Gettysburg Campaign

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    Transcriber’s Note:  Look no farther than the below 28th N.C.T. casualties and the 26th 
    N.C.T. Companies E & F casualties where two lists are cross referenced to realize 
    great discrepancies and inaccuracies are found in these lists; the editor who initially 
    type set the hand written lists could have made errors and this transcriber read and 
    transcribed small print often faded and blurry.  Take care and always verify by a 
    second source.
    This document contains the following:
    Correspondent on the Scene-First Reports
    20th N.C.T. casualties (officers only)
    28th N.C.T. casualties
    26th N.C.T. casualties Companies E & F (see further below for complete reg’t)
    5th N.C.T.
    13th N.C.T.
    Letters from soldiers re the killed and wounded 47th N.C.T.
    Lt. J.R. Emerson, Co.E, 26th N.C.T. dies as a prisoner
    2nd N.C.T. casualties
    4th N.C.T. casualties
    14th N.C.T casualties
    30th N.C.T. casualties
    53rd N.C.T. casualties, Company F
    Pickett’s Charge—The 28th at Gettysburg, by One Who Was There
    47th N.C.T. casualties
    7th N.C.T. casualties (at Gettysburg, at Hagerstown, bringing up the rear)
    37th N.C.T casualties
    33rd N.C.T. casualties (at Gettysburg, at Hagerstown, bringing up the rear)
    18th N.C.T. casualties (at Gettysburg, at Hagerstown, bringing up the rear)
    26th N.C.T. casualties (see above for separate of Co. E & F—interfiled with this list)
    Company H, 26th Regt. Separate listing not interfiled
    3rd N.C.T. Casualties
    Fate of Capt. Jo Davis and Lt. Pleasant P. Peace, Co. D & G, 47th N.C.T.
    The 28th N.C.T.—Performance Ratings for each soldier
    The Storming of Gettysburg Heights—6th Reg’t. N.C.T.
    55th N.C.T. casualties (brief)
    Casualties from Chapel Hill
    Casualties from the Battle of Falling Water Dam-28th Reg’t.
    11th Regiment casualties (brief)
    General Field Officers of N.C. Regiments Who Have Fallen In The War
    31st Regiment, Casualties from the assault at Sullivan’s Island
    List of men who died at Chimborazo Hospital
    Casualties Co. C., 47th N.C.T. Falling Waters, Maryland, July 14
    Promotions, Resignations
    Confederate prisoners sent to Johnson’s Island, Sandusky Bay
    Information Wanted on Austin Brown
    Information Wanted on William Cooper
    List of Prisoners from Chester
    North Carolina Standard
    July 29, 1863
    Correspondent on the Scene, first reports
    Heth’s, Rhodes’ and Pickett’s Divisions bore the brunt of the battle.  Pettigrew’s, 
    Daniel’s and Iverson’s brigades were badly cut up.  Pettigrew was wounded, his 
    adjutant Hughes badly wounded.  Capt. McCrary of Pettigrew’s was killed while 
    carrying the colors of the 26th Regiment.  Lt. Col. Andrews of the 2nd Battalion 
    was killed.  Only 80 of the battalion reported for duty afterwards.  Col Marshall, 
    Lt. Col. Parks, and Major Richardson of the 52nd Regiment supposed killed and 
    Capt. McCain killed. Col. Faribault of the 47th wounded and Lt. Col. Graves and 
    Major Crudup reported killed.  Col. Leventhorpe of the 11th dangerously wounded, 
    Major Bass killed.  Three lieutenants of the Chapel Hill Company, 11th Regiment, 
    killed.  Col. Burgwyn of the 26th killed carrying the colors, Lt. Col. Lane badly 
    wounded in the mouth and head and Major Jones, now commanding the brigade, 
    slightly wounded; also in the 26th Capt. Wilson and Lt. Richardson of Union 
    County killed.  From Wake County Capt. Adams and Lt. Jones wounded. Lts. 
    Broughton and Woodall killed and Capt. Brewer of Chatham and three lieutenants 
    wounded.  Lt. Murdock McLeod from Moore badly wounded in the shoulder; Lts. 
    Wilcox and McGilvray also wounded.  Capt. McLaughlin of Anson (a native of 
    Cumberland) wounded in the hand; Lt. Lilly in the hip; Lt. Henry in the thigh;
    J.A. Polk also wounded.  Stokes McRae of Richmond County, Sgt. Major of the 
    26th Regiment, mortally wounded, Adj’t. Jordan also wounded.  The 26th 
    Regiment went in 800 and after the first day  had 216 for duty.  The next day 
    73 drew rations; 14 men shot carrying the flag of the 26th.  Lt. Bond, an aid to 
    General Daniel, badly wounded.  Col. Kenan, 48th Regiment, flesh would in thigh, 
    Capt. Kenan ditto, Lt. Carr in heel.  Of the three Anson County companies, Lt. 
    W.W. Boggan killed, Lt. Moore slight wound in leg, Lt. Polk contusion in hip, 
    Lt. Flake in leg, Lt. Shepard flesh wound in leg, Lt. Col. Boyd, 45th, wounded.  
    Daniel’s Brigade thought to have lost 1,000 killed and wounded.  23rd Regiment 
    suffered heavily.  But few of the badly wounded will reach here.  Our men fought 
    Truly Yours
    Long Grabs
    Correspondent from the Fayetteville Observer
    North Carolina Standard
    July 4, 1863
    Promotions:  General Robert Ransom to be Major General and his brother Col. 
    M.W. Ransom to be Brigadier General.  Brigadier General Pender to be Major 
    General.  Col. A.M. Scales of the 18th promoted to Brigadiership; and Lt. Col. 
    J.B. Gordon of the 2nd Cavalry to be Colonel in place of Col. Williams, 
    North Carolina Standard
    July 22, 1863
    20th N.C. Regiment
    Major J.S. Brocks of this regiment has communicated to the Wilmington 
    Journal the following list of casualties in the field and staff officers in the 
    late Gettysburg battle.  He could not obtain a list of the men:
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. N. Slough in left arm, Maj. J.S. Brooks in left arm
    Company A—Wounded:  Capt. P.A. Smith in foot, Lt. J.D. Irwin in hand
    Company C—Wounded:  L.P. Williams in face
    Company D—Killed:  Lt. J.L. Gore
    Company F—Killed:  Lt. F.C. Wilson; Wounded:  J.W. Wright, in face
    Company G—Killed:  Capt. O.E. Mercer, Lt. T.C. Fulwood
    Company H—Wounded:  Capt. C.B. Monk, in breast
    Company I—Wounded:  Capt. D.J. Derane, in hand
    All the wounds are slight
    North Carolina Standard
    July 22 and July 29, 1863
    28th N.C.T. Casualties, Gettysburg, July 1,2,3
    (Transcriber’s Note:  Two casualty lists were posted for this unit, one 
    on July 2 and a second on July 29, they have been cross referenced 
    here, if there was a difference from the July 2 list, the difference is in 
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. S.D. Lowe, severe (Sam), Lt. Col. W.H. Speer, slight, 
    Maj. S.A. Stone, slight, Adj. R.S. Folger(?), slight, Sgt. Maj. R.W. 
    Rankin, slight (W.R.) {On the July 29 list only Lowe and Rankin are 
    Company A
    Killed:  A.J. Chandler
    Wounded:  Capt. E.F. Lovell (on July 29 list first initial looks more like 
    a ‘C’ or ‘O’), Lt. E. T. Thompson, severe,  Ptes. J.W. Benson, A.J. 
    Bobbet, J.H. Childers (Childress), S.G. Gates, severe, J. H. Hardy 
    (not on July 29 list), W.H. Marsh, D.P. Smith, mortal (not on July 29 list), 
    Ransom Wood, L.C. York, severe
    Missing:  Sgt. J. W. Cockerham (Corp. on July 29 list), Capt. W.S. 
    Blackwood (Corp. on July29 list), Ptes. J.T. Blackwood, Arthur Bray, 
    Wilson Canter (Cemter? On July 29 list), Thomas Sprinkle, J.W. 
    White (W.J.)
    Company B
    Killed:  Sgt. H. A. Torrence
    Wounded:  Capt. T.S. Smith, severely (T.T.), Corp. T.M. Foster, ( Private 
    J.M.), Pte. Peter Neal, A.A. Ryne (Rhyne), Jas. Huffsteller, W.H. 
    Carpenter, J.T. Carpenter, mortal (not on July 29 list), J.A. Floyd, 
    G. Hines (not on July 29 list), D.A. Linebarger, G.M. Lorgan (not on 
    July 29 list), Jno A. Morrow (not on 7-29 list), Jno. O. Murry (not on 
    July 29 list), J.J. McIntosh (not on July 29 list), E.L. Piggram, severe 
    (not on July 29 list), J.R. Service (Sewill), J.W. Shields, severe, Moses 
    Missing:  Sgt. J.A. White (J.E.), Corp. J.S. Cloneger (Cloninger), Ptes. 
    F.W. Leeper (Luper), W.A. Lawing, W.F. Service (Lewis), J.B. Crenshaw, 
    C. Neal, R.M. Jenkins, F.W. Thompson
    Company C
    Killed:  Lt. E.C. Austin, Sgt. D. Kincade (Kincaid), Ptes. Wm. Miller, 
    Frank Peevey(?), David Sipe
    Wounded:  Capt. T.J. Linebarger, severe, Corpls. M.A. Sigman (Pte on 
    July 29 list), P.J. Herman (Harmon), Ptes. G.A. Abernathy (not on July 29 list), 
    A. Bolch (not on July 29 list), L. Bolch, L. Cook, S. Connel (not on July 29 list), 
    D. Dunn (not on July 29 list), E. Fry (E.N.), J. Green (not on July 29 list), 
    D. Hefner (Hiffner), J. Houston (J.P. Hanston), W. Martin, W.A. Harewell 
    (not on July 29 list), Hiram Miller (missing on July 29 list), E. Link (not on 
    July 29 list), D. Peever (D. Peevey and missing on July 29 list), L. Peevey, 
    D. Pryor (S. Pryor), J. Fry (Missing on July 29 list), J. Linebarger (Missing on 
    July 29 list), J.J. Reynolds (missing on July 29 list), N. Hawn(?) or Haws(?) 
    (not on July 29 list), A.K. Campbell (missing on July 29 list)  On July 29 list 
    but not on earlier list:  Wounded:  J.A. Peevey, L. Holler, J. Killiam; 
    Missing:  D. Horn
    Company D
    Killed:  Sgt. J.M. Easley
    Wounded:  Lt. Ed Moore, severely, Pte. J. Whitaker (not on July 29 list), 
    B.R. Maulding (not on July 29 list), C. Carpenter, A.  Carpenter (note, only 
    one Carpenter on July 29 list, an A.C. Carpenter), J.P. Manett, B. Perry, 
    A. Sides (C.M. Sides), J. Sides, D.E. Smith, severe (Wounded on July 
    29 list but not on earlier one:  Ptes. N. Pennington and W. G. (or C.) 
    Missing:  Capt. J.W. Randall, Ptes. C.W. Ledes(?), E. Allman, J.  W. 
    Davis, H. Huneycutt, J.W. Howel, D. Herrin (D. Hernin), J. M. Hatley, 
    A.K. Miller, N.C. Pennington, J.E. Sell (on July 29 list of missing, only 
    Allman, Davis, Hernin, Miller and Sell appear and an additional 
    name not on the earlier list appears:  A.D. Miller)
    Company E
    Wounded:  Lt. E. Hurley, severe, Ptes. D.B. Allen, C.C.(or O.C.)  Bruer, W.T. 
    Green, O.(?) C. Brown (not on July 29 list) , S. Morris, severe, A. Smith, G. 
    Hunsucker (not on July 29 list), William Gadd, mortal (not on July 29 list)  
    (Note:  the above C.C. or O.C. Burer and the O.C. Brown might have been 
    the same individual)
    Missing:  J.H. Ballard (Ballad), S.E. Waistner (not on July 29 list), J.W. 
    Wade, J. Redden (J.A. Ridan), J.A. Sadberry, Jos. Callais, E.J. McInnis, 
    J.C. Parker, Wm. Phillips, N.L. Cook (W.L.), J.C. Hasten, D.W. Waistner.  
    On July 29 list, J.M. Stafford shows as missing
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. Samuel Fortner
    Wounded:  Lt. J.G. Truelove, Sgts. P.A. Apperson, A.F. Randleman (A.T.), 
    J.C. Brown (not on July 29 list), Ptes. John Heeks (Hinks), W.S. Dickson 
    (Dukson), F. Gaugh (not on July 29 list), J.D. Conrad, R.A. Pack (Park), 
    Jas. Taskit (Tacket), S.D. Cuson (Creson) (On July 29 list but not on earlier 
    one:  Pte. J.F. Adams)
    Missing:  Lt. W.A. Marler, Ptes. S. Choplin (Chaplin), S.B. Stackland 
    (Strickland), W.D. Kelly (not on July 29 list), T.H. w - - ten (T.A. Wonton 
    or Wosten?), A. Brown (A.Z. Brown), J.W. Tacket (John), C.A. Taite (Talley) 
    Company G
    Wounded:  Corp. S.G. Ryan, Ptes. S. Canford (Crawford), L. Lloyd (Floy), 
    M. Smith (not on July 29 list), P.H. Poindexter, N. Straughn (not on July 
    29 list)
    Missing:  Capt. E. Marrow (E.G.), Sgt. W.D.F. Edwards (W.S.), Ptes. 
    R.I.(?) Cates (not on July 29 list), J. Check or Cheek, W. Crabtree (W.E.),
    J.H. Durham, T.W. Howard, J.A. Morris (Myaris), W.G.W. Poindexter, J.L. 
    Smith (not on July 29 list)
    Company H
    Killed:  Lt. S.A. Simmons
    Wounded:  Ptes. J.L. Green (not on July 29 list), M.M. Jelly (not on July 
    29 list), J.C. Holland(J.L.), W.C. Barnet (W.F.), P.A. Holland (not on July 
    29 list), S.G.H. Bridges (D.H.) (On July 29 list, wounded—W.F. Privort)
    Missing:  W.E. Lee (not on July 29 list), J.W. Lee (Corp.), J.T. Wilson 
    (W.T.), J.J. Rollans (Sgt.), J.S.B McGinnis (J.L.B. McGwin on July 29 
    list, might be a different individual), J.W. Green (G.M. Gran) 
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. Jones Holcomb, Jones McKey (Malkey)
    Wounded:  Lt. S.S. Buchanan (not on July 29 list), J.H. Snow, severely 
    (Lt.), Ptes. P. Baity (not on July 29 list), N.C. Dozier (not on July 29 list), 
    slight, J.G. Dannen, mortally (Danner), W.H. Children (Childress), M. Carter 
    (not on July 29 list), D.C. Hall, C.V. Hutchens (not on July 29 list), L.W. 
    Johnson (not on July 29 list), B.T. McKaughn (not on July 29 list), E. H. 
    Reeves, severe (not on July 29 list), G.B. Harding (not on July 29 list)
    Missing:  Sgt. C.D. Hendricks (Hindeks), D.C. Casey (Sgt.), Ptes. W. 
    Buckhanan (Buchanen), J.T. Reynolds (G.T.), B.W. Westerman (not on 
    July 29 list) , J.T. Holcomb (note this individual is shown as wounded on 
    the July 29 list)
    Company K
    Wounded:  Lts. J.T. Biles, A.W. Stone, Sgts. W.J. Best (Ross), D.M. 
    Ross, Corp. S.P. Forrest (not on July 29 list), W.A.C. Biles (not on July 
    29 list), A.C. Berrie (not on July 29 list), L.D. Burris (not on July 29 list), 
    W.D. Kirk (not on July 29 list), S.J. Nash, W.F. Crowell(?) (not on 
    July 29 list), J.A. Randal (Randall), G.D. Rose (not on July 29 list), J.M. 
    Henson (J.M. Harmon) (On July 29 list there are additionally Pte. W.F. 
    Randall and Pte. J.P. Ross)
    Missing:  Wm. Kirker (Cariker), D.D. Davis (not on July 29 list), D.W. 
    Euny (D.W. Ewry), J. Howell (J.T.), D.A. Hartley (Hailey), D.J. Hall (not 
    on July 29 list), Solomon Harkey, B.E. Kirk (G.E.), D.W. Moody, J. 
    Wilson (J. Nelsen), B.F. Smith (D.F.), W.S. Swaninger (W.F. Swaringer), 
    H.C. Swaninger (Swaringer), G. Russell (Missing on July 29 list but not on 
    earlier list:  D.H. Holt, W.A.E. Riles, A.C. Burris, S.P. Ferrist)
    The missing are mostly killed and wounded and left in the Yankee lines 
    as there was no straggling from the regiment.  Every man that went into 
    the fight that did not get out is either killed or wounded and I feel a large 
    portion of the missing are killed.  Who are not killed or wounded are in 
    Yankee hands.  The man fought gallantly—as men never fought before.
    W.H.A. Speer, Lt. Col., Commanding, 28th Reg’t.
    (Note:  on July 29 list additional details were given from later smaller fighting)
    Casualties in the 28th bringing up the rear while crossing the Potomoc:
    Company B—Missing:  R.B. Stous, L. Wilson
    Company C—Missing:  Able Harman
    Company E—Missing:  J.H. Hunsucker
    Company G—Missing:  R.L. Cates, H.C. Sykes
    Company I—Missing:  Henry Bundy
    Company K—Missing:  E.H. Milton
    North Carolina Standard
    July 22, 1863 and July 29, 1863
    26th Regiment—Two lists were published for Companies E and F, which 
    have been cross referenced, the differences being shown in parentheses 
    are from the July 29 list—see below for the rest of the 26th Regiment
    It will be seen that 34 were killed and 125 wounded in the two below 
    companies.  If all the companies in the regiment suffered as these 
    have the loss in the regiment must be 200 killed and 650 wounded.  
    These brave men were literally rushed to their death on the foe.  
    The casualties in companies from other states foot up three or four 
    killed and ten to twenty wounded.
    W.L. Lambert, Lt., Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. J.M. Brooks (not on July 29 list), Corpls. Phillips (G.H.) 
    and Rogers (H.M.), Ptes. B.M. Beal, D. Foster (shown as missing on 
    July 29 list), John Hart (Heart), A.H. Howard (A.B.), J.S. Harper (J.H. 
    Hasper), John Mobly, H.M. Perry (H.H.), J.W. Russell, G.B. Smith, D.B. 
    Thomas (shown as missing on July 29 list), James Ward, T.H. Phillips
    Wounded:  Capt. Brewer, wounded in foot and prisoner (Capt. S.W. 
    Brewer on July 29 list, nothing re being a prisoner), Lt. Emerson in 
    thigh and arm (J.R.), Lt. Lambert in arm (J.W.), Lt. Hanner in thigh 
    (O.A. Hanna), Sgt. Merritt in thigh (W.H.), Color Sgt. Mansfield (J.B.), 
    Corp. Dorsett in leg (J.D.), Ptes. Adcock (W. Alcock), Andre or Audrey 
    (J.J. Andrew), H. Burroughs, Burk (B.), Brooks (J.A.), N. Brewer, A. 
    Calder (J.W.), A. Cavness (W. Caviness), D. Carter, serious (D.M., 
    mortal), J. Carter (J.A. Caster), W.D. Carter (H.D.), R. Cheek, Randall 
    Cheek, M. Cheek, S. Dorsett, W. Edwards (W.W.), J. Edwards (J.N.), 
    Doug(?) Ellington (not on July 29 list as wounded but on July 29 list 
    there is a W.H.Ellington missing), N. Foster, M. Foster, leg amputated, 
    G.W. Harper (W.M.), W. Jones, J. Johnson, J.J. Lambert (J.G.), E.H. 
    McManus, J.H. McMath, J. Martindale (Jasper), C.C. Moody, M. Nad(?) 
    (not on July 29 list), W. Needham, J.S. Norwood (S. Norwood), E.C. 
    Page, J.W. Petty, J.W. Powers, J. Phillips, N. Phillips (R.), J.R. Tally 
    (M.R.), L.T. Teague (T. Teague), A.B. Vestal, S. Ward, H. Welch, L. 
    Welch (J.W.), Rob’t Welch, W. Welch (M.), J. Wakey (J.H. Wilkey), 
    J.N. Fields (G. Fields), J.A. Stanley (A.J.), A.W. Shields, leg amputated 
    (D.B.), W.R. Smith (on July 29 list, shows leg amputated)  On July 29 
    list additionally there is an N.R. Fields, L. Ellis, J.W. McDaniel, 
    J. Claraday, J.W. Dowd, R.M. Smith and N.R. Smith and D.B. Thomas.  
    On July 29 list O.S.—Orderly Sgt.—J.M. Brooks, D.Foster and as 
    mentioned above,  Pte. W.H. Ellington are shown as missing.
    List of casualties Company F, 26th Regiment
    Killed:  Capt. J.B. Holloway (on July 29 list, it shows wounded in bowels, 
    since dead), Ptes. Robert Braswell, J.H. Coffey (A.H.), R.H. Caswell 
    (Robert), M.L. Townsell (Tournage), Jackson Gregg (J.), J. Phillips, 
    W.E. Phillips, W.L. Thompson (W.M.), John C. Lewis, (first letter illegible) 
    B. Littlejohn (on July 29 list shows as Jno. Littlejohn, wounded mortally,
    C. Coffey (on July 29 list shows wounded in bowels, since dead), Thomas 
    Crump (not on July 29 list), John Taylor and five other supposed to be killed, 
    named J.P. Shook, William Fleming (not on July 29 list), Wm. Deal (missing), 
    J. Cozart (Coznot) (missing), Abram Hutson (Hudson) (missing), J. 
    Zimmerman on 7-29 list as dead
    Wounded:  Lt. C.M. Sudderth, badly in hand, Sgt. J.T.C. Hood, badly in 
    thigh and foot, Sgt. R.N. Hodspethy, shocked by shell (not on July 29 list), 
    Sgt. H.C. Coffee, badly in wrist, Corpls. S.P. Philyans, badly in thigh, Corp. 
    H. Courtney, leg broken (A.H.), Pte. George Arney (Army), leg broken, M. 
    Bradshaw, slight in knee (N.), Zero Beach, badly in hip (not on July 29 list), 
    R.W. Braswell, slight in breast (not on July 29 list), S.P. Badge, badly in 
    foot (not on July 29 list), W.W. Bean, badly in foot (Wm.), Jno. Bowman, 
    badly in thigh, Jas. Baldwin, badly in thigh, W.W. Bradford, slight (not on 
    July 29 list), J.G. Coffeey, arm 
    amputated, , J.P. Coffee, shocked by shell (not on July 29 list), J.A. Coffee, 
    finger shot off (not on July 29 list), T.M. Coffee, severe in breast (F.M.), W.S. 
    Coffey, badly in thigh, Thomas Curtis, badly in thigh F., William Curtis, arm 
    amputated, H.C. Courtney, badly in thigh, Jas. Clark, badly in arm (Jos), 
    William Clarke, badly in foot, leg and shoulder, H.C. Crump, slight in arm 
    (not on July 29 list but might be the same individual as H.C. Courtney 
    on that list), S.W. Crisp, badly in thigh, Rufus Erwin, badly in shoulder (Irwing) 
    (dangerous), H. Ennis, badly in thigh, G.W. Halloway, badly in leg, G.W. Hood, 
    slight in hip, G.M. Hudspeth, badly in face (A.M. Hudsprite), G.W. Hudspeth, 
    badly in leg (Hudsprite), H.H. Hays, badly in shoulder (Hayes), Paul Howell, 
    badly in thigh, Ambrose Hutson, shocked by shell (not on July 29 list as 
    wounded but see above A. Hudson shown as missing on July 29 list), W.N. 
