Battle of 2nd Bull Run, or Second Manassas

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    Second Manassas
    (Second Battle of Bull Run)
    There was almost continuous fighting from 8-28 forward.  Covered in this document:
    1. On 8-28 there was a skirmish at Groveton
    2. 8-29 to 8-30 was Manassas #2
    3. On 9-1 fighting at Ox Hill or Chantilly
    4. 9-12 to 15 was Harper’s Ferry & South Mountain (casualties included in a separate 
    This document contains the following casualty lists:
    1.  22nd Regiment, 8-28 to 9-1
    2.  37th Regiment (Probably 8-27 to 8-30)
    3.  7th Regiment, 8-29
    4.  28th Regiment, 8-27
    5.  33rd Regiment, 8-29
    6.  18th Regiment, 8-29 (includes two lists, the second from the Fayetteville Observer)
    7.  7th Regiment, 9-1
    8.  28th Regiment, 9-1
    9.  37th Regiment, 9-1 (Includes list for Company D from the Fayetteville Observer of deaths 
    since May 17, 1862)
    10. 18th Regiment, 9-1
    11. 33rd Regiment, 9-1
    12. 34th Regiment, August 27,28, 30 & 9-1
    13. 21st Regiment, August 22, 26, 28, & 9-1 (NOTE:  these were said to be “in northern 
    Virginia” but nothing further, but they are included here because of the time frame) 
    14.  6th Regiment, 8-27-30
    15. 22nd Regiment, since the 1st Sept.
    16.  18th Regiment, in the action of Sept. 9 at Slaughter’s Mountain (Cedar Mountain or Cedar Run)
    17.  List from the Raleigh Register of 33rd Regiment at 2nd Manassas, some of it duplications 
    from the two above lists
    North Carolina Standard
    September 10, 1863
    We take the liberty of giving our readers the following interesting letter—not intended for 
    publication—from a friend of his who is a member of the 6th N.C.R. because it is the first 
    intelligence we have received since the battle.  It will be seen that the “bloody 6th” maintained 
    fully its high character.  The letter is dated 31st of August from the battle field.
    Probably you would like to hear from the old 6th and also from the ever famous “old 3rd Brigade” 
    and the “invincible division” of Whiting consisting of the “old 3rd” and the “Texas brigade”.  
    General Whiting being absent sick, General Hood commanded the division and Col. Lane 
    the “old 3rd”.
    On the 22nd and 23rd of August, the 6th N.C.R. participated in the skirmish which drove the 
    enemy from the ford on the Rappahannock at Gaines farm.
    On the 20th, the Regiment supported the battery in the center and was shelled in the evening 
    very severely. A gallant skirmish was kept up until nearly dark by Company A, Lt. J. Calder 
    Turner and Company I, Lt. W.B. Allen, the men firing until their muskets were so hot that they 
    could scarcely handle them.  About nightfall, our skirmishers having been recalled, the enemy 
    advanced to take possession of the heights we occupied.  We ran up from behind the hill, gave 
    them a deadly volley, charged them over a mile, when we were compelled to halt as we had 
    advanced beyond support and our brigade consisted of only four regiments of not over 500 
    men each.  We captured the battery which had fired on us all day.  Our regiment took the 
    colors of the 58th Pennsylvania and the 4th Alabama and 11th Mississippi, also capturing a 
    stand of colors of the 2nd Mississippi and took two guns.
    While we were halted in the corn field, waiting for reinforcements, which should protect our left 
    flank, our regiment was charged by the 25th New York but we gave them a fire which soon 
    hushed their “Hurrah for the Union”. At the same time the 4th Alabama was charged by a 
    squadron of cavalry all of whom were captured.  About an hour after reinforcements came up 
    and we fell back to our old position late in the night.
    We took the adjutant general who stated that our column was too heavy for General King who 
    had only 16 regiments.  He was thunderstruck when he found out that they had been whipped 
    by four little regiments.  Col. Lane, commanding the brigade, behaved most gallantly and 
    maneuvered the brigade well and so did Major Webb of our regiment.
    Next morning (30th Aug.) they opened a most terrible fire of artillery on us which was kept up 
    all day by the rifles.  We kept up a continuous skirmish each company going in turn one hour 
    at a time.  Their heavy musketry opened on our left from the hill where we could distinctly see 
    everything.  Because we had fallen back Pope thought we were whipped.  He formed an 
    immense column to charge our left.  They moved down in fine order but received a fire which 
    drove them back in utmost confusion.  Their charge laid their left flank open to us and General 
    Longstreet ordered a rifled battery, our brigade supporting it and they opened and the Yankees 
    In a few minutes we advanced to the top of the hill and opened again; a battery replied and we 
    took an awful shelling but with little loss.  Then we formed a line of battle and advanced towards 
    a Yankee battery which opened upon us and also two regiments; but we drove the two 
    regiments off in fine style.  We then kept advancing until we slept on the battlefield at 
    Manassas which was strewn thicker than on the 31st July.
    A Yankee battery was placed exactly where it was last year—two battles upon the same 
    ground, same result and similar in other respects.  Captain White of Alamance was severely 
    wounded in the arm and it was felt it will have to be amputated.
    A Yankee surgeon captured this morning (2nd Sept.) says there was no use in trying to 
    conceal the fact that the rout was worse than last year.  Yesterday morning a small fight 
    occurred here.  The Federal General Kearney was killed and his body is in our possession.  
    General Hatch was also killed.
