Bristow Station

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    North Carolina Standard
    October 28, 1863
    Casualties Company D, 26th Regiment N.C.T. Battle of Bristow Station near Manassas 
    Junction October 14, 1863
    Killed:  Pte. William Champion and J.H. Wingle
    Wounded:  Ptes. D.C. Adams, mouth, J.G. Burt, leg, Dallas Crawford, arm, severe, Jas. 
    Gilmore, leg, Jno. L. Jones, knee, severe, H.W. Langston, leg, R.A. Pollard, arm, slight, 
    Jno Prince, shoulder, William C. Rogers, foot, William Smith, thigh, slightly, A.H. Temple, 
    wrist, Kit Treadaway, leg, missing and prisoner, J.P. Honeycutt, J.B. Nordan, 
    George Morris, Alexander Jones, A. Stephens, S.H. Ray
    On Thursday morning last some desperate characters, E.D. Boon, Edward Carney, 
    Thomas Cole and John A. Chapman escaped from Castle Thunder, Richmond and 
    in the struggle they shot and killed one of the sentinels, Sutton Byrd, a private in 
    Company C, 53rd N.C.T.
    The fight at Bristow Station
    The following was written by an officer.  The blame for this disaster, it seems, attaches 
    itself to General Heth of Virginia.
    The army of General Lee left the south side of the Rapidan the week before last and 
    passed in the direction of Madison Court House, the right flank of the enemy—I suppose,
    if found practicable, to get in their rear or at least to cut off a portion of their force.  The 
    enemy, however, retreated as soon as they heard our movements, burning camp and 
    garrison, equipage, destroying provisions, etc.  
    Their flight was so rapid we did not overtake them in force until near Bristow Station on 
    the evening of the 14th.  Bristow Station is three or four miles this side of Manassas 
    Junction.  I will here mention our cavalry have been capturing them in small squads 
    all the way from Robinson River.  Hill’s and Ewell’s Corps marched by different roads 
    almost parallel to each other from three to five miles between, to be within supporting 
    distance of each other.
    The different divisions of our corps march in front every third day or so to equalize the 
    hardships as much as possible.  The day spoken of was Anderson’s turn but from 
    some cause I know not why he was halted during the day and Heth thrown forward.
    The battle ground is mostly a cleared field, the railroad passing through it from five to 
    ten feet high making it a formidable breast work.  A short distance from this on the 
    enemy’s side the ground raises gradually until a considerable elevation is attained.  
    Upon this were placed the enemy’s batteries and near its base they had rifle pits.  
    Their batteries were so arranged as to have a raking fire in front and also an enfilading 
    one by the right and left of any forces advancing.  
    I learn both Hill and Heth were present when our advance came up.  It was thought 
    the enemy were in camp and if a dash were made they would be scattered like chaff.  
    Ours (Kirkland’s) and Cook’s Brigades were ordered to advance and charge.  The 
    skirmishers were not allowed to feel the enemy and we knew not what the forces of 
    theirs really were.  The consequence was that both brigades were badly cut up in a 
    short time.  Exposed to a galling fire from all the batteries, railroads and puts, how 
    could it be otherwise?
    Colonel Jones of the 26th informs me most of his men killed fell on the side of the 
    railroad the enemy were on and that where he charged it was fully ten feet high.  Our 
    men had to fall back and as anybody will conclude, in confusion, considering two 
    brigades were fighting two corps.  We had five or six pieces of artillery taken as the 
    enemy advanced  rapidly upon our retreating forces and all or nearly all of the horses 
    had been killed at the batteries.
    Had the exact position of the enemy been found out, our troops concentrated and 
    one division thrown on their left, the other on their right, how different would have 
    been the result.  Instead of the capture of our artillery and the loss in killed and 
    wounded and missing of nearly 1,500 men, we would have bagged their whole force 
    engaged, their artillery and gained a brilliant victory; or if the attack had been delayed 
    an hour, I am informed Ewell would have been in their rear.
    As it was, the enemy retreated on Centreville during the night, so the attack, as far 
    as position was concerned, was, I am fully convinced, that somebody high in 
    command is greatly to be blamed and if justice were done, would be cashiered.  
    I wish North Carolina could be placed in a North Carolina divisions with our own 
    generals.  General Lee’s objective was not to have a general fight but to push them 
    vigorously as far as possible and then to completely destroy the Orange and 
    Alexandra railroads.
    I forgot to mention that General Kirkland, after advancing near, sent an aid back to 
    Hill and Heth, informing them the enemy were about to open an enfilading fire upon 
    them.  The answer was given that it would be a long time before they did and no 
    directions were given at all.  Walker’s and Davis’ brigades of our divisions, the 1st 
    Virginia and the 1st Tennessee and other Mississipians were not called into action 
    at all.  It was these who taunted N.C. with losing batteries though it was first 
    mentioned who failed to support ours at Gettysburg on the first day which caused 
    such slaughter and both broke and ran.  When I see our state treated with such 
    marked injustice it makes my blood boil in my veins.
    The 26th Regiment, formerly commanded by Governor Vance, numbered 850 strong 
    just before Gettysburg but in that battle it was badly cut up and its available force 
    reduced to about 300.  It suffered badly in the last fight at Bristow Station and does 
    not number now more than 125 effective men.  We are yet without casualties in this 
    regiment in the Bristow fight.  We had the pleasure recently of seeing Colonel 
    John R. Lane who now commands the 26th.  Colonel Lane was seriously wounded 
    in the battle of Gettysburg after Colonel Burgwyn had fallen.  The ball struck him 
    in the back of the neck and ranged through his jaw coming out at the mouth.  He 
    was in front of his men and turning to command them he was struck.  He has not 
    yet fully recovered from the wound.  Colonel Lane joined the 26th as a “high” 
    private and by his gallantry and good conduct and the death of his seniors, has 
    risen to colonel.  Major J.T. James of Caldwell is now lieutenant colonel.
    The last Asheville News contains an account of the recent fight at Warm Springs, 
    36 miles from Asheville.  The first conflict took place between a small body of our 
    cavalry and about 400 or 500 of the enemy.  Our forces were so greatly 
    outnumbered that they were forced to fall back.  Major Woodfin was killed and 
    four of his command wounded.  The enemy was posted in the large brick hotel 
    at the Springs in a strong position.  The News says:
    “Another fight took place near the Warm Springs two or three days since between 
    a large portion of the 25th  N.C. Regiment commanded by Sam C. Bryson and a 
    large force of the enemy.  They outnumbered our boys quite a lot and after a 
    stubborn fight Colonel Bryson fell back.  We had six men killed, Lt. Hyatt, and 
    others whose names we have not learned.  Lt. Hyatt was an excellent officer, a 
    gallant and worthy man.  The loss of the enemy was reported to be heavy.  P.S. 
    Since the foregoing was put into type we have received some additional particulars.  
    The following is a list of the killed:  Lt. Hyatt, Sgt. Collins, Monroe Huskins, J.H. 
    Townsend, J. Dodgins, ------- Williams”  (Note:  See also below, account of this and 
    another version of the casualty list)
    List of Casualties at Bristow Station
    27th Headquarters, Cook’s Brigade
    Bristow Station, October 15, 1863
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  General Jno. R. Cooke, small bone of left leg broken, Col. 
    John A. Gilmer, Jr., bullet wound through left thigh, Lt. Col. George Whitfield, 
    seriously wounded and taken by the enemy but left by them when they fell back, 
    Sgt. Major R.D. Weatherly, severe in abdomen.
