Battle of Seven Pines also called Fair Oaks

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    May 31 and June 1, 1862
    (End of the Peninsular Campaign)
    North Carolina Standard
    June 11, 1862
    Casualties 23rd Regiment, Captain Blacknell’s Company
    Casualties 16th Regiment-two lists
    Casualties Company E, 4th Regiment
    Casualties 4th Regiment
    Officers killed 5th Regiment
    (See also separate document “List of Wounded North Carolinians at the 
    Hospital on Main Street, Richmond, many were from this battle.)
    The following brief account of the battle near Richmond has been furnished 
    by a friend.
    The battle before Richmond was opened on Saturday at noon by General 
    Garland’s brigade (Hill’s Division) which was in advance on the Williamsburg 
    Road—the brigade consisting of the 4th, 5th, and 23rd North Carolina, the 
    24th and 38th Virginia and the 2nd Florida and 2nd Mississippi.  
    At a given signal, the brigade advanced on the enemy and encountered a 
    strong force posted in a thick woods within one half mile of our position.  
    The engagement was begun by the 23rd N.C. and the 38th Va.; the 2nd 
    Mississippi being deployed as skirmishers, first encountered the enemy 
    pickets and drove them in.  We advanced steadily under a galling and deadly 
    fire, driving the enemy before us for a mile through the woods when we emerged 
    into an opining where the trees had been fallen and where we discovered 
    redoubts and batteries.
    Here the fight became desperate beyond description—the enemy’s guns, 8 
    pounders, pouring a death dealing fire into our ranks, decimating them with 
    grape, canister, and shell together with heavy volleys of musketry which had 
    now become at short range as we had continued to advance regardless of the 
    raging storm and the heavy odds against us.
    Our loss was fearful.  Every field and mounted officer in the brigade, perhaps 
    with one or two exceptions, fell either killed or wounded.  The 23rd and 4th N.C., 
    Col. Christie and Col. Anderson, particularly distinguished themselves by their 
    gallant charge upon the batteries.  The officers and men all acted splendidly but 
    three companies eminently distinguished themselves and received the 
    admiration and complements of every officer who witnessed their noble 
    conduct under the severest fire as they were on the right and most exposed.  
    The companies alluded to are Capt. C.C. Blacknell’s Company from Granville; 
    Captain W.H. Johnson and Capt. S.A. Shuford’s from Lincoln County.
    We went into the fight with seven officers and 152 men.  Every officer was
    wounded and Captain Shuford was killed and we lost 78 men killed and wounded; 
    but we never turned back or quailed under this terrible ordeal until the enemy 
    redoubts and batteries were in our possession.
    We were reinforce by General Rhodes and then General Featherston’s brigades 
    (Hill’s Division) and later (about 4:00) General Longstreet came up with his 
    command and the fight was continued until night.
    List of Casualties in Captain C.C. Blacknell’s Company, 23rd Regiment:
    Captain C.C. Blacknell, slightly wounded three times in the leg and once in the 
    shoulder and had his horse killed from under him.
    Lt. T.J. Crocker, slightly in shoulder
    Lt. W.P. Gill, slightly in shoulder and arm
    Sgt. W.F. Overton, slightly in shoulder
    Sgt. M.V. Holmes, severely in side
    Corp. W.T. Dickerson, severely in side
    J.L. Floyd, killed by shell in the body
    J.T. Lloyd, killed by a minie ball in the head
    N. Adams, severely in face
    William Dement, severely in leg
    George A. Dement, severely in leg
    George C. Robinson, severely in leg
    William H. Hunt, severely in leg
    Allen Glascoe, severely in hand
    J.T. Stone, severely in head
    Joseph N. Orrill, severely in hand
    Lewis Robinson, finger shot off
    Samuel Dickerson, James Johnston, Samuel Hicks and Alex Morton, stunned 
    by shells, slightly hurt
    S.S. Hicks, slightly on forehead
    William H. Cheatham, slightly in leg
    E.G. Wright, severely in right arm but still fought bravely until shot in the other
    Surgeon J.F. Shaffner, 83rd N.C. Regiment and Assistant Surgeon Barham of 
    the 28th were captured by the enemy during the battle near Hanover Court 
    House while nobly administering to our men.
    Casualties 16th Regiment
    Transcriber’s Note:  See also second list for this regiment immediately below this one.
    Colonel Champ T.N. Davis, killed and left on the field (Transcriber’s note:  see 
    military obituaries also)
    Company A
    Killed:  Private James Brooks
    Wounded:  Private Sylvanus Brooks and Robert T. Conely left on the field 
    (supposed dead), Lts. James R. Love and A.W. Bryson, Corporals D.M. Raby 
    and A.J. Patton, and Privates N. Childers, F.M. Brown, J.L. Davis, W.E. Parris 
    and N.H.H.Burns, slightly
    Company B
    Wounded:  Thomas Gregory, arm broken, Wilson Webb, slightly in shoulder
    Missing:  S.H. Keith
    Company C
    Wounded:  Lt. R.B. Johnson, slightly, Ptes. W.J. Edney, slightly, Jacob Robinson, 
    seriously in side, S.T. Wilson, hand shot off, Henry Allen, seriously in side, J.M. 
    Hall, Logan Thomas, Mack McCurry, slightly
    Missing:  William Hawkins, J.B. Carpenter
    Company D
    Killed:  Jas. T. Womach
    Wounded:  Orderly Sgt. George Koon, supposed mortally, left on the field, Privates 
    J.L. Floyd, arm broken, J.P. Burgiss, slightly in breast, W.M. Wall, seriously in the 
    side, Pink Martin, seriously in head, J.C. Webb, slightly in shoulder, R.C. Blanton, 
    slightly in shoulder, W.H. Cooper, slightly in hip, Riley Bailey, extent of wound not 
    Missing and supposed killed:  Privates Burton Downey, Elbert Davis, and P.L. Mintz
    Company E
    Killed—Sgt. W.W. Gibbs
    Wounded:  George Whistnant, dangerously and left on the field, W.G. Jarrett, 
    slightly in hand, W.H. Butler, seriously in shoulder
    Company F
    Wounded:  F.F. Dover, slightly, Thomas Dover, slightly in arm, W.H. Ray, slightly 
    in head, Lewis Parris, slightly in head
    Missing:  Pte. B.K. Lewis
    Company G
    Killed:  Pte. H.F. Dornbush
    Wounded:  Lt. John Y. McIntyre, slightly in head, Orderly Sgt. J.S. Sloan, very 
    slightly in head, Corp. J.C. Alexander, in the side, Ptes. J.H. Bradley, severely 
    in hip and foot, Jerry Atkinson on the head, W.P. Blanton severely in the side, 
    Z.C. Hardin dangerously in loins and thigh, Thomas Howser severely in thigh, 
    leg and mouth, Jas. Hoyle slightly in leg, Elijah Turner, slightly in arm, E.B. 
    Freeman, slightly in head
    Company H
    Wounded:  Captain Robinson slightly in arm, Lt. Bell slightly in the heel, Ptes. 
    W.C. Allman, J.B. Conelly and J.S. Moore, slightly
    Missing:  G.W. Smith, A.M. Watkins
    Company J
    Wounded:  Lt. L.A. Ward, slightly, Orderly Sgt. J.P. Johnson, slightly, Sgt. D.L. 
    Miller, dangerously, Ptes. G.W. Bell, seriously, J.H. Bryson, N. Barrett, M.D. 