    They are retreating and burning up their stores and baggage and I doubt whether we capture 
    much.  We are now near Fisher Court House resting and General D.H. Hill’s fresh troops are 
    I forgot to say that the enemy turned their whole battery on Lt. Turner and Allen while 
    skirmishing throwing grave into them heavily.  A regiment of infantry then tried them but to 
    no avail.
    It will gratify you to know Major Webb, commander of the regiment, was superb and was 
    complimented by all and yet the Journal says he is incompetent. We learn that Captain 
    York acted as major during the battle and behaved admirably.
    North Carolina Standard
    September 17, 1862
    The following letter is from the 6th N.C.R. and an active participant in the bloody fight at 
    Manassas to his father in this city and we are permitted to publish it.  As yet, we have 
    seen nothing from our other regiments in the battle but we are assured no N.C. regiment 
    was behind the others in courage.
    Battlefield Manassas Plains
    Bivouac, 6th N.C.
    Sunday, 31st August
    Dear Father:
    It is now raining at 8:00 am and I suppose that it should stop our chase after the Yankees.  
    We have had four days hard fighting on the plains of Manassas.  Yesterday at 4:00 pm the 
    rout commenced.  Our loss has been severe but quite small in comparison to that of the 
    enemy which cannot be less than 15 to 20,000.  Our generals, officers and men have 
    made harder marches and fought more bravely than I suppose troops ever did and 
    thanking Heaven’s God has given us the most complete victory of the war.  I am sincerely 
    thankful I am still alive and able to say that while our company has been in the hottest of 
    the fight none have been killed and no one from our section wounded too much if any 
    extent though I cannot be positive as none are present this morning all from our 
    neighborhood having been left some three miles back where we supported a battery and 
    received the severest cannonading I ever heard except on the same hill the day before 
    where our company with Company A must have gained some honor.
    Ten of our company have followed me entirely through, while the company has been smaller 
    and many from that number sick and barefoot while other larger companies with the same 
    excuses have come out without any officers and much fewer men.  Old Wake may be justly 
    proud of the N.C. Grays.
    You may understand that those of the company from the Carey district are unhurt.  Captain 
    York has been and is now acting major—he is unhurt and well.  Henry Pickard, John Pickard, 
    T.L. and W.T. Clements and W. Maring are slightly wounded.  Several others complain of 
    being wounded by concussion but I consider these as too slight to be mentioned among the 
    wounded.  I would give you a detailed account of our trip and the last two days fighting with 
    the positions but have just been given orders to be ready to move and I suppose in a short 
    time we will be at it again and hardly stop, if forced to, before we get to Washington.
    Hoping these few lines hastily written may reach you soon and relieve you and others of 
    much uneasiness.
    I Remain,
    North Carolina Standard
    Sept. 24, 1862
    List of killed and wounded, 22nd N.C. Regiment, in the recent battles near Manassas Junction
    Company A, Captain J.M. Isbelt commanding
    Wounded:  Capt. J.M. Isbelt, bruised by shell; Ptes. J.A. Adams in arm, H.A. Clark, badly in 
    thigh, N. Clark, bruised by shell, James Stallings, slight in hand, W.A. Suttle, bruised on foot, 
    Shuford (last name illegible).
    Missing:  John A. Coleman, W. Sherrill—supposed to be in the hands of the enemy
    Company B—2nd Lt. A.L. Finley commanding
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. A.L. Finley in face, 2nd Sgt. S.P. Tate, seriously in left shoulder, Ptes. J.S. 
    Irvin, thigh broken, since dead, A.J. Coe, bruised slightly by shell, J.H. Deal, slightly
    Company E, Lt. M.M. Wolfe commanding 
    8-28 Killed:  E. Riley
    8-29 Wounded:  Lt. M.M. Wolfe, shot in leg, A.J. Busie(?) Husie(?), shot in leg, Corp. W.S. 
    Bridges, head, Sgt. C.A. Wheeler, hand, Ptes. John Quackenbush, in arm with fragment of 
    shell, Jas. Laughlin, shoulder
    8-30 Wounded:  Sgt. A.A. Gordon, leg, Ptes. John Wyrick, foot, F.W. Shaw, shoulder
    9-1 Wounded:  Ptes. A. Parish, slight by shell
    Company F, 1st Lt. N.A. Reynolds commanding
    Wounded:  Ptes. Hiram Edwards, foot, J.H. Doughton, right hand and thumb amputated, Corp. 
    J.J. Hoopers in thigh, Ptes. R.C. Gambel, left knee, Calvin Willy(?) Welly(?), thigh, Franklin 
    Whitaker, thigh
    8-30 Wounded:  J.A. Crouse, right arm
    Missing:  John Fender, Soloman Crouse, John Sexton
    Company G, Captain G.W. Graves commanding
    8-29 Wounded:  1st Lt. Thomas Smith, leg, Orderly Sgt. M. Cobb, in side by limb of tree
    9-1 Wounded:  Charles Simpson in hand by shell
    Company H, Captain W.M. Luvius(?) commanding
    8-29 Killed:  Pte. Wilcher Hall
    Wounded:  Captain W.M. Luvius(?), slight by shell in shoulder, 2nd Lt. O.O. (or O.C.?) Smith, 
    foot, Ptes. P. Hermins in both knees, P. Martin, in arm, W.D. Martin, leg, A.J. Tilley, hip, J.M. 
