47th Regiment Co. B

47th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry 

47th Infantry Regiment was organized in March, 1862, at Camp Mangum, 
near Raleigh, North Carolina. Its companies were composed of men 
from Nash, Wake, Franklin, Granville, and Alamance counties. The 
regiment served in the Department of North Carolina until May, 1863, 
when it moved to Virginia. During the conflict it was brigaded under 
Generals Pettigrew, Kirkland, and MacRae. It fought with the Army of 
Northern Virginia from Gettysburg to Cold Harbor, then was involved in 
the long Petersburg siege south of the James River and the Appomattox 
Campaign. The unit lost over thirty-five percent of the 567 engaged at 
Gettysburg and reported 42 casualties at Bristoe and 20 at The 
Wilderness. It surrendered 5 officers and 72 men. The field officers 
were Colonels George H. Faribault and Sion H. Rogers, Lieutenant 
Colonels Archibald d. Crudup and John A. Graves, and Major William 
C. Lankford. 

Officers(Captains & Lieutenants).

Chamblee, William Bryant (2nd Lt.)

Crudup, Archibald D. (Capt.)

Evans, Sherwood J. (1st Lt.)

Griffin, Harvey D. (1st Lt.)

Harris, Joseph J. (Capt.)

Perry, Hugh Hayes (2nd Lt.)

Non Commissioned Officers(Sergeants & Corporals).

Allen, Grandberry Thomas (Sgt.)

Bryant, Augustus (Sgt.)

Cheves, John H. (Sgt.)

Clifton, Wiley V. (Sgt.)

Harris, Marcilers (Sgt.)

Jeffrey, John R. (Corp.)

Massey, Peyton H. (Corp.)

Pearce, John C. (Sgt.)

Perry, Barham (Corp.)

Perry, Calvin (Corp.)

Perry, Kerney (Corp.)

Phillips, William K. (1st Sgt.)

Wiggs, William H. (Sgt.)

Wright, Thomas L. (Corp.)


Alford, Little Berry

Allen, Calvin

Allen, Jackson

Allen, Leven G.

Arnold, Mathew T.

Baker, James G.

Barnes, A.

Bolton, James

Bolton, Willis

Brantley, Allen

Braswell, Samual R.

Bryant, Berry

Bunn, Archibald Troy

Bunn, D.J

Bunn, Elias H.

Bunn, George W.

Bunn, J.H.

Bunn, James W.

Bunn, Josiah

Bunn, Josiah H.

Bunn, Malachi

Bunn, Marion

Carter, Abijah B.

Carter, George W.

Cheves, Thomas W.

Clifton, George

Cone, William W.

Cook, James D.

Cook, Thomas W.

Cooley, Lemual

Denton, Curby W.

Denton, Fenner

Dixon, Joseph M.

Etheridge, Henry A.

Ferrell, Wiley Clifton

Frazier, A. Jackson

Gay, Henry T.

Gay, Thomas

Gay, William

Gay, Williford H.

Green, Josiah

Hicks, Hardy

Hicks, William

Hopkins, Alexander H.

Horton, Bynum F.

Jean, Nathaniel

Jean, Wiley

Johnson, Abihu

Johnson, Dennis

Jones, Seth A.

Joyner, Lemon H.

Lancaster, William

Lee, Loama

Lewis, William L.

Lewis, William T.

Lloyd, Joseph

Martin, Bryant

Massey, L. Jackson

Meacom, William H.

Medlin, Archibald H.

Medlin, Bennett

Medlin, Briton

Medlin, Hartney H.

Medlin, James Thomas

Medlin, John

Medlin, Sidney

Minga, William

Moss, James M.

Moye, Marion

Moye, William

Pearce, Allen

Pearce, James

Pearce, James D.

Pearce, Lee

Perry, Chesley

Perry, James T.

Perry, Lindsey

Perry, Robert E.

Perry, Wesley B.

Perry, William B.

Phillips, Gideon

Phillips, Leven

Phillips, Presley J.

Phillips, Richmond

Pippin, Alfred

Pippin, Calvin

Pippin, Sidney

Pippin, Wesley

Privett, William R.

Puckett, Jimesson

Rice, Richardson

Riley, John W.

Rogers, Reuben

Sanders, James

Stallings, Joseph T.

Strickland, James Reddin

Strickland, Joseph

Strickland, Matthew

Tant, Cordy

Tant, Davis

Tant, John

Tant, Lee W.

Tant, Thomas

Tucker, William E.

Upchurch, Barkley

Upchurch, John W.

Upchurch, Richard

Whitfield, Willis

Wiggs, Thomas J.

Williams, John

Williams, Lutan

Williams, William T.

Wood, Starling

Wood, Washington H. 

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