, 38th
    J. Wasangen, C, 2nd
    J.C. Hambright, G, 18th
    J.C. Cochrane(?) Crichrine(?), B, 37th
    W.E. Carter, D, 23rd
    J. Brown, H, 22nd
    ----- Alexander, G, 37th
    W.J. Fellow, I, 18th
    F.M. Barnes, H, 4th
    J. Thompson, D, 37th
    Unknown, I, 1st
    J. Childs, G, -----
    H.C. Pool, H, 18th
    A Eastey, G, 18th
    J. McMillan, C, 18th
    M. Spangler, A, 18th
    J. McDarils(?), H, 18th
    H.N. Splawn, E, 18th
    D.H .Lerned(?) Herner(?), H, 33rd
    J.W. Strivil, A, 22nd
    W.E. Sebres, H, 48th
    B. Lentry, K, 50th
    J.B. Johnson, D, 24th
    J.W. Smith, G, 37th
    C.G. Carlton, K, 18th
    W.P. Harris, K, 18th
    John Walton, L, 18th
    W.W. Baty, I, 28th
    J. Sheets, H, 23rd
    W. Sterth, I, 39th
    A.H. Sherrill, K, 7th
    W. Manger, E, 46th
    J.F. Kenter(?), C, 34th
    A Sanford, -----, 2nd
    W.M. Brookshine, G, 37th
    M.T. Thompson, M. 37th
    T.A. Sykes, G, 28th
    D. Allen, A, 13th
    W.M. Ward, G, 18th
    ----- Whitmore, -----, -----
    H.D. Pitman, D, 18th
    T. Bachler, A, 33rd
    W. Bright(?) Stight(?), F, 34th
    W.H. Hammond, H, 52nd
    S.M. Green, F, 13th
    D. Warly(?), -----, 30th (?)
    G.W. Scott, H, 53rd
    J.R. Cowley, B, 23rd
    A.P. Bost, E, 57th
    Sgt. E. Aggril, E, 55th
    W.P. Carpenter, H, 52nd
    L. Hicks, H, 53rd
    W.D. Carter, E, 26th
    H. Halkins(?), H, 31st
    B. Bennett, B, 37th
    G.M. Goodwright, D(?), 37th
    J.W. Miller, E, 37th
    Unknown, -----, -----
    Corp. Taylor, C, 43rd
    L. Burgess, G, 43rd
    R.R. Rogers, B, 2nd
    J.W. Dry, B, 26th
    Unknown, -----, 30th
    W.C. Harris, I, 55th
    M. Monday, K, 23rd
    G.B. Boot, D, 26th
    E.J. Barr, F, 43rd
    M.M. -----, A, 2nd
    S.F. Collins, B, 53rd
    J.M. Hannah, C, 2nd
    Sgt. H.C. Felt, G, 54th
    A.J. Jones, D, 2nd
    W.H. Fry, H, 28th
    T.P. Harrington, K, 43rd
    S.W. Elerb, I, 43rd
    W.D. Craven, G, 2nd
    J.D. Leither, B, 6th
    B.M. Mitchell, D(?), E(?)F(?), 53rd
    G. Rouch, L, 21st
    W.S.P. Hipps, A, 43rd
    Fayette Lamer or Lanier, F, 43rd
    P. Owen, K, 53rd
    J.E. Ree or Roo, I, 4th
    T.J. Blend, E, 30th
    Col. Daniel H. Christy, 23rd
    W.H. Hall, C, 2nd
    G.W. Miller, A, 54th
    J.W. Fite, A, 6th
    J.A. Lyne, H, 6th
    W.H. Williams, H, 6th
    J. Riely, I, 3rd
    E. Steel, B, 43rd
    A C. Winter, I, 32nd
    James A. Allen, I, 43rd
    John Dowecott, A, 53rd
    James Brickell, E, 4th
    ----- Anderson, -----, -----
    R.W. Hays, -----, 6th (?)
    G.W. Check, -----, -----
    A Parks, D, 43rd
    L.D. ------- (S - - s), L, 43rd
    Unknown, -----, -----
    Sgt. D. I.(?) Gillespie, -----, 18th
    Sol(?) A. Boone, -----, -----
    Sgt. Savage(?), E, 30th (?)
    A.P. Walk- - (Walker?), L. 46th(?)
    Unknown, -----, -----
    I.(?) H. Patterson, G(?), 57th (?)
    Dod – n (Dodsen?) Wink, -----, (two numbers, the second is a ‘7’)
    L.(?) or I.(?) Oliver, D, 6th (?)
    W.I. Allred, -----, 22nd
    J.H. Johnston, A, 18th
    J.L. Johns, A, 18th
    P. Rove(?), B(?) E(?), 7th
    J.W. Nichols, I, 18th
    J.B. Ellen(?), -----, 7th
    Sgt. W.A. Wortham, B, 21st
    D. H - - - (Hern?), -----, 21st
    S. La- - - - der, H, 21st
    B. I. Myers, A, 21st
    ----- Mitchell, C, 21st
    C. Martin, C(?), 21st
    Robert Landon(?) Linden(?), C, 21st
    H. Melvin, -----, 21st
    L.(?) M. Vaughn, G, 21st
    Thomas D - - - , G, 21st
    J.T. Minish, H, 21st
    A. Gadell or Cadell, B, 21st
    I. or J. Brown, C, 21st
    W.W. Woodrift, H, 21st
    Daniel Lowe or Love, -----, 21st
    Corp. C.H. Harris, C, 21st
    T.(?), Jackson, -----, 21st
    B.J. Vaughn, G(?), 21st
    Capt. G.M.(?) Sherill(?), B(?)L(?), 2nd
    R.M. Hill, I, 21st
    L. Bevil, G, 21st(?)
    W. Yarnell, -----, 21st
    D. Sharpe, D(?), 6th
    Wm. A. Oakley, G, -----
    H. Gilespie, H, 21st(?)
    H. Norman, -----, 21st
    D.H. Baldwin, B, 21st(?)
