Chancellorsville May & June 1863

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    Document Number One for Chancellorsville
    Transcriber’s Note:  While care was taken to make these transcriptions accurate, mistakes are 
    unavoidable given the small and often blurred print. Also, the editor who transcribed from a hand 
    written list could have made errors. This can clearly be seen in the case of the 37th N.C.T. and 
    Company E, 13th N.C.T. when two lists appeared, see below.  They have been cross referenced 
    and many discrepancies arose in the names and spellings.  See these lists to get an idea of 
    what to look for in terms of nuances in names. 
    Take care and always verify by a second source.
    This document contains the following
    18th N.C.T. casualties
    28th N.C.T. casualties
    33rd N.C.T. casualties
    37th N.C.T. casualties
    1st N.C.T. casualties
    21st N.C.T. casualties
    6th N.C.T. casualties
    14th N.C.T. casualties (brief)
    13th N.C.T. casualties (brief)
    14th N.C.T. casualties (detailed)
    23rd N.C.T. casualties
    7th N.C.T. casualties
    Information Wanted:  Theophilis S. Avery
    1st N.C.T. casualties
    13th N.C.T.(detailed) casualties
    12th N.C.T. casualties
    57th N.C.T. casualties
    Names of N.C. Troops buried in the graveyard at Mt. Jackson, Va.
    28th N.C. at the battle of Chancellorsville—at Fredericksburg, letter from soldier
    3rd Regiment N.C. troops—letter from soldier-Chancellorsville
    North Carolina Standard
    May 6, 1863
    We can only conjecturer the forces opposed to each other near the Rappahannock.  
    Our force is supposed to be about 80,000 and that of the enemy 120,000.  North Carolina will 
    probably be in the impending battle with the following regiments:  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 
    7th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 26th, 28th, 30th, 
    34th, 35th, 37th, 38th, 44th, 47th, 52nd, 54th, 57th.  General Pettigrew’s brigade left 
    Goldsborough on Friday night for the scene of the action in Virginia.
    North Carolina Standard
    May 20, 1863
    Casualties from the Battle of Chancellorsville
    Action May 2 & 3
    Lane’s Brigade
    18th North Carolina
    Staff and Field
    Killed Col. Thomas J. Purdin
    Wounded—Lt. Col. F. George, Adjt. W. H. McLaurin
    Company A
    Killed:  Pte. S.L. Tatom
    Wounded:  Lt. S.B. Anders; Sgts. J.T. Edge, T.J. Lewis; Corpls. R. Reeves, W.A.J. Kerd, D. 
    Reeves; Ptes. W. Earnhart, R. Merritt, M.F. Hull, P.A. Brown, H.N. Huffman
    Missing:  Ptes. W. F. Pope; J.S. Nickons
    Company B
    Killed:  Sgt. O. Munn; Ptes. W.J. Edge, J.W. Munro, J. Ward
    Wounded:  Lt. M.W. Bruce (or Brace?); Ptes. E.G. Crawford, D. Goble, J. Johnson, D. Pate, 
    S.B. Moore, J.S. Trotterow, A. Shook (or Shock?), Giles Sikes, D.J. Calithan (or Callthan?), 
    T.B. Ellis, J. H. Fields, A.F. Shaw, Henry Green
    Missing:  Pte. W.C. Haglen (or Hagler?)
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. J.R. Richardson, A.L. Miller, N. Wyke
    Wounded:  1st Lt. H. Long; Sgt. S.B. Williams; Corpls. E. Meares, E. Register; Ptes. L. Gone, 
    B. Millican
    Missing:  J.S. Craig, Charles Jones, Alex Scales (no ranks shown)
    Company D
    Killed:  Corp. A.J. Profitt; Ptes. S.O. (or S.C.?) Taylor, I.W. Wike
    Wounded:  1st Lt. N. Towns; Corpls. J.P. Inman, J. Prevatt, J. Byrd, W.T. Blankenship, J.T. 
    Rusk, C.A. Allen
    Missing:  Sgt. F.G. Odium; Ptes. E. Spivey, W.L. Tritt, R. Horrman
    Company E
    Killed:  Corp. O.J. Fakins
    Wounded:  Sgt. C.Z. Costin; Corpls. R.M. Henry, D.S. Springfield; Ptes. W. Foster, F.D. 
    Garriss(?), J. S. Huffman, T.E. Mitchell, J.F. Prigdon, M. Simmons, T.F. Toms, J.B. Hall, J.J. 
    Missing:  Sgt. J.F. Croom; Ptes. A.B. Roaks, J.J. Woodcock
    Company F
    Killed:  Ptes. C.A.C. Padgett, Samuel Wright
    Wounded:  Sgt. F. McIntosh; Corpl. M.S. McLean; Ptes. A.E. Smith, M. McCormick, J.M. 
    McLaughlin, J.P. Green, Jas. Donsbone
    Missing:  Ptes D. McKinnon, J.A. Henderson, H. Nichols, D.T. Melton
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. Jos. McKinnion, J.R. Whittington, E.F. Bunch, L. Pearson
    Wounded:  Sgt. T.A. Shepard, Ptes. W.F. Wilson, C.C. Simmons, H.H. Bridges, P.M. Roberts, 
    N.M. Cooper
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. J.W. Fentrell, Ptes. A. McPhaul, S.P. Harness, S. Sibbett
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. F.J. Simpson, Sgt. C.M. Smith, Corpl. C.M. Baldwin, H.S. Powell, Ptes. 
    H.J. Hinson, C.P. Platt, J.N. Monteith, J. Saffont, J. Parker
    Missing:  Sgts. H.(?) Hall, and J.O. Frink, Corpl. A. Lewis, Pte. E.R. Pridgen
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. J.E. Heath and Alfred Brown
    Wounded:  Capt. Thomas E. Lewis, 2nd Lt. J.L. Jacobs, Sgt. T.P. Bryan, Ptes. W. Lindsey,
    J.H. Sprinkle, O. Brindle, D.J. Wells, J. H.(?) Davis, W.A. Burgess, W.M. Jones, J. Mays
    Missing:  Ptes. J.B. Dawson, J. F. Lindley
    Company K
    Killed:  Ptes. Jas Davis, M.P. Deets, J.D. McMillan, L.H. Williams, Isaac Trueblood
    Wounded:  Capt. T. J. Wooten, Lt. J.D. Curry, Sgts. C.M. Dunn, Jas Richardson, Ptes. A.D. 
    Councel, M. Benfield, M.V. Sutton, A.S. Smith, A.C. Stewart, W. H. Sykes
    Missing:  Ptes. John a. Buring, R. Lollar, F. Meadows
    28th North Carolina Regiment
    Field and Staff:  
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. Spear
    Company A
    Killed:  Corp. J. McKinney, Pte. J. Stanley
    Wounded:  Sgt. Irvin Reed, Ptes. C.H. Atkinson, J.H. Harden, W.F. Cunningham, M.C.Gates, 
    E.W. Bray
    Company B
    Wounded:  Lt. R.D. Ryne, Sgt. J.B. Carson, Corpls. J.G. Falls, F. Suggs, Ptes. E. J. Clem- - - 
    (illegible), J. H. Grier(?), J.A. Marrow, J.C. Manning, John Murphy, C. Neal, (one name cut off)
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. L.A. Yount, M. Hefner, B. Wagoner
    Wounded:  Capt. T.J. Linebarger, Corp. F. Tinbeyfield, Ptes. J. S. Snyder, M. Seits, D. 
    Berryman, A.L. Campbell, J.C. Carter, J.M. Gum, O. Grawz, W. Hoffman, A. Herman, S. 
    Honeycut, J. Heas, P. Little, J. Linebarger, H.(?) Miller, D. Pruncy, J. Pruncy, (or Pruney?) S. 
    Waight, N. Yount, M. Bolch
    Company D
    Killed:  Ptes. J.A. Crighton, J. W. Honeycut
    Wounded:  Lt. L. Lowder, Ptes. T.F.(or P.) Kirk, W. Pond(?), O. Little
    Missing:  Pte. A.K. Miller
    Company E
    Killed:  Ptes. E. H. Brewer, J. W. Honeysenker
    Wounded:  Lt. Thomas S. Green, Sgt. E. Hall, Ptes. L. Cook, A. Bennett, M.A. Hunt, J.M. 
    Hester, W.D. Smith
    Company F
    Wounded:  Ptes. J.G. Bounder, M. Munock, W.D. Hall, W. Welch, P. Loy
    Company G
    Killed:  Pte. J.C. Dallyheight
    Wounded:  Capt. E.G. Marrow, Sgt. D.F. Marrow (or Morrow?), Corpls. W.F.(or P.) Edwards, 
    W. Markland, J.S. Dunham, Ptes. H.C. Crawford, J. Dunham, J.R. Morris, J.A. Morris, N. 
    Pendergrast, S. Sikes, J. Andrews, F.S. Quackenbush
    Missing:  Pte. N. Straughn
    Company H.
    Killed:  Sgt. J.L. Jolly, Ptes. C.W. Palmer, W.D. Hawks
    Wounded:  Sgt. T.C. Bridges, Ptes. A.C. Burgess, D.O. Green, V.B. McSwain, P.G. 
    Humphries, P. Bridges
    Company I
    Killed:  Sgt. D.C. Casey
    Wounded:  Corp. L.W. Shores, Ptes. J.W. Jennings, J. Everage, S.B. Carlton, B. Jenkins(?), 
    J.D. Dickinson
    Company K
    Wounded:  Lt. I.T. Biles, Ptes. W.H. Russell, S. Motu, A. Hinson, T. Whilley, J.M. Caley, G. 
    Alman, L.A. Feer, A.C. Burriss, Britten Parks
    33rd North Carolina Regiment
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. C.M. Avery, Lt. Col.. R.V. Cowan, Major T.W. Mayhew
    Missing:  Major T.W. Mayhew, and Adjt. S. Whitaker, Jr.
    (Transcriber’s note, Major T.W. Mayhew was shown twice.)
    Company A
    Killed:  Ptes. J.T. Murchison, Jno. T. Sherill
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.W. Marshall, Ptes. J.E. Barnett, J.H. Plyer, Timothy O’Connell, W.Y. 
    Holbrook, J.H. Fink and J.H. Barnes
    Missing:  Lt. J.A. Summers, Ptes. D. M. Sink, J.D. Henry, A. Vanderburg, W.C. Vanderburg, 
    G.L. Woodson
    Company B
    Killed:  Sgt. Jos. Taylor, Ptes. J.H. Jenkins, J. Powell, J.S. Proctor, W.H. Williams
    Wounded:  Capt. T.H. Gatling, Lt. H. P. Lyons, Corpl. W.C. Davenport, Ptes. S.W. Brown, W. 
    Harrell, Jno. Jenkins, J.O. Nelson, C. G.(or O?) Bryant, J.W. Nelson, R.H. Neal, William 
    Pender, Henry Walter, J.R. Davenport
    Missing:  Ptes. Robert Armstrong, Jno Bowers, W.E. Bradley, J. Braswell, B. Braswell, N.C. 
    Gibson, W. M. Gibson, Jas. Gardner, William Hiatt
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. T.A. Suiter, J. Franklin
    Wounded:  Capt. D.M. Corine, Lt. S. Slough, Sgt. A.S.(?) Myers, Corp. B.(?) J. Sutton, Ptes. 
    Jno Little (or Lettle?), G.A. Carrider, W.M. Page, Henry Chitley, L. Chitley, G. W. Scott, D.W. 
    Waller (Walker?), A. Henne(?), G.M. Patterson
    Missing:  Ptes. Iredell Evans, William Tucker, David Blackwalden
    Company D
    Killed:  Lt. C.(or G.?) W. Weaver
    Wounded:  Lt. M.F. Jones, Ptes. H. Carter, E. Walters, Willis Dimmitt, E. Fugits(?)
    Missing:  Ptes. W.H.T. Pardew, Thomas Brooks, E. Absher, Neal McKinnon
    Company E
    Killed:  Lt. J.D. Rourbelle, William K. Babb, Ptes. J. O.(?) Bradaway, P.D. Lane, L. Parkes, 
    Charles Peek
    Wounded:  Lt. L.H. Babb, Corp. Jas. Clark, Ptes. Alfred Curie, R.S. Gross, M. Brantom, 
    William Ellis, T. Martin, N.W. Vick, Alex Relph, W. Parter
    Missing:  Sgt. J.P. Taylor, Corpls. F.T. Wavell(?) and A. Eason, Ptes. J.E. Barnes, William 
    Ellis, P. Hanel, A. High, one name illegible.
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. B.G. Bishop
    Wounded:  Lt. S.C. Watson, Ptes. A. Oates, S. Cutrell, D. Linton, J.A. Thompson, T. G. 
    Ward, W.Workman, A. Coopley
    Missing:  Ptes. S.D. Blockwood, S. Gill, S. Mann, D. Midgett, Isaac Morris, J. Whedbee, Sgt. 
    Joseph Swindill
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. J.D. Dalais, Sgt. J.P. Fuller, Corp. J. Gardiner, Ptes. Bradshaw, J.G. Brock, R.C. 
    Leinbeck, H. Slater
    Wounded:  Lt. W.J. Callais, Sgts. L.H. Moore, R.J. Prescott, Ptes. J.W. Atkinson, John Henly, 
    B. Carter, S. Jones, J.F. McCloud, R.V. Randallman, George Sink, G.W. Sink, J.W. Woosley
    Missing:  Ptes. J.S. Anderson, J. Bradshwaw, D.K. Denson, E.D. Cline, W.F. Lashmit, A.S. 
    Murdock, W. Hernsom, C. Slater, D.J. Starling, L. Shepherd, J.C. Vogler
    Company H
    Killed:  Pte. John M. Coleman
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.R. Callawan, W.F. Guthrie, T.M. Cradle, G.W. Jackson, Corpls. J.C. James 
    and A. Calhoun, Ptes. Matthias Burke, Josiah Eusley, Noah Gray, T.W. Williams, J.S. 
    Manning, L. Flowers
    Missing:  Ptes. J.H. Davis, T.G. Johnson, G.J.(or O?) Midgett, L. Sandifer, Wright Spring, J.E. 
    Company I
    Corpl. A. Seat, Ptes. C. Clouder, T.F. Dawson, J.R. Nines
    Wounded:  Lt. W.L. White, Sgt. E.F. Reynolds, Corp. A.L. Newsome, Ptes. B. Fonacue(?), 
    A.H. Fulk, William Ketner, Perricord (no fist initials), J.H. Page
    Missing:  Ptes. Hinckley, E.B. Fulk, T. Fulton, B. Myers, T.E. Mickey, Thomas Stuart, Ro 
    Tate, John Williams
    Company K (no company J listed)
    Killed:  Ptes. Beamon, R.C. Horrell (or Harrell), John Mooring
    Wounded:  Lts. J. Walton, H.J. McCoy, Ptes. A. Dale, R. Peel, A.B. Covington, J. Emery, J.J. 
    Pierce, J.B. Gibson, Nathan Panale(?), J.O. Hill
    Missing:  Sgt. J.S. Hughes, Ptes. J.W. Mosinger, William Mooring, Thomas Cooper, John 
    37th North Carolina Regiment
    NOTE:  Two lists were printed, another one appeared in the June 3 issue and has been cross 
    referenced with the list from May 20
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. W.M. Barbour, in wrist, slight, Lt. Col. J. B. Ashcraft, in head, Maj. W.G. 
    Morris, in foot
    Company A
    Killed:  Ptes. John Taylor, Wesley Sheets, W. H. Griffin
    Wounded:  Sgt. E.A. Carter, head, slight, J.A. McNeal, in arm, slight,  Ptes. A.L. Cavey, in 
    thigh, severe, J.M. Black, in face, slight,  J.M. Baker, back, C.M. Carter, foot, William Davis, 
    knee, E.F. Farr, (June 3 issue looks like Faw), in breast, severe, Mat Farrington, foot, Levi 
    Gentry, shoulder, severe, John A. Henderson, face, slight, Andrew Harley, breast,  William 
    Ham, shoulder, Ab Strunks (Absalom in June 3), thigh, severe,  L.D. Ward, knee, Thomas 
    Ham, arm, Calvin Taylor, abdomen, dangerous, Hiram Perry, head, Sterling Vanzant, both 
    thighs, side and face, severe, P. C. Goodman, slight, Jno. Simmons, H. Tomlinson, (listed as 
    sgt in June 3 issue, thigh, slight, J.H. Vannoy (shown on June 3 list as missing).
    Company B
    Wounded:  Capt. A.J. Critchner, thigh, slight, Sgts. H.D. Hagerman, thigh, C.H. Burke, (shown 
    as Barke on June 3 list), thigh, slight, Corpls. J.W. Hughes, arm, Thomas Robbins, shoulder, 
    Ptes. Thomas J. Roboard, (shown as Deboard on June 3 list), breast and shoulder, severe, 
    Robert Francis, knee, slight, Larkin Hodges, stunned by shell, Calvin Howel, W.R. Heath, 
    knee, S.H. Littelton, (R.H. Littelton on June 3 list), knee, J.W. Lowe, (J.M. Lowe on June 3 list) 
    arm, J.A. Milholland, arm, William Massey, finger, P.W. Turmise, (Turnmire on June 3 list),
    W.S. Morris (on June 3 list says wounded and missing)
    Missing: Calvin Davis
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. J.W. Sample, J.A. Todd, J.S. Greer, D.N. Gardner
    Wounded:  Ptes. A.J. Deer, leg amputated, J.C. Beard, stunned, T.R. Alexander, stunned, R.A. 
    Bready, slight, J.M. Hendrix, shoulder, severe, W.A. Henderson, thigh and head, J. C. 
    McAllister, head, severem  D.J. Nauts, (Nance on June 3 list), leg, severe, L.J. Stewart, (S.J. 
    Stewart on June 3 list) F.M. Worsham (Warsham on June 3 list(, thigh, slight
    Missing:  Pte. M. Straup (Stroup on June 3 list)
    Company D
    Killed:  Ptes. J.P. Escher, (Eacher on June 3 list)  S.J. Griffin, Jos. Kiser
    Wounded:  Capt. J.L. Best, (Bost on June 3 list), head, slight, 1st Lt. H.C. Grady, hands, 
    slilght, 2nd Lt. A.J. Best, (Bost on June 3 list) face and neck, slight, Sgts. G.W. Bancom, 
    thigh,  M. Stanton, (Staton on June 3 list), head, Corpls. John W. Eason, E.G. Bancom, thigh,  
    Ptes. J.Q. Adams, flesh wound, thigh, C.E. Baker, leg, Henry Bennet, face, thigh, Noah 
    Collins, thigh, Charles Evans, mouth and throat, H.B. Griffin, leg, P.C. Griffin, arm, slight, W. J. 
    Hasty, hand, slight, C.L. Helms, both hands, J.T. Lowry, (Lowery on June 3 list), thighs, A. 
    Nash, (Abner on June 3 list), breast, severe, J.H. Neil, (Neel on June 3 list), chin, W.T. Parker, 
    foot, M.A. Pyron, abdomen and back, T.A. Price, slight, E. Presley, (shown on June 3 list as 
    wounded in the side and missing), Z. Parker, forehead and thigh, Jason Stegall, leg, J.A. 
    Swamer, leg, slight, Alex Tadlock, shoulder and jaw, A. Sellers, upper lip, slight, G.T. Tucker, 
    hip and leg, L.R. Walters, leg, T.N. Watts, arm, J.E. Parke (Parker on June 3 list)
    Company E
    Killed:  Pte. T.N. Coffey, (Caffey on June 3 list) J.E. Coffey, Silas Green, V.D.R. Foushen, John 
    Baird, William Hartley, James Brieven (Brower on June 3 list)
    Wounded:  Lt. O. (A on June 3 list) Wiggins, leg bruised, Sgts. J.F. McLain, shoulder, slight, 
    Wm. Green, leg and arm, Corpl. W.C. Dotson, (Datson on June 3 list) arm and side, Ptes. 
    William Norwood, hand, James Hilliard, leg, J.C. Shull, leg and arm, Richard Eggars, shoulder 
    and neck, J. Younce, arm, W.J. Shell, shoulder, J.W. Mundy, side, slight, William Johnson, 
    neck and breast, A.J. Teague, leg, D.E. Beever, leg, H.H. Hilliard, hand, William Cable, thigh, 
    A. Williams, leg and side, T.A. Alexander, arm, Thomas Stevens, leg
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. Wallace Fox
    Wounded:  Lts. J.H. (L.B. on June 3 list) Petty, F. Tankessle, (Trankersby on June 3 list) Sgt. 
    H.M. Bryan, Ptes. J. (I. on June 3 list) Anderson, Isaac C. Duncan, W.H. Earn, (Earp on June 
    3 list) R.J. Gibbes, (Gibbs on June 3 list)W.J. Master, (Mastin on June 3 list) W.R. Price, W.R. 
    Sherr, (Shew on June 3 list) J.C. Wyatt, A. Fox
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. F.M. Cochran, Ptes. T.W. Read, L.F. Smith
    Wounded:  Lts. J.B. Pool, head, G.W. Cochran, leg, J.L. Brown, Sgt. J.F. Pool, leg amputated, 
    Corpls. A.A. Goyder (U.A. Gride on June 3 list), leg, George Barnes, face, slight,  Ptes. J.W. 
