List Of Field Officers NC Troops. As of September, 1862

    Field Officers N.C. Troops
    As of September, 1862
    Taken from the September 22, 1862 Fayetteville Observer, which reprinted it from the Raleigh 
    State Journal
    “The list is correct to the present day, having been compiled from official records.  The first 
    named in each regiment is colonel, the second is lt. colonel, the third is major.”
    1st  J.A. McDowell, Ham A. Brown, Jas. S. Hines
    2nd Chs. C. Tew, William P. Bynum, William R. Cox
    3rd William L. DeRosset, E. Savage, S.D. Thurston
    4th Bryan Grimes, David M. Carter, James H. Wood
    5th D.K. McRae, P.J. Sinclair, William J. Hill
    6th Isaac E. Avery, Robert F. Webb, S. McD. Tate
    7th Ed. G. Haywood, Junius L. Hill, R.S. Young
    8th H.M. Shaw, William M. Price, George Williamson
    9th L.S. Baker, Jas. B. Gordon, J.H. Whitaker
    10th J.A.J. Bradford, ------------ , W.B. Thompson
    11th C. Leventhorpe, William J. Martin, E.A. Ross
    12th Benjamin O. Wade, Thomas L. Jones, D.P. Rowe
    13th A.M. Scales, Thomas Ruffin, J.T. Hambrick
    14th R.T. Bennett, ----------, -----------
    15th H.A. Dowd, William McRae, W.H. Yarboro
    16th J.S. McElroy, William A. Stowe, ----------
    17th William F. Martin, John C. Lamb, T.H. Sharpe
    18th Robert H. Cowan, Thomas J. Purdie, F. George
    19th S. Williams, W.G. Robinson, J.W. Woodin
    20th Alfred Iverson, William H. Toon, ----------
    21st Robert F. Hoke, Sanders Fulton, ----------
    22nd Jas. Conner, Robert H. Gray, C.C. Cole
    23rd D.H. Christie, R.D. Johnston, C.C. Blacknal
    24th William J. Clarke, John L. Harris, T.D. Love
    25th H.M. Rutledge, S.C. Bryson, J.W. Francis
    26th H.K. Burgwyn, J.S. Kendall, ----------
    27th J.B. Cooke, R.W. Singeltary, Jno. A. Gilmer
    28th Jas. H. Lane, S.D. Lowe, W.J. Montgomery
    29th Robert B. Vance, Jas. M. Lowry, T.F. Gardner
    30th Fran M. Parker, J.T. Kell, William W. Sillers
    31st Jno. V. Jordan, Daniel G. Fowle, J.J. Yeates
    32nd Ed J. Brabble, W.T. Williams, D.G. Coward
    33rd Clark M. Avery, -----------, Robert V. Cowan
    34th Rich H. Riddick, Eli L. Miller, ----------
    35th M.W. Ramsom, John G. Jones, ----------
    36th Artillery, detached companies
    37th William M. Barber, C.N. Hickerson, ----------
    38th William J. Hoke, R.F. Armfield, L.D. Andrews
    39th D. Coleman, H.H. Davidson, F.A. Reynolds
    40th Artillery, detached companies
    41st Cavalry, detached companies
    42nd George C. Gibbs, J.E. Brown, D.A. Underwood
    43rd Thomas S. Kenan, William G. Lewis, W.J. Boggan
    44th T.C. Singeltary, T.L. Hargrove, C.M. Stedman
    45th Junius Daniel, J.H. Morehead, A.J. Boyd
    46th Ed D. Hall, William A. Jenkins, R.J. Mitchell
    47th Sion H. Rogers, G.H. Faribault, J.A. Graves
    48th, Robert C. Hill, S.H. Walkup, ----------
    49th S. D. Ramseur, L.M. McAfee, J.A. Fleming
    50th M.D. Craton, J.A. Washington, G. Wortham
    51st J.L. Cantwell, William A. Allen, H. McKethan
    52nd J.K. Marshall, M.A. Parks, J.Q. Richardson
    53rd William A. Owens, J.T. Morehead, J.J. Iredell
    54th J. Wimbish, J.C.S. McDowell, K.M. Murchison
    55th John K. Connally, Ab. S. Calloway, ----------
    56th Paul F. Faison, G.G. Luke, H.T. Schenck
    57th A.C. Godwin, H.C. Jones, Jr., J.A. Craige
    58th Jno. B. Palmer, --------- Proffitt, --------- Keener
    59th J.D. Radcliffe, William S. Devane, H.Harding
    60th ------------, J.A. McDowell, William H. Deaver
    The following regiments and battalions have made no returns to the Adjutant General and have, 
    therefore, not been  numbered:  Colonel D. Ferebee’s Col. L.M. Allen’s and Col. R.G.A. Love’s 
    regiments, Col. G.N.  Folk’s cavalry, Major Moore’s light artillery, Major Young’s artillery, Major 
    Wharton’s sharpshooters, Major P.G. Evans’ partisan rangers and Col. Wharton Greene’s 
    battalions.  There are also quite a number of heavy artillery companies, etc., enough in all to 
    make our active force up to 65 regiments. 

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, July, 2007

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