    Company A
    Killed:  Ptes. J.J. Parker, Joseph Howard
    Wounded:  Capt. Jas. Bryan, struck five times, right leg amputated, Lt. John Bryan, 
    slight wound in leg, Lt. J.J. Denmark, Ptes. H. Warrick, left arm broken, John Pike, 
    side and shoulder by shell, slight, E. Warrick, left leg, slight, Jno. T. Roberts, 
    hollow of right foot, E.K. Philman, left leg broken, Jno. Nash, left thigh, slight, 
    W.H. Faircloth slight in right hand, W.F. Flowers, left arm, slight, S.B. Kilpatrick, 
    flesh wound right leg, George Seagall, flesh wound right thigh, Richard Holleman, 
    slight in left knee, M.W. Musgrove, left foot, right hand, slight, Corp. T.R. McIntyre, 
    right arm broken, F.G. Foreman, left shoulder flesh wound, Eli(?) Rain, forefinger 
    left hand, E.P. Piner left shoulder, slight, Joseph Peacock, bruised left shoulder, 
    Richard Avery, right arm, slight.
    Company B
    Killed:  Lt. J.H. McKnight, Pte. John Kennedy
    Wounded:  Sgt. W. C.(?) Steiner(?), thigh, slight, Corp. H.R. Forbis(?) Portis(?) 
    Porbis(?), right hip, severe, William Summer, forehead slight, Jos. W. Rankin, 
    through right lung, severe, S.B. Gray(?), stunned by explosion of shell, A.L. Orrell, 
    flesh wound right leg, W.F. Hunter, flesh wound right hand and thigh, R.S. Smith, 
    slight wound in right foot, R.B. Gibson, slight in hand, L.S. Lineberry, right shoulder, 
    severe, W.W. Burnside, flesh wound right thigh, J.H. Cobie, flesh wound right hip, 
    John W. McNairy, flesh would left knee—will lose the leg, J.W. McDowell, slight in 
    foot, W.D. Demms, A.S. Stanley, wounded in the face, recaptured, John T. 
    Sockwell in the neck, mortally (since died), Sgt. E.M. Crawson, prisoner and 
    wounded slightly in foot, Cyrus Crawson, slight in both legs, released, C.W. 
    Stratford, left thigh, slight, E.F. Shuler, left leg, slight, James R. Pierce, flesh wound 
    in leg, prisoner, L.N. Isley, both thighs, flesh wounds, William May, severely in head, 
    H. Crider, breast (since died), R.B. McLean, lost two toes.
    Company C
    Killed:  Pte. Caleb Brown
    Wounded:  W.B. Cassey, hand, slight, F. Aldridge, hand and arm, slight, H. Lovett,
    foot, slight, Jesse Sutton, shoulder badly, R.H. Kennedy, thigh, badly, J.H. Barrow, 
    arm, seriously, M. Peal, arm, slight, James Fields, leg, seriously, P. Radford, hand, 
    slight, R.H. Sutton, leg, slight, D. Savage, hip, slight, Jas. Pattie (or Potter), John 
    Potter, Jordan Potter, W. Waters, thigh, flesh wounds, R.C. Fields, foot, slight, 
    Corporal Ben Woolten, badly (since died), Thomas Horing, bruised in side by shell, 
    Alex Sutton, Joshua Suggs, bruised by shell and missing, supposed to be prisoner.
    Company D
    Wounded:  Lts. C.W. Jones and C. Harper, slight wounds, Lt. T.F. Worley, right foot, 
    slight, Sgt. D.G. Taylor, flesh wound in left leg, Sgt. E. Goodman, leg, severe, Sgt. 
    H.S. Minn, leg, arm and face, flesh wounds, Corp. Z. Harper left leg, slight, Corp. 
    J.R. Gray, slight, Ptes. A.B. Blizzard severe in head, W.D. Carter, right hand, B.A. 
    Carter, left forefinger gone, Lewis Davenport, flesh wound left leg, William J. Freeman, 
    neck and right shoulder, severe, John Howard, left leg, James Hardie, thigh, slight, 
    Quartermaster E. Lee, side, severe, D.C. Lee, right thigh, slight, John Quinn, left hip, 
    severe, Daniel Stroud, thigh and stomach, severe, R.C. Rogers, right arm, severe, 
    William S. Worley, left hand, W. Outlaw, Richard Deaver, Arthur Turner, prisoners 
    and wounded.
    Missing:  William Brown
    Company E
    Killed:  Ptes. Jas. Parkes and R.K. Murphy
    Wounded:  1st Lt. J.R. Tyre, mortal in breast (since died), Pte. J.W. Morris, through 
    bowels (since died), James Brewer, flesh wound left leg, B.A. Buck, right foot, slight, 
    H. Corbit, slight in left knee, Dempsey Corbit, leg, slight.
    (NOTE:  See further below, a different report from this company regarding casualties 
    with differences.)
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. Elias Lane, Color Bearer W.T. Summers, Calvin Hendrix
    Wounded:  Capt. T.D. Jones, left side, severe, Lt. F. Nixon, flesh wound right leg, 
    Lt. William Mebane, Sgt. Theophilus White—taken prisoner, Corp. David Hobbs, 
    head and right arm, slight, Ptes. Thomas Riddick, mortally (since died), Mordecai 
    Bundy, stomach, severe, Joshua Knight, both legs, severe, Daniel Plyler, calf of leg, 
    slight, William Meissonheimer, right knee, severe, Isaiah Overman, flesh wound 
    left arm, Jas. Barclift, left arm, slight, Thomas Munden, flesh wound both thighs, 
    Bryan Dinkens.
    Prisoners:  William Mallery, C.C. Small, Robert Billups, John Hallowell, Andrew 
    White, John Boyce, Timothy White, Thomas Nicholson
    Company G
    Killed:  Pte. Jas. Shields, William Campbell, Corp. H.P. Woods, Ptes. J.E. Woods, 
    George Merritt, James A. Gattes(?), Frank Pearson
    Wounded:  Capt. Stephen Dixon, left lung, Lt. Jas. A. Graham, very slight, right knee, 
    Lt. R.D. Patterson, right groin, Ptes. W.D. Woods, flesh wound left thigh, S.G. 
    Strayhorn, slight in ankle, J.H. Woods, flesh wound right thigh, W.A. Gattis, very 
    slight right thigh, John Mowatt, shell wound in groin, Jasper Haley, middle finger left 
    hand gone, J.K. Clark, right thigh, severe, S.P. Lockhart, stunned by shell in 
    stomach, Samuel Nelson, right leg, severe, Albert Forrest, through finger on left hand, 
    James Webb, breast, serious, William Thompson, slight in right arm, Evans Brown, 
    right arm gone, Henry Pickett, right leg amputated, David Thompson, bruised by 
    shell, slight, F.P. Clark, right foot, slight, William Newman, through face and right 
    leg, C.S. Cooley, hand, slight, W.H. Strain, severe in face, G.M. Dorathy, knee, 
    slight, E.S. Faucitt, thigh, missing.
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. Fred Mage(?), Ptes. L.W. Arrington, J.R. Deloach, Edmund Corbit
    Wounded:  Capt. J.A. Williams, very severe through the body, Lts. H. F. Price, 
    slight bruise left thigh, R.O. Smith, slight in breast, Sgt. Sam Whitley, flesh wound 
    right thigh, H.E. Nelson, flesh wound left thigh, Corp. David Stokes, right thigh 
    broken, W.C. Burney, flesh wound leg, Ptes. F. Arrington in stomach (since died), 
    G.F. Evans, left little finger gone, David C. Adams, flesh wound right thigh, W.B. 