    Benngarner, (J.M. Bumgarnor on June 3 list), hip, severe, J.J. Bennly, (Bentley on June 3 list), 
    hand,  W.F. Chapman, hip, A. Campbell, arm, slight, D. A. Daniel, ankle amputated) D.L. Deal, 
    shoulder, slight, L.R. Gryder, thigh, severe, E. Price, arm, E.W. Rector, thigh, W.H. Robnett, 
    thigh broken, J.H. Ruffty, arm, slight, B. Thomas, thigh, J.A. Teague, arm, L.L. Watts, arm, 
    A.J. Lewis, head
    Missing:  Pte. L. J. Chapman, Jas. Walker (Winkler on June 3 list)
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. Thomas A. Wilson, Ptes. Noah Dellinger (Dillinger on June 3 list) Caleb Costner 
    (Castner on June 3 list), E. Payson (Ephraim Paysour on June 3 list)
    Wounded:  Capt. H.C. Fite, seriously, 1st Lt. W.C. Ragin, arm, 2nd Lts. John C. Moone, hip, 
    severe, J.W. Alexander, foot, Corpls. T.L.P. Ford (Thomas on June 3 list), slight, J.C. 
    Froncharger, (Fronerberger on June 3 list) seriously, T.L. Kendrick, slight, Ptes. Samuel 
    Paysom (Paysour on June 3 list), severe, O. F. Byrd, severely, J.L. McKee, severely, H. 
    Paysom, (Paysour on June 3 list) severely, Henry Shyne, (Rhyne on June 3 list) severely, 
    J.M. Roberts, severely, J.B. Smith, severely, David Brown, slilghtly, D.R. Deem, (Dunn on 
    June 3 list), slightly, J.L. Nixon, (J.T. on June 3 list), slightly in leg, F.L. Hoffman, slight, 
    Caleb Reynolds, slight, R.F. Ragan, slight, J.B. Thompson, (Thomasson on June 3 list), 
    slight in leg, Miles Withers, slight, W.E. Featherston, slight in arm, William M. (W. on June 
    3 list) Glenn, slight in leg, Thomas Black, slight
    Missing:  William Cody, David West
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. James Banchard, Jno Auten, A.P. Young, Brown Stern (Sterns on June 3 list)
    Wounded:  Capt. William Still, (Sitt on June 3 list) 2nd Lt. A.F. Pandle, (Yandle on June 3 llist), 
    arm, Sgt. D.C. Robinson, head, Corpls. J.G. A. Orr, side, J.L. Orr, (Jas. L. Orr on June 3 list), 
    arm amputated, Ptes. M. Adderbolt (Adderholt?), thigh, mortal, S.A. Burns, arm,  B.F. Cathay, 
    (Cathey on June 3 list), neck, J.W. Clark, (Clarke on June 3 list) John Fonebergen, (
    Froneberger on June 3 list), side, M.W. Gates, leg by shell, John W. Henderson, Jas. Hipp, 
    thigh,  L.A. Hipp, arm, William Hernsucker, (Hansusker on June 3 list), thigh, William King, 
    neck and shoulder, Sol Kirner(?)Karner(?) (Kizer on June 3 list), slight, Caleb Manney, 
    (Moorney on June 3 list), side, James M. McGlinn, (McGinn on June 3 list) both hips, S.D. 
    Maxwell, head, Jacob Rudisell, shoulder, D.M. Rigler, thigh,  Jacob Stearns, hand, W.J. 
    Crocker, leg, Jacob Shoe, back
    Missing:  J.R. Gordon
    Company K (no company J listed)
    Killed:  Lt. C.H. Ragen (Regen?)( Ragin on June 3 list), Pte. Sam’l. South, John Marshall, 
    Allen Wiley, F.J. Williams, Hugh Bevons (Blivens on June 3 list), Nathan Ellis
    Wounded:  Sgts. J.S. Miller, arm, J.M. Grimsley, neck, Ptes. Julien (Julian on June 3 list) 
    Plummer, arm, E. Chandlier (Elijah on June 3 list), finger, F.M. Blevins, arm, S.M. Cox, arm, 
    M.D. Parsons, seven places, seriously, Granville Halsey, leg, F.M. Parsons, arm
    1st North Carolina Battalion as reported up to the morning of May 5 by letter from Guinea 
    Company A
    J. Sugars, J. Pendry, slightly wounded, Corpl. Denny, R.H. Williamson in finger, Isam Cook 
    badly wounded in the leg
    Company B
    Lt. C.A. Shultz, Sgt. T.D. Close, E. Ingram, W. Fuller, W. Snider, slightly wounded, Sgt. 
    Phillips in hand, Lee Hendrix, William Hauser in thigh, H. Baxter in arm, Sam Fogle thumb 
    21st North Carolina Regiment, Col. W.W. Kirkland Commanding as reported by Capt. W.J. 
    Pjohl(?), acting adjutant
    Company A, Capt. Bell commanding
    Killed:  1st Sgt. J. McIver, Pte. E.P. Parnell
    Wounded:  Capt. Beal slightly in hand, Ptes. H. Brinkley in knee, W.A. Leach slightly in hand, 
    J.N.O. Styers slightly in foot, George Morgan severely in both legs, John F. Webster slightly in
    head, B.L. Webster seriously in body
    Missing:  N.W. Lomax, Andrew Grubbs, George McRae
    Company C (no company B listed)
    Killed:  J.A. Spainhour (no rank)
    Wounded:  Capt. Snow slightly in arm, Lt. Snow severely in arm, J.A. Davis seriously in arm, 
    Jas. Sparger, W.C. Banner, I. France slightly in hand, Dan McGee, J.B. Bundy(?) slightly in 
    shoulder, S. Law slightly in hand, H.(?) Francis slightly in thigh, W.H. Holland slightly in arm, 
    John Brundant slightly in leg
    Missing:  Chap Bowan, A. Drusey, W.H.(?) Farris(?), D.H. Cockerhorn, A.T. Patterson, John 
    Company D, 1st Lt. J.W. Miller, Commanding
    Killed:  1st Lt. J.W. Miller, Jno Ingrain, Anderson McGee(?)
    Wounded:  J.C. Watlington arm amputated, Alex Starr slightly in both thighs, P.A. Sprinkle 
    seriously in shoulder, E.J. Banner, severely in thigh, E.J. Styers and W.J. Boyer wounded 
    and missing, S.W. Craft, W.J. Howard, missing
    Company F (no company E listed), Capt. Beard commanding
    Killed:  J.M. Mabe(?)
    Wounded:  1st Lt. E.M. Auburn seriously in hips, Sgts. M.O. Janies(?) James(?), M. Lawson, 
    W.A. Smith slightly in hand, Corpls. W.H. Collins slightly in foot, C.W. Wall, slightly in knee
    Missing:  Capt. Beard, Sgt. H. B. Moser, Corpl. J.A. Bowman, Willis James, James Bennett
    Company G, Captain Blackburn Commanding
    Killed:  Thomas J. Smith
    Wounded:  William Carlisle, seriously in neck and shoulder and arm, C.J. Carroll, severely in 
    hand, Daniel Kizer slightly in leg, Tandy Kiser, slightly in hand, L. Smith, slightly in arm, Berry 
    Thomas, seriously in hand, Thomas Tuttle, slightly in hand
    Missing:  Sgt. J.H. Ferguson, Sgt. O.W. Ligon, J.D. Fulk, George Goode, John D. Gibson, 
    J.W. Lashley, Alex Smith
    Company H, Capt. Jones commanding
    Killed:  Thomas Snow
    Wounded:  Capt. Jones, seriously in neck and shoulder, 1st Lt. W.R. Martin, slightly in hand, 
    A. McKinney, slightly in hip and knee, John Marion, slightly in hand, J.E. Stoltz, seriously in 
    jaw, W.M. Holyfield, slightly in thigh, Jno. Widkiff(?), slightly in arm
    Missing:  Corp. J. Holyfield, E. Holyfield, W.A. Jenkins, J.J. Jenkins, E. Whicker
    Company I, 1st Lt. M.C. Moore commanding
    Killed:  Gab Taylor, H.L. Vernon, David Johnson
    Wounded:  Lt. M.C. Moore, slightly in hand, Lt. Pell seriously in hips, Sgt. J. Davis slightly in 
    hand, Sgt. Tuttle, seriously in hip, Corp. Dick slightly in side, Corp. Durham slightly in foot, 
    C.H. Boyles slightly in hand, R.W. Boyles slightly in side, R.W. Sulphin, slightly in hip, J.H. 
    Whitington slightly in side
    Missing:  J.S. Green, T.A. Savage, T. Scott, J.W. Shelton, W. Woodley
    Company K, Capt. D. Barrow, commanding
    Killed:  1st Sgt. H.B. Newsom
    Wounded:  Capt. Barrow seriously in knee, J.F. Idol severely in hand, Corp. D.P. Stack 
    severely in leg, W.C. Franklin slightly in body, J. Moser severely in foot, B.F. Lembach, 
    severely in mouth
    Missing:  William Haley, Amos Hartle, Ransom Sink, W.L. Stack, J.A. Doutint(?) Douthit(?)
    Company L, Lt. J.F. Martin commanding
    Wounded:  3rd Sgt. J.M. Clapp severely in mouth, J.W. Richardson mortally in body, H. 
    Wilson, severely in hand, J.H. Hawkins slightly in body, William Purdue slightly in leg
    Missing:  A.L. Alley
    Company M, 1st Lt. Dick commanding
    Killed: T.J. Cummings
    Wounded:  J.P. Boone slightly in leg, J. Joyce severely in thigh, J.M. Wright slightly in hand, 
    W.E. Parker slightly in shoulder
    Missing:  J. Summers, J.S. Gearinger, J.R. Pritchett, W.A. Elliott
    Casualties in the 6th N.C.T.
    Company A
    Killed:  J.M. Hemphill and Martin Smith
    Wounded:  J.W. Burgess, John Davis, P. Eply, J. Eply, Sgt. J.R. Dickson
    Company B
    Killed:  Philo Wilson
    Wounded:  Lt. Lockhart, J. Bagfield, Allen Tilley, E. Tilley, C. Crabtree, John James, Corpl. 
    Missing:  Willey Meadows, Lee Wilson
    Company C
    Killed:  John S. Markham
    Wounded:  Capt. Guess, T. Dollar
    Missing:  James Ferrill, Levi Markham, Rufus Massey
    Company D
    Killed:  Alfred Brittain
    Wounded:  J. Holder, J.Q. Brittain, W. Barley(?), J.B. Davis, T. Powell
    Missing:  J. Hildebrand
    Company E
    Killed:  Thomas Whisonbut
    Wounded:  Jas. Lewis, Calhoun Johnson, Tilman Vance
    Taken Prisoner:  Robert Howell
    Company F
    Killed:  Thomas Gibson
    Woulded:  Sgt. A. Tate, J.N. Bradshaw, J.A. Gibson, William Kerr, F.A. Hatch, William Sykes
    Missing:  William Pender
    Company G
    Wounded:  J.M. Ritchie, E.H. Miller
    Missing:  William Wellock(?) Wedlock(?)
    Company H
    Wounded:  Lt. Walker, Sgt. B.Y. Malone, J.B. Alread, T.R. Cape, J.E. Coleman, T.L. Evans
    Missing:  J.W. Lloyd
    Company I
    Wounded:  Lt. T.M. Jenkins, J.M. Smith, C. Eubanks, Wesley Page, L. Pickard
    Missing:  George Varner
    Company K
    Wounded:  Capt. Vincent, Sgt. Simpson, D. Tallent, F.Wyatt, James Pickett, J.W. Christopher
    North Carolina Standard
    May 13, 1863
    Casualties 14th N.C.T.
    Col. E.G. Haywood of the 7ths and Lts. T.(?) S. Lemay and John S. Bryan reached this city on 
    Monday morning.  We are glad to learn that their wounds are not serious.
    We learn that the wounds of Col. W.R. Cox are more serious than first supposed.  He is 
    wounded in three or four places.
    Col. Bryan Grimes of the 4th was slightly wounded in three places.
    13th N.C.T.
    The 13th N.C.T. suffered severely, having lost in killed and wounded more than half who went 
    into action.  Among the wounded officers are Col. A.M. Scales and Adj. H.A. Walker, Lt. J.M. 
    Williamson of Company A; Lt. S.R. Thornton of Company G; Capt. H.A. Rogers of Company 
    D; Lt. J.E. Boston(?) Company E; Capt. J.A. Fugue, Company G; Capt. R.H. Ward, Company 
    I; Capt. H.L. Guerrant, Company K.
    We regret to record the death of Col J.C.S. McDowell from wounds received at the Battle of 
    Fredericksburg.  He was a good officer and a most worthy man.
    14th Regiment
    We are indebted to an unknown correspondent on the battlefield for the following list of 
    casualties from the 14th Regiment.
    From April 20 to May 4
    Field and Staff Officers
    Col. R.T. Bennett contusion, on duty with his command
    Lt. Col. W.A. Johnston severe in arm, bone fracture
    Capt. Cherry, Company A mortally wounded now dead; 1st Sgt. C.A. Shankle Company H. 
    slightly in head; Pte. R.Ruth, Company K. slightly in forehead
    Company A
    Killed:  Pte. J.T. Johnson
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. W.J. Pugh, flesh wound in face, Brevet 2nd Lt. J.J. Williams, flesh wound in 
    leg; 1st Sgt. N.E. Jenkins  slight wound in stomach, 5th Sgt. Jas. A. Burrows mortally 
    wounded, 3rd Corp. W.T. Rooker severely in foot, Pte. Peter Boswell slightly in side, S.C. 
    Sherlan(?)  Sherian(?) slightly in foot, G.W. Rooker severely in side, J.R. Myrick, mortally 
    Company B
    Killed:  Pte. Felix Myers
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. D.P. Jones, flesh wound in leg and struck by shell in shoulder, 2nd Sgt. 
    C.L. Line(?), flesh would in face, 2nd Sgt. E.W. Babcock, flesh wound in leg, Corp. W.J. 
    Moore, shoulder, Corp. G.B. Ellington, flesh wound in left thigh, Ptes. Jesse Anderson slight in 
    arm, C. Alfred slight in arm, E.G. Fitchett slight in breast, W.A. Sowers slight in arm, J.C. 
    Smith slight in hand.
    Company C
    Wounded:  1st Sgt. A.S. Morrison slight in leg, Sgt. G.L. Stanback, contusion, 5th Sgt. J.W. 
    McGregor, flesh wound in leg, Corp. E.J. Smith, contusion, Corp. H.J. Napier severe in both 
    hands, Ptes. F.A. Buchanan, mortally wounded, died 4th May, S.L. Smith, mortally wounded, 
    J.T. Smith severe in hand, J.L. Smith, contusion, J.A. Henry, contusion, Peter Moreton, 
    contusion, Marion McRay severe in testicles, Ed Billingsly, foot, Neal Lemonds, forehead Jas. 
    McKaskill, flesh wound in thigh, D.J. Ewing, flesh wound in leg, W.H. Saunders, slight in 
    forehead, H.B. Carpenter, slight in arm, Jas. Brigman, severe in face
    Company D
    Wounded:  Corp. W.J. Ways(?) severe in leg, bone fractured, Ptes. J.D. Crow, severe in ankle 
    and foot, bones fractured, Jno Heavener, serious in mouth, W.A. Long, severe in arm, bone 
    fractured, J.J. Harmon, flesh wound in arm, A.G. Moss, contusion, --- Kinney, slight in breast
    Company E
    Killed:  1st Sgt. U.W. Pool, 1st Corp. C.S. Rogers, Pte. W.A. Knight, supposed to have been 
    Wounded:  Brevet 2nd Lt. T.S. Leman, slight in arm, 1st Sgt. Jas. H. Hicks, mortally wounded 
    died 4th May, 4th Sgt. W.H. Shaw severe in leg, bone fractured, 5th Sgt. J.H. Penny, serious 
    in hip, bone fractured, 4th Corp. William Barlow, severe, arm amputated, Ptes. J.M. Beck, 
    severe in both thighs, J. J.(?) Lewis, slight in arm and shoulder, Rufus Pool, severe in arm, 
    bone fractured, Hinton Pool, slight in shoulder, L. Ross, slight in breast, Rufus Smith, flesh 
    wound in thigh, C.W. Ray slight in foot, Isaac Macon severe in shoulder and face, Thomas L. 
    Norwood slight in arm and side, W.W. Watkins, serious wound in arm and leg, bone fractured
    Company F
    1st Lt. F. Harney slight in thigh, Brevet 2nd Lt. G.M. Williams severe in head and face, 2nd Sgt. 
    W. H.(?) Porter killed, Ptes. C. Cooper flesh wound in leg, A.J. Green slightly in head, W.M. 
    Patton severe in leg, bone fractured, Z. Poe slight in arm, R. Williams, severe in knee, T.H. 
    Wilson, severe, shoulder amputated, 1st Sgt. Whitmire, slight in leg, on duty, 5th Sgt. J.E. 
    Patton slight in leg, on duty
    Company G
    Killed:  2nd Sgt. J.R. Smith
    Wounded: 1st Sgt. Jas. W. Rawley, severe wound in thigh, 5th Sgt. J.J. Scarlett severe in 
    head, scull fractured, 3rd Corp. J.H. Bragg slight in head, Ptes. J.M. Crawford, right arm 
    amputated, R.A. Lee severe in head, J.H. Frazier serious in thigh, bone fractured, R.M. Miller, 
    leg amputated, A.J. Jordan, severe in leg, A.P. Taylor severe in hip, A. Young slight in shoulder
    Company H
    Killed:  4th Sgt. William Lanier,  Pte. Jesse Poplin
    Wounded:  1st Lt. D.C. Shankle, mortally wounded, died May 4, 1st Corp. E.H. Howell, wound 
    in hand, 2nd Corp. Ebin Lowder, serious in arm and hand, 3rd Corp. J.W. Maner, mortally 
    wounded, Ptes. Green Almond, arm amputated, J.F. Carter, slight in hip, Jno Dry slight in foot,
    F.Forest severe in hip and arm, Jas. Hall leg amputated, Ivey Richey slight on head, C.Sides, 
    mortally wounded, G.A. Shankle, severe in stomach, Jno. Thompson in hip, bone fractured, 
    W.S. Hall, slight in side, J.M. Lefler slight in hand, D. Lefler slight in hand, L.E. Melchor, 
    severe in arm, bone fractured, D.D. Nobles severe in leg, W.R. Reumag (or Reunag) slight in 
    Company I
    Killed:  3rd Sgt. R.B. Hargrove, Pte. J.H. Hicks
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. C.A. Hunt slight in face and arm, Ptes. Alex Barnes slight in face and arm, 
    A.E. Rush slight in shoulder, G.W. Swicegood slight in side
    Company K
    Killed:  5th Sgt. S.L. Beasley, Ptes. Jno. Powell, Jas. Overby and ----Parish
    Wounded:  Brevet 2nd Lt. Jno Bryan slight in hip, 2nd Sgt. F.W. Bodiker severe in side, 4th 
    Sgt. Joel Ingram finger shot off, 1st Sgt. L.N. Keith serious wound in breast, 2nd Corp. W.R. 
    Bell severe wounds in both thighs, 4th Corp. R.D. Weathers sever in neck, Ptes. S.C. White 
    slight in hand, J.H. Keith, flesh wound in arm, D.W. Royster severe in arm, bone fractured, 
    Willie Honeycutt severe in leg, bone fractured, J.Z. Saunders severe in mouth, F.W. Freedle in 
    both hands, Eli Hamilton slight in side, E.W. Hamilton, serious in thigh, bone fractured, William 
    Chamblee, slight on hand.
    North Carolina Standard
    May 20, 1983
    23rd North Carolina, Col. Daniel H. Christie Commanding
    In the Battles of May 2 and 3 on the Rappahannock
    Field and Staff
    Missing:  Maj. C.C. Blacknall
    Company A
    Killed:  Pte. J.D. Birmingham, P.P. Gaddy, W.P. Dunlop
    Wounded:  Capt. J. Bennett in leg, Corp. J.R. Knight in leg, Ptes. W. Horne in arm, J.J. Cox in 
    shoulder, Spencer Short in side, W.T. Tucker in arm, John Killiard in hand, Thomas Rushing in 
    hand, D.D. Gaddy in side, H. Barger in shoulder, John Hendrick in shoulder
    Missing:  Sgt. B.F. Billingsley, Ptes. J. Crump, John Munnerly, R.M. Allen
    Company B
    Killed:  Sgt. M.V. Seagle, Corp. J.A. Shittle, Wesley Hudspeth, Ptes. Eli Hoke, Peter Reep, 
    Thomas Smith, M.F. Seagle, J. Hoyle
    Wounded:  Capt. G.W. Hunter severely, Lt. W.A. Thompson and Lt. M.M. Hines slightly, Ptes. 
    G.B. Hollman, Andrew Hedick, F.S. Stewart, Thomas Davis, William R. Whitworth and John 
    Hill, severely, Milton Ramseur, Caleb Hober, W.H. Harrison, George Seagle, and Daliel Hartzo, 
    Missing:  Sgt. A.S. Carpenter, Marcus Tubyfill, Ptes. M.L. Puiger, Amos White, L. Houser, 
    William Bysinger, H. Campbell, Caleb Leanard, Daniel Lutz, P.D. Seagle, N.M. Sherill, L. 
    Wilson, Jacob Wilson, Marcus Williams
    Company C
    Killed:  Sgt. Brantley Harris, Ptes. W.R. Smith, L.M. Tucker, J.M. Long, W.O. Davis
    Wounded:  Capt. E.H. Lyon seriously, Corp. J.M. Lilly slightly, Ptes. E.J. Lilly, E. Green, W.G. 
    Davis, T. Whitby, A.A. Huntsucker, P.W. Hilliard, W.A. Burris, severely, Ptes. L. Brown, W. 
    White, J.E. Love, H. Dayton, slightly.
    Missing:  Ptes. W. Scarborough, M. Freeser and Thomas Bowden
    Company D
    Killed:  Lt. J.S. Knight, Ptes. Kenneth McKenzie, Malcolm Morrison
    Wounded:  Capt. A.T. Cole slightly, Lt. E.A. McDowell severely, Sgt. W.C. Covington, Ptes. 
