Military Information, Formations and News April-June 1862

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    Military Information, Formations and News
    MAY-JUNE, 1862
    North Carolina Standard
    May 7, 1862
    14th Regiment is stationed near Yorktown and was re-organized under the
    late act of Congress.  The following officers were elected viz.:
    Captain P.W. Roberts of Buncombe, Colonel
    Captain T.R. Bennett, Anson, Lt. Colonel
    Adjutant Seaton Gales of Raleigh, Major
    Adjutant Gales subsequently declined the majority and Captain E. Dixon of 
    Cleaveland was elected in his place.
    Colonel Junius Daniel, late commanding officer of the regiment—the service 
    can boast of no more accomplished soldier—had previously accepted the 
    colonelcy of the 45th, now at Camp Mangum near this city.  We learn that 
    Captain William H. Harrison of this city received a highly flattering vote for 
    colonel although forbidding the use of his name as a candidate.
    Camp Ransom
    Headquarters 1st N.C. Cavalry
    April 26, 1862
    Some months ago I began to furnish the readers of the Standard with a series 
    of letters from different regiments but having been taken sick I have remained 
    an invalid away from camp for nearly two months and have just returned.  I find 
    that a long article which I had prepared relative to our regiment giving its 
    historical reflections had been destroyed together with all my papers, baggage, 
    etc., all having been consumed by the flames which were applied to all our extra 
    baggage at Manassas to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy.
    We are at a new theater (about four miles below Kinston) from that which my 
    last letter was dated.  Transferred from the bleak plains of Manassas to our 
    native state our regiment now camps on the low grounds of our coast lands 
    and in a magnificent forest of the long leaf pines.  These pines, however, afford 
    us but little shade to protect us from the already intense heat.  To one who has 
    never been amid these scenes of tar and turpentine, these forests present a 
    singular appearance. Skinned and hacked for many feet up their trunks, down 
    which channels the crude turpentine, they would appear to the Western 
    hunter as so many trees where bears had coated their faces and noses 
    preparing to attack a hive of bees.  God deliver us from the fevers and scourges 
    of this climate.
    The health of the regiment, I am happy to state, is much better at this time 
    then at was when we were in Virginia.  The companies are all quite full all 
    having recruited.  Our horses are also improving but they suffered considerably 
    on our march here.  I learn that several hundred are now needed for the recruits 
    and to supply losses and disabilities.
    As yet we have done nothing but drill and police since our arrival but I learn we 
    could get other service next week.  You may look out then to hear good 
    accounts of the 1st N.C. Cavalry.
    We have just learned that Col. Z.B. Vance has been appointed by President 
    Davis a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army. (See follow up article below.)
    We learn that our prisoners taken at the Battle of Newbern have been sent 
    to New York and are at some of the forts in that harbor.  Several, we believe, 
    have written to their friends in this section.
    The 51st Regiment has been organized at Wilmington by the election of John 
    L. Cantwell as Colonel, William A. Allen as Lt. Colonel and Hector McKethan 
    as Major.
    A friend in the North Carolina Regiment of State Troops writes us from 
    Yorktown from which we make the following extract:
    We left Fredericksburg on the 8th April, walked in two days to Milford Depot 
    and rode by rail to the Ashland Depot in Hanover County through much mud; 
    here we remained two days and again took up our feet and struck out for 
    Yorktown under the command of our noble Brigadier General Whiting and 
    more immediately under Colonel W.D. Pender.  
    Colonel Pender directed about the time of our March, for all who wished, 
    and though they were not well enough to make the march, to remain and 
    come by railroad; 700 brave boys came through like soldiers ready for any 
    We have now absent, sick and otherwise, 218 men.  The health of our 
    regiment was never better and they improve on every march.  
    On the Peninsula, Major General Hill commands the left; Major General 
    Longstreet the center; and Major General Magruder the right wing.  Major 
    General Smith commands our division, in reserve—and old Joe commands 
    the entire army here. (Transcriber’s note, General Joseph Johnston)  I fear 
    the enemy will not attack us here. The world cannot whip us in our entrenchments. 
    Lt. Colonel Lightfoot has been elected colonel of the 22nd Volunteers, N.C.  
    We presume that Major Webb will fill his place here and the old hero Captain 
    Freeland of Manassas’ renown, come in as major.  
    In sight of Yorktown lay five men of war in the York River.  Our pickets are 
    within 1,000 yards of each other.  There are 19 N.C. regiments here or 
    nearby on the line.
    North Carolina Standard
    May 14, 1862
    A week ago, upon what we considered good authority, sustained by general 
    rumor in the city, we announced that Colonel Z.B. Vance had been appointed 
    a Brigadier General by President Davis as afterwards we learned that Colonel 
    M.S. Stokes had been appointed Brigadier General.  Colonel Vance was in 
    the city on Friday last and assured us that the rumor was unfounded.  He 
    was on his way to Richmond to complete arrangements for his legion.  We 
    learn that forty companies have tendered their services to join his legion.
    North Carolina Standard
    May 21, 1862
    The 17th Regiment, formerly the 7th N.C.V., has been reorganized at Camp 
    Mangum by the election of Colonel William F. Martin as colonel (its former 
    colonel was captured at Hatteras); Captain J.C. Lamb as lieutenant colonel; 
    Captain Thomas H. Sharpe as major.
    The 5th Regiment was organized on the 17th by the election of John Wimbish 
    of Granville as colonel; J.S.C. McDowell of Burle as lieutenant colonel; K.M. 
    Murchson of Cumberland as major.
    We regret to learn through the Lynchburg Virginian that Col. Henry A. Dowd 
    of the 15th N.C.T. and successor to the late lamented Col. McKinney was 
    killed in the fight at Williamsburg.  We hope it is incorrect.  Col. Dowd is a 
    native of Wake County. (Transcriber’s note, see issue of June 4 for correction 
    on this information.)
    North Carolina Standard
    May 28, 1862
    The following interesting letter gives and account of the latest skirmish with the 
    enemy below Trenton.  Our correspondent being a member of another regiment, 
    the 1st N.C. Cavalry gave an impartial account.  This confirms what we have said 
    before that the 2nd N.C. Cavalry contains some of the best fighting material in the 
    state.  The regiment has been organized some ten months or more and to this 
    hour we presume it is not fully equipped and armed.
    Outpost of the Army, May 17, 1862
    I have the pleasure to announce to you a very “handsome” skirmish between a 
    portion of the 2nd N.C. Cavalry and an advancing column of the enemy.  Early in 
    the morning an advance scouting party of the Yankees attacked our videttes on the 
    road leading to Newbern from Trenton on the north side of the Trent; the videttes 
    retreating hotly pursued by the Yankees who, I guess, were congratulating 
    themselves on “dispersing” the rebels in such a hasty manner. 