    Kirby, slight in shoulder, John Kincade, badly in shoulder (Kincaid), 
    George Morgan, badly in arm, J.D. Moore, badly in thigh, (Jas.-leg), E. Mathins, 
    slight in arm (Mathis), George Porch, slight in thigh (Pourch), John Porch, 
    badly in back (Pourch), Pinkney Powell, slight in head, Gideon Philzany, slight 
    in hip (G.Philyan), Noah Page, badly in thigh, M.M. Rader, badly in shoulder, 
    W.H. Rich, slight in arm, Hosea Stallings, badly in shoulder, William Stallings 
    (shown twice on 7-29 list, once as wounded, once as missing), leg broken, 
    T.W. Setser, badly in thigh, W.E. Setser, serious in thigh, (not on 
    July 29 list but was E. Setser, dangerous) Joseph Setser, leg amputated 
    above the knee, J.M. Sudderth, badly in thigh (leg), T.E. Sudderth, slight in 
    fingers (T.F.), Benjamin Taylor, slight in heel, L.A. Thomas, badly in arm 
    (S.A.), J.C. Thompson, badly in shoulder, C.A. Tuttle, slight in arm, J.W. 
    Underdown, badly in thigh, William Underdown, serious in breast, (mortally), 
    R. Upchurch, badly in foot, Jos. Winkler, badly in back (J. Walker, dangerous 
    on July 29 list), J. Zimmerman, badly in leg, A.W. Perkins, slight.  Additional 
    names on July 29list: N. Culbreth, Thomas Courneau (Courmen?), A. Coffee, 
    William Curtis,  M. Clark, Capt. R.M. Tuttle, leg, W. Clark, A. Perkins
    Every man that went into the several battles was either killed or wounded.  
    I was also wounded badly in the leg just below the knee.
    E.M. Tuttle, Capt., Company F, 26th N.C.T.
    North Carolina Standard
    July 22, 1863
    5th N.C.T. Casualties
    Killed:  1st Lt. Matthew J. Malone, Company D; 2nd Lt. C.C. Rawls, Company 
    G; 2nd Lt. W.A. Carr, Company E; Pte. J.W. Womble, Company A; Corp. 
    J.S. Morgan, Company B; Ptes. R.H. Blount, W.H. Jackson, G.R. Williams,
     L. Worrel, J. King, Company B; (first initial illegible) D. Bridges, L.H. Jones, 
    Company C; Sgts. J.M. Miller, William Steele, Pte. George Waller, Company 
    E; N. Ethridge, D.L. Williams, J.G. Clifford, M.P. Morgan, Company G; S. 
    Riley, Company I; J. Allen, J.M. Heileg, Tobias Cruse, George Keith, Aaron 
    Bostian(?), Isaac Earnhart, Company K
    Wounded:  Capt. S.B. West, commanding regiment, shoulder; Lt. F.J. 
    Haywood, adj., buttocks and thigh
    Company A
    Lt. H. H.(?) Smith, finger; Sgts. S.A. Ross, arm, S. Boon, hand, Corpls. J.W. 
    Monk, side, J.M. Fox, leg, Ptes. N.K. Goodwin, shoulder, Robert Adkinson, 
    head, N.M. Brady, hip, T.T. Burke, arm and head, Jas. Smith, hip, M. Sisemore, 
    arm and hand, W.B. Antony, thigh, N. Gee, arm, H.L. Webster, thigh, Levi Cook, 
    hand, C.F. Harper, thigh, E. Kinsaul, J.F. Beal, head
    Company B
    1st Lt. J.F. Cross, shoulder, Corpls. J. Hays, face and leg, R.W. Hays, head, 
    B.F. Wiley, arm and thigh, Ptes. J.A. Howell, arm, Calvin Hays, shoulder, 
    P.E. Matthews, head, B.F. Thompson, shoulder, B.F. Powell, shoulder, D. 
    Knight, shoulder, John Parker, stomach, L. Draper, neck, R.A. Saunders, thigh 
    and shoulder, R.H. Knight, neck
    Company C
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. H.L. Watson, head, Sgt. J.K. Whilley, hip, Corp. A. Croach, 
    hand, Ptes. W. Garner, shoulder, K. Brown, neck and hand, D.W. Lee, shoulder, 
    W.N. Harper, Jones Faulk, arm, N. Faulk, shoulder, B.N. Dean, neck, Jas. 
    Dean, hip, ----- Durham, hand and arm, N. Corbet, wrist, U. Johnson, arm, J. 
    Hudson, arm and side, L. Sasser, wrist and face, B. Massingill, eye, W.B. 
    Jowyringan(?), shoulder, Wm. Rains, hip, J.H. Williams, face, G.R. Pool, head, 
    J. Foard, hand
    Company D
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.W. Burrow, thigh, Pte. G.E. Yart, neck
    Company E
    Wounded:  Lt. M.F. Hunt, head, lt. R.C. West, shoulder, Sgt. D.C. Basinger, abdomen, Capt. 
    John Scott, thigh, Ptes. W.J. Bond, head, P. Cunningham, leg, G.S Council, thigh, J.N. 
    Morgan, hand, G.W. Long, foot, D.H. Hewett, side, William Riggsby, hand
    Company F
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. W.A. Riddick, hand, corp. C. Hobbs, testicles, Ptes. J.F. Endey, shoulder, 
    M.M. Endry, arm, head and knee, J. Peck, head, J.B. Carter, leg, J.D. Whitley, back, G.W. 
    Gafely, breast, A.S. Barringer, breast, W. Almond, hand, G. Kizer, breast. 
    Company G
    Capt. J.M. Taylor, abdomen, 1st Lt. T.D. Deems, buttocks, Corp. Jas. Pennington, leg, Ptes.
    J.A. Barringer, arm, J. Robbins, head and arm, J. Lock, both feet, J.J. Boon, jaw, W.L. Light, 
    R. Watson, chest and side, J. Anderson, leg, W. Dickson, leg, M. Mason, leg, B.L. Callett, 
    D. Baker, arm, W.A. Williams, leg and mouth, J.T. Weaver, hand
    Company H
    Wounded;  2nd Lt. R. Cooper, Sgt. R. Powell, head and breast, Corp. D. Parker, leg, Ptes. T. 
    Hurdle, breast, M.P. Morgan, head and shoulder, M. M. Pool, thigh, J. Riddick, side, R. 
    Sanders, side, W.C. Sairit, thigh, J. Copeland, arm, J.J. Shaver, head, C.W. Stirewalt(?), hip
    Company I
    Wounded:  1st Lt. W.M. Lea(?) Lee(?), neck, Sgts. J.E. Robinson, arm and head, W.F. 
    Smith, arm, Corpls. B.F. Thompson, leg, John Taylor, shoulder, Ptes. R. Harlow, thigh, 
    T.J. Hoke, neck, B.F. Bean, breast, L. Goodson, side, W.W. Cobb, head, T.H. Wood, 
    neck and thigh, T.J. Hancock, thigh, J.F. Hopkins, shoulder, N.B. Berry, head, E. Lewis, 
    head and hip
    Company K
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. J.C. Irvis, head, Sgt. W.T. Powa(?), neck, Ptes. W. Lefler, shoulder, 
    L.D. Brinkle, shoulder, E.E. Leach, arm and leg, E. Safrit, arm, E. Seaford, shoulder, L. 
    Deal, side and arm, A. Lappard, hand, S.A. Bean, neck, W.C. Sugart, thigh, A.A. 
    Bostian(?), elbow, E. Brewer, shoulder, M. Sefrit, shoulder
    The above is a partial list of the casualties, a large portion of the wounded having fallen 
    into the hands of the enemy
    S.W. West, Capt., 5th N.C.T.
    13th Reg’t. N.C.T.
    The following is a list of casualties in the 13th Regiment N.C.T., Scales Brigade
    Lt. Col. J.H. Human commanding
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. J.H. Human, ankle
    Company A
    Killed:  Corp. Henry Waters, Pte. John Robinson
    Wounded:  Corp. E.B. Withers, 1st Lt. L.B. Henderson, 2nd Lt. J.N. Williamson, Sgt. J.M. 
    Jones, Ptes. H.O. Howard, J. Tottep, Mack (Mach?) Warren, Joseph Moore, P. Scott
    Missing:  John C. Raegan
    Company B
    Killed:  Sgst. J.N. Knox, Corp. R.W. Choat, Ptes. H.S. Moser, H.C. Alexander, A. Bremer, 
    J.L. Kimbrell
    Wounded:  Capt. R.W. Cheat, Ptes. J.F. Kirk, J.H. Negle(?), W.J. Taylor, I.J. Walker 
    (leg amputated), H.F. Wolfe, S.H. Marks, W.A. McGinn (looks more like McGunn), N.C. 
    Missing:  2nd Lt. Edw. Smith, Pte. W.F. Bartlette, J. Nicholson
    Company C
    Killed:  Henry Hamlett, E. Loefler
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. W.W. Rainy, mortally, 2nd Lt. W.Y. Braddon, Sgt. J.B. Yarbrough, 
    Corp. G.W. Brandon, Ptes. Adolphus Atkinson, John Allen, leg amputated, Samuel 
    Covington, W.M. Powell
    Missing:  Pte. W.W. Stanfield
    Company D
    Killed:  2nd Lt. Thomas Chambers, Corp. H.A. Gordon, Pte. Jno. Evans, Anthony Norman, 
    W.R. Oakley, Andy Stephens, B.Y. Warren, 2nd Lt. W.G. Woods (supposed mortally), 
    Corp. B.M. Stephens(?), Pte. Wm. Faucette (leg amputated), J.R. O’Brien, William Scott 
    (leg amputated), W. McFarland (leg amputated), G.B. Lee, William Johnson (supposed 
    Company E
    Killed:  Thomas Fonville, W.W. Murray, J.M. Heicks, Fetley Gerriner
    Wounded:  Capt. Thomas A. Martin, 1st Lt. Jas. Rason, 2nd Lt. J.R. Ireland, Sgts. J.P. 
    Bradshaw, J.A. Dickey, W.F. Faucette, Ptes. John Adams, C.J. Andrews, W. Boggs, 
    G.W. Halt, G.A. Keck,  J.M. Lackey, Caleb May, Jas. M. Matthews, A.J. Rike, Matthew 
    Palton, R.B. Forshue(?)
    Missing:  J.A. Rippey, W.N. Thompson
    Company F
    Killed:  Ptes. M. Leonard, James McDaniel, Wm. H. Penry
    Wounded:  1st Lt. Frank Williams, 2nd Lt. N.B. Lain, Sgt. J.A. Neil (Nail?), Ptes. A.O. 
    Paywalt(?), John Harris, R.A. Holt, G.W. Kinkle, U.C. May, Jno. Ridenhour, Anderson 
    Ridenhour, Jno. Sheats, John Tutorow, J.T. Vinegum, D.C. Wallace
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. J.R. Stallings, Pte. E.R. Jones
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. Rufus Atkinson, Sgt. J.H. Keel, Corp. J.R. Mayo, Ptes. L. Atkins, 
    L.W. Blount, M.V. Barnhill, J.B. Elexson, H.D. Lilley, J.B. Medford, H. Parker, W. 
    Proctor, J.H. Whitehurst, M.J. Savage
    Company H
    Killed:  Pte. James F. Vaughan
    Wounded:  1st Lt. J. Macline Smith, Sgt. James C. Ratcliffe, Corp. J.M. Robertson, leg 
    amputated, Ptes. Robert Covington, Owen Joyce, Henry Melton, Peter Robinson
    Company I
    Killed:  Sgt. Joel Hudson
    Wounded:  1st Lt. William H. Winchester, leg amputated, Sgt. Josephus Pratt, Ptes. 
    Henry Carter, Giles Jones, J.T. Rogers
    Missing:  Ptes. Thomas Smothers, Jas. Wray, Leonard Fry
    Company K
    Killed:  1st Lt. William N. Nunnally, Ptes. J.H. Upton, Jas. Walker, J.F. Slade, Richard 
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. William M. Tolten, leg amputated, Corp. J.H. Trelingor, Ptes. R.C. 
    Nun, B.F. Carter, W.N. Summers, P. Summers, Julius Love, Thomas Loftus, W.D. 
    Wright, John Chambers
    Missing:  Corp. B.W. Stanfield, Ptes. J.W. Bagby, John Bateman
    North Carolina Standard
    July 22, 1863
    A letter from an officer of the 47th who was wounded, dated July 9, to his father in this 
    city says:  
    “We have lost more than two thirds of our regiment killed and wounded.  Our regiment is 
    ruined forever nearly all killed and wounded.  You never saw anything like it thousands of 
    killed and wounded over the ground.  I cannot give you a list of the killed and wounded for 
    I do not know.  Calvin Rabon, Buck Wilson, both of Turner Medlin’s sons and James 
    Sneed all killed and a great many others.  Dawd Honeycutt badly wounded, James Dew, 
    We have kindly been furnished with the following letter written by an officer of the 47th 
    to his parents in this city:
    Dear Father and Mother:
    Thank God I am once more permitted to write to you and let you know that I have been 
    spared through the hard fought battles of the first, second and third of July at Gettysburg.  
    I came out unhurt with the exception of a slight graze on the middle finger of my right hand.  
    I was shocked by a shell also.  We have to mourn the loss of many thousands of our poor 
    soldiers who have fought their last fight.  In our Company C, Sgt. E.C.N. Green and Pte. 
    Hansel Poole were killed instantly on the first of July.  Capt. Iredell’s arm was shot off 
    and he has since died.  Several of the men were wounded but not seriously.
    On July 3, Lt. Norfleet was wounded severely if not mortally and Capt. Gaston Utley was 
    killed.  Lt. Whiting, Sgt. L.M. Green, and Corp. R.B. Bedingfield were wounded and left 
    on the field.  Lt. Whiting was shot in the head, Sgt. Green in the face and Corporal 
    Bedingfield struck by a shell and whether killed is not known.  Ptes. John Done, 
    Nicholas Gill, John Johnson, George W. Partin, J.W. Pilkerson, and Joe Woodard 
    are missing.  Lt. Col. Graves, Major Crudup and Adj. Powell were seen to fall and have 
    not been heard from since.  Jim Andrews was wounded and left on the field.
    The officers missing from the regiment are Lts. Evans, whiting, Drake, Joyner, Newsom, 
    Watson, Capt. Davis, Lt. Col. Graves, Major Crudup and Adj. Powell.
    The following are the officers wounded and taken off the field:  Col. G.H. Faribault, 
    slight in right arm, Lts. Westray, Bunn, Perry, Norfleet, Ray, Robinson, Gill, Tunstall, 
    Williamson, Womble, Jones, Rogers, and Capt. Faucette.  Lt. Rogers is slightly 
    wounded in the leg and is with his company.
    Sgts. Syne and Hall and George Moore and Ed Williams are safe as are Deems Smith 
    and Bragg.  Rufus Ruth of the 14th Regiment had his arm amputated at the shoulder.  
    Billy Hayes is safe.
    General Pettigrew was wounded in the left arm and had his horse shot out from under him.
    North Carolina Standard
    September 2, 1863
    Among the deaths reported at Davis Island, New York, we find that of Lt. J.R. Emerson, 
    Company E, 26th N.C. Regiment
    North Carolina Standard
    July 22, 1863
    Headquarters Ramseur’s Brigade, Hagerstown, Maryland, July 8
    I send to you, with difficult chances of its reaching you, a list of the casualties in this 
    brigade during the recent engagements around Gettysburg.  This brigade was principally 
    engaged on the first day of the battle and contributed greatly by its dashing gallantry to 
    the rout of the Yankees on that day and was among the first to enter the captured town
    Seaton Gales, Acting Adj. General
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Major D.W. Hurt, in side
    Company B
    Wounded:  Pte. W.H. Flowers, in leg, D. Deans, shoulder
    Company C
    Wounded:  J.J. Bennett, thigh, G.H. Summerlin, shoulder, O.(?) or C.(?) B. Taylor, leg, 
    W.A. Cherry, hand, A.F. Pierre, hand, W.H. Reaves, leg, W. Deaver, arm
    Company D
    Wounded:  Corp. Jesse Barnes, arm
    Company E
    Wounded:  Corp. Dudley, hip
    Company F
    Killed:  Lt. F.G. Herritage
    Wounded:  Thomas Rouse, leg
    Company G
    Killed:  A.C. Dillebench (Dillebeach?)
    Wounded:  Elijah (last name illegible Ko—es), shoulder, F. Williford, breast
    Company H
    Wounded:  Sgt. B.W. Cobb, thigh, H. C.(or G.?) Gardiner, thigh, F. McFulton, leg, J. 
    Williams, hand
    Company I
    Killed;  Corp. E.T. McLacklan, Pte. Harvey C.(or G.?) Gardiner
    Wounded:  S.A. Musingo, side, A.P. Dowty, leg, J.R. Crouch, head
    Missing:  John H. Smith
    Company K
    Wounded:  L. Leading(?), leg, J. Shine, leg, J. Shipply
    4th N.C.T. Casualties
    Company A
    Killed: R.M. Brawley, M.B. Mayhew
    Wounded:  Jacob Massey, M.T. Clark, Eli Day
    Missing:  R.T. Mayhew, Hugh Hall, J.M. Dunshoe
    Company B
    Wounded:  Capt. F.J. Stanell, J.H. Sides, William Rainey, S.S. Lyerly
    Missing:  Wm. Pardieu, A.A. Beaver
    Company C
    Killed:  W.M. Chipley
    Wounded:  W.M. White, J.N. Brotherton, C.L. Johnston, H.L. Lollar, C.S. Sharpe, J.M. 
    Rickhart, W.D. Dobson, M.L. Arthurs
    Missing:  A.T. Goodwin, A.C. Norton, T.M. Lewis, A. Lewis
    Company D
    Wounded:  Wm. Gurley, Jos. Scott, Andrew Sauls, Wm. Harnum(?)
    Missing:  M.D. Pearsall
    Company E
    Killed:  Jas. Litchfield
    Wounded:  W.F. Beal
    Missing:  M. Willard, Wm. Suggs, Daul Briley (not Paul)
    Company F
    Killed:  W.B. Nully(?) Nulty(?)
    Wounded:  Capt. S.E. Thompson
    Missing:  J.B. Woodard
    Company G
    Killed:  G.H. Cunningham
    Wounded:  W. Clery
    Company H
    Killed:  Lt. John B. Stockton, B.A. Campbell
    Missing:  Henry Rieves
    Company I
    Missing:  F.(?) Jarvis, R.S. Pickering
    Company K
    Missing:  M. Hennessey, W. Josey, W. (last name illegible Bu- - e), H. Levers, W. Peeler
    14th N.C.T. Casualties
    Company A
    Killed:  A. Kearney
    Wounded:  T.E. House, leg
    Missing:  Burge and Ales(?)
    Company B
    Wounded:  L.J. Myers, slight, W.H. Dorset, severe, W. F.(or P?) McRaney, severe, N. 
    Lynch, severe
    Company C
    Wounded:  T.C. Tillman and C. Coyer, arm
    Company D
    Wounded:  J. C.(or G.? or O.?) Falls, right arm amputated, L.H. Collins and Jas. Dover, 
    severe, John Sebesel(?), F. Smith, finger
    Company E
    Wounded:  T.J. Smith, slight, J.H. Fulton, slight, W.T. Young, severe, David Watkins, 
    since dead, Hinton(?) Poole, slight
    Company F
    Killed:  Lt. F.(?) N. Harney
    Wounded:  J.F. Fox, mortally, T.B. Brooke, severe in thigh
    Missing:  D.D. White
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. J.A. Griffith
    Wounded:  J.W. Lee, finger, Lt. T.R. Leftwich, G.B. Wilts, J.B. Jones, severe
    Company H
    Wounded:  Lt. J.D. McLester, H. McClure, Green Melton, severe, J.A. Burns, hip, A. 
    Harris, face
    Company I
    Killed:  E. Gathmore
    Wounded:  Jacob Leff, severe in arm
    Company K
    Killed:  R.G. Nowell
    Wounded:  W.R. Hood, hand and face, Jacob Saunders, serious, Eli Hamilton, severe 
    in thigh, J.L. Mareom (Marcom?), finger shot off, Robert H. Ruth, left arm amputated, 
    Culbert Adams, slight
    Missing:  W.R. Beasley
    30th N.C.T. Casualties
    Field and Staff
    Col. F.M. Parker, serious in face
    Company A
    Wounded:  Sgt. Merritt, side,  Pte. Prever, hand
    Company B
    Wounded:  Sgt. Williams, head, Pte. Louchlin, leg
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. Swan and Hewitt
    Wounded:  Corp. Smith, face, Pte. Robertson, face, Williams, hand
    Missing:  Pte. Mott
    Company D
    Killed:  Pte. Goddin
    Wounded:  Capt. C.N. Allen, arm amputated, Pte. Barker, ---- Mason, ----- Young
    Company E
    Wounded:  Ptes. Lamer and Best
    Company F
    Wounded:  Ptes. Crisp, neck, Madre(?), hand, Forbes, hip, Hathaway, neck, Mercer, 
    arm amputated
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. T. Connell
    Wounded:  Pte. Cheatum, hip
    Company H
    Killed:  Pte. L.M. Niecker
    Wounded:  Lt. A.H. Brown, thigh, Corp. J.J. Right, leg, Pte. D.P. Morris, shoulder, T. 
    Nicker(?), arm, B.C. Jackson, knee, Wm. McCanley, heel, J.W. Lawrence, hip
    Missing:  A.L. Brown, N. Mathis, Wm. Utley
    Company K
    Wounded:  Corp. Bates, arm, Corp. Russell, head, Ptes. Hood, arm, and Griffith, hip
    Hagerstown, Maryland, July 10
    W.W. Holden, Esq.
    I hereby give a list of casualties of Company F, 53rd Regiment at the Battle of Gettysburg
    A.J. Albright, Company F, 53rd Regiment
    Killed:  Pte. Jackson O. Briggs
    Wounded:  Capt. G.M.G. Albright, ball in knee, Lt. Samuel A. Albright, head bruised slightly, 
    Sgt. William G. Sharp, pierced by shell in side and head, slight, Corp. Henry W. Still (Stell?), 
    in arm, Corp. Oliver D. Holt, in foot, Ptes. Alfred Clapp, side bruised by shell, Leonard Fox, 
    in head, severe, Willis Isley, in shoulder, severe, Edwin Isley, shoulder, severe, Geo. W. 
    Isley, thigh, severe, William Ingold, ankle, slight, John Kinnery, bruised, slight, Daniel W. 
    Mitchell, leg, slight, Jonathan Ross, side, severe, Boston Sharp, head, slight
    North Carolina Standard
    July 29, 1863
    Pickett’s Charge—The 28th At Gettysburg by a Soldier Who Was There
    We came up with the enemy at Gettysburg when the battle commenced on the 1st July 
    about 10:00—Generals Heth’s and Anderson’s Divisions began the attack, driving the enemy 
    from position to position until at last they made a stubborn stand on the heights this side of 
    Gettysburg.  Immediately a portion of Pender’s Division, consisting of Lane’s Goughen’s(?) 
    and Scales’ Brigades were formed on their right and  moved boldly forward to the attack; the 
    two latter engaging the enemy in almost hand to hand fights and gradually forcing them over 
    and beyond the heights on the south west side of the town while Lane, being on the extreme 
    right, charged across the fields and woods and hills, the air resounding to the well known 
    battle shout of the rebels, driving the enemy before them in a perfect storm of shells and 
    minie balls until they occupied the heights.  Night had now spread her dark mantle over 
    the bloody field and as the defeated foe fell back sullenly to their last strong hold on the 
    south east of town, their vengeful cannon kept up a terrific firing.  We lost but few men 
    from the 28th I this fight.  
