27th Regimental Information


Singletary's Infantry Battalion
(until September 28, 1861)

 Organized for 12 months in the field on September 28, 1861. Reorganized for the war on 
April 24, 1862. Surrended at Appomattox Court House, Virginia on April 9, 1865.

FIRST COMMANDER: George B. Singletary (Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel)

John R. Cooke (Colonel)
John A. Gilmer, Jr. (Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel)
Calvin Herring (Major)
Richard W. Singletary (Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel)
Thomas C. Singletary (Major, Lieutenant Colonel)
John Sloan (Colonel)
Joseph C. Webb (Major, Lieutenant Colonel)
George F. Whitfield (Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel)

Department of North Carolina (September 1861)
District of the Pamlico, Department of North Carolina (September 1861-March 1862)
French's Brigade, District of the Pamlico, Department of North Carolina (March 1862)
French's-Ransom's Brigade, Department of North Carolina (April-May 1862)
Walker's Brigade, Department of North Carolina (June-August 1862)
Walker's-Cooke's Brigade, Walker's-Ransom's Divison, 1st Crops, Army of Norther Virginia 
(September 1862-January 1863)
Cooke's Bridage, 3rd Military District of South Carolina, Department of South Carolina, Georgia 
and Florida (February-April 1863)
Cooke's Brigade, District of the Cape Fear, Department of North Carolina and Southern Virgina 
(April-May 1863)
Cooke's Brigade, Department of North Carolina (May-June 1863)
Cooke's Brigade, Department of Richmond (June-September 1863)
Cooke's Brigade, 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (September-October 1863)
Cooke's Brigade, Heth's Division, 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (October 1863-April 1865)

New Bern (March 14, 1862)
Seven Days Battles (June 25-July 1, 1862)
Malvern Cliff (June 30, 1862)
Malvern Hill (July 1, 1862)
Harpers Ferry (September 12-15, 1862)
Antietam (September 17, 1862)
Fredericksburg (December 13, 1862)
Gum Swamp (May 22, 1863)
South Anna Bridge (July 4, 1863)
Bristoe Campaign (October-November 1863)
Bristoe Station (October 14, 1863)
Mine Run Campaign (November-December 1863)
The Wilderness (May 5-6, 1864)
Spotsylvania Court House (May 8-21, 1864)
North Anna (May 22-26, 1864)
Cold Harbor (June 1-3, 1864)
Petersburg Siege (June 1864-April 1865)
Globe Tavernn (August 18-21, 1864)
Reams' Station (August 25, 1864)
Jones' Farm (September 30, 1864)
Squirrel Level Road (September 30, 1864)
Harman Road (October 2, 1864)
Hatcher's Run (February 5-7, 1865)
Petersburg Final Assualt (April 2, 1865)
Appomattox Court House (April 9, 1865)
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FURTHER READINGS: Sloan, John Alexander. Reminiscesces of the Guilford Grays, Co. 
B, 27th N.C. Regiment.
Information on the 27th N.C. Infantry Reg. can be found in North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 "A" 
Roster,Volume VIII INFANTRY 27th-31st Regiments This book was compiled by: Weymouth T. 
Jordan,Jr. The Unit Histories By:Louis H. Manarin. There are 97 pages on The 27th alone!

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