47th Regiment Co. A
"Chicora Guards"

47th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry 

47th Infantry Regiment was organized in March, 1862, at Camp Mangum, 
near Raleigh, North Carolina. Its companies were composed of men 
from Nash, Wake, Franklin, Granville, and Alamance counties. The 
regiment served in the Department of North Carolina until May, 1863, 
when it moved to Virginia. During the conflict it was brigaded under 
Generals Pettigrew, Kirkland, and MacRae. It fought with the Army of 
Northern Virginia from Gettysburg to Cold Harbor, then was involved in 
the long Petersburg siege south of the James River and the Appomattox 
Campaign. The unit lost over thirty-five percent of the 567 engaged at 
Gettysburg and reported 42 casualties at Bristoe and 20 at The 
Wilderness. It surrendered 5 officers and 72 men. The field officers 
were Colonels George H. Faribault and Sion H. Rogers, Lieutenant 
Colonels Archibald d. Crudup and John A. Graves, and Major William 
C. Lankford. 

Officers(Captains & Lieutenants)

Bailey, Wilson (3rd Lt.)

Bridgers, Sidney H. (2nd Lt.)

Bryant, Evan N. (2nd Lt.)

Bryant, John W. (Capt.)

Bunn, Benjamin Hickman (1st Lt.)

Thorpe, John Houston (Capt.)

Westray, George W. (1st Lt.)

Westray, Thomas (3rd Lt.)

Non Commissioned Officers(Sergeants & Corporals)

Barnhill, John Jeston (Sgt.)

Brasswell, Charles J. (Sgt.)

Chamblee, Augustus John (Corp.)

Chamblee, William Melville (Color Corp.)

Cone, William D. (Sgt.)

Deans, James J. E. (Sgt.)

Dodd, Ransom T. (Corp.)

Mitchell, Hilliard (Corp.)

Partin, Joseph J. (1st Sgt.)

Perry, Western H. (Corp.)

Stott, William E. (Sgt.)

Warren, Seymour (Corp.)

Warren, Willis M. (Sgt.)


Abernathy, Edmond J.

Abernathy, Robert T.

Abernathy, Williamson

Aycock, James O.

Bailey, Thomas C.

Baines, Abijah

Baines, Jordan D.

Baines, Redmond

Baines, William

Bass, Edmond F.

Bass, Jesse F.

Bass, William T.

Batchelor, Jordan W.E.

Batchelor, Richard B.

Batchelor, Ruffin L.

Batchelor, Wright S.

Bissett, Jackson J.

Bissett, Joseph J.

Bissett, Josiah

Bissett, Manoah

Bissett, Payton

Bissett, William D.

Boon, William

Boykin, Lovett

Brantley, Jackson M.

Brantley, Mack

Braswell, Lemual T.

Braswell, Patric Henry

Bryant, Augustus M.

Bryant, Evan

Bryant, Samual R.

Bryant, Watson

Bryant, William

Bunn, Bennett B.

Bunn, James M.

Burnett, Calvin

Carpenter, Andrew M.

Cockrell, Isaac V.

Cockrell, Jonathan

Collins, Edward R.

Collins, Nicholas

Collins, Thomas J.

Cone, Neverson

Daly, John T.

Davis, Jesse

Denton, Kelly

Denton, Moses

Dodd, Ruffin

Dozier, Richard H.

Dozier, William L.

Dunn, William A.

Eatman, Irvin C.

Edwards, Lewis

Edwards, William F.

Ellen, William

Eure, Alfred L.

Finch, Barzilia B.

Finch, Edward B.

Finch, John

Finch, John R.J.

Finch, Rufus B.

Finch, William R.

Gardner, William S.

Glover, Vine A.J.

Glover, William A.

Glover, William G.

Glover, Yancey C.

Green, Martin V.

Griffin, Abijah

Griffin, Benjamin T.

Hagwood, Isham 

Hall, Alvin

Hall, Joseph T.

Henderson, Andrew J.

Hogwood, Ruffin J.

Hopkins, Whitmell

Jones, Bartley

Jones, Simon

Joyner, Caswell A.

Joyner, Caswell H.

Joyner, Eli

Joyner, John H.

Joyner, Jordan

Joyner, Kinchen E.

Joyner, W.W.

Joyner, William R.

Lamm, Huell

Lamm, Jacob

Lamm, Joshua

Lamm, Stephen L.

Lamm, Thomas

Lamm, William M.

Lewis, Dula

Lewis, Gilbert

Lewis, Gilliam

Lewis, Henderson

Liles, William

Lindsey, William A.

Manning, Joseph

Mathews, Caswell David

Mitchell, Jesse

Morgan, James

Morgan, John H.

Morgan, Kerney

Morgan, Wiley

Morgan, William R.

Morris, John R.

Moye, Thomas H.

Murray, John W.

Murray, William D.

Murray, William G.

O'Neal, James B.

Page, Thomas E.

Patterson, Elijah William

Patterson, Sidney S.

Perry, James A.

Perry, John F.

Perry, Jonas

Powell, Newson

Puckett, Emerson

Puckett, James A.

Pullan, William C.

Rackley, Frederick

Rice, Berry

Rice, Geraldus

Rice, Thomas B.

Riley, William

Sellars, Samual H.

Stott, John

Strickland, Bryant

Strickland, Bryant P.

Strickland, Francis K.W.

Strickland, James L.

Strickland, James M.

Strickland, John R.

Strickland, John W.

Strickland, Josiah Haywood

Strickland, Lemon

Strickland, Marcus T.S.

Strickland, Mordecai

Strickland, William B.

Taylor, Archibald

Taylor, William

Tisdale, Wren Q.

Tolbert, William

Turner, John

Turner, William M.

Upchurch, Oliver P.

Vaughn, John W.

Vick, Abel J.

Vick, Hudson

Vick, John

Ward, John Q.

Wells, Joel

Westray, Jerimiah P.

Westray, Zachariah T.

Whitley, Benjamin R.M.

Whitley, Haywood S.

Whitley, John

Whitley, Perry

Whitley, William J.D.

Williams, Wesley

Winborne, William H.

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