    Daniel Shrum, Simon Keener, H.C. McLean, Elbert Andrews, Robert L. Webb
    Missing:  George Walker
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. J.R. Kinton, Ptes. J.A. Winston, C.T. Goss, S.W. Nanco
    Wounded:  Capt. A.D. Peace, Lt. R.V. Minor, Sgts. M.A. Coley, R.M. Estes, Corp. J.M. Heflin, 
    Ptes. J.H. Coley, D.G. Crews, S. Clark, W.H. Duke, H.T. Ellington, J.G. Terrill, R.H. Flemming,
     J.M. Mise(?), W.J. Rogers, J. N. Smith(?), Dow Vaughan
    Missing:  P.P. Bohn, Daniel Mangum
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. J.A. Pool
    Wounded:  Sgt. A.G. Propst severely, Ptes. Alias Bernhardt, W.T. Cline, Anthony Balch, 
    Newton Whitner, W.D. Shell, John Suther, J.T. Dellinger, George Warlick, W.A. Towell, M.A. 
    Huffman(?), A.M. Yoder, severely, J.C. Fry slightly
    Missing:  W.T. Warlick, Phillip Shuford(?), George Jarrett, J.L. Pool, Eli Burns
    Company G
    Wounded:  Lt. W. F. Overton, mortally, Lt. J.A. Breedlove, seriously, Corp. R.T. Champion 
    slightly, Ptes. B.A. Dunn, W.H. Cheatham, Rufus Daniel, severely.
    Missing:  Corp. J.T. Stone, Ptes. Alex Bailey, T.J. Cheatham, William Falkner
    Company H
    Killed:  C. Myers, J.C. Ford, R.N. Glenn, R.H. Reid(?)
    Wounded:  Lt. J.B.F. Riddle(?) in leg, Sgt. J.C. Fronebarger in thigh, Corp. J.C. Kizer in thigh, 
    Ptes. T.L. Clinton, leg fractured, J.C. Linebarger, leg fractured, J.A. Ford, leg fractured, G.E. 
    Manuel in nose, W.L. Smith in hand, D.W. Ford in thigh, H.M. Wallace in hand, W.R. Milling in 
    arm, H.A. Torrence in back, D.L. Long slightly, W. Vandevort in shoulder, J.D.M. Price in thigh, 
    R.S. Torrence, B.T. Lomley in hand, W.E. Reid in hand, J.L. Wallace, Eli Kiser
    Missing:  J.D. Torrence, P.F. Herun (or Hereen)
    Company I
    Killed:  Steven West and Robert Adcock
    Wounded:  Lt. N.A. Gregory, Lt. G.B. Bullock, Sgt. S.L. Puryer, Corp. J.A. Jones, Ptes. Robert 
    Blackwell, H.J. Hester, Robert Hester, John Clarke, William Faucette, W.G. Bryant, Henry Y. 
    Missing:  Sgt. R.R. Chandler, Ptes. (one name illegible), William Currin(?), David Duncan, J.R. 
    Puryer, Willis Royster, Robert Wade, Alex West.
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. J.T. Killiam
    Wounded:  Sgt. S.T. Thompson, Corp. H. Little, Ptes. Alex Hoover, Edney Hoover, David Jingle, 
    Robert Hager, Robert Harris, Robert Little, Jackson Howard, John Little, Elisha Womack, 
    Abram Gabriel, Ephraim Smith, Columbus(?) Guthrie, Gehu Baker, Josiah Munday
    Missing:  Elam Lockman, Jas. Little, Jas. Nixon, John Thompson, Jas. Burch, Jacob 
    Workman, Marcus Munday, William Brotherton, John Killiam, Stanhope Hunter, Thomas 
    Henderson, Lt. J.A. Caldwell
    Color Guard
    Wounded:  Corpls. B.W. Ramseur, E.S. Hart, L.H. Bensley, Spencer Bryant
    Signed, J.B. Franch
    7th Regiment, Lane’s Brigade, A.P. Hill’s Division, Casualties from Battle on Sunday, May 3
    Field and Staff
    Killed:  Lt. Col. J.L. Hill
    Wounded:  Col. Edw. G. Haywood by shell in side not serious, Maj. William Lee Davidson by 
    shell in breast severe not mortal, Adjt. Ives Smedes, gunshot in neck and shoulder very serious 
    (since dead)
    Company A, Lt. E.M. Campbell commanding
    Killed:  Lt. E.M. Campbell, Lt. R.A. Bolick, Ptes. W.S. Deal, F.T. Clodfelter, A.P. Parker, S. 
    Price, E.B. Austin
    Wounded:  Lt. P.C. Carlton in breast slightly, Sgts. G.W. Condry two fingers off, J.L. Milsaps 
    shell in the shoulder, slight, A.P. Johnston, shell in the side, slight, Corp. H.L. Alexander shell 
    in side, slight, Ptes. H.L. Miller gunshot in mouth, serious, W.H. Ingram, gunshot in wrist, 
    serious, L. Ingram, gunshot in wrist, serious, W. Baker, stunned by shell, very slight, A.E. 
    Brown by shell in head, slight, W.A. May gunshot in elbow serious, J.W. Berryhill gunshot in 
    chin, slight, D.L.F. Kearley gunshot in knee serious, R.Z. Linney gunshot in hip serious, J.C. 
    Miller, ball and shell both slightly, J.W. Robinson gunshot in thigh very slight, E. Fox gunshot in 
    thigh serious, D.B. Brown gunshot in shoulder serious, Noah Keller gunshot in thigh serious, 
    G.W. Millsaps gunshot in knee slight, W.E. Fry leg and arm broken, knee amputated
    Missing:  J.W. Fincannon, C.W. Hughes, W. Iconhaur,  J.L. Moore, I. Morrison
    Company B, Commanded by Capt. J.P. Young
    Killed:  Capt. J.P. Young, Ptes. Rufus Motley, J.M. Biggs, J.M. Winecuff, William Rhineaheart
    Wounded:  Lt. J.S. Harris above the eye, slight, Sgts. Asa Linker, thigh fractured, A.M. 
    Coleman shell in hip, Ptes. J.A. Freeman, little finger, M.M. Tucker, gunshot in knee serious, 
    A.E. Barnheart, gunshot in head, slight, M.M. Tucker, gunshot in knee, serious, A.E. 
    Barnheart, gunshot in head, slight, Phillip Freeze, gunshot in head, slight, A.M. Blackwelder, 
    shell in thigh, slight, John Kanker in knee and shoulder, serious, W.M. Joyner shell in head, 
    slight, D.H. Winecoff, gunshot in head, slight, J.M. Hartsell, gunshot in knee serious, M. 
    Wilhelm, gunshot in arm, serious, J.Bost, gunshot in neck and hand, slight, W.D. Presnell, 
    gunshot in thigh and shoulder, serious, M. Sinker, gunshot in elbow and side, serious, H.C.M. 
    Kearney, gunshot in head, not serious, D. Shoe, shell in foot, slight.  
    Missing:  Corp. J.A. Stiles, Ptes. Julius Cole, L. Almont, Live Yost
    Company C., Lt. Walter McRae commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. D.H. Danso-(last letter illegible), Pte. Thomas Hileman(?)
    Wounded:  Lt. Quinn by shell in shoulder, slight, Sgt. J.J. Phipps by shell in hand, slight, Ptes. 
    A. Carter, gunshot in leg slight, Z. Hussey gunshot in wrist, slight, S.E. Shinn, gunshot in 
    shoulder, serious, F.W. Keef(?), gunshot in arm, serious, Jesse Davis, gunshot in leg, serious, 
    H. Campbell, gunshot in foot, serious, H.I. Hutson, thigh fractured, serious, John Jordan, 
    gunshot in left breast, very serious
    Company D, Capt. W.J. Kerr, commanding
    Killed:  Capt. W.J. Kerr
    Wounded:  Ptes. S.N. Jamison, gunshot in hand, serious, J.J. Brown, gunshot in leg, serious, 
    W. Conder, gunshot in mouth, breast, hip and foot, mortal, since died
    Missing:  Pte. A.E. Kanapaux
    Company E, Company J.W. Vick, commanding
    Wounded:  Corpls. H.H. Medlin, gunshot in both legs, severe, T. Crickman, gunshot in thigh, 
    serious, Ptes. Dempsey Dean, stunned by shell very slight, J.G. Hendricks, arm fractured, 
    M.B. Page, shell in shoulder, very slight, C.S. Brantly, gunshot in shoulder, slight, R. Eatman, 
    gunshot in arm, serious, W.H. Langden, gunshot in neck, serious, J.T. Hood, tip of finger off, C.
    (or O.?) Brantley by shell in hand very slight, J.J. Taylor, stunned by shell, very slight, Jesse 
    Pope, gunshot in leg, slight, G.W. Icenhaur, gunshot in head, serious
    Missing:  R.A. Whitley, L.G. Hagg, Joseph Deans, John Sink
    Company F., Lt. T. Williamson, commanding
    Killed:  Ptes. James R. Coggin, Alfred Townsend, James Brown
    Wounded:  Lts. T. Williamson, gunshot in hand and arm, serious, J.W.  Emack by grape in left 
    shoulder and gunshot through ankle, mortal, since died, Corpls. W. Crumford (Crunford?), 
    gunshot in thigh, serious, J.F. Newsom, gunshot in head, serious, Ptes. A.A. Cryal, gunshot in 
    thigh and arm, serious, G.W. Swinck, shell, slight, W. Fry, shell in arm, serious, J.C. Loften, 
    gunshot in thigh, serious, J.H. Reid, gunshot in arm, serious, E.G. Racher (Rachell?)(Rashell?), 
    gunshot in both hands, serious, C.S. Hughes, shell in head, slight, N. Townsend, shell in neck, 
    slight, E.A. Rashell, gunshot in arm, serious, W.R. Redwine, gunshot in shoulder, serious, J.A. 
    Kinley, shell in bowels, slight, E. Ridenhour, gunshot in leg, slight, G.G. Quillman, gunshot in 
    side, slight, J.T. Sills, shell in mouth and thigh, dangerously, B.P. Bassiger, gunshot in thigh, 
    severe, J.A. Carrikergs, in back, serious, G. Rickard, shell in side, slight
    Missing:  Ptes. E. Wharley, J.S. Owens
    Company G, Lt. J.Y. Templeton, commanding
    Killed: Ptes. G.W. Blick, A. Chapel, J.T. Holderfield, J.T. Freeman, W. Little, P.A. Litaker, J. 
    McDonald, G.W. Walter
    Wounded:  Lt. J.Y. Templeton, shot in foot and side, serious, Sgt. F. H. Jones, shell in arm, 
    slight, Corp. J.D. Sorrell, gunshot in head, slight, M.W. Edwards, shell in breast and hands, 
    slight, Ptes. J.A. Marshall, thigh, serious, T. Upchurch, shell in breast, slight, G.A. King, shell 
    in shoulder, J.A. Cross, gunshot in arm, J.A. Hicks, gunshot in arm, C.W. Meismer, gunshot 
    in shoulder, Reuben Fisk, arm, serious, amputated
    Missing:  Sgt. P.A. McGehee
    Company H, Capt. J.G. Harris, commanding
    Killed:  Ptes. F.M. McClelland, A.B. McClelland, J.M. Beartry, W.W. Kizer, D.F. Miers, M.A. 
    Wounded: Lt. Alexander, gunshot in hip, serious, Lt. Pennick, gunshot in leg, serious, Sgt. 
    R.M. Caldwell, shell in side and head very serious, Corp. V.E. Vanpelt, shell in shoulder, 
    slight, Ptes. E.J. Morrison, gunshot in arm, slight, J.T. Moore, gunshot in thigh, serious, M.D. 
    McLure(?), gunshot in knee, serious, B.F. Potcate(?) Polcate(?), gunshot in head slight, S.A. 
    Phillips, gunshot in head, slight, W. Snead, gunshot in arm, slight, D.E. Alexander, gunshot in 
    thigh, slight, Z.M. McClanham(?), gunshot in mouth, serious, H.T. Hamilton(?), gunshot in foot, 
    serious, Robert H. Davis, gunshot in hip, flesh, serious, L. Barnheart, shell in side, slight, J.S. 
    Russell, gunshot in thigh, serious, E. Vanpelt, gunshot in bowels, mortal, since died, J.G. York, 
    gunshot in bowels, very dangerous, J.A. Spears, shell in leg, slight
    Missing:  Ptes. C. Taylor, J.H. Lemmons, A.C. Alexander, M.W. Winecuff (Winecoff?), T.S. 
    Company I, Capt. J.B. McAuley, commanding
    Killed:  Ptes. J.E. Gailisher(?), J.A. Rankin, William Ready, Y.A. Young
    Wounded:  J.R. McAuley, gunshot in arm, flesh, Lt. Robert McAuley, gunshot right lung and left 
    thigh, very dangerous, Sgt. E.M. Carrell, gunshot in arm, flesh, Corp. W. B. Smith, gunshot in 
    side and hip, serious, Ptes. J.H. Eddings(?), gunshot in thigh, slight, J.F. Kerr, gunshot in 
    shoulder, serious, A.H. Cook, gunshot in head, serious, E. Overcash, gunshot in knee, serious, 
    W.P. Deaton, shell in hip, slight, D.A. Perry, shell in foot, slight, P.W. Parker, shell in shoulder,
    slight, R. H. Cowan, gunshot in head and shoulder, serious, R.J. Williford, gunshot in hand, 
    slight, J.A. Rankin, gunshot in bowels, mortal, since dead, T.H. Atwell, gunshot in neck, very 
    dangerous, George Henry, gunshot in bowels, mortal since dead, W.S. Beam, gunshot in both 
    thighs, but not serious.
    Missing:  Pte. D.A. Perry
    Company K, Capt. N.A. Pool (Peel?), commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. H.A. Oxford, Ptes. W.C. Goodright, J.W. Pool (Peel?), John Pope, R.W. White, 
    G.W. White
    Wounded:  Capt. J.S. Mc- - - dy (partially illegible), gunshot in hip, slight, Ptes. L.P. Alexander, 
    shell in thigh slight, S.W. Campbell, gunshot in hand, finger off, William Beall, shell in bowels, 
    slight, S.M. Isenhour(?), gunshot in breast, slight, P.A. Children(?), shell in shoulder, slight, 
    J.W. Read, gunshot in leg, slight, A.M. Sigman, gunshot in hip, serious, Y.A. Carver, shell in 
    breast, slight, P.(?) R. Burgen, shell in breast, slight, H.S. McLean, shell in hip, slight, R. 
    Owens, shell on arm, serious, J. Teague, shell stunned, slight, W. C.(?) Elder, gunshot in 
    shoulder, slight, W.S. Gautley, gunshot in right breast, dangerous, D.E. Myers, leg broken
    Missing:  Pte. W.A. Stine
    By Edgar Graham Haywood, Col., 7th Reg’t. N.C.T.
    Information Wanted:  The afflicted parents of Theophilis S. Avery of Iredell County would be 
    thankful for any information regarding him.  He was wounded in the head in the Battle of 
    Sharpsburg and when last heard from was wandering near Shepardstown in a state of 
    derangement from his wound.  He may be in some of the Richmond hospitals.  Any information 
    will be thankfully received by Benjamin Arey, Enola Post Office, Iredell County 
    North Carolina Standard
    May 27, 1863
    1st Regiment N.C. Infantry, Chancellorsville, May 2 & 3, Casualties
    Field and Staff:  Col. Jno. A. McDowell, slightly
    Company A
    Wounded:  Sgt. Braton, Ptes. Bratten, D.R. Ennis, W.W. Evans, A.C. Gardner, A. Gernor, 
    B.F. Skinner, R.Q. Skinner, D. Troxler, A. Wyrick, C.W. Warren
    Missing:  Lt. T.J. Johnson, Pte. N.M. Summers
    Company B
    Killed:  Sgt. J.N. Martin, Corpl. John Pennell, Ptes. H. Cokeham, T.J. Eller, W. Pilkerton, S. 
    Pennel, J.A. Thomson, J.D. Martin(?) Hartin(?)
    Wounded:  Sgt. D.M. Carlton, D.C. Woodrough, Corpls. W.C. Profitt, L.M. Wilborne, Ptes. 
    T.W. Brown, J.D. Clark, F. Curtis, J.L. Easters, J.A. Jennings, G.P. Johnson, Y.J. Isard, 
    Coffee Laws, J.B. Martin, J.M. Moore, R.P. Richard, J.M. Perkins, W.L. Perkins, Sam’l. 
    Shepherd, William Spicer, W.R. Sprainhower, L.D. Whittington, L.L. Witherspoon, A.M. 
    Missing:  Sgt. N.G. Martin, Corpl. J.E. Purvis, Ptes. G.W. Spicer, O.N. Thompson
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. C.B. Gay, J.W. Thompson, W.P. Wiggs
    Wounded:  Lt. J.J. McMillan, Sgts. W.J. Herring, F. McIntire, Corp. M.F. Morgan, Ptes. G. 
    Euro, J.H. Brinson, S.J. Stanley, C.H. Baker, R.W. Whitley, H. O’Quinn, W. Gay, W.W. 
    Batlin, L. Pace, C.D. Howell, John H. Lewis, H.S. Keith, John Pilkerton, N. Parker
    Missing:  Sgt. C.W. Revenbark, Ptes. W.B. Johnson, J.T. Bridges
    Company D
    Wounded:  Lt. J.P. Black, Sgt. A.J. Howzer, Corp. R. J. Hull, Ptes. Y.(or V.) E. Baker, J.B. 
    Brown, T.E. Cates, Jno. Crabtree, J.M. Crabtree, W. Davis, J.M. Fincannon, J.W. Johnston, 
    T.L. Mann, J. Pendleton, J.S. Turrentine
    Missing:  Sgt. E. Hall, Ptes. T. Crabtree, D.F. Summit
    Company E
    Wounded:  Lts. F.S. Moore, J.G. Wright, Corpls. Davis & Lumsden, Ptes. J. Hoffman, J. 
    Johnson, F. Sutton, A. Garner, P.Z. Touce, J. Fortner, G. Long, A. Albright, R. Pedigrew
    Missing S. Waltham, H. Robinson, A Cable(?)
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgts. E. Jackson, J.D. Parker, Corpls. J. Joyner, F.P. Kiff(?), Ptes. W. Catrell, C. 
    George, M. Harris, W. Jelks
    Wounded:  Capt. J.N. Harrell, Lt. T.D. Boone, Ptes. F. Gulick(?), W. Johnson, J. Disern, E. 
    Rix, E.D. Johnson, J. Welch, T. Baughn
    Missing:  D.D. Vincent, A. Sanders, E. Joyner
    Company G
    Killed:  Ptes. H. Gilbert, J.C. Nordan, J. Hilliard
    Wounded:  Lts. J.A. Latham, J.M. Hargett, Sgts. S.S. Sudford, H.S. Davenport, F. White, 
    Corpl. E. Leary,  Ptes. J.T. Barnes, A.B. Collins, W. Gray, T. Seagraves, J.A. Lawrence, J.A. 
    Myatt(?) Hyatt(?), R.P. Smith
    Missing:  William George
    Company H
    Killed:  Color Sgt. J.B. Twiddy, Corp. W.S. Medlin(?), Ptes. H.L. Roebuck, J. VanHurn
    Wounded:  Sgt. D. P. Sullinger(?) Sallinger(?), Ptes. J. Guthernes, A. Asken, J.M. Clark, D.H. 
    Collins, J. Beach, J.D. Webb, J.R. Gurganus, J.A. Modlin, N. Ashby
    Company I
    Killed:  Corpls. J.H. Belvin, B.H.C. Atkinson
    Wounded:  Sgt. A.G. Jones, Corp. G.W. Davis, Ptes. R.J. Dent, W.A. Bailey, H.V. Pace, 
    Robert Freeman, J.P. Woodard, S.T. Hall, Jas. Alford, W.C. Buffalo, R.T. Mitchell, S. Pierce
    Company K
    Killed:  Ptes. B.Baker, A. Dickens, C. Griffis, J. Thomson
    Wounded:  Capt. S.H. Gee, Sgt. R. Carpenter, Ptes. E. Adkins, J. Brown, J. Billops, W. 
    Dickens, J. Griffis, R. Griffis, W. Mathis, W. Pope, S. Shaw, William Shard, B. Stale(?), J. 
    Thompson,  K.T. Warmock, Wm. Thrower(?) Chrower(?)
    Missing:  Ptes. L.N. Bryant, A. Howell, L. Hudson, T.H. Mathis, A. Stansbury, M.A. Savage, 
    P. Brown
    13th N.C. Regiment Casualties
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Co. A.M. Scales, thigh, Adj. Henry A. Walker, thigh, severe
    Company A
    Killed:  1st Sgt. Ed O. Jones, Sgt. J.H.F. Graves, Pte. Thomas Talton
    Wounded:  Lt. Jas. M. Williamson, flesh wound in thigh, Capt. James Kimbrough, in arm, 
    Enoch Walker slight in hand, John W. Thompson, slight in head, J.C. Reagan, leg, C. 
    McRaery, in face, W.F. Phinnix in head, mortal, Thomas Shields, arm fractured, Kimbrough 
    slight in hand
    Company B
    Killed:  Pte. R. Lee Swann
    Wounded:  Capt. W.W. Robinson, slight in leg, Sgt. H.J. Walker, Corp. J. A. Gallant, lung, 
    Ptes. William Choate in face, H. Thornburg, back, J.S. Kimbrell, hand, G.W. Sloan, shoulder, 
    John Wryfield, hand, Corp. W.A. Freeman, shoulder, Corp. N.S. Wingate, leg, Corp. M.A. 
