The Wilderness

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    MAY 5-7, 1864
    MAY 12-21, 1864
    MAY 31-JUNE 4, 1864
    BATTLE OF OOSTANULIA, GA. (One casualty list)
    (Presented together because so often casualty lists are by dates rather 
    than battles and the dates run together)
    This document contains the following casualty lists:
    18th N.C.T. May 5-12
    46th N.C.T., no dates given
    31st N.C.T. near Drewery’s Bluff May 14 & 16
    30th N.C.T., Company H, “up to date” (note more from 30th below)
    8th N.C.T., Company E, “near Petersburg”
    8th N.C.T., Company E, further details and casualties
    Murchison’s Cavalry, “Chester, May 22”
    3rd N.C.T., no dates given, brief
    3rd N.C.T., 5-5 to 5-15 detailed
    14th N.C.T., no dates given
    14th N.C.T., no dates given, more extensive list
    4th N.C.T., no dates given
    2nd N.C.T., no dates given
    2nd N.C.T., no dates given
    1st N.C.T., no dates given
    30th N.C.T., no dates given, also see above Co. H
    35th N.C.T., to May 21
    49th N.C.T., near Petersburg, May 14, 16, 20
    61st N.C.T., near Petersburg, May 13, 14, 15, 16
    56th N.C.T., near Drewry’s Bluff, May 16
    26th N.C.T., Company G, The Wilderness and near Spottsylvania
    26th N.C.T., whole regiment, May 10 to June 4
    51st N.C.T., May 17 to the 22nd in skirmishing with the enemy
    51st N.C.T., May 31 at Gaines Mills
    51st N.C.T., June 1  (also see other list further down, Co. E)
    24th N.C.T., Company F, near Drewery’s Bluff, May 16
    24th N.C.T., near Drewry’s Bluff, May 12, 14, 15, 16
    24th N.C.T., Company G, June 7
    38th N.C.T., Company K
    38th N.C.T., Wilderness, Spottsylvania C.H., Noel’s Station, etc.
    52nd N.C.T. to May 10
    A few from the 47th N.C.T.
    23rd N.C.T.—May 9th, 10th, 12th, 19th 
    58th N.C.T.—Battle of Oostanulia May 14&15 (note-Georgia, included here because of 
    time frame)
    27th N.C.T.—May 5th to 12th 
    33rd N.C.T., May 5th and May 20th
    44th N.C.T., Company F only, in the battle of the Wilderness
    5th N.C.T. Company A only
    82nd N.C.T., from 4th May to 20th May
    45th N.C.T., from 4th May to 20th May
    53rd N.C.T., from 4th May to 20th May
    55th N.C.T., Company G, 5th May to 2nd June
    20th N.C.T., 6th May to 8th June
    5th N.C.T., Company A, 6th to 19th May
    48th N.C.T., May 5 to June 2
    32nd N.C.T. 20th to 31st May
    43rd N.C.T., 20th to 31st May
    45th N.C.T., 20th to 31st May
    53rd N.C.T., 20th to 31st May
    24th N.C.T., 20th to 31st May
    51st N.C.T, Company E
    3rd N.C. Cavalry, 41st Regiment, 26th May to June 2
    Fayetteville Observer, May 23, 1864
    The Wounded
    400 of our wounded in the battle of the 5th arrived at Lynchburg, Va., on the 7th and 250 more 
    on the 8th.  They were principally Georgians, Mississippians and North Carolinians.  The ladies of 
    Lynchburg met them at the depot with refreshments and dressed their wounds.  Their wounds were 
    mostly slight.  Among the wounded who arrived in Richmond on the 7th were Capt. Bost, Co. K, 
    46th N.C., slightly wounded above the eye, Lt. Jenkins, Co. C, 46th N.C., in the head, Col. W.L. 
    Saunders, 46th N.C., severely wounded
    On Sunday, the 8th, the following named North Carolinians arrived at Richmond:  Lt. George Wilcox, 
    26th Regiment, Lt. M.B. Blair, 26th, Lt. S.D. Thompson, 15th, Capt. W.F. Avery, 33rd, Lt. J. G. 
    Rancher, 33rd, Major J.C. Webb, Capt. W.R. Larkins and Lt. J.A. Graham, 27th; Lt. E.B. Roberts, 
    6th, Capt. H.W. Abernathy, 34th.
    In addition to the sad casualties mentioned in our paper Thursday, we publish the entire lists of 
    those in several regiments and companies. Private letters and dispatches received here state that 
    Capt. J.K. Kyle and Lt. Jas. W. Huske, 52nd, of this place were both in the Winder Hospital at 
    Richmond.  In Captain McKellar’s company, cavalry, killed:  Gaston Baldwin of Richmond County, 
    H. Harrington of Moore.  Wounded:  W.L. Hybart, R.F. Rose and P.N. Smith.  In Company B, 56th, 
    Lt. A.R. Carver wounded in the arm.  Col. C.M. Avery, 33rd, reported wounded, is now reported dead. 
    Adjutant E. S. Smedes, 5th, Major Brooks, 20th, Capt. Brookfield, 5th, Capt. Wilfong, 12th, killed.  
    Lt. J.A. McArthur, 51st, is not a prisoner but is at Richmond, wounded.
    18th N.C. Casualties May 5 to 12 
    Lee’s Army
    Field and Staff:  Missing:  Sgt. Major F.H. Mitchell, Color Sgt. Jno. O. Frick
    Company A
    Killed:  O. Davis
    Wounded:  C. Beatty and S.A. Huffman
    Missing:  Lt. D.S. Bullard, Sgt. Jas. T. Edge, Corp. Jos. Hawn, Cephas Beatty, P.A. Brown, G.W. 
    Hall, F. Harman, H.S. Love, D.A. Starms, J.B. Sutton, Henry Shock, J.M. Simmons, Samuel Pollard, 
    Jacob Hollar
    Company B
    Wounded:  R.B. Andrews, R. Hester, S. Singletery, G.G. King
    Missing:  Sgt. Phillip Evans, W.R. Barlow, J.H. Field, C. Green, H. Green, W.C. Hagler, A.B. 
    Company C
    Wounded:  Capt. V.V. Richardson, Lt. H. Long, J. Cerl(?), W. Hudson
    Missing:  Corp. M.B. Williams, J.H. Baird, E. Beach, W. Benfield, N.J. Bentley, W.R. Best, E. 
    Canady, J.S. Craig, D. Crump, T.D. Faulk, W.R. Faulk, G.G. Howell, D.A. Ketchy, C.C. Lancaster, 
    M. Scutz(?), J.J. Long, W.E. Long, B. Millican, J. Manius, J.S. Peevey, J.F. Reeves, Jno. Sides, 
    A.J. Scales, C.(?) P. Sowers, J.E. Stevens, J.H. Thomas, E.K. Vanse(?), J.J. McV. B. Willimson
    Company D
    Wounded:  Alfred Bullard, D.A. Bullard, and A.M. Profitt
    Missing:  Lts. N. Townsend and A. Rowland, Sgts. F.G. Odem(?), J.C. McKellar, Corps. Jos. Prevatt, 
    W.O.(?) Andrews, A. Lawson, J. Biggs, R. Bryant, W.T. Blankenship, J.A. Clevis(?), A. Hardin, N. 
    Hines, J.E. Hill, A.S. Ivey, J.F. Joynes, Alex McLellan, F.A. Prevatt, A.J. Profitt, E.W. Rector, E. 
    Spivy, W.B. Sutton, J.E. King, W. White
    Company E
    Killed:  M. Durham
    Wounded:  Corp. G. Castin, R.A. Henry, R.R. Reeves, J. Weaver, W.S. Pigford, T.F. Loms(?) 
    Missing:  Lt. G.W. Corbett, Sgt. Jno. F. Groom (Croom?), Corp. H.L. Peterson, W.H. Burnhill, W. 
    Butler, L. Brincoe, W.J. Cook, Nathan Lewis, T.D. Malpass, N.W. Miller, C.J. Pridgeon, (next four 
    names cut off), M.G. Smith, J.J. Woodcock, Thomas Weaver
    Company F
    Killed:  E. Norton
    Wounded:  M.H. Murphy, A.A. Huckabee, J.F. Pa - - ons, W.M. Harris, W.A. Ballard, J. McKay, N. 
    Guffey, J.P. Whisinant(?)
    Missing:  Lt. F.M. McIntosh, Sgts. M.S. McLean, A.M.N. Smith, Wm. Buchanan, Corp. E.P. 
    McPherson, N. Beasley, J. Burge, N. Brown, H.C. Calhoun, Jno. Chauss, W.C. Connelly, W.C. 
    Davie, K.J. McGrayson, M.E. McEachin, M.V. McGregor, P. McKay, M.G. McKay, D. McLean, 
    S.W. Pate, A.W. Roper, J.W. Smith, R. Upton, Thomas Walters, J.O. Walters, A. Jones, D. Jones, 
    W. Green, A.D. Webb, J.G. Martin
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. J.B. Morrison, Corp. R.L. Reid
    Wounded:  B.J. Bowden, D. Matthews
    Missing:  Sgts. S.S. Averitt, Fred Nash, Corp. G.M. Mathews, J.M. Daney, G.W. Carlton, L.W. 
    Russell, A. W. Hancock.
    Company H
    Killed:  W.J. Henson
    Wounded:  Sgts. C.M. Smith, Alex Lewis, Corp. J.P. Best, J. Fisher, A. Winton, Lt. A.M. McCollum.
    Missing:  Capt. F.M. Wooten, Lt. J.S. Elkins, A.G. Brown, J.E. Bullis, W.L. Bungemor, B.(?) Fisher, 
    G.R. Guffey, J. Thompson
    Company I
    Killed:  J.J. Arwood (Anwood?)
    Wounded:  J.N. Godfrey, Sgt. B. Devane, J. Carroll, J. Cane
    Missing:  Capt. T.C. Lewis, Sgt. A.B. Cook, J.J.F. Heath, M. Sprinkle, L.H. Horn, J.A. Evans, J.V. 
    Melton, J. May, H. Bland, J. Bland, J.W. Bowen, J.B. Dawson
    Company K
    Wounded:  Lt. Jno. D. Canie, Corp. D.M. Sutton, G.W. Meadows, N. Sikes, W.H. Sikes, Jas. Davis, 
    W.W. Anderson
    Missing:  Sgt. A. Patterson, D. Ferguson, J. Gillespie, J.L. Moore, M. Blue, J.F. Singletary, W.J. 
    46th N.C.T.—Lee’s Army
    Field and Staff:  Wounded:  Col. W.L. Saunders severely in mouth, Major N. McK. McNeill, slightly 
    in knee, Sgt. Major T.H. Wright, slightly in hand
    Company A
    Killed:  S. Baxley, Wm. Todd, F. Parnell, S. Faircloth, G. Herring, J.L. Hill
    Wounded:  Lt. F.M. Wishart, Sgt. S. Hammond, Corp. J.J. Howell, W.W. Taylor, J. Hardin, H. 
    Flowers, J. Dillard, L. Sides, J.A. Somers, R.S. Davis, H. Israel, D.A. Council, R.H. Wiatt, slight; 
    Corp. H.W. Pitman (prisoner), J.A. Bullard, J.W. Cole, H.L. Hammond (prisoner), severe
    Company B
    In Thursday’s Observer
    Company C
    Killed:  J. Squires
    Wounded:  Lt. T.J. Jenkins, Sgt. B.M. Nicholson, A.J. Bowden, M.J. Flanighan, R.H. Macon(?), J.G. 
    Newton, B.F. Peebles(?), W.J. Paschell, A.K. Shearin, S.M. Taylor, L.B. Tucker, R.W.E. Tate, A. 
    Company D
    Killed:  J.H. Stewart, R.A. Henry, S. Rechels
    Wounded:  S. Jones, Jas. McBryde, E.r. McCormac, Charles McLean, J. Waters, A. McN. Leach, 
    Corp. L.J. Livingston, slight; H.A. Henderson, D. Joyce, J. Livingston, J.A. McBryde, A. McDearmin, 
    A.G. McGirt, W. Priest, J.J. Peel, J.H. Watson, severe; R. Bass, W. Rachels, M. Skipper, unknown; 
    J.A.H. McLean, mortal
    Company E
    Killed:  Corp. E. Goss, C.E. Hitchcock, M. Faribow, H.E. Oakley
    Wounded:  Sgts. H. Meadows, J.S. hays, J.T.(?) Wheeler, Corps. W.K. Duke, F. Harriss, F. 
    Usry(?), J.T. Bullock, W.J. Brinkley, D. Birchett, A. Dixon, E.W. Dickerson, B. Ellington, W.L. 
    Faribow(?), J. Forsythe, L.H. Harriss, A. Harriss, J.H. Hughes, C.E. Jeffries, H. Meadows, B.L. 
    Moss, A. Monk, D. Oakley, R. Oakley, L.H. O’Brient, J.M. Raglin, D. Shadrack, W.C. Strodd, J.T. 
    Stark, Wm. Teasley, A.D. Weaver, T. Wilkerson, A. Wilkerson, Wm. Wood, C. Harriss, J.T. 
    Grissom, T. Ellis, S. Thomason, L. Meadows, Wm. Goss
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. A.L. Presnell, W.C. Cole
    Wounded:  L. Spencer, W.C. Nance, E. Tucker, Z.F. Conner, P. Fields, P. Owens, N. Owens, T.C. 
    Tadlock, R.C. Presnall, severe; Corp. W. Spencer, F. Hughes, A. Peacock, E.W. Ledwell, H. Sill(?), 
    S. Jerrell, R. Beans, Jr., slight
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. T.S. Troy, M. Gordy, D. Hughes
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.W. Brocke(?), Corp. T.A.J. Futral, W.P. Brower, J. Butler, W.F. Blair, L. Bennett, 
    Z. Floyd, W.H. Hix, D. Jarrett, S.W. Kearns, M. Myers, A.J. Nance, J. Mendenhall, E.P. Stinson, 
    W.B. Steed(?), R.G. Wilson, slight; G.W. Fox, G.W. Hunt, J.J. Nance, severe; H. Moffitt, mortal
    Company H
    Killed:  Lt. J.A.B. Blue(?), Wesley Brower, J. Pence
    Wounded:  Lt. J.N. McNeill(?), S. Brower, H. Brower, Archibald Davis(?), D. Darrock, D.P. Burnell, 
    Wm. Ferguson, C. Johnson, E. Monroe, T. Monroe, W.W. McDonald, P.M. Lain, N.r. McCrainey, 
    J.O. Oates, H.H. riddle, O.(?) Stout, W.M. Stout, J.C. White, J. Sheffield, J.A. Wicker, W.J. 
    Wadsworth, A. Ferguson, F. Ferguson, slightly; Corp. D. Bedsole, C. Brady, J.A. Cameron, B. 
    Hales, T.A. Medlin, N. Munroe, A. Barlee(?) Barles(?), A. Stokes(?), severely
    Company I
    Killed:  D. Tew(?), T.H. Parker, J.A. Tart(?), H.H.C. Holland
    Wounded:  A. Williamson, J.R. Bradshaw, H. White, (first initial illegible) Holland, A. Sassoms, I. 
    Sassoms, severely; Corp. J.P. Casin, A.M. Autrey, P. Beggatt(?), W.H. McLamb, I. Royal, W. 
    Spell, W.N. Lochman, B. Warren, W.S. Tindall, Z. Faircloth, I. Sessoms, J.B. Ezzell, slightly
    Company K
    In last Observer
    31st Regiment N.C.T., near Drewry’s Bluff, May 14 and 16
     Col. J.V. Jordan received a flesh wound in the leg
    Company A
    Killed:  Capt. S.P. Collins
    Wounded:  Privates D. May (since dead), J.T. Hedgepeth, severely in leg, W. Bute, J.W.M. 
    Waite,(?), H.W. Ivy, slight
    Company B
    Killed:  J.W. Sellers
    Wounded:  Capt. J.T. Bradley, Lt. J.A. Liles, severely; Sgt. J.E. Howell, Private J.A. Martin, R.S. 
    Johnson, W.D. Ballard, slight
    Missing, supposed killed:  J.P. Dumas
    Company C
    Killed:  Private M.A. Barnhill
    Wounded:  Lt. J.C. Williams, Privates A.B. Mason, John Johnson, G.W. Spivey, slight; Sgt. J.C. 
    Ballantine, severe
    Missing:  S.H. Gardner
    Company D
    Wounded:  R. Johnson, W. Bailey, mortally; J.S. Broughton, f.M. Barbee, S.D. Sturdivant, G. Turner, 
    B. Stephenson, slight; Wm. Utly(?), G. Lassiter, J.R. Williams, J. Womble, J.R. Stenson, severely
    Company E
    Wounded:  (first name illegible, might be the lieutenant), Corps. Taylor and R.J. Wilson, Privates 
    W.P. McDade, A.C. Floyd, J. Thompson, J.F. Terry, severe; A. Sharp, dangerously; Sgt. W.W. 
    Allison, Privates J. Baldwin, J.W. Hall, A. West, S.C. Smith, slight
    Company F
    Killed:  Private M. Gurganus(?)
    Wounded:  Sgt. A.J. Daniel, W.J. Griffin, J.H. Ward, severe; J.P. Williams, S.G. Williams, 
    dangerously, Corp. J.D. Price, Privates J.H. Griffin, W. Robinson, E.H. Brewer, J. Perry, N.H. 
    Weaver, slight
    Company G
    Killed:  N.D. Sandiford
    Wounded:  Lt. J.D. Gatling, flesh would in arm, B. Pierce, feared mortal, W. Barnes, W. Taylor, L. 
    Newsom, severe; Corps. H.D. Harrell and J.M. Mitchell, Privates W. Brown, H.D. Baker, R.H. 
    Barden, H.T. Vaughan, slight
    Company H
    Killed:  M. B - - ridge
    Wounded:  Lt. A.V. Horton, Private B.E. Scarbobo’, dangerously, J.D. Underhill, severe, Corp. C.D. 
    Bunn, R.B. Keith, D.A. Hopkins, W. Strickland, B.(?) Hendrick, slight
    Missing:  T.H. Massey
    Company I
    Killed:  Owen Tator
    Wounded:  H. Smith, A.B. Gregory, severely, J.H. Smith, A.Arnold, B. Truelove, slight
    Missing:  Corp. J. Weathers, F. Drake
    Company K
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.H. Rhodes, Corp. W.P. Hardison, Privates J. Pipkin, J.F. Douglas, severe, J. 
    Bennett, slight, D. Long, mortal
    Clingman’s Brigade fought and fell bravely.
    J.J. Cox, Capt. And A.Q.M.
    Casualties, Company H, 30th N.C.T.
    Battlefield, May 14, 1864
    We left our quarters on the 24th and have been fighting the enemy nearly every day since.  On the 
    6th M.C. Lloyd was mortally wounded in the breast, Jackson Taylor badly in foot.  On the 6th, 
    G.W. Cole was slightly wounded in the leg.  On the 8th, Sgt. H. Morrison killed; M.J. Thomas, 
    W.O. Cox, supposed to be taken prisoners.  On the 12th, B.C. Jackson, W.H. Burgess, killed, Lt. 
    Jackson badly wounded. (paper cut off, words missing) A.F. Harrington, Corps. H. Matthews and 
    (paper cut off, words missing) –wood, privates Albert Nason, Jas Rodgers, W. Black, D.M. McIver, 
    slightly wounded.  Captured:  Privates L.D. Hornady, C.H. Senter, P. Ho(rest cut off) (words cut off) 
    McFarland.  W.H. King, E. Starns, A.T. Ca(cut off), Green, all supposed to be taken prisoner.
    H.J. McNeill, 1st Lt. Company
    Casualties, Company E, 8th N.C.T. near Petersburg
    Killed or captured:  D.A. Cameron
    Wounded:  J. Deane, back and arm, E. Deal, leg, Sgt. N.A. Gilmore, foot, R. Gilmore, hip, J.L. 
    Beard, severely in hand, A. Gunter in hand.
    For the Observer:
    Bivouac 8th N.C. Regiment in the Field
    Defenses of Drewry’s Bluff, May 21
    Editors:  Please publish the following list of all the casualties in my company since the arrival of 
    the regiment from N.C., viz:  On the 14th May in a skirmish near Drewry’s Bluff—Wounded:  Sgt. 
    N.A. Gilmore, severely in foot; Privates D.A. Cameron in breast (supposed mortally) and taken 
    prisoner; Arnett Deal, in ankle, severely; Josiah Deans, in hand and back, severely; A.B. Gunter, 
    finger shot off; H. Faircloth, in face, slight.  Battle of the 16th—Wounded:  Privates J.S. Beard in 
    both legs, seriously; Robert Gilmore, thigh, seriously.  Missing:  H.D. Burns (supposed to have 
    been killed)  In a skirmish on the 17th—Wounded:  George Cox in hand, slight.  While charging 
    Yankee works on the 20th—Wounded:  Private B.F. Ringold, in breast (supposed mortally)
    Yours Respectfully,
    L.R. Breece, Captain, Company E, 8th N.C.t.
    Casualties, Murchison’s Cavalry
    The following dispatch has been received by the operator here from Captain Brooke:
    Chester, May 22—W.M. Waterbury:  A portion of Baker’s regiment charged the enemy on Friday 
    the 13th inst., and Corp. A.A. Wade and G. McDougald of my company were captured; no other 
    Casualties 3rd N.C.T., no dates, brief
    Richmond, May 15
    Col. Threston(?), bruised, Adjt. T.C. James, Captains Brown, Armstrong, and Powers, Lts. Ward, 
    Craig, Casteen, Ormsby, and 80 men, wounded.  Lt. Col. Parsley, Major Ennett, Capts. Cantwell, 
    Cowen, Horne, Stone, Lts. Darden, Lane, Mallett, Stokley, King, Gurganus, Pickett, McClammy, 
    Carpon, Henderson, Barron, Loudermilk, Lyon and 180 men were captured.  The wounded are doing 
    well.  Private Dispatch to Wilmington
    Casualties 3rd N.C.T. 5-5 to 5-15, detailed
    Field and Staff:  Wounded:  Col. S.D. Thruston, Adj. T.(?)C. James, Sgt. Major R.C. McRae
    Captured:  W.M. Parsley and Maj. W.T. Barnett
    Company A
    Killed:  J.L. Cole
    Wounded:  Lt. Henry Bryant, Corp. R.H. Sugg, Jno.(?) Allen(?), J.W. Gay(?), Haywood Hearn(?), 
    Benj. Jones, George Shirley, J.H. Best and J.R. Best.  
    Captured:  Lts. Jos Darden and C.C. Lane, Sgts. M.F. Randolph, W.M.  Bryant and Olin Moore, 
    Corps. H.R. Pridgen and W.H. Ham, J.H. Aldridge, T.J. Applewaite, Wiley Brewer, J.C. Blackburn,
    J.N. Blackburn, B.F. Dixon, J.P. Heath, Robert Hall, P. Laurence, J.L. Meares, Nathan Marlor(?), 
    Jas. Price, Jno. Ruff, B.A. Ruff, J.T. Randolph, W.L. Randolph, W. Skinner, W. Shirley, J.H.C. 
    Taylor, J. W. Taylor, J. Wainwright.
    Company B
    Wounded:  Capt. John B. Brown, Lt. G.W. Ward, Corp. A. Lanier, W. Deal, C.R. Hunter, B.W. 
    Lanier, H.R. Washburn, J. Parker, L. Register, W.T. Rivenbark, N. Whitfield
    Captured:  Sgts. A.J. Johnson, A.E. Frederick, T.J. Whitfield, Corp. H.G. Lanier, J.O. Ball, J.T. 
    Bishop, F.W. Brinson, W.D. Chambers, W. Davis, W. Hall, J.W. Hanchey, H.W. Hunter, Eli Lanier, 
    Lewis Lanier, H.Q. Mashburn, C.B. McGowan, N.L. McLauchlin, W. Page, W.H. Picket, M. Sumner, 
    R. Thigpen, P.B. Worley
    Company C
    Wounded:  Sgts. H.B. Butler, Corps. P. Bain, David Whitford, W.G. Davis, Allen Arnett, Jr., D.H. 
    Captured:  Capt. H.W. Horne, Lt. C.P. Mallett, Sgts. J. T. Mullins, Daniel Robertson, N.H. Arnett, 
    J.C. Bryant, G.T. Calcutt, A.M. Fields, T.W. Gutton(?) Guiton(?), W.B. Horne, R. Johnson, A.L. 
    Ledbetter, O. McPhatter, N. McCall, E.R. Newell, A.J. Ray, C.P. Riley, W.J. Smith, W. 
    Vuncannon(?), J.M.L. Wallace, Sion Williford, H.J. Wilford, J.A. Fisher
    Company D
    Killed:  Sgt. Jesse R. Jernigan, Corp. R.W. Best
    Wounded:  Corp. D.W. Wood, Jas Needham, J.E. Nest, W. Wallace, W.T. Stine, J.F. Branch, J. 
    Smits, W. Ruggins
    Captured:  Jno. Cowan, Sgt. Jno Castine(?) Cautine(?), Ivey Allen, Jacob Beasley, Robert Chase, 
    Z. Castine, J.P. Davis, George English, Charles English, E. Frederick, F. Frederick, Jas. Ganey(?), 
    J.H. Harrell, Matthew Hart, W. Jolley, T.N. Manning, Noah McCumber, Orein McCumber, Luke 
    McLawhorn, Alfred McLawhorn, J.T. Rochelle, W.E. Teel
    Company E
    Wounded:  D.H. Millis, J.J. Canady, L. Hardigan, A. Richardson
    Captured:  Lts. J.W. Stokeley, J. F. (?) King, A.J. Gurganus, Sgts. E.H. King, L.W. Tippitt, T. 
    (illegible, might be Hobbs), H. Williams, Corps. J. Hardison, J.C. Bryant, W.R. Barber, G.W. 
    Brinson, J.J. Creel, J. Ceal, J. Hansley, C. (or O.) Horne, W. Hobbs, Joe Hobbs, Uzza Jenkins, 
    Thomas King, J. B.(or R.) King, J.H. McLemore, N. McLeod(?), D.C. Phillips(?), B.F. Williams, 
    J.R. Williams, R. Weston, R. Yopp, J.M. Piner
    Company F
    Killed:  Henry Craige, A. Harrell
    Wounded:  Sgts. C.H. Farrow, J.H. Hewitt, J.T. Harrill, N.H. Parrish
    Captured:  Capt. J.L. Cantwell, Lts. I.J. Picket, C. McClammy(?), G.M. Crapon, Sgts. W.A. 
    Montgomery, J.D. Sellars, J.E. Smith, Corps. Thomas Prevatt, J.P. Prevatt, J.A. White, George 
    A. Brantly, M. Braner, E. Braffork(?), A.W. Moore, N. Carter, A. Charles, C. Davis, A.G. Dunnigan, 
    Jas. Hicks, A. Haga(?, almost illegible except for the ‘H’), H. Owens, J.H. (almost illegible, might 
    be Phillips), S. (almost illegible, might be Peebles), J.W. (almost illegible, might be Sampson), B. 
    (almost illegible, might be Saunders), J. Spivey
    Company G
    Killed:  Lovet Brown
    Wounded:  Capt. E.H. Armstrong, Sgt. O.(?) C. Hill, Corp. R.R. Spight, with Regiment.
    W.L. Wilkins, M. Carr, W. Reece, B. Recoe
    Captured:  Lt. L.J. Henderson, Sgts. O.(?) C. Hill, J.P. Ketcham, J.Q. Adams, Abner Copps, L.J. 
    Cottis, A. Eubanks, H. Ezzell, B.F. Higgins, T.F. Hewitt, W.C. Jones, J.B. Jones, W.E. (almost 
    illegible, K-ll---, maybe Kellum?), A. McCullen, R. Merdons, R. Odem, L. Phillips, L. Packer(?), 
    W.M. Sutton, A. Simpson, Wm. Thompson, George W. Wilder, Jno. Wiggins, E.B. Robertson, A. 
    Rich, P. Reggan, R. Saudlin
    Company H
    Killed:  Corps. Wm. Sikes, W.D. Watson
    Wounded:  W.F. Young
    Captured:  Lts. Z.H. Lowdermilk, R.H. Lyon, Sgts. D.A. Sikes, D.J. Hargrove, J.W. Stinder(?), H.B. 
    Everett, Corps. T.B. Jones, R. Kemp, R. Aldridge, J.M. Brady, T. Rush, W. Buie, B. Craven, E.G. 
    Coble, D. Edwards, D.J. McMillan, J. McLeod, A.G. Pope, A. Springs, W.T. Young
    Company I
    Wounded:  Lt. C.H. Craige, Sgt. W.S. Flynn, Corps. J. Neal, T.H. Belvin, E.E. Daniels, J. Hollsman, 
    N.B. Jones, Asa W. Waters (with Regiment).  S. Winfield
    Captured:  Capt. H. Stone, Lt. T.B. Barron, Sgt. J.W. Day, W. S. Barnett, Corp. B.F. Russell, J.T. 
    Bishop, H. Branton, W.T. Brinkley, Samuel Daniels, J.B. Davis, W.B. Ferrell, C.H. Gooch, W.V. 
    Hodgin, A. King, Samuel Potter, A.J. Padgett, H.N. Richardson, B.B. Tingle, P.F. Thomason, J. 
    Company K
    Wounded:  Capt. K.B. Pouns, Lts. A.J. Castine, George M. Omsby, Corps. K. Bowen, R. Rivenbark, 
    J.A. Ennis, L.T. Evans, J.W. Malpass, F.M. Meeks, R.H. Piner, E.J. Rochelle, S. Waller
    Captured:  Sgts. R.L. Player, J.W. Rouse, Corp. W.W. Cowan, J.B. Blake, M.C. Bowden, Robert 
    Chadwick, T.J. Cowan, J.M. Deal, G.W. Foy, J.R. Garriss(?), J.L. Johnston, T.L. Lane, T.H. Lanier, 
    T.W. Mills, T. Moore, A.A. Taylor, Jno. D. Walton, F.E. Walton
    S.D. Thruston, Colonel, 3rd N.C. Infantry
    14th N.C.T., Lee’s Army (no dates given), Lee’s Army
    Company A
    Wounded:  E. Hardiston
    Missing:  Sgt. Z.T. Shearin
    Company B
    Wounded:  R.M. McCutchen, T.D. Andrews
    Company C
    Wounded:  Corp. A.B. Morton, J.H. Alford, S.H. Gaddy, A.A. Waddill
    Missing:  A.D. Lilly(?)
    Company D
    Wounded:  H.S. Moss
    Company E
    Killed:  J.M. Woods
    Wounded:  W.A. Sturdivant, C. Carter, J. Roes(?), W. Cooly(?) Corly(?)