    On the second day the battle commenced early.  Our pickets were constantly engaged 
    all day long to the enemy’s pickets.  It was quite exciting and some splendid charges were 
    made by our men but as there was no infantry in our immediate front the fight was desultory.  
    We lost many of our best men here, however, among them Corp. E.F. Covell, Company A, 
    The great battle of the day was fought on our right by Generals Ewell, Longstreet and A.P. 
    Hill’s Corps.  I can give you no adequate idea of this battle.  We had some 200 pieces of 
    artillery, the Yankees 400, so their prisoners said,  while there were 70,000 to 80,000 infantry 
    engaged in this awful melee.  We gained some important positions but had to relinquish them.  
    How many! Oh! How many brave men fell in those charges.  Our regiment occupied a strong
    position and was subject to a severe cannonading for hours.
    On the third day THE fight, the TERRIBLE conflict at Gettysburg was opened as usual soon 
    and sharply by our pickets.  Lane’s Brigade was moved down to the right and rear of General 
    Pettigrew as a support column, marched close up the brow of a hill and ordered to lie down 
    and await their time.  The signal gun soon spoke the call to death and ere its echoes were 
    heard by the distant foe, the whole line of artillery opened in one grant, awful sublime roar.  
    The enemy answered and this mammoth duel lasted for nearly an hour when Forward!, rang 
    along our lines and as we gained the crest of the hill, we passed our batteries and stepped 
    at last freely and fearlessly on the field of carnage.
    The Yankees were fully a mile from us, posted in a strong position, defended by 70 cannon 
    which were pouring forth upon our devoted ranks every missile that human ingenuity could 
    invent for our destruction while the infantry showered their minie balls unsparingly.  Forward!, 
    was the cry, however, and onward trod our gallant columns to the dreadful revelry.  
    Earth seemed to totter, the air was as full of sulphur as the infernal regions while the wild 
    hum of the deadly bullet sang shrilly around us.  It was a sight too fearful to behold.  Great 
    gaps were opening in our ranks—while files fell to rise no more as the enemy’s shot plunged 
    through our columns but onward we pressed right up to his breast works when alas!, the 
    order to fall back echoed in our ears.  We were beyond supporting distance and too weak 
    to consummate the assault.  Our loss in the retreat was immense as we were raked by a 
    cross fire for a mile and a half by the guns of the enemy, without any protection whatever to 
    shield us.
    We lost 220 men in this fight. We could muster 320 guns before the engagement, afterwards, 
    only 100.  They are either killed or wounded or captured.  Out of 38 officers, 18 escaped.  
    Too much cannot be said of such bravery. Col. Lowe of the 28th was severely wounded and 
    Lt. Col. Speer was struck down by a piece of shell; Major Stowe was wounded by grape shot; 
    Adj’t. Folger was hit twice by bullets; Lts. Austin and Simpson were killed; Lts. Thompson, 
    Bohannan, Snow, Stone, Biles, Hurley and Moore were wounded; Captains Lenebarger and 
    Smith were severely wounded and Captains Morrow, Randall and Lt. Marler are missing.  
    Twelve men killed, 116 wounded and 93 missing.  Our regiment is like many others, and 
    resembles a good size company now.  Lt. Col. Speer is in command, the Colonel having 
    gone to the hospital.  General Lane was near us in the battle and had a horse shot from 
    under him in the charge.  Officers and men behaved gallantly in all respect.
    Oh! How my heart bleeds for our loved comrades who went down in the fierce onslaught at 
    Gettysburg.  They sleep in one of the hills in Pennsylvania, unhonored, condemned, their loved 
    ones at home far away amid the verdant and once happy vales of Carolina grieve for their 
    long absence while father, brother and husband lay moldering beneath a foreign soil.  
    Only a few more such bloody battles and North Carolina’s host, the flower of the South, 
    will be no more.  But I will stop this sad story.  Our army is here and in what direction 
    we may go next I have no idea whatever.  The condition of our army is such as might be 
    expected from such a campaign but shortly I hope to have some glowing news to tell you.  
    May the sun of peace soon rise on our loved soil.
    North Carolina Standard
    August 5, 1863
    47th N.C.T. Casualties at Gettysburg July 1 and 3
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. George H. Faribault, contusion of shoulder, wound in foot, Lt. Col. John A. 
    Graves, Major A.D. Crudup and Adj’t. T.C. Powell left on the field of battle within the enemy’s 
    picket lines and supposed to have been wounded
    Company A
    July 1
    Killed:  Williamson Abernathy, Richard H. Dozier, Emerson Puckett
    Wounded:  Lt. G.W. Westry, in groin, Lt. B. Dunn, slight, Sgts. J.J. Barnhill, slight, G.P. 
    Westry, in arm, Cone, slight in shoulder and head, Ptes. Jonathan Crockett, Frank 
    Edwards, in shoulder, Martin Green, in hand
    July 3
    Wounded:  Eli Joyner, severe in side, Lovett Boykin, in breast, Kinchen Joyner, slight in 
    both hips, Stephen Laman(?) Latain(?), in wrist, Wm. Lamm, severe, shoulder, W.M. 
    Riley, severe in both thighs, S.H. Sellers, severe in abdomen   Left on the battlefield 
    within the enemy’s picket lines:  1st Sgt. J.J. Partin, Ptes. Abijah Barnes,  Josiah Bisset, 
    Neverson Cone, A.J. Henderson, Gilbert Lewis, J.B. O’Neil, J.A. Berry, B.J. Strickland, T.L. 
    Strickland, Wren Tisdale(?)
    Company B
    July 1
    Killed:  Jamison Puckett
    Wounded:  Sgt. A. Bryan, leg amputated, Sgt. J.C. Plese(?), hand, slight, Chedley Perry, 
    since dead, Josiah Griffin(?) Green(?), neck, severe, William Gay, both legs, severe, J. 
    Stallings(?), thigh, severe, Abijah Carter, arm, slight, J.T. Medlin, slight in hand, W.H. 
    Meecam, slight in thigh, Gordon Phillips, slight in ankle, B. Phillips, slight in foot
    July 3
    Wounded:  Lt. H.H. Perry, seriously in leg,  Ptes. Marion Bunn, severe in cheek, M.J. Moss, 
    slight in hand, A. Johnson, slight in thigh, James Pearce, slight in arm.  Left on the field of 
    battle within the enemy’s picket lines:  Lt. S.J. Evans, Corp. P.H. Massey, Ptes. J.G. 
    Baker, J.W. Rune(?), T.W. Cheeves, J.D. Cuoke, Lennel Cooley, William W. Cone, 
    Dennis Johnson, Marion Moye(?), S.H. Tant
    Company C
    July 1
    Killed:  Sgt. E.C.U. Green,  Pte. Hansel Pond
    Wounded:  Capt. U.T. Iredell, arm shot off, since dead, Ptes. W.H. Stevens, wrist, Preston 
    Kelly, face, hand and breast, N.N. Bunch, thigh, slight
    July 3
    Wounded:  Lt. M.W. Norfleet, serious in groin, Corp. Gaston Utley, mortal, Ptes. J.J. Bunch, 
    leg, J. Cates, hand, slight, R. Saunders, arm, B. Underwood, leg.  Left on the field of battle 
    within the enemy’s picket lines:  Lt. G.W. Whiting, Sgt. L.W. Green, Corp. R.R. Beddingfield, 
    Ptes. John Dune(?) Done(?), Nicholas Gill, J.P. House, John Johnson, G.W. Partin, J.W. 
    Pilkinton, Joe Woodard
    Company D
    July 1
    Wounded;  Ptes. E. Coggin, mortal, B. Milton, mortal, Larkin Hyatt, slight, hand, M. High, 
    slight, leg, J.B. Dean, slight
    July 3
    Wounded:  Corp. Dillbridge, slight, head, Pte. Hopkins, slight, arm, Rufus Stone, hip, 
    severe, B.F. Stone, stunned by shell, E. Johnson, bowels, severe, C.(?) Joyner, severe in 
    knee, S.D. Rieks, slight, thigh.  Left on the battlefield within the enemy’s picket lines:  Lt. 
    R.F. Drake, Capt. R. Pullen(?), Ptes. M. Wilder(?), Widder(?), J.B. Higgins, C. Driver, R.E. 
    Bell, J.R. Bottoms, Berry Lee, W.J. Underwood, R. Rieks, R. Driver, Sgt. W. H. Drake
    Company E
    July 1
    Killed:  Ptes. LT. Medlin, W.A. Medlin, James Snead, W. Wilson, C. Raiburn(?)
    Wounded:  E. H. Ray, leg, slight, Lt. LW. Robbins, very slight in ankle, 1st Sgt. W.K. Hunter, 
    slight in thigh, Corp. R.D. Honeycut, severe in breast, Ptes. Jno. McDade, serious in arm and 
    hip, J. Upchurch, severe in hip, Benjamin Smith, slight in breast, J.H. Atkins, slight in thigh.
    July 3
    Wounded:  Ptes. W.S. Cooper, slight in thigh, Jas. Dow, slight in foot.  Left on the field of 
    battle within the enemy’s picket lines:  Corp. P.M. Mingham, S. Mayner, W.C. Medlin, 
    W.R. Marcom, J.H. Pews, W.H. Richardson, A. Watkins, J. Watkins
    Company F
    July 1
    Killed:  Pte. J.P. Bragg
    Wounded:  Sgt. T.N. Haswell, hand, slight, Ptes. C.H. Chilton(?), arm shot off, Thomas 
    Fuller, hand, slight, P.H. Thorington, arm, slight, R.C. Warmouth, shoulder, severe
    July 3
    Wounded:  Corp. C.B. Freeman, slight, Ptes. J.M. Dickerson, slight, J. Fulgam, mortal, 
    D.W. Fuller, arm, slight, John Mitchell, L. Spencer, slight, A.A. Williams, severe, breast, 
    Left on the battlefield beyond the enemy’s picket lines:  Lts. J.S. Joyner, S.F. Gill, Sgts. 
    A. Dement, H.T. Coggin, Corp. J.D. Aller(?) Alter(?), Ptes. N.T. Biddingfield, Wm. 
    Dickinson, Jesse Duke, C.W. Edwards, W. Harris, Henry Harris, Alexander Holmes, 
    Rufus Holmes, J.W. Katner, A.M. Mitchell, Wm. McClency(?) McClery(?), W. Pearce(?), 
    T. Pruett, J.W. Sanderson
    Company G
    July 1
    Killed:  Pte. W. Bowden
    Wounded;  Lt. G.D. Tunstall, thigh, serious but not dangerous, Sgts. L. Turner, breast, 
    slight, E.J. Jackson, abdomen, slight, Corpls. E.A. Nutall, leg, serious but not dangerous, 
    J.A. May, slight, W.H. Burge(?), thigh and foot one most dangerous, Ptes. G.J. Thompson, 
    neck, dangerous, S.D. Weaver, breast and stomach, since dead, B.F. Askew, both arms, 
    not dangerous, S.F. Dement, scalp, not dangerous, W. Hubbard, arm broken, J. Phillips, 
    flesh wound in thigh, Sam Hays, flesh wound in thigh, A.C. Green, thigh, slight, T. 
    O’Mara(?), thigh, slight, D.C. Tunstall, shoulder, slight, J.W. Bradford, shoulder, slight, 
    Thomas Pulley, thigh, slight, W. Dorsey, wrist, slight, S.T. Nance, side, slight, C. Long, 
    thigh and leg, serious, not dangerous, W.D. Jones, leg painfully, not dangerous
    July 3
    Wounded:  Lt. Gen’l Williamson in head, dangerous, Ptes. W.D. Spain, face, dangerous, 
    A.A. Hunt, ankle, serious, H. Pleasants, scalp, slight  Left on the battlefield beyond the 
    enemy’s picket lines:  Capt. J.J. Davis, Sgts. J.Y. Mass, L. Turner, G.W. Harner, Ptes. 
    P.S. Robbin, L. Dickerson, W.A. Stone, E. Wilder, Jas. Wyche, B.F. Weaver, A. Overton, 
    W.H. Smith, G.M. Hicks, Thomas O’Mara, E. Fowler, J. Durham, Thomas Carr, W.H. 
    Thurington, H. Benton(?), William Batchelor, A. McBurth, R. Pearson
    Company H
    July 1
    Killed:  Pte. Ivey Jinks
    Wounded:  Lt. J.T. Womble, slight, leg, Sgts. W.H. Ivey, hand, slight, J.H. Wells, side, 
    severe, Ptes. Joseph Bancock, slight in foot, Hilliard Oliver, severe in shoulder and face, 
    D.B. Sears, shoulder, severe
    July 3
    Wounded:  Corp. Jos. Page, slight in arm and head, Ptes. Henry Page, slight in hand, 
    Thomas Upchurch, thigh.  Left on battlefield beyond the enemy’s picket lines:  Lt. J.D. 
    Newson, Ord. Sgt. J. T. Andrews, Sgt. H.H. Knight, Corp. J.B. Upchurch, Ptes. William 
    Shamblee, F.M. Certain, M.B. Crocker, Jacob Freeze, J.R. Johnson, Eli King, Leroy King, 
    S.T. Lee, Jefferson Wills, Willie Peggett
    Company I
    July 1
    Killed:  R.Y. Hall
    Wounded:  Corp. W. Bevers, severe in arm, J. Blake, arm broken, T.M. Williams, severe in 
    back, G.A. Bayette, slight in hand, S. Woods, slight in back, J. Scott, slight, W.R. Alman, 
    slight in thigh, B. Broughton, arm shot off
    July 3
    Wounded:  Lts. J.W. Jones, leg, slight, J.R. Rogers, slight in leg, Sgt. A.H. Davis, leg, 
    slight, Ptes. W.C. Brown, through shoulder, McRae George, arm and bowels, mortal, 
    Wright Rigsby, foot slight.
    Missing:  Sgts. J. Hicks, J.T. Driver, Corp. W.H. Shepard, Ptes. T. Coss, W. Morris, A. 
    Marshall, Calvin, Cope, J.M. Lee, Jno. Carpenter, W.R. Daniel, J. Hobson, J. Harris, W. 
    O’Neil, J. Boyett, J.H. Wood, G. Rochael, J.H. Blake, J.A. Smith, W.A. Fletcher, Jas. 
    Medlin, B.M. Mimms
    Company K
    July 1
    Killed:  Sgt. G.R. Garrison, Ptes. T.J. Brannock, L.M. Patten, J.H.P. Summers, J.J. 
    Wounded:  Capt. R.H. Faucette, slight in thigh, Ptes. Anthony Tostis, slight, Henry 
    Garringer, leg and thigh, severe, J.D. Gilliam, shoulder, severe, J.W. Gilliam, slight in 
    thigh, W.S. Kerndale, slight, Jas. M. Kandale, severe in arm, Madison Levy, arm 
    amputated, Setas(?) Watkins, leg, slight, Wm. Maitkins(?), E.B. Tickle, dangerous in 
    head, shoulder and arm, Simon Tickle, painfully in leg and thigh
    July 3
    Wounded:  Pte. William Isley, flesh wound both legs, E.G. Sharp, slight in hand, J.R. 
    Tickle, arm and leg, slight
    Missing:  Lt. J.H. Watkins, Sgt. J.M. Gilliam, Sgt. A.G. Love, Corp. J.M. Garrison, Ptes. 
    Henry Dunley, George Parker, Jas. McCauly, W.J. Wiece, M.R. Sharpe, A.T. Tickle, G.R. 
    Tickle, R.A. Weedon(?) Weston(?) Edw. Ross, David Ross
    North Carolina Standard
    July 22, 1863
    Lane’s Brigade
    7th N.C.T.
    Company A
    Killed:  Pte. Leander Gray
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.L. Milsaps, Ptes. N. Baker, G.F. Brown, J. Benfield, H. Bently, Frank 
    Moore, Rufus A. Morrison, W.N. Summers, Sgt. J.P. Marshall,  Corpls. F. Morrison, H.L. 
    Alexander, Ptes. J.H. Connelly, J.W. Fincanon, Jas. A. Lenox, W.R. Summers
    Missing:  Ptes. J.A. Beard, J.P. Garitney, J.W. Icenhour, J.L. Moore
    Company B
    Wounded:  Corp. J. Linker, Ptes. W.G. Sawyers, W. Allman, L.C. Crinninger, David 
    Harlocher, M.A. Carraker, Alison Furr, Wm. M. Joyner, S. Plummer(?)
    Company C
    Wounded:  Lts. W.G. McRae, P.P. Augustine
    Ptes. R. Holder, N. Adams, D.J. Gaston
    Missing:  Ptes. B. Blackburn, A. Cameros, D. Cameron
    Company D
    Wounded:  Lt. T.J. Cahill, Ptes. L. Kelly, W.M. Ristler, F. Horrock, Wm. Varker
    Missing:  Sgt. B. Beglin, Ptes. A.E. Kanepaux(?), James Clark, P. Brennan(?)
    Company E
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Vick, Sgt. C.W. Baines, Capt. N. Baines, Ptes. C. Earp. W. Liles, 
    J. Murray
    Missing:  J.H. Bottoms, J. Savage
    Company F
    Wounded:  Capt. J. McLeod Turner, commanding regiment, Sgt. Reid, Ptes. J. Surratt(?) 
    Surrart(?), E. Ridenhour, E. Williams, J.S. Owens, J. Loftin, W.M. Redwin, E. Williams, 
    J.S. Owens, J. Loftin, W.M. Redwin, J. Reid, W. Cronford, J. Quillman, J.D. Jordain, W.H. 
    Sills, R.B. Hall
    Missing:  D.S. Deberry, J.F. Johnson, W.L. Turner, L. Silis(?) Sillis(?), D.V. Phillips, H.M. 
    Basinger, L.S. Earnhart, D.F. Kinney
    Company G
    Killed:  H.B. Harwood, ----- Hedgecock, G.A. King
    Wounded:  Capt. A.A. Hill, Lt. S. Witherspoon, Ptes. H.C. Bradley, J.H. Green, J.H. McGee, 
    W.F. Mills, W.G. Marshall, W. Pollard, D. Welsh
    Missing:  Sgt. F. H. Jones, W.H. McGee, Ptes. C.P. Herndon, D. Hedgecock, J.S. Howard, 
    H. Prosses, J. Upchurch
    Company H
    Wounded:  Corpls. D.F. Alexander, D.H. White, S.E. Vanpsett, Ptes. S.D. Morrison, D.E. 
    Alexander, D.H. Purviance
    Missing:  Sgt. T.M. Erwin, Ptes. J.S. Blackwelder, J.M. Carier, A.C. Alexander, J.N.G. 
    Rogers(?), D.R. Wincoff(?)
    Company I
    Killed:  S. Overcash
    Wounded:  Sgt. G.M. Morrow, Corp. J. Brown, Ptes. D. Walley(?), R.F. Cornelius, T.L. 
    Purdy, F.M. Wilson
    Missing:  Sgt. D.C. Smith, Ptes. A.B. McDaniel, R.C. Still, P.M. Parker, D. Williams, 
    W.A. Rose, J.M. Templeton
    Company K
    Wounded:  Lt. A.M. Walker, Capt. A.A. Baumgarner, Ptes. William Deal, M. Hoke, 
    William Patterson, G.W. Patterson, Lewis Deal, F. Staly
    Missing:  Sgts. W.J. Simmons, D.J. McIntosh, Ptes. P.L. Alexander, T.T. Brooks, H. 
    Christopher, J.A. Campbell, W. Ingold, R.(?) Lamberth, L. Phillips, James Thompson
    List of casualties of the 7th N.C. Regiment in the skirmish near Hagerstown, Maryland:
    Company B:  Missing:  W. Still
    Company F:  Missing J. Blackburn
    Company H:  Missing:  S.A. Phillips
    List of casualties of the 7th N.C. Regiment in bringing up the rear of the army while 
    crossing the Potomac River:
    Company B:  Missing:  L. Alman
    Company E:  Wounded:  Jesse Pope, G. Finch and prisoner
                           Missing:  J.H. Beti - - - - (illegible)
    Company F:  Missing:  G. Jordan, G. Bisher, J. Wilkerson
    North Carolina Standard
    July 29, 1863
    37th N.C. Regiment Casualties
    Field and Staff:  Missing:  Lt. Col. M.G. Morris (Prisoner)
    Wounded:  Major O.N. Brown, leg amputated
    Company A
    Killed:  Pte. Ed Marlow
    Wounded:  Lts. (first initial illegible) L. Norwood, W. Whitaker, arm amputated, Corp. 
    M.S. May, Pte. F.R. Anderson, head and arm, W. Davis, leg, J. Severt, neck, severe, 
    F. Bure, head
    Missing:  Lt. W.J. Alexander, Sgt. W.H. Miller, Pte. G.W. May, J. Ham(?)
    Company B
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.E. Fairchild, leg, J.P. Storey, shoulder, severe, Ptes. C.M. Carlton, 
    bowels, mortal, L. H. Carlton(?) Carlson(?), arm, severe, A. Barlow, foot, D. Campbell, 
    hip, slight, M. Hodges, hand, Calvin Davis, shoulder, W.T. Low(?), hip, F. Payne, S. 
    Green, shoulder, W.P. Church, shoulder
    Missing:  Pte. E.M. Green, W. Nebon(?), J.B. Beller(?), A.(?)L. Hartley, A. Miller
    Company C
    Killed:  Lt. W.W. Dartry, Corp. T.L. Washom(?)
    Wounded:  Capt. L.A. Potts, Ptes. T.R. Alexander, leg, J.C. Carpenter, shoulder, 
    S.B. Crisenbury, ankle broken, (one name completely illegible), S.L. Hucks, shoulder, 
    severe, J.C. Walker, leg, B. Burlyson
    Missing:  J.F. Hunter, J. F. McCoy, W.L.W. Torresa(?) Torrence(?)
    Company D
    Killed:  Sgt. E.P. Griffin, Pte. D.T. Geddy(?)
    Wounded:  Lt. W.L. Battle, in head and missing, Sgt. W. Station, shoulder, T.J. Horn, 
    knee, E.B. Batteston, head and leg, Ptes. R.N. Bivens, face, slight, H. Eachler, arm 
    and hip, E. Gaddy, shoulder, severe, D.A. (last name illegible), arm, C. Mooney, head, 
    slight, G.(?) B. Neil, arm, E.J. Parker, M.B. San - - (last name partially illegible), thigh, 
    severe, L.G. Parker, arm
    Missing:  J.L. Auston, H. Bonnvette, M. Eacher(?), J.D. (last name illegible), J.T. Griffin, 
    W.A. Griffin, E.P. Little, S.F. Moran, W. Sellers(?), H. Truell
    Company E
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.F. McCon, arm amputated, Corp. H.S. Baker, foot, severe, Pte. M.A. 