    Edwards, shoulder, Ptes. J.F. Kirkpatrick, thigh, W.H. Hall, arm, W.F. Bartlett, thigh
    Company C
    Killed:  J.J. Wallace, Pte. Thomas W. White
    Wounded:  1st Sgt. A.P. McCain in both thighs, Sgt. W. H. Long, knee, Corp. C.M. Hendrick 
    both thighs, Corp. G.W. Brandon, arm, Corp. J.P. Rainy, arm and prisoner, Ptes. Jno Allen 
    shoulder, W. Allen, chest, J. Burton, hand, J.B. Forrest, thigh, W. H. Holbrook, neck, E. 
    Humphreys, head and thigh, L.D. Kersey, leg, R.C.(?) Lael(?) thigh, J. Mitchell, arm fractured, 
    C.G. Mitchell, leg, J.C. Rash, chest, R. C. Spicer, face
    Company D
    Killed:  Pte. G.W. Austin, H.K. Boshamar, Silas Crompton, J.M. Woods
    Wounded:  Capt. H.A. Rogers, arm, 1st Sgt. J.W. Allen, thigh, Sgt. J. Terrell, hand, Ptes. C. 
    Burch, both legs, H. Cates, lungs, William Johnston, foot, R.M. Jones, foot, J.W. Jones, leg, 
    J.F. Nelson, knee, S.T. Pittard, arm fractured, A. Pleasant, head, A. Williams, side, W. 
    Watkins, leg, David Yarbro, thigh,  ---- Higgins, shoulder, D. Tilman, arm amputated, J.W. 
    Evans, head, J. Johnson, shoulder, R.S. Jones, back, W. McFarland, foot, A. Norman, leg, J. 
    O’Brien, side, Wesley Watkins, hip,  ---- Wagstaff, hand, Jordan Yarbrough, hip, J.F. Wade, 
    hip, T. Soloman, head
    Company E
    (Transcriber’s Note:  In addition to the list for Company E printed in this paper with the other 
    companies, the following letter appeared in the June 10 issue:  “By daylight on Sunday 
    morning, the 3rd, our brigade (Pender’s) was called to attention and ordered to move forward.  
    We had gone but a short distance when we were hailed by a shower of lead from the enemy’s 
    breastworks which were concealed from us by the thick woods.  We were ordered to charge.  
    We did so and drove the enemy from his stronghold.  We did not stop here.  We pressed on, 
    driving three of their lines before us until our ammunition was completely exhausted, when we 
    were relived by General Iverson’s N.C. brigade.  We took a good many prisoners in the charge 
    and among them Brigadier General Hayes and staff.  The loss of the regiment was heavy being 
    66% of what we carried into the fight.”  This letter, by Capt. T.A. Martin, included a listing of 
    casualties from Company E, which has been cross referenced into the list below.)
    Killed:  1st Sgt. Jas. G. Long, Corp. John A. Murry, Ptes. W.L. Barnett (Dan’l. L. Basnett in 
    June 10 list), S.K. Whitsell (Simpson R. Whitesel in June 10 list), D.S. Stayly, W. J. 
    Wounded:  1st Lt. Jas. D. Bacon (Bason in June 10 list), hand, Sgt. J.M. Patterson (Jas. M. 
    Patterson in June 10 list), shoulder, Sgt. Robert G. Faucette, leg, Corp. Sam. C. Stockard, 
    fractured tibia (June 10 list says “since dead”), Corp. M. McCook (Monroe Cook in June 10 list), 
    arm, Pte. S.M. Foston (Foster in June 10 list), head, Wm. M. Thompson, hip, Thomas U. 
    Faucette, head, Levi Garrison, thigh, Jas. S. Gilliam (Jas. M. Gilliam in June 10 list), shoulder, 
    Jno. Gerringer, (Jno. Garriner in June 10 list), chest, Henry Hall, head, Jas. A. Haly (Jas. A. 
    Isley in June 10 list), leg amputated, A. Hufferson (Adam Huffman in June 10 list), foot, William 
    King (William E. King in June 10 list), shoulder, B. Martindale (Bryant Martindale in June 10 
    list), face, R. McCluskey (Richard McClustee in June 10 list), hand, Henry Rich, leg, E. Rike 
    (Emmanuel Rike in June 10 list), leg and arm, B.L. Rike (Ben L. Rike on June 10 list), thigh, 
    Dan’l S. Earp (Dan’l. E. Sharp on June 10 list), leg, Jno Shoffner, thigh, M. Shoffner, thigh, Wm. 
    West (Wm. Way on June 10 list), Wm. Horring, thigh.  NOTE:  June 10 list includes the 
    following not on the original list:  H. Herring, Dan’l. W. Martindale, Wm. Clendenin (since dead), 
    Jno. S. Rumbley (since dead), Dan’l K. Weedon, H.M. Rich
    Company F
    Killed:  1st Sgt. Boon, T. Penny, Ptes. A. Cloninger, D.D. Bessent, Th. Fouches, Jas. Hodges
    Wounded:  Lt. W.F. Thompson, flesh wound in thigh, Sgt. J.A. Neil, groin, Sgt. John Leach, 
    thigh, Corp. W.F. Maguire, abdomen, Sgt. H.C. Foster, foot, J.D.J. James, thigh, Ptes. G.(? 
    or C.?) W. Boon, hip, Eli Hatmer, abdomen, T.M. Ellis, leg, J. Foster, thigh and prisoner, S.W. 
    Fucher, hand, F. Galton, hip, H. Galton, hand, ---- Howard, arm, J.W. Hunter, arm, B.F. Hopter, 
    hip, -----Korfues, leg, D. Leach, arm, R.A. Little, neck, R. Pool, knee, Jno Sheets, hand, J.W. 
    Tultoron (?), knee, J. McDaniel, head
    Company G
    Killed:  William J. Mosely
    Wounded:  Lt. G.L. Brown, shoulder and prisoner, Capt. J. Fuqua, arm fractured, Sgt. W.T. 
    Dupree, shoulder, Corp. F.O. Howard, hand, Corp. Blackwood, leg, Ptes. W.H. Atkins, back, 
    S.W. Blount, head, J.R. Williams, both legs, J.T. Rogers, knee, S. Burgess, thigh, M.J. 
    Satterwhait, shoulder, S.C. Chapel(?), arm and prisoner
    Company H
    Killed:  Corp. Geo. W. Smith, Corp. Rufus P. Dolton (Dalton?), Pte. G.W. Cummings
    Wounded:  1st Sgt. J.M. Martin, hand, finger amputated, Corp. W. H. Moxley, thigh, Ptes. 
    S.W. Carver, hip, P.H. Carter, hand, 2 fingers amputated, A. Hoggie, hand, R.S. Hunnicut, 
    arm, J. Heathcock, leg. H. Hamby, arm, Thomas Ride, shoulder, J.D. Terry, thigh, J.M. Wall, 
    arm, J.A. Watson, both hands, Thomas Winston, arm, T. Walsh, hand, William West, arm
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. Jas. Pincknell, Pinkney, Lick 
    Wounded:  Capt. R.H. Ward, shide, 1st Sgt. P.D. Simpson, foot, Sgt. Jas. Percell, shoulder, 
    Corp. J. Rhodes, thigh, Ptes. Ed Apple, thigh, Hardin Cox, hand, L.J. Fry, chest, Q.H. Fuqua, 
    lungs, P.J. Hopkins, thigh, P. Lovelace, hand, J.M. Manly, thigh, George Troxter, thigh
    Company K
    Killed:  1st Sgt. A.J. Chance, Ptes. T. Lovelace, Thomas Munn, A.J. Thacker
    Wounded:  Capt. H.L. Guerrant, leg, J.F. McCallum, arm, Sgt. J.W. Justice, leg, W.M. 
    Summers, foot, R. Ramsey, thigh, Geo. A. Ware, chest, G. Windsor, leg, J. Pumblin, thigh 
    and hip, Henry J. Bray, chest, Thomas Sartain, leg, Henry Cape, back, Henry M. Harrison, 
    back, Henry M. Harrison, back, S.C. Harrison, both thighs, Corp. R.A. Maxwell, arm
    12th N.C. (Iverson’s Brigade), Chancellorsville, May 2 & 3
    Field and Staff
    Killed:  Maj. D.P. Rowe
    Wounded:  Sgt. Maj. Jno. T. Cook, flesh wound in leg
    Company A
    Killed:  Pts. W. P. Barnes, D.B. Hoover, T.A. Turbyfield
    Wounded:  1st Lt. M.A. Yount, slight in leg and hand, Sgt. S.T. Wilfong, severely wounded 
    and missing, Sgt. S.L. Young, left arm amputated, Ptes. J.H. Bost, left arm amputated, S.A. 
    Bolick, slight, A.J. Corpening, slight in neck, H.J. Deal, mortally wounded and missing, E.D. 
    Deal, wounded and missing, J.A. Epps, severe in thigh, Geo. Fox, face, M.L. Fry slight in leg, 
    W.F. Huffman, slight in leg, C. C. Howell, severe in thigh, D.L. Moore, slight in head, E.L. 
    Moore, slight in leg, W. Moore, slight in head, N.J. Rowe, slight in arm, G.W. Robb, severe in 
    privates and shoulder, F. Murphy, slight in face, C.T. Sigman, in shoulder, M. Sigman, slight 
    in head, Newton Sigman, slight in  leg, Mark Selzer, slight, N. Travis, slight in hand, P.W. 
    Whitner, wounded and missing.
    Missing:  Frank Hedrick, J.P. Settlemyer 
    Company B
    Killed:  Pte U. H. Hicks
    Wounded:  1st Lt. Kemp Plummer, slight in hand, Sgt. E.H. Russel, severe in thigh, J.E. 
    Drake, very slight in thigh, Ptes. E.J. Adcock, slight in hand, W.E. Curtis, slight in arm, A.A. 
    Harriss, slight in hand, H.D. King, slight in hand, L.F. Lambert, slight in breast, I.J. Mass, 
    slight in hand, J.L. Smith, severe in foot, O. Stallings, slight in leg, J.T. Williams, slightly
    Missing:  Sgt. W.B. Fleming, supposed to have been wounded and captured, Corp. S.A. 
    Company D
    Wounded:  1st Lt. J.C. Hester, flesh wound in leg, Corp. R.H. Mitchell, slight in hip, Ptes. R.L. 
    Allen, very slight in leg, Jno Blount, slight, J. Carpenter, from falling of a (illegible word, limb?), 
    slight, W.R. Godfrey, severe in head, R.A. Hart, right leg amputated, J.L. Hobgood, slight in 
    leg, R.(?) H. Hobgood, severe in shoulder, accidentally, G.W. Roystor, very slight in head, T.A. 
    Stone, very slight in leg
    Missing:  Sgt. M. Blalock, Pte. M. Flanigan
    Company E
    Killed:  Brevet 2nd Lt. L.M. Wells, Color Corp. S.A. Crowder, Pte. David Hamrick
    Wounded:  Corp. W. L. Chapman, D.D. Whisnant(?), Pte. J.J. Cornwall, slight in shoulder, A. 
    Cline, slight in hand, P. Dellinger, slight in hand, C. Durham, slight in hand, T.J. Glasscock, 
    shocked by the explosion of a shell, E. Hamrick, slight in side, C.D.D. Jolly, slight in hip, S.W. 
    Jolly, severe in arm and knee, E.V. Jones, slight in hand, E.J. Larky(?), severe in abdomen, 
    A.J. Oats, severe in thigh, W.N. Spangler, severe in thigh, J.R. Weils (?), Wells(?), slight in 
    thigh, G.H. Wright, slight in leg
    Missing:  Sgt. M.P. Dellinger
    Company F
    Killed:  2nd Lt. T.W. Daniel, Color Corp. W.E. Fort
    Wounded:  Capt. S.H. Brickell, flesh wound in arm and leg, Color Sgt. F.B. Whitehead, severe 
    in neck and shoulder, Sgt. John a. Snow, slight in hand, Pte. A. Heft, leg amputated, Jno 
    Kearney, leg amputated, T.W. Neville(?), very slight in abdomen, W.E.Rook, severe in 
    shoulder, Abner Shearm(?) Shearin(?), slight in hand
    Missing:  Pte. W.H. Branch
    Company H
    Wounded:  Brevet 2nd Lt. J.C. Harper, flesh wound in leg, Pte. C.S. Barber, slight in arm, 
    G.B.R. Barnes, slight in wrist, G. Cyrus, slight in thigh, J.B. Evans, slight in hand, W.J. Griffin, 
    in shoulder, J.A. Pittman, in leg, H.H. Pridgen(?) slight in hip.
    Missing:  Pte. Noah Williams
    Company I
    Killed:  Pte. A. Collins
    Wounded:  Sgt. -------, in hand, Corp. P.B. Mabry, severe in thigh, Pte. Benj. Hamlet, severe in 
    breast, Aug. Harlow, very slight in hand, M.E. King, in hand, B. Wooden, in hand, W.E. Burt, 
    slight in hand, Jas. Booker, slight in face, J.S. Moorehouse, very slight in thigh
    Missing:  Pte. J. Walker
    Company K
    Killed:  Pte. Jno Johnston
    Wounded:  Pte. L. Gay, slight in arm, J.J. Jones, slight in hip, William Robertson, slight in 
    Robert D. Johnston, Lt. Col. Commanding, 12th N.C.T.
    57th Reg’t. N.C. Infantry, 3 & 4 May near Fredericksburg, Va.
    Sgt. B.L. Hopkins, Co. D, flesh wound in hand
    Pte. Cleon Cline, Co. E. flesh wound in right leg
    Col A.C. Goodwin, slight in knee, Adj. E.A. Semple, groin, severe
    Company A
    Wounded:  Capt. W. P.(? or C.?) Lord, severe in breast, Lt. J.A. Owens, slight in arm and foot, 
    Sgt. W.L. Harkey, bowels, died on the 5th, Corp. W.C. Crawford, side, Ptes. W.A. Wise, leg, 
    flesh wound, Frank Wise, right arm amputated, C.F. Kluty, finger, J.W. Thompson, flesh wound 
    in thigh, O (? Or C.?) H. Shoat, slight in leg, ----- LeFosey(?), thigh, W.G. White, slight in foot, 
    S.S. Steel, severe in hand, F.H. Everhardt, chest, J. Moore, finger amputated, D. M. Little, 
    bowels, died on the 5th, J. Ritchie, hand, J.L. Phillips, leg, W.R. Mitchell, thigh
    Company B
    Killed:  Pte. T.F. Holbrooke
    Wounded:  Sgt. C.A. Overcash, slight, Corpls. S. Leonard, slight, J.M. Carpenter, slight, Ptes. 
    P.S. Overcash, slight in leg, M.L. Phifer, slight in hand
    Missing:  Ptes. S.W. Overcash, A. Overcash
    Company C
    Wounded;  1st Sgt. Jas. S. Graham, leg fractured, died on the 5th, 2nd Sgt. Paul Peeler, 
    slight, Ptes. Geo. Blackwell, severely, J.M. Corble, W. O. Addelman, in thigh, J.A. Peeler, 
    left arm, J.S. Lorance, finger amputated, W.L. Clounce(?), slight in side, A.H. Highly, slight in 
    Missing:  Lt. H.D. Verbol, Ptes. S. Peeler, Nathan Brown, D.M. Bostinn, E. Halhouser, Peter 
    Albright, Wilson Lingle, E.F. Barringer, Benj. Earnhardt, Tobias Beaver
    Company D
    Killed:  S.A. Starbuck
    Wounded:  Ptes. N.W. Blackburn, slight in side, John P. Flynt, slight in hand, D. Harman, 
    slight in face, J.C. Hoover, slight in hand, C.J. Ogburn, foot amputated, W.A. Pegram, slight 
    in side, J.M. Rutledge, slight in leg, N.S. King, slight in hand, J.C. Vauton, slight in hand
    Missing:  W.J. Edmonson, L.R. Flynt, A. Harmon, A.P. Young
    Company E
    Wounded:  Sgt. A.J. Robinson, severe in jaw, Ptes. A.S. Harverson, severe in back, D. Pitts, 
    severe in thigh, Daniel Pope, severe in thigh, Frank Pope, slight in hand, Jas. Hoffman, severe 
    in abdomen, L.M.E. Hoffman, left arm and shoulder.
    Missing:  Corp. Jacob Antony, Ptes. A.A. Bost, S.M. Starr, Henry Harrison
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgt. Q.C. Morrison, severe in leg, Sgt. J.W. Bost, slight in face, Ptes. A.J. Cran 
    (Cram?), slightly, R.E.H. Harris, severe in knee
    Missing:  Lt. William Propst, Corp. J.W. Cape, Ptes. Wm. Beaver, J.D. Barrier, C. F. Caldwell, 
    J.M. Faggart, J.P. Goodman, P.N. Hopkins, J.W. White
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. J.H. Boyd, Pte. House
    Wounded:  Sgt. Wm. W. Ramsey, in thigh, Frank Wise, right arm amputated, J.M. Propst, left 
    arm amputated, J.F Beams, finger amputated, Caleb Furr, thigh, J.D. Shull, ankle
    Missing:  Lt. P.W. Carpenter, Ptes. Allen Armstrong, Daniel Sain, John J. Cornwell, Absalom 
    Wise, Daniel Lingerfield
    Company H
    Killed:  Capt. Wm. Johnston
    Wounded:  Ptes. H.J. Pinton, severe in chest, J. P. Webb, slight in hip, Isaac Munday, right 
    Missing:  Ptes. J. Call, M.J. Kiser, Corp. Jas. Clonts
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. J.E. Adams, R.A. Mitchell
    Wounded:  Ptes. E.A. Foster, severe in leg, A.A.P. Fossett, slight in leg, J.H. Murphy, severe 
    in face
    Missing:  Corp. G.W. Kirkpatrick, B. Cantwell, N. Crawford, Thomas Cook, J.F. Compton, G.G. 
    Cobb, J.W. Trollinger, John Turner
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. T.S. Rice, Pte. Morgan
    Wounded:  Corp. C.D. Farris, slight in left hand
    Missing:  Lt. G.A.J. Sechler, Ptes, E.M. Klotty, John Barger, J.A. Black
    Lt. Col. H.C. Jones, 57th Reg’t. N.C.T
    D.W. Ringo, Acting Adjutant
    Names of North Carolina Troops Buried in the Graveyard Near Mt. Jackson, Virginia
    We are under obligation to Mrs. M.V. Kendrick of Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah County, Virginia 
    for the following list of North Carolinians buried near that place.  The families of these soldiers 
    will be grateful to Mrs. Kendrick for this information.
    J.D. Stevenson, 1st Reg’t.; E. Goodman, Isaac Faircloth, W. Wells, Sgt. Henry Hines, L. 
    Smith, R. Daugharty, J.H. Gough, Jas. Parson, J.A. Hollen, Jno. Rafer(?), 2nd Reg’t.; William 
    Cox, E. Brett, R. Vestal, 3rd Regt.; W.H. Holder, J.A. Campbell, E. Dunlop(?), W. Suggs, P. 
    Floyd, E.E. Harris, 4th Regt.; WlJ. Moore, David George, J.L.  Hardester, A.G. Snipes, Jno 
    Bowers, F Hensley, Jno Dunn, E.W. Buroughs, H.c. Barringer, J. Johnson, J.J. Bryant, H.D. 
    Miller, C.E. Frost, Henry Pence, 5th Regt.; E.W. Moore, 6th Regt.; D. Pendergrass, David 
    Payne, J.C. Rogers, W.J. Ellis, 7th Regt; J.W. Brown, 13th Reg’t.; C.W. Scarlet, 14th Regt.; 
    J.H. Farris, 12th Regt.; S. Towry, 17th Regt.; W.P. Miller, C.R. Padgett, A. Church, W.H. Ho - - 
    field, N.R. Wilson, J.F. Ferguson, S. Deal, J. Snow, S. Southey, W.C. Profitt, J. A. Culberth, 
    L. Roddesley, 18th Regt.; E. Hewett, F.O. White, 20th Regt.; T. Cresaw, 21st Regt.; N.G. 
    Oliver, 22nd Regt.; J.S. Perkins, P.Venable, M. Eller, 23rd Regt.; H. Amos, W.F. Griffin, 27th 
    Regt.; D. Brown, 28th Regt.; L.D. Matteson, 25th (?) Regt.; N.K. Andrews, 28th Regt.; W. 
    Brown, A. Brown, Thomas Clarkson, E. Absher, 30th Regt.; J.O.J. Douglas, 31st Regt.; H. 
    Cradle (?), W.H. Midyett, 33rd Regt.; W. Jones, J.D. Smith, 35th Regt; G. Mash, J. Costner, 
    J.F. page, 37th Regt.; J.J. Costly, Samuel Jackson, W.J. Erdson(?), 48th Regt.; L. Fisher, 
    49th Regt.; J.F. Cox, 14th Regt.; David Copeland, unknown; B. Hatcher, Latham’s Artillery
    Letter from a soldier—A.B.
    The 28th North Carolina Regiment
    Knowing that we are a long way from home and our friends are anxious to hear from the old 
    28th, and our good old state to hear of the deeds of valor of her sons, I write you a few lines in 
    haste as my time for such things is short.  We left this camp on the 29th April, and marched to 
    Fredericksburg, 10 miles where we took our position in the line of battle. The enemy had 
    already effected a crossing and we could see them with the naked eye in the low grounds.
    We remained in the line of battle from Wednesday 11:00 am till Friday morning at dawn.  On 
    Thursday evening we were subjected to a severe shelling from the guns of the army.  At dawn 
    on Friday we were marched 15 miles up the river in front of Chancellorsville, the fight 
    commenced long before we got there.  When we arrived on the ground our men had already 
    driven the enemy some distance.  We kept advancing and the enemy gave way until we took 
    up a line of battle within one and a half miles of Chancellorsville.  Here we were subject to their 
    shells but suffered little except a few were wounded.  Company G of the 28th under the 
    command of Capt. E.G. Morrow were deployed as pickets.  We had picket fighting all night 
    more or less.