    Burnett, J.G. Cochrane, J.E. Cox, J.H. Fletcher, T.C. Hollingsworth, G.J. Condry, 
    W.H. Jones, B. Laughten, J.P. Lowry, W.P. Reese, M. Sitton and J.C. Erwin, 
    slightly.  M.L. Henesley, arm broken
    Company K
    Wounded:  Lt. R.H. Mills, slightly, Ptes. W.C. (or O.?) Calvert, slightly, Thomas 
    Toney, severely, Robert Dalton, slightly, Jno. Allison, slightly
    Company L
    Killed:  Pte. F. M. Moore
    Wounded:  Ptes. M.A. Kirkpatrick and J.R. Mull, dangerously, G.M. Clark, W.H. 
    Brown, G.L. Cunningham and R.N. Grant, slightly
    Company M
    Wounded:  Capt. L.W. Stowe in shoulder, Orderly Sgt. H.F. White, slightly in leg, 
    Ptes. J.S. Smith, slightly in arm, James Kizer, slightly in side, J.W. Manney, 
    slightly in head, George Anthony, Thomas Elwood, right shoulder, D.R. Roper 
    slightly in breast.
    Missing and supposed to have been killed:  John Sahms, J.F. Conner, Patrick 
    Attached Company 
    Killed-Drummer Jas. G. Price and Pte. A.K. Lynch
    Wounded:  Captain Kirkpatrick, dangerously in thigh and missing; Ptes. John 
    Canite, slightly in shoulder, John Huntsinger, seriously in hip and foot, George 
    Horton, slightly, John Melton, slightly in elbow, George Price slightly in arm and 
    side, Riley Wall, slightly in breast, S.B. Bolton, slightly in head, George Spoke, 
    slightly in back, John Gross, slightly
    Missing:  William M. Brooks, Henry Sorrells and Craton Padgett
    Casualties, 16th Regiment
    (Second printed listing, see other immediately above this one)
    Colonel Champ Davis, killed
    Lt. Colonel McElroy, slightly wounded
    Company A, Captain Coleman’s Company
    1st Lt. J.R. Low, wounded left arm, seriously in the joint, Pte. J.L. Davis, 
    wounded badly in the neck, W.A. Burns, leg, N. Childers, hand and shoulder, 
    A.J. Patton, flesh wound in thigh, 2nd Lt. A.W. Bryson, slightly in shoulder, 
    Orderly Sgt. Y.G. Enloe, probably killed
    Captain Kilpatrick, killed
    Captain Stowe, wounded in shoulder
    Capt. J.L. Robinson, wounded in hand
    Casualties 22nd Regiment
    Company A
    Killed:  Captain T.D. Jones, Ptes. Samuel Estes, J.M. Powell, G.W. Justice, 
    Jacob Tredd, D.A. Mull
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Sudderth, seriously wounded, Sgt. L.H. Oxford, Corp. E.P. 
    Miller, Ptes. M. Crager, M. Deal, R. Deal, Monroe Kaler, J.B. Cloyed, W.A. 
    Todd, Sidney Coffee, S.F. Harper, S.G. Powell, Joseph Hartley, Pickens Barlow, 
    E.L. Anderson, John McMillan, J.H. Stallings, John C. Simmons, A.M. Single, 
    M. Hilan(?), Jacob Hilton, M.G. Bryan, Sgt. W.S. Sudderith
    Company B
    Killed:  1st Lt. S.H. Adams, 3rd Lt. A.L. Finley, supposed killed, Corp. W.L. 
    Bird, Ptes. G.W. Stokes, Martin Swafford
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.P. Tate, Ptes. W.A. Holyfield, W.A. Buckhannon, W.F. 
    Gibbs, Jno. Martin, John Givin, J.G. Poget, Martin Curtis, P.F. Sigley, Thomas 
    Oder, Alfred Clayton
    Missing:  Hamton Comer, J.J. ---------
    Company E
    Killed:  Pte. J.P. Maxwell
    Wounded:  Lt. J.A. Hooper, Ptes. Henry Long, J.A. May, V.G. Oliver, J.P. Stark, 
    L.W. Word (or Ward)
    Company F
    Killed:  Ptes. E. Anderson, A.J. Candill, L.A. Stomper, A.T. Holloway
    Wounded:  Ptes. John Balderson, N. Reynolds, James Crane(?), H.D. Mains, 
    John Mains, Calvin Conier, S.B. Dennis, R. Hutchinson, D.A. Fox, C.M. Crouse, 
    Alex Toliver, H.G. Stomper
    Missing:  Sgts. David Edwards, M.S. Alexander, Ptes. H.R. Wagoner, M.W. 
    Yates, E.J. Ham, Levi Collins
    Company G
    Wounded:  Sgt. C.H. Stokes, Ptes. J.A. Elliott, Joseph Loveless, A.J. Smith, 
    Thomas E. Robinson, W.F. Saunders, Henry Snow
    Company H
    Wounded:  Lt. Zilker, mortally wounded, Sgt. Mitchell and Pte. Samuel Doleson
    Missing:  Corp. Henderson Martin and Ptes. Forester and John Carter
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. E.J. Hemphill, H.H. Reins, W.A. Craven
    Wounded:  William McSmith, Robert Lonnidus, W.A. Todd, Robert Thompson, 
    Jonathan Hiebig, Sidney Alford, John Latham
    Missing:  Ptes. D. Faulkner, Kelly Latham, William Rowlin, Steadman Williams, 
    R.F. Redding, A.F. Hollis, William Mitchell
    Company K
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.G. Birly, S.J. Linden, Ptes. S.W.L. Brady, R.J. Bird, S.J. 
    Scott (formerly of Company E), J.T. Hooper (probably not hurt), J.P. Greenleaf
    Missing:  W.G. Curtis, A. Bayley
    Company L
    Killed:  Pte. A. Wilborn
    Wounded:  Capt. J.F. Stow, Ptes. J.B. Russell, Dobson Burrow, Jno. E. 
    Thornborough, B.B. Brady, H. Steed, Henry Lassiter
    Missing:  Sgt. M.D. Bishop, Pte. George Patterson
    Company M
    Killed:  Pte. Emsley Alread
    Wounded:  Lt. M.B. Kivet, Sgt. J.W. Lawrence, Ptes. H.E. Smith, David York, 
    A.A. Steel, L.F. Holden, J.W. Race
    Missing:  Lt. L.F. McMasters, Ptes. H.C. Sugler, Alpheus Pugh, L.C. York
    In addition I add the loss of Colonel C.E. Lightfoot and Lt. Colonel J.O. Long, 
    killed and Major T.S. Calloway, wounded
    P.E. Charles, Adjutant
    Richmond, Virginia, June 4, 1862 at the residence of G.S. Palmer, Franklin Street
    I enclose for you to publish the following official list of casualties in my Company 
    E, 4th Regiment N.C.T.  The company went into action on the 31st May, 
    numbering fifty five including two non commissioned officers and privates, 
    forty five of these were killed or wounded in the fight.  This simple record is 
    all the eulogy the company needs at the hands of its captain.
    Transcriber’s Note:  See also another list on the 4th Regiment, below
    Killed:  1st Lt. Thomas L. Perry, Adjutant of the Regiment; 2nd Lt. E.D. Redding, 
    1st Corp. Thomas R. Murray, Ptes. Seth Brinn, Jacob O. Mury, Bryan Campbell 
    and Lewis H. Leggett
    Wounded:  Captain D.M. Carter severe in right shoulder, 2nd Lt. D.P. Latham, 
    flesh wound, Sgt. M.F. Williamson slightly, Sgt. H.C. Carter slightly, Corp. J.W. 