    Hollinsworth, foot, J.F. Sankford, leg
    8-30	Wounded:  Pte. W.F. Wood, arm, Sgt. R.R. Martin, face
    Company J, 1st Lt. J.H. Palmer commanding
    8-29	Wounded:  Pte. M.L. Dirkson, in left arm and arm amputated, H.H. Rollins, hand, 
    Nathan Lewis, face, John Little, knee
    8-30	Wounded:  Corp. W.P. Wood, shoulder, Pte. Elias Frazer, dangerously in body, Lt. 
    William Burkett, shoulder
    9-1	Wounded:  Pte. Stteadman Williams, slightly in arm
    Company K, Lt. J.L. Greenlee, commanding
    Wounded:  Lt. J.L. Greenlee, slight in face by shell, Corp. R.J. Byrd, shoulder, Ptes. M.M. 
    Boyle, hip, J.S. Allison, slight above the eye, J.H. Horton, arm, Color Guard E.J. Dobson, 
    bruised by shell
    Company L, Lt. E.C. Horney, commanding
    8-29	Wounded:  Corp. A.C. Williams, slight left side
    8-30	Wounded:  Ptes. J. Leadman, in back by shell, W.J. Thrift, slight in left thigh, A.C. 
    Lasiter, slight in left shoulder
    Company M, 1st Lt. W. B. Kevitt commanding
    8-29	Killed:  Ptes. J.D. Spinks, William Hays, William Fields
    Wounded:  Sgt. Thomas Arnold, thigh, Ptes. Jesse Fields, thigh, A.W. Lawrence, side, A.H. 
    Steel, leg
    8-30	Wounded:  M.S. Rains, foot, slight
    C.C. Cole, Major, commanding regiment
    4th Brigade (Branch’s)
    37th N.C. Regiment
    Killed:  Lt. Wm.(?) Green, Co. H; Thomas Hays, Co. B; P. Cussins(?), B; David Nelson, B; 
    J.H. Fight, H; Wm. Weaver, A
    Wounded:  W.C. Wilson, Co. E, leg, severe; W.H. Horn, Co. D, thigh, severe; Sgt. A.F. Yandle, 
    I, groin, severe; Sgt. A.P. Torrence, C, shoulder, severe; William Kelly, I, thumb; L.N. Reid, G, 
    back; Samuel Pope, G, back, slight; B. Tritt, G, arm, severe; J. F. Watts, G, spent ball chest; 
    William Henderson, C, hip, bad; S. Shoemaker, finger; A. Barker, A, groin; A.S. Hannah, I, 
    arm, slight; W.L. McCoy, I, hip; W. Keziah, I, groin; J.T. Webb, D, shoulder, severe; A.A. 
    Kelly, C, hip and leg; William Hill, D, arm, severe; M. Shurvis, M, hip; Sgt. J. Talley, I, ear; 
    J. Hoffman, A, thigh; N. Deal, I, hip; J.C. Thompson, E, wrist; J.F. Blair, E, knee; D.A. Daniels, 
    G, abdomen, J.Y. Northing, E, shoulder; J. Townsent, E, slight in shoulder; E. Keller, B, hip; 
    R.M. McGinnis, H, arm and abdomen; Z. Owens, A, arm; A.T. Black, C, thigh; L.D. Ward, 
    neck and back; I Ham, A, leg, slight, J. Bryant, A, shoulder, mortal; H.(?) Bennett, D, hand, 
    bad; E. Walters, D, head, slight; C. Baker, D, arm and side; T.A. Watts, D, hip, slight; O. J. 
    (or D.J.) Coffee, E, arm, slight; J.E. Coffee, E, jaw, slight; J.H. Wilke, G, arm, slight, D.R. 
    Alexander, C, arm, severe; J.r. Barnet, C, arm, slight; H.H. Farthing, E, shoulder, bad; J.M. 
    Baker, A, both thighs, bad; J. Murlon, A, hip; Ellis Baker, D, arm; F.M. Tuplet, B, arm; R.R. 
    Louty(?), C, hip; C.H. White, G, knee; N.M. Rendles, leg; G. Reeks, E, foot; A. Harthey, B, 
    thigh; J.E. Robust(?) Robuet(?), G, leg, slight; Lt. W.F. Shull(?), E, arm amputated; Lt. W.M. 
    Fetler(?) Fetter(?) Fuller(?), K, thigh, slight; Lt. Hayes Realy(?), C, (looks like the word killed);
     Lt. Bingham, E, hand; Lt. J.J. Wilson, I, head; A. Silgel(?) Stigel(?), D, arm, slight
    NOTE:  Included here, below, is a list of casualties sent to the Richmond Enquirer, and found 
    reprinted in the Fayetteville Observer of casualties in Company D, 37th Regiment since May, 
    1862, sent in by the Second Lt., Company D, 37th Regiment, no other name)
    Andrew J. Hasty, killed May 27, 1862
    Milton Mitchell, killed May 27, 1862
    Corporal George M. Rushing, wounded and died July 24, 1862 
    Calvin Collins, wounded and died July 24, 1862
    Henry T. Green, wounded and died July 24, 1862
    Henry Bennett, wounded severely August 29
    Henry Rape, Thomas Trull, Sgt. Jos. E. Griffin, John L. Austin, Levi G. Parker, Briant Williams, 
    wounded slightly, date not known
    William F. Horne, Alexander Stegall, Emlerry Walters, Ellis Baker, wounded August 29
    Lt. George W. Davis, died July 22
    David Parker, died May 6
    Gary N. Parker died 24th 
    Wilery Outon, died 12th 
    Jesse W. Giles, died July 4
    Jos. W. Marsh died 8th
    Milton A. Austin died 19th
    Jas. P. Hancock died 20th
    Sgt. Jackson Stack died June 10th
    Felix G. Bushing, Samuel M. Rape died July 4th
    John E. Livingston, L.J. Walters, W.L. Kizer, John F. Rowland, Franklin D. Parker, William R. 