    Next morning (Saturday) we had some heavy artillery fighting and skirmishing. About 8:00 am 
    we were moved by the left flank and marched around the right flank of the enemy a distance of 
    15 miles gaining the rear of Chancellorsville by 5:00 pm.  We were led by the brave and 
    lamented Jackson to whom the credit of this gigantic and daring move is credited.  
    The enemy, not suspecting a vigorous attack on this side, gave way at all points. By dark, we 
    had driven them for 3 or 4 miles down the plank road.  Our brigade advanced down the road on 
    the double quick.  As we arrived upon the ground, our brigade was subject to an enfilading fire 
    of artillery but our men never faltered.  As we came down the road where the fighting had been, 
    we could see at every step the telling effect of our shots as the dead and dying and wounded 
    lay thick in every direction. 
    By this time we were fully into the fight.  Our line of battle was some two miles long; the 
    musketry and artillery was terrible; one continual sheet of fire from one end of the line to the 
    other, the roar of artillery – the screaming and bursting of shells made the earth almost rock 
    under our feet.  We had driven the enemy back upon their strong fortifications.
    The fight raged more or less until midnight when it ceased for a short period.  About 1:00 
    Sunday morning our brigade (General Lane’s), was charged by four lines of battle—we waited 
    until they came close to us when we turned loose upon them with terrible destruction which 
    soon drove them back.  We captured several prisoners and one stand of beautiful colors was 
    captured by Company E; this ended the night fighting.
    It is proper here to say to the credit of Lt. Col. Speer that he was wounded here on the knee 
    and had to leave the field.  He had been conspicuous in cheering on the men during all the
    fighting and acted very bravely and gallantly.  He is a gallant man.  By sunup Sunday morning 
    our forces being all posted in position, the fight was renewed with double vigor.  The scene 
    was terrific, it seemed as if heaven and earth were coming together.  Division after division 
    charged the Yankee batteries and after several hours of fighting we drove them from their 
    I will not try to describe the scenes of horror which followed nor of destruction which beggars 
    description; no man can picture the deeds of daring and valor of our men.  Such fighting has 
    never been done by any set of men; this was the bloodiest of the war.  In honor to the 28th it 
    might be proper to say that it made two distinct charges, more than the balance of the brigade 
    made as it had not suffered as much in the other charges as the rest of the regiments of the 
    brigade.  The hardest of the fighting ceased about 12 or 1:00.  There was, however, much 
    artillery and picket fighting all day and night which was kept up all day Monday and Monday 
    night, Tuesday and Tuesday night when the Yankees crossed the river.
    Our great and gallant Col Lowe (for whom I cannot say enough), although in feeble health, 
    remained during all the fighting with his command, discharged his duties as a brave and 
    gallant commander.  Adjutant R.S. Folger was no less conspicuous in the discharge of his 
    duties.  The different companies were commanded by Captains Lovell, Linebarger, Clark, 
    Apperson, Hollin(?), Bohannan and Morrow.  Companies B, D, K were commanded by Lts. 
    T.T. Smith, J.D. Randall, and J. Crowell; Companies G and F were part of the time under the 
    command of Lts. McCauley and Tinelove as the captains were slightly wounded.  It is due to 
    the commanders of the commanders of the companies as well as the lieutenants to say that 
    all behaved perhaps with more bravery and coolness than was ever before exhibited.  As to
     the conduct of the men, again I cannot say enough. 
    Thus ended the fight.  We marched and fought for eight days some of our men without rations 
    or anything to eat for 3 days; in the rain and in the mud for 2 days and nights no sleep except 
    under the roar of artillery and whiz of the minie.  The loss of our army is very heavy.
    3rd Regiment N.C.T
    Letter written by Sergeant(?) G.W. Timberlake
    Dear Mr. Editor:
    I have never written a communication to be admitted into public columns, consequently it will 
    not be anticipated by the publication that I will offer them any flowery language.  I write this 
    more as a special benefit for the friends of Company A, 3rd Regiment, N.C.T.  On the morning 
    of 29th April, we received orders at camp near Port Royal, Va. To hold ourselves in readiness 
    to march at a moment’s notice.  About 10:00 the courier came in bearing a dispatch to Lt. Col. 
    S.D. Thruston to have his command march out.
    The orders were then given for each company to be formed and the regiments formed and 
    marched off for our fortifications near Fredericksburg and accomplished our march about 
    sunset.  We formed a second line of battle and held this position until May 1.  About 5:00 a.m. 
    we marched up the lines making our way for the extreme left in order to make the enemy’s 
    rear.  After marching 14 miles night overshadowed us.  We slept near the battle field over which
    our troops had fought during the day. 
    May 2, bright and early, we were upon the road leading in the direction of the old U.S. Ford.  
    We marched slowly and cautiously—heavy skirmishing along the lines.  We marched near the 
    ford and formed a line of battle about 4:00 p.m., forwarded about a quarter and then moved it by
    the left flank about the same distance—halted, fronted and rested a short time. 
    The next command was “attention, forward, march”.  At these commands the line moved 
    forward, General Rhodes’ brigade being in the front at the time.  We had not advanced very far 
    below the when the bugler gave the sound for the pickets to retreat, the lines of battle still 
    advancing.  It was but a few minutes before the muskets and rifles were cracking—into a reed 
    march, set on fire.  The enemy were successfully driven back to their earth works which wee 
    about half a mile distant.  Here they made a stubborn resistance, our boys being in a pitiful 
    Without a command, we went in double quick time upon the front line, charged the enemy and 
    drove them in utter confusion about two miles.  We came upon the plank road leading from 
    Orange Court House to Fredericksburg.   Here a dirt road lead off on the south side of the plank 
    road. The enemy’s cavalry made a daring charge upon our lines.  They charged up the dirt road, 
    cutting off two of our boys, Blount Taylor and John Britt, cutting the latter with a saber and 
    ordered  to surrender and pass to the rear.  About this time our gallant boys met them with 
    such a warm reception they lost all knowledge of the prisoners and made good their escape 
    down the plank road.  Many horses went off destitute of riders.  Blount Taylor walked back a 
    few paces, picked up his same gun, and pursued the enemy as before.  
    The enemy left the field strewn with their killed and wounded, blankets, oil cloths, knapsacks, 
    small tents, canteens, coffee, sugar, crackers, paper, envelopes, etc., in abundance.  The 
    following is a list of casualties of today’s fight:
    Wounded:  Corp. J.W. Taylor, Ptes. J. Britt, J.R. Best, slightly; R. Ward, W.J. Horton, slight; 
    W. Lane, slight; J.H.C. Taylor, J. Waynwright, John Grant, slight. 
    On Sunday, May 3, the ball opened about 6:00 am.  The enemy lay in formation behind wood 
    works consisting of heavy timber about four feet high and three feet thick.  We had to carry 
    those works at the point of the bayonet.  The enemy rallied and trying a second time to retake 
    those works and were successful in the second charge in driving the troops on our right back; 
    but we cross fired into them from the left so furiously that they were compelled to retreat back 
    in great haste leaving the hill dotted with their killed and wounded.  
    In this charge our gallant and noble hearted Col. S.D. Thruston was wounded in the foot.  He 
    led us up to that time with that valor and coolness that has ever characterized the noble here 
    upon the field of battle.  His name will long be remembered by those of his command who may 
    be so fortunate as to survive this war.  I may say equally as much for Lt. J. Darden under whose 
    command our company was at the time.  He was wounded in the finger on the left hand and 
    through the right arm.  
    The boys all displayed as much coolness, daring and valor as men could from the highest 
    officer to the lowest in the ranks.  
    Our casualties in this charge were as follows:
    Killed upon the field:  T.W. Hill, Lemuel Radford, J.A. Edwards, J.P. Aldredge, J.M. Wooten, 
    John butts, Jas. Dunn, J.F. Jones.
    Wounded:  Lt. Joseph Darden, Lt. H. Bryant, slightly, Sgt. R.A. Edwards, slightly, H.C. 
    Kilpatrick, H. Williams, mortally and has since proved fatal, Corp. G.B. Pate lost his right arm, 
    Pte. W.M. Bryant, R. Baker, W. Eason, slightly, J.R. Hill, W. Hamm, J.S. Knight, Asa Phillips, 
    R.H. Sugg, S. P. Timberlake, slightly, W. West, slightly, J.H. Aldridge, slightly, B.E. Mitchell, 
    Stephen Oxly(?).  Two not accounted for are J.L. Mears and P.B. Granger.
    We started with 59 men and about 5:00 p.m. were ordered to advance and feel of the enemy.  
    We did so under a terrible fire of grape and canister.  The troops on our right broke and ran out.  
    We held our position until ordered out and we came out in perfect order. The troops from other 
    states call us “tar heels”.   I am proud of the name as tar is a sticky substance and the “tar 
    heels” stuck up like a sick kitten to a hot brick while many others from a more oily state slipped
    to the rear and left the “tar heels” to stick it out.
    We slept in the enemy’s rifle pits at night.  Next morning, the 4th, we moved our position a little 
    to the right—held it until the 6th.  We were ordered to be thrown forward as skirmishers.  We 
    advanced beyond the enemy’s fortifications and found that they had retreated across the river.  
    Our army has taken between eight and ten prisoners.  We are camped in the wilderness 
    watching some movement of the enemy.  Our boys what few are left are in good health, fine 
    spirits and would put up a good fight today.
    This document contains the following:
    Letter from soldier regarding Iverson’s Brigade
    16th N.C.T. casualties
    30th N.C.T. casualties (note one member Company H, 3rd N.C.T. in Company A of this 
    4th N.C.T. casualties
    2nd N.C.T. casualties
    34th N.C.T. casualties
    Correspondent on the Scene Reports
    Letter from Wounded North Carolina Soldier
    Ramseur’s Brigade-List of Soldiers Worthy of Badge of Honor
    Parents of Franklin Workman
    North Carolina Standard
    June 3, 1863
    Letter from a private in Iverson’s Brigade
    I hope you will allow me a small space in your paper to say a few words in regard to our gallant 
    brigade.  This brigade is composed of the 12th, 20th, and 23rd N.C. Regiments and was on the 
    front lines in the engagement of Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and 3 at Chancellorsville.  It was 
    owing greatly to the indomitable courage of our men and the efficiency of our officers that the 
    11th Corps of the Federal army was so cut up and put to flight.  We claim with much pride that 
    we belong to Rhode’s Division (formerly D.H. Hill’s) for I think that on this as well as on many 
    former occasions we have done something towards that high distinction which is at last 
    accorded to it.
    We suffered much  in officers and men in charging and driving the enemy from their 
    entrenchments—our men rushing up to the very mouth of the enemy’s cannon with a daring 
    courage which has never been surpassed.
    I desire to call the attention of the people of this state to one fact in connection with this brigade.
    Every man belonging to it is a North Carolinian and still our Brigadier General (Iverson) is a 
    Georgian and our Brigade Quarter Master and Adjutant General are Virginians and many of our 
    surgeons and other officers are from other states.  Why should this be so?  Have we not men 
    capable in every respect to command us?  Let us call the roll of field officers in our brigade and 
    see what kind of material we have.
    Colonel T.M. Garrett of the 5th N.C. possesses  every quality necessary to fill the office of 
    Brigadier General—bold and fearless in the face of the enemy, conscientious in the discharge 
    of his duty, a splendid disciplinarian, well informed on tactics and possesses a superior 
    intellect and a cultivated mind which add to his valuable and distinguished service on the field 
    having been twice wounded severely, all entitle him to promotion.
    Col. D.H. Christie of the 23rd N.C.—Though born in Virginia, he is a citizen of North Carolina, 
    having identified himself with the educational interests of the state several years before the 
    commencement of the war and rendered valuable services in that capacity.  He is a soldier by 
    education and has shown his superiority in drilling and organizing his regiment and making it 
    one of the best regiments in the Army of Northern Virginia.  His gallantry has been proven on 
    many a hard fought field and his superior capacity as an officer is acknowledged by all officers 
    of our division.  He has commanded our brigade on several occasions and demonstrated his 
    fitness for such a position.
    Lt. Col. R.D. Johnston of the 23rd N.C.—He combines all of the rare virtues which are necessary
    to make a commander—firm in discipline, brave and fearless in action—I may say even more 
    than that in regards to his gallantry—for he has distinguished himself on several fields and been 
    severely wounded.  He possesses a superior mind and energy and perseverance and knows not 
    the meaning of failure.
    Lt. Col. J.W. Lee of the 5th N.C.—He is as gallant as he is noble and generous; having received 
    a military education he is entirely competent to fill any office which his gallantry and chivalry 
    entitle him to.
    Major C.C. Blacknall (Blacknail?) of the 23rd N.C.—He has won laurels for himself by his 
    dashing bravery, his undaunted courage and his generous and noble nature.  He has the talent 
    to fill any position and is a general favorite in the brigade, having endeared himself to officers 
    and men by his kindness of heart and his attention to the wants of his men.  His magnificent 
    charge at Chancellorsville with a handful of men, capturing the enemy’s redoubts and a battery 
    and being himself captured in turn by a superior force is a theme of much praise throughout the 
    Major W.J. Hill of the 5th N.C.—He is also a brave and efficient officer, well qualified to fill a 
    much higher position then the one he holds and is a young man of much promise in the brigade.
    Casualties at Chancellorsville
    16th N.C. Regiment
    Transcriber’s note:  While all casualties have been routinely reported through companies A, B, 
    C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and K the below jumps immediately to ‘B’ and the last company is ‘M’.  
    This may have been some type of printer’s error but they are presented here as they were in the 
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. J.S. McElroy, severely; Lot Col. W.A. Stowe, seriously
    Company B
    Killed:  Lt. J.A. Moore, Sgt. W.A. Parris, C.G. Woody
    Wounded:  Capt. S.W. Carter, Sgts. Z. Poak(?), J.W. Randle, Corp. J. McRay (McRoy?), J.M. 
    Ammonds, J.W. Thomas, S. Milliken, J.W. Profitt
    Missing:  Jas. McIlraith
    Company C
    Killed:  Sgt. A.R. Hemsby, N.A. Thomas
    Wounded:  Lt. J.I. Thomason, J.D. Young, M. McCurry, R. Boone, A. Barnett, E.M. Honeycutt, 
    J. Robeson
    Missing:  J.L. Ray, J.W. Higgins, B(?) Y. Daily
    Company D
    Killed:  W.M. Wall, R.M. Thom
    Wounded:  Miles Knipe, J.W. Livingston, R. Kaye, W.A. Hawkins
    Wounded:  M.A. Baily, W.R.P. Hames(?) Harnes(?)
    Company E
    Killed:  Watt(?) Walt(?) Fisher
    Wounded:  J. Hines, J.(?) M. Sides, J. Thompson, E. Sigmon(?)
    Missing:  H. Starney, P.H. Denton
    Company F
    Killed:  J. M. Cochrane
    Wounded: S.L. Blackwell, Corp. J.C. Plemmons(?), W.J. Hays
    Company G
    Killed;  J.W. Williford(?)
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.M. Hampton, Corpls. T. Honser(?), W.G. Blanton, J.L. Williams, R. Simons
    Missing:  E. Cook
    Company H
    Killed:  Lt. C.L. Robinson
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.L. Westall, Corpls. W.B. Plemmons, J.C. Oliver
    Missing:  Corp. T.L. Stansfield, H.J. Morrow
    Company I
    Killed:  Sgt. F.L. Williams
    Wounded:  Lt.(?) F.(?) D. Britain, Sgt. G.W. Goins(?), J.M. Little, W.H. Spain(?), J. Sandy, L. 
    Jones, M. Sitten, William Becknell, L. Crabtree, G.J. Condry, J. Cannon, Moses Ellis, W. F.(?) 
    Desman(?), M.D. Barselt(?) Barsett(?), F.H. Dawson
    Missing:  A. Barnett
    Company K
    Killed:  Corp. J.J. Blackwell
    Wounded:  Lt. J.E. Sharp, Sgts. J.S. Sims and John Hall, A. Thompson, J. P. Corn, W. R.(?) 
    or B.(?) Mills, A.L. Sifford, D. Foster
    Missing:  William Ballard
    Company M (see above note)
    Killed:  Lt. A.M. Roberts, Jno Smith
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.A. Carpenter, Corp. J.M. Johnston, W.S. McKee, F.(?) or E.(?) Warren, J. 
    Manners, E.(?) Rudeville, J. Underwood
    Missing:  M.E. Withers, S. Clepman(?) or Chapman(?)
    Casualties at Chancellorsville
    30th N.C. T. Col. F. M. Parker
    Company A
    Killed:  Ptes D.R. Underwood, J.R. Holland, Ransom Nayler, William K. Bradshaw
    Wounded:  Color Sgt. H.S. Royal, knee amputated, Sgt. W.R. Crumpler, badly in arm, Sgt. 
    Henry Williams, serious in arm and shoulder, Ptes. (first name illegible, begins with an ‘E’, 
    maybe Earl?) Butler, dangerously in abdomen, Joseph Butler in foot, J.M. Parker, slightly, 
    C.W. Duncan badly in knee, G.W. Rackley, seriously through ankle, Ed. H. butler, dangerous 
    through both thighs, J.W. Kelly, serious in face, J.C. Walker, badly in arm, A.H. Brown, 
    slightly, James N. Williamson, badly through arm, Pte. C.W. Cashwell, Co H. 3rd N.C.T. having 
    lost his regiment attached himself to this company and was killed)
    Company B
    Killed:  Ptes. Sam H. Bishop, Benj. B. Brack, George W. Brack
    Wounded:  Sgt. John G. Newman, not serious, Ptes. Jas. L. Arrington, severely in left leg and 
    hand, Burwell Babbit (or Bobbit), severe in left hip, Green Duke, seriously through right hand, 
    G.B. Patton, seriously through left arm, Nat Vimble, seriously in foot, Thomas G. Shearns, 
    severely in right jaw and left hand, Francis M. Hardy, leg badly bruised, Peter Buff, badly in foot,
    W. H. Thomas, very serious in mouth.
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. J.B. Simmons, John Gore, Joel Shew
    Wounded:  Lt. L.H. Burnett, in arm, Lt. John C. Swain, in foot, Corp. S.T. Green, badly in 
    shoulder, Ptes. J. Escore, badly, R. Pendergrass, slight, P. Staly, thigh badly broken, J. Shew, 
    badly in knee, E. Staly, in leg, W. Jarris, seriously, W.T. Vines, through hand.
    Company D
    Killed;  Pte. J.W. Wheelous(?)
    Wounded:  Pte. H. Allen, seriously in arm, F.M. Ferrell, severely in arm, William F. Allen, in 
    mouth, W.M. Bowlin, severe in arm, C.E. Branton, serious in face, W.C. Peed, serious in hand, 
    Elijah Wilkins, serious in leg
    Company E
    Killed:  Pte. W.t. Wallace
    Wounded:  Capt. J.C. McMillan, badly in arm and hip, Lt. J.W. Ellis, badly in elbow, Sgt. J.W. 
    Wells, slight, Ptes. J.R. Bland, in side, B. W. Bostwick, in hand, J.W. Jones, badly in shoulder,
    W.W. Wallard, in ankle, amputated foot, J. Manelles, badly in side, S.C. Rejister(?), not 
    serious, J.B Strickland, in leg, W. Tucker, in hip
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. Allan Moseley
    Wounded:  Sgt. Martin Wiggins, badly in arm, Corp. Randolph Forbes, in leg, Ptes. Arthur 
    Forbes, badly in arm, Theo Lee, in arm, George Pittman, in shoulder, Peter Hanel, badly in foot 
    and leg, Ellis Johnson, seriously, George Madra, badly in mouth, Jas. Robertson, in arm
    Company G
    Killed:  Ptes. Jonathan Blevin and William G. O’Bryan
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.G. Badgett, badly in shoulder, Corp. W.P. Hobgood, serious in both legs 
    and arms, Ptes. Andrew Blevin, mortally, H.R. Brooks, R.D. Brooks, and Calton Church, 
    slightly, W.H. Harris, through thigh, James M. Hobgood, through shoulder, W.A. Loftus, 
    through thigh
    Missing:  Pte. W. Rayland, supposed to have been killed
    Company H
    Wounded:  Sgt. G.B. Cole, in shoulder, Ptes. R.W. McIver, in shoulder, N. Matthews, through 
    thigh, D.H. Sloan, hand, William Kelley, in leg, G.W. Kiddle, slightly over one eye
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. J.B. Griffin, J.e. Odolm(?) Odoim(?), Ed Sherwood, Franklin Stalling, Albert Smith, 
    George T. Winstead and John Bass
    Wounded:  Lt. B.B. Williford, seriously in thigh, Lt. S.R. Perry, in hip and foot, Sgt. P. Renfrow
    (?) Renfrew(?), through hand, Ptes. A.J. Batchelor, in thigh, Josiah Crickman, in shoulder, 
    G.W. Gay, dangerously in breast, William Wood, through the lung, H.H. Batchelor, arm badly 
    broken, J. Culpepper, fingers shot off, George Joyner, in arm, George Winters, fingers shot off, 
    Drury Pridgen, slight, G.A. Sherwood, slight
    Company K
    Killed:  Corp. Hart, Ptes. J.M. Rea, H.C. Barnett, M.J. Witherspoon
    Wounded:  Ptes. W.L. Barefoot, in throat, J.H. Johnston, in thigh, S.A. Johnston, in hand, 
    Lewis Thompson, through thigh, B.C. Glover, left hip, J.P. Biles in leg, ----- Bates, in hand, 
    Corp. W.J. Witherspoon, mortally
    4th N.C. Troops
    Col. Bryan Grimes
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. Bryan Grimes, painful contusion, Sgt. Major D.C. Styron, right foot shattered
    Company A
    Killed;  Capt. W.G. Falls, Lt. J.P. Cowan, Sgt. W.L. Shafford, Ptes. F.J. Carter, D.F. Fulbright, 
    G.W. Sprinkle
    Wounded:  Lt. W.F. McKorie, slight in ear, Lt. F.D. Carlton, contusion, Sgt. W.R. Thompson, 
    blinded by shell, Corp. D.C. Hunter, slight in hand, Corp. T.A. Slakeleather, stunned, Ptes. W. 
