42nd Regiment Co. C

42nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry 

42nd Infantry Regiment was organized at Salibury, North Carolina, in 
April, 1862. The men were recruited in the counties of Davidson, 
Rowan, Stanly, Davie, and Mecklenburg. In June it moved to Lynchburg, 
Virginia, and guarded prisoners captured in Jackson's Valley Campaign. 
Later the unit served in North Carolina at Tarboro, along the Chowan River, 
and at Wilmington. Assigned to General Martin's and Kirkland's Brigade, 
it fought at Cold Harbor, took its place in the Petersburg trenches, and 
ended the war with the Army of Tennessee. This unit lost 6 killed and 48 
wounded at Ware Bottom Church and had 1 killed, 2 wounded, and 74 
missing at Sugar Loaf. It surrendered on April 26, 1865. The field officers 
were Colonels John E. Brown and George C. Gibbs, Lieutenant Colonel 
Charles W. Bradshaw, and Majors Thomas J. Brown and Davidson A. 


Robert Allen CARTER

Martin EFIRD-Captured Wise's Fork
David HATLEY "phthisis pulmonalis"
Samuel MANN-captured Cold Harbor
William MORTON -"ill Health"

Noncommioned officier and privates
Corporal Hampton ALDRIDGE -captured Wise's Fork

Private Josiah ALDRIDGE -wounded Petersburg

Private John BLACK -wounded

Private Thomas BLACK -died at home from disease

Private Lawson BLACKWELDER-captured Wise's Fork

Sergeant Benjamin BLAYLOCK-captured Wise's Fork

Corporal John BLAYLOCK -captured Cold Harbor

Private Martin BOON-captured Wise's fork

Private Davidson BOSWORTH - wounded Petersburg and captured Wise's Fork


Private Absolum BRATTON -died Point Lookout May 4, 1865

Private Calvin BROWN 


Private Bryant BURGESS -wounded

Private Henry Wilson BURGESS-medical discharge

Corporal Isaac BURLEYSON 

Private William BURLEYSON-died Elmira Mar 9,1865

Private David BURRIS-12 month company

Private Archibald CAGLE-died typhoid fever Aug 17,1862

Private Benjamin CAGLE

Private Charles CAGLE -medical discharge "hernia"

Private Churchwell CARPENTER-captured Cold Harbor

Private Franklin CAPRPENTER captured Cold Harbor

Private John CARPENTER -deserted

Private Shelby CARPENTER -discharged

Private James CARTER-captured cold Harbor

Private Lewis CARTER 

Private Richard CARTER-died Elmira "pneumonia"

Private Franklin CAUBLE -died Elmira "chronic diarrhoea"

Private David COBLE-wounded Petersburg July 12,1864

Private James COBLE -12 month company

Private William COBLE -wounded Petersburg

Private George COLEY-died Elmira "chronic diarrhoea"

Private Isaiah COLEY captured Cold Harbor

Private Isham COLEY-died elmira "pneumonia"

Private James COLEY-killed Newport Barracks"acting bravely at his post"

Private Franklin COOPER-captured Cold Harbor

Private Henry-wounded June 25,1864


Corporal Archibald COX-killed Petersburg

Private Daniel CURLEE-wounded

Private Joseph Simeon CURLEE-captured Wise's Fork

Private Henry DAVIS -captured Wise's Fork

Private Stephen DUKE -died of disease

Private Henry EASLEY-wounded Petersburg

Private John EASLEY-killed Drewery's Bluff

Private John Jacob EFIRD -captured WIse's Fork 

Private John EUDY -12 month company

Private Adam EURY-captured Wise's Fork

Private Eli EURY-captured Wise's fork

Private George Henry-wounded Lynchburg,VA

Jefferson Green EVANS

Private Daniel FLOYD-captured Wise's fork

Private John FLOYD

Private Rowland FORREST-discharged

Private William FORREST-discharged

Private Davidson FURR-12 months company

Private Frederick FURR

Private James GILBERT

Private Jesse GILBERT

Private Stephen GILBERT

Private Wriley GILBERT-killed Bermuda Hundreds

Private Jacob GLOVER -captured Petersburg

Private David GREEN-wounded Petersburg

Private Thomas Hawkins HALL-wounded Petersburg

Private Jacob HARTSELL SR-captured Wise's Fork

Private John HARTSELL

Private Isaac HARVEL-died Lynchburg

Private Calvin HATHCOCK-deserted,returned-captured Cold Harbor

Private John HATHCOCK

Private Alexander HATLEY-captured Wise's Fork

Private John HATLEY-captured Wise's Fork

Private Nehemiah HEARNE-deserted-sick-absent

Private Harman HELMS

Private Osborne HELMS-captured Wise's Fork

Private A M HINSON

Private Benjamin HINSON-captured Wise's Fork

Private George HINSON-deserted-asserted-returned -captured Cold Harbor

Private Goodin HINSON-shot for desertion

Private Henry HINSON 12 months company

Private John HINSON --captured Cold Harbor

Private John HINSON D.-12 months company

Sergeant Rowan HINSON-died Elmira "typhoid fever"