    Dees, Jas. Hyatt, Nathan Manus, John Treadaway, Abraham Smith, died, date not known
    Jos. Griffin, killed August 29th
    Killed and Wounded 7th Regiment N.C.T. on August 29
    Killed:  David Joiner, Co. E, Martin Cruse, Co. A, R. Bigsby, G(?), A. Vanderburg, H (or B), 
    William Murce(?) Muree(?), F
    Wounded:  James Tilley, Co. G, both arms; James A. Freeman, Co. B, neck; T.H. Atwell, I, 
    shell, flesh wound; John Owens, K, head; J. Motley, B, arm and side; L. Shoe, B, bruise; 
    Corp. J.H. Furr, B, thigh; P. Rowe, F, leg; M.W. Kirkpatrick, H, finger; S. Critman, E, head; 
    D. H. Lawrence, G, pelvis; Sgt. J.L. McKeithen, C, ankle; J.W. Bains, E, head; T.B. Hobson, 
    G, leg; P. Sarat, F, foot; L. Austin, A, toes; H. Motley, B, (or H), neck; C.H. Helms, B, leg, 
    dead; James McClarty, B, bowels, dead; R. Rutman, C, foot; Corp. M.E. Harris, H, foot, R.H. 
    Cowen, I, thigh; E.T. McLean, I, head; William Fox, A, thigh; B.F. Elkins, I, both ankles; 
    H.(?) M. Smith, K, knee; J.W. Guy, A, leg; S.N. Jamison, D, thigh; J. Sheridan, D, leg; R. 
    Wylan, D, thigh, J.E. Caldwell, F, foot; T.D. Marlow, A. hip; G.W. Turner, E, hip; A.B. Nash, 
    D, head; P. Freeze, B, leg; H. Blaylock, B, elbow; J.J. Roye(?), B; Capt. J.M. McLeod Turner, 
    head; Lt. S. Witherspoon, G, thigh, slight.
    Killed and Wounded 28th N.C. Regiment August 27
    Killed:  Joseph Drum, Co. C, George Waller, Company D
    Wounded:  J.R. Hofman, Co. B, foot, severe; A.W. Hambuck, Co. H, chest, slight; D. King, K, 
    chest, severe; S. Cornell, G, arm, severe; J. Deal, C (or G), chest, dead; Jas. Martin, C, 
    thigh amputated; D.J. Drum, C, finger, slight; G. Harmon(?), G, arm, slight; R. Adkin, A, 
    slight; W.S. Blackwood, A, head, severe; J.T. Blackwood, A, face and thumb, severe; D.P. 
    Smith, A, arm, slight; W. D. Kelly, F, abdomen, slight; M. Bolick, C, arm and chest, slight; 
    D. Huffman, C, chest, slight; H. Pollard, C, both arms, severe; J.J. Murphy, B, finger, slight; 
    D.C. Casey, I, shoulder; James Brown, B, shoulder; Calvin Parks, A, thigh; M. Brindle, I, arm, 
    thigh and finger; W. Spelman, I, hip; B. Perry, D, hand; P. Never(?) Neven(?), D, finger; J. 
    Caton, D, thumb; Wm. Wilds, D, finger; J.T. Hopkins, D, back; R.D. Arnold, B, arm; G. Herman, 
    D, hip and head; A. Shovels, I, hip; Thomas Peel, A, arm; W.T. Armstrong; I, thigh; Lt. E.T. 
    Thompson, A, foot; Lt. J.M. Crowell, foot
    Wounded, 33rd N.C. Regiment, August 29
    Captain W.J. Parker, Co. E, head; Captain J.H. Saunders, Co. A, arm; J.E. Parker, E, leg; J. 
    Langley, G, head; Sgt. W.S. Hunter, B, head; J.H. Bryant, B, foot; Sam Chusin, I, back, mortal, 
    A.D. Hatch, F, neck; T.A. Cowan, A, thigh; -----Murckason, A., side; Eli Ginney, E, knee; R. 