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.M. Whitmore, J. Stepp
    Company H
    Killed:  H. Pusser
    Wounded:  Capt. E. Louder, I. Dry, W.E. Davis, J.J.H. Clodfelter, G. Melton, G. Barringer
    Company I
    Killed:  D.C. Clodfelter
    Wounded:  C.A. Hedrick, J.E. Workman, H.S. Mose
    (Second list, taken from June 6, 1864 Observer)
    14th N.C.T. Casualties (no dates given)
    Field and Staff:  Col. R.T. Bennett(?), in mouth, slight (one line containing at least one name is 
    illegible), Sgt. Major N.E. Jenkins, in leg, severe
    Company A
    Killed:  J.J. Lancaster
    Wounded:  Sgts. R.M. King and L.C. Newsom, Corps. George W. Rooker(?), Daniel C. Hardy and 
    J.F. Newsom, J.R. Linch, E. Hardester, Daniel Hicks. S.O. Adams, J.J. Pendergrass
    Missing:  Sgt. Z.J. Shearen
    Company B
    Killed:  Lt. C.P. Jones, George Moore, George Baker, Jno. Braxton
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.L. Stroup, Corps. L.J. Myers and A. Sink, Robert W. Meurchen, J.H.R. Beck, 
    (since dead), T.D. Andrews, W.F. McRory, P.L. Ledford, J.C. Walborn, J.C. Smith, Wm. Baker
    Company C
    Killed:  Martin V. Tyson, Ed. F. Billingsley, Burk Taylor, mortally wounded, since dead, Wm. D. 
    McPherson, Jas. Brigman
    Wounded:  Lt. Wm. A. Liles, slightly; Sgt. Jno. W. McGregor, leg, flesh, severe; Sgt. Jas. A. 
    Smart, side, severe; Corp. A.B. Morton, thigh, slight; Corp. Jule A. Henry, head, slight; J.H. 
    Allford, wrist, severe; Stephen H. Gaddy, thigh, flesh, severe; George A. Morton, hand, severe; 
    Peter F. Morton, hand, severe; Wm. H. Saunders, leg, flesh, severe; Jas. L. Smith, hand, slight; 
    Ed J. Smith, knee, severe; Wm. L. Stanback, thigh, flesh, severe; Miles Threadgill, shocked by 
    shell; Wm. Threadgill, thigh, flesh, severe; A.A. Waddill, ankle, slight; Thomas J. Watkins, mouth, 
    Missing:  A.D. Lilly 
    Company D
    Killed:  Corp. B.R. Kinney
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.J. Dickson, W.E. Dickson, A.W. Hannon, E.D. Griffin, P. Motley, T.F. Tippet, 
    severely; R.G. White, A.S. Moss, R.C. Cobb, slightly
    Company E
    Killed:  Jas. W. Woods, W.H. Hubbard
    Wounded:  Lt. J.M. Hinson, Wm. A. Sturdivant, L. Ross, C. Carter, R.H. Whitaker
    Company F
    Killed:  Tisdale Stepp
    Wounded:  Capt. Jas. M. Gludger, Lts. Gay Williams and G.H. Murray (since dead), Sgts. J.M. 
    Whitmire, W.B. Westall, and D.W. McGalilod(?) McGalifod(?), Jesse Stepp, W.H. Clark, E. 
    Campbell, W. Fonts, W.F. Lewis, D.M. Phelts
    Company G
    Killed:  G.B. Wells, J.O.B. Jones
    Wounded:  Corp. S.F. Jones, W.G. Snow, A.J. Bragg, H.S. Rawley, J.M. Wright, W.W. 
    Stubblefield, A.P. Taylor
    Company H
    Killed:  Hugh Pusser
    Wounded:  Sgt. C.A. Shankin, head, slight; Sgt. H.A. Kendall, neck, severe; Sgt. Bennett Russell, 
    leg, slight; Corp. E. Lowder, head, severe; J.H. Avett (since dead); Green Melton, wrist, severely; 
    D.G. Barringer, leg, flesh; B.F. Snuggs, hip, flesh; J.W. Snuggs, leg, severe and captured; J.H. 
    Clodfelter, thigh, severe; Jacob Austin, arm, slight; Jno. Dry, hand, slight; W.E.H. Davis, arm, 
    slight; W.H. Melcher, hand, slight; Jos. A. Shankle, head and hand, slight
    Company I
    Killed:  D. Clodfelter
    Wounded:  Corp. C. Smith, C.M. Thompson, G.W. Reid, J.E. Workman, G.A. Hedrick, L.C. Goss, 
    G.W. Goss, Jas. Sechrist, W.A. Sullivan, B.F. Gallimore, W.B. Cornelison, G.W. Swicegood, Jas. 
    Company K
    Killed:  Jno. Martin
    Wounded:  Capt. J. Jones, Lt. C.W. Beavers, Sgt. Jno D. Thompson, J. Ingram, Corps. T. J. Jolly 
    and C. Adams, H.J. Worrel, J.W. Solomon, W.L. Gooch, Wm. Leatherman, J. Cox, A.M. Adams, 
    W.E. Friedle, W. Gooch
    Missing:  J.B. Harris
    Casualties 4th N.C.T., no dates given, Lee’s Army
    Company A
    Killed:  N.S. Brawley
    Wounded:  J.W. Hobbs, W.N Gilland(?), Thomas Christie, J.W. Coan, J.B. Stinson
    Company C
    Wounded:  Corp. F.A. Shuford, M.S. Arthur
    Missing:  Sgt. W.M. Adams
    Company D
    Wounded:  N. Lee, E. Croom, Sgt. Hudgins
    Missing:  W. Johnson
    Company F
    Killed:  Corp. J.B.(?) Farmer
    Wounded:  E. Flora
    Company G
    Killed:  J.P. Shives(?)
    Wounded:  A Anthon, H.A. Wise
    Company H
    Wounded:  L. Lambert
    Company I
    Missing:  Private Foster
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. O. Holshouser
    Casualties 2nd N.C.T., no dates given, Lee’s Army
    Company B
    Wounded:  Wm. Rowe
    Missing:  Martin Thornell
    Company C
    Wounded:  W.H. Hopkins and F.M. Morgan, seriously
    Missing:  C.B. Jones
    Company D
    Wounded:  S. Keith
    Missing:  S. Pettiway
    Company E
    Missing:  Lt. J.M. Hobson
    Killed:  A. Simmons
    Wounded:  J.F. Thompson, J. Ward, G.C. Steele, mortally, since died
    Company F
    Wounded:  Corp. Fulshire, W.W. Coward
    Company G
    Wounded:  A. Huggins, H.H. Yosod(?), W.A. Lane
    Company I
    Wounded:  Corp. Pitts, J.F. Rawles, mortally, dead
    Missing:  Corp. Wade
    Company K
    Wounded:  N.F. Budd
    Missing:  J.D. Oliver
    (This second list of casualties in the 2nd N.C.T. is from a later paper, June 6, Fayetteville 
    Observer but again, no dates given)
    (Extremely faded, hard to read)
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Adj. A.W. Green, Sgt. Maj. Wm. Daniel
    Company A
    Killed:  Lt. N.G. Smith
    Wounded:  Capt. Milton Smith, Lt. E. Smith, Sgt. J.H. Cox, J. George(?), J. Bandrant(?), (first 
    initial illegible) M. Hane(?), Wm. Sutherland, A. Saunders, J. Smith, Joshua(?) Smith
    Missing:  Sgt. J.(last name illegible, starts with an ‘M’), Corp. J. Innes(?), J. Simmons, P.(?) M. 
    Simmons(?), R. Collise(?), J. Wood(?), J. Williams(?), E. Cox, Wm. A. (last name partially 
    illegible—firs letter is ‘S’), A. Lawsen(?)
    Company B
    Killed:  Hugh Freeman(?)
    Wounded:  Sgt. D.W. (last name illegible, may start with an ‘A’), (first letter illegible) S. Emmerson, 
    J. Baggett(?), R. Cave, M. (last name illegible, three letters, may start with a ‘K’, might be Kee), 
    J.W. (last name illegible), L. Whitaker, Wm. Bates(?)
    Missing:  A. Kee, W. G. (last name illegible)
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.R.P. Vance, Z. Lambreth, W. (last name illegible, may start with a ‘D’, maybe 
    Davis?), W.C. Hooker
    Missing:  Copr. E. Wood or Woodle(?), H. Elberon(?), W.P. Varner, M.E. james, D. Lewellen, N. 
    (last name illegible, might start with a ‘G’)
    Company G
    Killed:  Corp. P. (last name illegible, might be Cook)
    Wounded:  Lt. D.S. Brown, Corp. H.V. Harmon, J. Kennedy, L. Kiger, W. Snow, (first initial illegible) 
    Missing:  Wm. Snider(?)
    Company H
    Wounded:  Corp. J.R. Coghill(?), D.H. Gowin(?), A.J. (last name illegible, five letters, the last four 
    may be ‘race’ or ‘rane’), Jas. Woody, H.C. Pearce(?), Jas. H. Glauce(?), James Lewis, S.J. 
    Hoppers, Jas. A. Jones, M.R. Parvis
    Missing:  Sgts. S. Ledford, A. (last name illegible, may start with an ‘L’), S. Church, S. Sexton, 
    H. Davis(?), W.A. Davis 
    Casualties, 1st N.C.T., no dates given, Lee’s Army
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. H.A. Brown, dangerous, lung, Major L.C. Latham, abdomen
    Missing:  Lt. Col. J.N. Howell
    Company A
    Wounded:  Lt. J.A. Morgan
    Missing:  Capt. T.L. Johnson
    Company B
    Killed:  Lt. L.J. Curtis
    Company C
    Wounded:  Capt. W.H. Thomnens(?), Lt. Charles (late name plus three more names cut off)
    Company D
    Killed:  Lt. Howard
    Wounded:  Capt. Williamson
    Company G
    Missing:  Capt. N.J. Whitehurst, Lts. J.A. Latham, J.M. Harget
    Company H
    Wounded:  Capt. A. Mizell
    Missing:  Lts. J.M. Gaither, J.B. Coffield
    Company I
    Missing:  Capt. Fowler, D. Heartsfield, Lt. Carver
    Wounded:  Lt. Patterson
    Company K
    Missing:  Capt. W.H. Day
    Wounded:  Dr. C.E. Branch, since dead
    Casualties 30th N.C.T., no dates given, Lee’s Army
    Company A
    Wounded:  Color Sgt. Wm. Pennington, J.M. Kelly
    Missing:  Corp. W.E. Bass, R. McKinsey, L.W. Johnson
    Company B
    Wounded:  Peter Buff, D.H. Neal, M.S. Pegram
    Missing:  Sgt. J.D. Shearin, Isaac riggan
    Company C
    Wounded:  Reuben Smith
    Missing:  R. Hickman
    Company D
    Wounded:  W.H. Moore, Walter Edwards
    Missing:  R.H.B. Thomas
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. J.W. Wells
    Wounded:  B.W. Bostick, J. Cavanaugh, Adin Evans
    Missing:  J.W. Bray
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. W.T. Whitehurst
    Wounded:  Capt. W.M.B. Moore, Corp. R.E. Pitman, T.R. Engles, Jas. Johnson, Reid Phillips, L. 
    Missing:  Jas. Hathway, W.S. Crisp, W. Corbett
    Company G
    Killed:  Corp. W.P. Sissmore
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. H. Morrison
    Wounded:  (first name not shown, just a line) McLoyd, Jackson Taylor, G.W. Cole
    Missing:  W.C.(or G.) Cox, M.J. Thomas
    Company I
    Missing:  Wm. Griffin
    Company K
    Killed:  Sandy Johnson
    Wounded:  S.L. Dickson, J.G. Halt (first name not shown, just a line) Massengale, D.W. Miller
    Missing:  Wm. Sample, George Dunn, Wm. Bailey
    From Lane’s Brigade
    Battlefield, Spottsylvania C.H., May 17, 1864
    For thirteen long days and nights we have been fighting, marching, lying in the line of battle,
    through suffocating dust, oppressive heat, drenching rains.  As you will readily imagine, I am 
    completely worn out. Through God’s blessings, I have passed through all this terrible fighting 
    unhurt by bullets.  A ball struck my coat collar but did no damage.
    Since the great battle of Thursday, there has been continuous skirmishing with occasional shelling.  
    On the right and left of our line the enemy’s lines are not near, but just in our front (right centre) 
    there appear to be many hostile troops.  We pass our leisure moments sometimes in watching the 
    enemy’s and our skirmishers popping away at each other; while a little further off we see some of 
    them running around apparently playing ball.  Crack go our rifles and whiz come their bullets still; 
    but we do not seek cover until they commence shelling, which they are almost sure to do sometime 
    during the day.  Evening before last, while the General and I were quietly eating our meal, the 
    General’s cap was lifted off his head as nicely as if by the hand—a Minnie passed through half an 
    inch above the head.
    Our mail carrier is waiting but, were he not, it would be impossible to tell you the tenth of the doings 
    of our noble brigade alone.  It has fought grandly in these battles, which seem never ending.  You 
    will see in the Richmond papers accounts of our charge on Thursday afternoon and General Lee’s 
    official dispatch.  In that terrible charge Col. Barbour was taken by the enemy and Charlie T. Haigh 
    was killed.  He was shot through the head.  He behaved with conspicuous gallantry in this and all 
    the fights.  Just as we emerged from the woods and dashed upon the guns, I saw him just by me 
    with his arms raised, shouting “Charge, boys! Charge!  The battery is ours.”  All the while the grape, 
    canister, shell, shrapnel and round shot were crashing through the trees, ploughing up the ground, 
    cutting down our comrades—oh!  It was terrible, terrible, yet exciting.
    I trust the foiling of the enemy at Richmond and the defeat of Seigel may induce Grant to withdraw.  
    The Yankee reports of Lee retreating from the Wilderness are absurd.  Grant was terribly beaten 
    there with immense slaughter; and retreated from our front, when we moved upon his flank, and rear 
    to this point.
    E.J.H., Jr.
    For the Observer
    Messrs. Editors:  
    To relive our friends at home of anxiety about those who have survived, and to announce the fate of 
    many who have fallen, I enclose you a list of the casualties in the 24th N.C.T., with a short and hasty 
    sketch of the part taken by Ransom’s N.C. Brigade in the recent fights at Drewry’s Bluff.
    Since the capture of Plymouth, where our Brigade so greatly distinguished itself, we have been very 
    active and have endured the hardships and sufferings incident to marches, bivouacs and battles.  
    After the great victory just alluded to, we “put out” for Newbern, calling at Washington as we passed.  
    The sight of the smoked and tattered banners, waving defiantly before that unfortunate town, greatly 
    terrified its vile inmates, who soon “skedaddled” for Newbern.  
    A few days hard marching found us in front of the latter place.  The next morning after our arrival 
    General Hoke, who commanded the expedition, received orders to retire and march to the relief of 
    Richmond and Petersburg.  To conceal this movement he sent a stern demand for the immediate 
    and unconditional surrender of the place, that if it was refused he should be compelled to storm the 
    town no prisoners would be taken.  This was respectfully declined and in three days were we 
    crowded into cars at Kinston en route for Petersburg, where we arrived the 10th of May.  
    The 11th we marched towards Drewry’s Bluff and on the morning of the 12th heavy skirmishing 
    commenced.  Two companies of the 24th were engaged (Companies C and I, commanded 
    respectively by Captains Guiley and Boykin.)  In this engagement Lt. E.J. Stallings, Company C, 
    was killed while gallantly cheering on his men.  
    About 4:00 pm our troops retired to the outer line of entrenchments.  Skirmishing all day on the 
    13th.  Company K, Captain Baker commanding, engaged, losing nine killed and wounded.  The 
    skirmishers were in advance of lines of works about half a mile.  Near mid-day, demonstrations of 
    an attack on our right were observed, and Ransom’s Brigade was moved to that point and place in 
    the trenches.  Our regiment was on the right, holding a portion of the works which faced at right 
    angles from the rest and on the extreme right flank of our lines. 
    We were barely in position before we were furiously attacked in the rear, the Yankees having flanked 
    us.  This was a time that tried men’s souls.  The 35th, 56th, and 49th immediately leaped the works, 
    faced about and gave the Yankees a terrible fire as they came, charging with a cheer.  Our regiment 
    maintained its position and received the front attack, the whole time subjected to a front flank and 
    reverse fire.  Both the front and rear attacks of the enemy were repulsed and a hasty retreat ordered.  
    Men never behaved better under such trying circumstances.  The brave Captain Durham, A.Q.M., 
    49th N.C.T. Acting Aid to General Ransom, and Lt. Johnson, A.D.C. were severely wounded in the 
    This maneuver of the enemy forced the evacuation of the outer line of works, and dark on the night 
    of the 13th found our troops occupying the second line of works.  Beauregard arrived late in the 
    evening.  Hoke up to this time had been in command.  The next morning, the 14th, a strong line of 
    skirmishers was sent forward and fighting commenced in earnest.  The skirmishers suffered much.  
    Capt. Audrey, a daring and accomplished officer and gentleman, was killed.  His brave company 
    lost many of their best men. About 3:00 our sharpshooters retired into the trenches as the enemy 
    advanced in line of battle.  Near 2:00 General Ransom received a painful wound in the arm from a 
    Minnie ball and Col. William J. Clarke, 24th, took command of the brigade as senior colonel.  
    Musketry and artillery firing now became hot and it was thought the enemy would storm the works, 
    but they seemed content to sharpshoot them.
    Nothing of very great importance on the 15th.  A shell exploded among Company E, 24th, Capt 
    Lane, killing and wounding nine.  Late in the evening, our gallant colonel was struck on the shoulder 
    by a piece of shell which inflicted a serious wound.  The command of the brigade then devolved on 
    Col. Rutledge, 25th, the next ranking officer.  During the night of the 15th, 60 rounds of cartridges 
    were issued and the morning of the 16th found us moving to the left to attack the enemy.
    General R. Ransom opened the fight at daylight with splendid success, driving the enemy and 
    capturing many prisoners.  About 9:00 the 24th and 49th were ordered forward through a thickly 
    wooded swamp on the outer skirts of which the enemy were strongly posted in earthworks.  When 
    within fifty yards of these trenches a terrible volley of musketry was poured into us, which beggars 
    all description.  It was more terrible than Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, or Plymouth.  Nothing 
    daunted, our brave boys dashed on and the works were carried.
    Just as we reached the works, Col. McAfee, 49th, his clear voice ringing above the roar of the war, 
    fell wounded in the breast.  Here fell Lt. Sanders, Company F and Lt. Whitaker of Company D, 24th.  
    Their loss is much regretted by all. 
    A brigade of Yankees was seen moving to our right. They gained the works on our right, completely 
    flanking us.  It strikes me that somebody was to blame for this.  No support was near and we were 
    compelled to fall back.  Retiring about 600 yards, a halt was ordered by Lt. Col. Harriss, the ranking 
    officer, and a messenger sent for reinforcements.  Not waiting for more troops, an advance was 
    ordered as we desired to hold all the ground that was possible with so small a force.  Captain 
    Bailey, a daring officer of the 24th, covered our front, his brave and efficient company deployed as 
    skirmishers.  They re-advanced with a step which would have done credit to Napoleon’s Old Guard, 
    and soon hotly engaged.  Being worsted at nearly all points, the Yankees commenced retreating, 
    and we had the satisfaction in a short time of marching into the works without loss of a man.
    The enemy whipped, the battle over, the boys began looking around for the spoils, which consisted 
    of quantities of sugar, coffee, etc., scattered around.  The Yankees fell back to the cover of the 
    boats, where we have them hemmed in as of 2:00 on May 19 on the banks of the James at 
    Bermuda Hundreds.  Every man is busy digging, and strong entrenchments are being rapidly built.  
    Brisk picket firing occasionally occurs, and now and then a shell goes whizzing over, which the 
    boys say is looking for a quartermaster, as it goes well to the rear.  While I write, artillery firing is 
    going on and once in a while a “camp kettle” drops over from a gunboat taking care to burst so as 
    to be of no service to a Rebel. 
    Yours in Great Haste,
    Casualties 35th N.C.T. to 21st May
    Field and Staff
    Slightly Wounded:  Lt. Col. J.T. Johnson, Ensign Wm. Steward
    Company A
    Wounded:  Frank Alpin, mortally, A. Kinsey, D. Henderson, Ely Cox, Owen Patrick, Jos Brinson, 
    severely; Sgt. J.W. Dawson, Wm. Scott, slightly; Private F. Colt
    Company B
    Killed:  Private Sam Moore
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.U. Josten, mortally, Private J.C. England, hand
    Company C
    Killed:  Sgt. J.A. Patterson, Privates J.A. Johnson, N. Morris
    Wounded:  A. Johnson, mortally, D. Hales, H. Gains, J.C. Ferguson, Lts. N.R. Kelly and M. Ray, 
    Private D.C. McDonald, severely; N.R. Jackson, G. Libbette, Arch Hannors, D.T. Cameron, slightly 
    (in hands of enemy)
    Company D
    Killed:  Sgt. J.O. Marks, Corp. J.H. Johnson, Jesse Bullard, J.P. Rosser(?), J.L. Johnson
    Wounded:  Capt. R. E. Petty, seriously; Sgt. W.J. Johnson, Corps. W.H. Harper, T.B. Gunter, 
    Privates W.H. Moore, S.S. Hatch, B.H. Johnson, severely; W.J. Bryan, M. Womble, W.H. Groce, 
    John Mann, D. Hammock, D. Williams, slightly; H.H. Blank, leg; A. Horton, arm; W.H. White, over 
    Company E
    Killed:  Rufus Shotwell, J.W. Chatham
    Wounded:  Wm. White, John Bowes, slightly
    Company F
    Killed:  Wm. Fincher, A.G. Meanes, T.H. Lemmonds
    Wounded:  J.A. Lewis, P.C. Keziah, P.P. Yandle, severely; Corp. T.A. Fawler, W.P. Ritch, H. Pride, 
    slightly, J.N. Fincher, arm
    Company G
    Killed:  T.C. Blackwell
    Wounded:  W.A. Morris, J.P. Redden, severely; Lt. M.L. Henley, Privates R.P. Levi, W.H. Levi, J.J. 
    Levi, D.L. Beddingfield, T.B. Leach, G.W. Beddingfield, W.F. Hipps, N. Morris, slightly
    Company H
    Wounded:  A.C. Barkley, J.O.(?) Grier, G.S. Hunter, G. Herren(?), J.D. Tallon(?) Talion(?), Thomas 
    Woodall, severely; Corps. A.G. Ganter, G.W. Caldwell, J.R. Alexander, J.W. Beaver, J.R. Cochran, 
    T.M. hall, W.J. McLaughlin, T.J. Wilson, D.W. Morris, John Hucks, slightly
    Company I
    Killed:  Sgt. Allen Smith, Corp. Jas. Pool, Privates J.H. McLaughlin, Daniel Jones, G.W. Dinkins
    Wounded:  Capt. W.A. Ellis(?), Private Benjamin Howell, mortally; Corp. D.S. Westmoreland, Robert 
    Worrel, severely; Stephen Worrel, J. Grubb, slightly; Lt. E.M. Wright, leg; A. Sechrist, hand; J.A.
    Denny, arm; J.W.R. Beard, leg; C. Vaghan, slightly
    Supposed to be killed and in hands of enemy:  C.R. Fulgan, Wm. Deems, Stephen Horn
    Company K
    Killed:  Lt. J.M. Rockett
    Wounded:  Corp. W.A. Wilson, Corp. A.R. Hines, P. Hollar, severely; Sgt. J.C. Sides, B.F. Arney, 
    Corp. H.C. Sigman, R.P. Rocket, slightly; A. Ward, mortally
    Casualties 49th N.C.T. near Petersburg, May 14, 16, 20
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. L.M. McAfee, slight; Capt. & A.Q.M. C.A. Durham, dangerous
    Missing:  Asst. Surgeon R.H. Goode
    Company A
    Killed:  Lt. H.C. Conley
    Wounded:  Capt. G.W. Lyttle, Jerry Walker, Jethro Ward, D.M. Carraway, W.R. Medford
    Company B
    Killed:  Noah Dillinger
    Wounded:  Lt. Daniel Lattimore, A.H. Philbeck, Thomas Disher, Ames Irvin, Sgt. R.D. Shields, John 
    Lattimore, Samuel Putnam, Wm. Wiggins, O.P. Gibson, Alex Fouts(?)
    Company C
    Killed:  W.B. Daniel, J.A. Lafroit
    Wounded:  Sgt. R.A. Stone, Ransom Sides, M.L. Plummer, M. Mask(?) Mark(?), Daniel Bailey, 
    Corp. Thompson, W.A. Thompson, James Thomas, J.A. Hall, W.C.(?) Styers, J.M. Stackleather, 
    N. Ketchie, Lawsoon Crest, S.S. Benson, E.P. Lentz
    Company D
    Killed:  Sgt. J.T. McDonald
    Wounded:  E. Stewart, J.A. Cox, N. Kennedy, Alex Johnson, Sr.(?), slight; D. Cole, N.B. Caddie, 
    A. Johnson, Jr., serious
    Company E
    Killed:  P.A. Goodnight
    Wounded:  Sgt. A.L. Reid, N.C. Morrison, J.R. Woods
    Company F
    Killed:  Capt. J.P. Ardrey, Lt. Barnett(?), Corp. W.J.E. Smith, W.A. Tevepaugh
    Wounded:  Lt. Elliott, Sgt. J.L. Weeks, Wm. Tidwell, W.M. Hudson, S.R. Neal, Z. Porter, S.L. 
    Porter, J.M. Howard, J. Cu- - -, J.H. Osborne, (first initial illegible) W. Griffith, J.S. Watts, A.P. 
    Spratt, D.J. Ray, Thomas D. Griffith, R.A. Porter, Jas. Kerr, Daniel Johnson
    Company G
    Wounded:  Lt. B.F. Dixon, J.D. Elinger(?), Corp. T.W. Harmon, A.W. Huffstickler, R.J. Mitcham(?), 
    W.H. Putnam, John Waterson, W.B. Bird, J.C. Neal(?), J.B. Read, J.M. Waters
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. E.L. Rankin, John Pierce, E.C. McLean, C. Knight, J.C. Clemmer, J.F.Whitesides(?)
    Wounded:  Lt. Wm. Linebarger, R.G. Flowers, W.J. Henderson, T. Holland, E.A. McNair, A. Cherry,
    J. Huffstickler, W.C.P. Waner(?), Jas. Hope, T.L. Payne, J.H. Hays, Wm. Bryson, L.K. Linheart, 
    W.D. Martin, J.G. Stowe, W. Linebarger, R.F. Boyd, Wm. Costner, J. Foy, A.L. McArthur, M.E. 
    Paseur(?), Wm. Falis(?), A.M. McAllister
    Company I
    Killed:  Thompson Brown, Corp. J.S. Lee
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.J. Long, Jacob Brown, A. Collwell, J. Collins, A.J. Litton, J.T. Powell, A. Wickoff, 
    N.I. Colwell(?), J.C. Hill, J.(or I.)P. Sitzer, F. Loftin, P.W.W. Brawley, D.L.F. gobble, J.F. Jones, 
    J.W. Wickoff
    Company K
    Killed:  John Winters, Vardrey Anthony, (initial of first name illegible) Arvens, Daniel Blackburn, 
    W.H. Hull (or Hall)
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.H. Baker, W.J. Snowden, J. Dixon, W.R. Fruma- - , Dave Blackburn
    Casualties 61st N.C.T., near Petersburg, May 13, 14, 15, 16
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Sgt. Major W.H. Von - - berstein, in hip, severe
    Company A
    Killed:  S.W. Faison
    Wounded:  Sgts. J.O.(?) Armstrong, and J.M. Smith, J.I. Vann, slight; J.O. Lockanny(?), mortally; 
    J.H. Johnson, severely
    Company B
    Wounded:  J.A. Cherry, slight; Z. Edwards, severe
    Company C
    Wounded:  T. Ainsworth, J.L. Barnhill, C. Enfield(?), Joe Mundell, E. Slaughter, B. Wilkerson, slight; 
    Lewis J. King, severe
    Company D
    Killed:  J.W. Johnson
    Wounded:  B. Ausby, David Caudle, S.B. Cole, W.M. Crutchfield, S. Eubanks, severe; W.F. Holt, A.R. 
    Phillips, N.A. Webster, severe; W.F. Holt, A.R. Phillips, N.A. Webster, Alfred Wrightsman, W.F. 
    Dowdy, N.H. Clark, Allen C. Davis, S.A. Smith, slight
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. J.H. Caraway, Wm. Fryer
    Wounded:  Lt. J.D. Barnes, F. Felton, W. Howard, E. Peden, Wm. D. Buff, S. Walston, J. Williams, 
    slightly; Jesse Caraway, D. Ruffin, severe
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. Daniel Shackelford
    Company H
    Killed:  R.F Ward
    Wounded:  Capt. W.B Lanier, Lt. H.H. Lanier, severe; W.J. Peel, mortally; Sgt. J.B. Robinson, Corp. 
    V.A. Gurganus, J.E. Gibson, R.H. Peel, J.F. Robinson, H. Rogerson, slightly
    Company I
    Wounded:  Sgt. G. Grimsley, S. Goings, severe; J. Maxley, mortally; Corp. H.D. Estep, I. Blevins, 
    B. Cheek, W. Cheek, J. Hudson, J. Mabe, I. Richardson, slight
    Companies E, G, and K were on detached service
    Casualties 56th N.C.T., Col. P.F. Faison, near Drewry’s Bluff, May 16
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. G.G. Luke, shoulder
    Company B
    Killed:  D.P. Blizzard
    Wounded:  Lt. A.R. Carver, arm, severe; John Tart, knee
    Company C
    Wounded:  Corp. J. Mathews, Wm. Childers, severe
    Company D
    Wounded:  J. Bowers, shoulder
    Company E
    Wounded:  Sgt. I.N. Clark, captured; B. Garner, captured; B.F. Sikes, head, severe
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. A.R. Grigg, W.C. Wolf, M.W. Crowder
    Company G
    Killed:  Jas. Tucker
    Wounded:  R.P. Smith, C. Love
    Company H
    Wounded:  Sgt. T.J. Montague, Corp. N.A. Horne, David May, J.O. Scoggins
    Missing and supposed to be wounded:  Lt. R.W. Bele(?), Sgt. S.A. Thompson, Corp. H.C. 
    Murchison, supposed killed; Privates W.F. Lacker, supposed killed; H. Bledsoe, J. Bolin, G.W. 
    Bagle(?), S.L. Carden, John Lee, F. Patterson, T.J. Peel, M. Stewart, J.H. Vickers, W.S. Whitaker, 
    G. Roberts, W.T. Patterson
    Missing:  N.P. Combs, J.L. Casote(?), J.S. Mansey
    Company I
    Wounded:  Sgt. C.P. Tanner, G.W. Spurlin, D.P. Smart, J.M. Michael, J.W. Campe, Thomas 
    Owens, G.J. Horton
    Company K
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.J. McNeely, G.W. Edwards, Z. Morgan, A.C. Shields
    Casualties Company G, 26th N.C.T., The Wilderness and “near this place” (list was sent from 
    Wounded:  Lt. S.E. Teague, severe in ankle; Sgt. T. Pewett, severe in side; Corps. W.H. Jordan, 
    hand and H.W. Johnson, shoulder, slight; Privates J.N. Bray, hand, S. Dorsett, foot, slight; J.M. 
    Halstead, hand, dangerous; J. Jones, head, J.T. Rosson(?), neck, severe; M.A. Smith, side and 
    back, dangerous; A.R. Siler, head, J.Q. Siler, and J.L. Siler, severe; J. Tillman, head and side, 
    dangerous; J. Vinson, thigh broken and in enemy’s hands; L. Moon, severe in hand
    Missing:  Sgt. J.L. Smith and Privates G. Norwood, Eli Hickman, J.L. Purvis and S. Righsell(?)
