8th Regiment Fort Wagner, SC


September 2, 1863. 

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to report the following operations during the last twenty-four hours: 
The enemy fired upon Wagner occasionally last night with their mortar batteries, and were busy 
working on their lines in front of Fort Wagner. They strengthened their advanced line, which is now 
a strong work, and reaches within 80 or 100 yards of the salient. Our batteries kept up a brisk 
fire, to impede their progress as much as possible. Owing to the great difficulty in obtaining 
supplies of ammunition from the city, we were compelled to slacken our fire. About 11.30 o'clock 
in the night, six monitors and the Ironsides moved around and commenced fire upon Sumter, 
throwing a few shots at Fort Gregg. Some of the monitors approached within 800 yards of Sumter. 
The batteries on Sullivan's Island and the guns at Gregg returned fire, but with what effect we 
could not tell. The engagement was kept up until daylight, when the fleet moved off. Only a part 
of three companies of the Eutaw Regiment succeeded in landing at Fort Gregg last night. A 
detachment of artillerists and the relief of couriers have also arrived. The other troops ordered to 
the island were prevented from landing by the firing of the monitors. 
The Eighth North Carolina and Thirty-second Georgia Regiments occupy the works at Wagner. 
The Twenty-seventh Georgia is on the beach, and the Twenty-eighth Georgia and the detachment 
of the Eutaw Regiment are in reserve. Chief of artillery reports 182 shots fired since last report. 

Respectfully submitted. 

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