32nd Regiment Co. K
"Franklin Rifles"

32nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry (Lenoir Braves) 

32nd Infantry Regiment was organized at Drewry's Bluff, Virginia, in 
April, 1862, using the 1st North Carolina Infantry Battalion as its nucleus. 
Its companies were raised in the counties of Tyrrell, Nash, Camden, 
Northampton, Catawba, Bertie, Chatham, and Franklin. The unit was 
stationed near Petersburg and Drewry's Bluff during the fall of 1862, 
then returned to North Carolina. Here it served in and around Kinston 
until May, 1863, when it moved back to Virginia. Assigned to General 
Daniel's and Grimes' Brigade it fought in various conflicts from Gettysburg 
to Cold Harbor, saw action in the Shenandoah Valley with Early, and 
ended the war at Appomattox. This regiment lost thirty-five percent of the 
454 engaged at Gettysburg and sustained 3 casualties at Bristoe and 3 
at Mine Run. It surrendered with 4 officers and 110 men on April 9, 1865. 
The field officers were Colonels Edmund C. Brabble, David G. Cowand, 
and Henry C. Lewis, and Lieutenant Colonel William T. Williams. 

1st Infantry Battalion was formed during the spring of 1861 with six 
companies. The unit served at Portsmouth, in eastern North Carolina, then 
the Petersburg area before merging into the 32nd North Carolina Regiment. 
Its commanders were Lieutenant Colonel William T. Williams and Major 
Edmund C. Brabble. 

 Archibold C. Bunn
 William J. King
William F. Green
 Charles A. Camp
 William E. Leonard
William H Yarborough
 John T. Clifton
 James C. Long
Algernon S. Perry
 Thomas S. Collins
 Madison M. Long
James I. Foster
 William T. Collins
 Nickolas G. Long
1st Lieutenant
 Dixon G. Conn
 Walter D. Macklin
William S. Harris
 Ephroin G. Conyers
 John A Macon
2nd Lieutenants
 James Hopkins Cook
 Joseph S. Macon
Robert F. Ballard
 James Henry Cook
 Josiah R. May
Ricks M. Pearce
 David D. Cottrell
 Thomas A Montgomery
Bartlett Davis
 Obediah N. Crower
 G. L. Morton
 Archibald J. Davis
 T. C. Neill
James H. Howard
 Dolphin B. Davis
 William H. Newby
Archibald Cargill Massingburg
 John Davis
 William H. Nickolson
Henry N. Jasper
 Thomas Walton Davis
 Benjamin F. Park
Joseph W. Wheeless
 Joseph H. Edwards
 John J. Pearce
 Rufus T. Ederton
 James R. Perry
William S. Allen
 Julius S. Engle
 Jeremiah Perry
William H. Arrington
 William E. Foster
 Kensmon S. Powell
Robert C. Martin
 James H. Gill
 George W. Ransdell
Thomas J. Ward
 John J. Gill
 William E. Ray
Benjerman L. Arrington
 Norfleet H. Green
 Cornelous H. Stallings
Thomas L Leigh
 George T. Harper
 Oliver C. Stallings
John A Mitchell
 A. S. Harris
 William R. Stallings
 Benjamin F. Harris
 David L. Stone
John C Aycock
 Edward C. Harris
 Algenon G. Strother
George S. Baker
 Oliver H. Harris
 William G. Sikes
Marcellus C. Baker
 Wilderson E. Harris
 Charles H. Thomas
William G. Baker
 Junius W. Height
 Henry W. Thomas
William M. Baker
 David T. Hollingworth
 Nathaniel R. Tunstall
Washington K. Barham
 Augustus C. Holt
 John Walson
Newton J. Batchelor
 George L. Horton
 Henry W. Wilhite
William N. Bolton
 William E. Insco
 Benjamin W. Wilson
William Bolton
 Alford W. Jackson
 Patrick H. Winston
Willis M. Bowden
 William J. Johnson
 James C. Wynn
Washington L. Branch
 Joseph T. Jones
 Leonard A. Young
Willis M. Breedlove
 Algenon S. Joyner
 William S. Young
William B. Brodie
 Louis W. Joyner

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