List Of General Officers C.S.A. As of January 22, 1862

    As of January 22, 1862
    North Carolina Standard
    January 22, 1862
    The following interesting statistics of the Confederate Army organization are 
    due to one of the Richmond correspondents of the Courier.  In the list of 
    brigadier generals in the Provisional Army, the regular order of appointment is 
    perhaps otherwise correct.  The dates of graduates from West Point are taken 
    from Gardner’s Dictionary of the U.S. Army.
    Generals in the Regular Army
    Samuel Cooper of Virginia, Adjutant General
    Albert S. Johnston of Texas, commanding in Kentucky
    Joseph E. Johnston of Virginia, commanding in northern Virginia
    Robert E. Lee of Virginia, commanding in south Atlantic coast
    P.T.G. Beauregard of Louisiana, commanding Army of the Potomac
    Major Generals in the Provisional Army
    Daniel E. Twiggs of Georgia, resigned
    Leonidas Polk of Louisiana, commanding at Memphis
    Braxton Bragg of Louisiana, commanding at Pensacola
    Earl Van Dorn of Mississippi, Army of the Potomac
    Gustovus W. Smith of Kentucky, Army of the Potomac
    Theophilus H. Holmes of N. Carolina, Army of the Potomac
    William J. Hardee of Georgia, in Missouri
    Benjamin Huger of S. Carolina, commanding at Norfolk
    James Longstreet of Alabama, Army of the Potomac
    John B. Magruder of Virginia, commanding at Yorktown
    Thomas J. Jackson of Virginia, commanding, northwestern Virginia
    Mansfield Loveil of Virginia, commanding, coast of Louisiana
    Edmund Kirby Smith of Florida, Army of the Potomac
    George B. Crittendon of Kentucky, commanding in eastern Tennessee
    Brigadier Generals in the Provisional Army
    Milledge L. Bonham of S. Carolina, Army of the Potomac
    John B. Floyd of Virginia, commanding Army Kennwha
    Henry A. Wise of Virginia, awaiting orders
    Benjamin McCullock of Texas, in Missouri
    Henry R. Jackson, resigned
    Robert S. Garnet of Virginia, killed in action
    William H.T. Walker of Georgia, resigned
    Barnard E. Bee of S. Carolina, killed in action
    Alexander R. Lawton of Georgia, commanding coast of Georgia
    Gideon J. Pillow of Tennessee, in Kentucky
    Samuel R. Anderson of Tennessee, in Kentucky
    Daniel S. Donelson of Tennessee, on the coast of S. Carolina
    David R. Jones of S. Carolina, Army of the Potomac
    Jones M. Withers of Alabama, commanding, coast of Alabama
    John C. Pemberton of Virginia, coast of S. Carolina
    Richard S. Ewell of Virginia, Army of the Potomac
    John H. Winder of Maryland, at Richmond
    Jubal A. Early of Virginia, Army of the Potomac
     Thomas B. Flournoy of Arkansas, died in Arkansas
    Samuel Jones of Virginia, Army of the Potomac
    Arnold Elzey of Maryland, Army of the Potomac
    Daniel Hill of North Carolina, Army of the Potomac
    Henry H. Sibley of Louisiana, Texas frontier
    William H. C. Whiting of Georgia, Army of the Potomac
    William W. Loring of North Carolina, in western Virginia
    Richard H. Anderson of South Carolina, at Pensacola
    Albert Pike of Arkansas, Indian Commissioner
    Thomas T. Fauntleroy of Virginia, resigned
    Robert Toombs of Georgia, Army of the Potomac
    Daniel Ruggles of Virginia, in Louisiana
    Charles Clark of Mississippi, Army of the Potomac
    Roswell T. Ripley of South Carolina, coast of South Carolina
    Isaac R. Trimble of Maryland, Army of the Potomac
    John B. Grayson of Kentucky, died in Florida
    Paul D. Hebert of Louisiana, on the coast of Texas
    Richard C. Gatlin of North Carolina, commanding, coast of North Carolina
    Felix K. Zollicoffer of Tennessee, in eastern Kentucky
    Benjamin Cheatham of Tennessee, in Kentucky
    Joseph R. Anderson of Virginia, on the coast of North Carolina
    Simon B. Buckner of Kentucky, in Kentucky
    Leroy Pope Walker of Alabama, in Alabama
    Albert G. Blanchard of Louisiana, at Norfolk
    Gabriel J. Rains of North Carolina, at Yorktown
    J.E.B. Stuart of Virginia, Army of the Potomac
    Lafayette McLaws of Georgia, at Yorktown
    Thomas F. Drayton of South Carolina, on the coast of South Carolina
    Adley H. Gladden of Louisiana, at Pensacola
    John Porter McCown of Tennessee, in Kentucky
