Battle of Bentonsville

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    North Carolina Standard
    March 29, 1865
    From the Progress
    Battle of Bentonsville
    Camp Palmer’s Brigade March 23
    Never was there more dash and gallantry displayed than was exhibited by Palmer’s 
    Brigade in their successful assaults upon the breastworks of the enemy
    Mr. Editor:
    The above is an extract from an earlier issue by Major General Stevenson complimenting
    the troops of his division for their gallantry in the late fight at Bentonsville.  AS the 58th and 
    60th N.C.T. are in Palmer’s Brigade, it will be a source of gratification to their numerous 
    friends to learn that they acted with great gallantry in this their first fight upon the soil of their 
    native state.  The brigade was selected as the directing column and at 3:00 p.m. moved 
    steadily to the assault under the immediate observation of Generals Stewart, Hill, Stevenson 
    and Palmer.  It was the first brigade which reached the enemy’s breastworks which they 
    carried and without a halt, hastened forward to attack them in their second and stronger position.  
    Here the enemy had a strong line, supported by artillery but they were again forced back 
    by the courageous and determination of our troops.  The brigade at this point captured 
    several pieces of artillery and a number of prisoners.  They moved forward a half mile to the 
    front under a heavy fire with the command was given to halt and re-establish a more perfect 
    line.  Nevertheless, a portion of the brigade still moved forward and pierced the works of the 
    Yankee army.  Not being supported, this portion of the brigade came very near being captured.
    A strong Yankee line was formed in the rear and some 150 men finding that they were cut 
    off from their command were forced to tear their glorious banners from their staffs and 
    commence the tedious and daring task of rejoining their command by flanking from the 
    rear of Sherman’s entire left wing.
    Several men from this party have arrived in camp after having passed through Sherman’s 
    rear ordnance train and we have great hopes that the greater part of the numbers will rejoin 
    us shortly.
    Had the nature of the ground permitted the rapid movement of troops, there is no doubt that 
    our success would have been complete.  Too much praise cannot be given to General Jos. 
    B. Palmer and the skillful manner in which he handled the troops of his brigade on this 
    occasion.  Ever foremost in the midst of the fight, he inspired his command with that 
    courage and determination which can know no defeat.  In fact, both officers and men acted 
    nobly and taught Sherman a lesson he will never forget.
    The Army of the Tennessee has at last learned that it is within their power to defeat Sherman 
    whenever they are willing to charge as they did on this occasion.
    The losses of the brigade were quite severe probably twice as great as any other brigade in 
    the army.  It seemed almost miraculous that anyone could escape under such a heavy fire 
    from the enemy.  The battlefield being a dense pine forest afforded great protection to our 
    advancing column.  Our brigade lost several valuable field officers.  Capt. Lowe, Inspector 
    General on Palmer’s staff who has always acted with great gallantry was seriously but not 
    mortally wounded.
    Colonel W.S. Devane of the 61st N.C.T. who was badly wounded in the neck in the Battle of 
    Bentonsville is in a private house in this city.
    Our reporter has furnished a list of casualties in the recent battles.  This, with those published 