    Leggett dangerously, Corp. T.R. Tetterson slightly, Ptes. James Brady seriously, 
    Jesse Brown seriously, James H. Williams, severely, James Syles severely, 
    John L. Harris, Mordecai Ward severely, W.T. Haggard slightly, John W. 
    Latham slightly, William A. Cutter severely, R.H. Baynor severely, John Rivers 
    severely, David Boyner dangerously, Jas. H. Brickell severely, Isaac J. Moekins 
    slightly, I.S. Swindell slightly, Appleton Squires slightly, D. Bailey slightly, G.W. 
    Mayres severely, Henry Cutter dangerously, S.B. Whitley slightly, J.W. Silverthorn 
    slightly, Langley Powell slightly, Thomas H. Merry slightly, Jas. E. Hodges severely, 
    W.W. Mollison severely, Moses Wallard severely, George D. Jefferson severely, 
    James M. Patrick slightly, Goerge D. Whitacre severely, Redding L. Leggett 
    severely, Hants Hodges severely
    Very Respectfully
    D. M. Carter
    Captain, Company E
    4th N.C. Regiment State Troops
    From W.P. Gill, Acting Adjutant, 23rd N.C.T.
    The Great Richmond Battle
    The battle of Saturday, 31st May took place this side of Laurel Grove between the 
    York River Railroad and the Williamsburg Stage Road about seven miles from 
    Richmond. General Hill’s division began the attack about 11:00 in the forenoon.  
    The enemy in large force had entrenched themselves behind consecutive 
    batteries and felled trees crosswise in front of them so the approach of our troops 
    was the more difficult.
    As soon as the enemy position was reached, General Hill prepared for a vigorous 
    attack.  Featherstone’s brigade let the attack.  It was commanded on the 
    occasion by Colonel Anderson, the general being ill in the city.  Garland’s 
    brigade began the attack on the left and in a few minutes the engagement 
    became general.
    After musketry and a cannon skirmish during the continuance of which our 
    brave boys withstood the full fire of the battle, a charge was made by General 
    Hill, the 2nd Florida, the 6th Virginia, and 5th N.C. leading the charge up to the 
    very muzzles of the guns under a terrible fire of grape, canister, round shot and 
    shell that cut them down by scores.  Mounting over the first battery they took 
    possession of it at the point of bayonet.  The Yankees fled to the next position 
    in the rear which, in turn, opened its fire and, in turn, was taken, large numbers 
    of Yankees being killed and taken prisoner.
    Observing the strength of the enemy line in our front, our commander ordered the 
    4th N.C. up, who, advancing in force broke through the 2nd Mississippi battalion, 
    in their hurried progress and dividing the latter corps in such a manner that 
    subsequently their whole force could not be again collected.  Brilliant in 
    conception and execution, the finely drilled N.C. flanked the enemy defense line 
    of skirmishers and did such havoc by their flanking fire that the enemy fell back 
    upon their unfinished breast works in and commanding the entrance to the
    extensive grounds of the Barker’s farm.
    Having arrived in open ground, our forces began to howl in a fearful manner, 
    terrifying the enemy with their indescribably sounds.  The 4th N.C., regardless 
    of the consequences, shut their eyes to the chances and attacked the works 
    in gallant style, being supported by other regiments to the right and left. They 
    gained their objective but it is said were unable to retain it, for the enemy’s 
    large brass howitzers dealt destruction among them and it is reported they fell 
    back in admirable order until fresh troops could be brought to bear upon the 
    hordes of Pennsylvanians who, in thousands, were pouring volleys upon them.
    Captain Barnes of Company F, 4th N.C. State Troops was killed in action on 
    Saturday.  We are informed that but one captain of this regiment escaped 
    uninjured the list of killed and wounded.  Only 213 men of the 4th N.C. Regiment 
    answered the roll call yesterday morning and the regiment took over 700 into the
    fight. Captain Bacon of the 26th Georgia while acting as an aide to Colonel 
    Anderson was killed.  In the last charge on the retreating Federals, beyond 
    their camp, Colonel D.B. Smith of the 27th Georgia was wounded in the thigh.
    After and obstinate fight of two hours, the enemy fell back, leaving 16 pieces of 
    artillery, composing three batteries, in the possession of our troops.  Our loss 
    was heavy, including several officers.  The Yankees’ loss was not learned but it 
    is supposed to have been equally heavy.  The behavior of our troops was splendid.  
    One company of the N.C. Regiment alone took 165 prisoners and brought them 
    to the rear.  The enemy force was estimated at 30,000 and reinforced constantly.
    Later in the day, General Longstreet’s division came up and rushed eagerly into 
    the battle.  About 4:00 our artillery came into play and did excessive service as 
    has already been said.  Although heavily reinforced, Longstreet’s and Hill’s men 
    charged the enemy and drove them off the field, taking possession of their camp 
    and fortifications.  The Yankees very closely contested the ground as they fell 
    back while our forces steadily pushed upon their lines.
    After the cessation of firing on our right, the enemy attempted a demonstration 
    across the Chickahominy on our left wing north of Mechanicsville on the Nine 
    Mile Road.  
    The plan of battle was this:  General Hill and Long were to attack in front and 
    when the enemy were repulsed, General Whiting was to march down the Nine 
    Mile Road and make an attack upon their flank.  The force was started down 
    this road but came unexpectedly upon a large body of the enemy who had 
    crossed the Chickahominy and entrenched themselves.  This was on the left of
    the railroad and east of New Bridge or Nine Mile Road as it is known in the 
    country parlance.
    Whiting’s division, formerly Major General Smith’s, consisted of his own brigade 
    commanded by Colonel Pender (the famous “3rd brigade” which Bee led at 
    Manassas), Hood’s brigade or Texans, Pettigrew’s brigade and Colonel 
    Hampton’s brigade and numbered about 14,000 men.
    Colonel Jenkins, commanding a brigade, composed of the 5th S.C. Regiment, 
    Col. Giles; 6th S.C. Regiment, Col. Bratton; and the Palmetto Sharpshooters, 
    Lt. Col. Walker.  The former commander, Brigadier General R.H. Anderson, 
    commanded a division in the fight.  He has not resigned; the General Anderson 
    who resigned is from Tennessee and his place as commander of the Tennessee 
    brigade was assigned to Brigadier General Robert Halton who was killed.
    While proceeding down the New Bridge Road, trying to get to the rear of the 
    enemy who were falling back before General Longstreet, General Whiting’s 
    Division was attacked by the enemy on the left flank in overwhelming numbers 
    causing him to change front and for two hours engage in a contest which, 
    considering the short span of time, was perhaps the severest of the war.  
    Some idea of the character may be formed from the fact that Hampton’s 
    legion lost in killed and wounded a slight fraction of over one half of its members.  
    The other regiments did not suffer so severely but all showed a long list of 
    Night found the two combatants in the same position where the fight had 
    begun two hours before, neither side having yielded an inch.  The enemy 
    fought with great bravery.  Our loss on the left was not so heavy as on the 
    right wing of the army; but among the killed we have to lament several 
    gallant officers.  On the left wing General Pettigrew of North Carolina, a 
    name that became illustrious in this rivalry.  He fell and died on the field.  