    Powell, E, knee; John Filpot, B, leg, M. Jones, E, thigh
    Killed:  John Porter, Co. D
    Wounded, 18th N.C. Regiment, August 29
    R.M. Jessup, Co. K, thigh, severe; John Whittel, G, leg, severe; M.S. Dove, B, elbow, slight; 
    J.W. Wheeler, K, contusion, severe; D.R. Watson, D, arm, severe; J.S. Tedder, H, hip, severe; 
    S.R. Merrett, H, arm, slight; J.A. Henson(?), H, head, slight, C. Barnhall(?), E, leg, slight
    Killed:  Lt. Stewart, Co. F, D. Moore, Co. E
    NOTE:  Additional on the 18th Regiment from the Fayetteville Observer, September 22, 1862 
    inserted here, below:
    Col. Purdie is in command of the Regiment.  He is riding General Seigle’s saddle
    Company A
    Wounded, none, missing D.S. Bullard
    Company B
    Wounded:  Allen Brown, A.J. Sykes and M.S. Dove
    Missing:  Lewis Blacknell
    Company C
    Wounded:  Sgt. M.V. Stanly, J.J. Long
    Missing:  J.W. Long
    Company D
    Wounded:  D.B. Watson
    Missing: S.A. Thompson, W. Sutton, J.J. Russ
    Company E
    Wounded:  J.W. Wheeler, and C. Barnhill
    Missing:  Private Hunt
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.H. McLaurin, slightly
    Company G
    Wounded:  John Whitted, slightly
    Company H
    Wounded:  S. Tedder, J.A. Hinson, S.J. Merrit
    Company I
    Wounded:  Lt. T.C. Lewis, slightly
    Missing:  J. Carrol, B.F. White, H. Blane
    Company K
    Wounded:  Duncan King, R.M. Jessup, and W. E. Atkinson
    Missing:  William Burney
    My information is that the Regiment was engaged in the subsequent battle near Fairfax and 
    that Lt. Stewart of Company F was killed and about twenty of the Regiment wounded, some 
    of them seriously.  Among the wounded in the fight I have been able to hear of the following 
    from Bladen County:  B.F. Rinaldi, T.J. Pridgen, S.B. Graves, J. Tyson and Wright Singletary.  
    Others not known.  
    Casualties 4th Brigade (Branch’s Light Division) near Fairfax Court House Sept. 1
    Wounded in the 7th N.C. Regiment
    Captain Robert B. McRae, Co. C, neck; Lt. J.G. Williamson, Co. E (or F), thigh; W.H. 
    Haywood, E, arm; J.T. Johnson, C, arm; D.G. Phillips, F, thigh; G.L. Carter, D, shoulder; 
    R. B.(?) Hall, F, thumb; S. Rupell, B, shoulder; E.T. Kimmons, H(?), back; M.W. Price, A, 
    shoulder; Alex Wilson, I, head; J.J. White, H, arm and shoulder; S. Dagerhardt(?), A, 
    knee; ----- Stow, H, ankle; W. Langley, E, shoulder; one illegible name; F.(or E.) J. 
    Blackburn, Company F (or E), thigh; G. Little, B, thigh; D.Walley, I(?), leg; Newton Smith, 
    I, head; M. McKinnely, H, leg; W.B. Mills, F(?), leg; Henry Hill(?) Hale(?), F; Corp. Bevey, 
    C, arm
    Killed and Wounded 28th N.C.R. September 1
    Killed:  William Pettet, Company F
    Wounded:  A.E. Head, Co. F, shoulder; J.A. Little, Co. C, hand; J. Leudu(?), K, neck; P.A. 
    Aperson, F, finger; W. Coplin(?), F, elbow, J.G. Muelove(?) Meiclove(?), F, finger; J.H. 
    Poindexter; F, neck, J.D. Mires, F, shoulder; D. Pleun, D, finger; H. Sides, D, finger; W. 
    Donethan, F, feet and knee; W.H. Rollins, F, shoulder; J.M. Gillis(?), H, hip, R.A. Gennell
    Wounded, 37th Regiment N.C.T., September 1
    Lt. L.A. Potts(?), Co. C, hip and hand; Captain Lenoir(?), leg amputated; Lt. A.J. Crether, Co. 
    B, side and arm; W.J. Norwood, B, leg and thumb; J. Norwood, A. heel; G.W. Tiplet, B, arm; 
    J.J. Forrester, F, knee; P. Welch, F, finger; G. Boon(?), H, thigh amputated, died; J.M. 
    Castney, H, lungs; H.(?) Hamerlich, A, thigh; E. Steward, A, neck and back; H.(?) Harrison, 
    A, ear
    Wounded, 18th N.C. Regiment, September 1
    Lt. J.G. Potter, Co. C, back; B.J. Rinalder, Co. E, arm; J.A. Corbet, E, arm, D. Jones, F, 
    arm; N.C. Singletery, B, shoulder; S.H. Graves, B, head; T. Prigeon, E, arm; W. Moor, D, 
    thigh; D.J. Moor, head-killed
    Wounded, 33rd N.C. Regiment, September 1
    A.D. Hatch, Co. F, neck; P.A. Cowan, Co. A, thigh; ------- Murcheson, A, side; Eli Ginny, E, 
    knee; R. Powell, knee (company illegible); John Filpot, B, leg; M. Jones, E, thigh
    Robert Gibron, Senior
    Surgeon, 4th Brigade, Light Division
    The losses of the 34th Regiment in the late battle around Manassas will be found in another 
    column. This is the first official news we have received from a North Carolina regiment after 
    the battle.  It will be seen that our friend Colon Reddick is again severely wounded, having 
    but a short time ago recovered from his wound received in the Richmond battles.  The officers 
    of that regiment, we have observed, are one of the most prompt of the North Carolina troops 
    in reporting the condition of their regiment.  We should like to see their course imitated by 
    all the rest.
    List of killed, wounded and missing, Col. R.H. Riddick, 34th Regiment N.C.T. in the 
    engagements of the 27th, 28th, and 30th August and also the 1st September
    Wounded:  Col. Richard H. Riddick, 1st Sept, very severe in side and wrist; Lt. Col. Eli H. 
    Miller, 9-1, dangerously in neck
    Company A
    Killed, 2nd Lt. Franklin Long, 9-1
    Wounded:  1st Sgt. J.W. Pruit, 30th Aug., slight; Ptes. James M. Pol, 8-30, dangerously;  
    Frieden, Williams, 9-1; Daniel Sheets, 9-1; Pinkney Parish, 9-1; Jacob Dare(?) Bare(?), 
    9-1; William Clary, 9-1; Theo(?) Clary, 9-1; Levi Long, 9-1; James C. Miller, 9-1; Corp. 
