1st Battalion Heavy Artillery Co A
"Clark Artillery"

  1st Battalion, North Carolina Heavy Artillery 1st Heavy Artillery Battalion was organized at Wilmington, North Carolina during the late spring of 1863 with four companies. Throughout the war it served in North Carolina and saw action at Fort Fisher and Fort Anderson. In March, 1865, the few remaining men were assigned to Hagood's Brigade as infantry. It surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. Major Alexander MacRae was in command. Officers Captain Rankin, Robert George Lieutenants Galloway, Andrew Jackson ~ 1st Lieutenant Harriss, William M. ~ 1st Lieutenant Kidder, George Wilson ~ 1st Lieutenant Martin, Eugene S. ~ 1st Lieutenant Robeson, David G ~ 2nd Lieutenant Noncommissioned Officers and Privates Achsirer, A J ~ Private Anderson, Ivey ~ Private Anderson, William J ~ Private Armstrong, Richard J ~ Private Ausley, Jesse A ~ Private Baker, John W ~ Private Baker, Neil Z ~ Private Baker, Sion P ~ Private Baldwin, H C ~ Private Baldwin, Simeon A ~ Private Bardeaux, Andrew J ~ Corporal Barden, William E ~ Private Barfield, Cade ~ Private Barnhill, John R ~ Private Barnhill, O M M ~ Private Barry, Alonzo L ~ Sergeant Batson, Thomas ~ Private Baxley, Daniel C ~ Private Baxley, David K ~ Private Baxley, Dougald ~ Private Bender, Daniel S ~ Private Bennett, Charles J ~ Private Biggs, Absalom D ~ Private Biggs, William ~ Private Bordeaux, R C M ~ Sergeant Bowden, Joseph N ~ Private Bowen, Archibald ~ Private Bracy, Othniel ~ Private Bracy, William ~ Private Bray, David C K ~ Private Broderick, John ~ Private Brown, David ~ Private Brown, Duncan ~ Sergeant Brown, Jesse ~ Private Brown, William A ~ Private Buckley, Patrick ~ Private Bullard, John H ~ Private Burkett, John W ~ Private Burton, Thomas H ~ Private Butler, Edward ~ Private Caldwell, William D ~ Private Campbell, Daniel ~ Private Carmichael, Archibald ~ Private Castine, W W ~ Private Cheek, James M ~ Private Clark, David L ~ Private Clark, Major ~ Private Coleman, Amos W ~ Private Cook, Hosea ~ Private Cook,John B ~ Private Croom, J C Dicksey, Phineas T ~ Mucsician Douglass, Daniel R ~ Private Duesberry, John C ~ Sergeant Evans, John C ~ Private Falls, William ~ Private Farrow, Joseph F ~ Private Frigas, Antonio ~ Private Futch, Charles W ~ Private Futch, John ~ Private Gaddy, John W ~ Private Gillespie, G D ~ Private Gillican, Joseph ~ Private Goodman, William ~ Private Graham, Hugh ~ Private Greenberg, Raphael ~ Private Grimsley, John T ~ Private Harris, Taylor ~ Private Hwkins, Jesse ~ Private Hewett, John W ~ Private Hewlett, Alonzo ~ Private Hirschler, Isaac ~ Private Hodges, William T ~ Private Hopkins, William ~ Private Howard, John B ~ Private James, John W ~ Private Johnson, Irvin ~ Private Kempf, Charles ~ Private Kitchen, John ~ Private Klander, Lewis ~ Private Kline, Rudolph ~ Sergeant Koch, John C ~ Private Leach, William ~ Private Leslie, Neil ~ Private Malloy, Edward ~ Private Martin, Thomas ~ Private Martin, William A ~ Private Mathews, Henry ~ Private McCall, Duncan D ~ Private McCall, Hugh W ~ Corporal McCall, John T ~ Private McColl, J M ~ Private McCormick, Nevin ~ Private McCoy, Kenneth ~ Private McCoy, Lloyd ~ Private McDougald, Collier ~ Musician McDuffie, Alexander ~ Private McDuffie, George ~ Private McEachern, Angus ~ Private McEachin, Daniel ~ Private McEachin, Daniel, Jr. ~ Private McGirt, Duncan A ~ Private McGoogan, Nathaniel ~ Private McGuire, John K ~ Private McKeithen, F P ~ Private McKeithen, George M ~ Private McKellar, James ~ Private McLaughlin, Archibald ~ Private McLaughlin, Archibald J ~ Private McLaughlin, John ~ Private McLean, Albert A ~ Private McLean, Daniel L ~ Private McLean, William A ~ Private McLendon, Duncan ~ Private McMillan, Owen ~ Private McMillan, W D ~ Private McPhaul, Maloy ~ Sergeant McRae, Malcom H ~ Private McRae, Malcom J ~ Private Meeks, Brantley ~ Private Meeks, Felix K ~ Private Melton, Francis ~ Private Mercer, N T ~ Private Miller, Allen C ~ Private Miller, Andrew ~ Private Miller, George W ~ Private Millis, Robert ~ Private Mohr, Nicholas ~ Private Monroe, John W ~ Private Moore, Orrin ~ Private Mote, David ~ Private Mott, Moses G ~ Private Murray, David ~ Private Murrell, Julius ~ Private Myres, Charles D ~ Private Owen, Thomas B ~ Private Page, Hartwell ~ Private Patrick, N H ~ Private Patrick, William Jr ~ Private Patterson, C Calhoun ~ Private Patterson, Duncan J ~ Private Patterson, R D ~ Private Pearman, George T ~ Private Peterson, Columbus A ~ Private Peterson, William ~ Private Pinner, J L ~ Private Pinner, J W ~ Private Pitman, English ~ Private Pittman, James ~ Private Player, William J ~ Private Powell, James A ~ Sergeant Pridgen, F Warren ~ Corporal Pridgen, John W Jr ~ Private Rankin, John T ~ Private Ray, John R ~ Private Revels, Henson ~ Private Roberts, A L ~ Private Rozier, H D ~ Private Sanderson, Ivey ~ Private Scarborough, David ~ Private Schulken, Charles ~ Private Scull, Joseph G ~ Sergeant Sellars, John W ~ Private Shiver, A J ~ Private Skipper, John G ~ Private Skipper, Joseph ~ Private Stephens, Joel F ~ Private Sutton, John A ~ Private Taylor, John D ~ Private Theis, Alexander ~ Private Thompson, L C ~ Private Thompson, William Berry ~ Private Thornton, George M ~ Private Thornton, Moore Lee ~ Private Trawick, Alexander ~ Private Trawick, David ~ Private Von Glahn, Christopher ~ 1st Sergeant Voss, John Gerhart ~ Private Walters, Isham P ~ Private Williams, James Daniel ~ Private Williams, William W ~ Private Woodle, David ~ Private

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