Military Information, Formations and News September-October 1862

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    North Carolina Standard
    September 10, 1863
    Mr. Editor:
    Some time ago, Lt. S.A. Hinton published in two instances William Gattis, in the Standard, 
    as a deserter from Company H, 47th Regiment N.C.T.  Having presented my substitute to 
    Captain Horton and obtained a release from him soon after the company went into camp, I, 
    of course, paid no attention to Lt. Hinton’s advertisement, believing that he was aware of the 
    facts.  Subsequent events show that Lt. Hinton designed the publication for me, and I fear 
    was at least indifferent to the personal injustice and injury done me by this publication.  A 
    short time after his second advertisement I was arrested by a civilian officer in this county, 
    claiming to have an order for my arrest; he imprisoned and carried me to the 47th Regiment 
    at Drury’s Bluff.  Col. Rogers was then absent on account of sickness but so soon as Lt. 
    Col. Farribault, commanding the regiment, saw my paper, he properly released me, remarking 
    that he did not know what they had carried me there for with the evidence before them that I 
    was not a deserter.  I have, therefore, been unjustly advertised as a deserter by Lt. Hinton, 
    ruthlessly torn from my needy family, put into a prison, carried to the regiment and released 
    without money to pay my way back home.  Some friends were kind enough to mail me the 
    money to enable me to return to my family which  my poverty and my bad health renders me 
    poorly able to pay.
    William Gattis
    Wake County, 30th August.
    We were pleased to see in the city on Wednesday Captain J.J. Guthrie, now commanding the 
    Arctic at the mouth of Capt Fear.  He was among the ablest and most trusted officers in the 
    old Federal navy and he has performed important services since in the Confederate cause on 
    the Mississippi.  We know of no one who deserves promotion more than Captain Guthrie.
    The 59th Regiment N.C.T. was organized here yesterday by the election of the following field 
    James D. Radcliffe, Colonel
    William S. Devane, Lt. Colonel
    Henry Harding, Major
    The following companies comprise this regiment:
    Company A from Sampson Co., Captain W.S. Devane
    Company B, Beaufort County, Captain Henry Harding
    Company C, Craven County, Captain Edward Mallott
    Company D, Chatham County, Captain N.A. Ramsay
    Company E, Greene County, Captain A. Croom
    Company F, Pitt, Greene and Wilson Counties, Captain A.J. Moore
    Company G, New Hanover County, Captain J.F. Moore
    Company H, Martin County, Captain W.B. Lanier
    Company I, Allegheny County, Captain A.B. Cox
    Company K, Onslow County, Captain F.D. Koonce
    Wilmington Journal, 6th inst.
    North Carolina Standard
    September 17, 1862
    General Joseph Graham of Lincoln County, N.C., has left a name renowned as a Revolutionary 
    War hero.  His mantle has fallen upon his descendants.  His youngest son, ex-Governor 
    William A. Graham (who we though ought to be a general and perhaps would have been if he 
    were of the officer seeking type) has five sons in the Army.  His sister, the youngest daughter 
    of General Graham and wife of Rev. Dr. Robert H. Morrison has two sons and four sons-in-law 
    in the service, two of the latter being “Bethel” Hill and “Stonewall” Jackson.
    North Carolina Standard
    September 24, 1862
    Headquarters 48th Regiment
    Centreville Road
    Sept. 3
    The following named men are deserters from this regiment and $30 reward will be paid for their 
    apprehension and delivery of each to the regiment:
    Company K, Captain Atwood, Forsythe Co:
    D.P. Yonkley, Jeff Yonkley, Enoch Reese, Thomas W. Drall
    Company G, Captain Jones, Chatham County:
    Amos Crotis(?) Crotts(?), Alex Russell
    Company H, Captain Michael, Davidson County:
    Franklin Toman
    Company D, Moore County:
    B. Maline, R.B. Stewart, William Peet(?), Jno. W. Freeman, B.B. Johnson
    Company D, Davidson County:
    J.J. Williams, J.P. Williams, A. West, W.B. Teague, H.S. Young
    Company B, Captain Hill, Davidson County:
    Othe C. Bean, Peter Carrell
    By Order of Colonel Hill
    H.J. Gaston, Adjutant
    September 19, 1862
    North Carolina Standard
    October 1, 1862
    I will pay $30 for the apprehension and delivery into this camp of the following deserters from 
    my company:
    John W.Trollinger (see follow up article in the Oct. 22 issue on this man)
    W.M. Graves
    Calvin McAdams
    All of Alamance County, who enlisted under my on the 7th day July last
    A.W. Howerton
    1st Lt., Company I, 57th Regiment
    Camp Salisbury, near Richmond, Va., 9-23
    Rev. A. Toomer Porter, of Charleston, S.C., the chaplain of the 25th S.C. Regiment, has kindly 
    furnished us with the following list of N.C. wounded soldiers he found at Payne, Newby and 
    Company’s hospital at Warrenton, Virginia recently.  His letter says “I will furnish you with further 
    accounts of your men as I find them.  All men are doing well though badly wounded.  They are 
    out of money and need clothes.”