    heretofore, embraces nearly the entire number of wounded received at different hospitals in this 
    At Peace Institute Hospital
    A.B. McDowell, Company H, 46th Alabama, left arm
    L.J. Parks, F, 1st Mississippi, shot through face
    L.T. Jordan, F, 9th Arkansas, right arm
    D.W. Stedman, B, 2nd N.C. Bat., right shoulder
    C. McDuffie, B, 1st N.C. Bat., in head
    G.W. Padgett, A, 43rd N.C., left hip
    E.H. Preston, D, 6th Ga., right arm
    J.M. Wise, F, 32nd Ga., finger shot off
    E.W. Bruton, E, 43rd Ga., finger shot off
    J.A. Bradshaw, C, 7th Fla., left arm
    T.J.L. Henderson, G, 8th Arkansas, right arm
    J.N. Connor, F, 31st Arkansas, left arm broken
    Woodard Winbon, F, 40th N.C., wounded in head
    Green Howell, C, 10th Ga., shoulder
    Lt. H.C. Bullock, F, 40th N.C., thigh
    G.P. McKemmie, A, 1st Ark., right hand
    Lt. J.A. Smith, I, 23rd Ga., left arm shivered
    Sgt. C. Porter, H, 51st N.C., through right foot
    T.R. Morris, G, 28th Ga., right arm amputated
    W.A. Smith, H, 28th Ga., right foot
    Silas S. Jones, unattached, left shoulder
    P.T. Lynch, D, 6th Ga., neck
    R.J. Lynch, D, 6th Ga., left hand
    C.B. Prather, B., 6th Ga., breast
    Sgt. M. Yance, K, 19th S.C., left leg
    Wm. Hawkins, C, 55th Ala., right arm amputated
    W.K. Parker, A, 17th N.C., left knee
    R. Luya, I, 42nd N.C., left leg
    Robert Ivey, E, 10th Ga., left leg
    Corp. W. Eason, F, 40th N.C., left side
    B.T. Brantly, H, 28th Ga., right hand amputated
    J.W. Havard, K, 2nd S.C. Artillery, left side
    H.R. Hunter, I, 5th S.C. Cav., left hip
    V.L. Couch, K, 2nd S.C. Artillery, contusion right shoulder
    A. Neslehood, G, 1st Ky., left foot
    R.S. Burnet, K, 2nd S.C. Artillery, contusion by shell
    T.J. Hunt, H, 43rd Miss., resection left arm
    E. Alteway, K, 2nd S.C. Artillery, right shoulder
    John Hourge, k, 1st Ark., left arm
    J.A. Lipt, G, 42nd N.C., face wound
    S.E. Johnson, K. 2nd Tenn., right hip
    W.T. Mathews, H, 2nd S.C. Artillery, face wound
    R. Rums, K, 2nd S.C. Artillery, contusion right leg
    Patrick Galcapia, O.S., E, 10th Tenn., right hip and left arm
    F.M. Wilson, B, 1st Batt. N.C., left shoulder
    Lt. Col. J.J. Harpe, 23rd Ga., left side
    Lt. R.T. Montgomery, A, 19th Ga., right thigh
    Lt. J.A. Reid, General Hill’s Staff, left leg
    Wm. Benton, G, 3rd Regiment N.C. Junior Reserves, right arm
    John L. Coberne, H, 46th Ala., left arm badly broken
    W.H. Johnson, A, 5th Ga. Regulars, badly burned with powder
    R.O. Kelly, D, 12th La., left thigh
    J. Roach, B, 27th Ga., left arm
    B.F. Barfield, B, 27th Ga., right arm
    B.V. Jones, C, 4th Fl., left foot
    Sgt. B.L. Hodnett, B, 46th Ala., right thigh
    Wayside Hospital
    Wm. Page, Kirkland’s Brigade (Cabarrus Co.), head, mortal
    L.R. Millard, F, 36th N.C., left side
    Jas. Martin, D, 1st S.C. Art., lower jaw
    F.M. Perry, B, Jeff Davis’ Legion, Cav., leg, slight
    J.Q. Lambert, H, 42nd N.C., left eye
    Pat Kelly, A, 10th Tenn., left foot
    -------- Stevens, ----- Ga., head
    Capt. Briggs, H, 61st (?) N.C., right leg
    John Smith, 61st N.C., head
    General Hospital #7 (Fairgrounds)
    J.B. Livingston, K, 5th S.C. Cav., back
    C. Barnett, K, 5th S.C. Cav., left arm
    A.C. Barr (or Bair?), K, 5th S.C. Cav., buttocks
    G.T. Hart, C, 1st S.C. Inf., left thigh
    Benj. Lewis, D, 1st S.C. Art., left thigh
    J.S. Cherry, I, 2nd S.C. Art., left arm
    Jas. Harpe, E, 30th Tenn., arm
    R.T. Griffith, I, 54th Ala., hand
    Wm. Little, D, 31st N.C., arm
    W.C. Pascal, F, 54th Ala., left arm
    J.W. Kerr, Hart’s Battery, Hampton’s Legion, left arm
    L.M. Royser, Hart’s Battery, Hampton’s Legion, left arm
