Deserters 59th NC Regiment December 1863

    DESERTERS 59th N.C. Regiment
    December, 1863
    North Carolina Register
    December 9, 1863
    $1,440 reward
    I hereby publish a list of deserters and absentees from the 59th Regiment N.C.T.  
    Any person apprehending a deserter herein advertised will receive a reward of $80 
    for his delivery to the nearest conscripting office
    L.A. Johnson, Captain, Company A
    Commanding, 59th Regiment
    Company A, Capt. L.H. Johnson:  Pte. C.A. Hoyt, substitute and deserter, Newbern
    Company B, Capt. James T. Mitchell:  Substitutes and Deserters:  Thomas Brown of 
    Wilmington and from Richmond, Virginia:  P.W. Duffie, John Snyder, John Myers, 
    Hartman Miles; from Winchester, Virginia:  William McCoy and John Tabler(?)
    AWOL:  W.D. Bradshaw of Leesburg
    Company C, Capt. A. McIntire:  AWOL:  G.W. Breace(?); from Golden Place, 
    Onslow Co., N.C.:  S.H. Edens and Benjamin Padgett and N. Padgett; from 
    Teacher’s Depot, Duplin Co., T.H. Carter; from Bannerman’s Post Office, 
    New Hanover Co., N.C.:  Seabern Casteen, Isaac Deal, L.G. Henderson; from 
    Kenansville, Duplin Co., W.T. Mitchell
    Company D, Capt. W. Sharpe
    Deserters:  E. Belch; from Hartford Co., N.C.:  J.A. Driday, Isaac Godwin, 
    Barnes Griffith, W.E. Hill, James Holleman, D.O. Evans, W. H. Overton, 
    Caleb Taylor; from Richmond, Virginia, James Brown
    AWOL:  Bertie Co., N.C., John A. Parker; from Hertford Co., J.M. Deans, 
    H.E. Dilday, J.J. Hoggard, A. Jones; from Gates Co., N.C., J.H. Enre; from 
    Northampton Co., N.C., Benjamin Entrell, Ira Futrell and W.J. Joynes
    Company E, Capt. S.Y. Bryce
    Deserters:  Gaston County:  James Browning, Alex McDaniel, E.B. McDaniel, 
    A.S. Craig, J.H. Huffman, J.T. Lay, M.R. Sparks, J.P. Stone, J.H. Smith; from 
    Charlotte:  W.B. Sims, N. Poplin
    AWOL:  From Gaston County:  Alexander Craig; from Mecklenburg County, 
    Jno. Biggers
    Company F, Capt. J.B. Cherry
    Deserters:  Windsor, N.C.:  W.L. Brooden, E. Morris, A. Morris; from 
    Hertford County, N.C.:  W.E. Holleman, J.A. Willoughby; from Bertie County:  
    G. Taylor, J.W. White, Merry Hill; from Hotel, Bertie County:  Isaac Parker
    AWOL:  From Pitch Landing, N.C.:  Corp. D. Atkins; from Hotel, N.C., 
    Pte. John Rhea; from Roxabel, N.C., Pte. R.H. Barnes; from Windsor, N.C.:  
    Wm. Morris(?), R.D. Myers, H. Taylor, J.M. Willoughby, J.J. Butler, W. Butler, 
    C. Caspar, J.J. Mitchell; from Pitch Landing, N.C.:  J.J. Dilday and L.S. Rise; 
    from Hotel, N.C., K. Jenkins; from Colerain, N.C.:  N. Freeman, J.B. Parker, 
    W.E. Peel, F. Perry, J.B. Perry; from Roxabel, N.C., J.J. Warrell; from Merry Hill, 
    N.C:  J.R. Pearce and J.W. Pearce
    Company G, Capt. D. Heft(?) Bell(?)
    Deserters:  W.H. Brothers; from Shingle Landing, Currituck Co., N.C.:  James 
    Owens; from Currituck County:  I. Bright; from Petersburg, Va., Jno Martin 
    (substitute and deserter), Jno. McGinnis, Jno Walsh; from Sligo, Currituck Co., 
    N.C:  John Cox
    AWOL:  From Day’s Mills, Currituck Co., N.C.:  J. Forbes; from Shingle Landing, 
    Currituck Co., N.C.:  T. O’Grady; from Currituck Co., N.C.:  Thomas Gundy, 
    S.O. Neal, W. Owens, T.S. Owens; from Camden Co., N.C.:  W.H. Pugh, Sr.; 
    from Indian Town, Currituck Co., W.H. Pugh, Jr.
    Transcriber’s Note:  A few more names were printed, but they were illegible
    Company H, Capt. Barnes
    Deserter:  William Sneed, of Wilson, N.C.
    Captain L.A. Johnson, Company A, Commanding, 59th N.C.T.

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, April, 2007

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