    I do not think the missing are either killed or dangerously wounded
    Casualties 26th Regiment, May 10 to June 3—Lee’s Army
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. J.R. Lane, hand and side, remained on the field
    Company A
    Wounded:  Capt. H. Blevins, right leg amputated; privates J.W. Ketchum, shocked by shell; A.W. 
    Wagg, left knee severe; Lowry Grimsley, thigh, severe; M. Farmer, hand, slight
    Company B
    Killed:  Privates W.L. Lowry, Ed Clayton
    Wounded:  R. Blakeney, left hip, severe; R.S. Glenn, right arm broken; C.F. Helms, breast, severe; 
    J.E. Gay, right hand, severe; J.B. McGuirt, left hand, slight
    Company C
    Killed:  D.J. Jennings
    Wounded:  Corp. H.H. Barlow, elbow, severe; Private Wm. Parsons, left fore finger off
    Company D
    Wounded:  Private Eli Treadaway, right arm, severe; Wiley Carroll, forehead slight; W.T. Bust, right 
    shoulder severe
    Missing:  W.H. King
    Company E
    Wounded;  Privates Ervitt Dawa(?) Dana(?), left leg amputated; Willis Jones, ankle severe; E. 
    Brewer head severe
    Company F
    Killed:  Private L. Scott
    Wounded:  Lt. A.B. Hays, breast, severe; Sgt. C. Estes(?), side and arm, severe; Private Lloyd 
    Jones, head and face, slight.
    Company G
    Wounded:  Private Willis Teague, left thigh, severe
    Company H
    Killed:  Lt. Rufus Deal
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.E. Grier, right thigh, severe; Corp. J.S. Downs, right leg amputated, left leg 
    severe; Private W.J.P. Roberts, since died; M.M. Bush(?), left thigh slight; Walter Barnett, 
    shocked by shell; J.A. Cobb, left hand severe; W.D.M. Loudermilk, right breast severe, right leg 
    Company K
    Wounded:  Private E. Hildreth, right arm, severe; Moreland Johnson, head, severe, John Tyson, 
    head, slight
    J.A. Polk, A. Adjutant, 26th N.C.T.
    Casualties 51st N.C.T., May 17 to the 22nd in skirmishing with the enemy
    Company A
    Killed:  Private P. Lewis
    Company B
    Wounded:  Private C.M. Stricklan, seriously
    Company D
    Killed:  Private Jas. R. Cameron
    Wounded:  Private J.M. Council, severe, H. Hardin, H. Green, G. Graham, E.S. Davis, S. 
    McMercer, R.F. Little, slightly
    Company E
    Wounded:  J. Bullock, J. Lane, W. McCormick, slightly
    Company F
    Wounded:  George Woodward, slightly; J. Musselwhite, seriously
    Company G
    Wounded:  J. Woodward, W. Jernigan, W. Cartright, slightly
    Company H
    Wounded:  M. Cartright, D.D. Clark, seriously
    Company I
    Killed:  Henry Williams, Jno. H. Taylor
    Wounded:  D. Autrey, D.W. Brock, seriously; W.H. Adams, slightly
    H. McKethan, Col., 51st
    (Another casualty list for the 51st, May 31 near Gaines Milles, from the June 6, 1864 Observer)
    Company A  
    Wounded:  Private J.M. Herring, serious
    Company B
    Wounded:  Capt. W.R. Bell, arm amputated; Sgt. George Herriot(?), privates W.E. Bachley, D.J. 
    Smith, C.H. Ezzell, Z. Ezzell
    Company C
    Killed:  J.J. Thomas
    Wounded:  Sgts. B. Bowdan(?), G.W. Stanford(?), Privates Louis Summerlin(?), E. Mathis, J. 
    Company D
    Wounded:  Captain R.J. McEachern, Sgt. T.D. McPhaul, Privates S.(?) J. Cobb, A. Musselwhite, 
    J.W. Willis, W.J. Humphrey, slight; D. Shaw, serious; M.W. McRae
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. S.P. Hammonds, Private P. Powell
    Wounded:  Private J. Blackman, E. Grimsley, A. Ransom, W.L. Brogden
    Company F
    Wounded:  privates W.P. McLellan, J.B. Jones, G.A. Sparkman 
    Company G
    Killed:  Private P. Edwards
    Wounded:  Privates O.(?) Ball, J.R. Jolley, slight, McD. Blackman, slight
    Company H
    Killed:  Privates D. McColskey, J.J. Nobles
    Wounded:  Corp. D.G. Pearce, Private W. Sibbett
    Company I
    Killed:  A. T. Jackson
    Wounded:  J.W. Hemmenway, T.D. Jones, H.J. Bayne(?), Jackson Tew(?) slightly
    Company K
    Wounded:  Lt. J.I. Tew, arm, Private W.T. Sills(?)
    Very Respectfully, John B. Latta, Lt. and Adjutant, 51st N.C.T.
    Further, at Gaines Milles, ----
    Company I
    Wounded:  Sgt. B.(?) H.(?) Bolton or Holton, J.C. Gaddes, D. Stuart, J.D. Darden(?)
    Missing:  Sgt. H.L. Hill, T. Bryant, J. W. Carrel, N.H. Deaver, J.D. Davis, W.D.B. Ellis, Y.C. Fisher, 
    D. Graham, W.R. Glover, J.J. Hardison, D.D. Jones, John Jackson, D. Munroe, A.C. McDonald, 
    W.J. Norris, D. McIntyre, N. McQuerendale(?), W. Nunnery, W.D. Pope, J.D. Pope, P.M. Smith, 
    T.J. Stricklin, A.J. Taylor, M.L. Joiner, Alex Tew, J.A. Tew,  J.M. Tew, J.C. Warren, W.T. Manor
    Company K
    Killed:  Lt. Elliott, Sgt. R. Warren, A.C. Walker
    Wounded:  Sgt. E. Dudley, M. Pone
    Missing:  Sgt. C.R. Vann, A.W. Lee, J. Simmons, R. Wilsford
    (Another casualty list for the 51st, for “engagement with the enemy on June 1”)
    Field and Staff:  Missing:  Major J.R. McDonald
    Company A
    Wounded:  Corp. S.J. Walker, J. Futch, M.T. Lewis
    Missing:  Sgts. W.D. Kerr and J.A. Moore, Corp. C.H. Moore, J. Adams, G.W. Garriss, J.J. Guy, 
    M. Kerr, C.(or O.) M. Melpass, E.w. Turner, W.T. Wood or Weed, (first initial illegible) Forrest
    Company B
    Killed:  B.S. Best, M. Sutton
    Wounded:  Lt. Thomas J. Herring in head; J.A. Boyat(?), G.B. Brown, G.T. Brown, W.H. Chase, 
    J.W. herring, W.C. Backby or Rackby, slightly; F. Wood seriously
    Missing:  Lt. J.T. Smith, J.A. Brown, D. lanier, R.J. Miller, W.J. Merritt, G.R. Register, Jasper 
    Williamson, J.C. Eazell
    Company C
    Wounded:  Lt. R. James, right arm amputated; P. Mathis, slight
    Missing:  D. Bestnuk, A. Sullivan, D.W. Fenner, E. Whaley
    Company D
    Killed:  R.S. McRae
    Wounded:  Sgt. W. Boon(?), J. Overton, slightly; M.V. Mercer, M. Shaw
    Missing:  J. Carver, E.Q. Davis, P. Livingston, M. Galbreth, A.N. McDonald, D.J. McMillan, J.P. 
    Mercer, S. McMercer, E.C. Rozier.
    Company E
    Killed:  A.J. Grimsley
    Wounded:  Jno. Ward, A. Taylor, L. Grimsley
    Missing:  Sgt. W.G. McLean, G.A. Smith, Corp. H. Harrell and G. Williams, C. Britt, A. Barnes, A. 
    Branch, J. Boone, R.H. Martin , J. Peterson, E. Parker, I. Pitman, E. Prevatt, H.C. Prevatt, J.P. 
    Smith, J.E. Thompson, R. Wilcox, W.C.(?) Lee, D. Lee
    Company F
    Wounded:  W.H. Parham, slightly
    Missing:  Lt. G. P. Higley, Sgt. S.D. Watson, Corp. L.R. Daniel, J.C. Duglass, W.S. Rogers, 
    W.P. Sparkman, F. McDaniel, J. Brawer, W. Tyner, D. Taylor, J.E. Baker
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. W.H. Conaway, N. Cottle
    Wounded:  Sgt. S. Boon, Corp. J.B. Blake, J. Arnold, J.T. Gowan,
    Missing:  Corp. J.H. Bessent, J.J. Blanton, W. Ikner, D.J. Jolly, D.M. Long, J.C. Nobles, B. Smith, 
    W.D. Smith, W. Teachey, W.w. Teavee(?) Teavoe(?)
    Company H
    Killed:  J. Howell, D.F. Prince, S.H. Smith
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.H.H. Hobbs, J. Brinson, B. Buck, J.E. Campbell, M. Singletery, W.r. Smith, 
    N.M. Thompson
    Missing:  Sgt. J.R.(or B?) Brocks, J.G. Gribb, J.H.(?) Fields, J.C. Ganons, D.A. Jernigan, D.J. 
    Jones, S. Millican, W.J. Penny, J.K. Shepherd
    Company I
    Wounded:  Sgt. H.H. Bolton, slightly; J.C. Goddle(?) Goddie(?), D.J. Durden, slightly; D. Stewart, 
    Missing:  Capt. George Sloan, Sgt. H.L. Hall, T. Bryant, S.W. Carroll(?), N.H. Deaver, J.D. Davis, 
    W.D.B. Ellis, G.C. Fisher, D. Graham, W.R. Glover, J.J. Hardigan(?), D.D. Jones, J. Jackson, 
    W.T. Meiner(?), D. Monroe, A.C. McDonald(?), D. McIntyre, M. McCorquedale, W.J. Norris, H. 
    Nejury(?), D.W. Pene(?), J.D. Pope, P.M. Smith, Thomas J. Stricklan, A.J. Taylor, M.L. Simmons, 
    A. Tew, J.R. Tew, L.J. Tew, D.C. Tew,  J.M. Tew, Jackson Tew, J.C. Warren
    Company K
    Killed:  Lt. Alex Elliott, Sgt. R. Warren, A.C. Walker
    Wounded:  Sgt. E. Dudley, slightly; M. Pope(?), seriously
    Missing:  Sgt. C.R. Vern or Venn or Vann??, S.W. Lee, J. Simmons, R. Wiliford(?)
    The enemy had made four desperate charges upon the works held by Clingman’s Brigade and 
    were each time easily repulsed with immense slaughter and little or no loss to us.  Unfortunately 
    for us, Wofford’s Brigade on our left gave way and enabled the enemy to press heavily upon the 
    left regiment of our brigade, who were fired on from front, flank and rear, and were compelled to 
    retire,  After this, the 51st Regiment in turn from the same cause, had to retire also, after having 
    held its position as long as prudent to do so.  The position held by the 51st Regiment was in a few 
    minutes re-occupied by them and feel confident that the enemy had no time to remove our wounded 
    to the rear, and most of those reported missing are believed to be unhurt.
    Very Respectfully
    Jno. R. Latta
    1st Lt. and Adj. 51st Regiment N.C.T.
    Casualties Company F, 24th N.C.T. in the engagement near Drewery’s Bluff, May 16
    Killed:  None
    Wounded:  Private Robert Brown, slightly
    Captured:  Corp. R. McKinnon, Privates J.W. Blackman, Robert Brown, M.V.B. Hair and Zeno 
    All others safe
    J.A. McAllister
    Casualties 24th N.C.T., near Drewry’s Bluff, May 12, 14, 15, 16
     Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. Wm. J. Clarke, seriously in shoulder
    Company A
    Killed:  Sgt. Wm. T. Daniel, Private Jas. Nichols
    Wounded:  Capt. J. Holeman, slightly in neck and jaw; Corps. G.W. Burch and J.M. Beasley, 
    Privates R. Bowes, A. Kerr, severely; W. Buchannan, B. Mansfield, A. Clayton, slightly
    Company B
    None killed or wounded.  Missing:  2nd Lt. Dan Ward and Private J.M. Pittman, captured
    Company C
    Killed:  Lt. Elias J. Stallings
    Wounded:  Sgts. W. Johnson, C. Kemp, Privates J.K. Farrell, B. Stancil, slight
    Company D
    Wounded:  1st Lt. T.L. Whitaker, Privates Nat M. Rigsby, J.A. Wright, mortally; J.D. Briggs, R. 
    Evans, J.P. Massey, W.K. Pittman, and Corp. J. Hamill, severely; Corp. G.w. Hamill, Private T. 
    Collins, J.A. Adams, slightly
    Missing:  Private G.W. Powell
    Company E
    Killed:  1st Lt. E.S. Sanders, Privates N. Morgan, D.H. King, P. Lee
    Wounded:  Sgt. W. Eldridge, Privates J.Q. Dupree, W.H. Rayner, J.H. Morgan, severely; Corp. 
    W.S. Eldridge, Privates R. Davis, J. Langley, B.R. Massingill, W.H. Pilkinton, M. Strickland, J. 
    Thomas, J. Shurley, W.B. Britt, S.W. Ingram, slightly
    Missing:  Sgt. J.E. West, captured
    Company F
    Wounded:  Private R. Brown, left in hands of enemy
    Missing:  Corp. R. McKinnon, Private J.W. Blackman, M.V.B. Hair, and Z. Moffitt, captured
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. John R. Glenn, Private Wm. A. Bradaber
    Wounded:  1st Lt. A.M. Long, severely in thigh; Corp. R.J. Woody, Private J.C. Neal, J.E. Foard, 
    severely; B.R. Regan, mortally; R. Mitchell, J.T. Foard, G.M. Foard, slightly
    Company I
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. D.B. McLean, painfully in head; Privates I. Wallace, E. Cruch, severely; W. 
    Johnson, L. Ingram, W.H. Stewart, slightly
    Missing:  Sgt. R. Ennis, Privates O.P. Barber, Henry Durham and L.B. Johnson, captured
    Company K
    Wounded:  Sgts. J.H. Hopkins and A.J. Stallings, severely; Privates B.F. Gemmelle and S. Perry, 
    mortally; A. Doyle, J. Griffin, severely; W. Rodgers, H.H. Harris, J. Parks, J. Moye, M.N. Tippet, 
    T.H. Sanderford and C. Gipson(?), slightly
    Casualties Company G, 24th N.C. (June 7)
    On the Field, near Bermuda Hundred, June 8
    Please publish the following casualties of my company:  1st Lt. John H.M. McLean, mortally 
    wounded—shot through the body and died within a few hours; Private John H. Smith, severely 
    wounded in the knee; Private Cyrus McNeill, in hand, forefinger amputated.  The above casualties 
    occurred yesterday.  We much regret the loss of Lt. McLean, he was much beloved by the whole 
    Very Respectfully
    A.A. McIvre, Commanding Company G
    Casualties 38th Regiment, Company K
    Messrs. Editors:  Please insert the following casualties of Company K, 38th Regiment N.C.T. while 
    engaged with the enemy in the Wilderness near Chancellorsville, Va., on the evening of the 5th May:  
    Privates N.L. Campbell, mortally wounded, died in about five hours; David Ray, mortally wounded, 
    since died; W.R. Jackson in arm; J.E.J. Canin slight in hand and knee.  While engaged near 
    Spottsylvania C.H. on the morning of the 12th, Private W.H. Taylor, slight in arm; Corp. Wm. McP. 
    Geddes(?) severely in fleshy part of hip by a six pound cannon shot.
    J.F. McArthur, 2nd Lt. Commanding Company
    38th N.C.T., Wilderness, Spottsylvania C.H., Noel’s Station, etc. up to the present time
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Major G.W. Flowers, arm; Sgt. Maj. A.S. Hardister, thigh
    Company A, Captain Armstrong
    Killed:  Private C.C. Wilkins
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.C. Hightower, Privates J.W. Bishop, Jesse Sandlin
    Missing:  C.M. Alfin(?), D.F. Thomas
    Company B, Captain Robinson
    Wounded:  Lt. S.H. Poplin and prisoner, Private Caleb Creckmore
    Missing:  Sgts. J.B. Martin, Jno. Gross, Corp. T.A. Martin, Privates F.A. Garner, W.L. Hayles(?), 
    J.A. Angel, G.P. Angel, H.A. Davis, S. Mitchell, J.H. Gross, J.R. Joyce, Lewis Holcomb, W.L. 
    Company C, Lt. Weeks
    Killed:  Lt. H.J. Weeks
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.B. Royal, Privates Eli Baker, J.R. Mooney or Monney, Jes. Ragsdale, P. 
    Russell, J. Willis
    Missing:  D.W. Hearn
    Company D, Captain Darden
    Killed:  Sgt. R.J. King
    Wounded:  Corp. G.W. Garr, Private J.R. Caison or Calson, J. Tindall (one of two more names 
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, May 30, 1864
    Casualties 52nd N.C.T.—Lee’s Army, to May 10
    Company A
    Wounded:  John Luther, slight in neck and shoulder; J.R. Smith, thigh, slight
    Eight Missing
    Company B
    Wounded:  Capt. J.K. Kyle, slight in head; Lt. Jas. Huske, slight in head
    Four missing
    Company C
    Missing:  Wm. Ferrill
    Company D
    Killed:  Jack Allen
    Wounded:  Capt. L.R. Gibson, left leg shot off, since died; Sam Zigler, severe in shoulder
    Two missing
    Company E
    Wounded:  Jno. A. McNair, flesh wound arm and side
    Five Missing
    Company F
    Wounded:  James Saintclair, right arm fractured; J.C. Kilby, slight, shoulder; N. Hall, slight, finger; 
    H. Brown, slight in face; J.A. Mock(?), right foot amputated; A. Brown, side; J.W. Brooks, flesh 
    wound left thigh; A.E. Foster, in head and right side; T.L. Abshler(?), breast
    Seven Missing
    Company G
    Wounded:  M.J. Harvell, right arm; S.C. Little, thigh, since died
    Three missing including Captain Wells
    Company H
    Killed:  Pink Weathers
    Wounded:  C. Keener, bowels, serverely; D.L. Nance, slight in neck and face
    Six missing including Lt. Beal
    Company I
    Wounded:  M.E. Blalock, thumb
    Company K
    Five Missing
    E.J. Deberry, Hospital Steward
    North Carolina Standard
    June 15, 1864
    The following are some of the casualties in the battles of the 2nd and 3rd before Richmond:  Lt.  
    Pearce, Company G, severely wounded; Lt. Westry, killed; Lt. Rogers, painfully wounded in arm; 
    Alpheus Kennedy, wounded, Janus Cross, slightly wounded in Arm
    North Carolina Standard
    June 22, 1864
    Coal Harbor, June 10
    Mr. Editor:
    As I think you would like to hear from us, I write you a few lines. We are in line of battle and have 
    been so for the last eight days.  We have been fighting the enemy every day, more or less.  Grant 
    attacked our lines from one end to the other three times with great fury but was driven back on all 
    points with great slaughter.  Since that time he has made feeble night attacks that don’t amount to 
    much but has suffered greatly.  We have fought behind breastworks and are well fortified.  The 
    enemy is also very well fortified on our front and the two lines in some places are not more than 
    one hundred yards between.  The sharpshooters, therefore, on both sides are very dangerous for 
    as soon as a man pokes his head up on either side he is killed or badly wounded.  
    General Lane, our commander, was badly wounded in a charge made on the evening of the 2nd inst. 
    When Lane’s Brigade with the balance of Wilcox’s Division took Turkey Hill where we are well 
    This is the 36th day we have been in this campaign, but only four of those days have we been under 
    fire.  Such fighting as has been done in this campaign is nowhere paralleled in the records of history.  
    Our brigade has done desperate fighting.  The General and his aide Lt. Lane are both badly 
    wounded.  Lt. Col. Davidson commanding the 7th has been captured and the regiment is now under 
    the command of Captain Harris.  Lt. Col. McGill is commanding the 18th, Speer still commands the 
    28th and Lt. Col. Cowan the 33rd, Col. C. M. Avery being seriously wounded at the battle of the 
    Wilderness, Col. John D. Berry commands the brigade.  The 37th Regiment is commanded by 
    Major Bost, Lt. Col. Barber having been captured in the battle at Spottsylvania.  Many of the line 
    officers have been killed or wounded but I can speak only of the 28th to which I belong.
    Our loss in killed, wounded, and missing is 250.  I have been in the army since the war began and 
    our men have more to do and more to undergo now than ever before, in digging breastworks night 
    and day and in fighting and marching.  But we are in fine spirits and confident of success and the 
    ultimate defeat of Grant.  We all think of this as the final campaign.
    We are getting plenty of rations of bacon, corn, meal, flour, Irish potatoes, onions, rice, sugar, 
    and coffee and the men are in good health.  The 28th has never been better handled or done better 
    fighting then at present.   Col. W.H.A. Speer has had no help except Adj. Folger who is an 
    excellent officer.  In the fight at Spottsylvania, the 28th took more prisoners than it had in men.  
    Col. Speer has missed no duty and has behaved with great credit to himself and his regiment.
    North Carolina Soldier
    Fayetteville Observer, June 6, 1864
    Messrs. Editors:  I send for you to publish a list of casualties in the 23rd Regiment N.C.T. in the 
    engagements of the 9th, 10th, 12th, and 19th may near Spottsylvania C.H., Va.
    Field and Staff:
    Adjt. T.F. Powell, wounded and captured
    Major Jno. C. Ussery, wounded
    Company A
    Killed:  Jeremiah Morgan
    Wounded:  Capt. Frank Burnett, Sgt. Alex Doran, Corp. (first initial illegible) J. Cox, Thomas 
    Lockheart, H.W. King, W.P. Beverly, Jno. R. Munnerlyn, L. Punch
    Missing:  J.P. parker, Jackson Mayse, Caswell Loverard, Jas. Townsend, Dennis Ratliff
    Company B
    Killed:  Jacob Bell(?)
    Wounded:  Lt. W. A. Thompson, severely in leg; Wm. Bysanger(?), slightly; A.M. Lembeth, leg 
    amputated; Corp. P.D. Seagle, slightly; Robert Haynes, slightly; P.V. Cauble, thumb amputated; 
    Noah (last name illegible, four letters, starts with an ‘R’ and may end with a ‘b’ or ‘h’), severely in 
    Missing:  P. Whitworth, David Whetstine(?)
    Company C
    Killed:  Lt. A.F. Saunders
    Wounded:  Sgts. E.F. Davis, severely in side, J.A. Epps, slightly in side, J.W. Harris, slightly in 
    arm; Corp. J.M. Lilly, slightly in leg; B.F Harris, arm amputated; P. Lippard, severely in hip; Wm. 
    White, severely in hand; Thomas W. Hall, in foot
    Missing:  Thomas Bowden, H.W. Green, M.V. Green, R.T. Ary, M.N. Blockwilder, Ralph Mason, 
    Jno. S. Robinson, J.M. Morgan
    Company D
    Wounded:  Sgts. W.A. Gibson and W.C. Covington, W.W. Bounds, Jno Duncan, Thomas Pennell.
    Missing:  Capt. A.T. Cole, Corp. E.S. Hart, A.R. Bryant, M. Keener, T.J. Smith, C.C. Crouch, N.B. 
    McKinnon, George Walker
    Company E
    Killed:  Corp. J.M. Heflin, R.M. Paschall
    Wounded:  Sgt. D.G. Crews, slightly in shoulder; W.H. Duke, slightly in leg; H.R. Chappell, slightly 
    in hand; Jno. Goss(?), slightly in head; D.G. Hubgood(?), shoulder, severe; J.G. Clay, slightly in leg; 
    G.T. Peace, leg amputated
    Missing:  Lt. J.T. Bullock, R.A. Flemming, J.G. Ferrell, Jno. Mize, W.W. Perry, N.T. Green
    Company F
    Killed:  Lt. T.W. Wilson, Sgt. W.T. Warlick, J.A. Yoder
    Wounded:  Sgt. A.G. Prepst, E.F. Rink, mortally; P.R. Speagle, severely; Wm. Whigenhurst, 
    Missing:  Corp. L.M. Angel, G.F. Jarrett, J.L. Miller, G.L. Peal(?), Levi, Reinhardt, P.A. Hoyle, 
    W. D. Shell(?), L. Seitz(?), L. Walker, N. Whitner, A.M. Yoder, M.S. Sigman, M. Lenston
    Company G
    Wounded:  Capt. J.A. Breedlove, arm; Lt. T.J. Crocker, side; Sgt. Fielding Vaughan, face; J.V. 
    Tunstall, severely; Rufus Daniel, slightly; W.H. Robards(?), arm amputated; S.W. Reavis, face; 
    W.H. Hunt, arm
    Missing:  Sgt. C.R. Davis, George Ball, S.T. Dickerson, G.C. Robinson, Wm. Faulkner, W. Harp, 
    N. Adams
    Company H
    Wounded:  J.B.F. Brison, severely; B. Bailey, slightly; J.T.R. Dammaron, slightly; G.W. Jarrett, 
    arm amputated; W.E. Reid, severely; W.R. Milling
    Missing:  N.W. Durmyre, W.F. (or P.?) Fiter, H. Carson, J.A. Milting, R.S. Torrence, C.E. Torrence
    Company I
    Killed:  Dennis Lynch, W.C. O’Bryan
    Wounded:  Sgt. S.L. Puryear, slightly in side; Jas. Clark, hand; David Duncan slightly, head; 
    Thomas B. Frazier, right hand amputated; Jno. Hart, George Newton and Thomas L. Newton, 
    hand; Jno West, severe in thigh
    Missing:  Corp. J.A. Jones, Jno. Duncan, Barrister Robsinson, Robert Sadler, Jno. Newton, Robert 
    West, Wyatt Corrie
    Company K
    Killed:  J.A. Thompson
    Wounded:  A.A. Gabriel, mortally (since died); J.L. Long, arm; R.B Little, hand; H.S. Hunter and E. 
    Smith, foot
    Missing:  P.S. Rendleman, J.L. Workman, H.H. Howard
    J.P. Leach, Lt. & Acting Adjutant 23rd N.CT.
    58th N.C.T.-Johnston’s Army
    Headquarters 58th N.C.T. near Etowah River, Ga., May 21, 1864
    Messrs. Editors:  Will you please publish in your paper a list of casualties in the 58th N.C. 
    Volunteers in the Battle of Oostanulia on the 14th and 15th inst.
    Company A
    Wounded:  John Dellinger, head; Sgt. Snipes, face; Jos. Dellinger, face, all severely
    Company B
    Wounded:  B. Hobson, breast, severe
    Missing:  S.E. Prestword, Thomas Gardner, Albert Hutchins
    Company C
    Killed:  Robert R. Rowlin
    Missing:  M.R. Young
    Company D
    Wounded:  Franklin Townsend, arm, slight; Sol Green
    Missing:  Anderson Grogan
    Company E
    Killed:  A.B. Reece
    Wounded:  Elijah Coffey, hand; E. Coffey, hand; W.C. Oxford, jaw—all slight
    Missing:  Jos. C. Baird, C.C. Hobbs, J.R. Sherrill, R.O. Phillips, G.W. Raby, Warren Mastin(?), 
    Wm. Redding, Jesse Thomas, Jno. Gurley, G.J. Jessling
    Company F
    Killed:  Lt. C. More(?) Mere(?), Private R.R. McKesie
    Wounded:  J.A. Nichols, face, severe; Samuel Harvey, leg; W.H. Huge(?), thigh broken
    Company G
    Wounded:  Sol Miller, leg; Jno. Lipton, arm; Sol (last name illegible, starts with an ‘S’ and ends 
    with a ‘w’, might be four or five letters total), side; Lt. J.B. Norris, shoulder with shell
    Missing:  Nat Stenbury(?), S.W. Luvat(?), Nat Phillips
    Company H
    Killed:  Austin Smith
    Wounded:  G.W. (last name illegible); S. McClure, shoulder; R.A. Cala-an (one letter illegible), leg, 
    severe; J.A. Bolick, arm, severe; A. Coffey, hand, severe; Julius Smith and George Taylor, finger; 
    Wm. Crysp, head
    Missing:  J.L. Rice, N. Watson, -------- McDowell, Jas. Harvell, A.M. Upchurch, J.M. Fincannon, 
    J.M. Kirby
    Company I
    Wounded:  C.J. Cottrell, face, serious
    Missing:  Privates Jos. Pierce, Anderson Jackson, Joel Dagger, Jno. Mathis, B.G. Hilliard, Alf 
    Hilliard, Sol Isaacs
    Company K
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Duncan, slight; Private A. Siler, thigh, severe; Henry Justice, breast, severe
    Company L
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.M. Calloway, breast, severe; Corp. J. Fowler, arm, slight; Private Moses Harvell, 
    breast, slight; Lt. E.(?)M. Handy, explosion of shell
    Missing:  Wm. Parsons, J.H. Denney, H.S. McClure, B. Estridge, G.W. Sumgarn, Sgt. Wm. 
    The regiment behaved with great gallantry and was highly complimented by our brave commander 
    Brigadier General Reynolds
    T.J. Dula, Lt. Col.,  Commanding Regiment
    Casualties 27th Regiment N.C.T., Cooke’s Brigade, May 5th to 12th, 1864
    Lt. Col. C.F. Winfield, commanding
    Field and Staff:  Major T.C. Webb, Sgt. Major T.E. Pittman, wounded
    Company A, Capt. J.D. Bryan, commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. B.J. Rhodes, Privates B. Holleman(?), W. Flowers
    Wounded:  Capt. J.D. Bryan, slightly; Sgt. A.L. Whitley, side, slight; Corp. J.B. Kilpatrick, hand, 
    severe; Privates W. Davis, head, slight; Adam Drye, arm, slight; W.T. Musgrave, head, severe; 
    T.C. Overman, shoulder, severe; J. Peacock, finger, slight; J. Pike, hand, slight; R. Ward, wrist, 
    slight; L.E. Watson, side and arm; A. Langston, thigh, severe; Neil McLean, face, slight; J.S. 
    Maness(?), side, severe; D. Register, arm, slight
    Company B, Capt. J.A. Sloan(?), commanding
    Killed:  Privates S.F. McLean, L.S. Lineberry
    Wounded:  Capt. Sloan, hip, slight; Sgt. Stratford, leg; W.W. Steiner, foot; Corp. W.C. Story, arm; 
    Privates Chilonts(?), arm; D. Coltrain, hand, slight; W. Donnell, arm and side, slight; T.R. Greenson, 
    arm, severe; W. Horney, leg amputated; S.S. Hiatt, head; Wm. Hunt, arm and side, slight; Wm. 