    Garris, little finger left hand gone, John A. Stokes, bruised left shoulder, slight, 
    D.C. Smith, severe in groin (since died), M.A. James, bruised left thigh, slight, Jesse 
    Whitley(?) Whilly(?), very slight right hand, R.R. Fleming, slight bruise left arm, J.H. 
    Clark, left shoulder, slight.
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. J.H. Titus, Weasly Howard
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.E. Ward, right ankle, slight, Corp. E.M. Foscue, right wrist, 
    slight, Ptes. W.T. Perry, flesh wounds in calves of both legs, W. Meadows, 
    bruised by shell in leg, I. Meadows, bruised by shell in ankle, G.W. Mason, 
    forehead, slight, H. Marshall, flesh wound in thigh, H. Owens, flesh wound thigh, 
    J.D. Gibbers, severely (since died), R.H. Koonce, very slight in head, F. King, left 
    shoulder seriously, L.J. Jones, very serious in face and thigh.
    Missing:  Sgt. C. Hay, Corp. D. Russell, S. Williams, J.R. Wren, W.F. Killingsworth
    Company K
    Killed:  Lt. G.S. Johnson, Sgt. J.J. Mattox, Ptes. W.T. Talbot, W.R. Sanis
    Wounded:  Lt. Barry Parks, flesh wound, Sgt. Wiley Thompson, ankle, slight by 
    shell, Josiah Gardner, instep of left foot, R.H. Best, bruised in left breast by shell, 
    Corp. J.P. Smith, left jaw and shoulder, severe, Ptes. E.G. Beaman, left hand, 
    slight, William Ethridge, left leg, flesh wound, J.H. Ginn, flesh wound left leg, 
    Simon Holland, right groin, severe, J.W. Holland, left hand, severe, Wiley Jones, 
    right thigh, severe. D.H. Lambeth, flesh wound left arm, Jackson Mullis(?), left 
    arm, E.H. Crocker, stunned by shell, John Allen, slight in left arm, J.G. Smith, 
    slight in right hip, A.J. Smith, slight in left hip
    This list is as nearly correct as I can get in the hurry and excitement of a march.  
    I will report again if any others reported to me.
    Yours Truly
    We are indebted to Capt. Graham for the following list of casualties in Light Battery 
    C, 10th N.C.T. in the Battle of Bristow Station on October 14, 1863, Capt. Joseph 
    Graham Commanding.
    Killed:  Pte. R. Samuel Sloan
    Wounded:  Sgt. R.E. Sloan, severe in shoulder, Corpls. J.T. Truman, severe in arm, 
    J.H. Potts(?), slight in breast, Ptes. Thomas M. Grier, mortal in right lung, Thomas 
    Kaloran, leg, W.S. Williams, slight in shoulder, David Underwood, right hand shot 
    From Lee’s Army
    Casualties in the fight at Bristow Station
    Rappahannock Station October 15, 1863
    I have already sent you a list of casualties in the 27th Reg’t. N.C.T. at Bristow Station.  
    I may have to add a few more to it but I hope not.  Below is the report of casualties of 
    the 48th Regiment N.C.T. in the Battle of Bristow Station last Wednesday evening.
    Field and Staff:  None
    Company A
    Killed:  Pte. Milton Presslar
    Wounded:  Ptes. N.J. Beckitt, left leg broken, amputated below knee, S.N. Presson, 
    flesh would left thigh, H.E. Helms, wounded and missing, prisoner, H.J. Ross, slight
    in left ankle, Wyatt Presslar, slight in left hand, A.C. Presslar, J.L. McLilland, S.H. 
    Polk, stunned by shell, Luke Sinclair, flesh wound in right leg, F.M. Poor, right 
    cheek, severe, S. Heim, three fingers of left hand, severe, J.W. Irby, left hand 
    severe, E.P. Rushing, wounded and missing, Joseph Brown, L.F. Austin, S.L. 
    Mullis(?) Matlis(?), G.W. Mullis(?) Matlis(?), missing, Lt. J.A. Lowry, very slight wound.
    Company B
    Killed:  John A. Rhodes
    Wounded:  Ivey Surartt(?) Sararit(?), mortal in head, George W. Smith, left breast, 
    severe, William Fritts, slight in right hand, H. Swaney, slight in scalp, Alex Picket, 
    flesh wound left knee, Lt. William Hammer, Wyatt Davis, slightly bruised by shell,
     Jesse Osborn, H.A. Cooper(?), stunned by shell, W.D. Long and James Skeen, missing.
    Company C
    Killed:  Pte. D.M. Sefler
    Wounded:  Lt. A.W. Troutman, head, slight, Ptes. R. Cascaden, forefinger left hand, 
    R.F. Clire(?), face, slight, M.F. Erdson(?), great toe left foot, slight, J.Q. Holdsonser, 
    face and left shoulder, badly, James Kyle, flesh wound right leg, J. Lite, right hand, 
    severe, D. Scriggs, middle finger, J.M. Walker, right leg, severe, W.J. Waugh, left
     hand, slight, William Hair(?) Hale(?) bruised by shell in back
    Missing:  Ptes. D. Clodfelter, G.L.D. Eller, C.A. Earnhart, J.O. Leslie, P. Leppard, 
    J.C. Plyler.
    Company D
    Killed:  Pte. J.J. May
    Wounded:  Capt. W.H.H. Lawbon, slight in groin, Sgt. G.B. Campbell both arms 
    amputated and severe wound in thigh, J.G. Morgan, left shoulder, severe, H.W. 
    Stutts, left side, severe, J.H. Stutts, right hip, slight, R. Davis, flesh wound right
    leg, severe, J. M. (?) Wallace, right hand, finger gone, R.B. Stewart, head, slight, 
    Kelly Bryan, left foot slight, W.A. Steadman, left hip, slight
    Missing:  H.A. Bridges, Isaac Freeman, Levi Wright, Rials(?) Key, W.H. Baker, 
    E.D. Morgan, Archibald McLean, H.A. Spencer, M.C. Yew, very slight wound.
    Company E
    Killed:  Ptes. J.W.L. Be-k, Jno. F. Smith
    Wounded:  Sgt. Correll, Color Bearer, breast, slight, Corp. J.W. Osbone, left hand, 
    slight, Ptes. Josiah Davis, right breast, badly, T.C. Eubanks, right wrist badly, 
    J.J. Griffin, right leg, slightly, John E. Hancock, groin by shell, badly, Ellison Hayes, 
    left shoulder, slightly, M.C. King, left side not serious, D.W. Laney, left leg, slightly, 
    John Milton, right hand, middle finger, Thomas Parker, lost one finger, General 
    Richardson, left hand severe, M.C. Richardson, right leg severe, Milus(?) Starnes, 
    end of one finger gone, J.L. Yarborough, left thigh serious
    Missing:  Sgt. John W. Parker, Ptes. A.H.A. Belk(?), H.J. Griffin, J.B. Stearnes
    Company F
    Wounded:  Corp. B.P. Richardson, right thigh, severe, 1st Sgt. G.W. Howie through 
    both cheeks badly, Sgt. Quarter Master Warken(?), right thigh, leg amputated, 
    Sgt. J.S. Parker, in head, slight, Corp. R.C. DeLancey, flesh wound right thigh, 
    Ptes. B. Belk, fore finger left hand, slight, J.A. Helms(?), bruised by shell left thigh, 
    slight, W.E. Richardson, bruised by shell right shoulder, badly, R.T. Sistar(?), 
    through both thighs not serious, J. P. Walker, right breast, badly
    Missing:  O.(?) C.(?) Bancum, W.A.J. Huff, K.G. Stearns, supposed to be prisoners
    Company G
    Killed:  Pte. H. Lawrence
    Wounded:  Lt. J.A. Thompson, badly in leg, Lt. C.B. Clegg, slight, 1st Sgt. B.F. 