    Brawley, stunned, J.J. Bennett, in hand, severe, W.M. Bruce, shoulder, severe, C.W. Barker, 
    flesh wound, C. D. Conner, slight, J.A. Ingram, shoulder, severe, T.O. Irvin, knee, slight, J.W. 
    Johnson, arm, severe, J.A. Lackey, head and arm, severe, R.A. Morris, leg, severe, P.W. 
    Morris, unknown, J.F. Murdoch and J.C. McMaster, slight, J.B.H. Mayhew, back, severe, R.E. 
    Mayhew, slight, J.C. Rumple, head, severe, P.A. Shaver, arm, severe, J.F. Wallace, heels and 
    arm, severe.
    Missing:  Corp. W.S. Allen, Ptes. A. Byers, J.W. Coan(?) Coon(?), J.W. Hobbs, J.S. Irvin, M. 
    Snow, C.F. Middleton
    Company B, Capt. J.F. Stancil, commanding
    Killed:  Corp. J.B. Hilliard, Ptes. J.W. Lee, J.W. Wilhelm, T.A. Hughey
    Wounded:  Capt. J.F. Stancil, slight in breast, Lt. J.A. Cowan, slight in hip, Lt. J. Barber, slight 
    in wrist, Sgt. H.C. Miller, slight in head, Corp. N.V. Cowan, stunned, Ptes. A.P. Thompson, 
    arm, severe, M.A. Barnhart, wrist, slight
    Missing:  Sgt. D.A. Donahoe, Corp. R.A. Mills, Ptes. T.S. Lyerly, G. Jordan, G.W. Gibson
    Company C
    Capt. C.S. Alexander, Commanding
    Killed:  Corp. R.T. Keer, Ptes. R.C. Summers, G.W. Herndon, J.F. Armstrong, G.B. Jordan
    Wounded:  Capt. C.S. Alexander, mortally (since dead), Lt. J.A.S. Felmster(?)  Feimster(?), 
    hip, severe, Lt. G.A. Andrews, shocked, Sgt. W.M. Adams, head, slight, Corp. A.M. White, 
    foot, slight, Ptes. G.W. White, ankle, slight, H.B. Fr - - in, F.P. Bailey, shoulder, slight, P.W. 
    Swann, slight, H.A. Goodwin(?), slight, J.W. Waugh, serious, W.S. Waugh, slight, Jas. W. 
    Waugh, serious, S.L. Wilson, slight, J.M. Rickert, slight, J.A. Reid, M.P. Bierd(?), slight, T.R. 
    Shefford, slight, J.B. Sherill, serious, R.B. Combs, J.C. Turner, W. Dobson, J.A. Lewis, R.B. 
    Cook, Corp. J.N. Brotherton, slight
    Missing:  Sgt. W.F. Feimster, Sgt. J.A. Holmes, Corp. A.L. Summers, Ptes. W.W. Chipley, 
    M.A.C. Caywell, J.A. Feimster, A.S. Mills, L.H. Summers, S. Herndon, A.D. Goodin, A.F. 
    Company D
    Capt. Lewis, commanding
     Killed:  Lt. R.A. Best, Sgt. B.L. Whitley
    Wounded:  Capt. L. Lowe, slight, Sgt. J.H. Holmes, thigh, slight, Sgt. J.H. Pearsall, slight, 
    Corpls. J. Williams, R. Peal, Ptes. H.W. Thompson, serious, Corp. R.W. Hudgins, Ptes. E. 
    Grant, J.R. May, J.K. Bunn, W.D. Pearsall, J. Scott, E. Cravin, W. Waggs, slight, H.J. Roberts, 
    J.N. Harriss, severe, E. Myers, slight, ----- Wilson, slight
    Missing:  Lt. C. Parker, Corp. Casey, Ptes. W.S. Anderson, Giles Korngay, J.H. Persall
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. J.H. Legget, Ptes. W.R. White, H.R. Moore, D.W. Forbes, J.C. Brown, S. Brown, 
    D. Brock, W.R. Remsley
    Wounded:  Lt. T.A. Allen, slight, in hand, Lt. M.F. Williamson, neck, mortally, Orderly Sgt. T. 
    G. Lee, slight, thigh, Corp. W.R. Cuttrell, thigh, severe, Ptes. R. Gibbons, thigh, severe, T.H. 
    Merry, leg amputated, J.E. Hodges, thigh, hand and abdomen, J.H. Brickell, thigh, slight, G.D. 
    Jefferson, hand and side, severe, J.J. Jefferson, shoulder and head, J. Brown, unknown, W.F. 
    Beal, slight, G. Shepherd, mortally in breast
    Missing:  Corp. B.F. Whitley, Ptes. J.N. Hopkins, S. Sell, R. Porter, W.A. Fry, A. Pairo(?), W.
    T. Haggard
    Company F
    Lt. S.Y. Parker, commanding
    Killed:  Lt. S.Y. Parker, Lt. H.V. Stevens, Ptes. R.R. Baker, H.F. Pridgers, A.J. Robertson, J.
    W. Wilkerson
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.P. Fitzgerald, hip, severe, Sgt. H.H. Barnes, thigh and lungs, severe, Sgt. 
    W.E. Winstead, leg, slight, Corp. Jas. Gay, thigh, severe,  Ptes. R. Gordon, head and thigh, 
    severe, S.M. Scott, unknown, B. Barnes, shoulder, severe
    Missing:  Corp. J.Y. Atkerson, Corp. J.H. Marshbourne, Ptes. E. Flora, D.G. Jackson, F.D. 
    Night, F. Nixon, R. Vick, Jas. B. Woodward, Jno. B. Woodward, J.B. Wells
    Company G
    Capt. S.A. Kelly, commanding
    Killed:  Corp. F.C. Hall, Pte. W.H. Gaither
    Wounded:  Capt. S.A. Kelly, shoulder, severe, Lt. B.J. Smith, leg, severe, Sgt. Mulican, arm, 
    severe, Sgt. E.H. Parker, mortally, Corp. D.J. Smoot, head, serious, Corp. J.W. Burke, thigh, 
    serious, Ptes. J.W. Beauchamp, mortally, J. Clary, mortally, J. Cranfil, shoulder, slight, S.M. 
    Cunningham, arm, severe, F.M. Cunningham, leg, serious, S. Davis and W. Davis, slight, J.B. 
    Martin, hip, mortal, N.W. Daniel, slight, Wm. A. McCracker, arm, severe, J. Wagoner, 
    abdomen, mortal, J.M. Furchiss, L.W. Beck
    Missing:  Pte. B. Strance
    Company H
    Capt. Forcum, commanding
    Killed:  Ptes. J.W. Campbell, J.G. Cummings, J. Dobson, T.W. Gaither, D. Morgan, George 
    Sheires, J.L. Walker
    Wounded:  Lt. J.A. Summers, slight, Sgt. S.H. Bobbitt, shoulder, severe, Sgt. J.H. Thomas, 
    head, severe, Sgt. J.O. Smith, head, mortal, Corp. F.M. Ball, slight, Corp. J.G. Powell, hip, 
    severe, Ptes. J.W. Robin, leg, severe, R.S. Bowers, arm, severe, E. Campbell, leg and foot, 
    severe, B.E. Dillen, T.W. Edwards, B.A. Campbell, and M. Campbell, slight, Jno Goforth, hand, 
    serious, W.R. Journey, body, mortal, S.M. Daniel, J.A. Weisner, W. Wool, W. Forcum, J. Farr, 
    Missing:  Ptes. N. Holland, R.W. Nesbit, J. Lemons(?) Lemous(?), N. York, F.F. Wooten, Ed. 
    Company I
    Capt. E.S. Marsh, commanding
    Killed:  Lt. J.L. Harrington, Pte. H.H. Barson
    Wounded:  Capt. E.S. Marsh, left lung, serious, Sgt. R.G. Tuton, in face, slight, Corp. D.R. 
    Bennett, face, severe, Ptes. T.M. Swindle, in face, severe, George Abbott, shoulder, severe, 
    George Daw, hand, G.W. Rose, nose, D. Summons, arm, E.J. Daniel, arm
    Missing:  Corp. J.W. Selby, Ptes. J.W. Swindle, W.G. Wright, F.B. Guilford
    Company K
    Lt. A.N. Wiseman, commanding
    Killed:  Ptes. E.T.M. Carter, C.L. Miller, Wilson Josey
    Wounded:  Lt. A.N. Wiseman, arm, severe, Sgt. Otho Holshouser, slight, Corp. A.C. Carter, 
    slight, Corp. William Parker, slight, Ptes. L.Bryant, slight, R.D. Beady, left arm off, H. Castor 
    and J. Castor, in faces, slight, L. Holshouser, side, serious, L. Mahaley, foot, severe, M.M. 
    Holshouser, George D. Smuggs, and L. Turner, slight, W.B. Troutman, right leg off.
    Missing:  N.H. Eller
    2nd N.C.T. Casualties
    Col. W.R. Cox
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. W.R. Cox, side, arm, and hand, Lt. Col. W.S. Stallings, shoulder and thigh
    Company A
    Killed:  Ptes. M.V. Barber, A. Houser, G.M. Clark, A.L. Jarrell, John Poe
    Wounded:  Capt. J.R. Waugh, dangerously, body, Sgt. W. F. Mitchell, hand and hip, Sgt. 
    Flippin, thigh and arm, Corp. W. Armfield, foot, Corp. J.L. Forkner, hand, Ptes. P.C. Calicut(?), 
    arm, side and thigh, W.G. Case, hand, W.W. Dennis, hand, J.R. Jones, ankle, serious, Levi 
    Sells, C.T. Case, leg
    Missing:  Sgt. J.E. Banner, Corp. J.H. Dix, Ptes. L.L. Harden, A. Harden, W.S. Redman, J.T. 
    Lacy, D.W. Harley
    Company B
    Killed:  Ptes. W.G. Flowers, W.R. Mears, Williamson Davis, Wiley J. Todd, Jno. Eatman
    Wounded:  Lt. G. Fulgham, thigh, Sgt. B.H. Boykin, foot, J.W. Forbes, mouth, Jas. Fulgham, 
    leg, Ptes. Joe Boyett, side, N.C. Christmas, shoulder, John Colemun, face, Ransom Davis, 
    side, Taylor Eatman, shoulder, Jno Flora, face and leg, Jas. Kinnant, head, mortal, Dempsey 
    Morris, head, N. Moore, Jr., arm, Haywood Rose, arm, B.G. Simpson, shoulder, B. Strickland, 
    head, Wilson Todd, arm, W.G. Trovathan, shoulder, A.J. Dean, side, J.W. Hinnant, (since dead)
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. R.D. Price, R.J. Martin, C. Manning, J.F. King
    Wounded:  Capt. W.B. Whitfield, hand, Lt. J.J. Brown, hand, slight, Lt. Joel Jones, legs, 
    dangerous, Sgt. T.C. Ellis, left hip, Sgt. T. Jones, hand, Corp. L. Chery, shoulder, dangerous, 
    Ptes. S.L. Bennett, face, severe, W.L. Kelly, arm broken, G.D. Mozingo, thigh broken, G. Long, 
    thigh, A.B. Taylor, slight, J.J. Underhill, leg badly, P.H. Wiggs, slight, J.E. Wilson, J. King and 
    J.R. Rogers, slight, J.R. Overman, leg and shoulder, severe, J.C. King
    Missing:  Corp. H.J. Glisson, Corp. J.J. Bennett, Ptes. J. Fisher, A. Herring, J.T. Mathis, J. T. 
    Jummerlin, E. Wenders, T.J. Hardison
    Company D
    Killed:  Sgt. R.S. Louis, Color Bearer Ptes. W.B. Moore, W. Amerson and J.G. Borrow.
    Wounded:  Lt. W.H. Appelwhite, shoulder and back, Corp. H.J. Jones, wrist, Ptes. J.G. 
    Amerson, body, Jacob Barnes, arm, A.F. Boswell, slight, J.E. Davis, A. Eason, slight, J.W. 
    Fort, arm and hip, K. Kittrell, arm and jaw, severe, W. Mumford, thighs, severe, H. Ward, F. 
    Webb, leg, severe, N. Webb, slight, W. Gurganus, slight
    Missing:  Lt. Matt Manly, Corp. Jesse Barnes, Ptes. Jas. Lucas, B. McDonough, William 
    Smith, W.T. Lamon
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. M.G. Smith, Ptes. S.H. Jeffries, H. Rayner, T.J. Bullard, N. Baggott
    Wounded:  Lt. J.M. Hobson, leg, severe, Lt. J.M. Hobson, side, shell (transcriber’s note, these 
    two names are repeated, this may have been a printer’s error), Sgt. W.D. Smith and Jno Booth, 
    slight, Ptes. Jos. Naylor, arm, serious, S. Lewis, serious, R. Newlin, shoulder, W. Codey, 
    serious, J.T. Warren, hand, R. Holley, J.C. McLemore, body, J. Wrench, body, A. King, face, 
    S. Merry, leg, R. Williams, hand, R. Autry, leg, A. Peoples, leg, D.J. Wilson, legs, J. 
    Thompson, serious
    Missing:  Lt. J.T. Traly, Ptes. J. Williams, J. Dorethy, D. Parish (Parise?)
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. B.F. May, Ptes. W.H. Sutts, Noah Simkins, S.W. Deal, William Jacobsen, T.P. 
    Flipers, H. Gainey, W.F. Woods, B.F. Rouse, A.J. Arnold, W.B. Butler, J.D. Louis
    Wounded:  W.C. Braver, face and hip, serious, Sgt. Jesse Arthur, side, Ptes. A.S. Parris, foot, 
    S.D. Rouse, head, R.R. Heath (?), Hoath(?), fingers, H.S. Hawkins, arm and thigh, J.A. Yeer, 
    legs, W. Williams, arm, M.J. Williams, foot, H. Riggs, head and arm, serious, J.M. Pell, A.M. 
    Willis, hand, R. Danson, side, serious, W.H. Witherington, thigh, M. West, J. Witherington, 
    foot, P. Bennett, side
    Missing:  Capt. A.M. Chaderick, Lt. S.G. Heritage, Sgt. J.W. Kornegay, Sgt. J. Dew, Corp. J. 
    Wiggins, Ptes. W. Jackson, P. Herdson, G. Simmons, H. Pate
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. E.F.B. Koonce, Pte. Lamier, J.H. Harris, D. Morrison
    Wounded:  Lt. H.A. Saiver(?) Sarver(?), thigh, severe, Sgt. H.C. Huggins, shoulder, severe, Sgt. 
    A.F. Sawyer, leg, Sgt. Lewis King, jaw, Sgt. W.H. Bishop, shoulder, thigh and body, J. Huggins, 
    ankle, D.J. Green, breast, Jno. Sanders, leg, C. H. Koonce, thigh, W.A. Lane, leg
    Missing:  B.R. Heath, G.W. Rhodes
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. E.W.D. Foard, Sgt. E.(?) or F.(?) D. Carraway, Sgt. S.C. Parker, Ptes. A. Flating, 
    Gray Holland, R.M. Massingale, H.F. Thompson, D.J. Thompson, W. Sutherland
    Wounded:  Capt. J.B. Cobb, hip, Sgt. Jas. Elinore, arm, Corp. J.R. Crawford, body, mortally, A. 
    Peel, slight, Ptes. J.A. Blackman, face, Y.C. Blackman, head, arm and side, serious, C.L. 
    Field, foot, Lewis Graddy, thigh, W. Graddy, hand, Jas. Hinson, slight, Jesse Wincey, shoulder.
    W. Sands(?) Sauls(?), shoulder and arm, Isaac Smith, thigh and arm, A. Talton, arm, Haywood 
    Taylor, breast and head, W.P. Wise, ankle
    Missing:  Capt. R.F. Gurley, Ptes. S. Graddy, J.W. Kennedy, Ashley Wiggs, L.H. Whitfield
    Company I
    Wounded:  S. Taylor, jaw, slight, Sgt. E.W. Salter, (since dead), S.A. Mozingo, slight, J.D. 
    Darley, thigh, badly, J.H. Wade, hand, August White, shoulder, serious, Ransom Etsick, arm 
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. B.M. Cook, Corp. F.J. Cherry, Ptes. S.O. Hyman, R.G. Phillips, W. F. Priddy, C. 
    Parsons, R.W. Lisk, L. Whitehurst
    Wounded:  Lt. R.D. Hancock, leg, Lt. W.J. Street, slight, Sgt. Haywood Davenport, in breast, 
    Sgt. W.B. Bell, serious in left side, Corp. R.P. Dowdy, leg, Ptes. C. Birch (since dead), N. 
    Budd, W.B. Lueford, slight, C.M. Jones, foot, severe, L.J. Moore, hand, L.J. Merritt, breast 
    (since dead), W. Moser, in arm, J.B. O’Neal, thigh, F. Siver, head, serious, T.G. Perry, side, 
    severe, E.R. Robertson, shoulder, J. Lewis, serious, W.A. Rutledge, severe in leg, J. 
    Smithwick, mortal (since dead)
    Missing:  Sgt. T.L. Jones, Ptes. D.E. Humphries, R.W. Humphrey, H.J. Hughes, C.A. Foulk, 
    J.B. Shines, L.C. Landing
    34th N.C.T. Casualties
    Field and Staff:  
    Wounded:  Adjutant J.W. Riddick, slight
    Company A
    Killed:  Sgts. D. Cox, H. Cox, Corp. D. Johnson, J. Bare(?), Sr.
    Wounded;  Capt. H.W. Abernathy, Sgts. J.R. Richardson, E.C. Long, Corpls. H. Koonce, H. 
    Sheets, Ptes. H. Atwood, J. Bare, Jr., Jacob Bare, T. Clarey, J. Richardson, Jno. Richardson, 
    H. Sheets, J.F. Sooth(?) South(?), W. Patrick, D.C. Williams, L. Woodie
    Missing:  A. Taylor
    Company B
    Killed:  J.A. Lucas, H.H. Webb
    Wounded;  Sgt. J.T. Philbeck, Corpls. S.D. Davis, C. Sparks, Ptes. F.C. Dobbins(?), William 
    B. Smart, W.A. Jones, J. Hollyfield, E.O. Hamrick, W.O. Davis
    Missing:  D.B. Harvell, J. Wonnack
    Company C
    Killed:  J.F. Toms, J. Wilkerson(?) Wilkinson(?)
    Wounded:  Sgts. L.W. McBryer, and G.W. Koom, Ptes. S.H. Bagwell, J. Cooke, J. Early, R.(?) 
    McClure, A.W. Cook, J. Dobbins, W. H.(?) Elliott, W.O. Leadbetter, M.L. Shuttle, T.C. Weaver, 
    W.P. Weaks
    Company D
    Killed:  Sgt. F.L. Lawrence
    Wounded:  Sgt. J. Cortiner(?), P.A. Sloap, W.A. Kilpatrick, Corp. R.A. Overcash, Ptes. D. Ray, 
    J.H. McLauchlin
    Missing:  T.J. Atkinson, J.T. Clodletter, H. Brown
    Company E
    Killed:  Lt. Perry, D. Carpenter, D. Hovis, L. Payson
    Wounded:  A.C. Hartzog, J. Reep, D. Rhinehardt, G. Kiser, J. Kiser, N. Carpenter, P. Heiner, 
    C.S. Martin, M. Hull, L. Wise, M. Finger
    Missing:  J. F.(?) or P.(?) (last name illegible, four letters, maybe Biss?), J.W. Armstrong, J. 
    Eaker, R.A. Taylor
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. T.S. Shefford, Pte. J.G. Petty
    Wounded:  Sgt. B. Hendrick, Corp. A.J. Borders, Ptes. J. Maney, W. Norman, W.W. Williams, 
    D.F. Williams, W.A. Pumer(?), W.H. Turner, Jno Eaker, Sr., D.C. Pueber(?), C.C. Gibbons, 
    J.H. Hardin, J.N. London, C.G. Martin
    Missing:  J.H. Lee, A.B. Lee, E.E. Warren
    Company G
    Wounded:  A.S. Alcom, C.W. Abernathy, J. Ashberry, J. Beaty, L. Greenhill (since dead), A. 
    Hover, J.J. McAll, W. Hupp(?) Hipp(?), J.G. Bain(?) Hain(?), S. Hayes, J. Pervas(?) Perves(?), 
    Jno Lawing
    Missing:  E. King
    Company H
    Killed;  J.W. Shields, M. McMayhugh, M.J. Roberts
    Wounded:  Sgt. J. Allen, Corp. Tyrell Camp, Pte. L. Allen, W. Allen, W.P. Camp, S. Delinger, 
    W.H. Brown, R.M. Hepper, B.(?) M. Revel, J.W. Roberts, M. Self, T.A. Ware
    Missing:  J.S. Putnam(?) Futman(?)
    Company I
    Killed:  Marion(?) Honeycutt
    Wounded:  Sgt. E. Robbins, Corp. J.C. Morrow, Ptes. C.C. Henesdale, J. Mintz, S. (last name 
    illegible R - - - ), J.B. Hawkins, J. F.(?) Lemebarger(?) Leniebarger(?), J. Clayton
    Missing:  H.G. Pate, M. Wood, P. Burgess
    Company K
    Killed:  Corp. Charles Cullicut(?), Pte. Jas. Hardester
    Wounded:  Sgt. E.W. Saunders, Pte. W.A. Hall, A.B. Hogan, F.(?) Henley, R. Reeves(?) 
    Rieves(?), J.R. Hughes, C. Callicut, N. Freeman, W.F. Russell, D.A. Thompson, C. Macon, C. 