    The reserve of the pickets, commanded by Lts. Rogers and Graham, and 
    stationed a short distance off the main road, suddenly entered the road upon 
    the alarm being given and charged down upon the column of Yankee cavalry, 
    moving rapidly up.
    Then commence the ball.  Our men discharged their fire arms as promptly as 
    possible and then drew their sabers and went to work in regular style.  The galling 
    fire that they had given the enemy upon coming up and their thrilling yells as they 
    bore down on them caused the enemy to fall back.  The platoon which had pursued 
    the fugitive videttes, hearing the fight in their rear, wheeled and our men found 
    themselves attacked by this body also in their rear.  
    Then commenced a conflict which I imagine was similar to that which occurred 
    at Cowpens.  The steel of foemen rang vividly against that of his antagonist and 
    cries of agony (I am told by one who heard) mingled with shouts of enthusiasm 
    and the sharp crack of small arms fire.  The Yankees contested the ground for
    about half a mile and until their infantry and cavalry made their appearance on 
    the roadside and in a small old field.  Our man having cut through the force 
    attacking them in their rear, on seeing their infantry, immediately withdrew out 
    of range to await further demonstrations.
    The Yankees now returned to where the fight was, hastily collected their dead 
    and wounded—burned the church and dwellings around it and concluded it 
    would be advisable to await further movements on our part, beating a retreat to 
    their encampment, completely failing in their attempt to force a column upon 
    Trenton which they evidently designed doing.  
    Their loss as reported by citizens who saw was five ambulance loads of dead 
    and wounded.  Their force was 200 cavalry, 2,000 infantry and a battery of cannon.  
    Our force was between forty and fifty cavalry from the companies of Captain Hays, 
    Captain Andrews and Captain Turner, almost the entire number being from Captain 
    Hays’ Company, commanded by Lt. Rogers.  We lost one man killed (Mr. Ray of 
    Capt. Hays’ Company) with several slightly wounded by sabers.  We lost three or
     four horses killed.
    We learn that Major Peter Mallett has been appointed to superintend the enrolling 
    of conscripts in this state.
    The 55th Regiment N.C.T. was organized at Camp Mangum on the 10th inst.  
    The following field officers were elected:
    Colonel John K. Connally of Yadkin
    Lt. Colonel Abner S. Calloway, Wilkes
    Major James F. Whitehead of Pitt
    North Carolina Standard
    June 4, 1862
    We stated some time ago on the authority of the Virginia newspapers that Col. H.
    A. Dowd of the 15th N.C. Regiment was killed at Williamsburg.  The statement is 
    said to be incorrect.
    We casually learned the other day that Dr. R.K. Speed of Elizabeth City had been 
    appointed principal surgeon of the 17th Regiment (Col. Martin) and Dr. James F. 
    Long of Washington principal surgeon of the 53rd Regiment (Col. Owen).
    $30 Reward-Deserter
    Harrison Craven, who lives five miles north of High Point, was drafted in Davidson 
    and sent to Camp Mangum in March last; after being there two weeks, perhaps, 
    he volunteered in my company for a three year or duration of the war and on Friday, 
    30th (?) ult., he left the camp without permission and I will give the above reward to 
    any person who will apprehend and deliver him to me; he is sparely built, black hair, 
    blue eyes, about five feet tall; he is supposed to be in his old neighborhood or 
    among his kinfolk up about Mount Airy.
    Jno. A. Harrison
    Company D, 47th Regiment N.C.T
    Goldsboro, N.C.
    June 3, 1862
    William Blankenship, born in Rutherford County, six feet tall, 35 years of age, 
    and John M. Melton, born in Rutherford County, five feet ten and a half inches tall, 
    44 years of age, deserted my company on the 3rd May from Camp Mangum.  I 
    offer $30 for the apprehension and delivery of them to me at Camp Mangum
    George W. Andrews
    Captain, Company G
    50th Regiment
    North Carolina Standard
    June 11, 1862
    Captain A.D. Tumbro—We rejoice to learn from the Goldsboro Tribune that 
    they were mistaken in announcing the death of this officer.  He is said to be 
    living and not even wounded, having acquitted himself well in battle.
    Lt. Colonel Wade commanded the 12th N.C. Regiment in the late battle near 
    Hanover Court House, Virginia, Colonel Sol Williams having a few days before 
    resigned to accept the colonelcy of the 2nd N.C. Cavalry, lately commanded by 
    Col. Spruill.
    We learn that the loss in the 28th N.C. Regiment at the battle near Hanover Court 
    House was not as large as reported.  The killed and wounded did not exceed fifteen 
    or twenty but from sheer exhaustion it is supposed that some 180 fell into the hands 
    of the enemy and are now prisoners.
    North Carolina Standard
    June 18, 1862
    1st N.C. Troops—Lt. Col. M.W. Ransom of Northampton has been promoted to 
    Colonel of the 35th Regiment; Major John A. McDowell of Bladden has been 
    promoted to colonel in his place; Captain T.S. Skinner of Edenton, major; Lt. J.
    A. Benburg, Captain.
    At the Battle of Winchester, Virginia, 25th May, the 21st N.C. Regiment under Col. 
    Kirkland was in the hottest of the fight and well sustained the honor of the state.  It 
    lost about 100 men in killed and wounded.  Col. Kirkland and Lt. Col. Pepper were 
    both wounded the latter supposed to be mortal.  Capt. Hedgecock and Ligon were 
    both killed.
    We learn that the 6th Regiment N.C.T. was thrown into commotion soon after the 
    battle below Richmond by the announcement that Captain Isaac E. Avery of 
    Company E had been appointed Lt. Colonel over Major Webb and others who 
    were justly entitled to the place.  Major Webb who fought through the Battle of 
    Manassas under Col. Fisher and through the battles below Richmond as 
    commander of the regiment at once resigned his place as major, as he should 
    have done under the circumstances and returned home.  His resignation, 
    however, makes room for other favorites and Captain Avery will probably become 
    colonel; Captain Tate, lt. colonel; Captain Kirkland, major.  Lt. Alonzo C. Avery 
    becomes captain of Company E in place of Captain Isaac E. Avery, promoted.
    Captain Freeland’s company, 6th N.C. State Troops, was detached as a guard 
    for General Smith’s headquarters on Saturday, 31st the day of the first battle near 
    Richmond.  He went into the engagement with his 22nd N.C. Regiment under 
    Colonel Lightfoot.  He had his sword drawn and the scabbard was shot in two.  
    His leg was at length broken by a ball and some of his men were bearing him 
    from the field when, being hard pressed by the enemy, he urged them to leave 
    him and save themselves.  They did so reluctantly.  He was captured with four 
    of his men.  The company behaved very nobly in action.