    Lloyd Tilghman of Kentucky, in Kentucky
    Nathan G. Evans of South Carolina, on the coast of South Carolina
    Cadmus M. Wilcox of Tennessee, Army of the Potomac
    Philip St. George Cooke of Virginia, died in Virginia
    R.E. Rhodes of Alabama, Army of the Potomac
    Richard Taylor of Louisiana, Army of the Potomac
    Louis T. Wigfall of Texas, Army of the Potomac
    James H. Trapler of South Carolina, on the coast of Florida
    Samuel G. French of Mississippi, Army of the Potomac
    William H. Carroll, east Tennessee (no other information)
    Hugh W. Mercer of Georgia, -------- (no other information)
    Humphrey Marshall of Kentucky, in Kentucky
    John C. Breckenridge of Kentucky, in Kentucky
    Richard Griffith of Mississippi, Army of the Potomac
    Alexander P. Stewart of Kentucky, in Kentucky
    William Montgomery Gardner of Georgia, on furlough
    Richard B. Garnet of Virginia, Army of the Potomac
    William Mahone of Virginia, at Norfolk
    L. O’Brien Branch of North Carolina, on the coast of North Carolina
    Maxey Gregg of South Caroline, on the coast of South Carolina
    The West Point Generals
    Class of:
    1815: Samuel Cooper
    1820:  John H. Wender
    1822:  Isaac R. Tremble
    1825:  Daniel S. Donelson, Benjamin Huger
    1826:  Albert S. Johnston, J.B. Grayson
    1827:  Leonidas Polk, Gabriel J. Rains
    1828:  T.F. Drayton, Hugh W. Mercer
    1829:  Joseph E. Johnston, R.E. Lee, Theophilus H. Holmes, Albert G. Blanchard
    1830:  John B. Magruder
    1832:  George P. Crittendon, P. St. George Cooke, Humphrey Marshall, Richard C. Gatlin
    1833:  Daniel Ruggles
    1835:  James M. Withers
    1836:  J.R. Anderson, Lloyd Tilghman
    1837:  Braxton Bragg, W.H.T. Walker, J.A. Early, J.C. Pemberton, Arnold Elzey, H.H. Sibley
    1838:  William J. Hardee, James H. Trapler
    1839:  Alexander R. Lawton, J.P. McCown
    1840:  Richard S. Ewell, Paul O. Herbert, Richard B. Garnett
    1841: Robert S. Garnet, Samuel Jones
    1842:  Earl Van Dorn, G.W. Smith, Mansfield Lovell, J. Longstreet, Daniel H. Hill, 
    Richard H. Anderson, Lafayette McLaws, A.P. Stewart
    1843:  Roswell S. Ripley, S.G. French
    1844:  Simon B. Buckner
    1845:  E. Kirby Smith, Barnard E. Bee, William H.C. Whiting
    1846:  Thomas J. Jackson, Cadmus M. Wilcox, David R. Jones, W.M. Gardner
    1848:  Nathan G. Evans
    1854(?):  J.E.B. Stuart
    The following generals were appointed to the old U.S. Army without passing through 
    West Point Academy:  David E. Twiggs, appointed in 1842; William W. Loring, 
    appointed in 1846; Thomas T. Fauntleroy, appointed in 1836.
    The following generals saw service in the Mexican war:
    M.L. Benham
    Henry R. Jackson
    Gideon J. Pillow
    Samuel R. Anderson
    Charles Clark
    Thomas C. Hindman
    John C. Breckenridge
    Benjamin F. Cheatham
    Richard Griffith
    Albert Pike
    Adley H. Gladden
    Maxey Gregg
    The following generals participated in the Texas War and the War with Mexico:  
    Ben McCulloch, Louis T. Wigfall
    The following generals saw no previous military service previous to the present war:  
    Jno. E. Floyd, Henry A. Wise, Robert Toombs, Richard Taylor, Thomas R. Flournoy, 
    L. Pope Walker, F.K. Zollicoffer, William Mahone, L. O’B. Branch, William H. Carroll, 
    R.E. Rhodes.  Some, however, received a military education at state institutions.
    The following were born in the north although previous to the war they were citizens of 
    southern states:   General Cooper, born in New York; Ripley in Ohio; Pemberton in 
    Pennsylvania; Whiting, Pike, Ruggles, and Blanchard, all from Massachusetts; 
    French, New Jersey.
    The following generals are South Carolinians:  Huger, Bonham, Bee (now dead), 
    D.R. Jones, Ripley, R.H. Anderson, Drayton, Evans, Trapier and Gregg.  
    The following are natives of South Carolina although citizens of other states:  
    Longstreet of Alabama, Lawton of Georgia, Danielson of Tennessee, Withers of Alabama, 
    Hill of North Carolina, Gladden of Louisiana, and Wigfall of Texas.

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, May, 2007

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