    May, neck, slight; Jno. Silcer, head, severe; R.B. Tate, head, mortal; W. Williams, groin, severe; 
    Jas. Wilson, side, severe; Corp. (last name illegible), knee, severe
    Company C, Capt. E.G. Wooten, commanding
    Killed:  Privates S.P. Barrow, S. Bolden
    Wounded:  B.C. Fields, arm and leg, severe; L.H. Fields, shoulder, slight; N. Skinner, arm, slight; 
    W.H. Rouse, arm, severe; Jno. Koonce, leg, severe; Isaac Braxton, head, slight; John Potter, hip 
    and arm, slight; Jno. Brower, shoulder, slight; David Savage, shoulder; Jno. Edgly, hand, slight; 
    Jos. Wise(?) Wine(?), foot; Jordan Potter, thigh; J.H. Wade, hand, slight; J.W. Whitfield, right arm 
    amputated:  Jas. Raymond(?), neck, severe; H. Holmes, arm, slight; Powell Brown, thigh, severe
    Company D, Capt. C. Herring Commanding
    Killed:  1st Sgt. J.B. Wooten
    Wounded:  Capt. Herring, slight; Corp. J.E. Taylor; Privates H. Cunningham, W.B. Carter, B.A. 
    Carter, Wm. Davenport, Jno. Moody, J. Potter and S. Strowd, slight; (first initial illegible) Strowd, 
    H.E. Smith, severe; D.C. Lee, shoulder, severe; J.M. Taylor, slight; D. Quinn, leg amputated; B. 
    Gray, severe; Corp. S.H. Kornegay, slight
     Company E, Capt. R.W. Joyner commanding
    Killed:  Private C. Cannan(?)
    Wounded:  Corp. B.J. Long, slight; Corp. J.W. Waston(?), leg, severe; Privates Wm. Corbitt, groin, 
    slight; D.L. Crawford, arm, severe; W.C. Askew, arm and chest, severe; N.W. Askew, head, severe; 
    J.Elks(?), leg broken; T. Mixton, arm and foot, severe; J.J. Smith, left eye, severe; A. Shivers, leg 
    and hip; S. Nichols and J. Hinson, slight; J. Baker, leg broken; J. Lang, thigh, severe; T. Moore, 
    head, slight; Corp. S. Williams, foot amputated; Sgt. Brantley, foot, slight; F.W. Nobles, face, 
    Company F, Capt. B.S. Skinner, commanding
    Killed:  Privates J.A. White, J.H. Price, Z. White
    Wounded:  Sgt. Berry, slight; Sgt. Weeks, mortally in head, since died; Sgt. Hobbs, both thighs, 
    severe; Corp. T.E. Goodman, arm, flesh; Privates J. Barclift, slight; J. Bundy, leg, severe; W.M. 
    Croes(?), shoulder, slight; T.J. Fleetwood, arm, side and hand; F. Foster, leg, severe,  J.A. Hall, 
    shoulder, slight; C. Lane, shoulder, slight; George Lacy, head, severe; A. Elliott(?), shoulder, 
    severe; J. Miller, hip, slight; D.P. Sharpe, thigh, severe; W. Sutton, head; J. May, leg, slight.
    Company G, Capt. S. Dickson, commanding
    Killed:  R.C. Davis(?), F. Wood
    Wounded:  St. Whitted, face, severe; Sgt. C.(?) F. Haton, Corp. J. Miles, severe; Privates W.H. 
    Crabtree, thigh, severe; M. Dulany(?), arm broken; G.M. Dorothy, face, severe; C.L. Dunnegan, 
    shoulder, slight; J.C. Paul, thigh, slight; A. Forrest, hand, slight; M. Ray, slight; J. Smith, shoulder, 
    slight; E.H. Strayhorn(?), back and leg, severe; W. Thompson, face, severe; Corp. R. Richards(?), 
    arm and side; J. Mitchell, shoulder, slight; Lt. J.A. Graham, thigh, painful
    Company H, Capt. J.P. Manker, commaning
    Killed:  Private S.A. Stokes(?)
    Wounded:  Lt. H.F. Price, arm, slight; Sgt. S.A. Whitley, arm, severe; Sgt. S. Moore, shoulder, 
    slight; Privates E. Adams, arm, severe; J.H. Clark, arm, slight; H.J. Collins, side and leg, slight; 
    G.F. Evans, hand, severe; W.N. Edwards, knee, severe; W.B. Garriss, hip, severe; P.P. Lawrence, 
    face; W.B. Overton, arm and thigh, slight; W. Oxley, abdomen, severe; J.B. Quartemus, hand and 
    thigh, severe; W.J. Sumrell, thigh, slight; J.A. Landrix, head, slight; W.F. Rountree, arm, slight; B. 
    Wilson, leg and foot, severe; Jesse Whitley, chest, severe; J.A. Williams, neck, slight; J.(?) L. 
    Thigpen, neck, slight; J.A. Stokes, abdomen, slight
     Company I, Capt. W.R. Larkins, commanding
    Wounded:  Capt. Larkins, side, slight; Sgt. G.W. Mattocks(?), arm, slight; Corp. Levitt, finger shot 
    off; Privates G.W. Barber, thigh and wrist, slight; J.W. Buckhart, shoulder, slight; H.B. Cox, head, 
    slight; A. Gordon, side, slight; J. Hodnot, shoulder, slight; Cooper Huggins, arm, slight; C. King, 
    shoulder, slight; J.M. Levitt, arm, slight; E. Odham, arm, severe; J.J. Reed, arm, slight; T.J. Polk, 
    arm, slight; J.S. Spease, thigh, severe; C. King, leg and thigh, severe
    Company K, Capt. H.H. Coor, commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. R.H. Best, Private A. Langston
    Wounded:  Capt. H.H. Coor, very slight; Sgt. W. Thompson, slight; N.J. Smith, slight; Private 
    S.H. Coley, wrist, severe; H. Chase, slight; E.B. Beaman, slight; J.H. Ginn, slight; J.W. Holland, 
    slight; W.T. Lancaster, slight; J.C. Long, neck and shoulder, severe; E.M. Miller, slight; J. Smith, 
    severe; P. Snider, slight, ------ Mullis, shoulder
    W.A. Knight, Adj’t. 27th Regiment, Cooke’s Brigade
    Casualties 33rd N.C.T., May 5th and May 20th, Lee’s Army
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. C.M. Avery, right thigh broken and left arm amputated
    Company A
    Wounded:  Sgt. P.H. Dalchite(?), Corp. J.L. Henry, J.R. Bain(?), Tim O’Connell, W.D. Johnston, 
    J.H. Fink, D.M. Fink, A. Allen, L. Tucker, W.S. Holland, S. Barus, D.H. Bates(?) Pates(?), J.F. 
    Missing:  J.H. Bains(?)
    Company B
    Killed:  Lt. H.P. Lyons, Corp. W.B. Warbritton
    Wounded:  J.O. Nelson, I. Coburn
    Company C
    Killed:  Corp. J.M. Moore
    Wounded:  Lt. J.D. Fain, Sgt. F. Barnhardt, Corp. D.S. Sides, J.H. Hagler, J.F. Fink, W.J. McGraw, 
    D. Blackwelder, R. Teague
    Missing:  J.F. Misenheimer, W.F. Suther, J. Evans, A. Walls(?) Walis(?), W.B. Jenkins, T.P. 
    Company D
    Killed:  J. Childers, L. Carter, W.D. Wiles
    Wounded:  Lt. W.Y. McIntire, Sgt. E. Jennings, Sgt. J. Land, W. Bowers, J.E. Childers, A. 
    Coleman, M. Lane, J. Bowman, C. Pardew, L. Pardew
    Missing:  D. Coleman, C. Carter, J. Wagoner
    Company E
    Killed:  M. Anderson, T. Jones
    Wounded:  Corp. E. Cross, Corp. B.F. Smith, J. Byrd, J. Bure, B. Everett, T. Cross, C. Harsell, 
    W. Corbitt
    Missing:  Sgt. J. Hare, C.F. Griffin, T. Baucum, J. Porter, J. Mathias, J.W. Dildy, P. Lane, E.H. 
    Eure, B. Coker, S. Weeks, J. Clark, J. Brinkley
    Company F
    Killed:  H.J. Ward, H. Scott
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Tate, Sgt. S.S. Gibbs, T.J. Oates or Cates, T. Oates or Cates, W.H. Douglas, 
    J.R. Durham, A.M. Harriss, T. Hawkins, Wm. Turner
    Missing:  Corp. R.R. Neal, A. Oates or Cates, A. Copley, R.S.(?) Gibbs, W.R. Gibbs, S. Gill, S. 
    Lloyd, S.B. Malone, D. Midgett, WJ. Walker
    Company G
    Killed:  S.B. Baxley, J.T. Martin
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.O. Davis, J.S. Anderson, head; J.W. Woorley, back; N. Hare, foot; J.K. Powers, 
    hand; S. Jones, leg; W.J. Michell, prisoner
    Missing:  J. Bradshaw, D.K. Denson, S. Vest, C. Sister, J. Long, D.J. Hare, D.J. Sterling, E. Cline, 
    G.W. Hughes, A.D. Singletary
    Company H
    Killed:  Lt. J.L. Farrow, Sgt. G.W. Jackson, Sgt. C.N.B. Topping, V. Ingraham, J. Ryan
    Wounded:  Zee(?) Boomer, Sgt. N.E. Jarvis, W. Kizer
    Missing:  W.N. Lassiter, J.S. Manning, M.A. Tigue, W. Smith. J. Long, J.E. Speare, W. Spivy, 
    T.G. Johnson
    Company I
    Killed:  W.H. Faircloth
    Wounded:  Capt. W.F. Avery, Lt. J.N. Anderson, Lt.(?) W.L. White, Sgt. J.J. Marshall, F.N. 
    Kotner(?), W.C. Hine, W.F. Hunt, B. Myers, B. Flynt, T. Lane, A. Bowes(?), T. Harris, L. Stone, 
    E.A. Shore, J.M. Westmoreland
    Missing:  W. Brinkley, J. Brinkley, A. West, P. McCray, K. Watts(?)
    Company K
    Killed:  R.H. Peel
    Wounded:  Lt. J.G. Rencher, Corp. J.B. Gibson, W.C. Nicholson, H.A. Barbour, P. Wade, S. Ford
    Missing:  J. Meacham, J. Sneed, M.P. Taylor
    Messrs. Editors:  You will please publish the following list of casualties in Company F, 44th N.C.T. 
    in the battle of the Wilderness
    Killed;  Capt. Jno. C. Gaines, Sgts. W.C. Hilliard and G.A. Cline, Corp. M.G.(?) Elnott(?), Private 
    Frederick Shores
    Wounded:  Privates W.P. Cauble, severely in ankle; F.W. Hilliard, foot; C.N. Wright, head; J.B. 
    Coggin, severely in face; Whitson Tolbert, face; Alex Harris, thigh; P.G. Stokes, ankle; Wm. 
    Russell, arm; J.T. Hall, thigh
    G. W. Montgomery, 1st Lt., Commanding
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 6, 1864
    Fifth Regiment N.C.T. Casualties up to May 22
    Company A, Captain Benjamin Robinson commanding
    Killed:  Private L.J. Lackamy, H.E. Cook
    Wounded:  Capt. Benj. Robinson, Sgt. Riddick, Sgt. H.E.(?) Sikes, Privates G. Berrintick, Retus 
    Missing:  Lt. Anderson, Sgt. Newell, Privates Jno. Pate, W. Autry, G. Douglas, Tilman, Brooks, 
    Brown, Fox and Johnson
    North Carolinian
    Casualties 82nd Regiment N.C.T., from 4th to 20th May, 1864
    Daniel’s Brigade
    Field and Staff:
    Killed:  Col. E.C. Brabble, Sgt. Major J. Bridgers
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. D.G. Cowand
    Missing:  Adj. F.A. Boyle, Ordinance Sgt. Robert Webb
    Company A
    Killed:  Jno. Nichols, Joshua Alexander
    Wounded:  Geo. Merritt
    Missing:  Lts. Armstrong and Patrick, Sgts. D. Alexander, H.B. Lewis, T.L. Jones, S. Sawyers, 
    Corps. C.H. Sawyer, T. Combs, A.W. Dillard, L. Bess, J. Cahoon, Wm. Gray, H. Gibson, Wm. 
    Keusdy(?), Asa Merritt, T.G. pool, J.E. Quick(?), Jno. Rhodes, Cass Smith, S. Smith, Jno. Vanhorn, 
    J.S. Cahoon
    Company B
    Killed:  H. Reed
    Wounded:  Lt. J.S. Morgan, Corp. D. McCoy, Wm. McPherwon, S.J. Hafer(?)
    Missing:  Capt. J.E. Hodges, Sgts. O. Cherry, D.T. Prichard, Corps. Jas. Ethridge, Jno. F. Sawyer, 
    I. McDaniel, I. Ethridge, H. Bolick, A. Edney, J. Meggs, Wm. Meggs, (first name not given, just a 
    dash) Witherspoon, Wm. Whitus, M. McCoy, W. Duke(?), M. Gilley, (the next three names, no 
    first names given, just a dash) Robinson, Morris, Henly, J. Overton
    Company D
    Killed:  J. J. Fly or Ely, E.J. Johnston, Wm. F. park
    Wounded:  Sgt. J. Valentine, J. Allen, Wm. Dougarry, S.(?) B.(?) Edwards, J.H. Johnston, Wm. 
    Martin, Wm. C. Piland(?)
    Missing:  Capt. Wm. K. Stephenson, Sgts. J.V. Martin, S.H. Bridgers(?), Jos. T. Belch(?), J.B. 
    Lassiter, Corps. Wm. L. Grimes, B. Brown, A.M. Bryant, Jas. T. Chitly(?), J.F. Adkins, F.A. 
    Barnes, D.T. Barnes, D.E. Bridgers, B. Bryant(?), A. (last name illegible, starts with a ‘B’ and ends 
    with a ‘y’, four letters), N. Fantrell, H. Fly(?), R. Gillam(?), A.J. Lane, W. Lane, E.C. Lassiter, R.T. 
    Lassiter, T. Nelson, J. Piland(?), J.H. Powell, W.W. Powell, B.f. Stephenson, E. Vick
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. E.B. Sides(?), Corp. H.V. Lyon, J. Turner, W.M. Moser, J.D. Mathison, N. Winebarger, 
    A.W. Lippard(?)
    Wounded:  Lt. D.A. Lutle(?), Corp. Jno. F. Hoover, E.(?) Bolick, D. Bowman, L. Bowman, H.F.(?) 
    Cornelius, L.(?) Herman(?) since died, A. Lutle(?), J.F. Flynn, G.A. McInnis, (first initial illegible) 
    Null, J.F. Rudicell, T.J. White(?), L. Waitener
    Missing:  Wm. G. Fisher, Corp. A.C. Li - - , C.(?) A. Bowman, J. Bowman(?), Jacob Bowman, 
    H.W. Bridges, T.G. Brown, J.B. Bradburn(?), A.J. Canseler(?), L.J. Caldwell, J.J. Caldwell, Marcus 
    Clippard, M.J. Deet(?), A.D. Deal, A.M. Huit(?), J. Hunsucker, J. Hunsucker (twice), L. Hedrick, 
    D.P. Jarrett, J.A. Kanis – e, W.L. Little, J.A. Little, A.L. Lippard, D. Love, R. Miller, D. Reep, C. 
    Reep, A. Reep, Wm. A. Raine(?), (first initial illegible) Suzer(?), J.M. Sherrill, Wm. Wade, H.M. 
    Wilson, D.C. Wilson, W. Wilkinson
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. Alex Long, N. Howard, Wm. Moss, J. Stempes, Jno(?) Deal
    Wounded:  Capt. P.F. Smith, Lt. (first initial illegible) Smith, Corp. Uriah Long, J.C. Sigman, J. 
    Eaton(?) Elton(?), E. Jones(?)
    Missing:  Sgt. J. Bynum, N. Hunsucker, (first initial illegible) Myers, P. Sterzill(?), T.Bridges, 
    Sidney Fry, J. Dillinger, Wm. Moore, N. Sherrill, T. Sherill, Jr., R. Berfield(?), J.S.(?) Autry, I. 
    Warren, M.V. Dunn(?), W. Austin, E. K – arly, S. Edwards, N. Robinson, C. Robinson, S. Shores, 
    N. Kale, J.H. Wright, S. Nelson, M. Loy, J. Pope, J. Sigman, J. Ennis, L. Howard, A. Odom(?), 
    N.H. Alexander, B.C. Herner or Horner, M.A. Vickery, A. Jones, H.D. Hill
    Company G
    Killed:  Corp. Wm. G. Bynum, A. Surnson(?)
    Wounded:  Corps. J. F. Gardner, W.H. Pritchard, J. Hoggard, A. Meares, J.H. Bynum
    Missing:  Sgt. Wm. H. Jerrigan, Wm. J. Early, H. Prichard, Corp. Jas. T. Kiblane(?), J. Early, 
    Wm. H. Hawkins, M. Huges, T. Perry, J.R. Costner, C.M. Corney
    Company H
    Wounded:  Sgts. F.M. Williams, J.H. Beal, J.M. Land
    Missing:  Lt. W.F. Dales or Doles, Sgt. H.A. Todd, B.F. Drake, Samuel Cooper, Corps. J.E. 
    Barrett, Jno. F. Sexton, S.D. Braswell(?), J.H. Harper, T.B. Arrington, H. Bedgood, B.F. Bass, 
    J. Braswell, S. Braswell, S. Bunn, Wm. H. Battle, W. Coggin, J. Coggin, G.W. Bass, W. 
    Daughtridge, J.K. Drake, D.E. Ethridge, Wm. E. Ethridge, H.C. Harper, H. Harper, C. Hoze(?), 
    E. Johnston, T.B. Oyler, D. Odum(?), G.W. Powell, J. Price, J. Ricks(?), E.Smith, Troy, L. 
    Wilder, R. Westray(?), G.V. Whitfield, A. Wilson
    Company I
    Killed:  Lt. J.T. Eubanks, J.H. Long or Lang
    Wounded:  Corp. J.M. Edwards, T.B. Lassiter, L.B. Brown
    Missing:  Sgts. S.M. Holt, T.A. Council, N. Berry(?), A. Eubanks, J. Fann, J. Ferrill, F. Fowler, 
    A.J. Fox, A.M. George, B.A. Jones, J.A. Jordan, N. Leiget(?), J.A. Meachum, S. Person, Allen 
    Potts(?), G. Spicer(?), G.W. (last name illegible, five letters, begins with a ‘T’), S.F. Whittington, 
    Wm. Womble
    Company K
    Killed:  Lt. B. Davis
    Wounded:  B.F. Park, A.S. Smather(?), A.W. Jackson
    Missing: Sgts. T.H. Leigh, H.(?) N. Jasper, J.W. Whilis(?), Corp. W.L. Branch, W.S. Allen, M.C. 
    Baker, J.A. Macon(?), E.G. Conyers or Congers, Wm. H. Breedlove, D.F. Holingsworth, T. Neal, 
    J.H. Edwards, W.E. Fann, W.G. (last name illegible, may start with a ‘W’ and ends in ‘te’ or ‘ts’), 
    L.A. Young, G.E. Bro - - e
    Casualties 45th Regiment N.C.T. from 4th May to 20th May
    Field and Staff
    Killed:  Col. S.H. (last name illegible, might be Boyd)
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. J.R. Winston(?)
    Missing:  Sgt. Major A.J. Harrison
    Company A
    Killed:  Sgt. W.R. Carter, D. Burgess, E.M. Mathews
    Wounded:  Sgt. N.N. Roberts(?), Corp. J.L. Coleman(?), A.S. Flack, A. O - - ley, J. Brim, R.A. 
    Joynt, S. Kallom, W. Claybrook, T.H. Nanse(?), J.H. Holland(?), E. Bailey, W.F. Fuqua
    Missing:  J. Rasch(?), N. G - - on
    Company B
    Killed:  Henry Lovit
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.E. Oaker, J. Riley, E. Morgan, J.A. Jones, Wm. Gant
    Missing:  Lt. J.M. Wharton, Sgts. J.H. Rankin, C. Hackett(?), Corps. M. Wyrick, G.W. Phipps(?), 
    A. Apple, R. Brown, D. Coble, D.C. Clapp, A. Davis, D. Davis, A. Dillam, D. Greeson, L. Leonard, 
    C. Ozment(?), J. Phipps, W. Parish, D. Steele, C. Wyrick, T.B. Scott, J. Smith
    Company C
    Killed:  W.A. Ozment, R.E. Mamrett, A. Qaule or Quate
    Wounded:  Lt. J.H. Scales(?), Sgt. J.A. Carr or Case, Corp. E. Kirkman, J. W - - - ely, W. Reil(?), 
    J. Jackson, N. Benson(?), A. Ozmett(?), J.(?) P. Harris, W. Harris, J.R. Wright, J. Bredman, J.T. 
    Wright, P. Thomas(?), J. Harding, W.A. Jones, D. Garrett
    Missing:  N. Jeffreys(?)
    Company D
    Killed:  J. Marshall, M. Southard, J.G. Lindsey, J.E. Jones, M. Truxler, M. Knight, T. Durham
    Wounded:  Sgts. R.J. Lewellen, T.B. Wilson, Corp. J.M. Robertson, P.D. Lemmons, J.D. 
    Lemmons, R. Gant(?), T. Prait, J. Shuron, R. Lawn, J. Troxler, J. Richardson, J. Stewart, E. 
    Flinn(?), C.H. Featherston, J.R. Watson, S. Scales or Seales, J. Baughn, W. Plummer, H.E-lett, 
    P. Wilson, C. Tucker, F. Knight, G.W. Pratt(?), Wm. Lester, J.D. Hufner, T.M. Knight, A.H. 
    Fields(?), J.A. Southern, G.W. Preston
    Missing:  Capt. J.S. Dalton(?), P. Oliver(?), J. Robertson, C.W. Angel
    Company E
    Killed:  J. Carrol, A. Young, F. Perkins
    Wounded:  Capt. J. Hopkins, Sgt. C.H. Hooper, R. Richardson, J.Y. Flack or Fleck, G.W. 
    Williams, J. (last name illegible), W.H. (last name illegible, five letters, starts with a ‘G’, might 
    be Grady), J. Parr, W. Maber(?), J. (illegible might be Forges), A.J. Johnson, J. Dye, A.H. Griffin
    Missing:  Sgts. J.A. Roach, R.J. Young, Corp. L.W. Carroll, H.(?) K. Adams, A. Bennett(?), A. 
    Carrol, R. Carrol, H. Chamberlain, G.W. Cantrell, J. Griffin, E. Griffin, P. (last name illegible), S. 
    Lambeth, Z. M - - oney, W.T. M – d – r, r. McCalum, H. Moore, J.T. Nance, A. Rankin(?), J. 
    Wheeler, L. Wheeler, Wm. White, S.F. Woolen, R. Wray,, S. Whittimore, N. Williams, J.W. 
    Williams, A.C. Webb, B. Bartee(?), W. Lovine or Levine, G.T. Westbrooks(?)
    Company F
    Wounded:  Capt. S.A. Sutton, J. Bowers, B. Carter, L.A. Cummings, W.H. Hargrave or Hargrove, 
    J.E. Jarrel, Wm. Ledford, J.C. King, P.J. Roberts, (two names illegible), (first initial illegible) 
    Missing:  J. Stallings, C. Land, J. Moler(?), L. Newmann, D. or B. Ragland, J. Sharp, T. Britton(?), 
    D. Cobler, D. Williams(?), L. Lewis
    Company G
    Killed:  G. Shreeve, S. Wall, P.J. Carter
    Wounded:  Capt. W.W. W- - - om, Wm. Barham, I. Barham, D. Bailey(?), J. Carter, S. Carver, J. 
    Edwards, W. Jarrett, R. Store(?), W. Truit, W. Ellington, J. Hudson, I.M. Irvin, W. Stewart, P. 
    Stone, W. Mabley, J.M. Underwood, C. Morgan, J. Butler, L. Thomas
    Missing:  Lts. H.F. Walker, R.T. Walker, W.R. Saunders, Sgts. E.A. Ellington(?), A.Willis, George 
    Carter, J.B. Lindsay, Corps. G. Irvin or Irwin, Wm. Wyatt, S. Andrews, R. Bremen, A. Cumming, 
    G.A. Coleman, Wm. Corum, S. Seth(?), J. Corum, L. Corum, R. Duncan(?), (first letter illegible) 
    Duncan, W. Duncan, I.(?) P. Freeman, W.F. Fuqua, S. Farriss(?), J. Jackson, H. King, R. Lillard, 
    W.G. Lee, G. Leroy, A. McBride, J.H. Mably(?), J.W. Moore, J. Mitchel, A.J. Newman, J. Newman, 
    E. Stewart, R. Simpson, A. Saunders, L. Pruit(?), J. Truit, J. Williams, J. Miller, J. Saunders, T. 
    Company H
    Killed:  Corp. R. Dodson, E. Carter, J. Simpson
    Wounded:  Lt. G.F. Daniel, Sgts. J. D. Duke, Jno. Heiderby, Corp. L. Sutton(?), W.J. Corum, T.J. 
    Howerton, T. Hughes(?), H. Huffines, T. Jones, C. Kenner(?), S. Randolph, J. Randolph, J. Scott, 
    Wm. Summers, R. Smith, P. Tully(?)
    Missing:  J. Cannady(?), W. Dawson, H. Walker
    Company I
    Killed:  Corp. D. Sergeant
    Woudned:  Lt. J.G. Jeffrey, Corp. D. Woody, W.R. Workman, J. McCain, W. Childress(?), E. 
    Rudder, J. Moore
    Missing:  Capt. S.H. Hines, Sgts. J.W. Corbett, A.A. Malone, T.S. Buckner(?), Corps. A. Scoggins, 
    J. Murphy, W. Gregory, W. Raider(?), W. Younger, W. Tally, R. Walker, J. Pulliam(?), S. Perkins, 
    W. Perrill(?), J. Parrott, G. Evans, S. Evans
    Company K
    Killed:  J.W. Ricks, J. Lassiter
    Wounded:  Lt. J.F. Erwin, Sgts. C.B. Watson, J.T. Edwards, E. Fontaine, J. Hester, J. Gray, A. 
    Joyce, M. Oakley, H. Proctor, L. Perry, D. Phipps, W.G. Berryhill, A.C. Wilborne, B. Simpson
    Missing:  Ambrose Stewart, S. Lovett, A.F.(?) McCormick, J.F. Perry, J. Smithers
    Casualties 53rd Regiment N.C.T., May 4 to May 20
    Field and Staff
    Killed:  Maj. J.J. Iredell (commanding 2nd N.C. Battalion)
    Wounded:  Col. Wm. A. Owens
    Company A
    Killed:  Jno Huf - - - s
    Wounded:  Corps. A. Ingle, H.(?) C. Wooters, M.V. Apple, B. Baldwin, R. C. Cobb, M. Cook, 
    W.P. Cook, T.S. Cummings, G.W. Garringer, D.(?) Huffines, L.D. Huffines, J.C. Clark, J.A. 
    Woodyard, P.F. Sutton, M.S. Whittington, R. Wilson, Thadeus Shepherd
    Missing:  G. Freeman, Eli York
    Company B
    Killed:  Capt. J.H. White (A.A.A. General Daniel’s Brigade)
    Wounded:  Sgt. E.(?) J. Patterson, Corp. W.R. Berryhill, P.M. Hoover, W.C. Clark, J.P. Robisnon, 
    J.H. Wilson, W.R. Cochran, A.L. Williamson, W.B. Harry, J.F. Reid, S. Caten
    Missing:  Sgt. H. Sample, J. Engel, h. Osborne, W.T. Darnall(?), L. Loon(?), S.S. Marks
    Company C
    Killed:  Color Sgt. J. Strain
    Company D
    Killed:  Q.(?) Paul
    Wounded:  M. Elbert, Wm. Hutton(?), J.M. Smith, Jas. H. Boyles, W.H. Martin, Jas. Morgan(?)
    Missing:  Sgt. Jno. Pinkerd, Corp. J.M. Tesh, A.J. Longworth, J.D. Jackson, W.H. Watson, L.M. 
    Rominger, (first initial illegible) S. Fuller
    Company E
    Killed:  Jas. Galyan
    Wounded:  Lt. J.A. Hill, J.E. Coble(?) Gable(?), Jefferson Hodges, Jas. Tickle
    Missing:  H.M. Gravelly(?), J. Simpson, T. Simpson, H. Brown
    Company F
    Killed:  Lt. S.A. Albright, Jeb Evans
    Wounded:  Sgt. H.W. Steele(?), J.A. Pickett, G.W. Shefner, G.W Isley, A. Isley, G.N. Church, H. 
    Workman, S. Done or Dunn
    Missing:  Sgt. E. Mitchell, Daniel Smith
     Company G
    Killed:  W. Collins, C.T. Hall
    Wounded:  Corp. D. Hall, W.R. Hundley, J. Ellis, S.N. Mabe, H. Bullen
    Missing:  F.M. Ambrun(?)
    Company H
    Killed:  J.W. Neil
    Wounded:  Corp. E.W. Cullers or Cullen, G. or C. A. Bennett(?), J.P. Caldwell(?), D.S. hall, F.M. 
    Baker, A.S. Sizemore(?), Calvin Wall, Jno. W. B – ore, Lt. A. Boose(?)
    Missing:  Calvin James, E.R. Jones
    Company I
    Killed:  J.A. Elliott, R.(?) H. Moore
    Wounded:  Sgt. D.M. McCollum, D.M. Little, E. Phifer, S.J. Haney, A. Hinson, Wm. Medlin, J.S. 
    Griffin, W.S. Eason, J.W. Bivens, F.D. Moore, T. Helms, J.M. Henry, W. A.Griffin
    Missing:  Sgt. C. Trull, J.F. Single, J.N. Collins, G. Collins, G. (last name illegible, ends in ‘urlee’), 
    W. Strawn
    Company K
    Killed:  F.M. Neil, J.W. Boman
    Wounded:  Capt. I.(?)F. Eder(?), Sgt. W.H. Brown, J. H. Bumgarner, H.H. Eller, three illegible 
    names, one might be West
    Missing:   S.B. McNeill, E.A. Nichols, C.M. Pryer, one name illegible, might be Norris
    Fayetteville Observer, late June, 1864
    The Recent Cavalry Operations
    N.C. Cavalry Brigade, June 4, 1864
    Since the enemy crossed the Pamunkey, our troopers have been constantly in the saddle, playing 
    well their part in the stirring scenes of the past ten days.  This brigade, composed of the 1st, 2nd, 
    3rd, and 5th N.C. (illegible word) regiments, after the untimely fall of its brave and noble commander, 
    Col. Andrews of the 2nd N.C., was commanded by Col. Andrews of the 2nd N.C.  till the command 
    was joined by the 3rd, which subsequently reached us from North Carolina.  Col. Baker of that 
    regiment, being the ranking officer, took temporary command until General Young of Georgia, was 
    assigned to us.  The brigade was placed in the division of General W.H.F. Lee, whose past gallant 
    conduct has won for him our most implicit confidence.