    We are pleased to learn that Captain Charles M. Stedman, our young 
    townsman, in the recent skirmishes near Washington, bore a conspicuous 
    and gallant part.  In the first, his horse was wounded and becoming unmanageable, 
    carried him almost within the lines of the enemy where he fell injuring his rider 
    in the shoulder and leg by the fall, though not very seriously.  He was highly 
    complimented by Col. Singletary for his gallantry in this action.  In the third 
    skirmish, he pursued a Yankee officer alone, captured him and secured a 
    very fine navy repeater and an elegant sword both of which he intends using 
    in a future operation against the enemy.  Captain Stedman accompanied the 
    remains of Col. Singletary to Raleigh.
    North Carolina Standard
    June 25, 1862
    Field and Staff, 34th Regiment, N.C.T.
    Colonel Richard H. Riddick
    Lt. Colonel Charles J. Hammerskold
    Major Eli H. Miller
    1st Lieutenant James W. Riddick, Adjutant vice Jones, resigne
    Captain John W. Clarke, Quartermaster, vice Cauiree(?), deceased
    Captain Adam J. Nisbet, Commissary, vice Miller, promoted
    Dr. John F. Miller, Surgeon, vice Ward, resigned
    Dr. Richard R. Barr, Acting Assistant Surgeon, vice Miller, promoted
    Non Commissioned Staff:
    Sgt. Major Michael M. Gillon vice Nisbet, promoted
    Quartermaster Sergeant Eli C. McLaughlin
    Orderly Sergeant John L. Todd
    Principal Musician Frederick Bourquin
    Petersburg, Virginia, June 14, 1862
    Privates James Howell and William W. Messer will report in person to their company 
    commander on the 25th inst., or they will be advertised as deserters and treated 
    Ira T. Woodall, Captain, Company I, 24th N.C.T.
    Harrison Craven, who lives five miles north of High Point, was drafted at Davidson and 
    sent to Camp Mangum in March last.  After being there two weeks, perhaps, he 
    volunteered in my company for three years or the war and on Friday the 30th ult., he 
    left the camp without permission and I suppose has deserted.  Now, therefore, I will 
    pay $30 to any person who will apprehend and deliver him to me; he is sparsely built, 
    black hair, blue eyes and about five feet high; he is supposed to be in his old 
    neighborhood or among his kin folks up in Mt. Airy.
    Jno. A. Harrison, Co. D, 47th Regiment N.C.T
    Goldsboro, N.C., June 3, 1862
    On the 25th of last month, my son, Walter Ellington, who is 15 years of age, left my 
    home without my consent for the purpose of volunteering for the war. I have no 
    objection to his serving his country but I consider him too young to endure the 
    hardships of camp life.  Any information in relation to him will be thankfully received 
    and I appeal especially to the captains of companies for information as to the 
    whereabouts of him.  My post office is Grove, Chatham Co., N.C.
    F.F. Ellington
    June 6, 1862
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 6, 1862
    Camp Mangum, June 2, 1862
    52nd Regiment N.C.T.
    Jas. K. Marshall, Colonel
    M.A. Parks, Lt. Col.
    J.Q. Richardson, Major
    Jas. M. McCorkle, Regiment Quartermaster
    ---------- Coke, Regiment Commissary
    Dr. Wm. H. Lilly, Assistant Surgeon
    Company E, Richmond Regulators of the same regiment, as shown by the muster roll 
    before some slight changes made by the Conscription Act:
    Capt. B.F. Little
    1st Lt. M.S. Austin
    2nd Lt. T.R. Baldwin
    Junior 2nd Lt. T.R. Baldwin
    W.F. Breckshire, 1st Sgt.
    J.H. Nichols, 2nd Sgt.
    R.J. Powell, 3rd Sgt.
    T.T. Bostick, 4th Sgt.
    M.W. Boroughs, 5th Sgt.
    Isaac Gaitly, 1st Corporal
    S.C. Crouch, 2nd Corporal
    Seth Pool, 3rd Corporal
    J.G. Watson, 4th Corporal
    D.W. Baldwin
    M. Baldwin
    Jas. Blake, Jr.
    Jas. Bolto
    W.J. Barmer(?)
    S.P. Bunnell or Bonnell
    T.R. Capel
    M. Chappell
    B.F. Covington
    H.R. (or H.H.) Covington
    J.B. Covington
    Jos. Covington
    Thomas Covington
    W.R. Covington
    H.A. Covington
    George Dawkins
    S.B. Dawkins
    A. Driggers,
    D.O.(?) Gay
    Samuel Gibson
    R.F. Gibson
    J.F. Gibson
    P. Gibson
    George Green
    Wm. B. Green
    John Galloway
    W.H. Galloway
    G.R. Harvell
    John Hasty
    Jas. Hasty
    H.H. Heney or Honey
    E.L. Hicks
    Z. Hogans
    A.G. Hall or Halt
    B. Hinson
    J.J. Johnson
    W.L. Johnson
    J.H. Johnson
    L. Journegan
    H. Jones
    Jno Kelly
    Wm. Kennedy
    I Lowe
    A Lunsford
    Jas. Maner
    W.K. Martin
    J.H. Mason
    W.L. Meacham
    D.H. Meacham
    J.H. Morgan
    S.C. McDonald
    J.W. McDuffie
    L.L. McKay (company commissary)
    L.C. McKinnon
    A McKinnon
    D. McLane
    J. McLendon 
    Z. McLendon
    Wm. McNair
    J.A. McNair
    D. O’Bryan
    W.D. Patterson
    John Paul
    M. Parsons
    A H. Richardson
    L.M. Richardson
    Charles Robinson
    W.T. Roper
    K. Sandford
    W.F. Sandford
    D.W. Sedberry
    Willie Shankle
    E. Shepherd
    M. Shepherd
     N.R. Shepherd
    W. Shepherd
    Calvin Shepherd
    J. Strickland
    G.W. Swink
    C.G. Tarry
    Jas. Thomas
    R. Thomas
    B.M. Thomas
    W. Thompson
    G. Thompson
    S. Thompson
    W.H. Thrower
    Jas. Tiner
    John V. Wade
    J.L. Webb
    R.C. Webb
    W.C. Webb
    L.J. Webb
    A.L. Webb
    Jno W. Ewing (originally 3rd Sgt., selected by the colonel for color bearer of the regiment.
    Yours, &c., 
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, April 7, 1862
    The 43rd Regiment of Volunteers, just organized at Raleigh
    Col. Daniel, Lt. Col. Keane and Major Boggan, consists of the following companies:
    Company A  Thomas S. Kenan, Captain (since promotetd), Jas. G. Kennan, Robert 
    B. Carr and John W. Hinson, lieutenants
    Company B  Robert P. Waring, Captain, Henry Ringstaff, Wm. E. Still and Julius I. 