    A.F. Cromer, B, 7th S.C., left knee
    T.G. Yarborough, F, 7th S.C., right thigh
    J.W. Walker, B, 31st N.C., right shoulder
    T.D. Brown, I, 4th Fl., left foot
    Corp. H. McPhail, A, 6th Fl., right leg
    R.T. Martin, E, 8th Ark., left leg
    Sgt. J.L. Sherod, A, 5th Ark., left thigh
    Corp. A.W. Graham, D, 2nd Ark., left hip
    H.D. Wilson, A, 19th Ark., left shoulder
    Sgt. J.W. Garner, A, 19th Ark., right thigh
    W.H. Calhoun, A, 16th Ala., left foot
    Pettigrew Hospital
    This list includes soldiers wounded at Kinston, Fayetteville and Bentsonville
    Sgt. J.L. Tucker, E, 52nd Ga., right leg
    McG. Jones, G, 67th N.C., right ankle
    N. Grant, 68th N.C., right leg
    D. Dowdy, H, 1st N.C. Junior Reserves, left thigh
    D.B. Smith, Starr’s Battery, left knee
    Davis Clapp, Ensign, I, 8th N.C., contusion by shell
    E.T. Eaves, Sgt., D, 40th Ga., left thigh
    J.T. Respass, G, 6th (?) Ga., jaw bone fractured
    Sgt. C.V. Henry, 42nd Ga., finger
    J.C. Cowan, E, 42nd Ga., left arm amputated
    Sgt. T.Z. Hagood, C, 19th Ala., right thigh
    Jno. S. Smith, A.A. Gen., Pettus’ Brigade, left leg
    G.W. Hardy, K, 17th N.C., back
    Nathan Couch, 66th N.C., right arm
    Lt. R.C. Young, F. 19th Ga., head
    Corp. Gus Hall, H, 68th N.C., right leg
    G.W. Tomlin, D, 27th Ga., left leg
    W.C. Heath, Ensign, E, 28th Ga., right thigh
    J.R. Bowers, K, 23rd Ga., left thigh
    R.C. Fowler, B, 3rd N.C. Junior Reserves, fight foot
    G.D. Martin, D, 1st N.C. Junior Reserves, left hand and chin
    W.H. Wyatt, B, 3rd N.C. Junior Reserves, left leg
    J.N. Christian, A, 66th N.C., right knee
    Sgt. Charles McDade, H, 34th Ala., lower jaw
    J.C. Baldwin, I, 34th Ala, left let
    N. Cheek, H, 1st N.C. Junior Reserves, left shoulder
    Jno. Perry, D, 61st N.C., fractured jaw bone
    D.B. Littleton, E, 61st N.C., neck
    E.E. Williams, D, 17th N.C., face
    Sgt. J.A. Tolbert, G, 23rd Ga., back
    E. Roach, G, 23rd Ga., right shoulder
    W. Whiting, I, 17th N.C., left shoulder
    A. Keel, E, 17th N.C., right arm
    G.A.C. Wetherby, D, 39th Ala., right thigh
    J. Mayberry, C, 42nd N.C., right leg
    David Francis, G, 31st N.C., left arm
    Wm. Andrews, A, 29th Ga., face
    T.H. Williford, G, 42nd N.C., left hand
    J.H.F. Hutchings, F, 31st N.C., head
    J. Beneford, H., 39th Ala., left thigh
    Sgt. Jas. Holden, F, 3rd Miss., right thigh
    Lewis Taylor, 1st N.C. Battery, right thigh
    George Osborn, A, 6th Ga., right thigh
    S. Curry, C, 57th Ala., left leg
    Lt. E.C. Lineberry, 1st N.C. Junior Reserves, right hip
    J.A. Bundy, A, 8th N.C., both thighs
    Sgt. J.H. Henderson, F, 19th Ga., left leg
    Jesse Robinson, F, 31st N.C.T., left arm amputated
    David Hines, C, 67th N.C., left thigh
    J.H. Smith, C, 14th Miss., right arm
    W.A. Little, G, 25th Ala., left leg
    C.J.C. Monroe, G, 25th Ala., right leg
    Sgt. J.W. Stark, H, 42nd Ga., left leg
    Lt. T.A. Starr, F, 42nd Ga., left thigh
    T.W. Stone, C, 3rd Miss., left leg
    Levi Roberts, K, 27th Ala., face
    Wm. Smith, E, 27th Miss., right shoulder amputated
    G.W. Young, F, 19th Ga., right thigh
    J.M. Foster, F, 42nd N.C., left thigh fractured
    W.L. White, H, 43rd Miss., right leg and left heel
    J. C. Little, F, 43rd Ga., left leg
    M. Johnson, L, 17th N.C., left foot
    Jno. Alford, B, 66th N.C., left knee
    Wm. Craddock, H, 17th N.C., left hip
    Sgt. J.W. Latham, G, 17th N.C., right thigh
    M.G. Laper, H, 51st N.C., right arm
    Wm. Wren, C, 43rd Miss., left leg
    Capt. Chas. Whitehurst, I, 40th N.C., contusion
    A.M. Coltrain, E, 17th N.C., right thigh
    John L. Wiggins, I, 17th N.C., left arm
    C. Bradley, I, 17th N.C., right leg