    The Fight of the River Road
    On Thursday evening, May 26, our brigade occupying the right of our moving lines, near Hanover 
    C.H., the enemy was found to be crossing the Pamunkey at Hanover town on his sidelong 
    movements towards Richmond.  Our brigade, under Col. Baker, was moved out down the river road
     to feel and ascertain the force advancing.  The 3rd N.C. was thrown forward and skirmished hotly 
    with their advance, retiring slowly upon the other part of the command, lying a few miles back, while 
    a portion of the Maryland Line and a squadron of the 5th N.C. moved out upon our right flank; and it 
    was ascertained that a heavy body of the enemy’s cavalry was moving on our flank.  The whole 
    command was then slowly retired for some distance, when the advance of the enemy had the 
    audacity—mistaking our withdrawal for a rout—to charge our rear, but were handsomely met by a 
    detachment of the 1st and 3rd Regiments, under Major Cowies, killing and capturing a part of their 
    number and sending the remainder in confusion through the woods and fields.  The command was 
    withdrawn behind the line of the flanking party, when we were reinforced by Wickham’s brigade and 
    returned, awaiting the approach of the enemy on that road; but it was ascertained that he had 
    hastily turned his course and had retired from our left. The command was then moved around so as 
    to hang in the enemy’s front as he advanced.
    The Affair at Kinnan’s Wharf
    In the meantime, General Fitz Lee, with a detachment of picked men from our brigade and the other 
    brigades of his division, moved upon a body of the enemy strongly posted at Kennon’s Wharf, on the 
    James, in Charles City County and attempted, by a coup de main, to carry the position; but, finding 
    it too strongly fortified and defended, he retired without accomplishing his purpose.  Our brigade lost 
    severely in the daring attempt.
    The Fight at Buckeye
    On the 28th, General Hampton, with W.H.F. Lee’s division and Butler’s brigade, made a
     reconnaissance down in the vicinity of Old Church.  Butler’s brigade met the enemy’s advance—a 
    strong body of cavalry—on Crump’s run, near Old Church, and drove them steadily before him.  
    Meantime, General W.H.F. Lee, with our brigade, swung round, by  means of by-ways, on the 
    enemy’s right flank, and opened a heavy artillery fire upon them, at the same time throwing out his 
    dismounted skirmishers, who engaged the enemy hotly, driving them back some distance.  The 
    fight raged for several hours along the entire line—the enemy’s infantry, who had come up to the 
    support of their cavalry, taking part—our men firmly holding their ground with their carbines.  The 
    incessant cracks of our carbines, intermingled with the peals of the enemy’s musketry at close 
    range, and the constant heavy booming of artillery, might well dignify the affair with the term of a 
    battle.  In one instance, the 20th Georgia battalion, comparatively new troops, impetuously charged 
    a heavy body of infantry strongly posted on a hill.  They clambered up the hill in the face of a most 
    deadly fire, thinning half their ranks and dashed almost upon the points of the enemy’s bayonets, 
    but were compelled by the force of sheer numbers, to retire their thinning and bleeding ranks.  The 
    daring act cost them the loss of all their field and many of their line officers. The North Carolinians 
    drove their flank in, and held them in check, also engaging their infantry supports that moved up to 
    that part of the line and retired in good order as the other parts of the line moved off, the enemy 
    showing no disposition to follow.
    The Fight at Hanover Court House
    The enemy had moved a strong force of cavalry and infantry to make some demonstration on our 
    left, in the vicinity of Hanover Court House, which subsequently turned out to be the base for a 
    grand raid around our left.  General Hampton, on the evening of the 31st, moved around and 
    appeared in the enemy’s front and proceeded to attack him at once; our left resting on the court 
    house and right beyond the Central Railroad.  Here our brigade was in advance.  The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 
    and 5th Regiments were dismounted and double quicked in with as much élan as old veteran infantry. 
    The scene was grand.  The hot rays of the last day of May seemed preparing a welcome for the first 
    summer month, and was fast declining, as our boys jaded and were rushed over a hill and saw the 
    long black lines of the enemy sweeping over a wide plain, rushing to gain the position that lay before 
    them.  At the same time the white clouds of smoke from our cannon gave assurance that we had 
    help from behind; our boys dashed impetuously forward hardly waiting to fire.  
    The key to the position was the railroad station.  Major McNeill, of the 5th Regiment, rushed upon it, 
    amid a shower of balls that greeted him and his party from behind the buildings, and took the place, 
    with some prisoners, and held it, using it to the best advantage against the exposed columns of the 
    While the 1st and 2nd regiments did gallant service on the left, the 3rd, on the right, kept at bay, 
    under a heavy fire, the enemy in their attempt to carry their front.  After contending unsuccessfully 
    for the desired position in front, a large body of his infantry moved around and threatened our right 
    flank, and, at the same time, another moved against the left.  The center was then drawn back and 
    held its position until dark, when the enemy showed no further disposition to advance.  The whole 
    command was then withdrawn, leaving the 1st N.C. in line, mounted, who remained in their saddles 
    all night, and was relieved early next morning by the 2nd N.C.
    The Ashland Fight
    The enemy manifested signs of advancing. His long lines of cavalry could be easily seen moving out.  
    Our pickets slowly fell back upon the Ashland Road, after the command that had moved on the same 
    road and roads parallel with the main road.  Our cavalry was all withdrawn to that point where the 
    Ashland Road crosses the Telegraph road, near Ashland.  While we halted here, about noon—
    General Young with our brigade bringing up the rear—the enemy commenced pressing us.  General 
    Young dismounted the brigade and placed it on the right of the Ashland Road, and put himself at 
    their head, and was just leading them in the charge when he fell severely wounded.
    Captain Gaines, of his staff, dashed at their head, seconded by the gallant Major Cowles and Major 
    McNeill of the 1st and 5th, who rushed on through the woods and carried the point, driving the 
    enemy, while Major Moore, of the 3rd, swept with his right on up the road, Lomax moved on the left.  
    General Rosser, in the meantime, obliqued around unobserved, got upon the enemy’s rear, and 
    rushed upon him, capturing a large horse and pack mule train, driving them helter skelter back 
    upon the court house, and by sundown, the field at all points was cleared, thus crowning our efforts 
    with a brilliant cavalry victory, and as has subsequently developed, nipped in the bud another 
    destructive raid that was planned upon a grand scale on our communications. The captured pack 
    mules were laden with “flour doings” for the officers and the men had seven days’ rations with them 
    and were laying in supplies as they came by, a contribution upon the citizens on their route.
    Our loss in this engagement was pretty heavy, while the enemy was severely chastised, leaving his 
    dead and many wounded in our hands, and 100 prisoners, besides a fine lot of horses and mules.
    The Fight at Hawe’s Shop
    After this affair, closely watching for any further development on this part of the line, and finding the 
    enemy not at all disposed to try his mettle again with us, General Hampton moved down on A.P. 
    Hill’s left on Friday morning, the 3rd inst.  He passed through the enemy’s abandoned works, which 
    were of the most elaborate kind, and one must say that to have displaced the enemy from such 
    works, on such favorable positions, must have called into play the generalship of a Jackson.  We 
    should, indeed, be grateful to heaven that his genius still lives.  A flank movement through a swamp 
    by A.P. Hill, under the gallant General J.B. Gordon, from which the enemy apprehended no 
    approach, unlocked the whole position and so the works were taken with slight loss, which otherwise 
    would have been attacked with slaughter incalculable.  
    Our command moved through the left of these works, crossing over the  Tetotopotamy Creek, 
    bearing around, and struck the enemy’s right flank on the Mechanicsville Road.  General W.H.F. 
    Lee immediately dismounted the 2nd and 5th regiments of N.C. Cavalry Brigade, and placed them 
    under Major Roberts of the 2nd, who led us in at once without a charge, driving the enemy steadily 
    and rapidly before us, our artillery opening furiously upon their lines.  On the dismounted men 
    pressed.  Thought the enemy was constantly reinforced, yet on they were driven before us into 
    their works. Our boys quailed not, a leaden storm met them in the face, but on they dashed with 
    deafening yells, rushed over and carried the first line.
    The enemy retreated to the second line.  A large body of infantry was seen double-quicking around 
    on the left flank. Major Roberts quick eye observed this, and at the same time General Lee sent us 
    orders to retire, which was done slowly.  Here Major Roberts received a wound, and was borne off 
    the field.  We took a position on a hell, 400 or 500 yards from the works—each man to a tree, and 
    behind logs, in a body of thick woods, on a hillside overlooking a swamp about fifty yards in our 
    front and silently awaited the enemy’s tramp, which was preceded with an occasional volley, to 
    discover our whereabouts.  Their tread was heard splashing through the swamp, an officer sprang 
    from the thicket and turned to his men, who were several paces behind, and was just waving them 
    on.  Three carbine cracks from our most advanced skirmishers met him with a convulsive leap back; 
    he fell and groaned his last. 
    The column seemed anxious to reach his body, but our carbines secured all who showed themselves 
    about him.  The retired about a hundred yards on the opposite side of the hill land the fight raged on 
    for an hour when the retired to their breastworks.  We were then withdrawn, having most handsomely 
    accomplished our mission, which was to ascertain the location and strength of the enemy, and 
    which, in the early days of the cavalry, was usually done without fighting, but our favorite general 
    prefers pitching into the enemy whenever and wherever a favorable opportunity may present itself.
    Our loss in this engagement was remarkably light, considering the fierceness of the fight.  We 
    suffered most in officers.  The enemy’s loss where our observation extended, was pretty severe.
    Correspondence from the N.C. Cavalry Brigade, June 10
    I notice in your paper yesterday certain errors and omissions which I think justice to all parties 
    demand should be corrected and which I hope were unintentional on the part of your correspondent.  
    While I most cordially concur in the fitting tribute he pays to our intrepid General Hampton, our 
    energetic and gallant General W.H.F Lee, and our dashing Major McNeill, Cowles and Moore and 
    others, and believe them worthy of the cause they espouse, and of our most implicit confidence, I 
    must say he misplaced and overlooked certain individuals and facts worthy of notice.
    The Fight on the River Road
    He says “the 3rd N.C. was thrown forward and skirmished hotly with their (the enemy’s) advance, 
    retiring slowly up the other part of the command, lying a few miles back.”  No!  After the 3rd N.C. 
    reached their horses, the order-in-column of the withdrawal to gain a better position from front to rear 
    was 5th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st regiments, respectively.  When the enemy charged our rear, I am informed 
    that Major Cowles, although present, doing and daring everything which his gallant spirit ever prompts,
    was not in command of the detachment from the 1st and 3rd regiments.  Of the 1st he might have 
    been, but the detachment of the 3rd he most certainly could not have commanded since in the 
    momentary confusion caused by a part of the command mistaking an order, this detachment, 
    consisting of the 1st and 3rd squadrons, Companies A and B, E, and 1 of the 3rd, charged through 
    the 2nd and part of the 1st regiments and reached the enemy in time to take several prisoners, two 
    horses and equipments, etc.  These squadrons inflicted the loss sustained by the enemy at that 
    time.  It seems to have been a well managed accident that those squadrons, commanded 
    respectively by Captains McClammy and Perkins, gained the front after we turned upon the enemy 
    so quickly, and in such good order, but it was even so.
    A part of the 1st was then battling side by side with us, and hand to hand with the enemy; and I 
    make the statement not to detract anything from Major Cowles and his heroic command, who with 
    a detachment from Company B, 3rd N.C., covered our rear after we had routed the enemy; but to 
    inform those unacquainted with the facts how this detachment of the 3rd came to be with Major 
    Cowles, and under his command, if you wish.  Throughout the day’s fighting, Col. J.A. Baker 
    commanded the brigade, directing and supervising every movement.  His gallantry is almost 
    proverbial, at least in his own regiment, and his judgment and skill upon the field is ever crowned 
    with glory.  
    Passing a member of the brigade the evening of the fight, he said:  “Col. Baker seems to be very 
    brave”.  “Yes”, I replied, “he will carry you as far into the heels of the enemy as any other living man.” 
    “But”, said he, “I’m afraid he will lead us so far that he cannot get us out again.”  “You have only to 
    judge his future by his past”, I said, and left him seemingly pleased and relieved.
    At Buckeye the conduct of the brigade was such that no distinction was or ought to be made.  
    Colonel Baker, with his usual taste, commanded the brigade.  Suffice it to say, we checked the 
    enemy’s infantry, artillery and dismounted cavalry, for several hours; and retired from the field in 
    good order.
    At Hanover C.H., General Young, whose heroism during his short stay with us gained our esteem 
    and admiration, (illegible word) our brigade.  The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th N.C. were dismounted and 
    took position from the court house to the Central Railroad, our right resting on the railroad.  This 
    position we held until compelled to fall back—the enemy flanking on our right and left.  
    We took position behind a plank (illegible word), our right behind the house at the railroad depot.  
    Here I saw Major McNeill, who came to our support and met us there.  I am confident he will say, 
    that the charge to regain the position at the station after we had fallen back to a ravine in its rear, 
    was participated in by the 1st and part of the 5th squadrons of the 3rd N.C. and other men of the 
    regiment, who had strayed from their commands in the growing darkness.  
    Of Major McNeill’s coolness and valor on this occasion, I can bear ample testimony; but I am proud 
    to say, that when he “rushed upon the railroad station amid a shower of balls which greeted him and 
    his party” that the 3rd was part of that “party” and; though almost completely exhausted from the 
    day’s work, and their ammunition expended, some of them fought with the enemy with brickbats, 
    from house to house, contesting every inch of ground with wonderful success till darkness closed 
    the scene.
    At Ashland, after General Young was wounded, Col. Baker commanded the brigade with that energy 
    and gallantry which could not have escaped the most casual observer.
    At Hawe’s Shop the 2nd and 5th, under Col. Andrews and Major McNeill respectively, and leg by Col. 
    Baker, went forward and drove the enemy fro their breastworks but were compelled to retire, the 
    enemy being reinforced with infantry, not, however, before they made the enemy feel the force of 
    their old habit.  The 3rd, commanded by Lt. Col. Waddell, on the right, and Major Moore on the left, 
    was held in reserve, and was only called into action when the 2nd and 5th  were retiring from the 
    hard fought field.  It was then engaged about one hour and retired, leaving a few videttes in our rear.  
    Every movement of the brigade was directed by Col. Baker, under the supervision of our favorite 
    general, W.F.H. Lee.  The colonel’s horse was wounded and a ball struck his saddle while riding 
    along the skirmish line.
    I have confined my statement to General Gordon’s old brigade, now commanded by our trusted 
    and much beloved General Barringer, because I was a participant in each of the engagements 
    mentioned, and because I wished to do justice to those who, whether commanding the brigade or 
    serving in a subordinate capacity, were entirely ignored by D.B.R. in his communication of the 4th 
    Casualties Company G, 55th Regiment N.C.T. in the battles of Northern Virginia from the 5th May 
    to the 2nd June
    May 5:  Killed:  privates Jesse B. Garris, Jos. Price
    Wounded:  Ord. Sgt. E. Rich, right hand; Sgt. W.G. Martin, right thigh, since died; Corp. W.A. Lee, 
    foot (missing, supposed to have been captured); Privates W.A. Blackman, left leg; John Chance, left 
    leg amputated; N.D. Chance, thigh; John Garris, slight in chin, since returned for duty, Y.N. Lee, left 
    shoulder; David J. Thompson, finger
    Missing:  J.H. Ingram, L.B. Price
    May 10
    Wounded:  Corp. J.H. Best, left arm; Private J.B. Stricklin, slight in foot
    May 23
    Missing:  D.T. Toley
    June 2
    Killed:  Private G.W. Pearsall(?)
    Casualties 20th N.C.T. – Lee’s Army – 6th May to 8th June
    Field and Staff
    Killed:  Major J.S. Brooke
    Wounded:  Adjutant E.S.(?) Moore, leg
    Company A
    Killed:  Alex Earnhart, G.W. Turner, Alfred Single, Jno Turner, C.C. Townsend
    Wounded:  Lt. J.D. Irving, Sgts. R.L. Weddington, J.F. Williford, Corp. S.A. Weddington, B.F. 
    Blackwelder, Henry Fattet, J.W. Cook, J.M. Goodman, C.(or G.) P. Monk or Mouk, Albert 
    Whiserhunt, W.M. Weddington
    Missing:  Lt. A.M. Wilhoman(?), A.E. Walter, L.(?)H.(?) Alexander, P.A. Faggot(?), J.A. Munday
    Company B
    Killed:  Frank Wisenheimer
    Wounded:  H.(or R.?) M. Goodman, F.M. Bradley, J.P. Culp, H.S. Petery, J.R. Bradford, J.L. 
    Fulham, W.H.H. Baugle, M.C.(?) Spears, H.H. Stricklands
    Missing:  John Sellars
    More Wounded:  W.F. Murph, J.c. Blackwelder, G.F. Barnhart, S.C. Fulham
    Company C
    Killed:  Lt. G.H.(?) Watson
    Wounded:  Isaiah Hinson, Corp. G.W. Stepps, W.J. Griffin
    Missing:  Sgt. C. (illegible last name, maybe Bowen?), W.H. Daniel, W.H. May, W.C. Hammons, 
    R.M. (illegible last name, Hodtrin??)
    Company D
    Wounded:  Capt. J.F. Ireland, leg, slight; Frank Spivey(?), leg, slight; Sam Reaves, Kenan Wright
    Missing:  F.D. Bryan, W.B. Carter, W.H. Gerrill, E. McPherson, C.(?) McPherson, Dalmore Nealey, 
    Lewis Nealey, G.J. Norris(?), Sgt. M. Wright
    Company E
    Wounded:  David Blalock, and Henry Byrd, mortally, since died; Sgt. J.H. Baker, thigh, slight, Sgt. 
    E.F. (last name illegible, Hi - - - ), bruised hip; Wm. Barfield, hand, severe; J.M. Berry(?), hand, 
    slight; W.H. Lambert, thigh, severe; J.G. Billett(?), arm, severe; G.W. Wallace, leg, severe
    Missing:  E.(or F.?)J. Cherry, C.(or G.) W. Jernigan, W.D. Winders
    Company F
    Killed:  W.J. Cotton
    Wounded:  E.T. Carr, mortally; J.H. Sikes, jaw and neck, severe; A.M. Fisher, thigh, severe, 
    captured; W.R. Highsmith, finger, slight; W.M. Faircloth, thigh and heel, slight
    Missing:  J.K. (last name illegible, Ezzell or Erzell??), J.B. Herring
    Company G
    Wounded:  George Hays, arm, severe; S.F. Reynolds, and H.M. Cambee(?), hand, slight; J.H. 
    White, slight
    Missing:  Sgt. E. Russ, W.P. Gore, Corp. S.B. Clemons, Corp. S.H.(?) Hickman, Moses Simmons, 
    W.H. Raymond, A.G. Lewis, J.F. Cumber, D.M. Williams, A.K.(?) Hewitt
    Company H
    Wounded:  Capt. C.B. Monk, mortally, since died; Lt. Jos.(?) Ingram, arm and side, slight; Owen 
    Hargrove, side, flesh; Festis Blazzell, arm, slight; J.J. Cox, hand, slight; Abel Bass, thigh, slight; 
    J.H. Benton, head; Rob Baggett(?), arm, severe, captured; J.B. Mead(?) Hood(?), face
    Missing:  Josiah Smith, J.R. Lassitor, J.W. Strickland, Willis Baggott, Albert Hargrove, L.M. 
    Jernigan, C.A. Jernigan, J.H.B. Hill, Samp Bolder or Holder, R.G. Hawley
    Company I
    Killed:  Sgt. B.A. Brown
    Wounded:  Capt. D.J. Devane(?), arm, severe; Corp. D. (or O.?) Smith, Mat Hall, Albert hall, Dempsy 
    Jackson, Joab Padget, Newbers(?) Tew
    Missing:  C.H. Hall, L.H. Carroll
    Company K
    Wounded:  J.C. Fields, Stephen Elkins
    Missing:  G.W. Babsom, Ash Bradshow, A.E. Fisher, D.G. Fields, M.D. Ward
    Casualties Company A, 5th N.C.T., 6th to 19th May
    Please publish the following list of casualties in Company A, 5th N.C.T.  I would like to send a 
    regimental report, but none has been prepared.
    Line of Battle, June 5, 1864
    Casualties from 6th to 19th May
    Killed:  H.E. Cook, L.J. Leckamy
    Wounded:  Capt. B. Robinson, Sgts. R.M. Riddick and H.E. Sikes, George Berestick, R. James, 
    B. Moore
    Missing:  Lt. W.T. Anderson, Sgt. W.N. Newell, Corp. Jno. Fox, Wm. Autry, N.M. Boon, George 
    Douglas, H. Brooks, N.M. Brady, J.J. Johnson, J. Tilman, Jno. Pate
    I can hear nothing definite as to Captain Robertson, beyond the fact that he was left at Spottsylvania 
    C.H. and I fear that he was captured.  Everything today is quiet.  An attack was made last night on 
    the right of our lines, but was so feeble that our skirmishers were not driven in.
    H.H. Smith, Lt. Col. Commanding
    Casualties 48th N.C.T., Cook’s Brigade, Lee’s Army, May 5 to June 2
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. S.H .Walkup, slight; Adjt. J.R. Winchester, slight
    Company A
    Killed:  Corp. G.M. Moser
    Wounded:  Capt. L.A.W. Turner, severe; Sgt. E.J. Krimminger, Corp. J.L. Broom, J. Alexander, Wm. 
    Chapman, Hiram Broom, A.W. Griffin, J.L. Helms, J. Mullis, J.P. Penninger, W. Preslar, S.M. 
    Timmons, severely; Sgt. G.W. Hargett, Corp. J.D. Baker, J.A. Broom, M. Broom, B.W. Deese, J.T. 
    Laney, J.L. McLelland, J.G. King, A. Preslar, H. Starnes, S.B. Stephenson, B. helms, slightly.
    Missing:  J.M. Hargett, S.H . Ashcroft
    Company B
    Killed:  Chris Yarborough, Sgt. G.W. Pope, T.M. Crouse, mortally wounded since died
    Wounded:  Sgt. B.F. Hillyard, D. Cook, W.W. Ward, J. Bean, G.W. Crouse, R.D. Hicks, W. Jarratt, 
    H.A. Leonard, J. Morris, severe; Corp. D.W. Conrad, J.R. Beck, S. Carroll, F. Frank, B.F. Headrick, 
    T.W. Johnson, W.J. Kennedy, J. Minor, L.F. Smith, H. Rowe, slightly
    Missing:  S. Carroll
    Company C
    Killed:  J.L. Brown
    Wounded:  Sgt. R.R. Leonard, Corp. A.b. McKay, Sgt. P.A. White, severely; Corp. J.W. Orbison, 
    R.L. Davis, A. Elliott, C. Hoover, W. Hair, C. Kessler, W. Litton(?), J.A. Lipe(?), A.D. Plyer, A. 
    Shaw, J.F. Webster, L.L Litten, slightly
    Missing:  N.A. Murdoch, Corp. E.J. Lentz(?)
    Company D
    Killed:  Sgt. C. Lawhen(?), Corp. M.C. Yew, Private G. Fine
    Wounded:  S.S. Hoarn, S. Saunders, F. (illegible last name S - - - h, maybe South?), W. Ballard, 
    severely; Capt. W.H. Lawhon, Lt. M.D.(?) Clegy(?), Lt. C.W. Shaw, Corp. S.W. Broadway, J.S. 
    Fine, D.B. Johnson, D.F. Sinclair, J.G. Morgan, D. Paschal
    Missing:  J.M. Wallace, P.J. Mangun
    Company E.
    Killed:  J.N. Hancock
    Wounded:  Corps. W.M. Elliott, M.J. Short, C. Denson or Deason(?), E.A. Griffie or Griffin, J.A. 
    Griffin, Wm. Griffin, H.W. Laney, J.F. McCoy, W. Pigg, W.W. Smith, M.R. Starnes, J. Starnes, 
    C. Stewart, W.S.A. Wallace, severely; Lt. W.O. Starnes, S.S. Funderbark, A.J. Griffin, T. Griffin, 
    M.C. King, J.R. Lathan, F.M. Mullis, H. Moser(?), H. Presley, S. Rape, J.B. Short, J. Rimms(?), 
    W. Thomas, W. Tadlock, J.W. Osborne, slightly
    Missing:  H. Helton(?), J. Melton
    Company F
    Killed:  Lt. W.D. Howard, Sgt. M.C. Lemmond, A. Collins, J.M. Helms
    Wounded:  J. Rodgers, H.R. Spray, J.M. Gordon, J.H. Irby, A.M. Gordon, W.A. Wilson, Z. Starnes, 
    severely; R.F. Sistar, E. Simpson, J.M. Hargett, J.D. Helms, slightly
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. S.A. Whitaker
    Wounded:  Corp. A. Gilmore, G.W. Cross, J.A. Lomax, H.J. Mims, L. Poe, H.S. Rosser(?), Y.A. 
    Holt, J.C. Harrison, W. Wall, S.L. Hepler, E.J. Pipkin, severely; Corp. J.R. Guthrie, H. Warner, A. 
    Cross, L. Dowdy, J. Fields, J. Hart, A. Moore, (initial of first name illegible) Molden, J.B. Rosner, 
    J.C. Burns, Jas. Malden, T.W. Dawdy, R. Barnes, slightly
    Company H
    Wounded:  Sgt. G.S. Boxley, A. Averheart, R. Leonard(?), J. Leatherman, F. Ball, L. Clodfelter, 
    severely; N. Horne, D. Essex, L. Disher, S. Wilson, W. Leonard, slightly
    Missing:  C. Johnson, E. Sechrist
    Company I
    Killed:  D. Keziah
    Wounded:  J. Ledford, mortally; D.C. Wilson, W.R. Bancom,E. Crutz, R. Dennis, severely;  Lt. 
    R.J. Howie, J.T. Hart, Corp. J.P. Green, W.R. Small, E. Williams, C. Keziah, H.T. Long, slightly
    Missing:  A.J. Wilson
    Company K
    Killed:  Corp. A. Kiger, A.H. Smith, J. Reece(?)
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.T. Atwood, D. Brown, S. Brandon, S. Haithcock, L.D. Lambeth, R.B. Smith, 
    severely; Sgt. A. F. Motsinger, J.W. Garrison, S. Green, J. Lodick, W. Spach, J.H. Fletcher, A. 
    Olzusky, B. Procter, W.D. Smith
    J.R. Winchester, Adjt, 48th N.C.T.
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 20, 1864
    Casualties 32nd Regiment 20th to 31st May
    Company A
    Wounded:  Private Sam Sawyer
    Company B
    Wounded:  Private Henry Martin
    Missing:  Private Hezikiah Futrell or Futzell
    Company G
    Wounded:  Lt. F.M. Taylor
    Company I
    Wounded:  Private N. Seymore
    Company K
    Wounded:  Privates W.A. Bowden, N.R. Tunstall
    Casualties 43rd Regiment, 20th to 31st May
    Company A
    Killed:  Sgt. S.H. Miller, Privates W. Futrell, J.W. Carlton
    Wounded:  Sgt. F.M. Simmons, Privates D.W. Bradshaw, J.E. Cavenaugh, George Cooper, 
    Nathan Futral, J.W. Williford, Hargreth Kornegay, Thomas A. Grady, G.W.  Padgett
    Company B
    Wounded:  Lt. Robert Burwell, Corps. A.S. Croft, S. Brown, Privates Bryant Barnes, A.L. Helms, 
    Wm. Knight, J.W. Presley, Caswell Presley, M.B. Robinson, T.H. Steale, Marley Griffin, Alb(?) 
    Company C
    Killed:  Private Coffield Ellis
    Wounded:  Wm. Whitley
    Missing:  Privates Jesse Lucas, Aaron Bass(?)
    Company D
    Wounded:  Sgt. John Beavans(?), Privates S.H. Medford, D.T. Madry, Major Richards
    Missing:  Private Hugh Shepherd
    Company E
    Killed:  Privates Benjamin Clark, R.W. Morgan, Wm. Summerlin
    Wounded:  Willie Denton, Guilford Andrews, Robert Alford, E. Harell, B. (or R.) Langley, J. Norvill, 
    Wm. Watsell(?)
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgt. E.R. Staten, Corpl. E.J. Dickens(?), Privates R.N. Harper, F.M. Messels(?), P.A. 
    Missing:   Private R.H. Moore
    Company G
    Killed:  Corp. D.F. Hendley, Private G.H. Harris, W.M. Floyd
    Wounded:  Lt. Crocker, Private J. Hawks, T.T. Rowland, Isaac Weldon, J.O.(or C.)R. Paschel, 
    S.G. Duke, J.G. Thomas
    Missing:  Sgt. W.D. Aiken, Corp. B.W. Paschal, Privates A. Curren, Henry James
    Company H
    Killed:  Private Jas. Moseley
    Wounded:  Lt. H.C. Beeman, Sgt. B.A. Gray, Private B.F. (last name illegible, maybe Haire?), 
    B.G. Hildreth, David Hough, H.M. Ingram, Thos Lingle, A.B.S. Roscoe, R.W. Walston
    Company I
    Killed:  Private Milton Terry, G.W. Mills
    Wounded:  Privates B.J. Lee, G.T. Porter, G.W. Wilson, Thomas Thompson, P.K. Threadgill, 
    Robert Lewis, J.N. West, H.H. Wilson, B. Hildreth
    Missing:  Private Wm. Curlee, Wesley Coley
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. N.G. R- - liff, Corp. George Barber
    Wounded:  Lt. Boggan, Sgt. S.M. Lilly, Privates T.D. Riker, S. Herrington, Henry Hurnie(?), Albert 
    Missing:  Privates Jas. Beacham, Wm. Kiker
    Casualties 45th Regiment, 20th to 31st May
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Major T. McGehes Smith, mortally
    Company A
    Wounded:  Private R. Hollnad, J. Pyrtle, T. Patterson, Wm. Fuqua, R. Belton, Wm. Barnes
    Missing:  Privates G.(or C. or O.?) Lester, M. Curry, J. Proctor
    Company B
    Wounded:  Privates C. Wheeler, R. Kirkman
    Missing:  Private E. Kennedy
    Company C
    Killed:  Private D. Shue
    Wounded:  Private P.A. Wren, J. Rumley, John Aldred
    Company D
    Wounded:  Sgt. Cardwell, Private J.M. Wagoner, Jno. Sapp
    Missing:  Private John Man
    Company E
    Killed:  Private J.M. Levine
    Wounded:  Private J.A. Bateman(?), N.D. Small
    Company F
    Wounded:  Corp. Wm. Loveless
    Company G
    Missing:  Private Jos. Gentry or Gantry
    Company K
    Wounded:  Private H. Benough(?), V.B. Donnell
    Casualties 53rd Regiment, 20th to 31st May
    Company A
    Wounded:  Capt. J.M. Sutton, Privates John Lawey(?), Wm. Phillips, J.B. Forbis, J.A. May
    Missing:  J.F. Andrew
    Company B
    Wounded:  Privartes D.L. Love, J.W. Taylor
    Company D
    Wounded:  Private Alex Combe
    Company E
    Killed:  Capt. R.D. Hill
    Missing:  Private D.C. Riddle, J.A. Owens
    Company F
    Wounded:  Private D.M. Isley
    Company H
    Wounded:  Private J.H. Howell
    Company I
    Killed:  Private J.S. Marsh
    Wounded:  Private H. Truit, J.A. Pivens, R.H. Leonard, J.C. Williams
    Company K
    Killed:  Private H.H.(?) Baker
    24th N.C.T., 20th to 31st May
    Company B
    Wounded:  Corp. J.L. Gillespie
    Company G
    Wounded:  Private J. Teague
    Company H
    Wounded:  Privates H. Gentry, M.W. Gillan, Jas. Woody, Jos. Woody
    Casualties Company E, 51st Regiment
    Army Northern Virginia, June 5
    Messrs Editors:
    You will very much oblige me by publishing a list of the casualties of Company E, 51st Regiment 
    N.C.T., Col. M. McKethan as the reports are generally very imperfect.  Your paper is taken all 
    around the country where these men are from.  We began the fight just one month ago today—
    and these are the killed, wounded and missing since that time.  We have, I fully believe, killed ten 
    of the Yanks to their one of us since the fight commenced and still the fight goes on.
