Herring Collection, Co. A., 40th Regiment

Contributed by: Sloan Mason

William Isler and Claire Worthington HERRING Collection
A special thanks to Bill HERRING of Kinston, N.C.; Lenoir Co. for contributing 
his parent's family records.

This was a handwritten listing of the men who made up Co. A., 40th Regiment-it 
seemed to be very old and torn into two pieces)
(note: Cm. Commissioned officers; E Enlisted men; P promoted; tr transferred; dg 
discharged; w wounded; k killed)

Capt. William SUTTON (Cm) June 9th, 1861
Capt. A. W. EZZELL (Cm) Oct. 15th, 1862, from 2nd ---
1st Lieut. J. W. KINSEY (Cm) June 9th, 1861.
2nd Lieut. John WILLIAMS (Cm) June 9th, 1861.
2nd Lieut. A. W. EZZELL (Cm) July 9th, 1861; (P) Captain
2nd Lieut.John Y.? DAVIS (Cm) Nov. 20th, 1862; (P) from Rank
2nd Lieut. R.B. ROUSE (Cm) Nov. 20th, 1862; (P) from Rank  

Noncommissioned Officers
1st Sergeant Jones BOYETT (E) April 19th. 1862; (tr) from 2nd Regt.
2nd Sergeant Robert TEACHY (E) April 19th, 1862; (tr) from 2nd Reg. April 1861.
3rd Sergeant James A. HUIE (E) Aug. 8th, 1861.
4th Sergeant John L. ALBERTSON (E) July 3rd, 1861.
5th Sergeant Wm. Y.? WHITE, (E) June 9th, 1861.
1st Corporal Wm. C. HINES, (E) Aug. 1st, 1861.
------- H.? BROWN (E) Nov. 1st, 1862(paper torn)
3rd Corporal - JONES (E) June 9th, 1861.
4th Corporal G. H. WATSON (E) June 9th, 1861.

ABBOTT, S. H---(E) May 3rd, 1862.
ABBOTT, J.H.---(E) May 3rd, 1862.
ALDRIDGE, J. T. (E) July 1st, 1863; detail
BYRD, Josiah (E) Aug. 1st, 1861
BYRD, Nathaniel (E) Aug. 1st, 1861
BECTON, William R. (E) June 9th, 1861; detail
BROWN, John (E) June 9th, 1861
BLIZZARD, John H. (E) June 9th, 1861, detail
BROOKS, J. H. (E) July 20th, 1861
BALLARD, J. W.? (E) Aug. 1st, 1861

(2nd page)


BEST, Benjamin (E) Feb.13th, 1863
BARHAM, B. C. (E) Jan. 10th, 1864
BAKER, William (E) June 9th, 1861, died July 1862 at Wilmington.
BAESDON, Alfred (E) June 9th, 1861, 
BROCK, Amos (E) Feb. 25th, 1863
CHAMBERS, John T. (E) Jan. 20th, 1864; (tr) to 40th Regt. Feb. 20th 186-
CROOM, H.N. (E) June 9th 1861 (dg) Feb. 1863 for disability
CROOM, Charles S. (E) June 9th, 1861; (p) 2nd Lieut. In 61st Regt. May 186-
CREEL, John (E) June 9th, 1861
COAHER?, Francis (E) July 27th, 1861
CARTER, James (E) July 27th, 1861
CARTER, J. J. (E) April 7th, 1863
CARTER, Levi  (E) Dec. 23rd, 1863
CAR?-N.? S.  (E) May 16th, 1862
(page torn)
COLLINS, B.F. (E) Aug. 20 -----(page torn)
COTTON, John W.  (E) Oct. 8th, 1863         Wake County
DEAVER, Windall  (E)  June 9th, 1861
DEAVER, Noah   (E)  July 7th, 1863
DAVIS, Wm. F.?  (E)  May 15th, 1863
DAVIS, S. H.  (E) Feb. 25th, 1863
DAVIS, John Y.  (E) Aug. 14, 1861  (p) 2nd Lieutenant
DOBSON, J. F.  (E)  Feb. 10th, 1863   detail
DEAVER, Jackson  (E) June 9th, 1861; died Aug. 1862 at Wilmington
DAVIS, James T.  (E) June 9th, 1861; (dg) Jan. 1863 for disability
ELMORE, Joel  (E)  June 30th, 1862
ERVIN, J.G.  (E)  April 22nd, 1862
ERVIN, P.S.  (E) April 22nd 1862
FREEMAN, Evan  (E) April 22nd 1862