    Headen, stunned by shell, Sgt. J.W.B. Lassiter, flesh wound in thigh, serious, 
    Sgt. J.T. Gunter, left arm flesh wound, slight, Corp. J.B. Gunter left arm, flesh 
    wound, Ptes. A.J. Burns, foot, slight, E.H. Burns, thigh and knee, severe, Alex 
    Burns, head, mortal, Q.J. Bynum, shoulder, slight by shell, T.W. Dowdy, stunned 
    by shell badly, J.C. Harrison, left hand badly, C.M. Holt in hand, slight, J. Lomax, 
    flesh wound in thigh, J. Mauldin, slightly shocked by shell, P. Perry, left shoulder, 
    slight, S.H. Rosser, shocked by shell, F. Smith, badly in left hand, W. Wall, finger 
    right hand, slight, H. Warner, slight in the hand, J.E. Watson, stunned by shell, 
    slight, J.R. Abernathy, H.H. Burns, T. Beal, B.F.C. Burk(?) Bark(?), J.M. Dowdy, 
    S.H. Scarlet, J. Stone, prisoners
    Company H
    Killed:  Pte. N.F. Miller
    Wounded:  Sgt. J. Imbler, right leg, slight, Corp. S.J. Davis, bruised by shell in 
    breast, badly, Ptes. David Essex, W.R. Essex, bruised slightly by shell in leg, 
    Christian Hege,
    Badly in head, Alex Lenord, badly in left hand by shell, Riley Lenord, bruised by
    shell in breast and lost one finger, H. Walker(?) Walser(?), bruised in breast by 
    shell, slightly, S. Wilson, bruised in thigh by shell, slight.
    Missing:  Sgt. M.T. Lambeth, William Johnson, Casper Lenord, C.a. Hege, 
    supposed to be prisoners
    Company I
    Wounded:  Sgts. A.H. Boyet(?) Boyel(?), thigh, mortally, W.Q. Pmyon(?), breast, 
    serious, Corp. William Hoyle, slight in knee by shell, Ptes. T.A. Austin, stunned by 
    shell, slight, N. Biggers(?), left hand, serious, Oliver Biggers, left knee, serious, W.J. 
    Cook, right knee, badly, W. F.(or P.?) Cuthberton, flesh wound in arm, Albert Dees, 
    slight in stomach, Reuben Dennis, left arm, slight, William Honeyent(?) Honeycut(?),
    left shoulder badly, J.S. Hunter, left cheek, slight, Samuel Proctor, left cheek badly, 
    John Skipper, forefinger, slight, James York, slight in both legs
    Missing:  J.G. Long, W.E. Prossley, W.H. Sligall(?)
    Company K
    Killed:  Ptes. Henry Hilton(?) Holton(?), William Candle
    Wounded:  Capt. J.W. Betting, slight in hip, Sgts. H.T. Newsome, A.F. Montague, 
    Corp. A. Kiger, slight in hand, Sgt. Jno. A. Wood, paralyzed by shell, Ptes. Herman 
    (Hyman?) Everhart, mortally, J. Crouch, slight in hand, Sol Green, paralyzed by shell, 
    Samuel Jackson, leg, slight, Sol Heathcock, hand, slight, Joseph Wagoner, paralyzed 
    by shell
    Missing:  Jacob Collet, Egbert Hoozer.
    The above list is official
    Yours Truly,
    List of Casualties 15th (?) Regiment N.C.T. in the Battle of Bristow Station, Virginia, 
    Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1863
    Field and Staff:  None
    Company A
    Killed:  Lt. G.D. Cuthbertson
    Wounded:  Lt. W.E. Woodruff, in arm, Ptes. M.L. Parker in arm, E.Y. Marks, foot, 
    Isaiah Burns, foot, I. Sumner, neck, B. Vaughan, shoulder
    Missing:  Henry Marks
    Company B
    Wounded:  Lt. F.L. Rogers, left arm amputated, 1st Sgt. B.C. Coon, severe in leg, 
    4th Sgt. J.B. Long slight in leg, Corpls. J.E. Helms, severe in leg, W.P. Richardson, 
    severe in arm, Ptes. J.M. Austin, severe in head, L.E. Brown, severe in arm, G.W. 
    Barker, severe in leg, J.M. Howard, mortal in bowels, J.A. Irby, slight in leg, C.B. 
    Muse, slight in leg, W.B. McLean, severe in leg, J.F. McCorkel, slight in leg, Sgt. 
    Maj. J.E. Porter, slight in right shoulder
    Missing:  Sgt. D.M. Rose, Ptes. J. Barmingham, William Conder, J.D. Helms, J.M. 
    Pistol, J.C. Steel, J.C. Ramsay, J.D. Shinson
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. C.G. Rippey, Corp. L.H. Blanton
    Wounded:  Lt. J.M. Jarrett, severe in left thigh, Sgts. J.G. Putnam, slight in hand, M.V. 
    Putnam, slight in wrist, Ptes. G.W. Davis, slight in right hip, R.A. Blantin, severe in
    left leg, H. Weaver, slight in breast, A. Weaver, mortal in head, died, G.B. McCraw, 
    mortal in bowels, K.S. Tate, severe in right thigh, William Howling, severe in groin, 
    A.W. Pannell, slight in face and foot, Corp. L.H. Blanton, killed, Pte. H. Burnes, 
    E.A. Hardin
    Missing:  J. Mahew, J. Spurlin, F.D. Rominger, L. Barrett, J.D. Robinson, J.S. 
    Hendrick, S.G. Putnam, W.A. Hambrick, J.P. McIntire, wounded and missing
    Company D
    Wounded:  Lt. W.E. Oldham, finger and breast, 2nd Lt. Mussenberg, slight in leg, 
    Pte. Jas. Yew, mortal in breast, Isaac -------, hip, W.P. Cole, slight in thigh, J.A. 
    Wicks, slight in hand, C.C. Munn, slight in side, J.W. Riggsbee, slight in knee, W. 
    Goodwin, missing.
    Company E
    Wounded:  Ptes. D.M. Card, slight in side, S.P. Carver, slight in side, Jacob Cossart, 
    slight in foot, J.B. Duke, slight in thigh, A.L. Jinkiss(?) Jinkius(?), slight in breast and 
    knee, M.G. Murray, slight in shoulder, G.S. Strickland, slight in hand, A.M.D. 
    Upchurch, slight in foot, N. Winston, slight in knee, D.C. Winston, wounded and 
    missing, H.S. Bess, missing, A. Moore, killed
    Company F
    Killed:  Ptes. D.R. Black, J. Garkins, W.A. Phillips, J.A. Spence
    Wounded:  Lt. R. Barnes, right arm, Sgt. W.D. Smith, slight in hip, Corp. D.H. 
    Mathews, slight in right thigh, G.D. Spence, slight in left wrist, Ptes. A. Ballard, 
    severe in left breast, J.H. Colville, severe right leg, W.A. Colville, slight in leg, Jno. 
    McDougall, slight in abdomen, J.P. Mills, slight in arm, S. Moore, head, died, J. 