    Killed:  Capt. W.H. Pope, Calvin Britt, C.J. Floyd, George Grimsley, A. Grimsley, Sgt. S.P. 
    Hammond, Peter Lamb, Pat Powell, Nelson Snipes
    Wounded:  J.R. Ashley(?), slight; Wm. Brogden, John Blackman, severe; John Britt, Mike bullock, 
    M. Bullock, slight; John W. Bullock, Isham Butler(?), severe; Neill Carter, Lewis(?) Grimsley, Evrit 
    Grimsley, Mat Gregory, H.R. Ivey, Joseph Lane, slight; Wesley McCormick, severe; Randolph 
    Pitman, slight; Henry Prevatt, Arthur Ransome, Amos Taylor, Rowland Williams, J.F. Ward, slight
    Missing:  1st Sgt. W.G. McLean, 3rd (?) Sgt. G.A. Smith, Corp. Giles Williams, Corp. Wm. 
    Harrell, Aldred Barnes, Caswell Britt, Jas. (last name illegible B – ou), Amon J. Brauch, Wm. 
    Hilliard, Wm. Lee, D. Lee, R.H. Martin, John Peterson, (first name illegible, may start with an ‘E’) 
    Parker, Elias Prevatt, Henry Prevatt, Isham Pitman, J.P. Smith, John E. Thompson, Reddin Wilcox, 
    John Israel
    A.J. Ashley, 1st Lt., Commanding
    3rd N.C. Cavalry, 41st Regiment, 26th May to June 2
    Company A
    Killed:  C.C. Usher, Sam Casteen
    Wounded:  Capt. C.W. McClammy, Lt. Highsmith, Sgt. Ennett, Corp. Herring(?), J. Corbett, E.G. 
    Rochelle, W.E. Herring, E.W. Kerr, J.D. Hensley, C.C. Corbett, G.K. Dixon, J.L. Carrell
    Company B
    Killed:  D.C. Marshall, Hiram Williams
    Wounded:  Lt. J.W. Spicer, George Turner, George Ervin, J. Williams
    Captured:  Capt. S. Southerland
    Company C
    Killed:  Theodore Miller
    Missing:  A.J. Bird, Jas. Harrelson, Jno. McKinney
    Company D
    Wounded:  John Saslie(?), Walter Smith, D.G. Smith
    Company E
    Wounded:  Corp. L.H. Gibbons, G.L. Kilpatrick,  Franklin Moore, J. Filman
    Missing:  Capt. H.L. Hartsfield, Lt. Isaac Roberts, Sgt. J.S. Taylor, Privates N.J. Allen, S. Buck, 
    J.L. Gray, C.C. Hancock, Thomas McDaniel, E.E. Abelfer(?), D.C. Wilson
    Company F
    Killed:  M.w. Pearsen, Sgt. J.A. Dale
    Wounded:  Lt. H.C. Bennett, Sgt. W.B. Avery, Sgt. J.L. L- - - - n,  Corp. Browning, P. Anthony, 
    R.G. Gibbs, J.H. (last name illegible, might start with a ‘M’, only three or four letters), H.Y. Mott
    Missing:  S.A. Henry, J.W. McGimpsey, S.E. Puett, G.L. Powell
    Company G
    Wounded:  Thomas J. Plummer, (first name not shown) Suggett
    Company H
    Killed:  Enoch Patrick
    Wounded:  (first name illegible) Barber
    Company I
    Wounded:  J.R. Carney, A.T. (last name only partially legible, first letter illegible, the rest is ‘oyner’)
    Missing:  Sgt. T.J. Jeffreys, J.T. Joyner, Albert Womble, H.J. Womble, J.H. Olive(?—first letter 
    partially illegible, second letter totally illegible, then ‘ive’), Lawrence Clark, W.W. Jones, Tobias 
    (partially illegible, S – u – di – ant)
    Company K
    Wounded:  L.A. Jones
    Missing:  George Howard, F.C. James, W.J. Moore, Joel Cham(?)
    The wounded are mostly slight.  The regiment has fought every day since the 26th May dismounted 
    and against infantry principally.  It has received compliments from Brig. Gen. Young and Major 
    General Hampton and the other regiments of this brigade.  Col. Baker commands the regiment.
    A.M. Waddell, Lt. Col., Commanding
    G.W. Buckman, Acting Adjutant
    Addendum to the Wilderness
    4th N.C.T., Company F, June 3
    26th N.C.T., Company H, 5th May to mid June
    56th N.C.T., Company B, “late engagements around Petersburg”
    8th N.C.T., Company E, Cold Harbor, 31st May and 1st June
    61st N.C.T., Cold Harbor, 12th, and Petersburg, 16th  through the 19th  
    5th N.C. Cavalry, May 7 to June 4
    44th N.C.T., Company K only, May 5, May 10, May 23, May 29, June 2
    2nd N.C. Cavalry, since May 1
    46th N.C.T., 5th May to 6 July (faded)
    27th N.C.T., Wilderness up to 8th May
    46th N.C.T., almost identical to above list but more detailed and a better copy to read
    51st N.C.T., near Drewry’s Bluff
    8th N.C.T, around Drewry’s Bluff, May 14, 15, 16
    15th N.C.T., Wilderness up to May 8
    15th N.C.T., different list, but no date given, from a June 1 newspaper
    51st N.C.T., May 13th -19th 
    17th N.C.T., May 18-21 near Bermuda Hundred
    28th N.C.T., Wilderness May 5, Spottsylvania Court House, May 14
    13th N.C.T., no dates given
    42nd N.C.T., near Bermuda Hundred, May 18-20
    66th N.C.T. in the engagements of the 16th, 18th, 20th May
    30th N.C.T., Company F, “late engagements in northern Virginia”
    1st N.C. Cavalry, in pursuit of Sheridan and his raiders, 11th and 12th May
    2nd N.C. Cavalry, in pursuit of Sheridan and his raiders, 11th and 12th May
    5th N.C. Cavalry, in pursuit of Sheridan and his raiders, 11th and 12th May
    Casualties Company F, 4th N.C.T., in battle near Mechanicsville June 3
    Wounded:  Corp. R.F. Hethcock, breast, supposed mortally; Allison Pence, through leg; 
    Privates Jno. Edwards, arm amputated; S.W. Thompson, shoulder, slight
    Casualties Company H, 26th N.C.T. 5th May to “present time”
    Killed:  Sgt. L.A. Currie, Privates Wm. P. Blue, Charles C. Roberts
    Wounded:  Lt. Geo. Wilcox, arm and shoulder, severe; Lt. J.H. McGilvary, concussion; Corp. 
    D. McDonald, concussion; Daniel Bailey, arm, severe; Stephen W. Brewer, arm, severe; 
    Malcolm Brewer, finger amputated; W.T. Denson, finger amputated; W.J.D. Dowd, arm, 
    severe; D.C. Ferguson, shoulder; G.T. Fry, shoulder; Jno. B. Jordan, wrist, severe; A. 
    Malone, face; Arch D. McCallum, hip, severe; Benj. Perry, concussion; Jos. P. Seawell, 
    arm and hip, severe; Eli P. Sewell, leg amputated; Jordan Tysor, concussion; D.P. Tyson, 
    arm and toe, slight; Jno Williams, arm, severe; Joel J. Lawhon, arm, severe
    Missing:  Lt. Murde McLeod, Sgt. N. McIntosh
    We have for duty in the company 20 men and 2 officers
    J.D. Gilliam, Sgt., Company H, 26th N.C.T.
    Casualties Company B, 56th Regiment, in the “late engagements around Petersburg”
    Killed:  Capt. Frank N. Roberts
    Wounded:  Sgt. L.H. Hurst, left thigh; Corp. Holmes, hand; Privates Henry Usry(?), right arm; 
    Olin Jackson, left arm, since amputated; Calvin Culbreth, left hand; B.C. Johnson, left hip; 
    Joel Hudson, mortally, left in hands of enemy; B.(?) F. Kendrick, nose, slight; E.T. Gardner, 
    left shoulder, slight; Joel Barefoot, right hip, slight; Daniel I. Vann, neck, slight
    Missing:  W.L. Brown, Wm. Bowden, John D. Blizzard, L.(?) S. Tart or Tait, Furney Wood
    All the slightly wounded are still on duty.  The company is now destitute of officers, having 
    only one lieutenant temporarily commanding.  Most of the above casualties occurred on the 
    night of the 17th while charging the enemy out of our works which they had taken from a 
    Virginia brigade that evening.  The 24th, 35th, 25th and 56th were engaged in the charge and 
    succeeded in driving the enemy out of two lines of works.  The company greatly deplores the 
    loss of their captain.  He was high esteemed by the regiment and greatly beloved by all.
    M. Cagle, 1st Sgt., Company B, 56th Regiment 
    Casualties Company E, 8th N.C.T., 31st May and 1st June, Battle of Cold Harbor
    Wounded:  Thomas Bedsole, hand, slight; John Knight, leg, severe; N.A. McNeill, little finger 
    shot off
    Missing:  Lt. D.J. Baker, Sgts. W.H. Ham(?), E.A. Hendrix, and W.J. Parrish, Corpls. J.A. 
    Deal, W.R. Pattisball and James Breece, Privates C. Andrews, B.W. Branch, W.S. Calder, 
    George Cox, W.H. Deal, J.W. Deane, Jno. Dorman, D.J. Faircloth, R. Faircloth, S. Faircloth, 
    Jno. Fields, H. Gale, A. Giles, Wm. Giles, J.J. Gilmore, J.R. Gunter, R. Jenkins, J.R. Jones,
    J.B. McLeod, J.E. McLeod, M.S. McLeod, P. McMillan, M. V. Morris, Thomas Morris, Jno. 
    Patterson, Z.G. Pattisball, H.M. Rayner
    L.R. Breece, Captain Company E, 8th N.C.T.
    Casualties 61st N.C.T., Clingman’s Brigade at “Cold Harbor on the 12th and around Petersburg 
    on the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th inst., Col. J.D. Radcliff commanding”
     Field and Staff:
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. W.S. Devane, shoulder, severe
    Company A, Captain Jas. H. Robinson
    Killed:  S.T. Carroll, and J.J. Knowles
    Wounded:  Captain Jas. H. Robinson, shoulder, slightly; Sgt. Jas. J. McCalop, arm, severe; 
    Corp. C.G. Newton, hand, severe
    Company B, Captain Wm. M. Stevenson
    Killed:  Wm. A. Manning
    Wounded:  Sgt. Henry H. Hill, head, mortally; Sgt. Jas. T. Respass(?), Thomas Edwards, L.D. 
    Manning, very slightly; Jacob Windlay, severe
    Company C, Captain Edward Mallett
    Wounded:  Samuel Koonce, severe; Jos. Paschal, slight; Theo Phillips, arm, severe
    Company D, Captain N.A. Ramsay
    Killed:  J.W. Love
    Wounded:  Sgt. E.B. Ramsay, breast, severe; Sgt. A.H. Perry, face, slight; Love Crutchfield, 
    neck, very slight; Oliver Whitehead, elbow, severe
    Missing:  James Thomas, Stephen Throer, and Jas. A. Riddle
    Company E, Capt. W.S. Boyd
    Killed:  Jno. J. Howard and Isaac Brand
    Wounded:  Sgt. Franklin P. Dail or Dall, Perry Blizzard, Henry S. Deaver, Thomas Hughes, 
    Wm. H. Hines, Bright Harper, Sherwood  Jernigan, Jno. L. Malpass, Jno. H. Skeen, Charles 
    Company F, Captain W.A. Darden
    Killed:  J.T. Carries
    Wounded:  Gray Webb
    Captured:  Sgt. George R. Owen, Jas. Raff and Stephen Rogers
    Company G, Captain L.L. Keith
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.F.E. Hodges
    Missing:  Lt. A.H. Fennell, Jas. Lewis, J.B. Boney, J.C. Newsom
    Company H, Lt. F.A. Rhodes
    Killed:  Nathan  Brown
    Wounded:  Corp. Henry Everitt, Abram J. Barnes, Wm. A. Taylor, Wm. Ward, W.S. Ward
    Company I, Captain C.(?-or O. or G.) C. Parks
    Killed:  Granville Higgins and Hardin Holloway
    Wounded:  Capt. C. (? Or O. of G.) C. Parks, Abner Cheek, Wm. Holloway
    Company K, Captain S.W. Noble
    Wounded:  Corp. Fred Stanley, David Craft, Jesse Taylor
    Missing:  Colquit Gillitt
    The following has been received from Major Wright, by a gentleman in this town, and it contains 
    many matters of interest, has been kindly placed by him in our hands, with permission for 
    Camp 66th Regiment
    Battlefield near Gaines Mill, June 6
    Friday morning at daylight, June 3, the enemy opened his fire upon us from his right to his left.  
    We soon ascertained that it was not a mere demonstration upon any particular point of supposed 
    weakness, but the actual carrying out of a well digested, well considered plan of attack.  The 
    fire ran down our lines from left to right like the keys of a piano, and the sharp crack of our rifles 
    was added to the roar of artillery as it joined in the wild music of the hour—the carnival of death.
    The battalion of Lt. Col. Eglison’s Virginia Infantry immediately on our right, gave way and 
    yielded with scarcely more than a show of resistance and their flag was captured, as also a 
    piece of artillery in their rear.  Our right flank was thus exposed but fortunately Flanagan’s 
    Florida troops were immediately in reserve and they dashed up in gallant style, retook the 
    battery and, aided by the flank fire of the right wing of the 66th Regiment, captured and 
    slaughtered the whole charging force.  They were Virginia Piedmont troops under an Ohio 
    colonel.  They came up in better spirit than that which seemed to animate the bosoms of 
    those who were put there to oppose them, and but for the prompt response of the reserve and 
    the deadly fire of this regiment, serious results might have followed.   As it was, they fell before 
    us like autumn leaves, and the crest of the hill is now darkened with the Yankee dead.  Before 
    the 17th Regiment, the enemy met a similar repulse and there they still lie festering in their 
    The prisoners captured by the 17th N.C. say that theirs was the only one of 16 regiments that 
    could be forced to the charge, the others incontinently flying or refusing to be led to the 
    slaughter.  That Grant had charged them so much to the death music of our Confederate rifles 
    that their prestige was gone and they were demoralized.  They were glad they were prisoners.
    This was our status or situation, everything quiet along the lines, save the congratulations 
    which follow success, when Col. Moore came to my wing and commenced one of those gay, 
    pleasant conferences which characterized our daily intercourse.  We were talking and 
    laughing together when he changed his position to give an order or take an observation, his 
    breast just above the parapet, when he reeled heavily and fell, expiring into my arms from the 
    remorseless bullet of a Yankee sharpshooter.  He turned his eyes upon me; they spoke, 
    though his lips moved not, and I knew from that look which I can never forget, that death had 
    done his work, and in less than one minute the soul of the brave, generous, chivalrous Moore 
    had sprung from the service of his country to his God.  He was my junior—I never knew him till
    the organization of this regiment—but since August 3, 1863, we have been daily thrown together, 
    and our confidences and social relations have been both pleasant and unreserved.  He had a 
    military education and to the energies of a strong and well ordered mind he added the love of 
    and enthusiasm of his profession and there were precious few men in the regiment in whose 
    judgment I would heavily confide.  Being his senior, he was daily in the habit of consulting or 
    rather conferring with me upon matters for the good and esprit de corps of our command.  I 
    have never been long deceived in the estimates of my associates, and I can say I never knew 
    a braver, more chivalrous man.  He was not only brave, he was gay in battle.  I never saw but 
    one like him in this regard and that is Adolph Munroe of Bladen County, his sergeant major.  
    In a night assault the next evening, he was shot in the head by a minie ball, lodging in the jaw 
    and inflicting a most painful, if not dangerous wound.  
    You have heard of the assault of Thursday night on the 8th N.C. Regiment, commanded by the 
    brave, amiable and intrepid Lt. Col. Jno. R. Murchison, of Cumberland County.  I have never 
    gotten the particulars, only that from a gap or interval on his left, his flank was turned and his 
    regiment, weakened by long and arduous services, could not withstand the shock, and in 
    rallying his broken lines, and the rear or artillery, he too yielded up his brave life to his country 
    and his soul to God.
    Hastily, Your Friend
    C.G. Wright
    Clingman’s Brigade, 51st Regiment
    Since the 12th May, this gallant N.C. Brigade has shared in seven general engagements, viz.:  
    at Swift Creek, May 12; Drewry’s Bluff, May 15; same place, May 16; Bermuda Hundred, May 
    29; Cold Harbor, May 21; same place, June 1; Petersburg, June 17.  It has fought nobly and 
    suffered heavily.  Of the large losses of the Brigade mentioned in General Clingman’s letter 
    published in the Observer some days ago, a full share has fallen to the 51st Regiment, Col. 
    Hector McKethan, composed entirely of companies from this section of the state.  Twenty 
    two of its officers have been killed, wounded or captured.  Of the enlisted men, 60 have been 
    killed, 225 wounded and 148 captured.  The gallant fellows have won a proud record, but at a 
    heavy cost in blood and suffering.
    A letter from General Clingman gives to Col. McKethan (wounded in the face) and his brave 
    regiment and to Lt. Col. W.S. Devane (also wounded) and a detachment of the 61st, the glory 
    of the victory which saved Petersburg on Friday last.  “But for their prompt and energetic 
    action”, General Clingman adds, “Petersburg would have fallen”.  Two brigades gave way on 
    our right and but that our brigade stood firm and kept up the fight for four hours, alone and 
    unaided, against what we now know to have been two entire corps of the Yankee army, all 
    wound have been lost.  The brigade not only held its own lines, but drove the enemy out of 
    the vacant lines on our right and kept them back until 11:00 at night when they were re-occupied 
    by our other troops.  I know of no such fight during this war made by any brigade.”  
    Casualties 5th N.C. Cavalry, May 7 to June 4, 1864
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, July 25, 1864
    Camp of the 5th N.C. Cavalry, June 5, 1864
    Casualties since May 7
    Maj. Jas. H. McNeill, Commanding
    Company A, Capt. McKallar(?), Commanding
    Killed:  Henry Harrington, Gaston(?) Baldwin
    Wounded:  Sgt. O.(?) L. Chesnutt, Corp. Wm. P. Campbell, Privates P.N. Smith, W.M. Byhart, 
    F.R. Rose, W.A. Matthews, E.J. Harrington, Neill McLeod, Kenneth McIver, Haywood Hargrove,
    S. T. Jackson
    Company B, Lt. J.J. Moore, Commanding
    Killed:  Corp. W. A. Albritton, Privates Guilford Smith, Jno.(?) E. Hill
    Wounded:  Sgt. Jos. B. Taylor, Jno. W. Jones, N.H. Beman(?)
    Missing:  Washington Thomas
    Company C, Capt. E.F. Shaw, Commanding
    Wounded:  Lt. C.C. Partrick(?), G.W. Smith, L. Goodrich
    Missing:  George W. Highsmith
    Company D, Capt. J.M. Galloway, Commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. Isaac W. Hughes, W.H.H. Barnes, J.D. Miner, Jno. T. Price
    Wounded:  Corp. F. Sales(?), A.F. Delaney, Jno. C. Moore, Jno. Taylor, Stephen Moore, Z. 
    Barber, Jas. H. Smith, Wm. Ray, H.L.P. Watson, H.E. Haynes(?), B.F. Sparks, Albert Wall, 
    H.L. Watson, W.T. Williams, W. Watson
    Missing:  C.T. Grogan(?), Jonas Grogan, A.J. Odle, Levi Byrnes
    Company E, Capt. T.W. Harriss, Commanding
    Killed:  H.C. Aldred(?)
    Wounded:  Capt. T.W. Harris, Lts. A.P. Gilbert and Jos.(?) Tyser, Sgt. J.B. Stedman, Corp. 
    W.C. Mann, George W. Harris, Jas. W. Norwood, E.D. Mann, W.J. McIntosh, C.M. Pee, 
    H.c. Farrell, R.H. Atwater, Jas. Penny, W.H. Burt, Jno. W. Siler, S.H. Dickens
    Company F, Capt. J.R. Erwin, Commanding
    Killed:  W.L. Miller, G.L. Bigham, W.S. Prather
    Wounded:  Lt. C.L. Gibson, R.A. Davidson, R.D. Kerr, R. Tredawick, Worth McDonald, P.B. 
    Menas, C.L. Torrence, Corp. W.N. Alexander
    Missing:  S.F. Ludwick
    Company G, Capt. J.B. McClenahan, Commanding
    Wounded:  Sgt. B.F. Harrington, Corp. V.R.(?) May, Caddy Neal
    Missing:  D. Short, J.F. Crutchfield, S.H. Long
    Company H, Lt. Pearson, Commanding
    Wounded:  Lt. Jos. Howell, Corp. H. Bierly, Sgt. F. Fleming, W.H. Powell, L.E. Brook, J.B. 
    Howard, J.W. Martin, R. McClamms, F. Williams, D.H. Dwiggins
    Missing:  Corp. J.W. Shores, J.B. Holman, J.R. Kerfees(?), M. Miner, W.A. Brandon, M.H. 
    Company I, Capt. N.P. Rankin, Commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. G.F. Nance
    Wounded:  Lt. Sam Hanner(?), C.V. Hines, J.S. McNeely, V.C. McAdoo(?), G.B. Trexler
    Company K, Lt. E.B. Lindsay, Commanding
    Killed:  Aaron Brewer, Wm. M. Johnson
    Wounded:  Capt. J.E. Wharton, Lt. W. D. Wharton, Sgt. J.C. Alcorn, Corp. R. Cameron, J.S. 
    Neal, F.H. Alley, Wm. Little, A.T. Neal, C.B. Askew, J.H. Cornelius, R.C. Brawer, J. Cagle
     Missing:  W.H. Womack
    Lt. Theophilus Holmes, on duty with the regiment, was killed
    George Moodie, Lt. and Acting Adjutant
    Casualties Company K, 44th N.C.T., Kirkland’s Brigade, May 5,  May 10, May 23, May 29, 
    June 2
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, July 25, 1864
    May 5, The Wilderness
    Wounded:  J.W. Haigerpath, head; Jno. Baker, finger; Calvin Wood, finger, slight
    Missing:  Samuel Harris, supposed killed
    May 10, near Spottsylvania Court House
    Wounded:  George Merritt, right breast; Raffin Griffin, head; Rufus Woodlief(?); Sgt. R.H. Stark, 
    thumb; Lt. W.P. Oldham, left thigh, slight—returned to duty
    May 23, near Hanover Junction
    Wounded:  Benj. L.L. Wadkins, thigh—on skirmish
    May 29, near Atlee’s Station
    Wounded:  W.J. Hight, foot—accidental
    June 2, Bethesda Church
    Killed:  Jas. M. Gilliam, on skirmish
    Wounded:  J.C. Wood, shoulder; Phillip Lanior(?), thigh, June 3; Lt. W.P. Oldham, head
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, August 1, 1864
    Casualties in the 2nd N.C. Cavalry since May 1, 1864
    (From the Raleigh Confederate, July 27)
    Field and Staff:  Killed:  Col. C.M Andrews, 23rd June; Adj. S.G. Worth, 11th May
    Company A
    Killed:  A.H. Martin
    Wounded:  H.C. Ledford, W.L. Dale
    Missing:  F.M. Supp(?)
    Company B
    Killed:  Radford Dichman, R.J. Barkley
    Wounded:  Lt. R.M. Allison, thigh, serious; S.A. Knox(?), shoulder, serious; J.E. McEwin, leg; 
    M.C. Jordan, arm; J.J. Harden(?), foot; S.R. Moore, leg
    Company C
    Wounded:  J.E. Best, foot; N.J. Battle, leg; J.T. Gross(?) Cross(?), leg, severe; H. Hefler, foot
    Company D
    Missing:  Capt. J. Baker (since known to have been killed), W. Vaughan, Liberty Chapman
    Wounded:  Lt. J.B. Pereon(?), leg; J.C. Stone, hand; Sgt. C.H. Elder, thigh
    Company E
    Wounded:  Jno. Botts(?), ankle; Woodson Eatman, hand; Jno. Jours, neck and shoulder, serious
    Captured:  Capt. R.W. Atkinson, Lt. Robbins
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. W.A. Saunders, severe; Lt. N.C. Tucker, severe; Gideon Newell, since died; 
    George McClentie(?), severe; N.G. Westbrook; David Stafford, severe; G.D Wetherly, severe
    Company G
    Killed:  M.M. Kibler, Thomas Armstrong
    Wounded:  W.S. Spruill(?), F.F. Gurganus, W. Fuller, J.W. Snell
    Company H
    Captured:  Lt. W.H. Ivey
    Wounded:  G.W. Johnson, painful
    Company I
    Killed:  John Scoggin, Wm. Hare
    Wounded:  Wm. Garner, painful; E. Shuffield, serious
    Captured:  Lt. H.B. Thomas, A. Jackson
    Company K
    Killed:  E.T. Wise
    Wounded:  Lt. A.F. Faucett, very serious; Lt. J.R. Harris, J.V. Roberts, W.P. Tally(?), since 
    died, G.W. Walker
    E.M. Jordan
    Lt. and Acting Adjutant, 2nd N.C. Cavalry
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, July 18, 1864
    Casualties 46th Regiment N.C.T., Cooke’s Brigade, A.N.V., since the battle of the Wilderness 
    5th May to 6th July
    (Very, very faded copy of paper—see detailed list further below which was more detailed and a 
    better print)
    Company A
    Wounded:  May 5—R.(?)H. Wyatt, leg, slight  May 10—H.L. Means(?), mortally; B. (or R.) 
    Mercer, head and back; Jas. S. (last name illegible, four letters, may start with ‘O’ or ‘C’ and 
    end with ‘t’), face, slight; N. Mercer(?), head, slight  June 12—Lt. F.M. Wiebart(?), wrist, slight  
    June 15:  Killed—Jas. Dillards(?)  Wounded:  C.W. (last name partially illegible S – ei – h?), hip, 
    severe; W. Brumble(?), hand
    Company B
    May 10—Wounded:  A.M. Barringer, arm, slight  June 3—Wounded, Jas. Johnson, left thigh, 
    Company C
    May 10:  Killed—G.W. Loyd(?), W.C. Nicholson, T.H. Peckley(?)  Wounded—Sgt. H.P. Phillips, 
    right arm broken; Corp. G.H. Fleming, left arm and two fingers right hand amputated; Corp. M.H. 
    Watkins(?), head, slight; Jno(?) Richards(?), hand, slight; M.G. Billington, leg, severe; John 
    Rives(?), mortally; A.J. Wynn, arm broken  May 12:  Capt. S.W. Jones, (illegible word), painful; 
    J.W. Forinar(?), hand, slight; W.P. Stallings(?)  June 1:  Ensign Jno. Hammond, arm, severe  
    June 8:  J.D. Speevin(?), both thighs
    Company D
    May 10:  Killed—Corp. J.R.(?) Watson  Wounded—Sgt. D.J. Stewart, shoulder, severe; Anron(?) 
    Butier, face, slight  May 31:  Wounded—H.P. Covington, arm, slight  June 2:  Hiram Jones and
    Jas. Norton, hand, slight  June 3:  Capt. Colin Stewart, head  June 15:  H.A. Campbell, thigh 
    broke; Jno. Williamson, arm, slight
    Company E
    May 10:  Wounded—Corp. F. Uary(?), foot, severe; S. Thomason(?), arm, slight; W.G. Johnson, 
    leg, slight  May 13(?)18(?):  J.R. Kenton, back, slight  June 3:  Wm. Word(?), head, slight June 
    15:  Lt. H.C. Latta, hand; Josiah McGehee, thigh, severe; S. Meadows, hand, slight; Jno(?) 
    Aitkens, head, slight; Corp. W.K. Duke, leg, slight
    Company F
    May 10:  Wounded—Sol. Hughes, head
    Company G
    May 10:  Killed—D. Shulu(?)  Wounded—Corp. J.O. Johnson, head, slight; J.Q. Adams, hip, 
    slight; Jno Holder, foot, severe; J.W. Holder(?), arm broke  May 12:  Corp. J.O. Johnson, hip, 
    slight; J. Mendenhall, face  June 3:  Killed—J.A. Craven, J.W.H. Gordy  Wounded:  F.F. 
    Burgess, hip, slight  June 15:  Lt. R.S. Small, mortally, died 28th June; Jeff Butler; E.P. 
    Stinson, hip, severe
    Company H
    May 10:  Wounded—Lt. J.M. McNull(?)McNeill(?), leg, slight; Corp. D.T. Maples, arm and leg, 
    severe; J.C. Causey(?), arm, slight  May 23:  G. Bedsole, slight  June 1:  Killed—S. Phillips  
    June 3:  Killed—Isaac Sheffield
    Company I
    May 12:  Wounded—Sgt. J.C. Ezzell(?), shoulder, slight May 23:  Killed—Jno. Spell or Speil  
    Wounded—Lt. Thomas Owens, foot, slight; S. Hudson, leg, severe; Thomas Geher(?) Ganer(?), 
    head, slight  June 2:  W.N. Leckman, foot, slight; C.P. Jordan, face, slight June 3:  Jno. Butler, 
    thigh, severe  June 15:  Wm. Spell, side, severe
    Company K
    May 5:  Wounded—P.O.(?) Gilbert, leg, slight May 10:  Lt. A. Routh, mortally, died 29th or 20th 
    May; Marcus Boyd, head, slight May 12:  Lt. J.M. Hoover, leg, severe; J.M. Hase, hand, slight  
    May 23:  A.S. Ekard(?), foot, slight; Jno(?) Fry, leg, slight June 2:  H.H. Caldwell, leg, severe  
    June 3:  Killed—W.S. Hoover  Wounded—O.M. Jarrett, foot, slight  June 15:  Sgt. Isaac(?) 
    Lefevre, thigh, severe
    North Carolina Standard
    May 25, 1864
    Casualties 27th N.C.T., Wilderness up to 8th May
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Major Jas. C. Webb, severe; Sgt. Major T.E. Pittman, slight
    Company A
    Killed:  Pte. Flowers R. Haolloman
    Wounded:  Sgt. B.T. Rhodes, mortal, since died; Corp. S. Kilpatrick, severe; Ptes. J. Peacock, 
    D. Register, M. Cole, H. Casey, W.E. Davis, A. Dry, W.T. Musgrove, T.C. Overman, J. Philman, 
    severe, N. McLain, R. Ward, J. Thompson, N. Riley, J. Warrick, severe.