    Hamilton Koonce, 9-1, slightly
    Company B
    Killed:  Pte. Joseph Bradford, 9-1; G.J. Sweeney, 9-1
    Wounded:  Pte. James Wilson, 8-27; Corp. G.W. Lockado, 9-1
    Missing:  Sgt. W.W. Bridges, 9-1
    Company C
    Killed:  Pte. W. Whiteside, 9-1; Calloway Dobbins, 9-1
    Wounded:  Corp. Peter Dugget, 8-29, slight in hand; Color Bearer J.W. Whiteside, 9-1, 
    dangerously; Pte. A.O. Lynch, 9-1
    Company D
    Killed;  Pte. William L. Plaster, 9-1
    Wounded;  Corp. F.J.H. Kristler, 8-30, slight, Pte. Dan B. Leuder, 9-1, slight
    Company E
    Killed:  2nd Lt. H.D. Eaton, 9-1
    Wounded:  Corp. George Couble (or Cauble?), 9-1; Pte. P.H. Shull, 8-29; Jesse Eaker, 
    8-29; G.W. Robinson, 8-29; George Fulbright, 9-1
    Missing:  Pte. John Jones, 9-1
    Company F
    Killed:  1st Sgt. R.W. Crowder, 8-29
    Wounded:  Corp. A.J. Borders, 8-30;  Ptes. J.N. London, 8-27;  J.J. Carter, 9-1; E. Crotia(?), 
    9-1; J.W. Hendrick, 9-1; M.P. Petty, 9-1; A. Warren, 9-1
    Company G
    Killed:  Pte. Jesse Phillips, 9-1
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.C. McCords, 8-29; Ptes. Thomas King, 8-29; F.E. Johnson, 9-1
    Company H
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. George M. Blanton, 9-1; Sgt. Clark Allen, 8-27; Pte. E.H. Revels(?), 8-30, 
    W.S. Camp, 8-30; J.R. Moore, 8-30
    Company I
    Wounded—Sgt. Leonard Fowler, 8-30; Corp. Jas. L. Morron, 9-1; Ptes. D.G. Morron, 8-30; 
    Lawson Phillips, 8-30; Thomas Walker, 8-30, Mark Wood, 8-30; William Barefield, 8-30; W. 
    Sutton, 8-30; Dillard Smith, 8-30; F. Sheaham, 9-1; Calloway Smith, 9-1
    Company K
    Killed:  Ptes. John M. Dennis, 8-29; E. Halton, 9-1
    Wounded:  Captain George M. Clar, 8-29; 2nd Lt. N. McLeod, 8-30; Corp. Charles Callicutt, 
    9-1; Pte. W. Hutson(?) Hudson(?), 8-30; Jas. R. Hughes, 9-1; Isaac Smith, 9-1, Frank 
    Raisen(?) 9-1
    John F. Miller
    Sgt., 34th N.C.R.
    North Carolina Standard
    October 1, 1862
    We are indebted to Lt. S.C. James, Acting Adjutant of the 21st N.C.R. for the list of casualties 
    in the late battles in northern Virginia.
    Killed and Wounded 22nd August:
    Company A:  Killed, Sgt. Isham Harris
    Company B:  Wounded, Capt. R. E. Wilson, Pte. M. Whitaker, J. Shugars
    Company C:  Wounded, Pte. J.T. Lundy, J.W. Cumming
    Company D:  Wounded, Pte. W.H. Thomas
    Company F:  Killed, Pte. W. Fulk   Wounded, Ptes. H. Shackelford, A. McCanless, E. Edwards
    Company H:  Wounded, Capt. Andrew Shore, Corp. W. D.Richardson, Pte. Martin King, A. 
    Company I:  Killed, S.M. Roark   Wounded, E.E. Kingsbury, J.C. Vaughn
    26th August:
    Company I:  Wounded, Capt. M.L. Patterson
    28th August:
    Killed:  Lt. Col. Saunders Fulton  
    Wounded:  Major B.Y. Graves, slightly
    Company A:  Killed, J.D. Blackburn  Wounded:  Corp. J.F. Carrick, Ptes. J.D. Melver 
    (Malver?), Frank Scott, William Fry, A. Hedgecock, mortally
    Company B:  Killed, Ptes. W.R. Williamson, A.D. Shores(?)  Wounded, Sgt. Whitaker, Ptes. 
    B.R. Wood, John Brown, mortally, William Ball, A.H. Whitlock, Thomas Faulkner
    Company C:  Wounded, Lt. F. Snow, Ptes. W.H. Calloway, Alfred Galyon
    Company D:  Killed, Lt. D.P. Jackson, Sgt. B.B. Copeland, Ptes. A.Z. Butser, H.W. Clemmons   
    Wounded, Lt. J.W. Miller, Sgt. Alspaugh, Ptes J.N.S. Doub, E. Linville, M. Sprinkle, L.F. Hine
    Company E:  Killed, Lt. L.W. Owen, Ptes Jobe Hendrix, L.D. Wright  Wounded, Sgt. W. 
