66th Regiment Co E

66th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry 

66th Infantry Regiment was organized at Kinston, North Carolina, in 
October, 1862, by consolidating the 8th North Carolina Battalion Partisan 
Rangers and the 13th North Carolina Infantry Battalion. Its men were from 
the counties of Orange, Nash, Franklin, Wayne, Lenoir, Carteret, Jones, 
Duplin, and New Hanover. The unit was stationed at Wilmington, then in 
May, 1864, moved to Virginia. Attached to General J.G. Martin's and 
Kirkland's Brigade, it fought at Cold Harbor, was placed in the trenches of 
Petersburg, and saw action at Bentonville. On April 26, 1865, it 
surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. The field officers were Colonels 
Alexander D. Moore and John H. Nethercutt, Lieutenant Colonel Clement 
G. Wright, and Major David S. Davis.

8th Battalion Partisan Rangers was formed during the spring of 1863 
using Nethercutt's Company of Partisan Rangers as its nucleus. The unit 
contained four companies and served in the New Bern-Kinston area of 
North Carolina until October when it merged into the 66th North Carolina 
Regiment. Its commander was Major John H. Nethercutt. 


Guilford W. Cox, Captain
Stephen S. Quinerly, Captain
Ivan K. Witherington, 1st Lt.
Wm. M. Dennis, 1st Lt.
Wm. L. Grimmet, 2nd Lt.
John Hall, 2nd Lt.
John E. Taylor, 2nd Lt.

Non-Commissioned Officers 

James S. May, 1st Sgt.
Wm. M. Dennis, 2nd Sgt.
James D. Witherington, 3rd Sgt.
Robert R. Hill, 4th Sgt.
Wm. G. Dudley, 1st Corp.
F. M. Gwaltney, 2nd Corp.
C. M. Davis, 4th Corp.

(Not All in Alphabetical order) 

Albert, John
Aldridge, Josiah W.
Brown, Franklin
Brown, Jesse
Braxton, Jesse
Bryan, Robert
Boyette, James W.
Besney, L.R.
Bradley, James T.
Boon, Pinkney
Barbee, James
Bowers, William
Crabtree, W.R.
Cox, Wm. C.
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Frederick
Davenport, Phineas
Dawson, John W.
Dawson, Willie
Dupree, Jesse F. 
Depree, Forney
Edwards, Lewis
Fountain, Norfleet
Garner, John C.
Glancy, Rufus
Glancy, Wm.
Gould, James C.
Gray, Thomas
Gwaltney, F.M.
Howard, Wm.
Hall, John
Hardle, John A.
Hardle, Abram
Higgins, Richard
Heath, Ira
Hill, Robert P.
Hines, Marion
Irving, John
Jump, Frank
Jarell, James M.
Jones, Wm. L.
Jones, Allen
Jenkins, Joseph
Jones, Alexander
Kirkman, Lafayette
Lee, Richard
McPherson, N.J.
Moore, Allen
Moore, Eason G.
Nobles, Kincy
Nelson, Matthew
Pate, Lenoir
Pate, Gatlin
Parker, Wiley
Powell, Alfred
Quinn, Robert
Quinnerly, James E.
Riley, W.L.
Riley, T.J.
Ross, T.M. 
Rouse, Alexander
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Henry
Simpkins, John
Sugg, James N.
Sutton, John
Sutton, Richard W.
Stokes, Benjamin
Stokes, Edward
Stokes, Guilford
Strickland, Cyrus
Waters, Augustus
Waters, W.D.
Waters, Jesse
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Spencer
Warlis, David
White, Lewis C.
Wm., John L.
Watson, J.W.
Watson, S.O.
White, W.L.

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