    General Halton of the Tennessee brigade was shot from his horse and died 
    in the arms of an aide, Colonel Hampton, who was wounded slightly in the 
    foot but remained at his post.  His horse was shot twice.  Colonel Giles of 
    the 5th S.C. was killed; also Colonel Lightfoot of the 22nd N.C.
    We append the following list of killed and wounded North Carolinians as 
    we find them
    4th N.C. Regiment
    Killed:  Captain Barnes and Lt. Thompson, Company F; Lt. E.Q. Redding, 
    Company E; Captain Simonton, Iredell Blues; Lt. McRorey, Iredell Blues, Lt. 
    White, Company C; Adjutant T.S. Perry, Color Sergeant Barnes, Jacob O. 
    Maney, Company E; Thomas Draton, Henry Hart, Company H.  It is stated 
    that 67 members of this regiment were buried at the redoubt taken by the 
    regiment.  Captain Carter, Company E and Captain Kelley are among the 
    Transcriber’s Note:  See other list for Company E, 4th Regiment, above
    23rd Regiment
    Colonel D.H. Christie had his horse shot from under him and was painfully 
    but not seriously wounded in the fall
    Lt. Colonel R.D. Johnston was severely wounded in the head and had his 
    horse shot out from under him.
    Major E.J. Christian was severely wounded in the body and arm, supposed 
    to be morally and had his horse shot out from under him.
    Captain C.C. Blacknell slightly wounded four times and had his horse shot 
    out from under him (having a sprained ankle he had to go into battle on 
    Captain S.A. Shuford, killed
    Captain J.H. Miller, severely wounded in body
    Captain W.P. Hill, severely wounded shoulder and leg
    Captain W.H. Johnston, severely wounded in leg and hand
    Captain A.D. Peace, slightly wounded in face
    Lt. T.J. Crocker, Company G, slightly wounded in shoulder
    Lt. W.P. Gill (Acting Adjutant), slightly in shoulder and arm
    Lt. Nicholson, Company C(?), severely in hand
    Lt. Coggin, Company C(?), severely in foot
    Lt. Hill, Company H, severely in arm
    Lt. A.M. Luria(?), Company I, severely in head, supposed mortal
    Lt. G.W. Hunter, Company K, severely in arm
    Lt. W. Torrence, Company K, severely in side
    List of casualties among the non commissioned officers and privates were 
    very heavy and not now fully ascertained—supposed to be 80 killed, 120 
    wounded. The officers and men displayed the greatest gallantry, advancing 
    steadily under the most galling fire and driving the enemy back to his 
    entrenchments a distance of one mile from the place of attack.
    In charging the redoubt, all of the field officers fell and many of the 
    companies were left without commanders which caused the regiment to 
    get much scattered but the men fought on with much bravery displayed 
    and many personal acts of bravery.  A full report will be made as soon as 
    possible, when the casualties are known.  
    W.P. Gill, Acting Adjutant, 23rd N.C. Regiment
    P.S.  Captain G.T. Baskerville, Company I, a brave and competent officer is 
    not in command of the regiment.
    North Carolina Standard
    June 18, 1862
    Casualties 4th Regiment N.C.S.T. Battle near Richmond May 31st
    (Transcriber’s note,  this was extremely faded and hard to read, mistakes may occur in 
    trying to decipher the names)
    Company A, of Iredell
    Killed:  Captain A.K. Simonton, Color Bearer J.N. Barnes, T.C. Deaton, H.C. Hart, 
    M.W. Hooper, S. H.(?) Kilgrove(?), John Lofton, J.L. Brown
    Wounded:  Lt. W.F. McR- - e, slight, A.S. Fraley, slight, W.L. Shuford, slight, E.M. 
    McNeeley, dangerously, W.L. Allen, slight, H.A. Brawley, three fingers of right hand, 
    R.M. Brawley, slight, J.A. Ingram, serious, C. Middleton, slight, J.B. Morgan, leg 
    broke, E.(?) A. Morrison, serious, B. Pyle, slight, F.(?) W. Plyer, face, slight, P.A. 
    Shaver, thigh broken, M.W. Sides, hand, serious, F.A. Cort—r, right hand shattered, 
    W.S. Honeycutt, hand, slight, (first initial illegible) F. Wallace, foot, slight, T.A. White, 
    right arm shattered and amputated, A.T. Kerr, shoulder, severe, P.W. Brawley, 
    bruised by falling limb cut off a tree from a cannon ball
    Missing:  W.C. Hobbs(?)
    Company B, Iredell and (illegible word)
    Killed:  M.S. McKensie(?), C.G. Hix, William H.(?) Burkherd(?) Burkhand(?), Thomas 
    Jordan, Alexander C - - ker, Frank Niblach(?) Niblock(?), Thomas Pinkston, N.J.J. 
    Shoop(?), W.A. Webb
    Wounded:  W.D. Biggers, hip, serious, Hugh Baxter, arm broken and wounded in the 
    breast, Jno. Beaver, unknown, M.M. Beaver, flesh wound in thigh, William Chunn(?), 
    mortal, J.F. Cowan, arm and thigh, severe, N.V.(?) Cowan, shoulder, slight, Wiley Cox, 
    thigh broken, J.C. Graham, serious, J.W. Kistler, slight, J. Leazer, unknown, B.A. Mills, 
    unknown, F. Plummer, arm, flesh wound, M.W. Stikeleather, arm, flesh wound, J.M. 
    Turner, slight, J.W. Wilhelm, flesh wound in arm, Capt. J.H. Wood, hip, severe, Lt. 
    J.F. Stancil, head, slight, Lt. T.C. Watson, serious wound in head, Wiley G. Geuse, 
    knee, slight, Jas. Hillard, serious
    Company C of Iredell
    Killed:  Lt. J.C. White, H.L. Bustle, R.S. Lellar(?), G.N. Mills, John Scroggs, T.B. 
    Summers, J.T. Taze
    Wounded:  A.J. Anderson, flesh wound in hip, J.A. Feimster, flesh wound in arm, J.A. 
    Waddell, flesh wound in thigh, N.W. Carpenter, leg broke, J.A. Holmes, head, severe, 
    J. T. Goodman, leg broke, C.B. Arms, one arm and leg broke besides two severe 
    wounds in breast, W.S. Beard, slight, M.A. Bowles, mortal, D.S. Bustle, thigh badly 
    mangled but not broken, Wm. Brady, neck and left shoulder, severe, bruised by shell 
    fragment, J.N. Brotherton, slight, A.F. Campbell, unknown, J.H. Campbell, ball through 
    hand, S.A. Claywell, hand, slight, J.R. Eadson(?) Endson(?), shoulder, severe, A.B. 
    Eavin(?), slight, J.A. Flemming, flesh wound in arm, J.A. Garrison, slight, A.F. 
    Goodman, arm and head, severe, A.H. Goodin(?) Gordon(?), head slight, R.A. Hall, 
    right leg shattered and amputated above the knee, a buck shot passed through the
    fleshy part of his left thigh, he is lively and says he thinks he has an everlasting furlough, 
    J.C. Hoover, abdomen, serious, R.(?) O. Hair, slight, S.A. Hoover, three or four severe 
    wounds on his body, J.A. Houpe, breast I fear mortal, J.F. Holmes, flesh wound in thigh, 
    W.C. Holmes, arm, severe, M. Honitshouser(?), serious, C.L. Johnson, slight, H.T. 