    Corp. N.S. Hyman, E, 17th N.C., left hand
    H. Dowdy, B, 40th N.C., right leg broken
    Corp. L.H. Guy, I, 51st N.C., right thigh fractured
    Jas. Paschal, K, 56th Ga., left knee
    Capt. G.P. Anderson, E, 10th S.C., breast
    Wm. Jernigan, E, 23rd Ala., left arm and hip
    Corp. E.M. Jackson, H, 42nd Ga., right thigh
    G.W. Vaugh, H, 40th N.C., right leg
    Jno. H. Harris, I, 20th Ala., left leg
    B.S. Gray, L., 17th N.C., groin
    R.B. Marlow, G, 43rd Ga., right shoulder
    Lt. Carraway, A, 14th Miss., right thigh
    J.P. Kerlees, F, 42nd N.C., left lung
    J. Kemp, E, 19th Ala., contusion, hip
    R.J. Kelly, D, 42nd Ga., right foot, toe
    Sgt. J.W. Barrow, C, 42nd Ga., contusion
    J.W. Phillips, H, 43rd Miss., right foot
    J.T. McRae, A, 6th Ga., contusion, shell
    J.C. Hurly, A, 39th Ala., left arm
    Lt. S.S. Carter, F, 66th N.C., right thigh amputated
    E.S. Rawlings, Starr’s Battery, right leg
    S. Jackson, G, 27th N.C., right thigh amputated
    Lt. W.H. McConnell, D, 14th Miss., left knee
    Wm. Gray, D, 10th Ala., right shoulder
    Lt. W.J. Laughlin, H, 14th Miss., right leg
    J.A. Fesperman, G, 42nd N.C., right arm
    F.M. Little, G, 67th N.C., left thigh
    J.M. Huffman, E, 3rd N.C. Junior Reserves, right hip
    A.M. Waldrop, H, 12th La., left jaw
    H. Beard, B, 31st Ala., contusion
    W.T. Bryant, D, 31st Ala., right foot
    W.T. Weddington, E, 2nd N.C. Junior Reserves, right shoulder
    O. Bell, A, 67th N.C., left arm
    D.P. Skelton, K, 20th Ala., right groin
    Sgt. T.J. Parker, D, 14th Miss., contusion, shell
    A.H. McLeod, A, 14th Miss., right hand and shoulder
    J.L. Lambert, H, 42nd N.C., left shoulder and leg
    Lt. M.S. Keesee, G, 1st Ark., shoulder
    J.R. Nelson, E, 17th N.C., right arm
    S. Everitt, H, 17th N.C., right arm
    Sgt. R.W. Phillips, B, S.C. Battalion, left hand
    G.W. Huntley, Starr’s Battalion, right leg
    J.C. Pope, E, 42nd Ga., right hip
    Sgt. W.M. Hogan, B, 20th Miss., hip
    J.L. Beaufort, F, 15th Miss., right leg amputated
    Sgt. Major Lewis Majet, 15th Miss., contusion
    S.L. McNair, E, 42nd Ga., left thigh fractured
    Col. Jno. J. Hedrick, 40th N.C., left thigh
    W.B. Norris, E, 23rd Miss., both legs fractured, died
    W.T. Jumper, I, 1st Miss., right foot
    Corp. S.T. Means, G, 31st Miss., contusion
    J. Montgomery, I, 31st Miss., left side
    N.W. Woods, A, 29th Ga., compound fracture right thigh
    A. Bracken, I, 61st N.C., right leg, thigh and abdomen, died
    Wm. Summers, B, 14th Miss., right thigh and ankle
    Sgt. R.A. Pennal, C, 43rd Miss., left side
    G. W. Barnell, K, 10th Ga. Cavalry, left hand
    Sgt. Major B.M. Shipman, 6th S.C. Cavalry, right arm
    Capt. M.B. Humphrey, G, 6th S.S. Cavalry, right arm
    J.C. Utsey, F, 6th S.C. Cavalry, left leg
    Sgt. B.T. Goodrum, B, 9th Battalion Tenn. Cavalry, right hip
    J.A. Smith, A, 4th Tenn. Cavalry, right leg
    D.D. Overby, F, 4th Tenn. Cavalry, left hip
    L.C. Holt, F, 9th Battalion Tenn. Cavalry, right thigh and hip
    Sgt. J.J. Wiggs, B, 66th N.C., right thigh
    Wm. Hedrick, C, 1st N.C. Junior Reserves, left leg amputated
    F.M. Brantley, A, 4th S.C. Cavalry, right thigh fractured
    D.C. Cameron, I, 6th S.C. Cavalry, left foot
    A.M. Odum, I, 2nd S.C. Art., right leg
    J.P. Phillips, G, 1st S.C. Art., left thigh
    W.H. Majer, G, 2nd S.C. Art., left arm
    J.H. Lee, F, 1st S.C. Art., left leg
    W.H. Knighton, B, 22nd Ga. Battalion, right ankle 
    J.C. Brown, B, 22nd Ga. Battalion, right hip
    J. Fitzgerald, C, 1st S.C. Art., left thigh
    Jno. Edwards, I, 1st S.C. Art., left thigh
    Wm. Watson, H. 1st S.C. Inf., lower jaw
    J. Thippen, A. Lucas Battery, S.C., left leg