    Alexander, lieutenants
    Company C  Jas. S. Woodard, Captain, Henry King, Wm. T. Brewer and Ruffin 
    Barnes, lieutenants
    Company D  Cary Whitaker, Jno. S. Whitaker (only one given for lieutenants, along 
    with two blank lines)
    Company E  John A. Vines, Captain, James R. Thigpen, Wiley G. Cobb and Van 
    Buren Sharpe, lieutenants
    Company F  Willie R. Williams, Captain, Wm. C. Ousby, Henry A. Macon and Wm. 
    R. Bond, lieutenants
    Company G  Wm. A. Dowtin, Captain, Levi P. Perkinson, Wm. B. Williams and 
    Alexander P. Steed, lieutenants
    Company H  Walter J. Boggan, Captain (since promoted), John H. Coppedge, 
    Hampton Beverly and Benjamin F. Moore, lieutenants
    Company I  Robert T. Hall, Captain, Richard H. Battle, John H. Threadgill and John 
    Ballard, lieutenants
    Company K  James Boggan, Captain, Caswell H. Sturdivant, John A. Boggan and 
    Stephen Huntley, lieutenants
    The 4th Regiment was formed at Raleigh on Friday last of what companies we are 
    not advised except that Capt. Deberry’s of Montgomery, is one of them.  Col. G.E.B. 
    Singletary of Pitt was elected colonel, and Capt. R.C. Cotton of Chatham lieutenant 
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, April 14, 1862
    New Regiments
    The following regiments have been formed
    45th Regiment
    Col. Junius Daniel, Lt. Col. J. H. Morehead of Guilford, Major Andrew J. Boyd (now 
    captain in 21st Regiment)
    Company A Captain May, Rockingham
    Company B Captain Shober, Guilford
    Company C Captain Morehead, Guilford
    Company D, Captain Scales, Rockingham
    Company E, Captain Boyd, Rockingham
    Company F, Captain Winston, Rockingham
    Company G, Captain Dillard, Rockingham
    Company H, Captain Courts, Rockingham
    Company I, Captain Smith, Caswell
    Company K, Captain Hines, Guilford
    46th Regiment
    E.D. Hall, Colonel; Thomas S. Kenan, Lt. Col., and E. Cromwell, Major
    Company A, Captain Norment, Robeson
    Company B, Captain Saunders, Rowan
    Company C, Captain Jenkins, Warren
    Company D, Captain Stewart, Richmond
    Company E, Captain Heflin, Granville
    Company F, Captain McAllister, Randolph
    Company G, Captain Carr, Randolph
    Company H, Captain McNeill, Moore
    Company I, Captain Holmes, Sampson
    Company K, Captain Bost, Catawba
    47th Regiment
    Col. E.D. Hall of Wilmington (now Major of Col. Campbell’s Regiment), Lt. Col.. W. A. 
    Jenkins of Warren (now Attorney General of the State), Major Rush J. Mitchell of 
    Company A, Captain Crudup, Wake
    Company B, Captain Lankford, Franklin
    Company C, Captain Hall, Wake
    Company D, Captain Bryant, Nash
    Company E, Captain Norwood, Wake
    Company F, Captain Harrison, Nash
    Company G, Captain Davis, Franklin
    Company H, Captain Haughton, Wake
    Company I, Captain Brown, Wake
    Company K, Captain Faucett, Alamance
    Bethel, 11th Regiment
    Col. C. Leventhrope of Rutherford, Lt. Col. Wm. A. Owens of Mecklenburg, Major Wm. 
    A. Allison of Iredell
    Company A, Captain Ross, Mecklenburg
    Captain B, Captain Armfield, Burke
    Company C, Captain Brown, Burke
    Company D, Captain Nichols, Mecklenburg
    Company E, Captain Small, Chowan
    Company F, Captain Bird, Bertie
    Company G, Captain Jennings, Orange
    Company H, Captain Grier, Mecklenburg
    Company I, Captain Haynes, Lincoln
    Company K, Captain Young, Buncombe
    Scotch Tigers
    This company of volunteers for the war left here Tuesday morning last, to march direct 
    to Raleigh.  We have been furnished with the following.
    Roll of the Scotch Tigers
    Jas. R. McDonald, Captain
    Robert J. McEachern, 1st Lt.
    Jno. D. Malloy, 2nd Lt.
    Jas. B. McCallum, Jr., 2nd Lt.
    William R. Boon, O.S.
    Other Non Commissioned Officers to be appointed
    J. Burney
    C.H. Burney
    R. Blanchett
    D.J. Currie
    David B. Carlisle
    F.S. Currie
    R.M. Currie
    D. McG. Currie
    F.H. Conoly
    W.S. Conoly
    J.C.(?) Conoly
    J.R. Cameron
    Dennis Carlisle
    Joshua Carver
    Hugh Dallas
    S.B. Edge
    J.A. Evans
    W.H. Fowler
    Archibald(?) Graham
    H.R. Graham
    Robert Graham
    O. (or C.) Godwin
    Wm. - - - air
    Elisha Harrell
    Lewis Hardin
    Hugh Hardin
    P. (or R.) - - - - ew
    Robert F. Little
    G.G. Little
    Levi Mason
    C. Musselwhite
    D.A. Morrison
    Jacob Musselwhite
    Jno. P. Mer- - - 
    Archibald(?) Musselwhite
    Lewis Musselwhite
    W. Malone or Malony
    John McDonald
    Nathaniel McGougan
    A.N. McDonald
    T.D. McPhaul
    D.J. McMillan
    G.D. McMillan
    H.J. McMillan
    N.A. McMillan
    Wm. McKenzie
    M.W. McRae
    M. McRimmon
    M.L. McRae
    W. McCormick
    H.J. McDonald
    J.M. McInnis
    J.A. McLean
    P.P. McRae
    N. McF Nelson
    Jackson Overton
    R.M. Patterson
    W.H. Parham
    Amos Rozier
    Daniel Shaw
    A.J. Shaw
    J.A. Shaw
    T.J. Scriven
    James Smith
    W.H. Scott
    A.J. Stone
    Isaac Taylor
    A.J. Underwood
    A.J. Wilkes
    A.B. Wood
    John Wood
    James West
    Jackson Woodard
    We are requested by Capt. McDonald to state that Robeson County is entitled to the 
    credit for about three fourths of the members of this very fine company.