    Company B
    Killed:  Pte. Samuel F. McLean, L.S. Lineberry
    Wounded:  Capt. John A. Sloan, slight; Sgts. W.C. Steiner and Stratford, severe; Corp. Klotts, 
    severe; Ptes. F.G. Chulcott, severe; D. Coltrain, slight; W.H. Donnell, slight; S.E.B. Gray, very 
    slight; T.R. Greeson, severe; W. A. Horney, leg amputated; S.S. Hiatt(?), very slight; Wm. Hunt, 
    slight; James Hardin, severe; R.B. McLean, severe; L. May, very slight; John Silver, severe; 
    R.B. Tate, mortal; W. Williams, severe; Jas. Wilson, very severe in side; Wm. May, slight
    Company C
    Killed:  S.P. Barlow
    Wounded:  Corp. W.H. Rouse, severe; Ptes. John Elgely, slight; B.C. Fields, severe; L.H. 
    Fields, severe; N. Skinner, severe; J.H. Wade, severe; Jas. Wine(?), slight; John Potter, severe; 
    Jordan Potter, severe; David Savage, slight; John Brown, slight; John Koonts, severe
    Company D
    Killed:  Pte. D.C. Lee
    Wounded:  Capt. C. Herring, very slight; Sgt. J.B. Wooten, very severe; Ptes. H. Cunningham, 
    slight; B.A. Carter, very slight; W.B. Carter, slight; Jesse Potter, slight; Lutson Stroud, severe; 
    John Moody, slight; Samuel I. Stroud, slight; John M. Taylor, slight; Henry E. Smith, severe in 
    side; Wm. Davenport, slight; Corp. J.E. Taylor, slight
    Company E
    Wounded:  Corps. R. Lang, slight; S. Williams, severe; Ptes. J.J. Baker, very slight; J.J. Smith, 
    severe; W.f. Nobles, severe; N.W. Askew(?), severe; Wm. Corbett, slight; J.A. Lang, severe; A. 
    Shivers(?), severe; D.C. Crawford, slight; W.C. Askew, severe; Council Cannon, thigh; Jesse 
    Hinson, face; Silas Nichols, slight; Turner Moore, head; C. Dathington, slight
    Company F
    Killed:  Ptes. John A. White, J.H. Price
    Wounded:  Sgts. J.B. Week, D. Hobbs, severe; Corp. T. Goodman, severe; Pts. Barchett, 
    severe, J. Bundy, severe; (first name not given) Cross, severe; Thomas Fleetwood, severe; F. 
    Foster, severe; Charles Lane, severe; John Miller, severe; Sgt. A. Berry, slight; Ptes. Craven 
    and Hall, slight
    Company G
    Killed:  Pte. R.C. Davis
    Wounded:  Lt. James A. Graham, leg; Sgt. T.B. Whitted, severe; Sgt. O.(?) F. Hatch, severe; 
    Corp. R. Richards, slight; Corp. J. Milks, slight; Ptes. C.S. Cooley, slight; W.H. Crabtree, 
    slight; J. Dorothy, slight; C.L. Dunnigan, slight; A. Forest, slight; W. Grattis, slight; D. Paul, 
    slight, M. Ray, slight; J.S. Roberts, slight; J. Smith, slight; E. H. Strayhorn, W. Thompson
    Company H
    Killed:  L.A. Stokes
    Wounded:  Sgts. S.A. Whitley, severe; Samuel Moore, severe; Ptes Ed Adams, severe; G.F. 
    Evans, severe; W.N. Edwards, severe; W.B. Garris, severe; J.H. Clark, severe; Benjamin 
    Quartermus, slight; Richard Randolph, severe; W.F. Roundtree, slight;  John A. Stokes, severe;
    W.J. Sumrell, slight; W.H. Stancil, slight; W.R. Overton, slight; Ed Wilson, severe; W. Oxley, 
    severe; Peter Lawrence, slight; Jesse Whitley, severe; John A. Vendrick, slight; John A. 
    Williams, slight; J.L. Thigpen(?), slight
    Company I
    Wounded:  Capt. W.R. Latkins, Sgt. J.D. Mattocks, slight; Corp. .W. Lovett, Ptes. G.W. Barber, 
    J.W. Bunkhart(?), Cooper Higgins, T.J. Polk, H.B. Cox, slight; J. Hadnot, C. King, J.M. Lovitt, E. 
    Hodham, J.J. Reed, J.S. Speas, A. Garden, very slight
    Company K
    Killed:  Sgt. R.H. Best, Pte. A. Langston
    Wounded:  H.H. Coar, Sgt. N.J. Smith, Ptes. E.G. Beaman, Henry Chase, Wm. Ethridge, very 
    slight, J.H. Guin, in hand; W.H. Surley(?), J.W. Holland, slight; W.T. Lancaster, hip, severe; J.C. 
    Log, E.M. Miller, severe; Josiah Smith, Peter Snyder, J.A. Barnes, W.S. Cox, slight.
    North Carolina Standard
    Aug. 25, 1864
    Casualties 46th N.C.T. (almost an identical list to the above, but more detailed and the 
    newspaper was not so faded)
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Col. W. L. Saunders, severe in mouth; Major N.M.K. McNeill, slight, knee; Sgt. 
    Major T.H. Wright, slight, hand
    Company A
    Killed:  Ptes. Stephen Baxley, William Todd, Franklin Parnell, Stephen Faircloth, Giles Herring, 
    John H. Hill
    Wounded:  Lt. F.M. Wishart, slight, hand; Sgt. Strad Hammond, slight, foot; Corp. H.W. 
    Pittman, severe (in hands of enemy); Corp. J.J. Howell, slight, hip; Ptes. J.A. Bullard, severe, 
    leg; J.W. Cole, in arm; W.W. Taylor, slight, head; J. Hardin, slight, side; Henry Flowers, slight, 
    arm; James Dillard, in breast; Levi Sides, shoulder; J.A. Semers, cheek and breast; R.S. Davis,
    foot; Henry Israel, head; D.A. Douncil, finger; H.L. Hammond, severe (in hands of enemy); R.H. 
    Wiatt, slight, leg
    Company B
    Killed:  Capt. N.N. Fleming, 1st Lt. George Horah, Ptes. J.P. Beaver, Jno. L. Pless, Ben Wyse
    Wounded:  Lt. J.J. Stewart, Sgts. Jacob Klutts, C. C. Harryman, W.P. Coon, Corp. C. Potts, 
    Ptes. Jas. Basinger, severe, J.M. Basinger, severe; M.A. Gheen, severe; C.A.W. Waggoder, 
    severe; D.S. Knapp, severe; Jeremiah Klutts, severe; W.N. Mayhew, severe; Wm. Rogers, 
    severe; David Parks, severe; David Terry, severe; David Rich, severe; W.L. Witchelen, severe; 
    Wm. Faar(?), slight; George Goodman, slight; W.A. Gurley, slight; Eli Hombarger, slight; A. 
    Sloop, slight; J.C. Starnes, slight; A.J. Taylor, slight; J.P. Taylor, slight; Rufus Trexler, slight; 
    R.R. Wyatt, slight; L. Lane, slight; W. Lane, slight; J.H. Hampston, slight; J.F. Agner, arm 
    Company C
    Killed:  John Squires
    Wounded:  Lt. T.J. Jenkins, severe in hand; Sgt. B.M. Nicholson, severe; Ptes. A.J. Bowden, 
    slight; M.J. Flenighan, slight in hands; R.H. Macon, slight; J.G. Newton, serious; B.F. Peebles, 
    thigh; W.J. Paschell, arm; A.K. Shearin, hand; S.M. Taylor, head; L.B. Tucker, thigh; R.W.E. 
    Tate, hand; Alfred Bishop, slight
    Company D
    Killed:  Ptes. Jas. H. Steward; R.A. Hasty, Sterling Rachels
    Wounded:  Corp. D.J. Livingston, slight; Ptes. Richard Bass, unknown; H.A. Henderson, 
    Duncan Joyce, severe; S. Jones, slight; J. Livingston, severe; James McBryde, slight; E.r. 
    McCormick, slight; Aug McDearmin, A.G. McGirt, severe; J.A.H. McLean, mortal; Charles 
    McLean, slight; Wm. Priest, J. Poole, severe; Wm. Rachels; M. Skipper, unknown; Jo. H. 
    Watson, severe; John Waters, A.N. McLeach, slight
    Company E
    Killed:  Corp. E. Goss, Ptes. C.E. Hitchcock, M. Faribow, H.E. Oakley
    Wounded:  Sgts. H. Meadows, J.S. Hays, severe; J.Y. Wheeler, slight; Corps. W.K. Duke, F. 
    Harriss, F. Usry, slight; Ptes. J.T. Bullock, W.J. Bringley, slight; David Burchett, A. Dixon, 
    severe; E.W. Dickerson, Benjamin Ellington, W.L. Faribow, Jno Forsythe, L.H. Harriss, slight; 
    A. Harriss, J.H. Hughes, severe; C.E. Jeffries, Hawkins Meadows, B.L. Moss, slight; A. Monk, 
    severe; D. Oak, slight; L.H. O’Brien, severe; J.M. Ragling, D.D. Shadrack, W.C. Strodd, slight; 
    J.T. Stark, severe; Wm. Teasley, A.D. Weaver, slight; T. Wilkerson, severe; A. Wilkerson, Wm. 
    Wood, C. Harriss(?), J.T. Grissom, R. Oakley, Thomas Elk(?), S. Thomason, L. Meadows, 
    Wm. Goss, slight
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. A.L. Presnell, Pte. W.C. Cole
    Wounded:  L. Spencer, W.C. Nance, E. Tucker, severe; Ptes. Z.F. Conner, P. Fields, R. Owens, 
    N. Owens, T.C. Tudlock, R.C. Pressnall, severe; Corp. W. Spencer, Ptes. F. Hughes, A. 
    Peacock, C.(? or E.?) W. Lidwell, H. Till, Sam Jurell, R. Beans, Jr., slight
    Company G
    Killed:  2nd Lt. T.S. Troy, Ptes. Moses Gordy, D. Hughes
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.W. Brocke, Corp. T.A.J. Fural, Ptes. W.P. Brower, J. Butler, W.F. Blair, L. 
    Bennett, Z. Floyd, slight; G.W. Fox, G.W. Hunt, severe; W.H. His, D. Jarrett, S.W. Kearns, 
    M. Myers, slight; H. Mofitt, mortal; A.J. Nance, slight; J. Mendenhall, E.P. Stinson, W.B. 
    Stead, R.G. Wilson, slight
    Company H
    Killed:  Lt. J.A.B. Blue, Ptes. Wesley Brower, J. Pence(?)
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. J.N. McNeil, slight; Corp. D. Bedsole, severe; Ptes. Sampson Brower, slight; 
    Henry Brower, slight; Charles Brady, sever; Arch. Davis, Daniel Barrock, D.P. Burnell, Wm. 
    Ferguson, Arch. Ferguson, F. Ferguson, slight; Bunyon Hale, severe; M.C. Johnson, slight; 
    Thomas A. Medlin, severe; Evander Munroe, slight; Thomas Munroe, slight; N. Munroe, severe; 
    W.W. McDonald, Peter McLain, N.R. McCraney, Jas. O. Oates, slight; Archibald Perlee(?), 
    severe; H.H. Riddle, slight; A. Stokes, severe; O. Stout, W.M. Stout, J.C. White, J. Sheffield, 
    Jno. A. Wicker, W.J. Wadsworth, slight; J.C. Cameron, severe
    Company I
    Killed:  Ptes. D. Tew, T.H. Parker, John A. Tart, H.H.C. Holland
    Wounded:  Pte. A. Williamson, severe in head; Corp. J.P. Casin, slight in head; Ptes. A.M. 
    Autre, slight in arm; Passah(?) Baggat, slight in leg; Jno. R. Bradshaw, severe in face; H. 
    White, severe in breast; J. Holland, severe in hip; W.H. McLamb, slight in leg; Isham Royal, 
    slight in head; Wm. Spell, slight in shoulder; W.N. Lochman, slight in hand; B. Warren, slight 
    in hand; W.S. Tindall, slight in leg; Z. Faircloth, slight in arm; Isaiah Jessums, slight in hand; 
    A. Jessums, severe in hand; Isaac Jessums, severe in hand; J.B. Ezzell, slight in thigh
    Company K
    Killed:  Corp. W.H. Shuford, Ptes. W.P. Cline, W.P. Haun, J.L. Hartsol, J.C. Lung, M.L. Sigman, 
    J.A. Settlemire, H.J.K. Workman
    Wounded:  Capt. A.T. Rose(?) Rosi(?), Sgts. R.A. Boat, L.W. Booth, severe in face; Sgt. J.D. 
    Rowe, mortal; Corp. R.M. Norwood, severe; Ptes. Caleb Abernathy, M.A. Boovy(?), H.L. 
    Bumgardner, slight; A.W. Rosi(?), R.W. Boyd, J.W. Bundy, G.W. Clodfelter, severe; Calvin 
    Cobb, H.H. Caldwell, W.L. Deater, slight; Ransom Kades, serious; F. Finger, slight; D.F. 
    Finger, slight; W.L. Rowa(?) Rowe(?), H.(?) Dewitt(?), J.L. Howlit(?), serious; J. Hass(?), C.M. 
    Jarrett, S.E. Killian(?) Killison(?), J.W.L. Smyer(?), D. Selger(?) Selzer(?), W.L. Selger(?) 
    Selzer(?), L. Sigman, Levi Pravinsteldt(?), L.L. Thorneburg, A.S. Ekard, P.V. Gilbert, slight; 
    Wm. Wike, severe; J.L. Wilson, Henry Weaver, slight; L.G. Whitener, Charles Parker, severe; 
    H. Robinson, R.A. Smyer, slight
    North Carolina Standard
    Aug. 25, 1864
    51st Regiment
    List casualties in the engagement on Sunday last near Drewry’s Bluff
    Clay’s Farm, near Petersburg, May 17, 1864
    Company A, Captain Sutherland commanding
    Wounded:  Lt. W.J. Southerland, Sgt. Jas. Ennis, Ptes. W.B. Byrd, W.H. Bullard, R.J. Baker, 
    M.B. Farmer, T.W. Orr, J.H. Porter, slight; J.W. Vancanon, L.W. More, serious
    Company B, Captain Bell commanding
    Killed:  Pte. T.L. West
    Wounded:  Corp. C.J. Ezzell, Ptes. Thomas Bell, A. Hargrove, D.J. Smith, B. Warters(?), S. 
    Rockley, Corp. M. Parker, Ptes. Wiley Powell, severe; J. Ezzell, T.W. Merritt, F.M. Merritt, 
    L.W. Hollingsworth, A. Guy, slight
    Company C, Captain Stanford commanding
    Killed:  Joel P. Atwood, L. Keithley
    Wounded:  Lt. B.L. Watson, Ptes. D.R. Bostic, L.L. Jones, E.H. Keithley, Josiah Robinson, L. 
    Summerlin, slight; Sgts. W.H. Groddy, E.J. Hall, Ptes. John James, J.D. Mills, J.E. Register, 
    L.L. Sullivan, serious
    Missing:  T.F. Dail (or Dale), W.B. Carson
    Company D, Captain McEachern commanding
    Killed:  Lt. J.D. McCallum
    Wounded:  Ptes. J. Berney, J.C. Connelly, R. Graham, T. Humphrey, J.A. Little, R.S. McRae, 
    slight; R.M. Patterson, D.J. Currie, severe
    Missing:  Lt. J.D. Mallory, Lt. H. McEachern, Pte. T.J. Conoly(?), A.L. Rozier
    Company E, Captain Pope
    Killed:  Ptes. N. Snipes, C.J. Floyd, G. Grimsley, C. Britt, Peter Lamb
    Wounded:  Capt. W.H. Pope, serious; Ptes. J. Butler, H.C. Prevatt, M. Gregory, serious; Jas. 
    R. Ashley, M. Bullock, Meredith Bullock, N. Carter, R. Williams, R. Pitman, H. Ivey, L. 
    Grimsley, slight
    Missing:  W. Hilliard
    Company F, Captain Normant commanding
    Killed:  Pte. Jesse Bullock
    Wounded:  Sgt. L.J. Spivey; Ptes. Jas. .Banks, serious; M. Brewer, mortally; Sgts. S.D. 
    Watson, J.C. Faulk, Corp. F. J. Floyd, Ptes. E. Byrd, J. Byrd, D. McLellan, J. Odum, C. 
    Bullock, Wm. Humphrey, H. Spivey, W. Butler, M. Baxley, Thomas Ford, slight
    Missing:  W.H.R. Bagley, A. Herring, D. Hammons  
    Company G
    Killed:  Ptes. Elxany, Norris, Phillips, Strickland, S. Benton
    Wounded:  Lt. J. Evans, Corp. D.F. Suggs, Ptes. N. Benton, R. Hinson, L. Fowler, G. 
    Williams, J.L. Hinson, J.C. Sellars, A. Noble, slight; W.A. Ward, W. Wilson, W.A. Nelson, 
    W.J. Thompson, W.M. Merritt, A.K. Kinson, serious
    Missing:  Ptes. J.L. Bender, J. Humphrey, Daniel Shaw, D. Ward, S.R. Williams
    Company H, Capt. Moultsby commanding
    Killed:  Ptes. J.C. Cartrett, D. Dawes
    Wounded:  A. White, J. C. Lennon, A. Noole, mortally; Capt. S.W. Mountsby, Jno. Thompson, 
    serious; Jno. H. Cornish, J.O.(?) Barefoot, slight
    Missing:  C.L. Tornyduwat(?)
    Company I, Captain Sloan commanding
    Killed:  Ptes. H. Bunce, D. Blew, S. Gilmore, J.A. Guy, Silas Hailey, Jno. Moore, M. McL. 
    Smith, W.L. Skipper, Jno. Tew
    Wounded:  Lt. J.A. McArthur, slight and a prisoner; Sgts. McD. Geddie, Jno. R. Bine(?), 
    Ptes. J. Adams, J.E. Guy, O. Hall, Wm. Hailey, Jno. Sandy, serious; Sgt. H.L. Hall, Ptes. 
    A.G. Bain, Jos. Breece, A.J. Culbreth, A. Moore, A.J. Taylor, J.D. Williams, D. A McWilliams
    Missing:  S. Howard, A.T. Jackson, W.B. Porter, W.D. Pope
    Company K, Captain Murphy commanding
    Killed:  Pte. W.J.T. Williford
    Wounded:  Corp. D.H. Dixon, Ptes. A. Sandy, A. Stanley, serious; S.W. Williford, slight
    Missing:  Capt. W.H. Murphy, Ptes. B. Watkins, H.E. Basden(?)
    The wounded were all sent to Richmond hospitals.  The missing were captured in the rifle pits 
    before the charge was made.  The route of the enemy was complete and their loss heavy
    H. McKeathen, Colonel
    Casualties 8th N.C.T., around Drewry’s Bluff, May 14, 15, 16
    Company A
    Killed:  B.H. Charles, J.W. Jones(?)
    Wounded:  T.B. Temple, arm amputated; S.C. Curtis(?), foot; W.H. Perry, shoulder; Sgt. K.R. 
    Sawyer, both hands
    Company B
    Killed:  Josiah Whitson
    Wounded:  Corp. (?) T.J. Jarvis, severe, shoulder joint; J.R. Sp - - side, R. Borse(?), hand, M. 
    Dendy(?), thigh, V. Etheridge, arm, Jesse Spry, side
    Company C
    Killed:  P.P. Williams
    Wounded:  H.J. Anderson, head; K.M. Moore, side; J.W. Winn, side, severe
    Company D
    Killed:  T. Bowling, C. Harp
    Wounded:  R.(?) H. Mathews, arm; W. Roberts, thigh; B.S. Tripp, arm; M.S. Harrington, back
    Company E
    Killed or captured:  D.A. Cameron
    Wounded:  J. Deane, back and arm; E. Deal, leg; Sgt. N. Gilmon, foot; R. Gilmon, hip; J.L. 
    Beard, severe in hand; A. Gunter, hand
    Company F
    Killed:  G. Gillam
    Wounded:  N. Carroll, arm; S. Poke(?), side; Capt. L.A. Henderson, thigh, slight
    Company G
    Wounded:  W.B. Coughton, thigh; J.L. Lewis, J.J. Edwards, fingers lost; W.L. Pippin, neck; 
    G.R. Dudley, hand; R.H. Moore, neck
    Company H
    Wounded:  S.H. Blackwelder, head; D.L. Bost, head; A. Cruse, shoulder; R.F. Fauzeland, hand
    Company I
    Wounded:  Capt. J.H. Ramsey, severe in foot; Jas. Hawks, leg; J. James, knee
    Company K
    Wounded:  Corp. J.C. Morgan, severe in back; Corp. Jenkins, hand; A. Deal, arm; W.B. 
    Bainhart, slight in head; J.H. House, thigh; J.A. Cheek
    Stiles Kennedy, Surgeon
    Casualties 15th N.C.T., Cooke’s Brigade, Wilderness up to May 8
    Field and Staff
    Killed:  Capt. R.W. Anderson, Ordnance Officer
    Wounded:  Capt. James A. Graham, brigade inspector, badly in knee
    Company A
    Wounded:  Ptes. Joseph E. Stephenson, hand, slight; J.W. Pate, hand, slight
    Company B
    Killed:  Pte. W.L. Scott
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.B. Long, slight, neck; Corps. J.B. Sikes, slight, hand; J.M. Austin, thigh; 
    Ptes. W.W. Alexander, slight, face; J.R. Destew, arm, since amputated; W.H. Lemmond, 
    arm; J.C. Sikes, hand; C.B. Sikes, hand; R.E. Summers, hand; L.M. Thompson, hand; J.B. 
    Stegall, arm and thigh; M.J. Waters, arm, severe
    Company C
    Killed:  A.M. Love, C. Jacobs
    Wounded:  Lt. W.R. Hardin, head, slight; Sgt. J.B. Love, Color Bearer, head, slight; Corp. J.G. 
    Blunton, hand; Ptes. W.L. Blunton, hand; J.A. Hamrick, neck; E. Hunt, arm; P.G. Humphries, 
    knee; G.W. King, foot; J. McGraw, breast; P.P. Spade, shoulder; R. Simpson, thigh; C.B. 
    Pannell, arm; D.H. Hamrick, foot
    Company D
    Killed:  Sgt. J.A. Riggsbe, Pte. Joe Hatley
    Wounded:  Ptes. T.C. Council, arm, slight; W. Hatblock(?), thigh, severe; W.A. Neal, hip; L. 
    Hatley, arm, severe; T.B. Marks, arm; W.P. Cooke, hand, slight; J.R. Bennett, hand, slight; 
    J.B. Bennett, hand, slight; F.M. Riggsbee, face, slight; H. Williamson, shoulder, slight; J.R. 
    Webb, hand, slight; J.E. Riggsbee, thigh, slight; J. M. Cole, hip; W.P. Cole, not known
    Company E
    Killed:  Pte. R.R. Moore
    Wounded:  Lt. John A. Norris, leg, slight; Sgt. W.C. Hart, breast, slight; Capt. R. Holden, 
    shoulder, severe; Jno. B. Davey, thigh broken; Ptes. W.H. Allen, badly in hand; J.R. Cord, 
    back, severe; Levi Bailey, hand and elbow, slight; Dennis Carver, arm broken; J.H. Freezier, 
    arm, severe; G.W. Faulkner, breast, slight; W.H. Goswick, head, slight; D. Harris, badly in 
    arm; M.C. Holmes, shoulder, slight; W.J. Long, arm fractured; W.T. MacCraw, knee, slight;
    B.G. Morton, thigh, slight
    Company F
    Wounded:  Sgts. A.D. Holland, hand, slight; G. Lixton, thigh, severe; Corps. John Horine, 
    shoulder, severe; G.D. Spence, side, slight; T.H. Barnes, head, slight; John Black, thigh, 
    slight; W.C. Covil, arm; John Gilbert, shoulder, slight; W.H. Hewitt, knee; F.M. Jordan, arm;
    John McDougald, hand; John McRosy, arm; J.A. Mock, hand; L. Mock, arm and breast, severe; 
    A. Matthews, thigh, slight; T.L. Robinson, arm, severe
    Company G
    Killed:  Pte. H. Allan
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.C.C. Gupton, hand, slight; Corps. H.H. Gilliam, foot, slight; J.A. Longmire, 
    thigh, Ptes. W.N. Harris, hand, bad; J.R. Harris, arm; independent volunteer William Cutler, 
    hand, slight
    Company H
    Killed:  J.W. Harris
    Wounded:  Lt. D.S. Thompson, shoulder, slight; Pte. G.W.C. Bradshaw, hip, bad; A.P. Bryan, 
    breast, slight; W.T. Wilson, shoulder; D.M. Garrett, hand, severe; W. Ray, shoulder; W.P. 
    Roberts, hand
    Company I
    Wounded:  Lt. B.T. Hart, arm, slight; Sgts. G.W. Cherry, severe in both legs, right since 
    amputated; J.C. Bass, face, slight; Corp. R.P. Rich, head, slight; Ptes. W. Black, shoulder; 
    A. Garnett, arm; W. Holland, shoulder; H. Pate, head; A Waddle, leg; W. Howell, serious in groin.
    Company K
    Killed:  Pte. W.R. Brown
    Wounded:  Lt. H.H. Griffin, neck and shoulder; Sgt. W.G. Fisher, arm, slight; Corp. R.D. Long, 
    head, slight; J.R. Womble, hip; Ptes. W. Bartholomew, hip; W.H. Fisher, chin shot off; W.H. 
    Freedle, wrist; J. Hill, knee, R. Hinkle, bowels; D.D. Leonard, face; D.H.(?) Leonard, leg; E.J. 
    Moore, elbow; D.D. Moore, bad in face; H. Martin, shoulder, slight; John Molton(?), head; J.D. 
    Neal, hand, slight; C. Robins, bad in back; G.W. Thomas, arm, slilght; Joe Whitley, face; Jas. 
    Long, neck; J.D. Boseman, thigh, slight
    Missing:  J.C. Jordan, H. Hartley, J.A. Hyatt
    S.W. Howerton, 
    Chaplain, 15th N.C.T.
    North Carolina Standard
    June 1, 1864
    Casualties 15th N.C.T., no dates given
    Field and Staff
    Missing:  Sgt. Major F.H. Mitchell, Color Sgt. John O. Frick
    Company A
    Killed:  Pte. O. Davis
    Wounded:  Ptes. Calvin Beatty, S.A. Huffman
    Missing:  Lt. David S. Bullard, Sgt. Jas. T. Edge, Corp. Joe Hawn, Ptes. Cephas Beatty, P.A. 
    Brown, G.W. Hall, F. Harmon, H.S. Love, D.A. Storms, J.B. Sutton, Henry Shook, J.M. 
    Simmons, Sam Pollard, Jacob Hollar
    Company B
    Wounded:  Ptes. R.B. Andrews, R. Hinsten, S. Singletary, G.G. King
    Missing:  Sgt. Philip Evans, Ptes. W.R. Barlow, J.H. Field, C. Green, H. Green, W.C. Hagler, 
    A.B. Rector
    Company C
    Wounded:  Capt. V.V. Richardson, 1st Lt. H. Long, Ptes. J. Corl or Cort, W. Hudson
    Missing:  Corp. M.P. Williams, Ptes. J.H. Baird, E. Beach, W. Benfield, N.J. Bentley, W.R. 
    Best, E. Canady, J.S. Craig, D. Crump, T.D. Faulk, W.R. Faulk, G.G. Howell, D.A. Kitchy(?), 
    C.C. Lancaster, M. Suitz or Switz, J. Long, W.E. Long, B. Millican, J. Menius, J.S. Peevey, 
    J.F. Reeves, Jno. Sides, A.J. Scales, O.P. Sowers, J.E. Stevens, J.H. Thomas, E.K. Vause,
    J.J. McV. B. Williamson
    Company D
    Wounded:  Alfred Bullard, D.A. Bullard, A. Proffitt
    Missing:  1st Lt. N. Townsend, 2nd Lt. A. Rowland, Sgts. F.G. Odorn, J.C. McKellar, Corps. 
    Jos. Privatt, W.O. Andrews, A. Lawson, Ptes. J. Biggs, B. Bryant, W.T. Blankenship, J.A. 
    Cleevis, A. Hardin, N. Hines, J.E. Hill or Hull or Hall, A.S. Ivey, J.F. Joynes or Joyner, Alex 
    McLellan, F.A. Privatt, A.J. Profitt, E.W. Rector, E. Spivey, W.B. Sutton, J.E. King, W. White
    Company E
    Killed:  Pte. M. Durham
    Wounded:  Corp. G. Castin, Ptes. R.A. Henry, R.R. Reeves, J. Weaver, W.S. Pigford, T.F. 
    Missing:  1st Lt. G.W. Corbett, Sgt. J.F. Croom, Corp. H.L. Peterson, Ptes. W.H. Barnhill, W. 
    Butler, L. Briscoe, W.J. Cook, Nathan Lewis, T.D. Malpass, N.W. Miller, C.J. Prigeon, J.L. 
    Pigford, A.B. Rooks, M.G. Smith, J.J. Woodcock, Thomas Weaver
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. E. Norton
    Wounded:  Pte. M.H. Murphy, A.A. Huckabee, J.E. Parsons, W.M. Harris, W.A. Ballard, J.
    McKay, N. Guffay, J.P. Whisnant
    Missing:  1st Lt. F.M. McIntosh, Sgts. M.S. McLean, A.M.N. Smith, Wm. Buchanan, Corp. 
    E.P. McPherson, Ptes. N. Beaseley, J. Burge, N. Brown, H.C. Calhoun, W.C. Connally, 
    W.C. Davis, K.J. McGrayson, M.E. McEachin, M.V. McGregor, A.P. McKay, D. McLean, 
    S.W. Pate, M.G. Mc(illegible), A.W. Roper, J.W. Smith, R. Upton, Thomas Walters, J.C. 
    Walters, A. Jones, W. Green, A.D. Webb, J.G. Martin
    Company G
    Killed:  Sgt. J.B. Morrison, Corp. R.L. Reid
    Wounded:  Ptes. B.J. Bowden, D. Mathews
    Missing:  Sgts. S.S. Averitt, Fred Nash, Corp. G.M. Mathews, Ptes. J.M. Dancy, G.W. Carlton, 
    L.W. Russell, A.W. Hancock
    Company H
    Killed:  Pte. W.J. Hanson
    Wounded:  Sgts. C.M. Smith, Alex Lewis, Corp. J.F.(?) Best(?), Ptes. J. Fisher, A. Winton, 1st 
    Lt. A.M. McCollom
    Missing:  Capt. F.M. Wooten, 2nd Lt. J.S. Elkins, Ptes. A.G. Brown, J.E. Bullis, W.L. 
    Bungamer, B. Fisher, G.R. Guffey, J. Thompson
    Company I
    Killed:  Pte. J.J. Arwood
    Wounded:  Pte. J.N. Godfrey, Sgts. R. Devans, J. Carroll, Pte. J. Cane
    Missing:  Capt. T.C. Lewis, Sgt. A.B. Cook, Ptes. J.J.F. Heath, M. Sprinkle, L.H. Horn, J.A. 
    Evans, J.V. Melton, J. May, H. Bland, J. Bland, J.W. Brown, J.B. Dawson
    Company K
    Wounded:  2nd Lt. John D. Conie, Corp. D.M. Sutton, Ptes. G.W. Meadows, N. Sikes, W.H. 