    ----- Garrison, H, 21st
    J.W. Ba- - - , - - - -, 49th
    W. Campbell, G, 2nd
    D.M. Putman, A, 18th
    J.P. Rook or Rock, L, 23rd
    Wm. A. Oakley, -----, 1st
    A Mann, G, 3rd
    W.H. Ramsey, A, 24th
    A D. Griffin, L., 16th (?) 18th(?)
    H. Brooks, L, 20th
    T.(?) McElmore, A, 3rd
    H.H.(?) Clark, D, 25th
    S. L - - - rd, C(?) G(?), 16th (?) 18th (?)
    J.T. Covington, -----, 11th
    ----- Coone or Coont, B, 18th
    J. Green, B, 22nd
    P.(?) Lane(?), G, 6th (?)
    J.B. Eppe(?), H, 11th (?)
    I.M.(?) Harmon, -----, 7th
    J.W. Smith, B, 22nd
    M.(?) H. S- - - - , - - - , 7th
    ------ Femore(?), A, 21st
    Wm. McDonald, -----, -----
    W.H. Lloyd, A, -----
    J.R. McLean, I, 7th
    B.(?) Wythe, A, 33rd
    L.H. McConky or McConley, L(?), 3rd(?)
    W. Smith, -----, 18th
    S.N. ------, H, 4th
    W. I.(?) Castick(?), -----, -----
    J.S. Carson, -----, 18th
    John Long, A, 24th
    The Landmark
    Statesville, N.C.
    February, 1890
    D.L. McMatheson, Esq., of Taylorsville, while in Washington this winter, 
    made the acquaintance of an ex-Federal soldier who furnished him with 
    a list of names below, accompanied by the letter he had sent which 
    explains the list.  Mr. Matheson has kindly put the Landmark in 
    possession of this material and it is more than likely that some of our 
    readers will find in this list the names of some relative or friend whose 
    fate has been hitherto unknown.
    Washington, D.C.
    January 10, 1890
    Mr. McMatheson:
    Dear Sir:
    Below is a list of the names of Confederate soldiers of North Carolina 
    regiments who were buried in the cemetery at Frederick City, Maryland.
    While detained during a shower while on a visit there a short time ago, I 
    copied it from the cemetery record, thinking I might be able to do a 
    kindness to someone whose friend’s grave has been unknown.
    It is a lovely spot and the Blue and Grey lie peacefully beneath the 
    shadows of the Cypress.
    With kind regards, 
    I am faithfully yours,
    S.I. Levine
    Late Private, Company A, 130th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
    #2, J.M. Hill, Co. K, 14th Regiment
    #14, Wm. Lourbro, I, 1st
    #34, David F. Rookes, -----, 5th
    #51, J.P. Thorne, C, 8th
    #53, Jacob Hicks, F, 21st
    #56, Wm. P. Hunt, B, 12th
    #71, Ch. K. Bartley, B, 12th
    #73, B. Stewart, -----, 14th
    #88, James McGhee, H, 1st
    #92, Alfred Green, C, 33rd
    #97, Daniel Bird, C, 5th
    #98, Evan T. Shiver, A, 35th
    #103, ------- Meek(?), A, 24th
    #104, J.H. Hargrove, D, 12th
    #116, Lt. Wm. T. Gill, D, 30th
    #119, Albert Wommack, G, 48th
    #127, James Ray, -----, 3rd
    #130, Corp. C.W. Myers, B, 14th
    #132, Corp. Marcus, Henry, B, 23rd
    #136, B.M. Stedamen(?), G, 48th
    #137, Thomas Bryant, B, 14th
    #140, Nath. Perry, F, 22nd
    #149, George H. Craven, K, 3rd
    #156, Wm. A. Lance(?), E, 23rd
    #157, S.S. Phillips, E, 3rd
    #160, E.H. Robinson, G, 14th
    #161, Brien W. Bell, K, 1st
    #163, Jacob Boyer, -----, 20th
    #165, Leomni(?) Beaver, B, 3rd
    #166, Wm Harman, -----, 27th
    #167, H.D. Lewis, -----, 1st
    #168, Joseph Stacey, F, 27th
    #170, John Boles, B, 48th
    #173, Amos Thypen, B, 3rd
    #174, Oscar D. Sharp, H, 1st (?)
    #175, John Bondz(?), B, 29th (?)
    #177, J. Lane, F, 27th
    #178, Aquilia Todd, F, 5th
    #186, Henry B. Baker, H, 30th
    #201, Daniel Kelly, B, 3rd
    #203, H.H. West, A, 3rd
    #204, Henry Gossell, -----, 53rd(?)
    #206, Capt. G.M. Albright, F, 53rd
    #207, L. Grigg, K, 43rd
    #?, G.M. Royster, C, 47th
    #216 Wm. Dancy, G, 18th
    #239(?), James Essom(?), H, 30th

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer July 2008

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