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, April 21, 1862
    Messrs. Editors:
    Enclosed you will find a list of the Highland Rangers with their respective counties
    Captain Alexander Murchison, Harnett
    1st Lt. T. Jeff Brooks, Chatham
    2nd Lt. John K. Ray, Cumberland
    3rd Lt. G.W. Buhmann, Harnett
    Orderly Sgt. W.J. Smith, Harnett
    2nd Sgt. Isaac H. Clegg, Chatham
    3rd Sgt. Kenneth A. McDonald, Cumberland
    4th Sgt. T.C. Dowd, Chatham
    5th Sgt. John H. Hodges, Harnett
    Quartermaster Sgt. D. Morrison, Harnett
    1st Corp. John Q. Headen, Chatham
    2nd Corp. Jas. M. McNeill, Cumberland
    3rd Corp. Archibald McLauchlin
    4th Corp. Jas. D. Adams, Johnston
    W.D. Andrews
    A.P. Brooks
    W.M. Brooks
    W.J. Bute
    B.R. Bryan
    R.M. Burns
    W.B. Dorsett
    A.G. Dowd
    R.J. Emerson
    Nat Foster
    A.J. Fox
    J.W. Green
    Wm. Hackney
    W.P. Hackney
    J.W. Harris
    W.F. Johnson
    T.B. Lane
    D.H. Marsh
    A.W. Palmer
    H.H. Palmer
    W.G. Parks
    P.M. Pattershall
    George M. Rodgers
    G.W. Rives
    J.A. Watson
    J.M. White
    H.R. Byrd
    H.D. Cameron
    Robert Crow
    A.J. Davis
    G.W. Decay
    W.B. Holiday
    Neill A. Kelly
    W.R. King
    Gilbert Monroe
    Alexander McDuffie
    A D. McKay
    H.A. McKay
    J.A. McKay
    John McKellar
    Alexander McLeod
    A D. McNeill
    John McPherson
    Murdoch McPherson
    Martin McPherson
    C.A. Priest
    Owen Priest
    Oliver Pearce
    Allen Ray
    David H. Ray
    W.B. Ray
    John G. Smith
    F.R. Smith
    Henry H. Smith
    W.D. Smith
    W.R. Smith
    Alexander Smith
    E.J. Williams
    W.F. Williams
    A.A. Wade
    N. McN. Buie
    John Clark
    Daniel Darroch
    Thomas C. Johnson
    W.H. Johnson
    Seth Mills
    Malcolm Morrison
    Gilbert McDougald
    John McArten
    Hugh McLean
    Archibald McRae
    Daniel McRae
    J.H. Parker
    Wm. Reed
    R.H. Rials(?)
    Jas. Sexton
    Farquhard Smith, Jr.,
    Wm. Smith
    Jas. H. Wethers
    Johnston County
    Robert Kennedy
    E.S. Sanders
    J.M. Stephenson
    R.D. Whitley
    ------- Penny
    Robeson County
    T.C. Lutterloh
    R.A. Dukes
    D.B. Branson
    Montgomery County
    J.G. Christian
    Moore County
    Evander Johnson
    Isaac Williams
    More Regiments
    We learn by letter from Raleigh this morning that soldiers still pour in there.  There is 
    much sickness among them.  The 49th Regiment has been organized by the election 
    of Captain Stephen D. Ramseur, Colonel; ------- Eliason of Salisbury, Lt. Colonel; and 
    L.M. McAfee of Cleveland, as Major.  The regiment is composed as follows:
    Company A, Captain Fleming, McDowell County
    Company B, Captain Ward, Chatham County
    Company C, Captain P.B. Chambers, Iredell County
    Company D, Captain Wm. M. Black, Moore County
    Company E, Captain A.D. Moore, Iredell County
    Company F, Captain J.T. Davis, Mecklenburg County
    Company G, Captain R. Roberts, Cleveland County
    Company H, Captain C.Q. Petty, Gaston County
    Company I, Captain Wm. W. Chenault, Catawba County
    Company K, Captain Baxter, Lincoln County
    The 50th Regiment has also been organized.  M..D. Craton of Goldsboro’ is the Colonel; 
    Jas. Washington of Goldsboro’ is Lt. Colonel; and George B. Wortham of Oxford is Major.  
    It is composed of the following companies:
    Company A, Captain J.C. Van Hook, Person County
    Company B, Captain E. McC. Atkinson, Robeson County
    Company C, Captain R.D. Lunceford, Johnston County
    Company D, Captain H.J. Ryals, Johnston County
    Company E, Captain John B. Griswold, Wayne County
    Company F, Captain J.O.A. Kelly, Moore County
    Company G, Captain George W. Andrews, Rutherford County
    Company H, Captain J.H. Atkinson, Harnett County
    Company I, Captain John B. Eaves, Rutherford County
    Company K, Captain Samuel Wilkins, Rutherford County
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, May 10, 1862
    Roll of Captain McKethan’s Company
    Captain Hector McKethan
    1st Lt. George Sloan
    2nd Lt. Joseph A. McArthur
    2nd Lt., Junior William W. McKenzie
    1st Sgt. Charles T. Guy
    Duncan Autry
    W.J. Anderson
    John W. Allen
    D.A. Bain
    Daniel Bain
    Hiram Bunce
    D.W. Brock
    John R. Buie
    Uriah Bass
    Jas. H. Blackman
    H.H. Bolton
    W.J. Blue
    Malcolm Gore
    Charles Carver
    G.W. Carver
    D.J. Culbreth
    John W. Carroll
    Martin Darman
    John W. Dudley
    Nathan H. Deaver
    D.J. Durden
    Dempsey Davis
    H.J. Daughtery
    J.D. Davis
    Alex Ellis
    Daniel Graham
    Wm. R. Glover
    Asa Guin
    L.H. Guy
    W.A. Guy
    A.J. Guy
    John A. Guy
    Stephen Gilmore
    McDuffie Geddie
    H.L. Hall
    Stephen Howard
    William Holley
    Giles Ham
    Richard Johnson
    Daniel Jones
    Thomas D. Jones
    W.S. Jessup
    Wm. Ledbetter
    Wm. R. Lee
    Edward Laland
    Angus McCorquedale
    Joel McCorquedale
    D.G. McLellan
    Neill McMillan
    R.D. Melvin
    D.J. Melvin
    Wm. T. Mauer
    Duncan Monroe
    A.C. McDonald
    Josiah Pope
    James D. Pope
    Louis Pope
    William Page
    W.B. Porter
    Malcolm Porter
    Garman Phillips
    Wm. Rasbury
    Thomas J. Strickland
    Daniel Stewart
    D.L. Smith
    W.L. Skipper
    Wm. G. Thomason
    L.J. Tew
    Jackson Tew
    John Tew
    John R. Tew
    Daniel C. Tew
    Wm. Jas. Taylor
    William A. Taylor
    Henry Williams
    Gary Wood
    Hahrar T. Williams
    Jas. C. Warren
    Charles J. Weaver
    Ezekiel Wilson
    Four fifths of the company are Cumberland County men, the remainder from Sampson 
    County.  It is attached to the 51st (?) Regiment, now being formed at Wilmington, of 
    which the nine companies now there come from the counties composing the old Cape 
    Fear District. 
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, May 5, 1862
    51st Regiment N.C.T.