    P.B. Hennes, 22nd N.C.R. wounded both knees
    W. Hovell, Company E, 6th N.C.R., breast
    C.B. Brown, Company D, 6th N.C.R., side
    C.W. Swisher, Company G(?), 6th N.C.R., neck
    E. Malone, Company K, 6th N.C.R., thigh
    R.S. Stubblefield, Company H, 6th N.C.R., leg
    K. Hicks, Company C(?), 6th N.C.R., hip
    We are pleased to announce the arrival in this city of Col. C.M. Avery, Captain O.R. Rand and 
    others from the prisons of the Yankees.  Their fellow citizens hail their return.
    The 31st N.C.R. has been re-organized, we hear, at Camp Mangum by the following officers:  
    Col. J.V. Jordan, re-elected; Captain E.R. Liles of Anson as lieutenant colonel; Major J.J. 
    Yates re-elected.  This regiment, it will be recalled, was captured at the fall of Roanoke Island 
    and was paroled.  Having recently been exchanged, it has just been re-organized and soon will 
    be ready for the field.
    Company C, 31st Regiment N.C.V.—we learn that this company, formerly commanded by 
    Captain Betts, was re-organized on the 15th inst., by the election of the following officers:  
    W.J. Long, captain; T.H. Wray, 1st lt.; J.C. Williams, 2nd lt.; F.H. Godwin, Jr., 3rd Lt.
    We herein publish the names of two North Carolina boys whose bravery, patriotism and order 
    should tinge with shame the weather stained and aged marked faces of many stalwart men who 
    are cowardly skulking duty and avoiding the battlefield.  The first youth is only 14 years old who 
    panted for the field of danger and who would go although his parents had already consecrated 
    all their sons except him—six in number—to the service of their country.  On the Potomac, on 
    the Peninsula, and around Richmond, this brave lad heroically served his country and through 
    the mercy of God he went through the fiery flood tide of battle that razed so furiously around 
    Richmond until he trod the gory field of Malvern Hill.  There he was wounded in the arm and 
    although told to “go to the rear” would not, saying “it would be over soon and he wanted to see 
    the end”.  He was soon wounded in the eye and his face and side by a shell.  For a long 
    time—some two days I think—he was left upon the field.  He is now gradually recovering.  His 
    name is Eugene Wiggins, youngest son of a well known gentleman of Halifax County.  The 
    second boy is scarcely 14 who would go “to the wars” and upon battlefield after battlefield 
    illustrated the glory of our arms.  He has up to this time passed through the trying ordeals 
    without damage from bullets.  He is still in the service though he has been entreated to return.  
    His name is Richard Taylor, of Oxford County.
    North Carolina Standard
    October 8, 1862
    A correspondent informs us that the 2nd N.C. Battalion is at Drury’s Bluff and has recently 
    elected Dr. W.H. Wheeler of Salem to be its colonel.
    To the Citizens of Randolph County
    On going into battle at Sharpsburg, Maryland, on the 17th inst., the men of the 46th Regiment 
    were ordered to throw off their knapsacks, blankets, etc.  After the battle they were ordered off in 
    another direction and lost both clothing and blankets.  They will very soon need winter clothing 
    and can draw that from the government but blankets, socks, etc. are very scarce.  About forty 
    men of Company G are thus deprived of these articles and we therefore appeal to the generosity 
    of our friends for help.  Please deliver what you can to Rev. B. Craven, Trinity College or John B. 
    Troy at Troy’s Store on or before the 12th October and they will promptly forward the material.