    Coon, knee, B. Eggers, H. Mundy, chest, mortal
    Missing:  J. Baird, W. Strickland, J.H. Tester, J.W. Webster
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. J.B. Petty, leg, Lt. J.T. Forrester, leg and missing, Sgt. R.M. Staly, head, 
    Corp. W.H. McAnal(?), thigh, severe, R.G. Gills and missing, Pte. R.G. Callor(?), thigh, 
    severe, H. Crouse, arm, B.F. Clary, thigh, J. Bowman, knee, severe, W. Hilly(?) Billy(?), 
    Missing:  Sgt. G.W. Seler,  Ptes. L. Pushen, A.M. Anderson, Alex Fox, W.J. Master, 
    A.S. Hannah, J. Parsons, L.H. Robards, J. Row
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. I.M. Royster
    Wounded:  Lt. J.B. Pool, leg and missing, Sgts. L.C. Robnett, thigh, severe, Bobnette, 
    thigh and missing (no initials), Corp. E. Tritte, head, Pte. W. Dixon, hip, severe
    Missing:  B.F. Steel, Tobias Barnes, S.F. Barnes, J.P. Lorance, F.C. Watt
    Company H
    Killed:  Ptes. H.A. Wright, J.P. Craig
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.J. Orman, arm, severe, G.L. Thomasson, ankle, severe, J.P. Glenn, 
    breast, Corp. T.L. Hendrick, leg. Ptes. F.V. Armstrong, head, J.W. Armstrong, leg, 
    J.H. Ratch(ford?), arm, severe, W.F.A. Dixson, arm, severe, J.D. Hovis(?), leg, W.C. 
    Good, leg, J.J. Whiteside, foot
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. Jas. Clark, J.S. Taggart
    Wounded:  Sgt. A.F. Montgomery, leg, Ptes. W.P. Lannig, S.D. Moxville, leg, C. 
    Mooney and missing, C.M. Orr, shoulder, S. Kuger(?) Kiger(?) Kigel(?), F. Smith, 
    head, R.A. Sharp, leg, J.P. Elms
    Missing:  Corp. M.A. McCoy, Ptes. Jas. Brown, J. Show(?) Snow(?)
    Company K
    Killed:  Oliver Hensley
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.R. Johnston, shoulder, severe, Ptes. M. Stamper, C.D.R. Mendenhall, 
    leg, H. Trendenny and missing, Jno. Tilly, thigh, W. Blevins, chest, W. Blevins, thigh 
    and hand, slight, E. Blevins, ankle, M. Beamon(?), thigh and hand, J. Phillips and 
    missing, A. Blevins, and missing, J. Blevins, and missing, Lt. W.(?) N. Mickle, left on 
    the field and supposed to have been killed, Pte. Jas. Landrith, chest
    Missing:  G. Duncan, J. Mulhay, L.T. Williams, C.C. Candill(?) Caudill(?), J.L. Pugh, 
    F.B. Parsons, W. Sanders, Jacob McGradey
    North Carolina Standard
    July 29, 1863
    33rd N.C. Regiment Casualties
    Field and Staff
    Major J.H. Sanders, wounded and a prisoner
    Company A
    Killed:  Capt. H.H. Baker, Lt. T.A. Cowan, Sgt. R.W. Shields, Pte. W.M. Hallwan
    Wounded:  W.H. Bowers, leg and neck, J. Cordon, slight, A. Ellis, slight, A.S. Stewart, 
    in hand, T.A. Shin(?), arm, T. O’Connor, arm, J.A. Stott, A. Ramsour, S.W. Guy
    Missing:  Lt. C.L. Turner, Sgt. M.E. Hicks, Pte. J.A. Stott
    Company B
    Killed:  W.J. Eagans
    Wounded:  Lt. P.T. Anthony, ankle, Sgt. W.M. Howard and taken prisoner, W.J. 
    Cad - - - (partially illegible), Corp. J.R. Purvis, hip, Ptes. Jesse Braswell, shoulder, W.J. 
    Goodwin, thigh, W. Gay (or Guy), arm amputated and a prisoner, B. Gay (or Guy), 
    thigh, W. Harrell, shoulder, W. Hyatt, serious and taken prisoner, W. H. Tolston, thigh, 
    W. Vainwright, foot
    Missing:  Sgt. B. Stevenson, Ptes. W.F. Hoard, Robert Armstrong
    Company C
    Wounded:  Capt. D.M. Corzine(?), leg, Lt. W.H. Gibson, severe and prisoner, Sgt. V.M. 
    Plott, Ptes. S.G. Bradly(?), leg amputated, R.M. Gillespie, side, G.W.M. Goodman, thigh, 
    C.(?) J. Tucker, groin
    Missing:  Corpls. R.J. Suther(?), J.J. Goodman, Ptes. Thomas Nading, George Petre, 
    Amzy Petre, Sanford Shelton, Noah Lewis, Adam Tucker, R.M. Sefler(?)
    Company D
    Wounded:  Sgt. S.F. Joins and prisoner, Sgt. F.C. Pardew and prisoner, Corpls. R.F. 
    Stetler, D.D. Durham, foot, Ptes. A. Patterson and prisoner, Caleb Custin, shoulder, 
    James McClean, foot, Sgt. A. Jennings, face, Lt. M.F. Joine, slight and prisoner
    Missing:  Ptes. John Wilks(?), Jesse Hawkins
    Company E
    Killed:  Lt. John Caldwell, Pte. N.W. Vick
    Wounded:  Corp. Alfred Eason, severe and prisoner, Ptes. James Everett, severe, 
    Anderson High, severe
    Missing:  Lt. John C. Cowper, Sgt. W. Brinkley, W.D. Duke, Ptes. David Boyt, Moses 
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. Henry Gibbs
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Gibbs, slight, Lt. S.C. Watson, mortal and prisoner, Ptes. John Emory, 
    severe, Richard Berry, slight
    Missing:  Sgt. J.B. Gibbs, Pte. Isaac Morris
    Company G
    Killed:  L.C. Bodenhammer
    Wounded:  Lt. Joseph Mills, foot, Pte. W.A. Arnett, thigh and prisoner
    Company I
    Killed:  Pte. J. Fulton
    Wounded:  Ptes. J.B. - - - wars (partially illegible), slight, S.M. Kiger, severe and prisoner, 
    A.K. Crater, severe and prisoner, T.G. Williams
    Missing:  Corp. T.S. Kizer, Ptes. W.L. Long, W.H. Glasscock, E.H. Show - - (partially 
    illegible—Shore??), T.M. Lashmit, T. Stewart, F. Brinkley, H. Brinkley, F. Ketner(?)
    Company K
    Killed:  Newsom Dail
    Wounded:  Corp. Bartlett, Pte. W. Mooring
    Missing:  J.H. Barley(?), J.H. Orris(?), John Howell
    List Casualties 33rd in skirmishes near Hagerstown, Maryland:
    Company I:  Missing:  Bohnson(?) Johnson, Conrad, C.M. Anderson, S.T. Shultz(?), M.F. 
    Company K:  Missing:  Sgt. J.M. Dukey, Sgt. J.S. Hughes, Ptes. P. Clark, John Snead, 
    A.B. Covington(?)
    List Casualties 33rd while crossing the Potomac as rear guard of the army
    Company A:  Wounded:  Jas. A. Barret, slight in arm, and missing, D. Heintzman, J. 
    Murph, J. Dearman
    Company D:  Missing:  Lauchlin Oliver
    Company I:  Wounded:  Charles Rothrock(?)  Missing:  W. Griffin, H. Long
    Company C:  Wounded:  A. Shore(?), severe and missing  Missing:  H.C. Shive, F. Cook
    Company E:  Missing:  P. Hare, J. Hare, H. Trawick
    Company H:  Wounded:  1st Lt. E. Price, severe  Missing:  B. Braswell, H.(?) Ford, W. 
    18th N.C. Regiment Casualties
    Field and Staff:  Lt. Col. John W. McGill, wounded
    Company A
    Wounded:  Corp. E.S. Rhyne, Pte. William Howard
    Missing:  Sgt. W. Smith, Pte. M.M. Harmon
    Company B
    Wounded:  Sgts. D. Storm, C. Ward, Corp. T.M. Russ, Ptes. J.T. Rackley(?), G. King, 
    D.T. Pate, H. Edwards
    Missing:  Corp. T.M. Singletary, Pte. H. Goodson
    Company C
    Wounded:  Sgts. M.J. Ward, N.A. Marlow, Corp. H. Hickman, Ptes. D.H. Mull, J.E. 
    Missing:  Ptes. W. A. Bell, S. C.(?) Cloer(?) Cloen(?), J.D. Lee, T.J. Martin
    Company D
    Wounded:  Lt. A.A. Inman (and known to be prisoner), Sgt. A.E. Floyd, Corpls. J.P.
    Inman, J.C. Hartman, Pte. G.W. Dawkins
    Company E
    Killed:  Ptes. J. Wells, G.A. Garris
    Wounded:  Lt. P.C. Colvin, Corpls. D.J. Corbett, G. Costin, Ptes. C.(?) W. Blake, G.H. 
    Croom(?) Groom(?), R.C. Lewis, L.H. Malpass, C.J. Pridgen, J.J. Woodcock
    Missing:  Sgts. J.M. Moore, G.W.F. Woodcock, Pte. R.(or H.?) H. Pridgen, D. Mashburn, 
    E. Stanton, M.A. Taylor
    Company F
    Killed:  Lt. A.W. McGregor
    Wounded:  Pte. H.M. Thromer
    Missing:  Capt. A.A. Moffitt, Lt. J.W. Stewart, Pte. A. Cameron
    Company G
    Wounded:  S.S. Averill, Pte. J.H. Dyer
    Missing:  Lt. W.G. Nixon, Pte. W. Camp
    Company H
    Killed:  Pte. R. Woodell
    Wounded:  Sgt. H. Hall, Ptes. H. Barefoot, J.R. Jackson
    Missing:  J.R. Baldwin, W.H. Bullard, J.T. Green, J.A. Hinson(?), R. (or H.?) C. Long, 
    J.W. Mitchell, J.W. Tedder
    Company I
    Wounded:  D. Fryer
    Missing:  D.W. Wells, Ptes. J.T. Blanton, J.E. Beggarly, T.M. Cassey, Wm. Snow
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. J.E. Richardson
    Wounded:  Lt. A.B. Tolar, Ptes. Blackwelder, R. Lollar
    Missing:  A.W. Campbell, J. Horney, W. Ingram, J.W. McKey(?) McKoy(?), J. Gillespie
    List Casualties 18th Reg’t. bringing up the rear of the army in crossing the Potomac
    Company A:  Missing:  Pte. W. Hall
    Company C:  Missing:  Ptes. A. Klutts, J. Hartman
    Company D:  Missing:  Pte. R. Helshan(?)
    Company E:  Missing:  Ptes. W.J. Covington, M.J. Smith, R.R. Reeves
    Company H:  Missing:  Ptes. M. McHeet(?), A. Hall
    Company I:  Missing:  Pte. J. Quinn
    Company K:  Missing:  Pte. W. Barney(?) Burney(?)
    Casualties in skirmishes near Hagerstown, Maryland, 18th N.C.T.
    Company A:  Missing:  Sgt. A. J. Bullard(?), Pte. J.A. Barkley
    Company B:  Missing:  J.E. Rickman
    Company C:  Missing:  E.K. Vanse(?)
    Company E:  Missing:  Capt. John Moore, Pte. Z.T. Durham
    Company F:  Missing:  N.(?) A. McNeill, A. Lovelace
    Company G:  Missing:  G. Carlton, W. Flowers, J.H. Daney(?)
    Company I:  Missing:  D. Riggs(?)
    Company K:  Missing:  S.T. Bi - - - (illegible)
    Company D:  Missing:  J. Wright  Killed;  Ralph Regan
    26th N.C.Regiment  (Note:  See above for listing for Companies E & F, which were 
    interfiled with this list and presented separately above)
    Field and Staff:
    Killed:  Col. H.K. Brugwyn, Jr.
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. John R. Lane, neck, Adjt. J.B. Jordan, Sgt. Maj. M.S. MeRea, leg
    Company A
    Killed:  Capt. S.P. Wagg, Ptes. T.M. Testement, Stephen Blevins(?), Caloway Taylor, 
    Absalom Shrels(?), Lee Bare, Hugh Baliue, James Baker, Sol Roten, Jonathan Miller, 
    Marsh Hurley
    Wounded:  Lt. A. Dewall, Sgts. Carter and Lane, Corpls. Wyman and Smith, Ptes. W.T. 
    Hughes, Michael Black, mortally, Jas. Baldwin, Nicholas Gentry, Ambrose Barker(?), 
    Siris Ashley, Levi Stedham, Uriah Denny, G.A.P. Nye, Callon(?), Calton(?) Baker, 
    Maston Durell, Washington Treadaway, A. C. (?) Hethborne, Jesse Barr, Washington 
    Hook, Albert Blevins, Horton Blevins, Ambrose Barker, E. Barker, Lee Baldwin, Thomas 
    Burgess, Hiram Caloway, H.H. Campbell, James Davis, Lowrey Grimsley, Nathan Phipps, 
    John S. Hash, Shelton Hash, N. Loggins, Lee Osborne, Granville Osborne, William 
    Prunington, M.M. Chummer, Calvin Rudy, Freeling Mitchell, Abraham Sheets, John 
    Stumper(?), W.H. Taylor II, J.Walker, Lt. Houk, Ptes. J. Blevins, James Collins, Cal 
    Denny, M. Hook, Jas. Brudergrast, Jas. Turner, Wm. Davis
    Missing:  Ptes. J.A. Greeley, John Estrig, G.R. Fisher, J.C. Plumner, John Vanover, 
    Hugh Farrington, Wm. Reeves, A.M. Reeves, E.S. Young, Riley Perkins, Sgt. Ashley
    Company B
    Killed:  Capt. William Wilson, Ptes. John M. Goborton(?), H. Estep, A. Wyatt
    Wounded:  Lt. W.W. Richardson, mortal, Lt. E.A. Brietz, foot, Sgts. S.H. Walkup, L.R. 
    (last name illegible), Corpls. Halstricker, J. Rogers, dangerous, L.S. Seacrest, Ptes. 
    William Hallistier, G.D. Austin, M.D. Costley, T.J. Brown, C.A. Church, H.M. Church, 
    A. Eason, J.F. Eller, H.T. Testeman, J.A. Foucher, dangerous, R.S. Glenn, G.L. Glenn, 
    S.J. Givens, J. Griffin, mortal, J.E. Gay, S. Harp, dangerous, T. Honeycut, mortal, 
    C.T. Helms, B.N. Hawby, A. Joines, W.T. Lowry, W.B. Laney(?), leg amputated, J. Laney, 
    J.S. McCain, G. W. McCorkle, H.J. McManns, dangerous, C. McManns, mortal, 
    M. H.(?) McKone(?) McKune(?), T.G. Mills, J.B. Nichols, J. Phillips, B.J. Richardson, 
    S.D. Richardson, J.D. Rawlins, A. Rogers, B. Rogers, T. Stains, dangerous, H.C. Walkup, 
    arm amputated, T.E. Whitaker, Sgt. H.H. Thomas, Ptes. J.M. Cook, J.J. Ray, M.S. Mills, 
    E.B. Laney
    Missing:  Sgt. E.P. Chaney, Ptes. Asa Eason, J. Hufstickler, W.A. Inman, G. McManus, 
    A. Osborne, B.J. Knight, S.H. Robinson, A. Bigg, M.L. Starnes (wounded), S.P. Walkup, 
    B.J. Phillips, J. Dulin
    Company C
    Killed:  Ptes. Bumgarner, W.J. Crawfield, F.M. Keyton, N. Anderson, T. Simmons
    Wounded:  Capt. J.A. Jarratt, hand and face, Sgt. F.T. Chapell, Corp. J.t. Reeves, B.F. 
    Bullis, Ptes. F.M. Adams, F.M. Alley, B.F. Anton, S. Bu - - s (partially illegible), H.H. 
    Barlow, J.A. Dudly, J.A. Dickson, J.H. Foster, P.A. Foster, Triplett Hamby(?), W.H. 
    Holder, J.A. Johnston, E. Joines, G. Kemp, mortal, J. Lewis, B.F. Lewis, mortal, J. 
    Lewis (again), J.G. Melton, F.H. McDaniel, M. Thomas, A. Moss, William Nance, A. 
    Parsons, P. Parsons, dangerous, C. Rupert, A.L. Triplett, P. Welsh, T.J. Watts, J.W. 
    Wright, C. Simmons, J. Souther, Jesse Souther, N.S. Triplett, A. Edmiston, W. Esmiston
    Missing:  Lt. W. Parker, Sgt. J.F. Triplett, Ptes. J.R. Bell, J. Curtis, E. Cox, L. Eller, S.P. 
    Hall, A. Nichols, F. Parsons
    Company D
    Killed:  Ptes. J.H. Burt, T. Oliver, Lt. G. Broughton
    Wounded:  Capt. J.T. Adams, Lt. Jones, Sgts. W.H. Boothe, W.C. Booker, Corpls. H.J. 
    Booker, W.P. Burt, Ptes. W.P. Boothe, A. Baker, J. Bader(?), mortal, W. Baker, W. Bell, 
    T. Caudell, W. Champion, J. Kemp, mortal, Jos. Doncy, S. Fuquay(?), William Godwin, W. 
    Hamilton, E.F. Hall, W.A. Jones, D. Jenkins, W. McDonald, L.D. Mangun(?) Mangum(?) J. 
    Pierce, W. Snipes, J.A. Stephens, J.F. Stephens, A.H. Temples, G. Wood, W. Langston, 
    G.W. Partin, R. Transom(?)
    Missing:  Lt. J.J. Woodall, wounded, Ptes. J. Gilmore, A.F. Bryan, wounded, Sgts. W.F. 
    Utley, B.F. Utley, Corp. J.T. Hunter, Ptes. Samuel Atkins, Sid Austin, J. Shambler, Z.H. 
    Gilbert, T.M. Halliman, S.L. Jones, G. Kelly, F.M. Langston, A. Marton, A.B. Norder, S. 
    Pearson, F. Wyatt, R. Wingler, M. Williams
    Companies E & F—see above where two lists are merged
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. D.H. Edwards, Corp. J.A. Moran, Ptes. W.A. Aldridge, C.M. Bowdoin, M. 
    Brown, H. Buchanan, W.A. Garrett, H.B. Garrett, J.R. Marley, N. Norwood, Lewis Wicker
    Wounded:  Lt. W.G. Lane, leg, Sgts. W. P.Kirkman (since dead), W.G. Murchison, Corpls. 
    T.S. Parrett, W.G. Carter, Ptes. Isaac Aldred, J.C. Adcock, J.D. Brown, E. Black, slight, 
    R. Harnes, E. Branson, S.H. Carter, Z.R. Ingleman, J.F. Ingleman, T. Gardner, J.M. 
    Halstead, T. Hinshaw, J.H. Hicks, W.H. Jordan, R.F. Jordan, I. Jordan, W.S. Johnson, 
    J.F. Jones, W.A. Lineberry, L. Moon, D.C. Murchison, J. W. Nelson, G. Norwood, G.W. 
    Norwood, E. Parish, J.H. Patterson, D.P. Record, T.D. Record (or Ricord), J.T. Rossin(?), 
    Samuel Reighsteil(?), J.R. Siler, H. W. Siler, W.H. Terry, Garrett Tillman, G.W. Vinson, 
    A. Way, J. Pike, J.L. Bridges, H.W. Johnson, W.P. Johnson, S.M. Morgan, W. Snetherly
    Missing:  Ptes. A.J. Buok, Q. Hicks, T. C. Johnson, W.P.M. Kirkman, D.(?) C. Kirkman, 
    G.B. Kirkman, K.P. Nelson, R. Riece, W.R. Raines, H.(?) C. Reeves, S.D. Smith
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. M.A. McAuly, Corp. S.P. Short, Ptes. N.G. Brewer, A. Clark, Thomas 
    Johnson, D. Malone, S.J. McIntosh, C.B. McKinnon, J.A.N. McLeod, A.F. Muse, 
    H.H. Wilcox, N.A. Curry
    Wounded:  Lts. M. McLeod, serious, G. Wilcox, J.H. McGilvary, slight, Sgts. J.D. 
    Gilliam, L.A. Curry, Corpls. Z. Hogan, W.T. McNeil, Ptes. Dan Baily, W.P. Bine, B. 
    Brady, mortal, M. Brewer, A.S. Caddell, L.W. Curry, L. David, W.J.D. Dowd, A.B. 
    Frymart, G.T. Fry, J.C. Fry, D.A. Graham, William Graham, C.C. Harrison, T.J. Hogan, 
    N. Hunsucker, S.J. Johnson, J.R. Keith, J.S. Manns, mortal, J.B. Martin, J.A. Medlin, 
    mortal, D. McCaskill (since dead), A.D. McCallum (since dead), J. McKinnon, mortal, D. 
    McLeod, A. McNeill, W.K. Nunnery, Jno. Parsons, Wm. Person, J.P. Sewell, J. Sewell, 
    C.C. Roberts, L. Stratts, leg amputated, Andrew Strutts, H.(?) C. Tyson, W.A. Veineanon(?), 
    A.P. Williams, K. Williamson, A.N.D. Williamson, H. Yuw(?), J.H. Warner, A.S. Warner, 
    Ord. Sgt. A.M. Dunlap, Ptes. C.A. Shaws, slight, A.T. Warwick
    Missing:  Ptes. J.S. Brown, W. McKinnon
    See further down, another list for Company H, not interfiled, but separate
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. G.W. Sudderth, L. Laury(?), W. Collins, J. Wilson, A.J. McGuire, J.W. 
    Wounded:  Capt. A.G. Bradford, dangerous, Sgt. J.E. Houk, Corpls. R.M. Blair, Jas. 
    Barnes, S.T. Dole(?), Ptes. A.L. Bradshaw, G.C. Chandler, Wm. Erp, A. Felts, G.M. 
    Gibson, H. Gibson, T.H. Heartly, H. Holder, C. Holder, H. Holden, A. Holden, severe, 
    A.J. Hall, E.J. Hendron, W.L. Jones, leg broken, dangerous, S.P. Johnson, severe, 
    J. Laury, L. Laxton(?), thigh, A.D. Martin, B.W. Marley, C. Summelson, J.M. Simmons, 
    J. Robinson, M. Pilkinson, Wm. Perey, J. Tolbert(?), R. Cruiz, P. Summeson, 
    G. Summeson, J. Stallings, W. Wilson
    Missing:  Lt. J.C. Grier, wounded, O.S.J. Rush, Ptes. U. Stallings, A.S. Carson, E. 
    Barnett, J.J. Bradshaw, F. Brestwood, J. Fridie(?), Wm. Siler(?), M. Taylor
    Company K
    Killed:  O.S.S. Dabbs (may be Orderly Sgt. S.), Ptes. W.C. Boylan, J. Bowman, 
    J. Lake, T. Gathins(?), S.R. Griffin(?), A. Little, J.J. Lee, J.J. Wiggs, P.H. Fluke, 
    Green Thomas
    Wounded:  Capt. J.C. McLaughlin, head, Lt. Jesse Henry, thigh, Jno Peak, finger, 
    Corpls. J.T. Gaddy, H.(?) R.(?) C. Dumas, Ptes. G.W. Allen, S.C. Benton, leg amputated, 
    A.A. Condie, A.R. Edwards, J.R. Endnys(?), Jos. Gadd, arm amputated, E. Caddy, 
    T. Gu - - ye (illegible), R. A. Hanna, E. Hildreth(?), JTt. Howard, W.W. Ingram, E.C. 
    Jarman, S.D. Jarman, W.H. Jarman, S.S. Kendall, D.S. Lilos(?), M. McDiarmid, 
    G. Moore, J. Poplin, J.M. Pope, J.B. Short, William Short, P. Teal, J. Tyson, J.F. 
    Wadsworth, Lt. T. Lilly, Sgts. W. Broadway, finger, J.J. Liles (since dead), 
    Corp. D.(or H.?) Crowson, Ptes. M. Johnson, S. Johnson
    Missing:  Sgt. W.H. Smith, Ptes. T. Briley(?), A.B. Edwards, J.O. Edwards, J.T. 