    Norden, severe in right hand, J. Sink severe in right knee, H.W. Shoaf, contusion of 
    head, R.M. Shoaf, slight in back, Jas. Shut, right leg, W. Wade, slight in right knee.
    Company G
    Killed:  Pte. P.G. Murphy
    Wounded:  J.P. True, both arms shot off, G.A. Allen, severe in thigh, S. Painer, 
    right thumb shot off, Corp. P.H. Longmire, slight in hand, Sgt. J.B. Damlet, slight 
    in hand, Corp. H.H. Gilliam, slight in breast, Ptes. N. Neighbors, slight in hand, 
    Henry King, slight in thigh, Sgt. J.R. Raney and Pte. J.R. Leonard(?), missing.
    Company H
    Killed:  Corp. C.B. Branson, Pte. M.V. Hopkins
    Wounded:  Sgt. M. V.(?) Is - - - , in right arm, and finger shot off, Pte. M. Hughes, 
    slight in left foot, W. Wiley, severe in head, J.P. Linnis, slight in left shoulder, 
    G.W. Fesh, slight in hip and face, J.P. Stanford, and W. Strayhorn, missing, 
    P.S. Thompson(?) Shompson(?), missing, S.A. Stewart, wounded and missing, 
    H. Painter and W. Wagner, missing, W. Jones, wounded and missing, W.H. 
    Gustin, wounded and missing, Lt. S.M. Robinson, wounded and missing.
    Company I
    Killed:  Corp. J.P. Bradley, Pte. A.P. Allen
    Wounded:  Lt. S.M. Pender, slight in head, Sgt. D.H. Barlow, slight in shoulder, 
    Ptes. W. Barden, slight in right foot,  D.D. Boyne, slight in side, J.W. Cooke, 
    slight in hip, W. Fulram, slight in side, E. Lewis, slight in arm, W. Overman, 
    severe in arm, D. Peacock, slight in breast and hand, A. Taylor, slight in 
    shoulder, W. Worrell, slight in hip, Q. Yelverton, thigh broken, W. Johnson, missing
    Company K
    Killed:  Capt. G. W. White, Pte. Thomas Moore
    Wounded:  1st Lt. J.P. Cross, thigh, Sgt. J.B. Armstrong, leg, Corp. P.C. 
    Walker, severe in thigh, Ptes. H.S. Spicer, leg, slight, J.B. Mears, slight in 
    arm, C. Miller, slight in foot, J.R. Womble, slight in back, I. Flood, serious in 
    breast, H. Hill, slight in hand, D.S. Hartley, slight in hand, W.H. Sandon(?), 
    paralyzed by shell, severe, B. Jarvis, wounded and captured
    Missing:  H.H. Swicegood, A. Hedrick, A. Gabble
    List of casualties in the 46th Regiment N.C.T. at the Battle of Bristow Station, 
    Virginia, Oct. 14, 1863
    Company A
    Killed:  Corp. J.T. Smith
    Wounded:  Ptes. A.G. Maures, J. Richie, P. Penninger, S. Butford, slight, R.H. 
    Wyatt, S. Hammond
    Company B
    Killed:  Ptes. Daniel Miller, Allison Rumple
    Wounded:  1st Sgt. Jacob Klutts, C.C. Harryman(?) Barryman(?), C.A. Bassenger, 
    Ptes. P.C. Crawford, Alexander Englehard, W.H. Harris, Jacob Hornbarger, 
    John McNealy, M. Peller, Miles Williams, C.H. Waggoner, Rufus Trexler, slight,
    Fred Waller
    Missing:  William Stiller, William Dunn, W.P. Seble(?) Sebbe(?)
     Company C
    Wounded:  C.F. Gardner, R.T. Robinson, W.J. Paschal, slightly
    Company D
    Wounded:  Pte. William Shaw
    Company E
    Wounded:  Corp. S.G. Goss (color bearer), slightly, Ptes. D. Berchitt, slightly, 
    R.W. Carter(?), severely, J.G. Freeman, M. Ferebon, D. Kennedy, G.R. Thompson, 
    slightly, W.L. Wheeler, severely, A. Treasley, slightly, K Oatley, slightly
    Company F
    Killed:  1st Sgt. N. Spencer
    Wounded:  Ptes. J.M. Blewer, N. Hancock, W. Hancock, W. Sidwell, 
    Edmund Spencer, F.L. Yates
    Missing:  S. Hill, C. Robbins, N. Robins(?) Robius(?)
    Company G
    Wounded:  Lt. R.P. Troy, Ptes. P.F. Hogle, severely, Thomas Brooks, W.F. Blair,
    slightly, B.A. Johnson, George W. Fox, A.S. Wright, slightly, Corp. T.A. Futral
    Company H
    Wounded:  Sgt. M.C. Johnston, Pte. J. Sheffield, Jas. Smith
    Company I
    Wounded:  1st Sgt. L.G. Hall, Ptes. Thomas Golier, severely, W.F. Hair, severely, 
    W.H.M. Lamb, slightly
    Company K
    Killed:  Ptes. Henry Dangerheart, R.H. Lenard, J. Parker, D. Wilson
    Wounded:  S. Booveg, J.S. Hewitt, severely, W.H. Birch, severely, F. Finger, slightly, 
    O.(?) M. Jarrett, slightly, W. Seltzer, slightly
    1st N.C. Cavalry
    Casualties in the fight
    Mr. Editor:
    You will confer a favor on this regiment and its friends by publishing the following list 
    of casualties since the 10th October, during the brilliant cavalry campaign of the past
     ten days.
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. Thomas Ruffin, supposed mortally and captured, Major Rufus 
    Barringer, slightly in thigh.
    Company A
    Wounded:  Pte. Hugh Turner, slightly
    Missing:  Lt. D.F. Armfield(?)
    Company B
    Wounded:  Pte. Milte Powell, severely
    Missing:  Cornelius Hall
    No listings for Companies C and D
    Company E
    Wounded:  T. Persons, mortally, since died, J.H. Cunningham, mortally, since died, 
    R.T. Edwards, severely in thigh
    Missing:  Jos. Burnett
    Company F
    Wounded:  Corp. W. Bell, slightly in shoulder, Pte. N.F. Buckwelder, severely in thigh
    Company G
    Killed:  J.A. Springs
    Wounded:  V.T. King, foot, John Carver, severely in foot
    Company H
    Wounded:  Bugler Burkitt M. Privett, in face, W.H. Barley, slightly, Martin Martin, 
    severely in foot
    Missing:  Thomas Hughes
    Company I
    Killed:  Lt. W.G. Grady
    Wounded:  G.W. Miller, severely in leg, P.(?) W. Megritt(?), severely in leg
    Company K
    Wounded:  W.S. Tutheroe
    Missing:  S.R. Slagle
    On the 19th, the N.C. Brigade made the greatest charge on record; 1st N.C. in 
    front.  We charged the enemy in a sweeping gallop for seven miles, capturing 
    more than we had men in the fight with several wagons and two ambulances.
    Your Obedient Servant
    Lt. D.P. Mast
    Acting Adjutant, 1st N.C. Cavalry
    List Casualties 47th Regiment, Bristow Station, October 14
    Captain W.C. Lankford, commanding
    Company A
    Wounded:  Lt. G.W. Westray, severely in thigh, Lt. S.H.(?) Bridges, supposed 
    mortally, Corp. William Chambler, severely in hip, Ptes. P.H. Arnswell, severely 
    in shoulder, W.P. Edwards, foot, Abijah Griffin, leg, W.G. Murray, side and arm, 
    William Torbert, in head
    Missing:  Sgt. Charles J. Braswell, Corp. J.C. Easman(?) Earman(?), B.B. 