    O.(?) W. Carr
    Captain, Company G
    A correspondent in Cold Spring, Carroll County, Va., desires us to make known to authorities in 
    this state that there is a man calling himself James Gurley, a deserter from this state now lying 
    in the Blue Ridge near Piper’s Gap who has a horse and wagon and has been hauling liquor 
    about in that city and passing counterfeit money.  Our informant says that Gurley admitted that 
    he has a family below High Point and that he stabbed a man while at Camp Mangum.  He can 
    be found near Cold Spring, Carroll Co., Va.
    North Carolina Standard
    October 15, 1862
    We regret to learn that Col. F.M. Parker, 30th Regiment N.C.T. was seriously wounded in the 
    Battle of Sharpsburg.  He was struck by a minie ball on the head, the ball fracturing and taking 
    off part of the skull.  The colonel is deservedly respected and beloved by his regiment and a 
    braver man never drew a sword.  We learn that the 30th Regiment displayed great coolness and 
    courage at Sharpsburg.  We are yet without the list of killed and wounded from this regiment.
    We are informed that Captain Charles E. Shober(?) Sheber(?) has been elected lieutenant 
    colonel of the 2nd N.C. Battalion in place of W.H. Wheeler, resigned.  This was the battalion 
    that was commanded by Colonel Green and acted so gallantly on Roanoke Island.
    $90 Reward
    Company D, 30th N.C.R.
    The above reward will be paid for the apprehension and safe delivery to this company of the 
    following men:
    M.M. Massey of Wake County
    T.P. Mangum and John Vaughn, Granville County
    Or, 430 for each of the above men.
    North Carolina Standard
    October 22, 1862
    We have received a letter from a member of the 26th N.C.R. in which he says the officers of 
    that regiment wish to know what Governor Clark had to do with the filling of the vacancies of the 
    field officers of that regiment.  It has been said that Governor Clark had reserved the office of 
    major of that regiment for Captain Rand.  They wish to know who gave to Governor Clark the 
    power to reserve the office of major for or confer it upon Captain Rand or anyone else.  The 
    law says that after the re-organization of the volunteer regiments all vacancies occurring 
    above a third lieutenant are to be filled by the regular promotion according to seniority.
    Lts. A.J. Steadman and J.L. Doggett of this state have been appointed to the Confederate 
    States Signal Corps.
    Lt. Col. J.A. DeLagnol has been appointed to command the arsenal at Fayetteville in place of 
    Captain Booth deceased.
    Notice:  My son, John Trollinger, Company I, 57th Regiment, having been advertised by Lt. 
    A.W. Howerton of the said company as a deserter, I take leave to say that he is no deserter 
    and the fact that he was sick at the time in the hospital at Salisbury must have been known 
    to said Howerton.  I have certificates in my possession from doctors of good standing to show 
    that my son is too sick to return to his company.  He will do so as soon as his health is 
    perfectly restored.
    Joseph J. Trollinger, Alamance Co., 20th Oct.
    Deserters 22nd Regiment N.C.T., having left their companies without permission or abused 
    their furloughs, are published as deserters by the order of the general and a reward of $30 will 
    be paid for each man arrested and turned over to any Confederate officer.
    Company A, Caldwell County
    Sgt. L.M. Pinkins, Ptes. L.L. Anderson, Marcus Deal, S.A. Dale, C.A. Greer, S.F. Harper, 
    R.C. Hanger, Henry Jones, J.G. Couty, T.J. Knight, W.A. Lingle, Monroe Lingle, Jube McMillan, 
    E.P. Miller, J.C. Sherrill, Alfred Story, Nathan Teague(?), John Wilson, Cade Simmons, J.A. 
    J.M. Isebell, Captain, Company A
    Company B, McDowell County
    Corps. John Elliott, Joshua Chapman, Ptes. J.L. Atwood, John R. Cook, W.G. Cox, S.B. Cox, 
    G.W. Conner, William Elliott, J. L. Ingle, D.W. Jamison, J.P. Jamison, William McGilliard, 
    Charles Pyatt, William Smith, Jacob Seagly, William Walton, J.G. Padget
    A.S. Finley, Captain, Company B
    Company E, Guilford County
    Ptes. Hanson Archer, Peter Brower, S.G. Burton, W.A. Flinn, Eli Hill, Jesse Jester, James 
    Lefflin, J.T. Pegram, D. Powers, C.C. Perkins, P.W. Pratt, B.F. Roberts, William H. Reeves, 
    Henry Shoe, Shelby Struck, W. Willowby, M.D. Medearin(?)