    Edwards, S.F. Gatlin, J. Mitchem, C. Thomas, A. Tyson, A. Myers, W.T. Phillips, 
    J.P. Scarboro, M.N. Teal
    W.W. Gaither
    Assistant Surgeon, 26th N.C.T.
    Note:  Below is another listing for Company H, 26th Regiment, which has not been 
    interfiled, rather presented separately, the reader can compare
    We are permitted, says the Fayetteville Observer, to make the following extracts 
    from a letter of Lt. John H. McGilvary at his father’s in this place.  Lt. McGilvary was 
    struck three times and writes from Winchester where he is recovering from his wounds 
    and hopes to be well again in a week.
    Winchester, July 8
    …….the battle was grand, sublime, awful.  Neither language nor pen can describe the s
    cene.  The enemy were strewn in piles—some in rows just as they were standing when 
    they fell—the ground was literally BLUE.  Our brigade (Pettigrew’s) that day was opposed 
    to the Iron Brigade—never having been repulsed before (so I heard from a prisoner) but they 
    said “we were compelled to yield this time”.  One asked “what men fought us that day” 
    and when told the 26th North Carolina he said “I don’t want to fight them again.”
    List Casualties Company H, July 1, Lt. Murdo McLeod, commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. A. M. McAulay, Corp. Samuel P. Short, Ptes. Arch. A. Clark, Colin B. 
    McKinnon, Thomas Johnson, S.J. McIntosh, N.A. Currie
    Wounded:  Lt. Murdo McLeod, severe in breast and shoulder, Lt. G. Wilcox, painful 
    wound in side and foot, Lt. J.H. McGilvary, slight in leg, O.Sgt. A.M. Dunlop, severe, 
    thigh and arm, Sgt. Jas. D. Gillman, severe, side, Sgt. L.A. Currie, flesh would in leg, 
    Corp. W.J. McNeil, slight, lower part of breast, Corp. Z. Hogan, flesh would in thigh, 
    Ptes. Daniel Bailey, hand, W.P. Blue, slight, hand, Bradly Brady, severe in thigh and 
    arm, Malcolm Brewer, hand, W.D. Brewer, shoulder (since dead), J.S. Brown 
    (supposed to have been killed), J.A.J. Buchan, slight in groin, A.S. Caldwell, flesh 
    wound in leg, Jas. N. Cuddell, slight in shoulder, L.W. Currie, severe in side and arm, 
    Levi Davis, flesh wound in thigh, W.T. Densom, slight in hand, W.J. Dowd, badly both 
    legs, A.B. Fry, severe in breast, J. C. Fry, slight in hand, George T. Fry, severe in side, 
    David A. Graham, slight in hand, W.H. Graham, severe in arm, C.C. Harrison, flesh
    wound in both legs, Thomas J. Hogan, badly  in jaw, N. Hunsucker, slight in hand, 
    S.J. Johnson, flesh wound in elbow and side, Jno. B. K - - - n, slight in foot, Daniel 
    Malone, bowels and hand (since dead), J.S. Maness(?), dangerous in throat, J.B. 
    Martin, severe in shoulder, J.A. Medlin, dangerous in abdomen, Daniel McCaskill, 
    severe in thigh (since dead), A.D. McCulloch(?), shoulder (since dead), Daniel McDonald, 
    slight in right hand, John McKinnon, throat (since dead), William McKinnon (missing), 
    J.A.N. McLeod, breast (since dead), Duncan McLeod, flesh wound in arm, A.F. Muse, 
    bowels (since dead), W.K. Nunnery, flesh wound in jaw and leg,  John Parson, flesh 
    wound in leg, William M. Persons, breast, dangerous, J.P. Seawell, flesh wound in arm, 
    Joseph P. Seawell, flesh wound in shoulder, C.(?) W. Shaw, stunned by shell, Lindsay 
    Stutts, leg amputated, Andrew Stutts, lip, H.C. Tyson, flesh wound in thigh, William A. 
    Va - - cannon (partially illegible), slight in head, J.H. Warner, flesh wound in side and 
    arm, A.S. Warner, slight in head, Harmon H. Wil - - -(partially illegible), lower part of 
    bowels (since dead), A.P. Williams, flesh wounds in both thighs, A.J. Williams, slight 
    in foot, Kelly Wil - - - - - - - - (partially illegible), hip, Henry Yow, badly in arm.
    You will see that our company did its duty.  The regiment went into action with about 
    750 men and lost in killed and wounded 549.  Col. Burgwyn was killed on the field while 
    gallantly leading his men in battle—bearing our colors and calling upon them to push on 
    to victory.  Just before he died about the last words he said were “I am dreaming; I know 
    my gallant men are doing their duty nobly; where is my sword?”  Such were the last words 
    of our colonel; he sleeps under a tree on the battlefield away from his friends in the land 
    of strangers yet he is not forgotten—no!  His memory will be cherished, fresh and green 
    in the hearts of men who have followed him until they too shall be as silent as he.  Lt. Col. 
    Lane was badly wounded and I hope will recover soon.
    North Carolina Standard
    July 29, 1863
    3rd Regiment at Gettysburg-Casualties
    Major W.N. Parsley commanding
    Field and Staff
    Adjt. T.C. James, wounded in leg
    Company A
    Capt. J.H. Albritton(?) commanding
    Killed:  Sgts. John R. Heath(?), and H.C. Kilpatrick, Pte. John Br - - (partially illegible, 
    maybe Bret?), James (last name illegible), W. H - - bs (partially illegible, maybe Hoobs?)
    Wounded:  Capt. J.H. Albretton, flesh wound in thigh, Lt. C.C. Lane, flesh wound in thigh, 
    Sgt. R.A. Edwards, severe in shoulder, Sgt. George Timberlake, fractured arm, Corp. Jno. 
    Taylor, flesh wound in arm and chest, Ptes. C. Albritton, flesh wound in thigh, W. Botts, 
    flesh would in arm, W. Enson, flesh wound in leg, severe, Jno W. Gay, wrist, J.P. Hill, 
    knee, James Ham, hip, Benj. Jones, arm, slight, R. Jolly, shoulder, W. Lane, shoulder, 
    slight, John Moore, hip, H. Marlow, back, J.L. Morris, thigh, H.R. Pridgeon, side, slight, 
    Benj. Ruff, back, severe, R. Shurley, shoulder, W. Skinner, hand, R. Ward, thigh.
    Company B
    Lt. T.J. Kelly, commanding
    Killed:  1st Sgt. S.S. Carrol, Corp. J.A. James, George W. Bass
    Wounded:  Lt. Thomas J. Kelley, severe in chest, Corp. A. Johnson, wrist, 
    Ptes. S.W. Brinson, leg, J.C. Bostick, knee, severe, J.D. Brown, leg amputated, 
    A.E. Fredericks, back, H. Grady, slight in back, D.J. Mathis, thigh, W.J. Pickett, 
    B.B. Worley, in arm, C. Sanderson, back, R.A. McLaughlin, thigh
    Company C
    Lt. C.P. Mallett commanding
    Killed:  Corp. D.J. Montgomery, George W. Wilson, Thomas Flowers, W.H. Giles, 
    John Sanderson
    Wounded:  Sgt. D. Autry, head, Pates W. Faircloth, neck, P. Neal in back, severe, 
    Allen Jones, hip, slight, D.W. Willorford, arm, H.J. Willorford, hand, J.M. Johnston, 
    head, J.W. Alpin, hand, M. Mitchell, hip, August Smith, hand, slight, J.M.L. Wallace, 
    leg, slight, C.(?) McFallon, head and back, Jas. Jones, leg, J. Rouse, head, Jno Barley, 
    shoulder and back, severe.
    Company D
    Lt. John Cowan, commanding
    Killed:  A. Hethcock, A. Manning
    Wounded:  W.H. Best in testacles, J.P. Davis, arm, Charles English, arm, J. Kornegay, 
    finger amputated, L. Manning, face, J.E. Neal, forehead and eye, D. Wood, slight, A. Wicks, 
    Company E
    Lt. Stokely, commanding
    Sgt. Jno. Gornto, both arms, severe, Pte. B. Dunn, leg amputated, A.P. Geddings, back, 
    W. Healy (Heady?), side and head, J.D. Runsucker, thigh, D. Millis, leg, W.W. Moore, leg, 
    N. Jenkins, leg, slight
    Company F
    Lt. E.I. Garrison, commanding
    Killed:  Lt. E.I. Garrison, Lt. H. Potter
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.W. Simpson in face, Corp. J.H. Hewitt in groin, H.M. Bishop in leg, J
    as. M. King, leg and thigh, Jno. Montgomery, shoulder, R.F. Robbins, head and finger, 
    C. H. (?) Farrow, arm, slight, J. Smith, side, slight, T.O. Weeks, arm slight
    Company G
    Capt. E.H. Armstrong commanding
    Killed:  Pte. L.H. Wiggins, Isaac Sutton, D. Owen
    Wounded:  Lt. James J. Molts, dangerous in lungs, Sgts. L.J. Henderson severe in thigh, 
    C.(?) or O.(?) C. Hill, slight in hand, J.P. Smith, foot, J.P. Ketchum, finger, Corpls. J.R. 
    Young severe through hip, W.F. Coke, severe in shoulder, Ptes. H.E. Henderson slight in 
    hand, W.E. Jones, shoulder, W.E. Kellam, hand, J.P. Langley, leg amputated, L. Phillips, 
    foot, slight, E.W.O. Riggs, chest and abdomen, B.M. Riggs, hand, B. Reese, arm, 
    W. Crews, thigh, J.W. Thompson, hand, A.E. Littleton, since dead
    Company H
    Lt. Lyons commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. Pressnod, A.T. Benson, Ptes. J. D. Lamberk, C.S. Sellers, J.T. Williams
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.M. Sikes, arm, D.H. Callihan, thigh, W.H. Young, back, N.P. Holloman, 
    gun shot fracture shoulder joint, W. B - - e (partially illegible), arm, W. Vuncannon, 
    shoulder, J.H. Loudersmith, Corp. J.M. Straden, thigh, Sgt. David Sikes, arm, C.B. 
    Sikes, arm, Jos. Baldwin, Jas. Baldwin, breast, J. Brady, breast, slight, J.H. Kirkman, 
    hand, D.M. Thompson, face, serious
    Company I
    Lt. Stone commanding
    Killed:  W.H. Martin, W. Lassiter, W. Davis
    Wounded:  Sgt. J. Watson, back, D.B. Wilkerson, leg, A. King, arm, G.A. Litchfield, 
    contusion in leg, P.P. Green, hip, G.T. Allen, fracture of jaw, W. Davis (since dead)
    Company K
    Lt. Ward commanding
    Killed:  A.M. Smiley, C.F. Futch, M.D. Mott
    Wounded:  Sgt. S.P. Hand, both shoulders, severe, W.B. Player, hand, serious, J.H. 
    Braewn(?) Braun(?), shoulder, Sgt. G.B. Lee, hand, severe, J.H. Carter, wrist, T. Moore, 
    wrist, Jonas Jones, thigh, J. Hines, side, slight, R. Ramsey, arm, J.B. Blake, hand, 
    G.W. Foy, hand, James Brett, finger amputated
    About 80 of the most serious wounded men were left in the hands of the enemy for 
    want of means of transport.  Sufficient means were provided for their comfort, our own 
    surgeons being detailed for the purpose.
    Thomas F. Wood
    Assisting Surgeon, 3rd N.C.T.
    North Carolina Standard
    July 29, 1863
    A list of casualties in Companies D and G, 47th Regiment N.C.T. in the Battle of 
    Gettysburg have been received and will appear in our next edition.  A friend writes that 
    Capt. Jo Davis of Company D was left behind in the charge on the 3rd July and is fate 
    is not known but it is hoped he is a prisoner.  “Poor Davis” our friend writes, “a finer 
    specimen of mankind I never knew.”  We are glad to learn that Lt. Pleasant P. Peace 
    of Company G escaped without a wound.
    North Carolina Standard
    August 5, 1863
    Headquarters, 28th N.C.T, July 17
    I send you a list of the men and officers that crossed the Potomac with General Lee’s 
    army into Pennsylvania.  I desire it published for the friends of the regiment at home to
     know who are the men that do not straggle or fall out by the way to keep them from duty 
    and in honor to the brave ones who are willing to serve their country in good faith.  The 
    ones marked thus--*--are the ones who crossed the Potomac and fought bravely in the 
    W.A. Speer, Lt. Colonel Commanding
    Company A
    Capt. E.F. Lovill*, Lts. E.T. Thompson, M.H. Norman*, Sgt. W. B. Holyfield*, C.T. 
    Thompson, *, J.W. Cockerham, Corpls. F. Snow*, W.S. Blackwood, Ptes. J.W. 
    Benson*, J.T. Blackwood, E.W. Bray, A.J. Bobet*, J.H. Childers, A.J. Chandler, 
    W. Center, H.W. Collins, S.G. Gates, M.C. Gates, G.W. Hiatt*, J.H. Hardy, J.A. 
    Holder, W.H. Marsh, F. Moore*, M.C. Parkes, A. Stanly*, J. Shropshire*, D.P. 
    Smith, T. Sprinkle*, J. Tate, S. Wood*, R. Wood, W.J. White, R. White, L.C. York
    Company B
    Capt. T.T. Smith*, Lts. H.J. Costner, R. Dorman*, Sgts. J.E. White, H.A. Towrence, 
    E.L. Whitesides*, Corpls. T.M. Foster, J.T. Carpenter, J.S. Cloneger, Ptes. J.L. 
    Alison, M. L. Abernathy, S.M. Abernathy*, J. Carpenter, C. Carpenter*, W.H. 
    Carpenter, F.T. Carpenter, L.R. Clemer*, J.B. Crenshaw*, A. Davis, L.H. Ford, J.A. 
    Ford, A.S. Friday, J.S. Foy, J. Graves, R.M. Gaston*, J. Huffstetter, E.M. Huffstetter, 
    M.V. Hovis*, W.H Hawkins*, J.C. Hoffman, J.H. Hoffman, T.F. Hoffman, G. Hines, R. 
    Jenkins, A.J. Jenkins, D.A. Simebye(?)* Simebyo(?)*, W.A. Sawing*, W.F. Lewis*, 
    J.J. Lewis*, G.M. Logan*, F.W. Lepin(?), J.L. McIntosh, J.F. Murphy, J.A. Marrow*, 
    J. O.(?) Murry, C. Neil*, P. Neil, A.A. Rhyne, A. Rhyne*, A.M. Rhyne*, E.L. Pigram, 
    J. Shaw*, J.W. Shields, R.B. Stone*, M. Stroupe, T.L. Sanders, J.R. Savis(?) Sawis(?), 
    W.R. Thomas, F.W. Thompson, W.A. Wiatt, W.E. Whitesides*, J.H. Costner*
    Company C
    Capt. T.J. Linebarger*, Lts. M.A. Thornburg, E.C. Austin, M.M. Thornburg, Sgts. D. 
    Kincade, L. Linebarger*, J.A. Little, J.W. Williams*, Corp. M.A. Sigman*, P.J. Herman, 
    Ptes. G.A. Abernathy, A. Bolch(?), B. Bolch(?), D.A. Bumgarner, M. Barger, A.J. 
    Clemer*, A. Cook*, L. Cook, A.H. Conrad*, A.L. Campbell*, J.C. Carter*, S. Consel, 
    D.J. Drum, A. Edwards, J.A. Fry*, E.N. Fry, A.J. Frady*, J. Goodson*, J.M. Grice*, 
    D. Hefner*, G. Hefner*, S. Hefner, A. Hilman*, R.D. Herman, G.D. Herman, D.N. Hawn, 
    J. Huffman*, D.W. Huffman, J.F. Houston*, J. M. Houston, W.A. Harwell, L. Holler, E. 
    Killian*, J.E. Killian, A.P. Linebarger*, E.M. Link, W.A. Martin*, W.J. Miller*, H. Miller, 
    H.H. Poovey*, D.A. Poovey, J.A. Poovey*, L. Poovey, H.F. Poovey, S.Pryor, D. Pryor, 
    C. Pitts*, J.A. Reynolds, J.A. Spencer, W.H. Lobock, H.P. Summit, F.A. Selzer, D. 
    Sype(?), J.L. Turbyfill(?), A.E. Towman, A.E. Yount
    Company D
    Capt. H.A. Randall, Lt. E. Moose, Sgts. M.J. Eudy, J.M. Essly*, M. Lowder*, H.A. 
    Parkes, Corp. M. Richee, Ptes. A. Erwin, W.H. Crowell*, C. Carpenter, A. Carpenter*,
    L. Caldy(?), J.W. Davis, C.F. Fisher*, H. Huneycutt, J.W. Howel, D. Herin, J.M. 
    Hatley, J.H. Livly(?), A.R. Miller, A.D. Miller*, J.P. Marsh*, J.C. Mault(?), B.R. 
    Malden*, W.C. Morrow, B. Perry, N.C. Pennington, D.W. Plyler, J.C. Sell, A. Sides, 
    A. Sides, Jr., J.Sides, C.W. Sides, D.E. Smith, J.A. Whitaker, W.C. Tew*, W. Newby*, 
    R. Stoker, J. Richie
    Company E
    Capt. N. Clark, Lts. T.S. Green*, E. Hurley*, Sgts. I. Williams, J.A. Crawford, J.H. Fraser*, 
    E. Hall, J.M. Luther, Ptes. W.T. Lisk*, D.B. Allen, J.H. Ballard, R.H. Byrd, C.(?) C.(?) 
    Brewer, A.W. Bass (Boss?), J. Callis*, N.L. Cook*, W. Gads(?) Gade(?)*, G.H. Hunsucker,
    J.C. Hastin, J.T. Lisk*, S. Morris, E.J. McInnis(?) McJennis(?),  G.W. McRae, H.G. 
    McDonell*, A.M. Awlay, T.A. Parsons*, J.C. Parker*, W. Phillips, J.A. Reddin, W.A. 
    Smith, J.M. Stafford, P.T. Tolburt*, J.W. Wade*, D.W. Weisner, S.E. Weisner
    Company F
    Capt. T.V. Apperson, Lts. J.T. Truelove, W.A. Marler, J.M. Starling*, Sgts. J.C. Brown, 
    A.T. Randleman*, F.A. Myers*, Corpl. J.K.P. Brown*, Ptes. A. Apperton, B.F. Adams*, 
    T.D. Creson, L. Chaplin*, G.W. Blakely, J.W. Binkley, W.T. Dickson, F. Gough*, 
    D. Hicks, J. Hicks*, B.(?) J. Norman, R.A. Pack, J.W. Tackett, Jas. W. Tacket, J. P. Well, 
    J.H. Woten, A.Z. Brown*, J.M. Kirk*, J.G. Nicholson*, W.D. Kelly, J.D. Conrad
    Company G
    Capt. E.J. Morrow, Lts. G.W. McAuley*, E.S. Edwards, Sgts. D.F. Morrow, W.F. Edwards, 
    E.A. Martin, Corpls. S.G. Ryan, J.S. Durham*, Ptes. Jas. Brockwell*, Jno Brockwell, 
    J. Bishop, J. Canady*, R.L. Cates, J. Cheek, W.E. Crabtree, H.C. Crawford, L. Daniel*,
    J. B.(or H.?) Durham, R.A. Durham, T.M. Durham, W.J. Durham, H.A. Edwards, T.W. 
    Howard, L. Lloyd*, L.J. Lloyd, J.A. Morris, W.G. Poindexter, S.A. Poe, J.A. Roberson, 
    A.G. Roberson, M. Smith, J.L. Smith*, C.P. Snipes*, N. Straughn*, H.C. Sikes, J.L. 
    Thompson, J. G. Vickers, S. Workman*, G.N. Wall(or Wait?)
    Company H
    Capt. G.G. Holland*, Lts. M.A. Lowe, S.A. Simmons, D.B. Smith, Sgts. L. Matheny(?), 
    J.J. Rollins, Corpls. B.E. Hughs, J.W. Lee, J. C. Holland, Ptes. W.T. Barnett, S.G.H. 
    Bridges, G.M. Green*, P.G. Gold, J.B. Gillaspie, J.M. Gillaspie, J. Hamuck*, P.A. 
    Holland, W.E. Lee, A. McCraw, W.D. McSwain, W.T. Privitt, J.T. Wilson
    Company I
    Lts. S.S. Bohannon, J.H. Snow*, Sgts. C.D. Hendricks, D.C. Cosy, Corp. W.A. Tesh, 
    Ptes. H. Busday(?) Bunday(?), P.H. Harty*, W.M. Carter, W.H. Childers, N.C. Dozier, 
    J.G. Danner*, W.R. Gentry, J.E. Hobson, D. F.(?) Hobson, G.B. Harding, Jones Holcomb, 
    Bloom Holcomb, J.T. Holcomb, D.C. Hall, Isaac Hutchins, C.V. Hutchins, L.W. Johnson, 
    E. Long, J.H. Martin, Jr., B.T. McKaughn, J.H. Martin, Jones Mackle, E.H. Reece, G.T. 
    Reynolds, T.A. Smith, E. Stinson, T.G. Scott, L.A. Todd*, H. Whitehead, B.W. 
    Weatherman, J.T. Wisbon(?), L.G. Barker, S.W. Dozier, W.L. Jarvis, A.R. Joyce*, 
    Iredell Evans, Isaac Moore
    Company K
    Lts. J.M. Crewell(?) Crowell(?), A.N. Stone, J.T. Biles, Sgts. W. J. Ross(?)*, D.M. 
    Ross, H.C. Page, C. Furn(?)*, Corpls. D. Allman, D.D. Smith, S.F. Forris, W.A.C. 
    Biles, Ptes. G.W. Hethcock, G.L. Hethcock, B.F. Bell*, A.C. Burns*, W.A. Bost, 
    W.F .Crewell, W. Carrico, Wil Carrico, D.D. Davis, J.E. Eudy*, J.W. Eudy, D.W. 
    Eury, L.R. Farmer, J.E. Fisherman*, J.T. Howell, D.A. Hatley, J.M. Hinson, N.F. 
    Hethcock, D.J. Holt, S. Harkey, G.E. Kirk, A.C. Mabra*, E.H. Milton*, C.J. McSwain, 
    D.W. Moody, S.C. McKinley, T. Motley, S.J. Hash*, J. Nelson, G. Russel, J.A. 
