North Carolina Infantry 1st Regiment

  North Carolina Infantry First Regiment This regiment was organized June 27, 1862 to serve three years. The Second Regiment N.C. Infantry was consolidated with it February 27, 1865. It was mustered out June 27, 1865 by reason of expiration of service. The official battles in which this regiment bore an honorable part is not yet published in orders. Taken From: Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force of the U.S. Army for the years 1861-65, 1865 Published: Washington, D.C: G.P.O. Microfiche [Bethesda, Maryland]: Congressional Information Service, 1911 (CIS Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909: nos W312-1 to W31-8) References: CIS Index to U.S. Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909, Part 2 Colonel (Nothing Shown) Lt. Colonel Oscar Eastmond…..5 June, 1865 Major James W. Atwill….5 June, 1865 Captains James J. McLane…..18 October, 1863 George W. Graham…..19 October, 1863 William H. King…..22 October, 1863 Edward C. Manning…..23 November, 1863 David G. Lake…..5 March, 1864 Wilbur F. Stevens…..21 February, 1865 LaMott K. Devendorf…..1 June, 1865 John B. Reed…..5 June, 1865 First Lieutenants J.H. Springer, R.Q.M…….1 June, 1862 James McKay…..1 May, 1863 William M. Cherry…..18 October, 1863 Albert E. Edwards, 26 January, 1864 William Kraft…..18 August, 1864 Douglas S. Houghton…..21 Feb., 1865 Dwight M. Kennedy, 21 February, 1865 Leander A. Bigger…..30 May, 1865 J.W. Smith, Adjutant, a.w.m. Second Lieutenants Abram H. Hamblin…..21 November, 1863 David J. Green…..26 January, 1864 James Crolley….. 5 March, 1864 Elbridge H. Babbitt….. 26 April, 1864 Wm. W. Alexander…..27 April, 1864 John S. Gordon…..17 August, 1864 William K. Hammond, 18 August, 1864 William S. Boyd…..21 February, 1865 William H. Oneal…..10 May, 1865 Wm. C. Livermore…..30 May, 1865 Surgeon Julius C. Sulter…..1 December, 1864 Assistant Surgeon Dexter A. Maynard…..29 May, 1865 Chaplain None noted Casualties: None Listed Promoted (3) Lt. Col. E.E. Potter, November 29, 1862 to Brigadier General Captain William A. Moore, March 1, 1865 to Major, 14th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery Assistant Surgeon Henry J. Menninger, February 6, 1864 to Surgeon 2nd Regiment N.C. Infantry Resigned (13) Col. Joseph M. McChesney, May 13, 1865 Captain Enos C. Sanders, January 5, 1863 Captain James M. Hervey, June 30, 1863 1st Lt. Joseph W. Ethridge, Feb. 21, 1863 1st Lt. George Mills Joy, March 19, 1863 1st Lt. Thomas J. Fogerty, December 3, 1864 1st Lt. Virgil G. Barnard, Adj., May 12, 1865 1st Lt. De Forest Marsters, May 13, 1865 2nd Lt. John B. McLane, Jan. 3, 1863 2nd Lt. Wm. J. Harrison, Feb. 18, 1863 2nd Lt. George T. Woodman, June 15, 1863 2nd Lt. Nathaniel T.H. Chenery, July 30, 1864 Chaplain Samuel W. Messmore, Sept. 5, 1864 Mustered out on expiration of term of service (2) Major Charles C. Graves, Feb. 27, 1865 Captain Richard J. Allen, March 1, 1865 Discharged (7) Lt. Col. James H. Strong, May 12, 1865 Captain Henry D. Clift, Feb. 23, 1865 1st Lt. Henry T. Schroeder, Oct. 5, 1864 1st Lt. Silas A. Carpenter, Feb. 23, 1865 1st Lt. Charles W. Conover, Feb. 23, 1865 2nd Lt. Abner Adams, June 10, 1863 2nd Lt. Joseph F. Roberts, June 15, 1863 Died (6) Captain Charles A. Lyons, Oct. 24, 1864, of disease, at Beaufort, N.C. 1st Lt. A.H. Sanders, killed by guerillas at Edenton, N.C., January 5, 1863 1st Lt. James R. Nicol, killed in action at Ford’s Mill, N.C., Oct. 30, 1863 1st Lt. Wm. K. Adams, killed in action at Greensville, N.C., Dec. 30, 1863 2nd Lt. Thaddeus Cox, killed by guerillas near Edenton, N.C., Feb. 9, 1863 Surgeon Robert A. Babbitt, Oct. 18, 1864, of disease, at Beaufort, N.C. Missing (1) 1st Lt. John Fearless, since Sept., 1862 Dismissed (2) 1st Lt. Jonathan T. Mizell, Dec. 11, 1863 1st Lt. John A. Chenery, Adj’t., July 6, 1864 Cashiered (1) 2nd Lt. Lafayette Riggs, May 14, 1863 NOTE: The roster of officers is given as it stood on the day of muster out. Transcribed by Christine Spencer July 2008

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