    Batchelor, W.S. Batchelor, Lovel Boykin, Calvin Burnitt, Jesse Davis, John 
    Finch, D.A. Glover, T. Glover, J. Hogwood, B. James, Jos. Manning, W.R. 
    Morgan, E.W. Patterson, S.S. Patterson, William Taylor, John Turner, John Ward
    Company B
    Wounded:  E.H. Brum, severely in arm, H. Etheridge, arm
    Company C
    Wounded:  Corp. H.W. House, leg broken, Ptes. B.R. Fowler, leg, H.H. Forrest, 
    Missing:  Lt. N.L. Brown, Sgts. E.A. Williams, T.V. Bunch, Corp. J.W. Adams, 
    Ptes. H. Dickson, D.A. Murborn(?), B. Underwood, John Glover(?)
    Company D
    Wounded:  Capt. C.N. Lewis in thigh, Lt. W.H. Blunt(?), arm, J.Q. Winburne, 
    Sgt. E.S. Powell, Ptes. G. Massingale, shoulder, W.H. May, thigh
    Missing:  Corp. A. Winstead, Ptes. A.A. Delbridge, R.H. Harper, D.H. Deans,
    J.Q. West, S.D. Ricks
    Company E
    Killed:  Benjamin Taylor, Jos. G. Maunor, S.M. Parrish
    Wounded:  P.G. Mangum, severely in thigh, W.D. Bledsoe, severely in arm, 
    William Dancey, Thomas Bailey
    Missing:  Chesley Searles, N. Lassifer(?), J.H. Nipper, R.C. Jones
    Company F
    Wounded:  G.H. Wiggins, in foot, C.B. Freeman, in hand, Thomas Fuller, 
    severely in hand
    Missing:  Ptes. A.M. Dickerson, D.H. Thornington, W.B. Timberlake, W.E. 
    Coghill, A.A. Williams
    Company G
    Wounded:  Sgt. R.D. Horner, in hip, Pte. J.H. Height, in leg
    Missing:  Ptes. N.A. Jones, G.T. Harper
    Company H
    Killed:  (Transcriber’s note, it really does not say “killed”, just the name and 
    below it starts with the wounded)  Pte. J.P. Scott
    Wounded:  Sgt. N.C. Stronach, in leg, Ptes. Stephen Croble(?), arm broken, 
    Sidney Crocker, arm, William W. Crocker, both legs broken, Josh Hancock, 
    in thigh
    Company I
    Killed:  Pte. Jos. Googh(?)
    Wounded:  Josh Adkinson, hand and thigh, Jas. Hopson, wrist, John Pollard, 
    thigh, John Ferrell, thigh and neck, Calvin Evans, leg amputated, William P. 
    Evans, thigh
    Missing:  A.C. Jones, John Fowler, William Hales, William T. George, W.G. 
    Almond, J.S. Wood
    Company K
    Wounded:  Pte. John Herron, hand, J. Founce(?) Pounce(?), leg and hip
    Missing:  D.H. Webb
    Brigadier General R.B. Vance:
    In pursuance of orders I received from you, I crossed the French Broad at 
    Marshall on the morning of the 25th with 80 men from the regiment commanded 
    by Capt. C.M. Roberts, Lt. W.P. Welch, Lt. Plumblee(?), Lt. Hyatt and Lt. Lane 
    and took the road up Pine Creed and crossed the Spring Creek Mountain by a 
    trail leading to what is known as the “Flats” on Spring Creek which we reached 
    at night.  There I was joined by Major Rhea from Haywood with about twenty 
    militia men.  I here procured supplies for the men and proceeded on the march, 
    reaching the enemy’s outpost just at daylight; but instead of finding a picket at 
    his outpost I found men drawn up in a line of battle, waiting to receive me, they
    having discovered the plan, from all accounts, early the night before.
    When I made the attack, though the enemy numbered, as was afterwards 
    ascertained, about 400, in line, I charged him and completely routed him 
    from his position and drove him beyond the field.  A second time, coming 
    up, shoed the same result.  A third time they reinforced and came.  With 
    this force my little band struggled for some time successfully but seeing we 
    were completely overwhelmed in numbers, I gave the order to fall back.  Most 
    of the men did so in good order.  
    All the men and officers on this occasion acted with such coolness and gallantry
    that it is hard to individualize but I cannot refrain from mentioning the conduct of 
    Lt. W.P. Welch and Sgt. Collins of Company B.  Lt. Welch led his men with 
    great gallantry and set an example for them for more than one of the enemy was 
    seen to fall by his hand.  In a hand to hand encounter Sgt. Collins rushed 
    forward and sacrificed his own life to save mine.
    Major Rhea and a portion of his militia fought well but the conduct of others was 
    not very good.
    My loss is four killed, viz: Lt. Hyatt, Sgt. Collins, Ptes. Monroe Hushins, and L. 
    Dodgins.  Wounded:  B. F West, severely, ---- Person of Company I, slightly, 
    ----- Williams, wounded and in the hands of the enemy, John McClure, militia man, 
    I am satisfied that the enemy’s loss in killed and wounded cannot fall short of thirty 
    and most of my officers think more than that.
    I am, General, with great respect, 
    Your Obedient Servant
    Sam C. Bryson
    Commanding Detachment
    Army of Northern Virginia
    Camp, 27th N.C. Infantry
    October 30, 1863
    You will please publish the following list of casualties of Company E, 27th N.C.T. 
    in the Battle of Bristow Station for the information of anxious friends and relatives.  
    (Note see also casualties above)
    Killed:  Lt. Jas. Tyer, Ptes. R.K. Murphy, Jas. P. Parker, John Morris
    Wounded:  A.J. Baker, Jos. Brewer, B.A. Buck, William Corbett, Dempsey 
    Corbett, Howell Corbett, Jesse Murphy, Moses Nichols, E.S. Parker, 
    Shaderach Williams, Sgts. Brantly and Carr, Corpls. R.J. Long and E.A. Barrett
    Missing:  Jno James, W.J. Kilpatrick, W. Pierce
    Allow me to say that a list of the casualties in this regiment was carefully 
    made out and sent to a newspaper in Richmond for publication.  For some 
    reason the names of the killed and wounded officers only were published and 
    believing that the relatives of the private soldiers are as desirous to know their 
    fates as those of the officers, I send you the above list of our company which 
    our captain assures me is correct.  It is, indeed, mortifying to think that our 
    brave comrades were slaughtered by the mismanagement of Virginia Generals 
    and then not allowed a small space in a Virginia newspaper to let their 
    distressed families know what has become of them.
    Company E
    NOTE:  See also above paragraph regarding this Battle of Warm Springs
    Report of the 2nd  Battle Warm Springs, Madison Co., N.C. on the 26th inst.
    25th N.C.T. Detachment
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, November 2, 1863
    Casualties 44th Regiment N.C.T., Kirkland’s Brigade in the engagement 
    near Bristow Station, Va., October 14, 1863
    Field and Staff:
    Killed:  Lt. R.W.Dupree, Co. H, Acting Adjutant
    Wounded:  Col. T.C. Singletary, slight
    Company A, Lt. R.G. Sneed, commanding
    Killed:  Corp. R.E. Mortan, W.H. Williams, C.A.J. Tally, Jasper Emory
    Wounded:  Jas. Walker, D.H. Beck, Isaiah Cash, James Copley, M.F. 