    Randel*, G.P. Ross, E.R. Smith, B.F. Smith*, C.  Shortle*, W. F. Swaringen, 
    H.C. Swaringen, C.C. Thompson, A. Vanhoy(?), T. Whitley, G.(?) C. Smith*, 
    D.W. Rogers
    North Carolina Standard
    August 5, 1863
    The Storming of Gettysburg Heights
    6th Regiment N.C.T. July 2
    Commanded by Major Samuel McD Tate
    Col. Avery was commanding Hoke’s Brigade and Lt. Col. White was absent—sick
    About twilight on the night of July 2, Hoke’s N.C. Brigade lay in the line of battle at 
    an angle about 45 degrees to the line of battle to the enemy on Gettysburg Heights, 
    their right supported by the Louisiana Brigade under General Hays, the left 
    unsupported as it was too advanced and by a right wheel connected with the 
    right at Johnson’s Division on the mountain.  The brigade was commanded by 
    Col. I.E. Avery, 6th N.C. Regiment, was posted as follows from the right to the left:
    6th N.C., Major Tate; 91st N.C. Col. Kirkland; 57th N.C. Col. Goodwin (the 54th 
    N.C. Col. Murchison had been sent to Staunton in charge of the Winchester prisoners).  
    Moving forward from the line of battle marked on the map I am sending as “line of battle 
    before the charge” and in the direction before mentioned, we crossed a very high and 
    strong plank fence, when the batteries on the heights opened up on us, with a furious 
    shower of shot and shell.  To render the position intelligible to any one who cannot 
    see the map I am sending, let him draw a range of hills and imagine a road dug in 
    the side running nearly straight, then a line from this making an angle of about 45 
    degrees and you have the position from which we started.  Let him describe on this 
    road on the mountain side a line of any length he may choose to represent the front 
    of the regiment and about three times the length of the regiment front, left to right 
    and you have the bearing of our lines.  Allow on this line room for the Louisiana 
    Brigade of five regiments and the next regiment you mark will be the 6th N.C.
    The fence mentioned as first encountered and where the batteries opened on us 
    is a strong plank fence running nearly parallel to our lines.  Crossing this and 
    moving on in the direction mentioned before indicated we came to a very strong 
    high morticed fence running at right angles with the fence we first crossed and 
    parallel to the enemy’s batteries and lines.  Just before reaching this fence we right 
    obliqued and the fence, defying all efforts to tear it down, the unit jumped over it.  
    Having executed this manoeuvre under a most galling fire, and having given the order 
    to right wheel so as to face the enemy’s batteries and lines, Col. Avery commanding 
    the brigade fell mortally wounded just as fame was preparing to wreathe his brow on 
    the field of Gettysburg.  He met the Green Monster where eh had so often courted 
    him and died where the brave prefer to die amid the clash of arms pouring out his 
    heart’s blood; a willing libation on the altar of his country.
    Having crossed this fence and executed the right wheel, we faced the enemy’s lines 
    and batteries.  The ground was nearly level or a little rising towards the stone wall 
    and planted in corn.  A hedge row ran perpendicular to our line and one or two 
    companies passed to the right of us.  To describe the fire poured upon us would 
    defy our power of pen and ink.  The heights are believed to have had forty pieces of 
    artillery which were turned upon us and the heavy fire of infantry behind the stone 
    wall was terrific and at a range when the yell was raised of not more than 150 yards. 
    I know that I cannot give you an accurate description of the heights we had to storm 
    but will try to give a general one so that the reader can form some conception of the 
    obstacles we encountered.  The heights we stormed consisted of a very high hill, its 
    top cone shaped at its base, and distant from the top about 100 yards ran a road dug 
    in the hill side with the upper side protected by a stone wall whose average height 
    was about six feet. The top of the wall was level with the ground and the ditch behind 
    it made the strong position occupied by their infantry, supporting the batteries of its 
    crest, which consisted of two tiers of guns.
    The gun upon the summit commanded the whole surrounding country, the other lower 
    down on the hill side.  From two points in this stone wall distant from each other about 
    the front of a regiment of 400 men ran two rock fences towards the batteries and 
    perpendicular to the stone wall.  It was that position of the stone wall flanked by 
    these two rock fences that our regiment charged.
    From the third position marked on the map I sent you, we raised the yell and under 
    a heavy fire soon reached the stone wall and  mounting to the top we found the enemy 
    had no desire to leave.  Sternly they resisted and there was a general clubbing of 
    muskets and bayoneting and officers used their swords freely.  The sound of rifles 
    ceased entirely for a few moments and it was doubtful whether or not we could hold 
    the stone wall.  The clubbing of muskets and bayoneting became general along the 
    line for a few minutes when they gave way.  The enemy on our right had been 
    dislodged while on our left they were not.  But we had a rock fence on each flank 
    on our line from one to the other which made the fourth position of the regiment 
    marked on the map I enclosed.
    Major Tate immediately ordered a charge on the batteries which were soon in our 
    possession; but the cannoneers showed stubborn resistance and were nearly all 
    shot down on their guns so that the next day a detail of infantry was needed to work them.
    Perceiving the enemy throwing a line behind the rock fence on our left which would 
    enfilade us, as well as give good fire on our rear, Major Tate changed front to rear 
    on his first company and threw his line behind the rock fence on our right, leaving 
    the space immediately in front of the batteries and the two rock fences open, the 
    enemy holding the one to the left and we to the right.
    After holding this position for some time and fearing that the enemy might take 
    possession of the road and stone wall over which we had passed with so obstinate 
    a struggle, we changed front to rear on the 10th company which threw the right in 
    the road below the stone wall and considerably to the right of our lane where we 
    crossed the wall.
    The question may be asked why did we evacuate?  I have said that position of the 
    stone wall on our left had not been taken that after having silenced the batteries, 
    we were threatened by a line behind the rock fence on our left which made us 
    throw our line behind the rock fence on our right so as to front their line.  Our r
    ear being open and unprotected and liable to be captured, we threw the line on 
    the road.  This position we determined to hold until support could be had.  From 
    being either all killed or captured by throwing a file across the road so as to hold 
    the enemy in check in case he should move against our left until the regiment 
    could be withdrawn. The causes which compelled us to evacuate are as follows:  
    failing to find any support after being sent repeatedly and finding no one, during 
    which time the enemy threw a line on our front and occupied the stone wall so
    that you could take hold of a rifle on our extreme left with one hand and a rifle on 
    the right with another; notwithstanding we did not intend to evacuate with those 
    forces on our front but when we saw their line reinforced all along with a new line 
    it was only to decide to wait and sacrifice the regiment uselessly or withdraw 
    which latter we did in good order and unmolested.
    I wish to be understood that what I said applied exclusively to the 6th Regiment 
    N.C.T. and no design whatever existed in the heart of your correspondent to 
    distract from our brothers of the 21st and 57th.  They fought in one place and 
    we in another.  They did their part nobly and gallantly.
    North Carolina Standard
    July 29, 1863
    55th N.C. Regiment
    The following is a partial list of casualties
    Col. Connolly, left arm amputated and severe wound in right side owing to 
    weakening effects of his wounds he was left at Cashtown, Pa., and has fallen 
    into the hands of the enemy.
    Lt. Col. Smith, mortal wound, has since died
    Adjt. Jordan, taken prisoner
    Company A:  Capt. Upchurch killed
    Company B:  Capt. Gilreath killed
    Company C:  Capt. Dickson and Lt. Bethel taken prisoner
    Company D:  Capt. Rundall and Lt. Townes taken prisoner
    Randall was severely wounded in the face
    Company E:  Capt. Whitfield, slight wound in head
    Company G:  Capt. Whitted, slight wound in face, Lt. Lee killed
    Company H:  Capt. Sutterfield killed; Lt. Lillington flesh wound through the 
    thigh; Lt. Blount captured and Lt. Holt wounded in calf of leg
    Company I:  Capt. Williams taken prisoner, Lt. Winston wounded
    Lt., Company H, 55th N.C.T.
    The following casualties are reported in the companies from the village of Chapel Hill:
    Killed:  Major Joseph Hubbard Saunders, 33rd Reg’t.; Lts. John Henderson 
    McDade, John Wosley Williams, Nat. Brooks Tinney, 11th Reg’t.; Lt. William 
    M. Mickle, 37th Reg’t.; Sgts. William Whitted, Corp. William Spencer Durham 
    and William Sugg (reported).
    Captain Elijah Graham Morrow of the 28th, wounded and prisoner and Lt. Lewis
    Battle, wounded and prisoner.
    How many more of our gallant boys from Chapel Hill were killed and wounded in the
    terrible battle is not known but enough is known to justify us in calling us a village 
    in mourning.
    Casualties from the 28th Regiment in the Battle of Falling Water Dam #4, Maryland, July 15
    Company B:  Robert B. Stone and Leroy Wilson, missing
    Company C:  Able Harmon, missing
    Company E:  J.H. Hunsucker, missing
    Company G:  R.L. Catis, and H.C. Sykes, missing
    Company I:  Henry Bundy, missing
    Company K:  E. H.(or L.?) Melton, missing
    W.H.A. Speer, Lt. Col.
    Commanding, 28th Reg’t.
    North Carolina Standard
    August 5, 1863
    11th N.C. Regiment
    This gallant regiment certainly one of the finest in the South, was terribly torn to 
    pieces at Gettysburg.  Col. Leaventhorpe was wounded and fell into the hands of 
    the enemy.  Lt. Col. Morten was absent on business at the time of the fight.  Major 
    Ross was killed.  Capt. Armfield, the senior captain, was wounded and fell into the 
    hands of the enemy.  Capt. Bird, the next highest, commanded the regiment on the 
    3rd day’s fight.  We understand that he acquitted himself with honor.  While others 
    lost their colors, he brought off those of his regiment with his own hands.  His clothes 
    were struck with balls in several places and his thigh grazed with a ball although he 
    reports himself not hurt.  He received after the fight the highest commendation from 
    General Pettigrew.  Every commissioned officer of his company who was present 
    was killed.  400 men of Leaventhorpe’s regiment were lost in that fearful struggle.  
    What a terrible slaughter of some of the best men in the state.
    General Field Officers of N.C. Regiments Who Have Fallen in this War
    Major General William D. Pender
    Brigadier Generals Lawrence O.B. Branch, George B. Anderson, J. Johnston Pettigrew
    Montfort S. Stokes, Charles C. Tew, Gaston Meares(?), Charles F. Fisher, Isaac E. 
    Avery, Reuben P. Campbell, Philetus W. Roberts (died), Robert M. McKinney, 
    Champ Davis, Thomas J. Purdu(?) Purdie(?), Matthew Davis (died), Solomon Williams, 
    Henry K. Burgwyn, Richard H. Riddick, Charles C. Lee, George B. Singletary, 
    J. Henry Morehead (died), James C.S. McDowell
    Lt. Colonels
    John C. Badham(?) Eadham(?), Junius L. Hill, Franklin J. Fulson(?) Fuison(?), 
    Rufus K. Pepper, Sunders Fulton, Robert H. Gray (died), Christopher C. Cole, 
    Thomas L. Lowe (died), Eli H. Miller, Oliver H. Petway, John A. Graves, M. Thomas Smith
    Tristrum(?) L. Skinner, John Howard, Absolom K. Simonton, John B. Andrews 
    (died), Henry McRae (died), Thomas N. Crumpler, John H. Whitaker, Egbert A. 
    Ross, David D. Rowe, Ed. Dixon (died), Laban Odell, Edmund J. Christian, 
    Abner B. Carmichael, Thomas W. Mayhew, Joseph H. Saunders, John M. Kelly, 
    Archibald D. Crudup, Benjamin R. Hoake(?) Hoske(?), James S. Whitehead
    I have not included in this list Cols. Leaventhorpe, Christie and Marshall, Lt. Col. 
    Parks and Major Richardson, reported to have been killed or to have died of wounds 
    received in the late fight but have included those who died of disease.
    Headquarters, 31st Regiment, Sullivan’s Island, July 28
    Enclosed you will find a list of casualties in this regiment at the affair on James 
    Island on July 16 and the bombardment and assault of Battery Wagner on July 18.
    Casualties July 16
    Company C (or G?)
    Killed:  Pte. W.A. Johnson
    Wounded:  Ptes. E.A. Lee and James Gower, slight
    Company I
    Wounded;  Corp. Joseph Stewart, Pte. W.T. Meser(?), slight
    Company K
    Wounded:  Pte. Freeman Willis, mortal, since dead
    Casualties July 18
    Company A
    Wounded:  Pte. Kinlow, mortal, since dead, Sgt. Lewis, slight, Ptes. Thomas Jones, 
    A.H. Sealey and J.L. Thompson, slight
    Company B
    Killed: Pte. Sidney Parker and B.B. Harris
    Wounded:  Ptes. Solomon Allen, severe, J.D. Johnson and Jonathan Dees, slight
    Company C
    Killed:  Pte. Wm. Matthews
    Wounded:  Ptes. Alex Rogers, severe, A. Sexton, R. Eilen(?) Ellen(?), A.Q. Wood, slight
    Company D
    Wounded:  Pte. W.R. Bryan, mortal, since dead, Sgt. S.J. Mitchiner, slight
    Company E
    Wounded:  Sgt. Pope, Ptes. D.N. Wilkinson, and John Faulkner, slight
    Missing:  Pte. Dewain Garret
    Company F
    Killed:  Corp. W.E. Harrell (flag bearer)
    Wounded:  Sgt. S.S. Perry
    Company G
    Wounded:  Ptes. Andrew Lawrence, dangerously (feared mortal), J.A. Grant, and 
    E.D. Sanford, slight
    Company H
    Killed:  Pte. Jesse Allen
    Wounded:  Ptes. R.B. Keith and W.A. Mooningham(?), slight
    Company I
    Killed:  Pte. Neill H. Gaskins
    Wounded:  Capt. A.B. Parker, mortal, since dead
    Sgt. J. McAllister, severe, Pte. Isaac Melvin and Sgt. Gregory, slight
    Company K
    Killed:  Pte. Z. Smith
    Wounded:  Ptes. M.W. Carriker, dangerously (feared mortal), H. Mitchell, and 
    A. Wiggins, severe
    E.K. Bryan
    Adjt. 31st Regt N.C.T.
    North Carolina Standard
    August 12, 1863
    List of men who died at Chimborazo Hospital from the 4th March to the 1st 
    August, 1863, Ward B, 3rd Division
    March 12, Pte. D. Cottle(?), Company E, 30th N.C. Regiment
    March 15, J.H. Pritchett, Company C, 32nd N.C. Regiment
    March 23, D. McLean, Company C., 34th (?) 54th (?) Reg’t.
    March 24, J.A. Lee, Company K, 3rd (?-maybe 2nd ?, illegible), N.C. Regiment
    March 20, G.T. Dennis, Company H, 54th N.C. Regiment
    April 2, J.M. Gunter, Company G, 1st N.C. Regiment
    April 15, D. Hoover, Company G, 34th N.C. Regiment
    April 20, U.T. Willis, Company D, 45th N.C. Regiment
    May 18, J.E. Hogges, Company E, 4th N.C. Regiment
    May 25, W.R. Hart, Company C., 32nd N.C. Regiment
    July 29, J.C. Baker, Company A, 26th N.C. Regiment
    June 19, J.S. Gal - - - re (partially illegible), 52nd N.C. Regiment
    Casualties Co. C., 47th N.C.T. Falling Waters, Maryland, July 14
    Wounded:  Pte. Rufus Sanders, right leg
    Wounded and Missing:  Pte. J.M. Roysten(?) Royster(?)
    Missing:  Pte. M. Bishup, Thomas J. Ferrell, Jas. H. Hadley, W.H. Maynard, A.H.
    Maynard, George R. Moore, J.H. O’Daniel, W. T. Sanders, W.H. Stevens
    N.L. Brown, Lt., Commanding
    Promotions, Changes
    Major James W. Whitson of Currituck has been made Lt. Col of the 8th Regiment 
    N.C.T. vice Hinton promoted to Col of the 66th Regiment N.C.T.
    Capt. Edw. C. Yellowly of Pitt has been made major of the 8th Reg’t. N.C.T. vice 
    Whitson promoted
    Major James S. Hines, New Hanover, 1st Regiment N.C.T. has resigned on 
    account of disability
    North Carolina Standard
    August 12, 1863
    Confederate prisoners sent to Johnson’s Island, Sandusky Bay
    From the Baltimore American
    Major H.G. Lewis, 3rd N.C.T.
    Lt. Crawford, Co K, 6th N.C.T
    Lt. J.T. Martin, Co I, 21st N.C.T.
    Lt. M.F. Jones, Co D, 23rd N.C.T.
    Lt. J.S. Evans, Co B, 47th N.C.T.
    Lt. J.D. Newsom, Co H, 47th N.C.T.
    Lt. G.M. Whiting, Co. C., 47th N.C.T.
    Lt. Col. M.A. Parks, Adj’t. F.C. Powell
    Lt. G.W. Nixon and C.B. Harrison were at West’s Building Hospital, Baltimore
    We are gratified to learn that Lieutenants Iowa Royster and Gaston Broughton 
    of this city, reported dead, are living though in the hands of the enemy and likely 
    to recover.  We regret to learn that Col. Leaventhorpe and his adjutant Henderson 
    Lucas (son of the late Capt. Lucas of Raleigh) have died of wounds received at Gettysburg.
    North Carolina Standard
    August 19, 1863
    Information is wanted on Austin Brown of Capt. A.C. Latham’s battery whether 
    dead or alive.  He was at Winchester when last heard from in October of 1862.  
    His parents have or had four sons in this battery and one in another company.  
    Any information as to Austin will be gratefully received by his wife and aged parents 
    at Pine Level, Johnston County, N.C.  Thomas Brown, Pine Level
    North Carolina Standard
    September 9, 1863
    Information wanted on William Cooper of Company A, Capt. Milton, 2nd N.C. battalion.  
    When last heard from in June of 1863, he was near the town of Carlisle, Pa.  Any 
    information regarding William Cooper will be gratefully received by his parents.  
    (first name illegible - - ard) Cooper, Clover Orchard, Alamance Co.
    We have received from H. Rogers, Army Colporteur and late prisoner from Chester, 
    a list of the N.C. men whom he left there as prisoners.
    Officers:  Major J.H. Saunders, 33rd Regt.; Capts. A.A. Moffitt, 18th; H. Turner, 23rd, 
    H.T. Whitaker, 55th; Lts. C.A. McGehee, 53rd; J.H. Randall, T.C. Miller, P.P. Mull and
    R.M. Rossiter, 55th; J. M. Lawrence, 22nd; E.T. Thompson and E. Moore, 28th; 
    B.H. Winston, 53rd; T. j. Cahill, 7th; S.P. Gill, 47th; William G. Woods and Frank 
    Williams, 18th; Jno. H. Shufford and ------Wright, 23rd; R.F. Drake, 47th, Nathan 
    Horton, 37th.
    1st Regiment:  Y.B. Clifton, Company I
    3rd Regiment:  Jas. Hair and B.A. Ruff, Co A; Wm. Screwes, G. Daniel, J. Mathis, 
    Co B; Jesse H. Hardin, D.H. Callahan, J.M. King, Co F; C.B. Sikes, Co H.
    7th Regiment:  G.G. Quitman and W.L. Turner, Co F; A.B. McDaniel, Co I; F.(?) 
    Cornelius, Co I, dead; R.W. Parker, Co I, dead; W.A. Rose, Co I supposed dead; 
    R.C. Steel, Co I; J. Banfield, Co A
    11th Regiment:  J.R. Bingham, Co A; J. Long and J. Bynum, Co F; J. M. Clay, Co D
    13th Regiment:  W.M. Townsend, Co E, dead; Anderson Redenhour and John 
    Redenhour, Co F; B.T. Carter, Co K; G.W. Branton, Co C; J.C. Ratcliff, Co H
    15th Regiment:  D.F Adams, Co C
    16th Regiment:  J. Hager, Co C; M.L. Goode, Co G
    18th Regiment:  Richard Rieves, Co E; Reuban Harmon, Co C
    20th Regiment:  B.M. Houston, Co D
    22nd Regiment:   Edwin Brewer, Co I; P.H. Padgett, and A. Nolin, Co H; 
    J.H. Hosley(?), Co (illegible); R. McFarland, Co K; R. Dimonds, Co A; J.H. 
    Dale, Co (illegible)
    23rd Regiment:  J.T. Lockhart, Co A; Timothy Hefner, Co F
    26th Regiment:  J. Pendergrass, Co A; N.B. Norden, and T.M. Caudle, Co D, 
    sick; Wm. M. Siler, Co G; John m. Sudderith, Co F; A.J. Alston, Co (illegible); 
    H. Crowson, Co K; Jno. Hoffsticall, Co B; Wm. Parsons, Co C
    28th Regiment:  W. M. Caskin and A.C. Burris, Co K; Marly Forester, Co E; T.H. 
    Wooten(?), Co F; C.D. Hendrix, J.W. Blackwood, Co A; G.H. Fallard and C.C. 
    Brewer, Co E; S.G.H. Bridges, Co H
    30th Regiment:  R.C. Cullen, Co F
    32nd Regiment:  Joseph Spence, Co B
    33rd Regiment:  A.M. Tucker and Alex C. Brantly, Co C; W.A. Arnell, Co G; 
    Samuel Regan, Co (illegible), sick; R. Durham and Jas. MacLean, Co D
    37th Regiment:  J.H. Webster, Co E; Miles Asker, Co D, L. H. Roberts, Co I; 
    M.A. Faulkner, and B.F. Steele, Co C; L.G .Purlier, A.W. Anderson, Co F; Wm. 
    Dicken, Co G; O.(?) G.(?) S. Mendenhall, Co K
    38th Regiment:  M. H. Lewis, Co H; John Weeks, Co D; Jas Ruff, Co (illegible); 
    J.A. McArthur, Co K; Daniel Heffner, Co F
    43rd Regiment:  J.D. Hendricks, Co G; D.R. Powell, Co A; M.T. Russ, Co K
    45th Regiment;  Stephen Steel, Co C; J.T.A. Davidson, Co K; S.C. Browning, 
    Co I; Jno. A. Roach, J.H. Cason, and W.S. Hollet, Co E
    47th Regiment:  D.R. Ross, Co K; Rainey Deever and B.B. Lee, Co D; Ander 
    Newman, Co F, sick; Isaiah Blake, Co I; Drewry King, Co H; A. Hunt, Co (illegible), 
    John Done(?) Dons(?), Co C
    52nd Regiment:  C.H. Hope, Co H; Lee Gibson, Co D, sick; B.f. Coffer and Alex 
    Cheater, sick, Co D; R.K. Smith, Co I; Jesse Reeves, Co B; Sullivan Sell, Co I; 
    Wm. A. Sifford, Co G; Roland Chapple, Co A, dead; A. Anderson, Co F; J.A. 
    Weathering, Co H
    55th Regiment:  J.W. Swinson, Co H; D. W. Miller, D.T. Wood, and John Boyd 
    (sick), Co K; Bryant Dixon, M.B. Galloway and J.H. Cason, Co E; John Shille(?), 
    Co C; C.B. Blanton, Co D; Jno Stawall, Jno Faison and Henry D. Sandlin, Co I; 
    Caloway Godson and Aaron Cerle, Co F; Thomas L. Reed, Co G
    Regiments not specified:  G.P. Smith, Jas. S. Haley, J.A. Mesenheimer, M.H. Sebastian
    2nd Cavalry:  Samuel P. Terry, Co K; Jas Patten, Co G
    2nd Battalion:  Thomas Credleburgh, Daniel Leach, Co F
    Fayetteville Observer
    Fayetteville Observer
    Wednesday, July 29, 1863
    Casualties 12th N.C. Troops at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863
    Company A
    Killed:  Private L. Bowman
    Wounded:  Sgt. L.R. Whitner, in leg, slight, Corp. J. McGee, seriously, Privates H. Killiam, 
    shoulder, slight, F. Murphy, arm and leg, slight, D.L. Rowe, mortal in breast, P.W. Whitner, 
    left leg amputated, R.A. Lawrence, leg, slight, 
    Company B
    Killed:  Pte. George Duty
    Wounded:  Lt. J.M.B. Hunt, Sgt. R.M. Paschall, in arm, flesh wound, Pte. J.R. Alston, severe 
    in breast and shoulder, Thomas Andrews, flesh wound in both legs, Jesse Collins, flesh wound 
    in thigh, Joseph Jones, arm amputated, John Knot, foot, slight, William Overby, flesh wound in 
    thigh, John Wadkins, flesh wound in leg, Jno. Wilson, through the face severely
    Company C
    Wounded:  1st Lt. B.M. Collins, flesh wound in arm, Ptes. R.N. Curtis, slightly in breast, William 
    Moss, in breast, L.F. Lambert, in head, J.W. Fisher, slightly in breast, J.T. Williams, flesh wound 
    in leg
    Company D
    Killed:  Pte. T.P. Meadows
    Wounded:  Sgt. T.A. Lankford, seriously in body, W.J. Robards, seriously in head, Ptes. P.M. 