    E. Saunders, I, 1st S.C. Inf., left shoulder
    B. Huggins, A, 1st S.C. Art., right foot
    A.M. Lane, K, 1st S.C. Art., right foot
    W.E. Nunn, Lucas S.C. Battery, right leg
    Lt. J.T. Watson, I, 28th Ga. Battalion, left arm amputated
    Lt. E.H. Gasque, A, 8th Mississippi, right leg
    Jas. Mays, A, 1st S.C. Art., left leg
    Sgt. J.A. DeFord, Joe Thompson Artillery, thigh
    W.G. Stephens, Joe Thompson Artillery, right leg
    F. Kyton, I, 1st S.C. Art., left foot
    H. Childers, D, 1st S.C. Art., left thigh
    E. Williams, B, 22nd Ga. Battalion, left ankle
    Corp. L. Percy, Legardeurs La. Battery, left arm
    Jno. Pemberton, Legardeurs La. Battery, breast
    Samuel Byrd, F, 2nd S.C. Art., right thigh
    Capt. I. Ransom, C, 28th Ga. Battalion, left foot
    J.F. Atkinson, H, 1st S.C. Inf., left arm
    J.W.B. Orr, K, 6th S.C.C., left side
    Ira Reynes, F, 19th S.C., left leg
    Color Sgt. C.C. Oliver, G, 34th Alabama, contusion
    J.C. Hall, 1st N.C. Bat., left foot
    C. Saperman, A, 42nd N.C., right thigh
    W.J. Aubrey, L, 12th La., neck
    W. Bradford, I, 40th N.C., knee
    Sgt. B.S. Bracewell, G, 39th Ala., right arm
    J.M. Langley, K, 25th (?) Ala., breast
    W. Stouer, B, 42nd N.C., right leg
    W.D. Gulledge, C, 40th N.C., right arm amputated
    Jno. Lassiter, B, 25th Ark., left arm amputated
    T.J. Martin, A, 12th La., left foot
    W.F. Bennett, D, 6th Ga., right leg amputated
    Corp. J.P. Morten, E, 10th S.C., jaw
    Sgt. H.T. Veazy, G, 34th Ala., left hand
    B.F. Carlisle, K, 27th Ga., left arm amputated
     E.J. Mitchell, H, 22nd Ala., left leg
    L.P. Robinson, Paris Battery, left leg
    A.J. Smithson, Paris Battery, arm broken
    J.W. Grissom, G, 39th Ala., left hand
    Jas. Roberts, A, 39th Ala., left hand
    L.L. Patten, F, 66th N.C., right hip
    Sgt. Major W.L. Nisbett(?), 34th Ala., right hip
    H.L. Rush, C, 40th N.C., right knee
    M. Lambert, H, 42nd N.C., right knee
    Jno. Pittman, I, 3rd Miss., left leg fractured
    J.W. Willis, C, 40th N.C., left leg
    H. Phelps, K, 6th Ga., left thigh
    J. Melvin, H, 16th N.C. Art., left leg
    J.A. Nelson, C, 45th Ala., left thigh
    J. Hildreth, B, 40th Ala, right leg
    J.H. Taylor, G, 25th Ala., hand
    Sgt. Major F. Robertson, 1st Ark. M.R., breast
    Capt. Jno. Kelly, B, 19th Ga., left leg broken
    Capt. W.J. McDougald, N.C.T. unattached, right arm and body
    H.C. Harris, K, 17th N.C., left side
    Lt. W.T. Williamson, C, 1st Ala., shoulder
    F.M. Griffith, G, 6th Ga., right arm
    Capt. J.Q. Lambreth, H, 42nd N.C., left eye
    H.L. King, A, 6th (?) Ark., left hip
    M. Davis, C, 1st Ark., left leg
    Sgt. J.C. Wilson, C, 48th Tenn., right leg
    J.J. Preston, F, 54th Ala., right thigh
    J.H. Stephenson,  1st Batt. Jr. Reserves, left hand
    A.J. Sparks, B, 28th Ga., lower jaw fractured
    Sgt. S. Whitaker, E, 54th Ala., right hip
    Adj. Jesse Pye, 27th Ga., left knee
    J.A. Walter, L, 17th N.C., right thigh
    Sgt. H.W. Gibson, E, 25th Ala., neck
    T.S. Graham, C, 1st N.C. Batt., mouth
    Corp. Z. Cofield, B, 19th (?) N.C. Bat. Art., right arm broken
    The names of a number of soldiers in this hospital are omitted because the reported could 
    learn nothing of the nature of their wounds.  Of this number are the following officers:
    Lt. Robert Earnhardt, C, 54th Va.
    Lt. S.F. Weaver, 1st N.C. Jr. Reserves
    Capt. C.J. Richardson, 1st N.C. Jr. Reserves
    Lt. J.D. Walen, K, 29th Ga.
    Lt. G.R. Glover, I, 6th Ga.
    Lt. D.F. Bassett, F, 5th Tenn. Cav.
    Lt. Col, 6th Ga. (no name)
    Lt. S.J. Skinner(?), Pro Mar, Dea’s Brigade
    Lt. D. Gillis, F, 39th Ala.
    Capt. H.B. Irwin, I, 35th Ala.