    Sheppard, Ptes. J.C. Jarvis, G. Newsom, S. Waugh, William Hanser
    Company F:  Lt. W.B. Schaub, Corp. J.C. Hartman, Ptes. Alex Faucett and A.S. Boyles, 
    Pte. E.W. Rierson   Wounded, Lt. S.M. Jessup, Sgts. J.W. Williams, H.b. Hauser, Moses 
    Lawson, Corp. William Bennett, W.H. Collins
    Company G:  Wounded, Ptes. John Blackburn, Alex Moore, Wesley Ligon, Lts. V.W. Haizlip, 
    M.V. Tuttle
    Company H:  Wounded, Lt. W.R. Martin, Sgt. J.W. McGlowhom, Ptes. John F. Reynolds, 
    Jesse Bullis, Sgt. R.W. Burlkey, Pte. R.F. Critchfield, William Holyfield
    Company I:  Killed, Corp. Sanford Hill   Wounded, Corp. W.D. Baldwin, Pte. John Battenbury, 
    Giles Whitaker
    Company K:  Killed, Corp. J.A. Shultz, Pte. W.A. Petres   Wounded, Sgt. H.B. Newsom, 
    Corp. W. M. Lancaster, Pte. W.C. Dwiggins, C. Reich, William Lewis, J.G. Gordy
    1st September, near Fairfax Court House:
    Wounded:  Major B.Y. Graves, severely, Captain P.D. Headly, slightly, Captain J.B. Beall, 
    slightly, Lt. G.T. Clayton, severely
    Up to the present, it is exceedingly difficult to ascertain with any certainty the fate of thousands 
    of our brave soldiers.  We hear the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 24th 
    and 32nd have been terribly cut up.  In the Middleton fight on Sunday, General D.H. Hill’s 
    division was mainly composed of N.C. and in the Sharpsburg fight most of our regiments 
    participated being embraced in D.H. Hill’s, Longstreet’s and A.P. Hill’s divisions.  Thousands 
    were killed, wounded or missing, and we hear that most of the regiments were reduced fifty 
    and other smaller numbers.  We hope this is an exaggeration.
    Of the Raleigh Rifles and Oak City Guards, we learn little except rumors but they are generally 
    represented as being severely decimated.  Captain Jones and Lt. Beavers, Raleigh Rifles are 
    said to be missing.  Lt. P. Hardy, reported at one time to be wounded, is said to be safe having 
    been detailed for other duty—the same is true of Sgt. S. Lemay of the Oak City Guards.
    The Ellis Light Artillery seems to have been more fortunate.  This company, we learn, was 
    engaged in the fight at Harper’s Ferry, Sharpsburg and Shepardstown.  On account is that Lt. 
    Wrenshall was wounded severely but not mortally.  Another one is that since leaving Virginia, 
    they had lost 14 horses, 2 caissons and five wounded, Lt. Wrenshall being the only name 
    Casualties 6th N.C.R., August 27 to 8-30
    Major Robert F. Webb, commanding
    Company A
    Lt. J. Calder Turner commanding
    8-29:  Killed, Pte. Jas. P. Copeland
    Wounded, Pte. Pat Tinnerly, slightly
    8-30:  Wounded, 2nd lt. Thomas A. Price, slightly, Sgt. Pat Sullivan, slightly, Corp. J.W. 
    Williams, slightly, Pte. George Kents (?? –ents), slightly
    Company B
    Lt. A.K. Umstrad commanding
    8-30:  Killed, Pte. W. U. Roberts   Wounded, Lt. T.L. Cooley, severely
    Company C
    Capt. H.B. Lowrie commanding
    8-29:  Wounded, Ptes. K. Hicks, severely, George H. Riley(?), severely, Jno. McKarrall, 
    slightly, Jno. M. Luthers, slightly
    8-30:  Lt. W.G. Guess commanding and wounded slightly; Ptes. Jno W. Rasson, Jno. 
    Carlton, Jno. Kilgrove, slightly
    Company D
    Lt. Carson commanding
    8-29:  Wounded, W.A. T – - n (Teun?Town?), slightly, A.C. Jarrott, severely, Jas. L. Brittain, 
    8-30:  Wounded, Sgt. R. P. connor, mortally and died since, Pte. J.A. Mitchell, severely, B.C. 
    Brown, severely, Alex L. Berry, severely, J.J. Stanford, slightly, Jas. Murray, slightly
    Missing:  Elishu Berry
    Company E
    Lt. J.H. Burns, commanding
    8-29:  Killed, Pte. Jno Collins  Wounded, Lt. W.G. Turner, severely, Pte. William Howell, 
    mortally, T.L. Ollis, mortally, J.C. English, severely, Brice McGee, slightly, P.H. Collins, 
    slightly, H.R. Singleton, slightly
    Missing:  Jas. Boon
    8-30:  Wounded, Pte. Jno Fortner or Foriner, severely, M. Wiseman, severely, Wat Singleton, 
    slightly, Levi Ross, slightly
    Company F
    Captain White, commanding and severely wounded
    (no date but probably 8-29)  Killed:  Pte. Jno Ray
    Wounded:  T.S. Minnis, mortally, George Thompson, slightly, C.J. Pender, slightly, J.S. 
    Freeland, slightly, Corp. Jno Hamilton
    8-30:  Lt. H. C. Dixon, commanding  Wounded:  Sgt. Tate, slightly, Ptes. E.G. Thompson, 
    slightly, J.S. Ray, mortally
    Company G
    Lt. J.T. Rosebern(?), commanding
    8-29:  Wounded, Pte. T.C. Thorpe, C. Swisher, J.t. Sp - - rs (Speers?Spears?)