    Johnson, slight, P.M. Jones, slight, C. Kerr, slight, R.T. Kerr, severe, J.A. McKoy, 
    slight, P.T. Miller(?), severe in foot, M.W. Moore, severe flesh wound in thigh and arm, 
    J.P. Morton, leg broke, J.A. Reid(?), severe in foot and thigh, J.C. R - - ner, severe, 
    J.M. Rickbert, leg, severe, J.T. Robb, head, slight, J.B. Sherrill, severe in head and 
    slight in knee, F.A. Shuford, flesh wound in arm, T. Summers, leg, severe, A.M. 
    White, severe, George Brady, flesh wound in arm
    Company D, Goldsboro
    Killed:  J.W. Harrison, J.P. Powell, Henry Bartlett, George L. Whitley
    Wounded:  Lt. M.C. Hazell (?), slight, J.H. Pearsall, J. Anderson, severe, J. Beard(?), 
    thigh broken, William Burn- - - - (Burnshun?), slight, Ira Combs, serious, George W. 
    Casey, serious, William Dinkins, serious, J. Daniel, slight, T.R. Lee(?), slight, J.B. 
    Lane(?), Love(?), Lowe(?), severe in arm, Elisha Myers, severe, Jas. Norris, slight, 
    D.C. Pate, serious, E.A. Robbins, mortal, B.W. S - - - - r (Sasser?), Jas. 
    Sanderson(?), arm broken, J. Tundall, dangerous, Jno. Williams, dangerous, B.F. 
    Whitley, slight, Jno. Whitley, severe, R. Underwood, thought mortal, E. Cream, 
    slight, C. Parker, slight
    Company E, Beaufort
    Killed:  Thomas R. Murray, S. Brin, J. O.(?) Merry, B. Campbell, L.H. Legget
    Wounded:  Capt. D. McCarter, serious, T.J. Perry, thought mortal, Lt. D.Q. Redding, 
    thought mortal, Lt. D.P. Lathan, very serious, M. F. Williamson, H.C. Carter, slight, 
    J.W. Leggeth, serious, T.B. Tetterton, badly, Jas. Bradley, slight, J.C. Williams, 
    badly, J.E. Sy – les(?) Sykes(?), severe, John Harris, serious, W. T. Haggard(?) 
    Hoggard(?), serious, M. Ward(?), badly, John Latham, badly, W.A. Cutler, mortal, 
    J.N. Hawkins, slight, A. Johnston, serious, R.H. Boyner, head, perhaps fatal, John 
    Rivers, serious, David Bayner, breast, serious, J.H. Burkall(?), very severe, I.J. 
    Meckins, J.S. Swindell, serious, H. Cutler, serious, A. S - - yers, serious, D. 
    B - - dey, slight, G.W. M - - s, slight, S.B. Whitley, serious, J.W. Silverthorn, 
    slight, L. Powell, slight, T.H. Merry, slight, W.W. Mollison, both knees, severe, 
    W. Woolard, slight, G.D. Jefferson, badly, L. Leggett, slight, J.M. Patrick, slight, 
    G.D. Whitacre, serious, H. Hodges(?), badly
    Company F, Wilson
    Killed:  Capt. J.S. Barnett, W.T. Lewis, R. Franklin, D. Marlow, J. Minor, J. Barnes, 
    W. Todd, L. - - inger (Ottinger?), D. Renfrew, W. Todd, W.R. Grafton
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Dunham, thigh, dangerous, Lt. Thompson, horrible wound in face, 
    W. R. H - - elf, serious, R.R. Lancaster, slight, W.V. Stevens, T.B. Smith, serious, 
    H.M. Warren, T. Atkinson, B. Barnes, G.(?) B. Battle(?), serious, W. Farmer, arm 
    shattered, J.C. Farmer, fatal, W.L. Meeks, jaw smashed, P. Marlow, arm, A.J. 
    Robertson, slight, A.M. Sharpe, perhaps mortal, S.(?) H. Scott, slight, V.M. Stewart, 
    arm, B. Stokes, side, perhaps mortal, J. Taylor, slight, A. Thomas, badly, B.L. 
    Milliford(?), arm broken, J.W. Watson, serious, G. Watson, slight, W.P. Wooten, 
    arm, D. Vick, perhaps fatal, J.D. Farmer, leg broken, D.B. Rhodes(?), slight, J.S. 
    Benton, mortal
    Besides these, four are missing, two of whom viz., J. G. Valentine and A. Watson
    are supposed killed in the last desperate charge as since then they have not been 
    heard of.
    Company G, of Davie
    Killed:  R.R. D - - - - kes, J.A. Bartow, A.H. Cain, A.W. Challin(?), Jas. Cook, James 
    Dowdy, Jonathan Jordan, I.F. Swarington, R.W. Wagner
    Wounded:  Lt. S.A. Kelly, slight, Lt. D.J. Cain, shoulder, severe, L.S. Mullican, head 
    and arm, serious, William Austin, thigh, serious, Thomas J. Baker, slight, W.H. Beck, 
    leg broken, Jas. W. Beauchamp, slight, J.O. Bowden, slight, W.C. Cain, jaw broken, 
    J.N. Douthit(?), slight, J.W. Gadsey, head, serious, Davidson Hagle, breast, perhaps
    mortal, H.H. Hanse, slight, W.A. Hendrik, arm and side, serious, H.H. Ijams, serious, 
    J.A. Jones, thigh broken, W.A. Lane(?), side, serious, Wilson Leach, side, dangerous, 
    W.A. McCrakin, slight, W.M. Sheets, slight, John Taylor, slight, Edmund Turner, severe, 
    M. Walls, wrist broken, R. Williams, slight, Thomas F. Whitlock, leg amputated
    Three Missing
    Company H, Iredell
    Killed:  M.B. Duffie(?), M. Morgan, J. Farr, J.W. Friesland, J.R. Kinder, B. Rash, T.P. 
    Whitaker, C.(?) R. Reunegar, J.L. Walker, L.G. Moorefield, David Far
    Wounded:  Capt. E.A. Osborn, hip, severe, Lt. J.Z. Dalton, foot, severe, L.G. Morris, 
    mortal, L.L. Goforth, mortal, R.M. Lazenby, thought mortal, B. Tharpe, mortal, J.F. 
    Chamblin, mortal, S.H. Bobbit, arm badly mangled, J.H. Thomas, shot through wrist, 
    Henry L. Milton(?), flesh wound in leg, Jesse A. Wesson, arm, severe, S.P. Edwards, 
    flesh wound in leg, D.A . Harmon, flesh wound in wrist, Jas. C. Pagit, hip, severe, R.R. 
    Morgan, slight, Robert W. Kesbit, thigh, slight, Francis M. Current, head, severe, 
    Cornelius Joyner, right arm amputated below elbow, Ben Carter, knee, slight, Jno. 
    W. Robinson, arm, severe, side, slight, Jno. C. Barnard, side, severe, J.N. Goforth, 
    arm and hand, severe, Enos Campbell, right hand and thumb and one finger shot off, 
    J.B. Boles, through right hand, Noah Tomlin, leg, severe, B.A. Campbell, arm, slight, 
    A. Campbell, slight, Jas. Bolin, leg, slight.
    Company I, Beaufort
    Killed:  Francis Jones, S. Asprey, David S. Roe, J.H. Foreman, J.B. Simpson, J.A. 