    North Carolina Standard
    April 5, 1865
    Headquarters 58th N.C.R., March 23, 1865
    List of casualties in the 58th Regiment N.C.R. commanded by Major G.W.F. Harper in the 
    Battle near Bensonville, Sunday, March 19
    Company A
    Wounded:  Ptes. S. Gaddy, head, slight; H. Miller, arm, slight
    Company C
    Wounded:  Pte. J.B. Turbyfill, foot, slight
    Company D
    Wounded:  Lt. D.F. Baird, dangerous in breast
    Corp. B.L. Presnell, abdomen, mortal
    Pte. S. Gleen, mortal in head (since died)
    M. Strickland, shoulder, slight
    Company E
    Killed:  Pte. A.F. Green
    Wounded:  Lt. W.C. Coffey, breast, slight
    Ptes. J. C. Shuffler, thigh, serious
    A Pearce, foot slight
    I. (or L.) Anderson, knee, slight
    I. Coffee, hand, slight
    N. Smith, foot, slight
    Wm. Coffey, hand, slight
    Missing:  I. Sherrill
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.J. Marler, arm, slight
    Company H
    Wounded:  Pts. J.M. McCall, breast, slight
    B. Stafford, arm, slight
    E.C. Fox, hand, slight
    J. Turnmire, groin, slight
    Company K
    J. McKinney, head, slight
    Company L
    Sgt. J. Spivey, mortal in knee (since died)
    Ptes. M.M. Faircloth, left leg, serious
    T. Hurley, knee, serious
    H. Hurley, thigh, slight
    B.L. Perry, Jr., Adjutant
    North Carolina Standard
    March 29, 1865
    Casualties Battle of Bentonsville fought Sunday, March 19
    Our reporter has handed us the following list of wounded in the Battle of Bentonsville and now 
    in this city (or in the course of being transferred to other points) at the Episcopal and Baptist 
    Officers Quarters, Haywood House
    Brigadier General D.H. Reynolds, Arkansas, left thigh amputated
    Brigadier General E.W. Pattis, Lea’s Corps., flesh wound, leg
    Col. D.N. Keener, 6th Florida, amputated right leg
    Lt. Col. J.K. Elliott, 30th Ala., contused wound
    Major W.E. Elliott, General Lee’s Staff, gun shot wound, slight
    Lt. Jno. Middleton, 1st S.C. Artillery, concussion, shell
    Lt. A.D. Regans, 28th Ga., right leg
    Capt. J.M. Bass, 32nd Tenn., right arm
    Lt. W.C. Coffee, 58th (?) N.C., contusion, shell
    Lt. E.S. Sauls, 10th S.C., flesh wound
    Lt. Boykin, 6th Ga., right arm
    Lt. F.M. Carroll, 61st N.C., head
    Lt. J.N. Dallawhite, 1st Miss. Batt’n., left shoulder
    Lt. W.J. Miller, 45th Tenn., jaw
    Lt. G.W. Gray, 66th Ga., right leg
    Col. Jas. Hagan, 3rd Ala. Cav., left arm
    Capt. B.H. Thornton, 55th Ga.
    Lt. J.C. Boyer, 2nd Ark., left thigh
    Lt. L. Pope, 4th Ark., right ankle
    Lt. M.D. Park, 5th Ark., neck
    Lt. Jas. A. Kelly, 36th N.C., left arm
    Lt. C.C. Gunn, 6th Fla., left thigh
    Lt. S.S.S. McAubey, 10th N.C., right side
    Lt. T.J. Kirk, 65th Ga., wrist
    Capt. J. Brooks, 36th N.C., right arm amputated
    Capt. W.D. West, 15th Ark., shoulder
    Lt. Albert Livingston, 3rd Fla., knee
    Episcopal Church
    J.F. Walden, Corp., Co. A, 22nd Ga. Batt’n., head
    L. McDonald, B, 36th N.C., stomach
    Burton Brown, G, 66th N.C., right side
    S.D Hiller (or Miller), 20th S.C., left leg
    C. Rogers, E, 41st Ga., right hand
    E.R. Knowles, C, 20th Ga. Batt’n., right arm
    Capt. J.A. Webb, C, 20th Ga. Batt’n., left hand
    Pvt. Lewis Ellis, A, 63rd Va., left hand
    Capt. A. J. McKinney, C, 1st S.C. Art., left hand
    Pvt. W.M. Packer, C, 1st S.C. Art., left hand
    Sgt. Charles O’Brien, B, 10th Tenn., left thigh
    J.B. Underwood, C, 1st S.C. Art., left hand
    J.T.H. Brown, 1st S.C. Art., left side, head
    Corp. P.J. Collins, 1st S.C. Art., right side of head
    Charles Lanwicks, B, 1st S.C. Art., right hand
    W.T. Halbert, D, 1st S.C. Art., contusion
    David Collins, F, 7th Fl., left hip
    J.A. Owens, B, right arm
    J.E. England, K, 6th Ga., right shoulder
    J.A. Hendrick, 6th Ga., left hand
    J.A. Orr, F, 63rd Va., left shoulder
    W.M. Rough, I, 42nd N.C., left arm