    Carpenter in hand, S. Mallory, in shoulder slightly, J.S. Meadows, arm amputated, J.A. Royster, 
    in arm, J. Sigman, slightly, B. Smith in shoulder, D.B. Stone, breast, severe, D. Yancey, arm 
    Company E
    Killed:  Ptes. William P. Layton, Robert L. Adams
    Wounded:  Corp. D.D. Whisnant, wounded and missing, Ptes. C.J. Durham, severely in shoulder 
    and captured, John B. Blanton in thigh and captured, Jno. M. Collins, mortal in breast
    Company F
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. N.S. Mosely, seriously in neck, Sgt. T.H. White, severely through body, W.A. 
    Montgomery, Corp. J.B. Harriss, very slightly, D. Allen, severely in hip, Ptes. A. Allen, foot slightly, 
    P. Bobbitt, both thighs, severely, J. Draper, thigh, slight, C. Floyd, ankle, R.B. Thornton, D.T. 
    Wooten, leg amputated
    Company G
    Wounded:  Col. C.W. Gregory, severely through shoulder, D.A. Mullikin, slightly in side
    Company H
    Killed:  Pte. F.B. Joyner
    Wounded:  Sgt. R.W. Joyner, severe in back, Corp. D.W. Sorey, severe in shoulder, Pte. G. 
    Williams, slight in hand
    Missing:  Ptes. W.R. Delbridge, Isaac Gordon
    Company I
    Wounded:  Corp. W.H. Drewry, in hand, slight, Pte. J.A.J. Glascow, severe in leg
    Company K
    Wounded:  Ptes. H.E. Bartholomew, slight in arm, T.D. Jones, slight in wrist, J. D. Campbell, 
    slight in foot, G.W. Brake, slight in breast
    Casualties in the Battle of Hagerstown, Maryland, July 6, 1863
    Company A
    Killed:  Sgt. G.L. Snyder
    Company B
    Wounded:  Captain Taylor in shoulder
    Company C
    Killed:  Pte. William Pearcy
    Company F
    Wounded:  Pte. W.E. Daniel, slightly
    Company G
    Wounded;  Lt. Jno. Tormey, severely in shoulder
    Respectfully submitted
    W.L. Davis
    Lt. Col., Commanding 12th Regiment N.C.T.
    John F. Gregory, Adjutant
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, January 11, 1864
    Prisoners of the 5th N.C. Troops Taken at Gettysburg and Confined at Johnson’s Island
    Company A
    W.B. Autry, right thigh, flesh, Jas. Smith, right hip, improving, M. Fitzmore, left shoulder, died 
    Jan. 7, N.M. Brady, hip, improving, Sgt. (last name illegible) died Aug. 3, Jas. K. Goldman, 
    shoulder and jaw, latter fractured, died July 11, D.W. (last name illegible, five letters, starts with 
    an ‘S’ and ends with a ‘y’), lungs, improving
    Company B
    Thomas (last name illegible, might be Howell), arm amputated, improving, James Powell, 
    shoulder, Dempsey Wright, died July 10 (or 16), R. Sanders(?), died July 21, L. Draper, died 
    July 6, Robert Wright, died July 6
    Company C
    William Rains(?), improving
    Company D
    George (last name illegible, might be Hart) died July (number illegible)
    Company E
    Pat Cunningham, died July 17, M. Beaver, David Hewitt, died July 9
    Company F
    Sgt. C. Hobbs, W. Eady, L. Mabry, A.C. Treces(?), improving, J.C. Carter, left leg, flesh, Martin 
    (last name illegible, starts with an ‘A’), leg, flesh, Lucius Peck, died July 6
    Company G
    Corp. Jas. Pennington, left hip, improving, Miles Mason, died July 19, John Locke(?), died July 
    18(?), Wm. A. Williams, thigh, improving, J.F. Weaver, left hand amputated, Rufus Watson 
    died July 12, Joseph Anderson died July 11, Wm. Dixon died July 19, Benjamin Collock(?), 
    right leg, flesh, improving, C.D. Waitly(?), died July 23, Joseph Robins, skull fractured, improving
    Company H
    Sgt. J.R. Powell, died July 7, Corp. Dawson Parker, died (no date given), W.C. Safrit, left 
    thigh, flesh
    Company I
    Sgt. Wm. F. Smith, arm amputated, improving, Corp. B.F. Thompson, leg, improving, Rabson(?) 
    Harlow, leg, improving, (first name illegible) Hancock, died July 12, N. Berry, (illegible word) 
    fractured, improving, P.H. Wood, died July 12, Sgt. Robinson(?), arm(?) amputated, improving
    Company K
    Sgt. H.T. Powe(?), (illegible word) fractured, improving, L.D. Bringle, shoulder, improving, W.C. 
    Sangart(?), thigh, improving, Moses Safrit, died July 17, E.E. Leach, died July 15, Levi Deal, arm 
    and back, improving
    This list only comprises those who were seriously wounded and left at the hospital of which Dr. 
    Pearson was in charge.
    L.M. Davis, Captain
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, July 20, 1863
    Casualties 5th North Carolina Troops At Gettysburg
    (Transcriber’s Note:  See Article from August 17 issue of this paper where writer 
    claims to have a more accurate list)
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Capt. S.B West, commanding regiment; Adjutant F.J. Haywood
    Company A
    Killed:  J.T. Womble
    Wounded:  Lt. H.H. Smith, finger; Sgts. S.A. Rose, arm; S. Beon(?), hand; Corps. 
    J.W. Monk, side; J.M. Fox, leg; Privates N.K. Goodwin, shoulder; Robert Atkinson, 
    head; N.M. Braddy, hip; T.T. Burke, arm and head; Jas. Smith, hip; M. Sisemore, 
    arm and head; W.B. Autry, thigh; N. Gee, arm; H. L. Webster, thigh; Levi Cook, 
    hand; C.F. Harper, thigh; E.Kinsaul(?); J.F. Beal, head
    Company B
    Killed:  Corp. J.S. Morgan, R.H. Blount, W.H. Jackson, G.R. Williams, L. Worrell, J. 
    Wounded:  Lt. J.F. Cross, Corps. J. Hays, R.W. Hays, and B.F. Willey; J.A. Howell, 
    Cal Hays, P.E. Matthews, B.F. Powell, B.F. Thompson, D. Knight, John Parker, L. 
    Draper, R.A. Saunders, R.H. Knight 
    Company C
    Killed:  N.D. Bridgers, L.H. Jones
    Wounded:  Lt. H.L. Watson, Sgt. J.K. Whilley, Corp. A. Creech, W. Garner, K. Brown, 
    D.W. Lee, W.N. Harper, James Fault, N. Faulk, B.N. Dean, Jas Dean, ------- Durham,
    N. Corbet, U. Johnson, J. Hudson, L. Sasser, B. Massingill, W.B. Jewyringan, Wm. 
    Bains, J.H. Williams, G.R. Pool, J. Foard
    Company D
    Killed:  Lt. M.J. Malone
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.W.  Barrow, G.E. Yart
    Company E
    Killed:  Lt. W.A. Carr, Sgts. J.M. Miller, Wm. Steel; George Waller
    Wounded:  Lts. M.F. Hunt, R.C. West; Sgt. D.C. Bassinger, Corp. J. Scott, W.J. Bond, 
    P. Cunningham, G.S. Council, J.N. Morgan, G.W. Long, D.H. Hewitt, Wm. Riggsby
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. W.A. Riddick, Corps. C. Hobbs, J.F. Endey, M.M. Endry, J. Peck, J.B. 
    Carter, J.D. Whitley, G.W. Oatley, A.S. Barringer, W. Almand, G. Kizer
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. C.C. Rauls, N. Etheridge, D.L. Williams, J.G. Clifford, M.P. Morgan
    Wounded:  Capt. J.M. Taylor, Lt. T.D. Deems, Corp. Jas. Penington, G.A. Barringer, J. 
    Robins, J. Lock, J.J. Rena(?), W.L. Light, R. Watson, J. Anderton, W. Dickson, M. Mason, 
    B.L. Collett, D. Baker, W.A. Williams, J.T. Weaver
    Company H
    Wounded:  lt. R. Cooper, Sgt. R. Powell, Corp. D. Parker, T. Hurdle, M.P. Morgan, M.M. 
    Pool, J. Riddick, R. Saunders, W.C. Safrit(?), J. Copeland, J.J. Shaver, C.W. Shirewalt(?)
    Company I
    Killed:  S. Riley
    Wounded:  Lt. W.M. Lea, Sgts. J.E. Robinson, W.F. Smith, Corps. B.F.(?) Thompson, J. 
    Taylor; R. Harlow, T.J. Hoke, B.F. Bean, L. Goodson, W.W. Cobb, T.H. Wood or Weed, 
    T.J. Hancock, J.P. Hopkins, N.D. Berry, E. Lewis
    Company K
    Killed:  J. Allen, J. M. Heilig, Tobias Cruse, George Keith, A. Bestian, Isaac Earnhart
    Wounded:  Lt. J.C. Irvin, Sgt. W.T. Powe(?), W. Leffler, L.D. Brinkle, E.E. Leach, E. 
    Safrit, E. Seaford, L. Deal, A. Loppard, S.A. Bean, W.C. Sugart, A.A. Bestian, E. 
    Brewer, M. Safrit
    The above is only a partial list of the casualties, a large portion of the wounded having 
    fallen in the hands of the enemy.
    S.W. West
    Captain, 5th N.C. Troops
    Casualties Company F, 20th Regiment
    Killed:  Lt. F.C. Wilson, Sgts. M. Sessoms, B. Crumpler, Private Levi Farnscloth
    Wounded:  Capt. J.W. Wright, Corp. T. Sessoms, Privates O.A. Williams, M. Hall, 
    W.H. Herring, P. Sessoms, A. Fisher, J.B. Herring, A.W. Hall, J.K. Ezzell, W.H. Hall, 
    W.J. Balcam(?), J.C. Butler, John Sikes
    Missing, prisoners, unhurt:  Sgt. W.A. Peterson, Corp. J.L. Benton, Privates R.O. 
    Spell, M. Pearson, J.A. McAlpin, J. McCullen, D. Giddings, Nathan Hall
    Wounded North Carolinians in hospital at Middlebury, Va.:
    Jas. Williams
    J.A. Butler
    D. Todd
    J. Cox
    B.F. Ward, Company B
    W.A.B. Pierson, Company D, 63rd
    S. Morgan
    F. Duke, Company D
    M.C. Taylor, Company G, 59th
    These were wounded in the cavalry fight, June 17
    Guilford Taylor, Company B
    D.W. Smith, Company F
    J.A. Lynch, Company D
    David Jones, Company G, 63rd
    Killed in the same fight, were buried at Middleburg
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, August 17, 1863
    Editors of the Observer:
    Camp 5th N.C. Troops, August 5, 1863
    In a late paper I notice a partial list of the casualties in this regiment, which is totally 
    incorrect and which does great injustice (though not intentional on your part) to so 
    noble a band of heroes.  Enclosed you will find a correct list of the casualties of 
    Companies B, F and H of this regiment, which you will please admit in your columns 
    for the information of their friends.
    Company B
    Killed:  Corp. J.T. Morgan, Levi Worrell, John Parker, R.H.(?) Blount, W.H. Jackson, 
    G.R. Williams, Jno. King, Linsey (last name illegible, six letters, ends in ‘son’), H.(?) 
    M. Lowder
    Wounded:  Lt. J.F. Cross, Corps. Josephus Hay, R.W. Hays and B.F. Willey, T.A. 
    Howell, T.E. Matthews, R.H. Knight, R.H. Saunders, D. Knight, B.F. Thompson, A. 
    Hahan(?), Benjamin Smith, B.A. Eure, Lazarus Draper
    Missing:  Lts. S.J. Ruontrey and S.W. Nixon(?), Sgts. Calvin Hays and Edward Wright, 
    J.B. Parker, J.A. Speight, Alex Draper, R.H. Briggs, Thomas Dry, M.D. Floyd, E.H.M. 
    Hurrage(?), Wm. G. Meicher, Henry Shymonck, J.F. Barbie
    Company F
    Killed:  Joseph Baker, Wilson Eudy, Harry H. Milton, Christopher Lierly
    Wounded:  Capt. Thomas N. J – rd - - - - - n, slight; Lt. C.E. Riddick, arm, thigh and 
    head; Lt. A.C. Trotman, hip, slight; Lt. W.A. Riddick, neck and wrist, slight; Sgt. 
    Charles Hobbs(?), severely; Corp. Andrew Overton, head, slight; Martin Almond, leg; 
    W.C. Almond, side; Alfred Barringer, breast; J.L. Carter, leg; J.F. Eudy, side; R.L. Eudy, 
    side; George Kisor, breast; Sol Mabry, foot, L.H. Mason, head; J.W. Miller, hip; Julius 
    Peek, head; G.W. Saffey, breast; G.W. Whitley, breast; W.H. Eudy, arm, leg and foot; 
    J.C. Treese, side, arm and leg
    Missing:  Corp. Irvin Hughes, J.R. Beich (sharp shooter, supposed to be killed); J.J. 
    Cooper, E.F. Dick, Hiram Eudy, P.J. Fisher, Isaiah Russell, George Waller(?)
    Company H
    Killed:  Burrell Evans, Shad Felton, R.H. Starnes
    Wounded:  Lt. J.C. Goodman, leg (at Hagerstown); Lt. R.B.G. cooper, breast, at 
    Gettysburg; Sgt. J.R. Powell, hand, breast and head; Corp. Dorsen Parker, leg and 
    hand; Jackson Copeland, arm; Thomas Hurdle, breast; John Jackson, M.M. Pool, 
    thigh; J.J. Shaver, head; N.C. Wyatt, hand; W.C. Safrit, thigh; Robert Saunderseide; 
    Nathan Morgan, Isaac Biddle, side; J.A. Evans, hand
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, July 27, 1863
    Casualties 16th Regiment N.C.T., Scale’s Brigade
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Surg. F.T. Fry, Adj. S.R. Hensly
    Company B
    Wounded:  J.D. Brown, J.J. Hembree, J.C. Hembree, J.L. Loudermilk, F.(?) Riley
    Missing:  Lt. Ira Profitt
    Company C
    Wounded:  Lt. W.J. Edney, D.S. Cistes, Corp. L. Thompson
    Missing:  Lt. W.J. Byrd, D. Hager
    Company D
    Killed:  Corp. P.L. Minkty
    Wounded:  Lt. D.C. King, T.J. Thom, Sgt. R.S. Owens, G.T. Splaun
    Missing:  Capt. A.A. McKinney, D. Scruggs, R.M. Gatlin
    Company E
    Killed:  G. Powell, P. Young
    Wounded:  H. Smith, C.J. Copeland, John Lane, F.M. Pearson, H. Goins, Lt. A.L. 
    Missing:  A.S. Cloud
    Company F
    Wounded:  J. Hampton, J.M. Smelson, A.J. Haney
    Missing:  H. Young, J. Stroup, M.A. Wilson
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. J.B. Ford, P. D. Carpenter, J.T. Crain
    Wounded:  Lt. G.H. Mills, B.G. Arrowood, J.H. Bradley, M.L. Goode, Samuel Williams, 
    J. Steadman, Sol Willis, Jos. Holland, J.G. Freeman, H. Johnston, J.D. Weaver
    Missing:  Lt. J.Y. McIntire, Corp. J.L. Davis, J.L. Williams, Jas. Hoyt, W.W. Gunter, 
    W.D. Wicker
    Company H
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Bell, Sgt. W.M. Parrish, G.W. Parrish, W.D. Allison, W. Cline, J.c. 
    Donaldson, W.D. Winsted
    Missing:  Sgt. Moses Brooks, J.H. Higgins
    Company I
    Killed:  J.R. Lewis
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Mills, Sgt. J.R. Gash, L. Crabtree, J. Cannon, W.F. Denman, J.C. 
    Erwin; E.H. Gervin, J.T. Bowman
    Missing:  Richard Livnett
    Company K
    Killed:  Lt. R.W. Morgan, Corp. B. Dalten, W.C. Colbert
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.C. Wilson, Corp. W.C. Edwards, George Painter, C. Lankford
    Company M
    Killed:  J.S. Smith, George Anthony, E. Black, J.L. Huffstetter
    Wounded:  Corp. W.M. Radicill, M.M. Manney, W.C. Wortman
    Missing:  Sgts. M.A. Rhine, J.N. Roberts, Jonas Brown, R.R. Dameron, J.R. Carter 
    22nd N.C.T. Casualties
    Company A
    Killed:  J.C. McMillen, J. Williams
    Wounded:  Lt. J.B. Clark, Corp. R.B.Clark, D.P. Clark, H.A. Clark, W. Lutz, M. Deal, 
    A.J. Dula, J. Hamby, E.P. Miller, A. Stary, Sgt. Barton
    Missing:  Lt. W.W. dickens, L. Coffy, S.B. Shell, J.H. Stalling, R. Taylor, J.H. Sninnill, 
    B.A.J. Coleman, J. Palmer, J. Justice, J. Wilson
    Company B
    Killed:  W.H. Langhorn, J.L. Ingle, W.G. Poteet
    Wounded:  Capt. J.T. Conley, Sgt. W.C. Gavin, G.L. Buchanan, G.W. Connor, J.G. 
    Dickson, J.H. Dale, J.H. Hensly, J.G. Padget
    Missing:  Sgt. W.M. James, Corp. G.W. Lakcey, J. Haney, W. Washburg
    Company E
    Wounded:  Sgt. D.W. Busick, J.P. Hellcum, W.S. Hellcum, G.W. Holt, S.C. Pegram, 
    J.D. May, J.P. Stack
    Missing:  J.B. Jister, H. Arthur(?), J. Pegram, J.W. Stack, W.B. Stack, B.F. Roberts, 
    W.A. Rich, E.A. Guler, Wm. Irvin, W.S. Oliver
    Company F
    Killed:  J. Maine
    Wounded:  S. Choat
    Company G
    Killed:  D.W. Ingram
    Wounded:  Lt. P. Smith, Sgt. L.P. Blackwood, Corp. W.L. Page, B.W. Bolton
    Missing:  J. Walker, W. Patterson, E. Burrner, Capt. G.A. Graves
    Company H
    Killed:  W. Smith, J. Nelson, R.H. martin, W. Sisks, T. Killam
    Wounded:  Lt. M.F. Mitchell, Sgts. H. Williams, and W.W. Cunningham, P. H. Padget, 
    A. Narlin, L.L Joice, W. Vernon, T. Yates, W. Wood, W. White, A.J. Morris, L. 
    Claybrook, W.D. Martin
    Missing:  J. Foddrill, A.P. Alberty, A.J. Corn, W.H. Atkinson, T. Williams, H.C. Lockey.
    Company I
    Killed:  Lts. J.H. Palmer and J.S. Robins, W. Coletray, S.W. Gardner, J. Smith
    Wounded:  Capt. G.V. Lamb, Lt. B.W. Burkhead, W. Frazier
    Missing:  M. Briedlove, S. Falkner, H. Rush, D. Faulkner, A.S. Heath, H. Latham, A.D. 
    Tucker, M. Jerrell
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. E. Boss, E.W. Gray, B. Allison
    Wounded:  Capt. W.B. Gooding, B. Masburn, P.O. Justice, J.C. Harritt, E.L.F. Haynes, 
    J.S. Bradbey, R. McFarlin, H.W. Joice, Lt. J. McD. Burgin, Z.S. Hawkins
    Company L
    Killed:  Corp. H.D. Perry
    Wounded:  Lts. J.C. Barney, O.M. Pike, Sgt. S.M. Bukhead, Corp. L.M. Bukhad, D.C. 
    McMasters, M.H. Banner, Z. Ward, H.C. Laster
    Missing:  D.P. Ellison
    Company M
    Killed:  Sgt. W.C. Siler
    Wounded:  Lts. J.M. Laurifice(?), Sgt. S.W. Trogden, Corp. J.E. Campbell, N. Parker, J. 
    Jackson, T.J. Turner
    Missing:  J. Aivitt, J.F. Foster, A.W. Lorrence, R. Coble, L. Williams, D. Yergain
    34th N.C.T. Casualties
    Field and Staff:  Killed, Major George M. Clark; Wounded, Lt. Col. G.T. Gordon, Adj. 
    J.W. Riddick
    Company A
    Wounded:  Lt. B.Y. Martin, G.W. Moody
    Missing:  W. Taylor, Jno. Richardson
    Company B
    Wounded:  Lt. W.P. Bean, Sgt. Robert James, Wm. Brooks
    Missing:  W.O. Davis, Jas. McDaniel
    Company C
    Killed:  E.D. Davis, M.A. Higgins
    Wounded:  Lt. W.T. Wilkins, A.W. cook, B. Keeter, Capt. F.L. Twilly
    Missing:  Sgt. G.W. Boone, S.B. Foster
    Company D
    Killed:  J.A. Miller
    Wounded:  Capt. C.K. McNesty(?), J.M. Hodges, G.M. Overcash
    Missing:  Wm. Barnhardt, M.A. Douglas
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. J.H. Husk, A.C. Fullenwider
    Wounded:  Lt. J. Tiddy, Corp. J. Yoder, W. Beas, N.G. Besa, W.T. Hoyle, John Leamster, 
    C.D. Shull, M. Reynolds, A.D. Metcalf
    Missing:  Sgt. G. Cauble, M.A. Holly, M.L. Harner, J.W. Friday, M.L. Withers
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. J. Hogue, Sgts. W.M. Goodson and Y.H. Elliott, J. Carter, H.E. Clay, 
    A.J. Powell, M.P. Petty, J.A. Newton
    Missing:  M.V. White, Jno. Eaker, A.C. Erwin, J.W. Lutz, L.M. Williams
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. J. Abernathy, Jas. Carpenter
    Wounded:  Capt. G.M. Norman, Lt. A.A. Carthy, Corp. L. Carthy, Scott Lowing, J. Sanford
    Missing:  Jno. Todd
    Company H
    Killed:  Wm. Moore(?) Moses(?)