(3rd page)

FLEMING, H.S.  (E) Nov. 27th, 1863
FLIGAW, D.L.  (E) Jan. 10th, 1864 (w)
FIELDS, F.B.   (E) june 30th, 1862 (tr) to 40th Regt. Feb. 20th 1864
GALLIGHEW, James  (E)  Aug. 20th, 1861; (tr) to 40th Regt.
GRAY, P.M.  (E) Aug. 6th, 1861
GOODWIN, L.  (E) May 23rd, 1863 detail
GAVIN, S.H.  (E)  Jan. 10th, 1864
HARVEY, Franklin  (E)  Aug. 6th, 1861
HARVEY, Thomas   (E)  Aug. 6th, 1861
HOWARD, J.H.  (E) Aug. 6th, 1861 detail
HOWARD, Wm. J.  (E)  July 18th, 1861; died April 10th, 1862
HOWARD, John P.  (E)  April 1st, 1863
HILL, A.D.  (E)  Aug. 3rd, 1861
HILL, Wm. E.  (E)  Aug. 25th, 1861
(paper torn)
HILL, Henry  (E)  Aug. 12th, 1861  detail
HILL, J.W.C.   (E)  June 9th, 1863
HILL, George W.  (E)  March 10th, 1864
HILL, J.T.?   (E)  March 30th, 1864
HINES, H.C. (E)  Aug. 6th, 1861
HINES, Joel  (E)  May 10th, 1862
HINES, Redden  (E)  June 9th, 1861
HARDEE, J.M.    (E)  June 9th, 1861
HOGANS, J.M.   (E) Aug. 20th, 1861
HARDISON, J.H.   (E)  June 9th, 1861
HARDISON, Joshua   (E)  Sept. 10th, 1863
HOLLAND, James   (E)  Dec. 23rd, 1863
HALL, Miles    (E)  Feb. 9th, 1864
HILL, John  (E)  April 15th, 1864

(page 4)

HIGGINS, J.M.  (E)  June 1st, 1861
HOWARD, John   (E)  June 9th, 1861  discharge Sept. 1863
HEATH, Joel    (E)  Aug. 8th, 1861  (tr) Sept. 1862?
HOWARD, S.   (E) April 2nd, 1861  (tr) to 61st Regt.
HARRIS, James W.  (E)  Aug. 1st, 1861  (tr) to 40th Regt. Feb. 20th, 1864
HILL, Nathaniel  (E)  June 9th, 1861  (dg) Oct. 1861
HARRIS, W.H.  (E) Aug. 1st, 1861 (tr) to 40th Regt. Feb. 20, 1864
HOLLAND, Charles (E) Aug. 1st 1861 (dg) Aug. 1862
JONES, Edward (E) Aug. 1st, 1861 (k) June 2nd, 1862 by accident
JENKINS, J.H. (E) June 9th, 1861 (dg)
JENKINS, M.W. (E) Feb. 10th, 1864
JONES, Covin E.  (E) July 25th, 1861
JONES, Jesse  (E)  June 12th, 1862
JONES, G.W.  (E)  July 26th, 1861
(page torn)                  1861
JONES, Asa  (E)  July 26th --- (page torn)
JERROLD, Wm.   (E) Aug. 2nd, 1861
KENNEDY, Jas. E.  (E) Aug. 6th, 1861
KENNEDY, R.M.  (E) Aug. 6th, 1861
KEARNEY, S.F.  (E) March 10th, 1864
LOVIK, Wm. H.  (E)  Aug. 6th, 1861
LEE, Jesse   (E)  Aug. 27th, 186-
LANGSTON, F.  (E) Jan. 6th, 1864
LAWSON, M.C.C.  (E) April, 29th, 1861
LOVETT, Joshua (E) July 27th, 1861  (dg) Feb. 1863 for disability
LANGSTON, John  (E) May 14th, 1864
MOORE, Frederick (E) June 9th, 1861
MOORE, Daniel W.  (E) Feb. 15th, 1863
MOORE, Jesse R.  (E) July 7th, 1863

(page 5)