    The above regiment, consisting of companies under the following captains, was organized 
    at the camp near this place on yesterday.  The letters designating the different companies 
    have not yet been furnished us:
    Captain George F. Walker, New Hanover County
    Captain C. Hobson, Duplin County
    Captain W.A. Allen, Duplin County
    Captain J.R. McDonald, Cumberland County
    Captain Willie P. Moore, Robeson County
    Captain Alfred B. Walter, Robeson County
    Captain James W. Lippitt, New Hanover County
    Captain John r. Kelley, Columbus County
    Captain Hector McKethan, Cumberland County
    Captain J.E. Underwood, Sampson County
    The following are the field officers elected:
    John L. Cantwell, New Hanover, Colonel
    Wm. A. Page, Duplin, Lt. Colonel
    Hector McKethan, Cumberland, Major
    Lt. H.C. Rockwell, of Columbus, was appointed Quartermaster of the Regiment; Lt. D.W. 
    Ketchem of New Hanover, Commissary; and Lt. T.S. Herring of Duplin, Adjutant
    Wilmington Journal, 1st Ins.
    Colonel Cantwell served in the Mexican War, is now Colonel of the New Hanover militia.  
    Col. Allen was a captain in the 2nd N.C. Volunteers, Major McKethan was the 3rd Lt. in 
    Company H (the Independent Company of this town) of the Bethel Regiment.
    Dr. James F. Foulkes
    Messrs. Editors:
    Permit me to announce through your columns the departure this morning of another 
    company from this county, the Randolph Guards, for the camp of instruction near Raleigh.  
    The gentleman whose name heads this notice came to Randolph about thirty days ago, 
    from your town, for the purpose of enlisting a sufficient number of men, from this county 
    alone, to constitute a company.  Such has been his zeal and liberality, that he at once 
    inspired confidence, and within the short time above alluded to, (although there were other 
    companies being raised here also), he has been able to muster a company of between 
    eighty and ninety of as good looking, cheerful and patriotic men, I dare say, as has been 
    mustered into service from any other county since the war began.  Dr. Foulkes, be it said 
    to his credit, paid the state bounty from his own private purse in every instance, besides 
    many other acts of liberality, which evidenced the fact that he was governed more from 
    patriotic motives than any selfish considerations.  The commissioned officers are:  Dr. 
    Jas. F. Foulkes, captain; Jesse K. Kyle, 1st lt.; John H. Robinson, 2nd lt.; W. Emmett 
    Kyle, 2nd Jr. Lt.
    Asheboro’, April 8, 1862
    Camp Mangum, N.C., May 1, 1862
    Messrs. E.J. Hale and Sons
    Dear Sirs:
    Presuming that your readers feel an interest in the great State Camp of Instruction at this 
    place, I have concluded to furnish you with a few lines respecting the 52nd N.C.T.  This 
    regiment is now organized and embraces the following companies:  
    Capt. Propst, Cabarrus
    Capt. Little, Richmond
    Capt. Gilliam, Chowan
    Capt. Gibson, Stokes
    Capt. Blackburn, Forsyth
    Capt. McCain, Stanly
    Capt. Shelton, Lincoln
    Capt. Erson, Lincoln
    Capt. Foulkes, Randolph
    Capt. Foster, Wilkes
    A stranger on glancing at this regiment when on dress parade is impressed with the fact 
    that the elements composing it are of no ordinary character.  The men are generally large, 
    and have an air of intelligence about them rarely equaled even by the N.C. Regiments.  It 
    is conceded here that the 52nd contains the stoutest men in this camp.
    Col. James K. Marshall, the Commandant, is a small man, a graduate of the Virginia Military 
    Institute and commanded a company from Chowan in the Bethel Regiment.  He possesses 
    all the elements necessary for the successful soldier.  With superior military acquirements 
    he combines strong common sense, a find discriminating judgment and a heart which 
    prompts him to consult the welfare of the humblest private.  Col. Marshall is what the ladies 
    would pronounce “a very handsome little man”.  The Lt. Colonel is M.A. Parkes who has 
    also seen service, having been in the 2nd Regiment for eight months past.  Major John Q. 
    Richardson is also an educated military man, is a superior tactician and but a glimpse of 
    his eye is sufficient to induce any one to feel that the Major could well be trusted in the 
    hour of battle at the head of a regiment.  The Field Officers are all single men, and therefore 
    have some claims upon the young ladies residing in the different counties which have 
    companies in the 52nd for a flag.  Other regiments here have had presented to them 
    superior flags, while that of the 52nd is a cheap piece of bunting, unworthy of  the regiment, 
    and could the ladies see it I know they would get to work and send us a flag worthy of the 
    regiment and of themselves.  All it requires is for some handsome young lady to start it.  
    There is some sickness in the 52nd, measles and mumps, principally.  If soldiers will wash 
    well and change their garments often, it will avert much sickness.
    The 52nd is being well drilled and will probably remain here two or three weeks yet, when I 
    trust it will have an opportunity of showing what stuff it is composed of; when such an event 
    occurs.  I trust I may be allowed to send an account of their bearing to you.
    Left Guide
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, May 12, 1862
    Organization of the 53rd Regiment
    This morning’s mail brings us the following letter from Raleigh
    Camp Mangum, May 6, 1862
    Messrs. Editors:
    The weather has become charming and delightful.  The most comfortable thing to camp is 
    certainly the pleasant weather.
    The 53rd Regiment of N.C. Troops, organized today as follows:
    Wm. A. Owens of Charlotte, Colonel
    James T. Morehead, Jr., of Guilford, Lt. Colonel
    James J. Iredell of Raleigh, Major
    Col. Owens is 28 or 29 years of age, is a lawyer, has been Mayor of Charlotte, and was 
    captain of the Hornet’s Nest Rifles in the 1st Regiment.  He graduated a few years ago 
    at Chapel Hill.  He was elected Major of the 34th Regiment N.C.T. last winter, which he 
    filled for some time, and afterwards engaged in raising men for the war, and was recently 
    elected Lt. Colonel of the Bethel Regiment, which place he still holds.  Lt. Col. Morehead 
    is a son of Hon. Jas. T. Morehead, graduated three or four years ago at the University and 
    is now captain of a company in the 35th Regiment (Col. Daniel).  Major Iredell resides in 
    Raleigh, was also educated at our university, is a son of the late Governor Iredell and has 
    been in command of a camp of instruction near Raleigh since the early part of last fall.
    The companies of the 53rd Regiment are:
    Company A, Captain A.P. McDaniel of Guilford 
    Company B, Captain J.H. White of Mecklenburg
    Company C, Captain J.S. Leach, Johnston
    Company D, Captain David Scott, Guilford
    Company E, Captain James C. Norman, Surry
    Company F, Captain G.M. Albright, Alamance
    Company G, Captain G.W. Clark, Alamance
    Company H, Captain S.B. Taylor, Stokes
    Company I, Captain E.A. Jerome, Union
    Company K, Captain W.P. Miller, Wilkes
    In the Bethel Regiment, there has been some change.  Major Eliason was elected 
    lieutenant colonel of the 49th Regiment, which left the place of major in the Bethel 
    Regiment vacant, and Professor W.J. Martin of Chapel Hill was elected in his place 
    and has accepted.  Major Martin is a native of Richmond, Va., and was educated at 
    the University of Virginia, and has been Professor of Chemistry at Chapel Hill in place 
    of Dr. Mitchell, and has recently been captain of a company from Orange County, in 
    one of the 12 month regiments.