    Sikes, Jas. Davis, W.W. Anderson
    Missing:  Sgt. A. Patterson, Ptes. D. Ferguson, J. Gillespie, J.L. Moore, M. Bine, J.F. 
    Singletary, W.J. McDuffill
    E. J. Hale, Jr., A.A. General
    Casualties 51st Regiment, Headquarters Clingman’s Brigade, Near Drewry’s Bluff, May 18
    Incurred during the skirmishes of the 13th, 14th, 15th and the general engagement on the 16th, 
    and the skirmishes of the 18th and 19th with the enemy near Drewry’s Bluff.
    Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Sgt. Major Wm. H. Von Eberstein, severe
    Company A, Capt. J.H. Robinson commanding
    Killed:  Pte. S.W. Faison
    Wounded:  1st Sgt. J.O. Armstrong, Sgt. J.M. Smith, slight; Pte. J. O’Lockarny, mortal; J.H. 
    Johnson, severe; J.J. Vann, slight
    Company B, Capt. W.M. Stevenson, commanding
    Wounded:  Ptes. W.Q. Cherry, Emmanuel Edwards, severe
    Company C, Captain Edward Mallett commanding
    Killed:  Sgt. John Ronerk, Pte. Warren Leggitt
    Wounded:  Lt. E.F. Story, Sgt. Allen Wooten, Ptes. Thomas Ainsworth, J.L. Barnhill, slight; 
    Lewis J. King, severe; Jos. Mondell, Tec(?) Phillips, Richard Wilkerson, Ezekiel Slaughter, slight
    Company D, 1st Lt. Wm. S. Ramsey commanding
    Killed:  Ptes. J.W. Johnson, A.J. Stone
    Wounded:  Richard Ansley, J.A. Brown, J.P. Brown, David Caudie, severe; Noah H. Clark, 
    slight; S.B. Cole, Henry E. Crutchfield, severe; Allen C. Davis, W.T. Dowdy, slight; Sydney 
    Eubanks, severe; Wm. P. Holt, Albert R. Phillips, Norman A. Webster, Alfred Wrightman, 
    S.A. Smith, slight
    Company G
    Killed:  Lt. Daniel Shackelford
    Company H, Capt. Wm. B. Lanier commanding
    Killed:  Pte. Robert F. Word
    Wounded:  Capt. Wm. B. Lanier, Lt. Henry H. Lanier, severe; Sgt. J.B. Robinson, Pte. Joseph 
    E. Gibson, Robert H. Peal, slight; Wm. J. Peal, mortal; James T. Robinson, James E. 
    Robinson, Harrison Rogerson, slight
    Company I, Wm. T. Choate commanding (no title given)
    Wounded:  1st Sgt. George Grimsley, Sgt. F.M. Mitchell, severe; Corp. H.D. Eslept, Ptes. 
    Isbam Blevins, Richard Cheek, Wm. Cheek, Jr., slight; Silas Goings, severe; Jos. Hudson, 
    John Mabe, slight; James Moxley, mortal; John Mosley, Isaac Richardson, slight.
    Companies E, G, and K were not engaged.
    W.L. Faison, Adjutant
    Casualties 17th N.C.T., Martin’s Brigade in the late battles of the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st near 
    Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield Co., Va.
     Field and Staff
    Wounded:  Lt. Col. Jno. C. Lamb, left arm and breast
    Company A, Capt. W. Briggs commanding
    Killed:  John Rice, John W. Baker
    Wounded:  Capt. W. Briggs, contusion right arm; Joseph Melson, wrist, slight; Ed Phelps, 
    left shoulder, severe; Mills Medlin, little finger off; George Twiddy, left shoulder, flesh; John 
    Melson, hand, severe; Wiley Hamilton, leg, slight; Lafayette Cherry, head, slight; Joseph 
    Davis, hand, severe
    Company B, Capt. F.M. Charles commanding
    Killed:  Corp. Wm. Jennett, Pvt. Nathan Boome
    Wounded:  Lt. Asa P. Slade, severe in foot; J.M. Tate, stunned by shell; R.W. Howard, head, 
    slight; A.J. Tooley, hand, slight; W.M. Carnwon(?), back, slight
    Company C, Capt. W.B. Wise commanding
    Wounded:  Jos. Harrell, head, slight; Jos. Mongor, thigh, flesh; John Jones, fractured ankle; 
    John Knox, stunned; James R. Purvis, head, slight; B. Vaughn, hand, slight
    Company D, Lt. D. Taylor commanding
    Killed:  John Roundtree
    Wounded:  Alfred James, leg, flesh; Randall Meazell(?), left foot amputated, right leg, right 
    hand; T. Baker, stunned
    Company E, Capt. Jno. L. Swain commanding
    Wounded:  Capt. Jno. L. Swain, contusion of the foot and shoulder, Jno. Coltrain, finger 
    amputated; B. Savage, chest, severe; W.R. Burnett, hand, slight; C. Savage, arm fractured; 
    Blunt Cross, head, slight; W.B. Martin, finger
    Company F, Capt. George B. Daniel commanding
    Wounded:  R.M. Clayton, head, slight; Sgt. P.B. Hobgood, arm, slight; M. Bennett, neck, 
    flesh; W.D. Gibson, leg, flesh; Green O. Whitaker, leg and arm, flesh; H. Hobgood, both thighs, 
    flesh; Ivy Bell, ankle, slight; J.T. Bennett, neck, serious
    Company G, Lt. George W. Grimes commanding
    Killed:  Brisco Howell, Henry Oliver
    Wounded:  A. Bland, thigh, flesh; W.L. Hyman, foot, slight; John Williams, arm and chest, 
    severe; D. Woodley, shoulder, slight; Stockton Norman, right lung, mortal; L. Farrington, 
    arm fractured
    Missing:  E. Riggs
    Company H, Capt. S.L. Johnson commanding
    Killed:  Eli Pearl, Calvin Boyd, Asa Hurst
    Wounded:  Jas. Bowen, leg, flesh; Church Corprew, neck, flesh
    Company I, Capt. W.H. Powell commanding
    Wounded:  Lt. I.M. Cutchin, arm, flesh; Ptes. J.R. Webb, neck, severe; E. McDowell, leg, 
    flesh; Amos Price, shoulder, severe; E. Cossey, arm and chest, severe
    Company K, Lt. Joseph Gray commanding
    Killed:  Robert Jones, Risson Whichard, Miles Brittain
    Wounded:  Washington Hardy, thigh, flesh; Eli Sermons, thigh, severe; B.D. Corbett, thigh 
    and back; J.W. Hardison, leg, slight; W.H. May, arm and hand, slight; Sgt. Shart Blount, finger 
    amputated; Joseph L. Whichard, hand, slight; R.W. Gray, leg, flesh; Thomas Murphy, side; 
    James Briley, shoulder, serious, Bryant Baker, leg; Theophilus Evans, thigh; J.D. Gladson, 
    chest, severe; Benjamin Sutton, hand; J.L. Ross, hip, slight; D. Jones, stunned
    Company L, Capt. L.J. Johnson commanding
    Wounded:  Albert Lloyd, both thighs, severe; Robert Cook, shoulder, severe; Tom Kestler, 
    lung, mortal
    L.K. Saunders
    Surgeon, 17th N.C.
    Martin’s Brigade
    Casualties 28th N.C.T., The Wilderness, May 5; Spottsylvania Court House May 14
    Company A
    Killed:  Ptes. J. Draughn, J.H. Childers
    Wounded:  Sgt. W.B. Henlyfield, Pte. G. Bullen, P.T. Norman, P.H. Hodges, H. Patterson, A.J. 
    Battibb, A. King
    Missing:  L.H. Burris, J. Bitton, F. Snow, W. Cockerham, J.S.M. Cunningham, J. Phillips, J. 
    Reid, S. White, F. Smith, J.W. Williams
    Company B
    Killed:  T.F. Huffman
    Wounded:  W.H. Carpenter, S.M. Abernathy, A. Service, G.O. Murray, G.C. Huffman, W.A. 
    Nichols, G.L. Grice, Lt. R.D. Ordman
    Missing:  Sgt. E.N. Whitesides, Pte. J.P. Besley, G.H. Costner, W.G. Narrow, G.C. Rhyne, 
    L.M. Smith, L.B. Stowe, M. Stroup, G.H. Stroup
    Company C
    Killed:  Pte. G.D. Beeman, A. Cook, J. Clippard, J.W. Carter, L.L. Huffman, A.D. Holler, A. 
    Kayler, D. Miller, H. Pollard, J. Peevey, C. Pitts, L. Lloyd(?), H. (or B.) L. Grice
    Missing:  S. Clune, S.M. Asbury, C.M. Bowman, M.A. Cline, J. Cline, M. Segman, A. Lyman, 
    H.P. Summit, N. Summit, W.H. Asbury
    Company D
    Killed:  M. Leifler
    Wounded:  Lt. Endy, Ptes. C. Epps, G.H. Sides, J. Prives
    Missing:  W.M. Furr, L.L. Honeycutt, Peter Trace, C. Button(?), W. Hewby, W.W. Sides, J. 
    Smith, H.F. Tolbert
    Company E
    Killed:  Capt. N. Clark, Sgt. B.K. Hall
    Wounded:  Corp. W.J. Chisholm, Pte. L. Cook, E. Hall, C.S. Tolbert, Sgt. W.M. Ballard, Pte. 
    A.M. McCauley
    Missing:  Lt. E. Husty, Sgt. J.H. Frazier, Corp. C. Smith, Pte. T.R. Smith, R.H. Byard, A. 
    Burnett, J.N. Harper, S. Hester, G.H. Morgan
    Company F
    Killed:  Ptes. J.P. Kirk, A. Phillips
    Wounded:  Sgt. F.A. Moyers or Mayers, Corp. J.W. Nance, W. Spillman, Ptes. J. Davis, A. 
    Bean, J. Hicks, J.M. Donothan, A. Douglas, R.M. Rush
    Missing:  R. Hunt, H.D. Matthews, V.H. Spillman, M.D. Spillman, J.F. Marler, Sgt. J.C. 
    Poindexter, or wounded and missing
    Company G
    Killed:  Ptes. E.C. Cates, A.P. Crawford, W.B. Brockwell, Sgt. J. Nevils
    Wounded:  S.S. Durham, Ptes. H.H. Robertson, H.G. Reeves, J.H. Smith, R.P. Poe, Lt. E.S. 
    Missing:  H.C. Andrews, Sgt. W.W. Markham, Corps. H.C. Crawford, R.A .Durham, L.J. Floyd, 
    J.G. Vickers, Ptes. L. Daniel, G. Smith, H. Floyd, J.S. Thompson, J.C. Andrews, S. Brockwell, 
    J.F. Craige, W.J.A. Cheeks, D.M. Cates, D. Crabtree, J.G. Durham, W.P. Durham, J.S. Durham, 
    F.M. Durham, S.A. Edwards, H.W. Floyd, B. Floyd, N. Pendergrass, N.F. Poe, W.H. Powell, 
    F.S. Brockenbush, J. Stephens, J.M. Snipes, W.J. Ward, S. Workman
    Company H
    Killed:   Sgt. L.H. Mathenews, Corp. O.S. Harden, Pte. Y.J. Blanton
    Wounded:  P.J. Peterson, P. Bridges, W.J. Webb, L.M. Happer(?), H.L. Yarborow, Sidney Lail
    Missing: J.S. Blanton, A.M. Crow, J.J. Daily, E. Byers, L.B. Scruggs, P. Hendricks, J.E. Hugh, 
    A. Lambick
    Company I
    Killed:  J.S. Spangle
    Wounded:  J.T. Wishere, J. Hinshaw, A. Joyner, A. Haynes, J.R. Chappell, W. Chappell, M. 
    Vestal, mortal
    Missing:  Capt. S.S. Bohamon, Ptes. J.H. Martin, N. Burgh, P. Farris, R.A. Mackay, G.W. 
    Haynes, T. Norman, J. Euragh(?)
    Company K
    Killed:  Isaac A. Randle
    Wounded:  Lt. A.W. Stone, Ptes. Thomas Whitly, J.C. Endy, A.C. Marbry, A. Vanboy(?), J.P. 
    Tolbert, D.W. Rogers, D.A. Fry, Aaron Furn, J.F. McIntire
    Missing:  Lt. P.H. Turner, Sgt. S.C. Page, Sgt. C. Furn, Ptes. S.D. Austin, Jas. Crewel, M.M. 
    Celey(?), G.W. Davis, L.A. Furn, Redding Harewood, E.W. Hatchcock(?), Wm. Hinson, J.M. 
    Lowder, W.G. Morton, L. Moore, Brittain Parker, J.M. Smith, E.B. Smith, C. Shattle(?), W.f. 
    The above is as correct a list as can be made.   The missing—a large portion of them are 
    prisoners.  The regiment was flanked and surrounded on the morning of eth 12th and could 
    only escape by cutting its way out.  The regiments on the left of the 28th were broken by the 
    enemy which caused the regiment to be entirely surrounded.  The officers and men of the 
    regiment have never acted more gallantly or done any better fighting than they have done in 
    this campaign.  No officer has failed to be at his post in all the great battles of the present 
    campaign.  I cannot say too much in regards to the men and officers of this regiment.
    W.H.A. Speer, Lt. Col., Commanding
    Casualties 13th N.C.T.  (no dates given)
    Company A
    Wounded:  Color Sgt. Wm. Pennington, hand; Pte. J.M. Helley(?)
    Missing:  Corp. W.E. Bass, Pte. R. McKinney, and L.W. Johnson
    Company B
    Wounded:  Peter Buff, arm; D.H. Neal, leg; M.S. Pegram, foot
    Missing:  Sgt. J.D. Shearin, Pte. Isaac Reggan
    Company C
    Wounded:  Reuben Smith, slight in head
    Missing:  Robert Hickman
    Company D
    Wounded:  W.H. Moore, severe, shoulder; W. Edwards, slight, breast
    Missing:  R.H.B. Thomas
    Company E
    Killed:  Sgt. J.W. Walls
    Wounded:  Pte. B.W. Bostick, knee, severe; J.W. Cavanaugh, knee, slight; Adin(?) Evans, 
    head, slight
    Missing:  J.W. Bray
    Company F
    Killed:  Sgt. W.T. Whitechurst
    Wounded:  Capt. W.M.B. Moore, breast, severe; Corp. R.E. Pittman, arm, severe; Ptes. T.r. 
    Engle, Jas. Johnson, Rich Phillips, all flesh wounds in arms; Levi Walstrain(?), breast, slight
    Missing:  Jas. Hathway, W.M. Crisp, W. Corbett
    Company G
    Killed:  Corp. W.P. Sizemore
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. H. Morrison
    Wounded:  (one name illegible, might be McLeod, severe in breast), Jackson Taylor, severe in 
    foot; G.W. Cole(?) in thigh, slight
    Missing:  Ptes. W. Cox, M.J. Thomas
    Company I
    Missing:  Pte. Wm. Griffin
    Company K
    Killed:  Pte. Sandy Johnson
    Wounded:  S. I.(?) Dickson, foot; John G. Hall, hand; one name illegible; D.W. Miller, side slight
    Missing:  Wm. Sample(?), George Dunn, Wm. Bailey
    Casualties 42nd N.C.T., Martin’s Brigade, in the fight near Bermuda Hundred May 18, 19, 20
    Field and Staff:  Col. Jno. E. Brounte(?), head, slight; W.H.H. Gregory, foot
    Company A
    Wounded:  Sgt. T. Sink, 18th, breast, slight; Sgt. T. Fanning, shoulder, serious; Pte. Peter Fry, 
    20th, head, slight; J.W. Freeman, shoulder, slight; D. Clodfelter, hand, slight; A. Leonard, 18th, 
    leg, slight
    Company B
    Wounded:  Sgt. H.L. Poston, 18th, right elbow, slight; Pte. W.Y. Haire, head, slight; J.O.(?)
    Hoffner, fractured right elbow, serious; Jno H. Kiser, left leg, slight; W.H. Kisler, right elbow, 
    serious, arm amputated; S.P. Moore, slight; D.(?) Orton, right hip, serious; Sgt. A.D.L. Shuford, 
    20th, right thigh, severe; Corp. B.F. Cowan, left leg, slight; Ptes. W.J. Daniel, left shoulder, 
    mortal, died on the 21st; Levi Bless, 21st, left thigh, slight
    Company C
    Killed:  Pte.John (first letter of last name illegible, then ‘hasly’), 20th; R.E. Gilbert
    Wounded:  Ptes. N. Simpson, 20th, hand, slight; Z.(?) N.(?) Honeycutt, left foot, slight; J. 
    Hatley, chin, slight; J. Lander, shoulder, slight; M. Cox, shoulder, slight; N.(?) Hines, shoulder, 
    slight; J.A. Carter, head, slight
    Company D
    Killed:  Pte. W.M. Ruth(?), 18th
    Wounded:  Corp. W.A. Goforth, 20th, head, slight; Ptes. N.G. Troutman, body, serious; T.C. 
    Ridder, both thighs, severe; J. Thomas, head, serious; Wm. Hess, shoulder, slight; Wm. 
    Deferry, ankle, slight
    Company E
    Killed:  David Shadrick, 18th
    Wounded:  Sgt. R.E. Brock, shoulder, severe; Ptes. Henry Lagle(?)Logle(?), leg and neck; Mat 
    F. Ferry, right elbow, serious, serious; James Brinkle, left hand, slight; G. Graves, ankle, 
    slight; Wm. Walker, head, slight, 18th; J. Rablon, right elbow, serious; Wm. Canter or Carter, 
    head, slight; A. Shumaker, hand, slight; Wm. Graves, hand, slight, 20th; T.G. Massey, leg, 
    serious; M. Chambers, leg, serious; M.G. Howard, hand and head, slight; W.H. Watkins, back, 
    slight, 21st; Ed. Stuart, leg, slight
    Company F
    Killed:  Corp. John H. Waggoner, Pleasant Gratton, Wm. D. Drake, 20th 
    Wounded:  Sgts. Ed M. Clark, right elbow, severe; N.A. Stonestrut, left ankle, slight; Ptes. 
    G.W. Bailey, head, slight; T. Gray, left cheek, severe; M. Horne, right elbow, slight; John 
    Taplish, left heel, serious; B.F. McDaniel, right hand, slight; Wm. P. Smith, left hand, slight; 
    Pink Smoot, right shoulder, slight; Lt. C.C. Sandord, right arm, slight; Corp. G.W. Walker, 
    left thigh, slight; Ptes. H.L. Baley, left arm, slight; W.L. Canfil, bowels, mortal, S.M. Dervault, 
    left cheek, severe; T.H. Deadman, right hand, severe; J.E. Deadman, left arm and shoulder, 
    severe; Perry Etchison, breast, slight; Enoch Horne, left hand, severe; H.C. Kesler, right knee, 
    serious; Phil Noll, head, slight; Jno. A. Sain, left thigh, severe; Tom Sain, left hand, severe; 
    Wilson P. Smout, left hip, serious; P. Smout, left arm, severe; A. Prather, sides, slight, 18th; 
    J.D. Keller, right eye, slight, 21st 
    Company G
    Wounded:  Pte. Jno. M. Baker, 20th, hand, slight
    Company H
    Killed:  Sgt. L. Lambert, 21st
    Wounded:  Pte. R.R. Whitley, 20th, ankle, slight; C. Perry, 20th, neck, slight; M.A. Howard, 
    21st, neck, slight
    Company I
    Wounded:  Ptes. H. Holder, 19th, left knee, serious, amputated; C.M. Daniel, 20th, left side, 
    slight; B.W. Luther, 21st, thigh, slight; Manning Shoof, 21st, left hand, slight
    Company K
    Killed:  Pte. John Seaford
    Wounded:  Sgt. Wm. Hicks, 21st, shoulder, slight; Corp. Jas. Staton, 20th, shoulder, slight; 
    Ptes. S. Paul, 20th, wrist, severe; S. Hendricks, 20th, hand, severe; G. Helms, 20th, head, 
    slight; J. Welsh, 20th, shoulder, slight
    J.W. Wiseman
    Assistant Surgeon, 42nd N.C.T.
    North Carolina Standard
    June 8, 1864
    North Carolina in the recent battles: Extracts from a letter written from a soldier in General 
    Lane’s Brigade.
    Yesterday (May 12) was the hardest fighting of all.  At 5:00 am, the enemy charged and broke 
    Stuart’s Brigade on the left of our brigade and near the center of our army’s lines.  They poured 
    in the breast works and gave our brigade a raking, enfilading fire, enough to cause the bravest 
    and most disciplined to break; but they stood as General Lane commanded them, until the 
    enemy had approached nearer, when the command was given to charge and the works were 
    recaptured.  From then until night the battle raged furiously along the whole line and this 
    morning we had the same hues with the Yankee army still in our front.  It is about 11:00 and 
    no fighting yet……….General Lane, though in the thickest of the fighting all the while, was not 
    scratched.  Capt. E.J. Hale is unhurt, but I regret very much to write that Lt. Lane, A.D.C., had 
    his leg shot off below the knee and part of his right foot shot away.  He is cheerful and doing as 
    well as could be expected this morning under the circumstances.  Col. C.M. Avery of the 33rd 
    is, I fear, mortally wounded—right thigh and left arm badly broken.  Lt. Col. William Lee Davidson 
    of the 7th is missing—supposed to have been killed.  Col. Wm. M. Barbour of the 37th is 
    missing—some say killed, some say a prisoner.  There is now only one full colonel—John D. 
    Batry of the 18th, left to the brigade.  Col. Barbour was captured yesterday evening in a charge 
    that our brigade made in which we captured one battery of five guns, one colonel, over 400 
    prisoners and four stands of color.  Three of the colors were taken by the 37th Regiment and 
    one by Lt. Octavius A. Wiggins.  Lt. Wiggins also took one of the finest swords I ever saw……
    Capt. Wm. T. Nicholson had charge of the sharp shooters of the brigade and located the 
    position of the enemy first spoken of, that we charged.  It was a hazardous undertaking.  
    General Lee called upon General Wilcox for a man who would do the work and Capt. Nicholson 
    was assigned.  When he started, General Lee said to him “Captain, I am sending you on a 
    dangerous assignment and I leave it to your discretion whether to go or not but the fate of my 
    army depends upon it and for God’s sake do not lose any time.’  “I will go, General” said the 
    captain.  So, mounting the works he went up sufficiently near the enemy to ascertain their 
    exact position, returned and reported in person to the commanding general.  Our brigade was
    then ordered to flank them, which was most handsomely done, making the enemy abandon an 
    advantageous position, which he had secured on another part of the field.  The objective was 
    accomplished and we returned to our original position which we still hold……….Captain 
    Nicholson, mentioned above, is a son of Thomas W. Nicholson of Fairfax Co.  He graduated 
    with distinction at the University of N. Carolina in 1860 and during his senior year was one of 
    the editors of the university magazine.  He is a most gallant officer and is said to be the best 
    judge advocate in the Army of Northern Virginia.  He has filled the position of judge advocate in 
    General Wilcox’s Division for nearly a year………..I sincerely regret to learn that since the 
    above letter was written he has been wounded in the shoulder by a piece of a shell………………
    Lt. Octavius A. Wiggins is also from Halifax County, and is a son of Mason L. Wiggins, Esq., 
    well and favorably known as senator from that county in the state legislature.  I learn that in 
    order to get possession of the flag mentioned above, he was compelled to make a foot race with 
    a Yankee ensign.  Young Wiggins was too fast for him and secured the prize……..Young 
    Wiggins, since the above occurrence, has been wounded in the thigh.
    Casualties in the 66th N.C.T., Martin’s Brigade in the engagements of the 16th, 18th, 20th 
    May, Col. A.D. Moore commanding
    Company A, Captain J.W. Lotta commanding
    Killed:  Privates Lewis Christman, Sidney Browning(?)
    Wounded:  Sgts. W.J. Barrow, leg, severe; J.D. Whitaker, leg, severe; Ptes. F. Mangum, 
    hand; Wiley Teasley, hip; Robert Cates, side; Nathan Couch, breast, dangerous; John 
    Dunnagan, shoulder, severe; John Pool, forehead; John T. James, finger; Hillman Glenn, 
    face, severe; S.J. Carroll, thigh; Green Phipps, leg, severe; Jesse W. James, wrist; Ranson 
    Pool, mortal, since died; Thomas Whittaker, body by shell; W.H. Cardin, hand, severe
    Company B, Lt. Jas. B. Bunting commanding
    Killed:  Pte. Thomas Bunting
    Wounded:  G.(?) C. Stalling, head and hand, severe
    Company C, Captain David S. Davis commanding
    Wounded:  Sgt. J. Grant, arm, severe; Ptes. H.B. Smith, spine, dangerous; H.L. Horn, head, 
    dangerous; W.J. Smith, finger
    Company D, Capt. W.T. Robertson commanding
    Killed:  Pte. E.A. Brock
    Wounded:  Capt. W.T. Robertson, side, severe; Pte. John Turner, thigh; A. Woodward, groin; 
    Jesse Cameron, hip
    Company E, Capt. S.S. Quinerly, commanding
    Wounded:  Pte. P. Boon, head, dangerous; Jos. Cox, side
    Company F, Capt. W.J. Raspberry, commanding
    Wounded:  Sgt. Stanley, arm, severe; Ptes. C. Gooding, shoulder, severe; W. Brown, arm, 
    severe; W. Lyons, arm; John Simmons, jaw, severe; James Weatherington, leg
    Company G, Capt. E.G. Blackmer, commanding
    Killed:  Pte. Samuel Spuls(?)
    Wounded:  Pte. G.W. Garner, hip
    Company H and Company I – not given—Editor
    Company K, Lt. Jno. I. Massey, commanding
    Wounded:  Lt. Jno. I. Massey, shoulder, dangerous; Ptes. H. Creech, thigh; D.J. Price, finger
    This regiment, with the other two of Martin’s Brigade (17th and 42nd) were the first troops to 
    reach the enemy works in the charge of the 20th inst.  They behaved with such conspicuous 
    gallantry on the occasion as to win a most flattering notice of their services from our division 
    commander, General R.F. Hoke.  Nine companies of the regiment were present.  We captured 
    the guidon of the 1st Maine Cavalry.
    Casualties 30th Regiment N.C.T. Company F, Col. F.M. Parker, during the late battles in 
    northern Virginia
    Killed:  Lt. G.K. Harrell, ball passing through the head; Orderly Sgt. W.T. Whitehurst, shot 
    though the head; Pte. Thomas Price, shot through the head.
    Wounded:  Capt. W.M.B. Moore, under the left breast; Lt. L.D. Eagles, above the knee, leg 
    amputated; Lt. S.R. Moore, back and abdomen; Sgt. J. Watson on left leg; Sgt. S. Cherry, 
    shot through left leg; Corp. Reddin Pittman, shot twice through the right arm and wounded in 
    right breast; Pte. Burgess, in hand; Pte. Bell, right side; W.G. Crisp, left shoulder; Thomas 
    Eatles in arm; Pte. Edwards, thigh(?); T. Harrell, in head; Pte. Johnson in arm; Pte. Lewis, in 
    neck; Pte. Phillips, in arm; Pte. Wammock, bowels; Pte. J. Webb, in head; Pte. Langler in 
    arm; Pte. Braswell, right shoulder; Pte. Levi Walston, right shoulder and neck; Pte. Vick in neck
    Corp. F.M. Parker, slight wound in head
    Headquarters, N.C. Cavalry Brigade, May 16
    Casualties in Gordon’s Cavalry Brigade while in pursuit of Sheridan and his raiders on the 11th a
    nd 12th
    Brigadier General J.B. Gordon, wounded in elbow
    Field and staff:  Col. W.H. Cheek, shoulder
    1st N.C. Cavalry
    Company A
    Wounded:  James Ray, left leg fractured
    Company B
    Killed:  Corp. T.L. Lassiter, bugler W.E. Bryan, Pte. M.B. Powell
    Company D
    Missing:  Capt. J.C. Blair
    Company E
    Wounded:  Capt. C.J. Iredell, shoulder; Ptes. W.E. Foster; C. Dickinson and F. A Hawks, 
    mortally; Jno. Ballock, saber cut in face; John Semms, in arm; P.W. Green, severe in head
    Company F
    Wounded:  Corp. Spiller, let side; W.S. Barrur(?) and J.W. Day
    Company I
    Killed: Corp. B.B. Miready, Pte. A.H. Whaley
    Wounded:  Ptes. W.R. Stetson, Jno Smith
    Company K
    Killed:  D. Green
    Wounded:  W.K. Kunsland(?), arm fractured; T. Passmore, elbow; D. Johnson, leg
    Missing:  G.W. Guy
    2nd N.C. Cavalry
    Field and Staff
    Killed:  Adjutant S.T. Worth
    Company A
    Killed:  Pte. A.H. Martin
    Wounded:  H.C. Ledford, arm; J.E. Best, foot
    Company D
    Wounded:  J.C. Stone
    Company E
    Wounded:  Jno. Baltz, foot; Woodman Eaton, hand
    Company F
    Wounded:  Lt. R.W. Sanders, thigh; Pte. G.D. Weatherly, fracture of leg; McClintock and G. 
    Newell, shoulder
    Company H
    Wounded:  G.W. Johnson, fracture of leg
    Missing:  Lt. W.H. Ivey
    Company K
    Wounded:  Ptes. J.B. Roberts, W.P. Tilley
    5th N.C. Cavalry
    Company A
    Wounded:  Gaston C. Baldwin; Harvey Harrington, mortally; Wm. Hybert; R. Rose, slight
    Company B
    Killed:  Corp. W.A. Albriton, Ptes. Gilford Smith, Jno. S. Hill
    Wounded:  Sgt. J.S. Taylor; Ptes. Jno. Jones; N.H. Bearman, slight
    Company C
    Wounded:  Lt. C. Patrick, slight; Ptes. G.W. Smith; L. Goodrich, slight
    Company D
    Wounded:  Ptes. A. DeLancey; J.C. Moore; Jno. Taylor, mortally; A. Wall, thigh; H.S. Walton, 
    hip; Wm. Watson, hand; W.T. Williams, hand; Sgt. Busie; Pte. Jas. Smith, slight; Wm. Ray; 
    Jno. Barber, severe, B.F. Sparks, saber cut; Stephen Moore, severe; Lt. S. Watson, slight
    Missing:  Jones Grogan, C.T. Grogan, A.J. Ordoll
    Company E
    Wounded:  Ptes. R.H. Atwater, hand; Jas. Rinney, arm
    Company F
    Killed:  Pte. W.L. Miller
    Wounded:  Lt. Gibson; Ptes. R.A. Davidson, side; R.D. Carr; R. Frederick
    Company G
    Wounded:  Corp. May, slight; Sgt. Harrington, slight; Pte. O. (or G.?) Gunter, severe
    Company H
    Wounded:  Sgt. Fleming, side; Ptes. L.E. Brocke; W.H. Blick, face; D.H. Dwiggore(?), thigh; 
    J. E. (or B.?) Howard; F. Williams, leg; R. McCleancar, face; J.W. Martin, head
    Missing:  J.B. Holdman
    Company I
    Wounded:  T.S. McNeely, slight
    Company K
    Wounded:  Corp. Cameron, shoulder; Ptes. J.S. Null (or Neal), side; Wm. Little, head
    James S. Gaines, Acting Adjutant General

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer September & October 2007

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