MOORE, Jesse H.  (E) July 7th, 1863
MATHEWS, John  (E) Feb. 25th, 1863
METTS, Logan  (E) July 25th, 1861
MEPHERSON, L.W.  (E) March 1st, 1862
MORTON, W.H.  (E) July 24th, 1863
MALPHAS, Warren (E) June 9th, 1861
MURCHISON, Abner K. (E) Jan. 1st, 1864
NUNN, Stephen R.?  (E) July 25th, 1861
NEWMAN, Wm. S.  (E) July 9th, 1861
NORAN, Francis  (E) June 9th, 1861 (k) Aug. 28th 1861 at Hatteras
POTTER, Jackson (E) July 28th, 1861
POTTER, Allen  (E) Jan. 4th, 1864
PITTMAN, Jackson (E) June 30th, 1862
PHILLIPS, Lacy (E) July 27th, 1861 detail
(page torn)
PHIPPS, Wm. (E) Feb. 15th, 1863
PARROTT, Joseph P. (E) June 9th, 1861
PERRY, Benet B.  (E) Dec. 1st. 1863
PERRY, Sidney  (E) Dec. 1st. 1863
POOL, N.W.  (E) July 27th, 1861 (tr) to 31st Regt. Sept. 1861
ROUSE, George W. (E) June 9th, 1861
REILLY, James O. (E) Sept. 18th, 1862
REGISTER, Jenkins  (E) Feb. 25th, 1863
SMITH, Calvin  (E) Dec. 23rd, 1863
SPENCER, Steven C. (E)  June 9th, 1861
SIMMONS, Lemuel  (E) Aug. 20th, 1861
SANDERSON, Major F.  (E) June 9th, 1861 detail
SANDERSON, Henry  (E) June 9th, 1861
SUMMERELL, Peter P.  (E) April 25th, 1863

(6th page)

SUTTON, Wm. H.  (E)  June 30th, 1862
SUTTON, Benjamin  (E) June 1st/6th? 1863
STOKES, George W.  (E) Feb. 25th, 1863
SOUTHERLAND, John H. (E) Aug. 20th, 1863
STANLEY, Jese   (E) April 7th, 1863
SOMERS, Claudius M.   (E) Nov. 27th, 1863
SMITH, Franklin D.  (E) June 9th, 1861 died Nov. 1862
SELLARS, D.G. (E) April 19th, 1862 (dg) Feb. 1862 for disability
SMITH, Wm. J. (E)  April 26th, 1862 (tr) to 61st Regt. Jan. 27th, 1864
SMITH, Calvin (E0 June 9th, 1861 (dg) Jan. 1862 for disability
STROUD, John (E) Aug. 8th, 1861 (k) Aug. 28th, 1861 at Hatteras
SUMMERELL, Atlas (E) Aug. 1st, 1861; died June 1862 in N.C.
TAYLOR, James B. (E) June 9th, 1861 (dg) July 1862
TAYLOR, Isaac G. (E) May 1st, 1862
(page torn) ---------- 1861
TAYLOR, Stanton (E) April 22, 1862 died Oct. 6th, 1863 in -
TINDALL, Curtis (E) June 9th, 1861 (k) Aug. 28th, 1861 at Hatteras
TINDALL, Charles (E) June 9th, 1861 died March 1862 in Newberne
TAYLOR, S.  (E) Aug. 1st, 1861
TAYLOR, R.L. (E)  Aug. 1st, 1861
TINDALL, Henry S. (E) April 23rd, 1862
TINDALL, Jesse L. (E) May 26th, 1862 detail
TINDALL, James R. (E) April 23rd, 1862
TINDALL, Abner G. (E) Aug. 22nd, 1862
TINDALL, John (E) Jan. 4th, 1864
TURNER, Hardy B.  (E) Aug. 10th, 1861
TUCKER, Joseph W. (E) Oct. 12th, 1863
UZZELL, James T. (E) Jan. 29th, 1862
VAUSE, James B. (E) Aug. 12th, 1861

(page 7)

VAUSE, Robert B. (E) June 30th 1862 (p) 2nd Lieutenant
WILLIAMS, James (E) March 1st, 1862 detail
WHITFIELD, Augustus W. (E) July 8th, 1861
WINGATE, Alfred L. (E) June 9th, 1861
WHALEY, ELZRY (E) Sept. 3rd, 1863
WINSTON, Robert N. (E) Dec. 25th, 1864
WATSON, Sylvester  (E) May 15th, 1862 detail
WHITFIELD, Lewis W. (E) April 22nd 1862 (dg) Nov. 1862 for disability

CM-for Commission of Officers
Tr-for transfer
(page torn)
K-for killed
P-for promoted
M-for missing
This is in full with the State Roster of North Carolina State Troops by John W. 
MOORE, Author.?


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