    Ezell, E.A. Estes, Jas Forrest, J.F. Nevils, severely; Jos. Conner, S.H. 
    Ferrell, A.B. Montague, D. Mangum, J.E. Rose, J. Self, J. Stanley, D.G. 
    Wilson, slightly; J.R. Perry, leg amputated
    Missing:  S.R. Hughes, W.A. Perry, E. Emory, G. Laws
    Company B, Capt. R.C. Brown, commanding
    Killed:  Delaney Gwatney(?)
    Wounded:  J.L. Crawford, Jas. Rogers, severely; W.D. Andrews, 
    Benjamin House, McH Mitchell, slightly; Jno Harris, arm broken; Jno 
    Dew, leg amputated
    Missing:  Sgt. F.B. Pitt, G. Busting or Bunting
    Company C, Capt. M.G. Cherry commanding
    Wounded:  Lt. R.E. Mayo(?), Color Sgt. W. Litchworth, Lemuel Cherry, 
    Cornelius James, W. McGinwhorn(?), all prisoners; Corp. J.M. Clark, 
    W. Brewer, W. Bullock, J.S. Harris, W. Cannon, severely; Corp. W.H. 
    Crawford, Theo Bullock, R.B. Fulford, Jno. Musgrove, T.E. Randolph, 
    Isaac Shores, slightly
    Missing:  Corp. A. Congleton, K. Clark, B.F. Lung, W.E. Jenkins, J.J. 
    McGowns(?), W.C.(or O.) Pollard, B.F. Spein, Jesse Thomas
    Company D, Lt. J.S. Easton commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. W.H. Wollard, W.Wainwright, W.C. White, J.N. Vestal
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.R. Baldree, E.M. Albrighton, R.A. Bryant, W.J. 
    Harris, J.G. Mason, G. Fulford, J.T. Jones, W.H. Williams, N.E. 
    Price, E. Pilgrin, W.T. Holcombe, J.K. Jolly, severely; Sgt. W.R. 
    Hansel, Corp. W.M. Smith, W.T. Beaman, L. Tazwell, B. Fleming, 
    G.W. Crawford, slightly
    Missing:  E.T. Elke, Jno. Averitt, Henry Moore, W. Peoples
    Company E, Capt. J.J. Crump, commanding
    Killed:  Eli Lambert
    Wounded:  Lt. C.C. Goldston, Corp. A. Thaggard, Asa Adarms, Robert 
    Brewer, Jas. Mashburn, Henry Thomas, M.V. Tally, severely; Capt. J.J. 
    Crump, Sgt. J.D. Wicker, Corp. F. Bray, C.E. Dismukes, W. Mashburn, 
    H. Heart, slightly; M.D. Wicker and prisoner
    Missing:  C.B. Myrick, N.A. Rogers, H.(?) A. Crutchfield, Lemuel Smith
    Company F, Capt. J.C. Gaines, commanding
    Killed:  Lt. J.C. Montgomery, Corp. Elisha Harris, Wm. Keith
    Wounded:  J.C. Reeves, Jacob Snotherly, T.F. Haywood, C.N. Wright, 
    Henry Thompson, severely; Sgt. W.C. Hilliard, Miles Henly, Jas. 
    Tucker, Doctor Talbot, Alexander Warner, slightly; J.F. Hamilton, leg 
    Missing:  Sgt. W.T. Wade, Nelson Harris, J.R. Keith, J. Crowder
    Company G, 1st Sgt. W.S. Long, commanding
    Wounded:  Sgt. D.(?) M. Sykes, G. Adams, S.W. Thompson, A.C. 
    Weysong, Edmund Allen, severely; Corp. J.D. Scott, P. Garner, H.G. 
    Nicholson, Jos Wright, J.H. Wagoner, slightly
    Missing:  E.F. Brown, D.C. Bryan, W. Carlton
    Company H, Capt. R.W. Singletary, commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. H.S. Bean, Jas. Sanford, B. Davidson
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.C. Cornelson, W.D. Ellerson, severely; Corp. A. 
    Martin, H. Gardner, Jno. Moon, slightly; Corps. Green and E. 
    Livingston, D.H. Miller, prisoners; J. Woolen, leg broken
    Company I, Capt. D.H. Smith, commanding
    Killed:  J. Laughinghouse, C. Smith, L. McGlowhorn, A. Gwatray, A. 
    Wounded:  Lts. J.J. Bland and J. M. Lancaaster, Sgt. J. Dawson, 
    C.C. Butler, Wyatt Clark, severely; Capt. D.H. Smith, Corp. N. Mills, 
    F. McGlowhorn, M. Stocks, T. Stocks, E. Nelson, slightly
    Missing:  Corp. D.P. Gaskins, Jas. Elks, W. Gardner, E.A. Gladson, 
    F. Laughinghouse, S. McGlowhorn, Arthur Tucker, T.J. Wadsworth
    Company K, Capt. R.R.S. Lawrence, commanding
    Killed:  Edgar Gupten
    Wounded:  J.C. Woods, B. Woods, severely; W. Gupten, Corp. E. 
    Swanson, slightly
    Missing:  Corps. W.P. Murphy and S. Swanson, B. Burnett, W.H. 
    Gupton, C.T. Mess, L. Snider, Jas. Ashley, G.W.P. Cates, J.T. 
    Furgusen, J.M. Ogburn, W.L. Merritt
    E.C. Knight, Lt. and Acting Adjutant, 44th N.C.T.
    Casualties 23rd N.C.T., Battle of Raccoon Ford, October 11, 1863
    Company A
    Wounded:  P.L. Turner, severely
    Company B
    Wounded:  A.M. Lambeth, slightly
    Company C
    Wounded:  Corp. W.A. Nall, severely
    Company D
    Killed:  W.H. Purnell
    Company E
    Wounded:  Don Vaughn, slightly
    Company H
    Killed:  W.J. O’Daniel
    Company K
    Wounded:  R.T. Hager, severely
    Rappahannock Station, Va., Oct. 21, 1863
    Company F, 15th Regiment N.C.T., casualties in the Battle of Bristow 
    Station, October 14, 1863
    Killed:  Privates Daniel R. Black, Ira Gaskins and W.A. Phillips
    Wounded:  Lt. R. Barnes, Sgt. W.D. Smith, Corps. D.H. Matthews, 
    G.D. Spence, Privates A. Ballard, J.H. Colville, W.A. Colville, John 
    McDougald, T. Miller, Stephen Moore, since dead, T. Noden, T.E. 
    Ruminger, T. Link, H.W. Sheaf, R.M. Sheaf, Jas.  Shut, W. Wade 
    and John A. Spence, since dead
    Missing:  Privates D.A. McDougald, F. Pickel, A. Miller, E. Smith, 
    W.A. Sink and E.Q. Spaugh
    A.D. Cutts, Captain, Commanding company
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, November 16, 1863
    List of Killed and Wounded Battle Bristow Station, Oct. 14, 26th N.C.T.
    Company A
    Killed:  Nicholas Gentry, Galoway Farmer, Jos. Senter
    Wounded:  Lt. Jacob Renk(?), flesh in thigh and abdomen, severe; 
    Sgt. J.M. Duwall, hand; Jas. A. Collins, leg; Jas. S. Hach(?), arm;
     Jas. H. Robinson, knee; L.J. Yance(?), breast, severe
    Missing:  B. Blavins, W.M. Porter, Troy Sheets, Jesse Bare
    Company B
    Wounded:  Lt. W.M. Ettridge, thigh; Sgt. James Rogers, breast, 
    dangerously; Corp. H.B. Mo - - -, face; Jno S. McCain, leg; H.T. 