    J.P. Fountain, G, 6th Ga., right arm
    Sgt. S.J. Mooney, H, 8th Miss., left hand
    Sgt. B.F. Day, G, 23rd Ga., right arm
    J.L. Cox, prisoner, E, 1st S.C. Infantry, left hand
    Wm. Simm, prisoner, E, 1st S.C. Infantry, right hip
    T. Smith, G, 1st S.C. Infantry, left hand
    J.T. Childers, G, 1st S.C. Infantry, left arm
    D.H. Burney, 36th N.C., left hand and side
    D. McDaniel, 3rd Fla., left shoulder
    L.D. Batter, E, 3rd Fla., both hands
    S.J. Tillet, C, 3rd Fla., left side
    Oscar Collins, G, 3rd Fla., neck
    D.J. McKee, H, 36th N.C., left thigh
    J. Possman, 63rd Ga., concussion, shell
    Ord. Sgt. J.F. Douglas, 15th S.C. Batt’n., left hand
    H.J. Harshaw, A, 15th S.C. Batt’n., left arm
    Wm. Caldwell, A, 15th S.C. Batt’n., right shoulder
    Wm. S. Brilly, H, 17th N.C., left arm
    Wm. Price, E, 17th N.C., right shoulder
    Sgt. J.A. Murphy, F, 3rd Miss., side and head
    H.S. McFadgen, B, 36th N.C., contusion
    J.M. Manning, G, 25th Ala., left side of head
    W.W. Cook, H, 54th Ga. Vol., left wrist
    W.R. Perry, A, 55th Ga., left arm
    Corp. W. M. Scottin, I, 19th Ga., right arm
    J.M. Robbins, I, 19th Ga., left shoulder
    E.T. James, C, 54th Ala., right arm
    Peter McDermot, B, 2nd Ark., right leg
    J.M. Bright, H, 2nd Ark., left hand
    A number of wounded have been transferred from the hospital whose names we have not 
    Baptist Church
    A number of those named below have been transferred west of this place
    Pvts. E.B. Wilson, A, 13th Ark., left arm
    P.H. Bradshaw, K, 14th Ark., left hand
    I Williams, I, 13th Ark., let leg
    J.S. Malone, K, 2nd S.C., right hand
    J.W. Miller, K, 8th N.C., head
    W.R. Walden, H, 5th Ga., right hand
    S.H. Ratcliff, I, 3rd Miss., left arm
    E. Jones, K, 22nd Miss., left arm
    M.S. Stuart, G, 22nd Miss., right hand
    F.M. Turner, B, 1st Miss., left arm
    Sgt. J. J. Spivey, E, 28th Ga., right arm
    Corp. C.W. Raban, D, 22nd Miss., right arm
    J.R. Hayne, C, 7th Fl., left hand
    Sgt. J. Hence, A, 15th Tenn., left arm
    T. Strickland, G, 6th Fl., right arm
    D.H. Player, F, 6th Fl., face
    Lt. D.J. Williams, C, 9th Ark., left arm
    J.E. Lee, D, 9th Ark., right arm
    -------- Walters, D, 9th Ark., left leg
    -------- Henderson, K, 9th Ark., left arm
    W. Kelly, F, 1st Fl., face
    --------- Gillespie, A, 1st N.C., right cheek
    C.E. Steward, A, 1st N.C., right wrist
    --------- Graham, A, 1st N.C., right arm
    M. Miller, A, 1st N.C., left arm
    J.H. Bailey, H, 6th Ga., throat
    D.C. Parmenter, C, 6th Ga., let arm
    J.F. McDonald, C, 6th Ga., right arm
    D.R. Burtlaw, A, light battery, finger
    Sgt. M.J. Rivenbank, B, 1st N.C., left hand
    ---------- Lamb, B, 1st N.C., finger
    J.D. Hering, B, 1st N.C., head
    ---------- Judge, B, 1st N.C., right arm and eye
    W.H. Burt, B, 1st N.C., left leg
    Thomas Thigpen, D, 17th N.C., left arm
    J.S. Finch, K, 39th (?) Ala., left leg
    J.D. Gibson, D, 9th Ala., thigh
    Corp. P. Davis, G, 31st Miss., left hand
    A.E. Strowd, B, 28th Ga., head
    H. Hall (or Hill), B, 28th Ga., left thigh
    W. Conder, C, 10th N.C., face
    H.C. Harper, A, 43rd Miss., breast
    A. Benton, D, 10th N.C., contusion
    W.R. Karlott, A, 36th (?) N.C., hip
    H.C. Leach, A, 10th N.C., finger
    G. Walton, A, 10th N.C., forearm
    C.B Hutte(?), B. 2nd S.C.A., right leg
    Henry Lask (or Lusk), H, 2nd S.C.A., left shoulder
    G.W. Rose, A, 5th Ark., left hand
    C.W. Richards, E, 9th Miss., left arm
    C.C. London, B, 9th Tenn., left arm
    T.M. Clark, C, 22nd Ala., right leg
    B.F. Garnels, B, 1st S.C., right hand
    B. Hilliards, G, 28th Ga., arm
    A. Landiness, G, 28th Ga., arm
    H. Hartley, H, 28th Ga., left arm
    E.F. Eames, G, 31st Miss., right hand
    J.L. Tyson, E, 40th (?) Ala., right shoulder
    C.J. Abrams, F, 20th S.C., left hand
    H.C. Martain, F, 20th S.C., right arm