    Another regiment will be organized in a few days.
    The 43rd Regiment, Col. Kenan, the 45th, Col. Daniel, the 46th, Col. Hall,, the 48th, Col. 
    Hill, the 49th, Col. Ramseur, and the 11th or Bethel Regiment, Col. Leaventhorpe, have 
    left here in the last few days for places where their services are more needed.  The 44th, 
    47th, 50th, and 52nd, will go before long, probably.  
    Fayetteville Observer, May 14, 1862
    Another Company From Cumberland
    Our county yesterday sent forward to the camp of instruction at Raleigh another company 
    of soldiers for the war.  This is the 13th company from this county, now in the service, 
    numbering together probably 1,700 men.  This is exclusive, of course, of the two Bethel 
    companies, which, having served their term, were discharged, and are nearly all again in 
    service, a large proportion of them as officers from various parts of the state.
    The following is the roll of the “Cape Fear Guards”.  All the officers were members of the 
    Bethel Regiment, in the Lafayette Company of this town:
    Captain F.N. Roberts
    1st Lt. R.W. Thornton
    2nd Lt. D.M. McDonald
    2nd Lt. Jr., B.W. Thornton
    1st Sgt. A.R. Carver
    2nd Sgt. Matthew Cagle
    3rd Sgt. James A. King
    4th Sgt. J.T. Moore
    5th Sgt. W.D. James
    1st Corp. A. McRae Averett
    2nd Corp. L.H. Hust(?) Hunt(?)
    John Turlington
    J.Q. Barefoot
    J.N. Ellis
    J.W. Hudson
    E. Barefoot
    J.W. Parker
    L. Barefoot
    Jas. Sowell
    Nathan Barefoot
    James Barefoot
    W.H. Hayes
    J.H. Walker
    Daniel Vann
    Joel Vann
    Goodman Wood
    Levi Jernigan
    W.H. Howard
    J.M. Thornton
    Y.O.(?) Thornton
    Mark Wood
    P. Parker
    L.D. Burklow
    N.M. Byrd
    John Strickland
    J.R.B. Walker
    David Bowdin
    W.R. Holmes
    Wm. Bowden
    Henry Ussery
    W. Nunnery
    James Stafford
    James Jordan
    Allen Jackson
    Joseph Jackson
    J.H. Buckingham
    Jesse Godwin
    Joel Barefoot
    G.J. Byrd
    John Hobson
    O.(or C.) W. Byrd
    E.B. King
    D.A. Buie
    D.N. Johnson
    J.W. Bowden
    Richard Davis
    G.M. McNeill
    Duncan McCall
    Joseph Salmon
    H.P. Young
    Collin Culbreth
    J. Bryant
    John Salmon
    J.D. Worrells
    M. McDaniel
    L.B. Smith
    Jacob Overton
    John Overton
    W.M. Young
    R.L. Strickland
    Guin Herring
    Andrew Herring
    Nathan Brady
    J.H. Chason
    James H. Walker
    W.R. Jackson
    Mathew Cole
    Asa Godwin
    Archibald M. Black
    J.A. Black
    D.A. Black
    John Carver
    Charley Miller
    George Bird
    Fayetteville Observer, May 26, 1862
    Camp Mangum, May 19, 1862
    Messrs. Editors:
    The 44th Regiment N.C.T., Col. Singletary, left here today for somewhere.  It is one of 
    the best—perhaps the best—drilled regiment here. The colonel will do efficient service 
    and is a man of ability, coolness and energy, but he has a way of disobeying the orders 
    of superiors that will always give him trouble.  The 47th Regiment, Col. Rogers, leaves 
    here tomorrow.
    The 55th Regiment, N.C.T., was organized today.  Major John K. Connally of Yadkin 
    was elected Colonel, Capt. A.S. Calloway of Wilkes Lt. Col., and Capt. James F. 
    Whitehead of Pitt, Major.
    Col. John Kerr Connally is a young man of 25 or 26 years, was educated at the Naval 
    Academy at Annapolis, was captain of Company B, in the 21st Regiment N.C.V., Col.,
    Kirkland, and has been commanding a post here a few days.  He is a nephew of the 
    Hon. John Kerr.  Lt. Col. Calloway was a member of Captain Brown’s company in the 
    1st Regiment State Troops, Col. Stokes.  He recently raised a company in Wilkes and 
    is here now as captain.  He graduated at Chapel hill about three years ago.  Major 
    Whitehead has been in the service before and was, I am informed, taken prisoner at 
    Roanoke Island.  He has since raised a company and is captain here.  The companies 
    are as follows:
    Company A, Captain W.J. Bullock, Wilson
    Company B, Captain A.S. Calloway, Wilkes
    Company C, Captain Dixon Falls, Cleveland
    Company D, Captain S.D. Randall, Cleveland
    Company E, Captain James F.  Whitehead, Pitt
    Company F, Captain P.M. Mull, Catawba
    Company G, Captain J.P. Williams, Wayne
    Company H, Captain Vandever Teague, Alexander
    Company I, Captain W.H. Williams, Franklin
    Company K, Captain M.T. Smith, Granville
    Long Grabs
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 16, 1862
    Camp Mangum, June 2, 1862
    52nd Regiment N.C.T.
    Jas. K. Marshall, Colonel
    M.A. Parks, Lt. Col.
    J.Q. Richardson, Major
    Jas. M. McCorkle, Regiment Quartermaster
    --------- Coke, Regiment Commissary
    Dr. Wm. H. Lilly, Assistant Surgeon
    Company E
    Richmond Regulators of the same regiment, as show by muster roll before some 
    slight changes were made by the Conscription Act:
    Captain B.F. Little
    1st Lt. M.S. Austin
    2nd Lt. M.R. McDonald
    2nd Lt., Jr., T.R. Baldsin
    1st Sgt. W.F. Brockshire
    2nd Sgt. J.H. Nichols
    3rd Sgt. R.J. Powell
    4th Sgt. T.T. Bostick
    5th Sgt. M.W. Boroughs
    1st Corp. Isaac Gaitly
    2nd Corp. S.C. Crouch
    3rd Corp. Seth Pool
    4th Corp. J.G. Watson
    D.W. Baldwin
    M. Baldwin
    Jas. Blake, Jr.