    Fesperman, thigh, severe; M.M. McCoy, thigh, W.T. Lowrey, back; 
    J. Burk, thigh, severe; D. Tucker, head, mortal, since died
    Missing:  W.H. McCorkle, D. Pre- - - - , R. Robertson
    Company C
    Killed:  Color Sgt. Charles Gilbert
    Wounded:  Jas. Edmiston(?), thigh broken; Joshua(?) Levie(?), breast, 
    mortal, since died; John Triplett, leg; Elbert Triplett, contusion
    Missing:  Lt. Jno. M .Morris(?), Sgt. Buck H. Welch, Wm. Edmiston, 
    Abram Edmiston, Jno. Bullis, Joe Lewis, Joel B.(?) Tadder(?) Todder(?)
    Company D
    Killed:  Wm. Champion, Jno. Wingler
    Wounded:  D.C. Adams, face; Jesse Burt, thigh; D. Crawford, wrist; 
    James Gillmore, ankle; Jno. L. Jones, knee; H.W. Lengston, leg; 
    Jno. Prince, shoulder; W.C. Rogers, foot; Wm. Smith, knee, mortal, 
    since died; A.H. Trumpler(?), arm, severe; E. Treadaway, leg
    Missing:  Jno. Honeycutt(?), A.S. Jones, J.B. Nerdan(?), George 
    Morris, J.A. Stephens, Henderson Ray
    Company E
    Wounded:  Brantly Adcock, thigh, mortal, since died; J.W. Beals or 
    Beale, concussion; Elujah Brewar, leg; W.H. Go-, knee; J.P. Emerson, 
    ankle, slight; R.L. Jenkins, thigh and hip; J.J. Jones, thigh and hip; 
    James Moody and J.W. Patty, thigh; O. (or C.) D. Vestal, arm fractured
    Missing:  Sgt. Neill(?) Kidd, Jno. Cabe, E. Jones, Thomas Needham, 
    G.W. Phillips, Richard Phillips, R.D. Talley or Talny, D.A. Welch, Jno. 
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. Jno. A. Turtle, with baronet; A.M. Hudspeth, Cicero 
    Wounded:  Lt. A.B. Boyes(?), arm; W.M. Bean, arm, severe; J.M. 
    Crump, thigh; John Crump, neck, mortal, died; G.H. Hariston, shoulder; 
    G.W. Head, thigh fractured; Avery Kirby, breast and arm; W.P. Kirby, 
    both hips; W.H. Rich, ankle; T.F. Sudderth, leg; Logan Teague, 
    shoulder; Columbus J. Tuttis, arm; W.B. Autan, thigh, severe
    Missing:  Sgt. Jas. A. Nelson, Corp. W.N. Kirby, Eli Arney, R.W. 
    Bowman(?), J.N. Corponing(?), J.W. Coffee(?), Larkin Coffee, James 
    Davis, J.C. Harris, Phillip Lorgen(?), Thomas Littlejohn, AW. Perkins(?), 
    Pinkney Powell, C.E. Sherrill, Jno. Suspler, J.C. Thompson, W.H. 
    Company G
    Killed:  A.J. McCoy, J.M. Sheridan
    Wounded:  Lt. J.A. Lowe, severe in (illegible word); Lt. A.R. Johnson, 
    Acting Adjutant, severe in left breast
    Missing:  Corp. J.J. Ricord, Henry C. Brown, Eli Branson, Jno. A. 
    Fogleman, Lemuel(?) Johnson, J.P. McPherson, David McPherson, 
    Jno. S. Jones, Merritt Rossan(?), Wm. Smutherly, Wm. A. Lineberry, 
    Lt. W.G. Lane
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. J.C. Fry, Corps. Neil McDonald and W.J. McNeill, A.S. 
    Wounded:  Lt. Jno. H. McGilvary, contusion, severe; Page Brown, arm; 
    C.D. Caddell, leg; Nelson Hunsucker, breast, severe; Jno. R. Keith, 
    contusion; Wm. Malone, and W.H. McDonald, shoulder; Neil Smith, 
    shoulder, died; C.W. Shaw, shoulder; J. Tysen, thigh fractured; R.P. 
    Wilcox, thigh; Henry Williams, thigh fractured
    Missing:  N.T. Fry, D.A. Graham, B.G. Hollingsworth, W.C. Moore, W.K. 
    Nunnery, A. Stutts, E. Teague, W. Vuncannon, A.M.D. Williamson, N. 
    Company I
    Killed:  Seth T. Dula
    Wounded:  Lt. Jos. G. Sudderth, arm and abdomen, mortal, since died; 
    Sgt. Robert M. Blair, bowels, mortal, since died; Thomas M. Barlow,
     thigh, severely; Wm. Deal, hand; A.W. Felis or Felix, back; Payton 
    Gibson, leg; Godwin Harris, thigh, severe; Jas. M. Simmons, face, arm 
    and side; Jno. Watson, wrist, severe; Wm. McPherson, thigh, severe
    Missing:  Jno. (or Jas. )Daniels, S.H. Hood, J.S. Lancy, Peter Lancy, 
    James Lancy, Harvey Lefevere, C.(or O.) W. Shell, John Stallings, T.H. 
    Company K
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.D. Webb, shoulder and hand; Corp. J.R. Jarman, thigh; 
    J.W. Broadaway, heel; M. McDiarmid, leg and side; Jesse Short and Jno. 
    B. Short, hand
    Missing:  W.D. Smart, R. Willoughby, W.F. Sanders
    W.H. Gaither, Assistant Surgeon
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, November 2, 1863
    Guilford Grays
    This company suffered severely in the recent fight at Bristow—of those who 
    were wounded, J.W. Rankin, John T. Sockwell, H.R. Forbis, H. Crider and 
    R.D. Weatherly, have since died.  The remains of Mr. Weatherly reached 
    this place on Monday morning and were interred in the Presbyterian burying 
    ground the following day.  Greensboro’ Patriot
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, November 9, 1863
    Casualties in N.C. Regiments
    Rappahannock Station, Va.
    October 26, 1863
    Messrs. Editors:
    The following is a list of casualties in the 52nd Regiment N.C.T. in the fight at 
    Bristow Station on the 14th inst.
    Company A
    Wounded:  Jeremiah Green, severely; J.M. Winecoff, slightly
    Company B
    Wounded:   Andrew Strider, severely, since died; Thomas A. Grissom, severely; 
    Jno. Vuncannon, slightly
    Company C
    Wounded:  Simon Riddick, slightly
    Company D
    Wounded:  A.C. Brewer, severely; Richard Marshall, slightly
    Company E
    Nothing was listed in the paper, it skipped to Company F
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgt. Jno. A. Foster, slightly; John S. Foster and Smith Price, slightly
    Company G
    Wounded:  Lt. Jno. Ga- - s, slightly; Corp. J.W. Goodson, severely; Freeland 
    Mundy, slightly
    Company H
    Killed:  J.H. Honeycutt
    Wounded:  Corp. B.P. Austin, severely, since died; Capt. J.D. H - - - ns, slightly; 
    Simon Smith and R.N. (last name illegible), (note, another word follows, it is 
    Company K
    Wounded:  Sgt. F.M. (last name illegible, starts with an ‘H’), severely; John Martin, 
    R.W. (last name illegible, starts with an ‘M’) and W. (last name illegible, starts with 
    an ‘R’), slightly.
    W.H. Lilly, Surgeon

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, April 2007 & March & May 2008

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