    Murchison, J. Cranford, T. Hearn(?)
    North Carolina Standard
    May 13, 1864
    The following letter from a correspondent in the army details the casualties in Lane’s Brigade 
    and describes the part it took in the battle:
    Mr. Editor:
    We have had some of the hardest fighting at this place that has been done in the war and the 
    loss on our side has been great.  General A.P. Hill’s Division and General D.H. Hill’s Division 
    (the latter commanded by General Rhodes) flanked Hooker from Fredericksburg.  Stonewall 
    Jackson’s entire command, leg by Jackson in person, got to the enemy’s rear late on Saturday 
    evening and commenced the attack immediately.  We were soon closely engaged and drove 
    the enemy pell mell down the plank road.  The fight continued until midnight with fearful 
    slaughter and the surrounding woods were lit up with the blaze of artillery and infantry fire.  
    We have lost many killed and wounded. Lane’s Brigade was badly cut up, having a heavy 
    breast works and battery to charge.  It made four charges before it was taken.  Various other 
    charges were made by regiments composing different brigades in which they suffered severely.  
    Col. Thomas J. Purdie of the 18th was killed. Col. E.G. Haywood of the 7th, Col. C.M. Avery of 
    the 33rd, and Col. W. Barbour of the 37th were killed.  Lt. Col. Ferney George of the 18th, 
    W.H.A. Speer of the 28th, Rob’t. V. Cowan of the 33rd, and Jno. B. Ashcraft of the 37ths were 
    all wounded.  Majors W.L. Davidson of the 7th, T.W. Mayhew of the 33rd, and W.G. Morris of 
    the 37th were wounded. Over half of the officers and man of the 7th, 18th, 33rd, and 37th were 
    killed or wounded.  The wounded in this regiment (the correspondent does not give the number) 
    are from 100 to 170 besides the killed.  Our men have fought desperately against great odds 
    and have driven the enemy four miles.  We now occupy our second line of battle and are 
    determined to fight to the bitter end. They have the advantage of us in position and 
    entrenchments.  D.C.C.
    North Carolina Standard
    June 3, 1863
    Letter from Wounded North Carolina soldier
    Richmond, Virginia, Winder Hospital
    As there are a great many of us here who are wounded and will not be fit for service for some 
    time, we would like to have some one fill our places.  We want some good men.  We would 
    like to have some of those about Raleigh who at the commencement of the war, said they could 
    whip 25 before breakfast.  Our cause is suffering from the want of good men, but these are the 
    very men who managed to get into little shady officers and there they intend staying while we 
    poor soldiers are marching night and day through rain and snow and mud knee deep and 
    sleeping without any cover.  I would like to have some of them come and shoulder muskets 
    and march with me thirty miles.  That, and then lay all night in line of battle and never sleep a
    wink.  Don’t you think their patriotism would be warn to a frazzle? 
    Also, why is it the wounded are not allowed to go home?  Why is it they cannot get furloughs or 
    transfers?  They are sending men from this hospital back to their regiments with their fingers 
    shot off.  These men belong to North Carolina regiments.  I understand that the ladies of North 
    Carolina have sent a great many things here for the wounded soldiers.  Why don’t they get 
    them?  Is it because they think them too good for us or do those in authority wish to keep them 
    to speculate on?
    I tell you what we North Carolina soldiers get to eat in the hospital.  We get some slops to drink 
    in the place of coffee and without sugar at that and we get baker’s bread.  The meat is such as 
    you would be ashamed to give to a dog and the rice is boiled in fresh water and given to us to 
    eat without salt and as for molasses and fruit we never get near enough to it to even smell them. 
    I will close now as it makes me sick to think how our poor wounded soldiers are treated.
    North Carolina Standard
    June 10, 1863
    List of Non Commissioned Officers and Privates in Ramseur’s Brigade designated by their 
    comrades as worthy to wear the Badge of Honor for conspicuous gallantry at Chancellorsville
    2nd N.C.T
    Company A—Sgt. John E. Banner
    Company B—Pte. W.H. Flowers
    Company C—Sgt. T.E. Ellis
    Company D—Corp. S. Felton
    Company E—Sgt. J.T. Booth
    Company F—Corp. J.E. May
    Company G—Pte. Thomas Williford
    Company H—Pte. Simeon Graddy
    Company I—Pte. Aaron I. Pitt
    Company K—Corp. Charles Carter
    4th N.C.T.
    Company A—Sgt. W.S. Shufford (killed)
    Company B—Pte. Jacob W. Wilhelm
    Company E—Sgt. James W. Leggett (killed)
    Company H—Pte. G.W. Shires (killed)
    Company I—Pte. William H. Ballow
    Company K—Pte. W.R. Josey
    14th N.C.T.
    Company C—Pte. Henry B. Sanders
    Company D—Sgt. J.F. Goforth
    Company E—Sgt. Urias Pool (killed)
    Company F—Sgt. J.M. Whitmire
    Company G—Sgt. J.R. Smith (killed)
    Company I—Corp. C.M. Smith
    Company K—Sgt. L.N. Keith
    30th N.C.T.
    Company A—Pte. John W. Holland (killed)
    Company C—Pte. William J. McDowell
    Company F—Sgt. J.W.J. House 
    Company H—Pte. William McCanly
    Company K—Pte. E.M. Bales (Bates?)
    Mr. Editor:  
    I shall be under your obligation if you insert this in your paper.  My son, Franklin Workman, 
    was conscripted.  He was placed in Company F, 2nd Reg’t. N.C.T.  The company was 
    commanded by Capt. Cole to whom I have written but received no response.  My son wrote to 
    me on the 9th September from Maryland.  He did not know a man in his company or regiment.  
    Any information will be thankfully received.
    James Workman
    Orange County, June 1, 1863
    North Carolina Standard
    May 20, 1863
    List of North Carolina Wounded in Washington, D.C.
    The following North Carolina soldiers were taken prisoner by the enemy and transported 
    to Washington, D.C.
    Corp. H.G. Glisson, Company C, 2nd
    Sgt. George C. Guthrie, Company E, 1st
    Robert Humphrey, Company K, 2nd
    S. Gready, Company H, 2nd
    H. Haines, Company C, 2nd 
    H. Baynes, Company E, 7th
    N. Blackwalder, Company C, 33rd
    T.J. Bowden, Company C, 23rd
    N.A. Clayell, Company C, 4th 
    N.A. Eller, Company K, 4th
    William Ellis, Company E, 33rd
    John Bare, Company A, 34th
    D. Vanderburg, Company H, 33rd
    L.H. Whitfield, Company H, 2nd
    F.F. Mooten, Company H, 4th
    Ashley Wiggs, Company H, 2nd
    Thomas Whitaker, Company F, 1st
    W.F. Wilson, Company G, 18th
    J.C. Keinbrouch, Company A, 18th
    Corp. G.W. Linear(?) Linea(?), Company H, 3rd
    James Lucas, Company D, 2nd
    L. Nixon, Company F, 4th
    Corp. R.A. Mills, Company B, 4th
    H.J. Morrow, Company H, 16th
    J.W. Munroe, Company B, 18th
    T.E. Mickey, Company I, 33rd
    J.H. Morrison, Company A, 7th
    E.R. Pridgen, Company H, 18th
    H. Robertson, Company E, 1st
    D.J. Sterling, Company G, 3rd
    R. Vick, Company F, 4th
    J. Powell, Company B, 33rd
    J. Trueblood, Company K, 18th
    D.G. Coleman, Company A, 20th
    List of Killed and Wounded Company E, 4th N.C.T.
    Charles K. Gallagher, Capt.
    Killed:  Sgt. J.W. Leggett, Ptes. Lewis Bennett, W.R. White, W.R. Moore, D.W. Forbes, 
    J.C. Brown, S. Brown, D. Brock, W.R. Ronsley
    Wounded:  T.M. Allen, 1st Lt., slight, M.W. Williamson, 2nd lt., mortal, Sgt. T.E. Lee, 
    Corp. W.R. Cuttrell, Ptes. R. Gibbons, T.H. Merry, J.E. Hodges, J.H. Brickell, 
    G.D. Jefferson, J. Jefferson, J. Brown, W.F. Bell, G. Sheppard
    Missing:  Corp. Whitley, Ptes. J.L. Hawkins, J. Sell, R. Porter, W.A. Fry, a. Paine
    We regret to state that Lt. Col. C.C. Cole, 23rd, was killed in the late battle.  He was 
    struck in the breast by a ball and killed instantly.  Col. Cole was a native of Greensborough 
    and was favorably known for several years as editor of the Times.
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, May 11, 1863
    We hoped to have the list of killed and wounded in the North Carolina regiments for 
    publication today but not one has come to hand.  They are looked for and inquired 
    for daily, with great anxiety.  Doubtless some of them will reach us in time for 
    Tuesday’s report.  As to North Carolina officers, we gather from various sources, in 
    addition to those published on Thursday, the following:
    Captain James W. Strange of this town, 19th Cavalry Regiment, reported 
    wounded in the foot.
    Adjutant French Strange of this town, 1st Regiment, reported to be severely wounded, 
    said to have lost a leg, but again reported unhurt.
    Several others from this place have been heard from and these are the only two 
    reported wounded:
    M.E. Manly, son of Judge Manly of Newbern, died on the 2nd of wounds, aged 17 
    years, 8 months.
    Adjutant Ives Smedes of Raleigh, 7th Regiment, dangerously wounded, but it is 
    hoped he will recover.
    Col. Clark M. Avery of Morganton, 33rd Regiment, slightly.
    Col. J.C.S. McDowell of Burke, 54th Regiment, seriously.
    Lt. Joshua G. Wright of Wilmington, 1st Regiment, not seriously.
    Col. Edward Graham Haywood of Raleigh, 7th Regiment, slightly.
    Coll. Bryan Grimes of Pitt, 4th Regiment, slightly.
    Lt. John S. Bryan of Raleigh, 14th Regiment, slightly.
    Capt. F.D. Moore of Wilmington, 1st Regiment, severely.
    Of the 3rd Regiment, Lt. Col. Thruston, Maj. Wm. Parsley, Capt. J.E.S. Van 
    Bokkelen, Capt. Ennett, Lts. Armand DeRosset, Porter, Sedbury, Costin and 
    Ormsby, all slightly.
    Lt. Jos. Jacobs, 18th Regiment, slightly.  Capt. T. Armstrong killed
    Col. Wm. R. Cox, 2nd Regiment, slightly.
    In the 4th Regiment, Lt. Cowan and Sgt. Shefford killed; Capt. Falls, lost a leg; Lts. 
    McRorie and Carlton, slightly wounded.
    Capt. D. Barrow of Salem, 21st Regiment, seriously wounded in the knee
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, May 18, 1863
    Headquarters 38th Regiment N.C.T.
    Camp Gregg, Va., May 8, 1863
    Casualties on May 2 & 3, Battle of Chancellorsville
    Major M. McR McLauchlin, severely wounded in the face
    Company A
    Killed:  Jno. A. Best, Jno. T. Bishop, W.R. Sholar
    Wounded:  Lt. R.M. Middleton, Corp. McCanne, W.M. Hart or Hurt, C.C. Boney, C.M. 
    Alphin, Wm. Thomas, J.W. Bishop, M.H. Owen
    Company B
    Killed:  Lt. R. O’Hair, Jesse Shermer, Isaac Shores
    Wounded:  Corps. J.B. Vestal, L.W. Wooten and S.L. Kelly, Caleb Creekmore, F.A. 
    Garner, W.L. Hanes, W.L. Martin, L.J. Wells, Eli Sugart, G.A. Joyner, Samuel 
    Mitchell, L.C. Davis
    Missing:  Jackson Ireland, Welsher Lash
    Company C
    Killed:  W.E. Bass
    Wounded:  Capt. J.T. Wilson and Lt. H.J. Hudson, slightly; Sgts. E.T. Bass and J.D. 
    Lindsay, Corp. W.R. Tew, John Bass, Jonas Baker, W.H.H. Pope, Joseph Buff, Jas. 
    Cook, Marshall Vann
    Company D
    Wounded:  Capt. H.C. Darden, slightly; Corp. F.A. Clifton, J.H. Wilkins, Alvin Odom, L.J. 
    Carpenter, M. McCullen, Lewis McClenny, F.M. Salmon, Rufus Stroup, Moses Lochamy
    Missing:  Reddin House
    Company E
    Killed:  Capt. D.G. McRae, W.J. Hutchinson
    Wounded:  Lt. A.W. Dockery, slightly; Lt. R.H. Robinson, W.C. Meacham, Benjamin 
    Barbour, Robert Brooks, Richard Webb, Jas. Crouch, Mason Garrett
    Missing:  W.R. McCaskill, Jesse Pipes
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgt. A.L. Sigman, B. Huffman
    Wounded:  Lt. J.A. Yount, Corp. W. Traffenstedt, W.S. Huffman, P. Traffenstedt
    Company G
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.N. Bradshaw, Corp. Alex Williams, J.W. Lackey, W.L. Ellis, W.A. 
    McHaffey, D.A. Wilson, B.F. Hines, Cyrus Drum, J.P. Long, J.S. Bradshaw
    Missing:  H.M. Poplin
    Company H
    Killed:  W.M. Newby, W.G. Nance
    Wounded:  Lt. M. Cranford, Corps. M.B. Lassiter and J.I.(?) Johnson, J.W. Lanier, 
    W.D. Ingram, G.W. Moore
    Missing:  Harris Saunders
    Company I
    Killed:  Job Wright
    Wounded:  C.B. Powell, George Blanton, A. Lewis, J.S. Elliott, P.P. Crowder, H.S. 
    Missing:  Sgt. W.C. Hamrick, W. Sausing, D.D. Wright
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. A. Monroe, J.R. Black, John Murphy, Colin Monroe
    Wounded:  Sgt. D.C. McCaskill, D.T. Grady, A. Guion, A. McDiarmid, N.W. McLeod, W. 
    Murphy, H.A. Priest, Isaac Avery
    Missing:  E.E. Newton, D.A. McMillan
    Casualties 54th N.C.R., May 3 to May 5
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. J.C.S. McDowell, mortally, since died
    Missing:  Sgt. Major R.G. Russell
    Company A, Lt. H.P. Lovell commanding
    Wounded:  Sgts. P.M. Smith and Jno Carter, J.P. Broadway, severely; Sgt. G.W. 
    Palmer, hand amputated
    Missing:  J. Lester, J.W. Davies, Thomas S. Johnson
    Company B, Capt. Kiebler, commanding
    Wounded:  Lt. B.S. Young, W.J. Thomas, Phillip Buns, Wm. England, slightly; 
    Jno. Galloway, severely; W.J. Thomas, thumb amputated
    Missing:  Sgt. T.N. Galloway, Corp. Jas. England, D.H. Johnson, N. Whitney, 
    Jno. Gray, Jno. Butler, J.M. Boon
    Company C, Lt. Williams commanding
    Wounded:  Corp. Jas. W. Hodges, D.A. Morrison, J.K. Driver, severely; Henry 
    Coleman, F.M. Bolton, Malcolm Dove, slightly
    Missing:  Lt. W.W. Cole, prisoner; J.B. Baxley, A.L. Lockiman, S.E.W. Clifton
    Company D, Lt. Deberry, commanding
    Wounded:  Jno. Scarborough, mortally, since died; Sgt. W.W. Edwards, severely
    Missing:  Lt. J.B. Deberry, Morris Futnell
    Company E, Capt. Parks commanding
    Wounded:  Emmet Coleman, slightly
    Missing:  Capt. D.W. Parks, J.B. Nelson, Jas. Crabb, Elihu Speaks, Tillman Honeycutt
    Company F, Lt. Hooper commanding
    Wounded:  J.B. Scott, mortally; Thomas Newell, Lewis Carroll, Jas. Thorp, severely; 
    G.F. Crissman, slightly
    Missing:  Corp. W.H.H. Fields, R. Bishop, Jno. Blanchfield, C. Cook, B. Clark, R.R. 
    Dickens, T.L. Johnson, W.R. McIntyre, Thomas Mao, Thomas Rumley, Henry Shepherd
    Company C, Capt. Martin commanding
    Wounded:  Jas. Lewis, mortally, O.F. Harris, slightly
    Missing:  Lt. Benjamin P. Johnson, Sgt. J.M. Parden, J.P. Sales, J.S. Morton, T.L. 
    Company H, Capt. Cockerham commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. M.V.B. Southard, Jason L. Riley
    Wounded:  A.V. Gentry, severely; Jos. Ridenour, W.L. Mooney, D.V. Davis, Henry 
    Brindle, Zac Jefferson, Jno. Bryant, slightly
    Missing:  Lt. M.G. Shores, Sgt. S.A. Hanes, J.W. Armsworth, N.L. Blackburn, W.C. 
    Shores, M.F. Swaim, J.D. York, Wm. Newman
    Company I, Capt. Hampton commanding
    Wounded:  Noah Wilson, Wm. Henderson, D.F. Gernaway, slightly
    Missing:  Lt. O. (or C.) M. Cornwell, J.P. Gurnaway, S.J. Harmon
    Company K, Capt. Parham commanding
    Killed:  Tucker Jones
    Wounded:  Henry Mathis, severely
    Casualties 5th N.C.T.
    Killed:  1st Lt. S.B. Maloney, Private Jesse Lents, Company B; Henry Oldham, 
    Company A; Turner Mizell and David Harrell, Company F; Israel Lanier, Company E; 
    Jacob Lassiter, Company I; Aretus Jones, Company D
    Wounded Field and Staff:  Col. Thomas M. Garrett, Lt. Col. John W. Lea, Major 
    Wm. J. Hill
    Company A
    Jas. Q. Bryant, J.H. Andrews, W.J. Boon, each leg amputated; Noah Vancannon, 
    arm; Presley Roberts, arm amputated; David Wadkins, finger amputated; C. (or O.) 
    H. Cooper
    Company B
    Capt. Roscoe Riddick, Jerry J. Hamilton, K.M. Kenson
    Company C
    Wm. C. Wells, Paschal B. Parrish, Bennett King, Jas. T. Price, Jas. N. Morgan, 
    Levi Rowles, Wm. Tawell
    Company I
    Wm. Lewis, Jno. Hamlet, Daniel Frick, Lazarus F. Stimpson, Richard Hamlet
    Company K
    Capt. L.M. Davis, Corp. P. Cauble, Jerry Beaver, Eli Bostian, J.C. Earnheart, Cezar 
    Gutlenburg, Wm. Lefler, M. Watson
    Missing:  Alfred Stephenson, Company C; David Lane, Company E; Ransom Dick, 
    Company F; Sgt. Jno. Pittman, Company G; Corp. P.H. Harrellson, Daniel Nose, 
    Jas Evans, F.N. Gordon, Company I; Sgt. J.H. Fesperman, Company K
    Casualties 22nd Regiment
    Field and Staff
    Killed:  Lt. C.C. Cole, Major L. Odell
    Wounded:  Sgt. Major J.H. Wellborne
    Company A
    Killed:  G.W. Peevy, J.A. Shirrill, J.B. Fisher, B. Robbins
    Wounded:  Lt. W.A. Suttle, Corp. R.B. Clark, P.S. Lutz, R.F. Shirrill, M. Sparks, N. 
    Clarke, W. A. Martin, W.D. Lefevere, J.W. Robinson, W.H. Fowler, J.H. Dula(?), J.M. 
    Badger, M. Criger, J.C. Shirrill, S. Hass, Jas. Knight, Jno. Knight, M. Lingle, R. Deal, 
    E.A. Benfield, A.B. Hilton, C. Simmons
    Company B
    Killed:  Corp. C. Washburn, J.R. Cook, J. Chapman, H. Gurley
    Wounded:  Sgts. R.A. Tate and J.W. Epps, W.G. Cox, A.B. Taylor, J.A. Cansby, J.L. 
    Ingle, L. L. Walker, J. Haney
    Missing:  E.P. Reid, S.A. Chapman, A. Clayton
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. G.W. Wiley, A. Archer, S.G. Baker, T.M. Hooper, R. Loftin, J.F. Meaderis,
     J.H. Frazier
    Wounded;  Lts. R.W. Cole and O.C. Wheeler, Corp. P.W. Pratt, S.G. Andrew, D.M. 
    Clapp, J.H. Chaplin, A.J. Frazier, P. Oakley, J. Quackenbush, S.A. Pegram, S. 
    Strunk, J. Suits, J.M. Loftin, G.L. Frazier, W. Irwin, R.H. Couch, M.D. Medearis, L. 
    Loftin, G.S. Powers, H. Poe.
    Missing:  A.V. Bayley
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. J.H. Toliver, J. Stamper, P. Sevirny
    Wounded:  Capt. W.L. Mitchell, Corp. M.B. Toliver, J.C. Cawdill, J.W. Estep, O. B. 
    Finney, R.C. Gambill, C. Richardson, J.C. Reeves, E. Richardson, W. Sperlin, A. 
    Toliver, F.S. Pegram
    Company G
    Killed:  Cicero Bragg, Chris Fields
    Wounded:  Capt. G.A. Graves, Lts. R.S. Mitchell and M.H. Cobb, Sgts. R.S. 
    Blackwell, C.H. Stokes, M.R. Sartin, Corp. W.D. Pagge, J. Lambert, W.S. Wheeler, 
    S. Snow, L.J. Perkins, W.H. Lee, J. Work, R. Leonard, N. Reid, J.H. Knott, D. 
    Brewer, J.H. Wayne, L.J. Padgett
    Missing:  G.V. Strader, R.J. Mitchell, J. Jackson, J. Prior
    Company H
    Killed:  W.W. Martin, P.H. Martin, H. Sisk
    Wounded:  Lt. M.T. Mitchell, Sgts. H. Williams and W. G. Sisk, Corps. J.A. Cone 
    and J.M. Burge, A.P.J. Allberty, J.M. Campbell, W.B. Duggins, J. Fair, J.W. Frazier, 
    W.H. Hall, C.H. Hollingsworth, G.J. Jackson, G.W. Lourance, R.S. Martin, W.D. 