    Jas. Bolton
    W.J. Barmer
    S.P. Bunnell
    T. R. Capel
    M. Chappell
    B.F. Covington
    H.H. Covington
    J.B. Covington
    Thomas Covington
    W.R. Covington
    H.A. Covington
    George Dawkins
    S.B. Dawkins
    A Driggers
    D.O. Gay
    Samuel Gibson
    R.F. Gibson
    J.F. Gibson
    P. Gibson
    George Green
    Wm. B. Green
    John Galloway
    W.H. Galloway
    G.H. Harvell
    John Hasty
    Jas. Hasty
    H.H. Henry
    E.L. Hicks
    Z. Hogans
    A.G. Hall
    B. Hinson
    J.J. Johnson
    W.L. Johnson
    J.H. Johnson
    L. Journegan
    H. Jones
    Jno. Kelly
    Wm. Kennedy
    I.(or L.?) Lowe
    A. Lunsford
    Jas. Maner
    W.K. Martin
    J.H. Mason
    W.L. Meacham
    D.H. Meacham
    J.H. Morgan
    S.C. McDonald
    J.W. McDuffie
    L.L. McKay (company commissary)
    L.C. McKinnon
    A McKinnon
    D. McLane
    J. McLendon
    Z. McLendon
    Wm. McNair
    J.A. McNair
    D. O’Bryan
    W.D. Patterson
    John Paul
    M. Parsons
    A H Richardson
    L.M. Richardson
    Charles Robinson
    W.T. Roper
    K. Sandford
    W.F. Sandford
    D.W. Sedberry
    Willis Shankle
    E. Shepherd
    M. Shepherd
    N.R. Shepherd
    W. Shepherd
    Calvin Shepherd
    J. Strickland
    G.W. Swink
    C. Stein
    C.G. Terry
    Jas. Thomas
    R. Thomas
    B.M. Thomas
    W. Thompson
    G. Thompson
    S. Thompson
    W.H. Thrower
    Jas. Tiner
    John V. Wade
    J.L. Webb
    R.C. Webb
    W.C. Webb
    L.J. Webb
    A.L. Webb
    Jas. Ewing, originally 3rd Sgt., selected by the colonel for color bearer of the regiment
    We are under orders to leave this camp tomorrow morning for Kinston
    Yours, etc.
    Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 23, 1862
    Off For the War
    The Conscription officers, if they come here, are not likely to pay expenses.  The 
    “Partisan Rangers”, the 17th company which Cumberland has sent to the war, left 
    here this morning for one of the seats of the war.  The company is full and 
    composed of excellent material.  The following is the muster roll:
    J.H. McNeill, Captain
    Jno. McKeller, 1st Lt.
    Charles B. Cook, 2nd Lt.
    Jas. D. Neil, 3rd Lt.
    T.R. McRae, 1st Sgt.
    Archibald McIntosh, 2nd Sgt.
    Jno. W. Mallett, 3rd Sgt.
    J.T. Rove, 4th Sgt.
    Ed. J. Williams, 5th Sgt.
    H.A. McKay, 1st Corp.
    Wm. T. Campbell, 2nd Corp.
    Evander Monroe, 3rd Corp.
    Wm. McPhail, 4th Corp.
    Archibald Bethune
    Wm. Cook
    Jno H. Currie
    Jno. K. Daily
    Duncan Davis
    James R. Davis
    Jno. Davis
    Martin E. Dye
    Jno. M. Dys
    Jas. M. Foy
    Jno. A. Gillis
    Rufus Glover
    Wm. M. Hybart
    E.J. Harrington
    J.W. Hollingsworth
    Wright Huske
    J.W. Huske
    Alex S. Heide
    Wm. L. Jennings
    Jas. Kirkpatrick
    R.S. McCormick
    T.H. McLean
    Kenneth McDonald
    Neill McDonald
    Archibald McFadyen
    Neill McNeill
    Alex McNeill
    Jno. McPherson
    Jno. M. McIver
    Archibald N. McKey or McKoy
    Wm. Murphy
    Jno. N. Prior
    S.D. Pipkin
    W.L. Rose
    F.R. Rose
    P.L. Rose
    Gilbert C. Ray
    Martin L. Ray
    Peter Seals
    David Smith
    Jno. L. Smith
    French Strange
    George A. Thomson
    Ed L. Winslow, Jr.
    Wm. L. Williams
    C.G. Wright
    Major Webb and Captain Freeland
    We regret to learn that Major Robert F. Webb of Orange County has been 
    compelled by a sense of self respect to resign his commission as major of 
    the 6th Regiment of N.C.S.T.  The citizens of this county will recollect, that 
    he was the senior captain of that regiment, and raised one of the first 
    companies that entered the service, twelve months ago; and that on the 
    resignation of Lt. Col. Dortch, Major Lightfoot became Lt. Col., and Captain 
    Webb became Major.  In this office, he served with distinction, in the Battle 
    of Manassas, and in all the subsequent engagements of the regiment, 
    including the recent fight of Seven Pines, on the Chickahominy, in which his 
    conduct is highly commended.  But immediately after this desperate battle, 
    we are told, he was ordered to transfer command of the regiment, which he 
    held for the time being, to Captain J. Avery, third or fourth captain in the grade 
    below him, whom the Governor of North Carolina had appointed lieutenant 
    colonel in place of Lt. Col. Lightfoot, elected colonel of another regiment.
    We are informed, that the rule is well established, that whenever promotion 
    is made by Executive appointment, that seniority of commission entitles an 
    officer as a matter of right, to succeed to the place next above him, in case 
    of vacancy, in all regimental offices.  But independently of the rule, Major 
    Webb was entitled by his merits to receive this promotion, and to be spared 
    the degradation implied by denying it to him.  
    He had served creditably as an officer of the Orange Company of the N.C. 
    Regiment in the war with Mexico, and when the regiment to which he is 
    attached in this war was formed, knew far more of discipline and the duties 
    of camp and garrison, than any officer belonging to it, with the exception 
    perhaps of Major Lightfoot.  In diligent attention to and intelligent performance 
    of duty, in sobriety and honorable bearing, we venture to say that he has been 
    excelled by no officer of the service.  His resignation under these circumstances, 
    therefore, was indispensable to the maintenance of his honor.  
    Captain Wm. J. Freeland of Orange, who was badly wounded in the battle last 
    mentioned, is also affected by this proceeding. He was next in rank to Major 
    Webb, and upon the proper promotion of the latter to the rank of lt. colonel, he 
    was entitled to become major.  But the rights of both are disregarded to provide 
    for a junior captain.  We are not in the habit of harsh comment on the conduct 
    of public functionaries, but we have deemed it our duty to call attention to this 
    violation of the rights of two gallant citizens of Orange who were among the 
    earliest to rally for the defense of their country in this war, who have now 
    become veterans in danger and suffering, and to protest against it.
    Hillsboro’ Recorder

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, May & June 2007 & January - April 2008

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