    Norman, A.B. Hudnell, W. Pitt
    Wounded:  Lt. L.B. Creekmor, thought fatal, L.R. Carawan, thought mortal, Willis 
    Calloway, mortal, Thomas R. Crawford, slight, Jno. W. Boyd, slight, George R. Roe, 
    serious, Thomas N. Swindell, slight, Ed Tripp, slight, Ed White, serious, W.R. 
    Norman, mortal, Charles Dowty, mortal, George Daw, slight, Noah Phillpot, head, 
    slight, J.N. roes(?) Rees(?), thigh, flesh wound, W.J. Letchworth, thigh shattered, 
    S.F. Swindell, arm, flesh wound, Z. Brantly, breast, slight
    Company K, Rowan
    Killed:  Jas. B. Bowers, R.G. Kyle, J.A.E. Idleman or J.A. E – ldleman, J. A. 
    Loramen (of Catawba), L.M. Pendleman, S. (Sam?) Strayhorn, G.S. Winters, D.C. 
    Wounded:  Lt. W. Coughenour, slight, Lt. M. Huflim(?), severe, Lt. Ham(?) Long, 
    leg, flesh wound, R. Williams, hand, severe, S.A. Brown, foot and shoulder, severe, 
    J.S. Crowel, breast, perhaps mortal, J.E. Casper, slight, W.W. Cummings, mortal, 
    N.N. Church, slight, J.C.(?) Deaton, serious, N.A. Ella, arm, flesh wound, A. 
    Freidhime(?), head, severe, S.L. Gardner, side, serious, M.N. Holdhouser, slight, L. 
    Holdhouser, breast, severe, P.A. Heiling(?), leg, severe flesh wound, J. Kentner, foot, 
    slight, W.A. Lillycrop, hand, slight, Calvin Miller, head, slight, A.M. McQueen, severe 
    flesh wound in the thigh, W.F. Mills, unknown, Daniel Mozer, thigh shattered and 
    serious wound in the head, J. Mahlin(?) Maldin(?), thigh broken, James W. Neely, 
    badly wounded in the face, W.H. Page, shoulder, severe, E. Patterson, slight, J.W. 
    Roberts, shoulder, slight, George D. Suggs, arm, slight, H.(?) C. Severs, leg, severe, 
    W. Smith- - - - , hand, severe, Levi Turner, thigh, severe, M.J. Weant, arm, slight, 
    Henry Wise, badly wounded in leg 
    5th N.C. Regiment, Casualties on May 31, Battle of Seven Pines
    Company A:  Lt. G.T. Parker, Corp. Jno. S. Lindsey, Pte. Aretus Jones, wounded
    Company B:  Ptes. Wm. A. Riddick and Benjamin Smith, wounded
    Company C:  Ptes. Burley Deans, T.H. Lassiter, W.G. Lassiter, J.T. Adams (since dead), 
    K. Howell, wounded
    Company D:  Pte. H.C. Lockhart, wounded
    Company E:  Sgt. J. M. Miller, Corp. Benj. Rollins, Pte. L.T. Eringhart, J.G. Barrett, J. 
    Lamer, wounded
    Company F:  Ptes. William Brogden, E. Minten, wounded
    Company G:  Ptes. John H. Perry, A. Holleman, J.L. Lamb, M.L. Franklin, wounded
    Company H:  Lt. J.A. Jones, E. Piland, wounded
    Company I:  Pte. J.R. Foster, killed
    Company K:  Ptes. Fink and Eller, wounded
    The regiment carried into action only nine officers and about 180 men.  The statement 
    that the 5th N.C. was re-formed and led into action by Col. Moore or Col. Smith is false.  
    The 5th opened the battle.  It had the first man wounded, fired the first volley and though 
    only 180 in number, drove the enemy a mile from where they were first attacked and 
    only retired when completely broken down and reinforcements had arrived.
    Very Respectfully,
    Major P.J. Sinclair, Commanding, 5th N.C.T.
    6th N.C. Regiment
    Notes by the Chaplain of the Regiment, Major Webb commanding, in the fight of the 
    31st May near Richmond:
    In the action of the 31st May, every regiment of the Third Brigade then under the 
    command of General Pender who is now in charge of General Pettigrew’s brigade, 
    established the fact that our infantry cannot be met in the field by that of the invader 
    and that our men are beginning to realize the value of artillery when contrasted with 
    the infantry in such a country as ours.  It seems to be certain by the good Providence 
    of God that the enemy will never reach Richmond.  In every action on the field we 
    whip them with inferior numbers.  At Williamsburg, At Barhamsville, and on the 
    Chickahominy swamps we drove them before us, back to their works and took 
    some of them.
    But it is my present purpose to commend the conduct of the 6th N.C. Regiment, 
    not as better, but as being like that of others whom I saw and worthy of soldiers 
    and free men.  They stormed the enemy’s lines through an open field and exposed 
    to a rapid fire from the works where they were posted.  They charged and drove 
    them from their camps—they ran them for a mile—they then twice charged their 
    masked works, wading through swamps up to the waist and that under a destructive 
    fire until the approach of night and the absence of artillery, combined with the 
    numbers of the enemy and strength of the works satisfied every one that nothing 
    more could be done.
    They slept upon the ground of the enemy and have daily since then advanced and 
    asked him to come out and fight them.  We are today lying in sight of the enemy 
    and trying to provoke a fight.
    The men have endured fatigue and discomfort but they speak of it not to complain 
    but to boast how much they can endure.  The complainers are those who are seldom 
    in camps and never in action; you will find them feeding in the city of Richmond—or 
    as dandy soldiers hanging about the hotels.
    Today I sat upon the ground and shared some dry bread and bacon with my major.  
    A storm is now coming up and our men have neither blankets, cooking utensils nor 
    On last evening, General Pender had the men arranged in a hollow square around him 
    and complimented their conduct.  When he had ceased, I requested all those who 
    recognized the hand of Divine Providence in their escape from the enemy’s works to 
    kneel down and offer up their thanks to their deliverer.  The whole command knelt 
    down upon the ground.
    It would be well for the people of North Carolina to send and ask that hereafter the names 
    of all their men who absent themselves during an action be sent to them for publication; 
    and may we not hope that those who have fought so well and bravely will have the prayers 
    and esteem of all good men?
    June 3, 1862
    Transcriber’s Note:  The below casualties of the 6th N.C.T. under Colonel Pender do 
    not indicate either a date of action where the casualties were incurred or the name 
    of the battle.  But given the above article appeared on the same page of the newspaper 
    and refers to them being in action on the 31st May, I have included them under the 
    Battle of Seven Pines.
    The officer who furnished the subjoined report says in a note to the editor:  “The regiment 
    was in advance and drove the enemy before them for a mile and a half, capturing their 
    camps with large supplies and valuable property when they were met by large bodies 
    of Federals entrenched with masked batteries.  It was in charging these batteries twice 
    that the chief losses were sustained.”
    Company A
    Killed:  None
    Wounded:  Lt. Smith, contusion, Ptes. King, severely, William Gibson, severely, H. 