    Martin, J.W. Nicholson, R.L. Phillips, J.M. Robinson, P. Sisk, S.H. Sumblin, J.H. 
    Tilly, R.H. Taylor, T. Wilkins
    Company I
    Killed:  Sgt. J. Presnel
    Wounded:  Capt. G.F. Lamb, Lts. J.H. Palmer, J.S.  Robins and B.W. Burkhead, Sgts. 
    J.L. Brown, and A.H. Julian, Corp. H.H. Rollins, B.L. Causey, W. Davis, T.F. Jolley, E. 
    Lathram, N.F. Lewis, J. McDowell, W.J. Staley, A. Tucker, W. Frazier, C. Robbins, 
    John Jones, R. Lees, L. McDowell
    Company K
    Killed:  B. Miller, M. Smith, J.H. Horton
    Wounded:  Lt. C.E.J. Dobson, Sgts. J.W. Crawford and J.H. Pinkerton, J.H. Davis, 
    M. Davis, G. Suttles, J.H. Poteet, M.E. Wilkerson, G.W. Curtis, F.M. Stepp, O.J. 
    Stroup, P. Cardwell, W. Varner, N.H. Roads
    Missing:  Lt. J.B. Burgin, J.E. Tilley
    Company L
    Killed:  A. Gorley, C. Albright
    Wounded:  Capt. Lee Russell, Lt. E.C. Homey, Sgt. R.W. Robbins, Corp. F.M. 
    Birkhead, L.M. Birkhead, C.L. Vance, W.D. Curtis, A.D. Fogleman, A.P. Hutton, 
    W.J. Hicks, J. Kearns, S. Layton, A.M. Limbry, A.T. Marsh, W.J. May, H.C. 
    Steed, W. Staley, J.C. Thornbrough, J. Thrift, C.M. Vestal, Z. Ward, A.O. Williams, 
    S. York, W.L. Mills, David Dorset, A.M. Allred, D.A. Fox, T.H. Lassiter
    Missing:  J.E. Caviness, J. Kurnies.
    Company M
    Killed:  H.S. Carroll
    Wounded:  Lts. C.F. Siler, J.M.  Robbins, J.M. Lawrence, Corp. W.T. Robbins, D. 
    Wright, T. Kivett, J.A. Allred, J.A. Henson
    Casualties 20th N.C. Regiment
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. T.F. Toon or Tonn and Adjutant J.F. Ireland, missing, supposed to 
    be wounded and taken prisoner
    Company A
    Killed:  J.W. Gordy
    Wounded:  Lt. A.M. Wilhelm, Sgts. J.F. Patterson and J.F. Willford, J.M. Carter, 
    P.F. Faggart, D.G. Coleman
    Missing:  Corp. V.W. Kestler, W.H. Bost, J.L. Groner, D.G. Coleman
    Company B
    Killed:  D.L. Barnhardt
    Wounded:  Corp. Faggart, W.H.H. Bangle, J.C. Blackwelder, G.W. Cross, S.C. 
    Fulham, J.F. Kirksey, M.O. Spears
    Missing:  G.F. Barnhardt
    Company C
    Killed:  E. Bullard
    Wounded:  Sgt. S. Stricklin, arm; Corp. R. Fault, lost left arm; A. Reynolds, breast; 
    W.H. Daniel, hip, A. King, hand
    Company D
    Killed:  Corp. D. Norris
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.B. Skipper, J.H. Mills, D.W. Mills, C. Carteret, J. Howell, D. 
    Duncan, C. (or O.) Duncan, B. Hinson, F. Spivey
    Missing:  Corp. W.W. Womble
    Company E
    Wounded;  Lt. A.D. Hicks, Sgts. N.J. Williams and J. H. Baker, Corp. J.C. Killett, 
    H. Byrd, E.J. Cherry, E.F. Hicks, B.F. Millard, K. Millard, M.I. Padgett, H. Rogers
    Company F
    Killed:  Lt. J.J. Wilson, Corp. J.C. Carr, S. Hall
    Wounded:  Lt. A.F. Lauhon or Lanhon, Sgt. B.B. Lewis, Haywood, Fisher, Thomas, 
    L. Owen, H.W. Hall
    Missing:  Corp. T. Sissoms, J.H. Sikes, L. Faircloth
    Company G
    Killed:  Corp. R.F. Dail
    Wounded:  Corp. A. Howitt, J. Leonard, W.P. White, T. Russ
    Missing:  E. Hans, A.K. Hewett, D.M. Williams, J.W. Leonard
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. G.R. West, J.J. Williams, J.R. Boss
    Wounded:  J. Hudson, Jr., lost left leg; S. Phillips, E. Jackson(?)—transcriber’s note, 
    there are other names, but got cut off, cannot read
    Company I
    Killed:  W.A. Naxgle(?)
    Wounded:  Corp. T.J. Holland, W.I. Johnson, M. Royal, R.T. Caw, A. Sellers
    Missing:  Corp. C.T. Williamson, R. Hall, D.M. Powell
    Company K
    Killed:  Lt. E.W. Collins, A.B. Conner, Owen H. Brown
    Wounded:  Capt. Broadhurst, Sgt. J.P. Cook, J.J. Ward, Joshua Williamson, Jas. Dew, 
    Thomas Bullard, Jas. Merritt
    Missing:  Sgt. Colon Nobles
    List of Confederate Prisoners
    Washington City, May 6, 1863
    To the Editor of the Whig:
    You will confer a favor by publishing the following list of prisoners of the 4th N.C.T. taken 
    on Sunday, 3rd May and request the North Carolina papers to copy.
    Very Respectfully
    Cader Parker, 2nd Lt.
    Company A
    Corp. W. Allen, A. Byons(?), C. Middleton, J.W. Hobbs, Martin Snow, J.T. Urvin
    Company B
    Sgt. D.A. Donnohoe(?), Corp. R.A. Mills, slightly wounded in the right eye, T.S. Lyerly, 
    George T. Jordan, George W. Gibson, wounded in head slightly—conscripts
    Company C
    Sgts. R.P. Feimster(?) and J.A. Holmes, Corp. A.S. Summers, W.M. Chipley, A.S. 
    Mills, A.F. Lewis, D.A. Gandin, S. Henaron, M.A. Claywell, flesh wound in thigh
    Company D
    Lt. Carter Parker, W. Anderson, Giles Kernsgay, A. Wilson, the last two conscripts.  
    Wilson has taken the oath of allegiance to the U.S.
    Company E
    Corps. B. Whitley, Louis Bennett, Jno. W. Hawkins, David Brock, David W. Forbes, 
    Andrew Weaver, Wm. R. Moore, Jno. Lilis
    Company F
    Corps. J.T. Atkinson, slightly wounded in the back; J.H. Mashbourn, Elvin Flors(?), 
    Jas. B. Woodard, Jno. L. Burton(?), Langly Nixon, flesh wound in thigh; Jno. P. 
    Wells, Robert R. Vick, wounded in ankle; Jas. B. Woodard, slightly wounded in hip; 
    D.G. Jackson, wounded in ankle; R. Candon(?), wounded in arms
    Company G
    L.W. Back, J.B. Stroud
    Company H
    J.A. McHargue, Ely McHargue, R.W. Nesbot(?), Avon York, F.F. Wooten, wounded 
    in finger
    Company I
    Daniel Simmons, wounded in arm badly; Jno. W. Selby, J.W.Swindle, W.J. Wright, 
    F.B.(or E.) Guilford
    Company K
    N.A. Eller, wounded in arm
    After the death of Major Rowe, the 12th Regiment was put under the command of Lt. 
    Col. R.D. Johnston of the 23rd, who led it through the battles of Sunday and Monday.  
    Capt. Wm. H. Johnston, who commanded a company from Lincoln County in the 23rd 
    Regiment, led his men through the whole fight, although he had the use of but one 
    arm, the right arm having been paralyzed by a wound received in the Battle of Seven 
    Pines.  Private Wm. Savage of the 12th Regiment, captured alone one Yankee 
    colonel, a captain, two lieutenants and eleven enlisted men.  All honor to the noble 
    privates of our armies.  After all the field officers were disabled the 7th Regiment was 
    led through the fight by Capt. James Harris of Cabarrus County and the 33rd Regiment 
    by Capt. J.H. Saunders
    Charlotte Democrat
    Casualties 3rd N.C.T.
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. S.D. Thruston, seriously, foot; Maj. W.M. Parsley, hand and collar 
    bone; Sgt. Maj. Samuel A. Mills, seriously in hand
    Company A
    Killed;  T.W. Hill, S.J. Radford, J.A. Edwards, J.P. Aldridge, J.M. Wooten, Jno. Batts, 
    J.B. Dunn, J.T. Jones
    Wounded:  Lts. Jos Dardin and H. Bryant, Sgts. R.A.Edwards, H.C. Kilpatrick and 
    Hopkin Williams, Corps. G.B. Pate and Jno. W.Taylor, W.M. Bryant, B. Baker, Jno 
    Britt, J.R. Best, J.R. Hill, Wm. Hann, J.S. Knight, Asa Phillips, R.H. Suggs, S.B. 
    Timberlick, Winburn West, J.H. Aldridge, B.E. Mitchell, Stephen Oxby, Richard Ward, 
    J.W. Hortin, Wm. Lane, J.N.C. Taylor, Jno. Grant, Jno. Wainwright
    Missing:  P.D. Granger, J.L. Means
    Company B
    Killed:  Corp. H. Dobson, J.R. Can
    Wounded:  Sgt. S.S. Carroll, Corps. H.C. Sandlin and T.G. Jones, F.W. Brinson, J.C. 
    Bostick, C.R. Hunter, H.R. Mashburn, Asa Sumner, Jno. J. Thompson, D.J. Rodgers, 
    Jno. S. Holland, T.J. Whitfield
    Company C
    Killed:  D.T. Hollingsworth
    Wounded:  Sgt. Jacob Strickland, Color Bearer H.B. Butler, Corp. D.J. Montgomery, 
    A.L. Ledbetter, Wm. McLamb, S.R. Tolar, Jno. Bailey, Angus Smith, S.N. Sewell, 
    N.N. Arnett, Travis Bedsole, J.W. Rouse, E.J. Edwards, Wm. Smith, Daniel H. West, 
    Jno. McL. Wallace
    Company D
    Killed:  Robert James, Hogan Smith
    Wounded:  Capt. VAnBokkelen, Lt. W.H. Barr, Sgts. G.W. Boylan and Jesse Tindall, 
    Corp. Sol Grubb, G.B. Adams, R.S. Best, George E. Bridger, J.H. Harrell, Matthew 
    Hart, Jno. Hines, Luke Kornegay, Jas. Medham, J.T. Rochelle, Asa Rouse, Cannon 
    Slaughter, R.W. Best
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. J.R. Jenkins, E. Aman, J.A. Edens, N.S. Ennett, T.N. Vann
    Wounded:  Capt. Ennett, Lts. E. Porter and A.C. Sidbury, J.C. Bryan, B.F. Bryan, 
    J.B. Bullock, Bennett Dunn, Jno. Deal, T.J. Everett, J.T. Hanley, T.E. King, G.W. 
    Padrick, W.E. Parker, Robert Paschal, B.F. Williams, R.W. Yopp
    Missing:  W. Barber, J.D. Hannichler
    Company F
    Killed:  P.H. Chandler, Eli Privatt
    Wounded:  Sgts. Crapon and Sellars, J.C. Allen, H. Craig, N. Carter, C. Hardin, W.H. 
    Pickett, P. Roddy, J.W. Sampson, H. Smith, Jno. Saunders, J.A. White, G.W. Williams
    Missing:  Corps. Ormsby and Farrow
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. J.P. Smith, Albert Rich, N.C. Jones, D.B. Haskins
    Wounded:  Sgts. J.P. Ketchum and O.C. Hill, Corp. J.R. Young, W.N. Batchelor, Oliver 
    Brown, Lovet Brown, Winston Caps, L.J. Cottle, J.M. Eubanks, B.F. Higgans, J.B. 
    Jones, J.P. Langley, A. McCullen, L.B. Robinson, Levi Phillips, P. Shepard, J.S. 
    Shepard, B.R. Spight, J.E. Winberry, W.L. Wilkins
    Missing:  Corp. W. Buce or Boce, J.W. Dixon, E.B. Robertson, Jas. Shepard
    Company H
    Killed:  D. Baker, W.W. Brady, R. Burke, G.W. Cashwell, D.D. Parker
    Wounded:  Lt. Z.H. Loudermilk, Corp. A. Springs, R. Aldridge, W.H. Cutts, J.M. Creach, 
    J. Ellis, H.B. Everett, J.D. Erambert, J. Langley, D.M. Thompson, J. Baldwin, H. Baldwin, 
    D.R. Clarke, M.H. Sikes, S. Hall, C.S. Sellars, J.S. Cain(?), J.M. McLeod, S.S. Williams
    Missing:  Corp. Lanier, N. Parish, M.M. Leonore
    Company I
    Killed:  S.C. Chancey, J.J. Davis, W.A. Lassiter, W.C. Sawyer
    Wounded:  Lt. J.C. Stone, Sgts. T.P. Barrow and J.W. Day, Corps. Amos Ireland and 
    D.S. Brooks, J. and J.W. Day, Corps. Amos Ireland and D.S. Brooks, J.Z. Allen, T.H. 
    Belvin, W.R. Gleen or Green, Jos. B. Davis, J. Neill, P.P. Glenn, J. Lanier, W.R. 
    Medlin, W.H. Martin, T.L. Patrick, S.J. Wilkinson
    Company K
    Killed:  Capt. T.E. Armstrong, Sgt. W.A. Bloodworth, J.W. Garris, Jno. W. Harris, 
    McRae Padgett, Z. Robbins
    Wounded:  Lts. G.M. Ormsby and A.J. Casteen, Sgt. W.B. Player, Corps. M. 
    Wood and K. Brown, J.H. Brown, G. Reaves, C.W. Casteen, Robert Chadwick, T.J. 
    Cowan, Jas. Deal, P.L. Lee, Robert Rivenbark, B.J. Rochelle, A.N. Smiley, Daniel 
    Missing:  Corp. R.S. Player, M.D. Mott, J.D. Bunn, J.D. Walton, R. Giddings
    Casualties 12th N.C.T.
    Field and Staff
    Killed:  Maj. D.P. Rowe
    Wounded:  Sgt. Major Jno. T. Cook
    Company A
    Killed:  W.P. Barnes, D.B .Hoover, T.A.Turbyfield
    Wounded:  Lt. M.A. Young, Sgt. S.L. Young, J.H. Bost, S.A. Bolick, A.J. Corpening, 
    J.A. Epps, George Fox, M.L. Fry, W.F. Huffman, C.C. Howell, D.L. Moore, E.L. 
    Moore, W. Moore, N.J. Rowe, G.W. Robb, F. Murphy, C.T. Sigman, Mark Setzer, 
    N. Travis
    Wounded and Missing:  Sgt. S.T. Wilfong, H.J. Deal, E.D. Deal, P.W. Whitner
    Missing:  Frank Hedrick, J.P. Settlemyer
    Company B
    Killed:  J.F. Williams
    Wounded:  J.H. Knott
    Company C
    Killed:  W.H .Hicks
    Wounded:  Lt. K. Plummer, Sgt. E.R. Russell, J.E. Drake, E.J. Adcock, W.E. Curtis, 
    A.A. Harriss, H.D. King, L.F. Lambert, I.J. Moss, J.L. Smith, O. Stallings, J.T. Williams
    Missing:  Sgt. W.B. Fleming, Corp. S.A. Word
    Company D
    Wounded:  Lt. J.C. Hester, Corp. R.H .Mitchell, R.L. Allen, Jno. Blount, J. Carpenter,
    W.R. Godfrey, R.A. Hart, J.L. Hobgood, G.W. Royster, T.A. Stone, R.H. Hobgood
    Missing:  Sgt. M. Blalock, M. Flanigan
    Company E
    Killed:  Lt. L.M .Wells, Corp. S.A. Crowder, David Hamrick
    Wounded:  Corp. W.L. Chapman, D.D. Whisnant, J.J. Cornwall, A. Cline, P. 
    Dellinger, C. Durham, T.J. Glasscock, E. Hamrick, C.D.D. Jolly, S.W. Jolly, 
    E.V. Jones, E.J. Larky, A.J. Oats, W.N. Spangler, J.R. Wells, G.H. Wright
    Missing:  Sgt. M.P. Dellinger
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. W.E. Johnston, Sgt. W.A. Montgomery, Corp. H.J. Allen, J. Brittain,
    J. Draper, M.D. Duke, R.B. Thornton
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. T.W. Daniel, Corp. W.E. Fort
    Wounded:  Capt. S.H. Brickell, Sgts. F.B. Whitehead and J.A. Snow, A. Holt, J. 
    Kearney, T.W. Novell, W.D. Rook, Abner Shearin
    Missing:  W.H. Branch
    Company H
    Wounded:  Lt. J.C. Harper, C.S. Barbee, G.B.R. Barnes, G. Cyrus, J.B. Evans, W.J. 
    Griffin, J.A. Pittman, H.H. Pridgen
    Missing:  Noah Williams
    Company I
    Killed:  A. Collins
    Wounded:  Sgt. -------, Corp. P. B. Mabry, Benjamin Hamlet, Aug. Harlow, M.E. King, 
    W.E. Burt or Bart, B. Wooden, Jas. Rooker, J.S. Moorehouse
    Missing:  J. Walker
    Company K
    Killed:  Jno. Johnston
    Wounded:  L. Gay, J.J. Jones, Wm. Robertson
    This command went into this engagement with 32 officers, 60 non-commissioned 
    officers and 245 men.
    Headquarters 32nd Regiment N.C.T.
    Camp Near Fredericksburg, Va.
    Messrs. Editors:
    Our regiment, the 32nd, left Kinston on the 17th and got to Richmond on the 
    evening of the 18th.  Our boys were worn out; we had to ride on a flat all the way 
    and had to sit upon our knapsacks.  We were placed on the flat as thick as we 
    could sit; you may guess we were tired of our position.  After we arrived at 
    Richmond, we marched to Capitol Square, where we remained all night.  The 
    next morning at daylight we were called up and marched to the Fredericksburg 
    Depot, where we remained for two hours, and you may rest assured that the two 
    hours were spent with pleasure.  When we were halted the women threw hams 
    of meat out the window to us.  One man opened three barrels of cakes and told 
    us to help ourselves.  As soon as the word as given I never saw such a scramble 
    and pushing, every man trying to get his part.  But it was soon broken up; we 
    had to get aboard the train; when it started we gave three cheers for old 
    Richmond and her kind ladies.  We arrived at Fredericksburg about 11:00 and went 
    into camp about 3 and one half miles from town.  Many of the people thought that 
    our regiment was a brigade, as it looked so large; but they had a good reason for 
    thinking so, for most of the regiments here are not larger than a full company of 
    ours.  It is thought that we will have another battle here in a few days.  From the 
    present appearance of our troops around here, if the Yankees will try it again they 
    will get the worst whipping that ever a set of men got.  Our men are all in good 
    spirits and look as if nothing had happened here.  Our pickets and the Yankees 
    are very intimate, too much so I am afraid for our good; they talk and run on 
    together, trade tobacco for coffee.  I saw a note that a Yankee picket sent to our 
    pickets yesterday evening.  It read as follows:  “I will bring some coffee this evening 
    at 4 or 5:00.  I want you to have some tobacco to swap for it.  Please send me a 
    newspaper.  What sort of a hat have you got?  I would swap with you but if my 
    officers would catch me with any Confederate clothing on they would punish me 
    severely.”  Our boys and the Yankees go in swimming together every day, but they 
    take good care not to let the officers on either side catch them.  One of our pickets 
    hallooed at they yesterday evening and told them that he was going over to see them.  
    They told him to bring a paper with him.  He tied one around his head and swam over 
    to see them.  When he got to the Yankees they stuck their guns in the ground and 
    went and met him, shook hands as if they had been acquainted with each other for 
    years.  They gave him some coffee for his paper.  While they were talking and trading, 
    one of the Yankees came running down the hill and told him that an officer was coming 
    and he had better get away as quick as he could.  Our man took his coffee and soon 
    landed on this side of the river.  We had several men (all conscripts) to desert from our 
    regiment while coming on here.  We had eight from my company (F).
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, May 11, 1863
    Col. J.C.S. McDowell, 54th, we deeply regret to learn, is dead.  Lt. J.W. Miller, Company 
    D, 21st of Forsyth, was killed.  The Raleigh Guards carried 21 men into action and five 
    came out.  In Ramseur’s N.C. Brigade, the General reports 500 wounded-few killed.  
    In Lane’s Brigade, besides those elsewhere, Lt. Col. Hill, 7th, killed; and Col. W.H.A. 
    Speer, 28th, Lt. Col. D.V. Cowan, 33rd, Lt. Col. Ashcarft, 37th, Maj. Davidson, 7th, Maj. 
    Mayhew, 33rd, Major Morris, 37th, wounded.  Wounded in the Brigade, 170—killed not 
    known.  The brigade made four charges on a heavy breastwork and at last took it.  In 
    the 14th, Col. R.T. Bennett, contusion, but on duty.  Lt. Col.  W.A. Johnston, arm broken.  
    Col. W.M. Barber, 37th is also wounded.  We take these lines from the Raleigh Progress 
    of this morning.
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, May 18, 1863
    33rd Regiment, Company G—For casualties in this company, see Military Deaths, 
    under this same issue, the death of Lt. Callais.  This contains other deaths and 
    wounded in this company.

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer April 2007 & February-March 2008

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