    A.L. Cauble, A, 60th (?) N.C., leg
    A.M. Duke, F, 27th Ga., right shoulder
    W.H. King, A, 32nd Ga., right leg
    H. Chapman, H, Georgia (no number), right leg
    J.H. Vaughan, G, 27th Ga., left arm
    J.F. Leffler, F, 5th Va., left thigh
    J.M. Owens, F, 54th(?) 34th (?) Va., right side
    A. Brown, F, 54th (?) Va., right side
    J. Rodgers, F, 5th Va., hip
    H.H. Blevins, K, 26th Tenn., face
    Sgt. J.E.W. Austin, C, 10th N.C., hand
    W. Bevins, C, 10th N.C., hand
    H.L. Wolfe, F, 2nd S.C.A., face
    Lt. Jno Robins, G, 55th Ala., leg 
    Lt. W.T. Henderson, K, 55th Ala., left side
    Thomas Kelly, G, 55th Ala., left foot
    Sgt. G.T. Barker, B, 55th Ala., left foot
    Sgt. J.J. Wolfe, F, 2nd S.C., left foot
    J.B. Riley, F, 2nd S.C., right arm
    J.M. Kennerly, F, 2nd S.C., left arm
    A.J. Hartzog, F, 2nd S.C., concussion
    J.W. McLany, F, 2nd S.C., face
    T.A. Bruce, F, 2nd S.C., left side
    H.C. Uletz(?), F, 2nd S.C., head and hand
    D.W. Bird, F, 2nd S.C., right side
    J.R. Walker, C, 2nd S.C., foot
    J.R. Wolfe, C, 2nd S.C., thigh
    Lt. Colbert, A, 57th Ala., left arm
    W.R. Wingate, I, 51st Ala., left arm
    J. Balckon(?), D, 57th Ala, left arm
    J.M. Reynolds, C, 19th S.C., left hand
    E. Withers, B, 7th Fla., right hand
    J.H. Irisco(?), F, 7th Fl., right shoulder
    C.R. Parker, F, 40th Ala., hand
    Corp. J.S. Bullock, E, 23rd Miss., shoulder
    J.B. Stephens, K, 7th Fl., 23rd Miss., left leg
    E.M. Yates, E, 23rd Miss., hand
    H.C. Vinson, C, 6th Ga., head
    J.C. Rump, C, 6th Ga., left leg
    J. Vissage, C, 6th Ga., right arm
    M.L. Kitching, I, 6th Ga., thigh
    Sgt. J.P. Daniels, B, 48th Tenn., leg
    S.R. Wilder, D, 17th N.C., left arm
    W.G. Stricklin, K, 51st N.C., right hip
    -------- Baines, C, 1st Miss., back
    L.L. Skales, I, 19th Ga., neck
    P. London, F, 51st N.C., right hand
    E.M. Brooks, G, 23rd Ga., head
    J. Braxton, E, 66th N.C., right arm
    S.P. Thomas, E, 2nd S.C., back
    E. Hatchell, E, 2nd S.C., back
    -------- Samples, B, 6th Ga., left arm
    S.A. Hicks, B, 66th Ga., head
    W. Rodgers, B, 6th Ga., right leg
    S.C. Horgan, A, 14th Miss., left hand
    J.D. Rushing, G, 14th Miss., left hand
    J.M. Hughes, D, 31st Ala., left hand
    T.J. Jefferds, E, 31st S.C., left hand
    Sgt. W.R. Harrel, A, 19th La., right arm
    A.L. Parker, H, 12th La., right arm
    A.J. Nelson, G, 12th La., right arm
    T.G. Lucas, G, 12th La., left hand
    J.M. Cruise, E, 54th Ala., left hand
    Sgt. W.R. Johnson, E, 54th Ala.
    Corp. J.W. Barnett, C, 7th Fla., hand
    J.B. Knight, B, 7th Fl., hand
    Lt. J. E. Knighting, H, 26th Ala., right arm
    Sgt. J.M. Bell, E, 23rd Ala., left arm
    W. Lewis, K, 34th Ga., arm
    J. Wallace, K, 56th Ga., hip
    Sgt. B. Rosser, E, 30th Ala., left hand
    R. Adams, C, 7th Ark., left hand
    L. Greem. A. 6th Ark., arm
    Will Charus(?), I, 2nd S.C.A., right shoulder
    James Harp, E, 30th Tenn, arm
    A train containing some 200 wounded from the battlefield at Bentonsville arrived here Tuesday 
    afternoon.  Among the wounded are the following:
    Lt. Col. J.J. Sharpe, 23rd Ga., in right shoulder, dangerous
    Major Renfrew, 27th Ga., thigh broken
    Capt. John Keely, B, 19th Ga., small bone left leg broken
    Adj. J.B. Pye, 27th Ga., right knee, severe
    Lt. Hamilton, F, 19th Ga., shot through legs, mortal
    Lt. Montgomery, A, 19th Ga., shot through right thigh, flesh wound
    Sgt. Charles Guess, B, 23rd Ga. (formerly of Orange Co., N.C.) left leg broken
    H.C. Harris, K, 17th N.C., from Pitt Co., shot through body
    Pte. C.D. Wilson, Company H, 40th N.C., from Sampson Co., through thigh, severe
    J.A. Walter, L, 17th N.C., from Cabarrus Co., in thigh, doing well.

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer December 2007

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