    J.A. Hooper, Captain, Company E
    Company F, Allegheny County
    Sgt. R. Blevins, Ptes. M.G. Alexander, H.R. Wagoner, S.G. Caldwell, E.J. Horn, J. Blevins, S. 
    Crows, J. Fender, J. Hoppers
    Willism L. Mitchell, Captain, Company F
    Company G, Caswell County
    Ptes. W.W. Durham, G.V. Strader, Steve Snow, R.J. Mitchell, Joseph Prior, A.B. Burton, T. G. 
    Roberson, Richard Simpson, G.M. Thurman, W.M. Nance, L. Walker, William Sanders, John 
    Sanders, r.Burnee(?) Curnes(?).
    The last six names are home on false discharge papers.
    George w. Graves, Captain, Company G
    Company H, Stokes County
    Sgt. M.T. Mitchell, Ptes. Hardin Ally, G.W. Manual, T.H. Orrender, T.B. Duggins, Joyn D. 
    Galewood, or Gatewood, Richard T. Martin, John H. Lisk, S.M. Ward, or Word, H.C. Lackey, 
    William S. Joyce, R.G. Ames
    William L. Vins, Captain, Company H
    Company I, Randolph County
    Sgt. H. Rush, Ptes. J. Alford, D. Abred, L. Breenlowe, J. Brown, M. Cross, U. Cross, M. Daniel, 
    A.G. Davis, W. Frazier, R.N. Glenn, M. Hix, Richard Heraldson, M. Jarrell, H. Latham, H.S. 
    Heath, E. Latham, K. Latham, J. Latham, J.M. McDowell, W.H. McMasters, H. Morgan, J. 
    Phillips, C. Robbins, F.W. Robbins, A. Robbins, N. Richardson, Edward P. Suits(?), R. 
    Trugden, W. Walker, D.W. Winbourne, T.J. Wood, J.W. Heath, James Hannor(?)
    G.V. Lamb, Captain, Company I
    Company K, McDowell County
    Sgt. J. W. Crawford, Ptes. J.W.L. Bradley, S.J. Bradley, W.G. Bailey, J.E. Bailey, C. Curtis, 
    N. Conner, F. (or P.) Coswell, E.L.F. Haines, William Hogan, William O’Dear (or O’Dean), M. 
    Smith, M. H. (?) Wilkerson, W.A. Yarborough, B. Miller, J.T. Reed, M. Dunkin
    C.H. Burgin, Captain, Company K
    Company L, Randolph County
    Ptes. D. Boon, W.D. Brower, D.W. Breedlowe, D.C. Craven, A.J. Craven, P. Clapp, G. T. (or I.) 
    Dennis, J. Hicks, A. Jackson, C.c. Jones, J.H. Cosard(?), C.c. Steed, R.W. Stinson, A. 
    Walker, J.M. Elder, William Johnson, D. (or B.) Maley, T. Latin(?), J.B. Thomas
    J.A.C. Brown, Captain, Company L
    Company M, Randolph County
    Ptes. J.E. Campbell, T.F. Cross, Jacob Foust, Christian Foust, J.M. Foust, Peter Foust, J.F. 
    Foster, W.M. Glasgow, L.F. Holder, J.M. Hays, E.W. Hays, William Hardin, Stanley Kivett, 
    Troy Kivett, Joel Kivett, B.Y. Langley, A.G. McDaniel, Alson Routh, J.M. Routh, Solomon 
    Trogden, Jeremiah Trogden, David Wright, Daniel Yeargen, Darius York, J.A. Abred
    Laban O’Dell, Captain, Company M
    Major C. Cole, Commanding, 22nd Regiment
    R.W. Cole, Lt., Acting Adjutant
    21st October, 1862
    The passenger train from Richmond to Staunton on the 16th inst., ran off the track near 
    Charlottesville, precipitating several cars over a precipice, killing seven and wounding 50 
    soldiers.  Among the wounded were two N.C. Soldiers, D.C. McMasters, Company I, 22nd 
    Regiment, injured in both hips and W.A. Loudermilk, Company C, 2nd N.C., both thighs broke.