    8-30:  Wounded, Sgt. G.H. Brown, Pte. J.C. Swisher, J.F. Owens, Charles Ritchie
    Company H
    Captain J.A. Lea, commanding
    8-29:  Wounded, Sgt. Jno Hatchens, severely, Pte. A.J. Thompson, severely, A.M. Pleasants, 
    8-30:  Wounded, Captain Lea, slightly, Lt. S.P. Hall, slightly, Ptes. S. Stubblefield, slightly, 
    W.S. Walker, slightly, Peter McKinney, severely
    Company I
    Lt. W.B. Allen, commanding
    8-29:  Wounded, Corp. W.G. Clemons, severely, Ptes. T.L. Davis, severely, W.L. Maring, 
    slightly, H. Pickard, severely, J.W. Pickard, severely
    8-30:  Wounded, J.W. Young, slightly, Jno Kelly, slightly, William Burgess, slightly, Jno. 
    Mellin(?), slightly, L.M. King, slightly
    Company K
    Lt. S.J. Crawford, commanding
    8-29:  Killed, Corp. C. Simpson, Pte. A. King    Wounded, Ptes. E. Malone, H. Warren, R. 
    Mathis     Missing, W.J. Garrison, C. Qualls, Captain Tate, acting as lt. colonel and Captain 
    York acting as major 
    List killed and wounded 22nd N.C.R. since the 1st of September
    Company A
    Killed:  Capt. W.J. McCormick
    Wounded:  J. Southerage, L. M. Dinkiss, P. Dale, H.C. Pain, J.J. Kelly, W.L. Jones, L.J. 
    Sudrath, W.H. Fowler, H. Tilley, H.H. Stallings
    Company B
    Wounded:  J. Lambert, G. Bird, C. Haney, W. Hist(?) Ilist(?), H. Gregory
    Company E
    Wounded:  A. Parish, M.A. Holt, W.B.Stack, W.H. Dean, M. Mitchell, John Alred
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. C. Toliner
    Wounded:  Lt. David Edwards, W. Kender, W.A. Cumbrey, W.Warner
    Company G
    Wounded:  J.C. Powell, T. Patterson
    Company H
    Killed:  James Hill
    Wounded:  N. Dunlop, T. Yates, J. Elliott, J.D. hall, J. Steele, A. Steele, A.H. Durham
    Company I
    Wounded:  Sgt. A. Lamb, Corp. W.A. Redding, D. Lamb, A. Hohn, O.N. Daniel
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. W. Morgan, John Goforth, J.M. Bird
    Wounded:  Capt. C.H. Burgin, J.N. Hunter, J.H. Justice, g. Suttles, J. Wilkerson
    Company L
    Wounded:  Captain J.A.C. Brown, C.S. Wood, J. Caviness, S. Mainor, B.N. Lassiter, S. 
    Marsh, A. Walred, H.P. May
    Company M
    Killed:  J.K. Williams
    Wounded:  J.P. Burgess, J. York, J. Webster, H. Craven, A.M. Arnold
    C.C. Cole, Major
    Commanding 22nd Regiment N.C.T.
    Valley, Virginia, 28th September 
    Fayetteville Observer
    August 25, 1862
    Casualties in the 18th Regiment N.C.T. in the action of the 9th inst., at Slaughter’s Mountain 
    (Cedar Mountain or Cedar Run)
    Company B
    Killed:  Private W.R. Browning
    Company D
    Captain Lee, Privates F. Odom, C. Waters severely wounded
    Company E
    Private Amos Malpas severely wounded
    Company G
    Lt. F.J. Moore, severely wounded
    Sgt. J.W. Stewart, Corp. N.A. Marlow severely wounded
    Privates M.J. Ward, M. Brine, C. Davis, A.J. Sikes slightly wounded
    W. Anderson finger amputated
    Company I
    Sgt. Jos. Lanier, leg amputated
    Privates B.L. Clark, severely wounded, William Peck, slightly wounded
    Wilmington Journal
    Raleigh Register
    September 27, 1862
    Casualties in the 33rd Regiment
    For the relief of the anxious hearts which are throbbing for the friends and relatives they have 
    in the 33rd Regiment, N.C.T. lately engaged in the series of brilliant victories of July 18 and 
    21st, 1861, I beg that you will give space in your columns to the publications of the 
    casualties of that command, which I have been able to get from the surgeons’ lists and by 
    inquiry of wounded soldiers:
    Company A—Capt. Jos. H. Saunders, wounded in arm, slightly; Privates Thos. Cowan in 
    thigh slightly; H.P. Dolehite, in wrist slightly; B. Summers, breast, spent ball; Abel York, in 
    shoulder blades, slightly; J.E. Murchison in side severely.
    Company B:  Sgt. W.S. Hunter, wounded in head slightly; Privates J.H. Bryant, in foot slightly; 
    Jas. A. Philpot in leg flesh wound.
    Company C:  Privates J.A. Barnhart, in arm slightly; Allison Slough, in finger slightly
    Company E:  Capt. W. T. Parker, wounded in head, slightly; Privates J.E. Parker in leg 
    severely; John Porter, killed; Robert Powell, wounded in left knee; Mathias Jones, left thigh 
    broken; Alexander Daniel, in nose, slightly; William Ellis, in head, slightly; Lt. J.D. Bouchelle, 
    struck in thigh with shell, not disabled.
    Company F:  Privates Alfred Hatch, wounded in neck, Henry Silvy, wounded 

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