    Demsey, slight, J.R. Blakley, slight, J.W. Coltrim, slight
    Missing:  Ptes. J. Lehey, B. Croker
    Company B
    Wounded:  Sgt. Leathers, slight, Ptes. John W. McFarland, severely, William G. Ray, 
    slight, W.C. Roberts, slight, William Latta(?), slight, Jas. J. Moore, severe, left on the 
    Missing:  Ptes. H.S. Harris, William Glenn
    Company C
    Wounded:  Capt. W.J. Freeland, severe and missing; Corp. W. Woods(?), mortal and 
    left on the field, Ptes. S. Hulshens, severe and left on the field, W.T. Gresham, slight, 
    W.J. Laycock, slight, E.N. Blalock, mortal, J.F. Hall, severe, H. Vickers, slight
    Missing:  Sgt. A.J. Carroll, Ptes. M.V. Blaylong, W.J. Halloway
    Company D
    Killed:  Pte. J.A. Hook
    Wounded:  Lt. Ray, slight, Sgt. Connor, slight, Ptes. J.M. Baker, R.A. Coon, severe, 
    J.F. Dennis, arm, M. Keller, arm, Allen Martin, dangerously, P. Quigley, mouth
    Missing:  P. Bailey
    Company E
    Killed:  Pte. H. Willis
    Wounded:  Sgt. Donnevant, shoulder, Corp. Cox, slight, Ptes. J.W. Coffee, severe, 
    C.L. Coffee, slight, J.P. Davis, C.H. English, slight, J.D. Howell, W.J. Loving, J.A. 
    McGee, severe, J.M. McKenney, severe, K.B. Singleton, slight, J.T. Sparks, 
    dangerously, D.R. Silvers, J.H. Smallwood, H.W. Houston, Jas. (or Jos.) Boon, 
    slight, Jas. Stevenson, severe
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. Jos. B. Thompson
    Wounded:  John Trollinger, D.M. Keck, since dead, H.Herring, Thomas Fowler, John 
    W. Gibson, J.J. Bradshaw, Jacob Shepherd, William Pender, John W. Buson(?), 
    William Sikes, slight
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. Barringer, Ptes. A.W. Blackwelder, William Porter
    Wounded:  Corp. Wesley W. Miller, severe, Ptes. William Cobbs, Jas. A. Holt, 
    W.H. Smith, W. Corriner, G.M. Starritt, severe, J.L. Rendleman, P.J. Thompson, 
    Missing:  Sgt. W.R. Owens, Pte. John Heiligh, W.S. Shinn
    Company H
    Killed;  W.T. Walker, Thomas Taylor
    Wounded:  Sgt. Covington, Corp. Hester, Ptes. J.W. Martin, dangerously, T.L. 
    Evans, D.A. Walker, T.H. Cape, W.W. Donovant, L.A. Smith, A. Moore, J.H. 
    Walker, slight
    Missing:  A. Simpson
    Company I
    Killed:  G.W. Perry
    Wounded:  Lt. Ra – bees, slight, Sgt. French, Corp. Clemente, Ptes. A.A. Lewis, 
    W.H. Dillard, Jas. (or Jos.) Norris, seriously, S. Gates, W.H. Kelley, slight
    Missing:  Corp. Ausley, Pte. Stephen Wilson
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. Barnwell, L. Thomas
    Wounded:  Capt. W.J. Lee, hand, Pte. Hester, H.C. King, J.S. Barton, M. Williams,
    J. Horn, W.G. Garrison, slight
    Missing:  S. Hatchell
    B.R. Smith, Adjutant, 6th N.C.T.
    Fayetteville Observer, June 2, 1862
    Transcriber’s note:  See another, briefer list for the 23rd above
    Casualties in the 23rd N.C. Regiment
    The following is a list of the casualties in the 23rd Regiment, General Garland’s Brigade, in the 
    engagement on Saturday:
    Col. D.H. Christie had his horse shot under him and was wounded in the fall, painfully but not 
    Lt. Col. (initials and name illegible), wounded in the head severely—had his horse shot under him.
    Major E.J. Christian, wounded by a Minnie ball through the body, supposed to be mortally, had 
    his horse shot under him.
    Capt. C.C. Blacknall, wounded slightly in four places; had his horse shot under him.
    Capt. S.A. Shuford, killed.
    Capt. J.H. Miller, seriously wounded in body.
    Capt. W.P. Hill, seriously wounded in shoulder and leg.
    Capt. W.H. Johnston, seriously wounded in leg and hand.
    Capt. A.D. Peace, slightly in face.
    Lt. T.J. Crocker, slightly in shoulder
    Lt. W.P. Gill (Acting Adjutant), Company G, slightly in arm and shoulder.
    Lt. Nicholson, Company C, severely in head.
    Lt. Coggin, Company C, severely in foot.
    Lt. Hill, Company H, severely in arm.
    Lt. A.M. Luria, severely in head, supposed mortally.
    Lt. G.W. Hunter, Company K, severely in arm.
    Lt. Wm. Torrence, Company K, severely in the side.
    The list of casualties among the non commissioned officers and privates is very heavy, not now 
    fully ascertained but are supposed to be 30 killed and 129 wounded.  The officers and men 
    displayed the greatest gallantry—advancing steadily under the fire:  In charging the redoubt, all 
    field officers fell and many of the companies were left without commanders, which caused the 
    regiment to get much scattered, but the men fought on with great bravery, displaying many 
    personal acts of courage.  A full report will be made as soon as all casualties are known.
    W.P. Gill, Acting Adjutant, 23rd N.C.R.
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 9, 1862
    Headquarters, 5th N.C. Regiment, June 4, 1862
    To the Editor of the Whig:
    Please publish the following list of casualties of the 5th N.C. Regiment in the action of May 31st 
    Company A
    Lt. G.T. Parker, Corp. Jno. S. Lindsay and Private Aretus Jones, wounded
    Company B
    Privates Wm. A. Riddick, and Benjamin Smith, wounded
    Company C
    Privates Burty Deans, T.H. Lasser, J.T. Adams (since dead), W.G. Lassiter and K. Howell, 
    Company D
    Private H.C. Lockhart, wounded
    Company E
    Sgt. J. Miller, Corp. Benjamin Rollins, Private L.T. Eringhart, J.G. Barrett and J. Lanier, wounded
    Company F
    Privates Wm. Brogden and Ed Minton, wounded
    Company G
    Privates  Jno. H. Perry, A. Holloman, J.L. Lamb, and M.L. Franklin, wounded 
    Company H
    Lt. J.A. Jones and E. Piland, wounded
    Company I
    Private J.R. Foster, killed
    Company K
    Privates Fink and Eller, wounded
    The Regiment carried into action only nine officers and about 180 men.  The statement that the 
    5th N.C. was reformed and led into action by Col. Moore or Col. Smith, is false.  The 5th opened 
    the battle, had the first men wounded, fired the first volley and, though only 180 men in number, 
    drove the enemy fully a mile from where they were first attacked, and only retired when completely 
    broken down and reinforcements had arrived.
    Yours very respectfully
    P.J. Sinclair, Major, Commanding 5th N.C.
    (Editor—this statement contradicted by Maj. Sinclair was made—of course—in the Examiner’s 
    account of the battle under the name of the 5th South Carolina, that paper recorded the 
    magnificent fighting of Col. McRae’s regiment, only finding gut the real name of the regiment in 
    time to couple it with a slander.)
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 16, 1862
    Headquarters, 22nd Regiment, N.C.T., Near Chickahominy River, Va., June 6, 1862
    Messrs Editors:
    As there has been no notice whatsoever of the action of our regiment in the fierce conflict of 
    Saturday last, I propose to make a few statements in regard to it, through the medium of your 
    columns.  Our Brigade, being a portion of the “Reserve Corps”, was not brought into the fight 
    until late in the afternoon.  Generals Longstreet and Hill commenced the engagement on the 
    right about noon and succeeded in cutting the Yankee line.  Our Brigade was in reserve on the 
    left of General Hill’s line and we were ordered forward to prevent the enemy from flanking him.  