    Wounded:  Lt. C.M. (last name illegible), Corp. R.P. Morris, Jas. Weaver
    Missing:  A.Y. Webb, R. Moore
    Company I
    Killed:  Lt. J.G. Huntley, Jas. Taylor, J. Robins
    Wounded:  P. Henson, Jas. Morrow, T. Griffin, Jas. Steadman, Capt. J. Word
    Missing:  Sgt. J. Crawford, G. Mayes
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. N.J. McLeod, G.W. Coggin, Corp. A. McInis, T.M. Elliott
    Wounded:  W.C. McLeod, E.W. Sanders, W. Deanis, J. Moore, J. Ray
    Missing:  P. Hiarly, E.E. Sanders
    38th N.C. Troops Casualties
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. W.J. Hoke, Lt. Col. J. Ashford
    Company A
    Killed:  Corp. L. Thomas
    Wounded:  Lt. R.M. Middleton, Sgts. Lon Persall and W.C. Hightower, Corp. J.W. 
    Lanier, W.J. Barnett, Nick Hall, J.N. Lanier, W.H. Thigpen
    Missing:  Lt. A.J. Bunn, H.C. Moore
    Company B
    Killed:  W.H. Norman
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.B. martin, Corp. T.A. Martin
    Missing:  Lt. H.C. Wilen, Thomas  Dinkens, T.H. Adams, W.H. Gross
    Company C
    Killed:  Lt. G.L. Daughtry, W.H. House, E.M. Card, M.S. King
    Wounded:  Lt. R.F. Allen, Sgt. H.J. Weeks, Corp. J.C. King, W. Glisson, Peter Willis, 
    Jesse Willis, R.M. Rathford
    Missing:  A. House, C.J. Sutten
    Company D
    Wounded:  Capt. H.C. Darden, Lt. W.E. Faison, Sgt. D.A. Thompson, B. McLane, J.A. 
    Stephens, Ruf Stroup
    Company E
    Wounded:  Corps. W.T. Tysen and E.M. Covington, N.R. Webb, J. Shepherd
    Missing:  Lt. W.R. Covington, Corp. W.A. Harris, S.P. Covington
    Company F
    Killed:  Miles Moser, Miles Young, Corp. Jacob Sayel, Gilbert Anwood
    Wounded:  Lt. A. Deal, Sgts. M.C. Roseman and Q.M. Smith, G.H. Baker, A.M. Baker, 
    D. Huffman, C. Pope, L. Fulbright
    Missing:  M.W.A. Bost, J.H. Crawford
    Company G
    Killed:  U.S. Lackey
    Wounded:  M.M. Clary, J.C. Lackey, W.L. Lackey, T.J. Sharp
    Company H
    Killed:  Corp. D.P. Woodburn, R. Lassiter, C.G. Hamilton, B.F. Luther
    Wounded:  Capt. W.J. Thornburg, B.N. Kerns, Lewis Hovill, Jas. Harrill, J.F. hardister, 
    M.F. Hopkins, N.G. Campbell, T.H. Kerns
    Missing:  Lt. J.N. Kerns, Sgt. T.L. Russell, Corp. E.T. Herns
    Company I
    Killed:  T.J. Ramsay, R.S. Cogdell, G.D. Wilson
    Wounded:  Sgt. H.S. Fortenberg, L. Williams, Wm. Gregg, C.B. Powell, T.S. Briggs
    Missing:  Capt. D.B. Magness, Lt. D.D. Sutilee, Sgt. W.C. Hamrick, R.P. Fulback
    Ramseur’s Brigade, 2nd N.C. Troops
    Field and Staff:  Wounded:  Maj. D.W. Hart, in side
    Company B
    Wounded:  W.H. Flowers, D. Deans
    Company C
    Wounded:  J.J. Bennett, C.H. Summerlin, O.B. Taylor, W.A. Cherry, A.F. Pierre, W.H. 
    Reaves, W. Deaver
    Company D
    Wounded:  Corp. Jesse Barnes
    Company E
    Wounded:  Corp. Dudley
    Company F
    Killed:  Lt. F.G. Herritage
    Wounded:  Thomas Rouse
    Company G
    Killed:  A.C. Dillahench
    Wounded:  Elijah Koonce, F. Williford
    Company H
    Wounded:  Sgt. B.W. Cobb, H.C. Gardiner, F. McFulton, J. Williams
    Company I
    Killed:  Corp. E.T. McLacklan, Harvey C. Gardner
    Wounded:  S.A. Mosingo, A.P. Dowty, J.R. Crouch
    Missing:  Jno. H. Smith
    Company K
    Wounded:  L. Landing, J. Shine, J. Shipp
    For the Observer
    Messrs. Editors
    The following is a list of casualties in Company I, 20th N.C.T. in the battle of July 1st 
    at Gettysburg
    Killed:  None
    Wounded:  Sgt. Peter Gautier, head; Corp. J.R. Jackson, right hand amputated; 
    Privates Dempsey Jackson, shot through leg; W.T. Jackson, thigh; C.R. Bryant, 
    thigh; Hays Tanner, head and shoulder; D.M. Powell, leg; Robert hall, slight contusion 
    by shell; Amariah Sellers, severely in breast and two other places not remembered; Lt. 
    J.J. Huggins was slightly wounded and taken prisoner.  Several of the company are 
    missing, supposed to be prisoners. The color guard which formed a part at the time, 
    of this company, were all killed or wounded.   In the course of the engagement the little 
    finger of my right hand was shot to pieces and has since been amputated.  I also 
    received a severe bruise on my leg.  Both wounds are doing well.
    Captain Mercer, Company G and Lts. Gore, D; Falwell, G; and Wilson, H., were killed.  
    Lt. Col. Slough, Major Brooks, Captains Smith, Wright, Monk, Brumly and Lts. Irwin 
    and Williams, were wounded.
    Very Respectfully,
    D.J. Devane, Captain, Company I, 20th N.C. Regiment 
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, July 27, 1863
    Casualties 52nd N.C.T. at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1 and July 3, 1863
    Bivouac, 52nd N.C.T.
    12 Miles from Winchester, Va., July 17, 1863
    Messrs. E.J. Hale and Sons:  I enclose you a list of casualties in the 52nd N.C.T., 
    Pettigrew’s Brigade in the Battle of Gettysburg, Pa., on the 1st and 3rd days of July.  
    I have no doubt but what a greater portion of those reported missing have been 
    wounded and taken prisoners as the enemy held the field on the 3rd day’s fight.  
    I am pained to inform you that our noble Pettigrew was mortally wounded in a 
    skirmish with the Yankee Cavalry on the 14th inst., and died this morning.
    John H. Robinson, Adjutant
    Field and Staff
    Col. Jas. K. Marshall, killed; Lt. Col. M.A. Parks, wounded; Major Jno. Q. Richardson, 
    missing; Sgt. Major R.G. Barnes, wounded
    Company A
    Killed:  1st Lt. J.M. Cook, Sgt. M. Goodson, C. Hager, T.J. Poteet
    Wounded:  Capt. J.M. Alexander, Lt. A.F. Hurley, Sgts. A.F. Smith, T.A. Flemming, 
    Corp. G.A. Micenheimer, W.H. Bloom; J.W. Bloom, G.R. Nesbitt, J.H. Wallace, J. 
    McMillen or McMiller, J.M. Micenheimer, M.C. Walter, J. Page, W. Rice
    Missing:  G.C. Bloom, A.J. Blackwelder, C.M. Blackwelder, T. Barnhardt, J.N. Brown, 
    W. Eudy or Endy, J.F. Hamilton, R.W. Johnston, M.W. Smith, J. Stancil
    Company B
    Killed:  John Medley, J.M. Pressnall
    Wounded:  Lt. Jas. W. Huske, Sgt. A.W. Hall, Corp. Franklin Luther, A.L. Yates, W. 
    Hammond, T.A. Grissom, K. Bolen, P.G. Murray, J. Reaves, W. Hoover, S. Williams, 
    T.S. Kearnes, J. Callicott, M. Nelson, J.M. Trotter
    Missing:  P.G. Murray, J. Reaves, W. Hoover, S. Williams, T.S. Kearnes, J. Callicott, 
    M. Nelson, J.M. Trotter
    Missing:  Sgt. T.W. Ludwell, W.B. Scott, L. Smith, James King
    Company C
    Killed:  Lt. J.C. Warren
    Wounded:  Capt. George Gilliam, Sgt. J.J. Floyd, Corp. D. Trottman, J. Ellis
    Missing:  Sgts. C.M. Hayse, A. Ward, D. Savage, Corps. C. Blanchard and T. 
    Matthews, J.B. Rawls, J. Eure, L. Carter, E. Blanchard, M. Bryant, E. Baker, J. 
    Hofler(?), J. Lee, R. Lassiter, W. Spruell, J.P. Hyatt, W. Walker, J. Jones
    Company D
    Killed:  J. Leeman, J.H. Hancock, J. Davis, J. Landers, R. George, W. Brown
    Wounded:  Capt. L.R. Gibson, Sgts. P. James, A.C. Maurice, Corps. J. White, J. Allen, 
    Privates T. Hopkins, S. Zigler, W. Walls, W. Liggon
    Missing:  Privates D. Cape, B.F. Cofer, R.W. Davis, L.L. Gibson, ------- Landers, G. Tuttle, 
    D. Westmoreland, B. Zigler, Lt. J.H. Nelson, Sgts. J. Nelson and S. Cross
    Company E
    Wounded:  Capt. B.F. Little, Lts. M.S. Austin, M.R. McDonald, Sgts. T.R. Capel, F. 
    Gibson, Corps. S. Crouch, D. Gay, Privates B. Hinson, W. Shankle, B.M. Thomas, S. 
    McDonald, W.D. Patterson
    Missing:  Sgts. J.W. Ewing, J. Nichols, Corp. J.V. Wade, Privates W.F. Sandford, R.C. 
    Webb, J.L. Webb, J. Strickland, J. Maner, L. McKay, G. Swink, W. Thrower, T. 
    Woodward, R. Thomas, W.F. Roper, J. Hastey or Hasley, A. Driggers, G.H. Harvel, C. 
    Robinson, W.R. Covington, W. Moore
    Company F
    Killed:  Ssgt. E.R. Vancy, Privates M.H. Handy, W.E. Hutcherson
    Wounded:  Lts. J.J. Parlier, J.G. Hall, Sgts. W.A. Foster, W.A. Hall, Privates W.H. 
    Church, D.W. Bullis, J.F. Johnston, Jas. Watts, W. Smithey, N.C. Hall, Jno. Evans, H. 
    Warren, J.M. Darnell, A. Abshire, Z.F. Lundy
    Missing:  Corp. J.A. Mock(?), Privates A. Anderson, M.H. Sebastian, F. Williams, Jno 
    Williams, J.E. Hendry, W.M. Harris, J. Kilby, A.B. Vuncannon, D.M. Hall, J.F. Handy, 
    R.F. Warren, M.G. Parks, Jesse Summerlin, Jesse Havner
    Company G
    Killed:  Capt. J.M. Kincaid, Privates J.F. Caldwell, J.V. Edwards, J.F. Goodson, J.H. 
    Howard, W.F. Mundy, George Nixon, Jno. C. Robinson, J.S. Wilkerson, Jno. Thompson
    Wounded:  Wm. Howard, J.M. Nixon, T.L. Reid(?), J.H. Reid(?)(or Ried?), W.H. Smith, 
    W.A. Prim, H. Brotherton, L. Dellinger, J.F. Mundy, M. Abernathy, Corp. J.T. Norwood
    Missing:  Sgts. W.D. Thompson, T.B. Thompson, Jno. F. Little, Corps. R.J. Sifford, 
    J.B. Robinson, Privates D.A. Abernathy, J.P. Crawford, Jeff Gant, A.M. Hager, A. Nixon, 
    F. Nixon, C. Russell, W.H. Sifford, D.G.  Thompson, M. Hayer
    Company H
    Wounded:  Capt. E. Erson, Lts. L. Dellinger, W.R. Arent, Corps. J.C. Dellinger, R.A. 
    McCorkle, Privates W. Abernathy, W. Carpenter, Isaac Dellinger, L. Arney or Avney, 
    Wesley Hovis, Jno. Lewing, J.S. Laney, E.M. Lynch, T.J. Saunders, D.A. Summey, 
    H.M. Summerow
    Missing:  Sgt. J.C. McGaul, Corp. R.M. Helderman, Privates J.F. Bynum, W. Bynum, 
    M. Caldwell, D. Eddleman, C. Hope, A. Goodson, M. Hovis, W. Lewing or Lowing, Jas. 
    Saunders, D.F. Summerow, C.W. Stroup, M. Thompson, J.A. Weathers, F.W. Stewart
    Company I
    Killed:  Capt. Jno. C. McCain, Private J.H. Rodgers
    Wounded:  Privates George Crowell, G.W. Lauder, J.A. Marbry, J. Melton, J.C. McKinnis, 
    N.F. Pence
    Missing:  Lt. W. Randle, Sgts. B.K. Cowell, R. Harris, Corp. W.D.A. Mason, Privates 
    J.M. Austin, H.H. Barringer, J.G. Bird, T.K. Colson, J.A. Crepps, E.F. DeBerry, C. Dry, 
    G.A. Dry, E. Fry, A. Hatley, J.T. Ivey, J.A. Kendall, P.S. Kirk, J.A. Lenier(?), E.A.J. 
    Littleton, W.P. Lowder, E. Morton, M. Morgan, R. Morris, H. Pence, J. Perry, J.C. 
    Pickler, J.A. Poplin, S. Sell, John Sell, D.A. Sides, J.W. Shankle, N. Shaver, E.M. 
    Smith, R.K. Smith, R.N. Thompson, W.R. Upchurch, J.R. Waller
    Company K
    Killed:  Capt. A.C. Blackburn, Sgt. W.P. Dawson, Privates J.W. McKnight, D. 
    Wounded:  Sgt. G.E. Clayton, Corp. L.F. Elliott, Privates H. Davis, Jno Pendry, J.E. 
    Pegram, J.T. Jones, J. Johnston, W.H. Johnston, E. Hoover, A. Transon, S. Hampton
    Missing:  Sgt. T. Pratt, Corps. T.R. Dall, W. Pratt, Privates H.R. Bowen, T. Barham, L. 
    Elliott, L.F. Hardgrove, S. Livengood, H.H. Moore, A.R. Merritt, T.J. Micky, M.S. 
    Padgett, J.E. Pegram, J.W. Starbuck, J.H. Shouse, E.W. Sams or Saris, W.P. Snipes, 
    E.L. Hines, Thomas Yates, H. Dull, G. Dull
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, August 17, 1863
    North Carolinians at Frederick Maryland
    Col. Thomas S. Kenan, 43rd N.C.T., writes from Frederick, Md., on the 30th July, a list 
    of Confederate wounded then prisoners there.  Among them the following North 
    Carolinians—most of them slightly wounded and all doing well:
    M.M. Miller, A.E. Gullett, Sgt. A.S. Williams, G
    Sgt. J.M. Durham, F; S.W. Howell, E, 6th Regiment
    Daniel Teague, E, 37th
    J.C. Roberts, E, A.J. Jones, G, Sgt. J.S. Evans, D, 1st
    A.D. Price, E, 20th
    E.H. Milton, K, L.S. Wilson, B, 28th
    J. McGee, K, F.W. Murphy, A, 12th
    G.B. Ganes, John Harris, Effard Seay, D, 2nd 
    Mary Hicks, D, 47th
    Jno. Goss, E, 23rd
    M.M. Moser, E, Sgt. Z.W.  Kamp, A, Lt. W.B. Young, K, 32nd
    George W. Carlton, G, 18th
    Col. T.S. Kenan, Capt. J.G. Kenan, Capt. H.C. Wheeler, G, 2nd N.C. Bat.
    J.E. Knowles, D, 1st N.C. Cavalry
    The following had died:
    H.H. West, A, 3rd, July 6
    H. Gossell, A, 53rd, July 7
    Capt. J.M. Albright, F, 53rd, July 16
    L. Griggs, K, 43rd, July 23
    J.M. Royster, C, 47th, July 20
    Our Wounded in the Enemy’s hands
    Petersburg, August 6
    Editor:  By a flag of truce boat which arrived at City Point, yesterday, several paroled 
    prisoners were sent up, among them one form the 43rd N.C. Regiment, from whom I 
    procured the following list and particulars of the wounded of Daniel’s Brigade, who 
    were left in the enemy’s hands.  I hope you will publish it in the paper for the benefit 
    of their friends who are doubtless in painful suspense.  Those captured by the enemy 
    of the 43rd Regiment are:
    Col. T.S. Kenan, flesh wound in right thigh; also Captain Kenan, A, and Lt. Shepherd, 
    K, while being sent to Williamsport
    Company A
    H. Kornegee, leg; B. Wallon or Wallou, arm; Wm. Blalock, leg; W. Brinsom, left arm
    Company B
    Lt. J.J. Alexander, knee, died July 15; Lt. H. Ringstaff, head; Corp. J.H. Griffith, left as 
    Company C
    M. Tomlinson, head; M. Robbins, head; J.J. Boykin, left as nurse
    Company D
    Lt. T.W. Baker, left arm amputated, died 26th July; G. Manning, left as nurse
    Company E
    N. Sumlin, foot
    Company F
    G. Bell, cook
    Company G
    J. Riggins, H. Steward, cooks
    Company H
    W.J. Smith, in heel
    Company I
    Sgt. W.R. Curtis, right arm amputated, died 6th July; Sydney Doan or Dean, right arm; 
    A. McQuaig, foot; T.J. Gales and E. Curtis, left as nurses.
    Company K
    W.B. Horne, knee; I. Bass, head, died 6th July
    45th N.C. Regiment
    Company A
    Capt. T.H. Hodge, hip; S.D. Proctor, left arm amputated; D. Martin, sick
    Company B
    Captain S.C. Rankin, foot, I.W. Benson, arm amputated
    Company D
    W.T. Willis, right shoulder
    Company E
    J.T. Malloy, right thigh; J.B. Busick, arm; S.C. Die, left as cook; E. Griffard, P. Jerly, 
    as nurses
    Company F
    W. Dinoud, thigh; G. Sharp, ankle
    Company K
    Corp. S. Raper, left elbow
    53rd Regiment
    Company A
    P.F. Sutton, left side; W.E. McAdoo, left leg and thigh; G. Garrigan, sick
    Company B
    Lt. M.E. Alexander, leg; S.E. Belk, left arm amputated
    Company D
    J.M. Lilly, head and foot
    Company E
    J. Eads or Eade, shoulder; G.W. Watson
    Company H
    J.F. Page, back; B.F. Ore, side
    Company K
    B. Russell, left knee; W.A. Nelson, arm; Lt.(rest is cut off)
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, August 17, 1863
    The Richmond County Company, 52nd N.C.T.
    W. F. Sandford, W. R. Covington and Thomas Woodward were delivered at City Point 
    on the 1st inst., and are at Poplar Lawn Hospital, Petersburg.  Mr. Sandford writes thus 
    to the Spirit of the Age:
    It will be gratifying to the families of the following named prisoners who are now at Fort 
    Delaware, to learn of their whereabouts.  I will mention those from Captain B.F. Little’s 
    Company from Richmond County, belonging to the 52nd Regiment:
    Sgt. John H. Nichols
    Sgt. R.F. Gibson
    Corp. Samuel C. Crouch
    Corp. J.V. Wade
    Private D.W. Baldwin
    Private M. Baldwin
    Private Calvin Shepherd
    Private W.S. Roper
    Private J. Stricklin
    Private W. Moore
    Private G.H. Harvell
    Private Anderson Driggees
    Private R.C. Webb
    Private John Webb
    Private John Hasty
    Private R. James Powell, of General Pettigrew’s staff
    I cannot tell where the following named prisoners are.  They were wounded and sent to 
    some other place:  
    Captain B.F. Little
    Lt. M.R. McDonald
    Private S.C. McDonald
    Private B. Hinson
    Private James Mann
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, September 7, 1863
    North Carolina Prisoners at Chester Hospital, Pennsylvania
    We have received from H. Rogers, Army Colporteur and late prisoner from Chester, a list 
    of  the North Carolinians whom he left there as prisoners, as follows:
    Major Jos. H. Saunders, 33rd Regiment
    Captains:  A.A. Moffitt, 18th; H. Turner, 23rd; H.T. Whitaker, 55th; 
    Lieutenants:  C.A. McGehee, 53rd; J.H. Randall, T.C. Miller, P.P. Mull or Moll, and R.M. 
    Royster, 55th; J. M. Lawrence, 22nd; E.T. Thompson and E. Moore, 28th; B.H. Winston, 
    53rd; T.J. Cahill, 7th; S.P. Gill, 47th; Wm. G. Woods and Frank Williams, 13th; Jno. H. 
    Shufford and ------- Wright, 23rd; R.F. Drake, 47th; Nathan Horton, 37th
    Privates, 1st Regiment, Young B. Clifton, Company I
    34th Regiment:  Jas Hair and B.A. Ruff, Company A; Wm. Screwes, Company G; Daniel 
    J. Mathis, B; Jesse H. Hardin, D; H. Callahan, J.M. King, F; Charles B. Sikes, H.
    7th Regiment:  G.G. Quitman and W.L. Turner, F; A.B. McDaniel, I; Faust Cornelius, I, 
    died; R.W. Parker, I, dead; Wm. A. Rose, I, supposed dead; R.C. Steel, I; Jacob Benfield, 
    11th Regiment:  J.R. Bigham, A; Jos Long and J. Bynum, F; J.M. Clay, D
    13th Regiment:  W.M. Townsend, E, dead; Anderson Redenhour and John Redenhour, F; 
    B.T. Carter, K; G.W. Brandon, C; J.C. Ratcliff, H
    15th Regiment:  D.F. Adams, C
    16th Regiment:  J. Hager, C; M.L. Goode, G
    18th Regiment:  Richard reeves, E; Reuben Harmon, C
    20th Regiment:  B.M. Houston, D
    22nd Regiment:  Edwin Brewer, I; P.H. Padget and A. Nolin, H; J.H. Hesley, company not 
    stated; R. McFarland, K; R. Dimonds, A; J.H. Dale, company not stated
    23rd Regiment:  J.T. Lockhart, A; Timothy Hefner, F
    26th Regiment:  J. Pendergrass, A; N.B. Norden and T.M. Candle, D, sick; Wm. M. Siler, 
    G; John M. Sudderth, F; A.J. Alston, company not stated; H. Crowson, K; John Hoffsticall, 
    B; Wm. Parsons, C.
    28th Regiment:  W.M. Caskin and A.C. Burris, K; Marly Forester, E; T.H. Wooten, F; C.D. 
    Hendrix, J.W. Blackwood, A; G.H. Ballard and O.C. Brewer, E; S.G.H. Bridges, H
    30th Regiment:  W.W. Corbill, F, sick
    31st Regiment:  R.C. Cullen, F
    32nd Regiment:  Jos. Spence, B
    33rd Regiment:  A.M. Tucker and Alex C. Brantly, C; W.A. Arnell, G; Samuel Regen, 
    company not stated, sick; R. Durham and Jas. McLean, D
    37th Regiment:  J.H. Webster, E; Miles Asker, D; L.H. Roberts, I; M.A. Falkner and B.F. 
    Steel, G; L.G. Purlier, A.W. Anderson, F; Wm. Dickens, G; O.S. Mendenhall, K
    38th Regiment:  M.H. Lewis, H; John Weeks, D; Jos. Ruff, company not stated; J.A. 
    McArthur, K; Daniel Heffner, F
    43rd Regiment:  Stephen Steel, C; J.T.A. Davidson, K; S.C. Browning, I; Jno. A. Roach, 
    J.H. Cason and W.S. Hollette, E
    47th Regiment:  D.R. Ross(?), K; Rainey Deever and B.B. Lee (company cut off)

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer April, July, August 2007 & February 2008

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