    Ellis Light Artillery
    This company has been recently recruited.  Capt. Lloyd’s battery from Tarboro has been 
    disbanded.  Fifty five men and one lieutenant have been added to the Ellis Light Infantry.  
    The company is now, therefore, composed of 150 privates and 14 non commissioned officers 
    and five commissioned officers.  The officers of the company are now:  B.C. Manly, captain; 
    B.B. Guion, Sr., 1st lieutenant; C.C. Wrenshall, Jr., 2nd lieutenant; L. Dunn, 3rd lieutenant; 
    J. Payne, 4th lieutenant, James Powell, orderly sergeant, James McKimmon, commissary 
    sergeant; W.B. Allen, 1st Sgt.; William E. Pell, 2nd Sgt.; H.P. Lynn(?) Lyon(?), 3rd Sgt.; 
    James Dunn, 4th Sgt.; W.A. Thompson, 5th Sgt.; ------- Slade, 6th Sgt.; James Thompson, 
    1st Corp.; H.J. Robertson, 2nd Corp.; R. Brooks, 3rd Corp.; M.F. Cummings, 4th Corp.; 
    W.A. Wedding, 5th Corp.; W. Bryant, 6th Corp.
    Col. Allan of Madison County has at length succeeded in raising his legion in the western 
    counties.  It has been organized, elected a Captain Keith Lieutenant Colonel of infantry and
    Lt. Garnett as major.  The legion embraces one regiment of infantry, 800 cavalry under Lt. Col. 
    Falk and one company of artillery under Col. Allen.
    North Carolina Standard
    October 29, 1862
    Railroad Accident
    A most frightful and disastrous accident occurred on the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad between 
    Huntsville and Forestville on Tuesday morning last about 6:30 by which four persons were
    killed and 16 or 17 wounded.
    It appears that a gravel train under the management of Sidney Hinton, engineer, left Raleigh 
    in the morning just in the rear of the mail train for the north, when it should have gone earlier 
    in the rear of the freight train.  This gravel train met the accommodation train filled with 
    passengers as it was coming south towards Raleigh and the collision between the two was 
    terrible.  Lt. H.J.B. Clark of Craven of the 2nd State Troops, a Mr. Nesbitt of Concord and Jr. 
    J.J. Berryhill of Charlotte were instantly killed; and Mr. Thomas Rowland of Stanly County 
    received injuries the result of which he died after two hours.  The following were wounded:
    Col. Robert Mowman and son of Newberry, S.C., very slightly
    W.D. Kivven of Darlington District, S.C., very slightly
    Sgt. Hardy, 59th Regiment, Bertie Co., N.C. breast bruised
    William S. Templeton, Iredell Co., N.C. contusion in face
    Andrew J. Wright, Granville Co., left leg broken
    Mrs. Jane Hayworth, Davidson Co., N.C., badly bruised
    Mrs. Eva C. Rowland, Stanly Co., left leg broken
    Roscoe Barrus, Pollocksville, Jones Co., N.C., breast bruised
    John A. Barrus, Pollacksville, Jones Co., N.C., abdomen
    Alex G. Barrus, Pollacksville, Jones Co., N.C., five years old, hip and leg bruised
    William Moore, High Point, N.C., arm shattered
    L.L. Conrad, Davidson Co., N.C., left foot cut off
    Albert Ellington, Henderson, Granville Co., N.C, both legs broke below the knee
    The bodies of the dead were brought to this city under the charge of John R. Harrison and on 
    Wednesday morning those of Lt. Clark and Messrs. Rowland and Berryhill were sent to their 
    friends and the body of Mr. Nesbitt interred in the graveyard near this city.  Mr. Ellington at 
    his urgent request, was sent back to Henderson and the rest brought to this city and cared 
    for.  The most distressing case, perhaps, was that of Mrs. Rowland.  She had been to 
    Richmond for the body of her deceased husband and his corpse was on the train accompanied 
    by Mr. Thomas Rowland, his father and herself.  She was removed to the home of J.G. Brommell 
    at the old Gaston Depot, where she is now doing well.  Her leg was amputated Tuesday evening 
    by Surgeon General Warren and Dr. McKee and there is every prospect at present that she will 
    recover.  Mr. Conrad and several others were removed to the hospital at the fairgrounds and his 
    leg was amputated by Dr. Haywood.  

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