    We advanced through a thick wood, and came suddenly upon a masked battery, which opened 
    upon us a terrible fire.  This battery was supported by a very large force of infantry, who were 
    firing upon us from rifle its, thereby having a very great advantage over us.  We were exposed 
    to this terrible fire (I speak now of our Regiment) for nearly, or I might safely say, one hour.  
    Other brigades were ordered to the charge, but not one of any brigade passed before the 22nd 
    Regiment during the whole fight.  I say this advisedly.  No men could possible behave better 
    than ours did on that occasion.  Our brave and lamented Colonel, Charles E. Lightfoot, is missing 
    and supposed to be killed or wounded in the hands of the enemy.  So, also with our Lt. Col. John 
    Long(?), who acted bravely and coolly during the fight.  Eight commissioned officers of our 
    regiment were killed and wounded.  140  men killed, wounded and missing.
    List of Casualties in Capt. S.G. Worth’s Company I, 22nd Regiment Troops
    Missing, supposed to be killed:  Eli Hemphill, Wm. Rowlin, Harmon A. Kearns
    Wounded:  Sidney Alford, slightly; Wm. A. Craven, badly; David Faulkner, severely; Jonathan 
    Heilig, in the arm; John Latham, slightly in the side; Wm. McSmith, arm amputated; Robert 
    Thompson, in the leg; Wm. A. Todd, in the arm; Robert Sanders, in the leg; B.F. Redding, 
    Casualties in Captain R.H. Gray’s Company L, 22nd Regiment N.C.T.
     Killed:  Private A. Wilhorne
    Wounded:  Corp. James Stout, Privates J. Bibb Russell, Dabson Barrow, John E. Thornbrough, 
    B.B. Brady, H. Steed, Henry Lassiter
    Missing:  Sgt. M.D. Bishop, Private George Patterson
    Casualties in Capt. Laban Odell’s Company M, 22nd Regiment N.C.T.
    Killed:  Private Emsley Alred
    Wounded:  Lt. W.B. Kivett, Sgt. J.M. Lawrence, Privates H.E. Smith, David York, A.A. Steele, 
    L.F. Holder, J.W. Reece
    Missing:  Lt. L.F. McMasters, Privates Alpheus Pugh, L.C. York
    I would write more at length but time nor circumstances will allow me to do so.  
    [We annex the adjutant’s report of casualties in the other companies of this regiment]
    Company A
    Captain T.D. Jones, killed; Lt. J.W. Sudderth, seriously wounded; Privates Samuel Enta(?), 
    J.M. Powell, G.W. Justice, Jacob Tridd, D.A. Mult(?), killed; Sgt. L.H. Oxford, Corp. E.P. Miller, 
    Privates M. Crager, M. Deal, Monroe Kaler, J.G. Cloyed, W.A. Todd, Sidney Coffee, S.F. Harper, 
    S.G. Powell, Joseph Hartley, John McMillon, Pickens Barlow, E.L. Anderson, M. Hillen(?), J.H. 
    Stallings, John G. Simmons, A.M. Single, Jacob Hilton, M.P. Bryan and Sgt. W.S. Sudderth, 
    R. Deal, wounded
    Company B
    1st Lt. S.H. Adams, killed; 3rd Lt. A.L. Finley, supposed killed; Corp. W.L. Bird, Privates G.W. 
    Stokes, Martin Sevaford, killed; Sgt. J.P. Tate, Privates W.A. Holyfield, W.A. Buchannon, W.F. 
    Gibbs, Jno. Martin, John Gwin, J.C.(?) Poget, Martin Curtis, P.F. Sigley, Thomas Odear, Alfred 
    Clayton, wounded; Hamten(?) Comer, J.J. --------, missing
    Company E
    Lt. J.A. Hooper, wounded; Private J.P. Maxwell, killed; Privates Henry Long, J.A. May, W.C.(?) 
    May, V.G. Oliver, J.P. Stark, L.W. Ward, wounded
    Company F
    Privates E. Anderson, A.J. Candill, L.A. Stompet, A.T. Holiway, killed; Privates John Baldwin, N. 
    Reynolds, James Crance, H.D. Mains, John Mains, Calvin Conler, S.B. Dendis, R. Huchinson, 
    D.A. Fox, C.M. Crouse, H.G. Stomper, Alexander Toliver, wounded; Sgts. David Edwards, M.S. 
    Alexander and Privates H.R. Wagoner, M.W. Yates, E.J. Ham, Levi Collins, missing
    Company G
    Sgt. C.H. Stokes and Privates J.A. Elliott, Jos. Lovelace, A.J. Smith, Thomas E. Robinson, 
    Henry Snow, W.F. Saunders, wounded
    Company H
    Lt. Zinkler, mortally wounded; Sgt. Mitchell and Privates Samuel Doteson, wounded; Corp. 
    Henderson Martin and Privates Forester and John Carter, missing
    Company K
    Sgt. W.G. Hirly (or Birly), S.J. Linden, and Privates S.W.L. Brady, E.J. Bird, S.J. Scott (formerly 
    of Company E), T.J. Hooper (probably not hurt), J.P. Greenlief, wounded; Privates W.G. Curtiss, 
    A. Bayley, missing  
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 30, 1862
    Drury’s Bluff, Va., June 15, 1862
    Camp 46th N.C.T.
    Messrs. E.J. Hale & Sons:
    Time will not allow me to give a full detail of what we have seen since we left Goldsboro on the 
    morning of the 31st May at 8:00.  We arrived on the battle field or just in the rear the next day 
    about sun down.  I was very anxious to get there in time to take part in the fight on the 1st of 
    June.  We came through on the same train, not changing cars the whole way.  I am in hopes
    that we will soon have another opportunity of doing good service to our country.  About 2:00 
    we arrived at the depot in Richmond and after a few moments of refreshing, took up our march 
    for the battlefield.  After marching through several cross streets we came into Main Street.  
    There the scene was awful to behold.  The street was filled with wagons hauling the wounded; 
    the sidewalk was almost impassable, the wounded standing and lying in every direction.  From 
    the windows, the ladies could be seen bathed in tears as they gazed upon the dying and the 
    wounded.  We could also see the Hessians in every direction as they were conducted from the 
    battlefield and from the way they marching into the city you could see plainly they did not like 
    Mc’s forward movement.  From the wagons could be heard as we moved along “what regiment 
    is that?”  Answer, “46th N.C.”  The reply would be “Go on and give it to them.”  Although torn to 
    pieces they are not dead; thank God they can yet speak and although they cannot fight yet 
    they will encourage.  That night we slept in front of our breastworks, in an old cornfield; the next 
    day we took a West Point steamer and came to Drury’s Bluff.  We stayed several nights with a 
    single tent, sleeping on the naked ground, the rain falling upon us nearly every night.  For three 
    days the most of us lived on cold bread and water; no one has suffered though our fare was rough.  
    The enemy’s gunboats are down the river 15 miles below this, moving up.  My opinion is if they 
    come up and attack we will capture them.  All reports say there are fifteen in all.  North Carolina 
    is well represented here, and her boys are in good spirits. 
    J.S.D., Jr. 

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer May & June 2007 & January 2008

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