Private Wade HINSON -captured Wise's Fork

Private Henry HOLT -died Lynchburg

Private Travis HOLT -died Lynchburg of disease July 12,1862

Private George HOPKINS

Private Richard HOPKINS-wounded Petersburg

Sergeant Monroe HOWELL-wounded Petersburg

Private Soloman HUNEYCUTT-died lynchburg

Private Allen HUNEYCUTT

Private Archibald HUNEYCUTT -died Hamilton of disease May 9,1863

Private Darling Ephraim HUNEYCUTT-wounded Petersburg

Private Eli HUNEYCUTT -wounded Petersburg Aug 25,1864

Private James HUNEYCUTT 

Private Zebedee HUNEYCUTT -killed by home guard

Private Micahel INGOLD -12 months company

Private Wiley JONES -catured cold harbor


Private D W KIMERY-captured Cold Harbor

Private Abraham KIMREY-captured in Richmond

Corporal Franklin LAYTON -12 months company

Private Green LAYTON -12 months company

Private William LAYTON 

Private James LEDBETTER-died salisbury

Private Robert LEE-discharged

Private Daniel LENTZ-captured Wise's Fork

Private John LENTZ-captured Cold Harbor

Private Peter LENTZ-captured Cold Harbor

Private Jacob LOWDER -captured Cold Harbor

Private Thomas LOWDER

Private Isaiah MABREY-died

Private Jacob MABREY-wounded

Corporal William MABREY

Corporal John MCCARNS-discharged "hernia"

Private Allen MCINTYRE

Private John H MCINTYRE-deserted-returned -captured Wise's fork 

Private Sidney MCINYTRE-deserted

Private John MCSWAIN-died at home of disease

Corporal Davidson MANN-discharged disability

Private William MANN-transferred as musician

Private Thomas MARKS-wounded

Private Benjamin MAULDEN-wounded New Market Heights

Private David MAULDIN -12 months company

Private James MAULDEN 

Private John Maulden-died Petersburg

Private James MILLS-died salisbury

Private David MORTON -captured Wise's Fork

Private Hezekiah MORTON-12 months company

Private Thomas MORTON

Private Soloman PAGE


Private Davidson POPLIN

Private John POPLIN Jr-killed Newport Barracks

Private John POPLIN SR-captured Wise's fork

Private Martin POPLIN-drummer

Private Richard POPLIN-captured Cold Harbor

Private William POPLIN -teamster

Private Harborn RAMSEY

Sergeant John RAMSEY

Private Daniel REAP-died Petersburg

Private Ephraim REAP-captured Cold Harbor

Private E R RUMMAGE-died PointPoint Lookout "pneumonia"

Private Franklin RUMMAGE

Private George RUMMAGE W-died Richmond of disease

Private John Martin RUMMAGE-teamster

Private Private Nathan RUMMAGE 

Private Tilman RIUMMAGE

Sergeant James RUSSELL-wounded


Private Stephen SAUNDERS-captured Cold Harbor

Private Jacob SHOFFNER-discharged "phthisis pulmonalis"

Private Nelson SIMPSON-died of disease

Private William SIMPSON-discharged old age

Private Charles SLOAN

Private Alexander SMITH

Private Charles SMITH

Private Edmund D SMITH-captured Cold Harbor

Private James SMITH

Private Josiah SMITH-captured Wise's Fork

Private William SMITH-captured Cold Harbor

Private Wilson SMITH-died salisbury

Private David SOFLEY-died Lynchburg

Private Thomas SOLOMAN -captured Cold Harbor

Private William SOLOMAN -12 mo company

Private Israel SPRINGER-died Lynchburg

Private Benjamin SWARINGEN-died Salisbury

Private James Wilson SWARINGEN-12 Month company

Private James TEETER-killed Cold Harbor


Private Joel TYSON

Private William WATKINS-wounded Petersburg

Private Adam WHITLEY-died at Weldon

Private John WHITLEY

Private Francis WILHOIT-muscian

Sergeant Gomalian O. WILHOIT-captured Cold harbor

Private William WILHOIT

Private John WILLIAMS-deserted-returned transferred to Co G 2nd reg

Private Jacob YORK-died smallpox

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