Officers of North Carolina Troops As of Late 1861/Early 1862

    AS OF LATE 1861/EARLY 1862
    Document Number One of Two
    Taken From Two Issues of the North Carolina Standard in late December of 1861 
    and early January of 1862
    PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the volume of typing, to avoid having to type over and 
    over again the words “Captain”, “First Lieutenant” and “Second Lieutenants”, the 
    transcriber has used the following format, unless otherwise noted, when the ranks 
    will be spelled out.  90% of the companies shown had one captain, one first lieutenant 
    and two second lieutenants, and they were presented in that order.  Therefore, unless 
    otherwise noted, in the companies listed, the first name will be the Captain, the 
    second name will be the First Lieutenant and the last two names will be the Second 
    Lieutenants.  The print was very small, much of the print was blurred or too faint to see, 
    when I was not sure, I put a (?).
    From the North Carolina Standard, Raleigh, December 25, 1861
    Register of North Carolina Troops
    Commander in Chief Henry T. Clark
    Colonel Daniel M. Berringer
    Lt. Colonel Spier(?) Whitaker
    Major General and General in Chief:  James G. Martin
    Captain Augustus M. Lewis, Paymaster
    Captain John Devereux, Assistant Quartermaster
    Captain Abraham Myers, Assistant Quartermaster
    Captain A. Gordon, Assistant Adjutant General
    Captain William B. Gulick(?), Assistant Adjutant General
    Captain John C. Winder, Assistant Adjutant General
    Captain Thomas D. Hogg, Assistant Commissary
    Captain James Simon(?), Assistant Commissary
    Captain Charles W. Garrett, Assistant Commissary
    Captain Alexander W. Lawrence, Assistant Ord. Dept.
    Capt. W.W. Pierce, Assistant Ord. Dept.
    Capt. James N. Edmunston, Assistant Ord. Dept.
    Surgeon General Charles E. Johnson
    Surgeons:  Wm. M. Davis, Wm. J. Gilliard(?), Charles J. Gee, James B. Hughes, 
    James F. McRae, Joseph F. King, James A. McRae, Wesley M. Campbell, 
    Henry P. Ritter, Peter E. Hines, James Johnson, David A. Montgomery, 
    John W. Hutchings, James A. Miller, E. Burke Haywood, Columbus Mills, 
    Thomas W. Keen, Benjamin T. Green, James A. Bizzell, Robert J. Hicks, 
    Prescott(?) A. Holt, James K. hall, Bedford Brown, R.H. Smith, Thomas J. Boykin, 
    Wyatt M. Brown, Robert Gibbon, Peter Custis(?) or Curtis(?), Samuel W. Langden, 
    Warren W. World, John Yancey, W.J. Blew(?) Blow(?)
    Assistant Surgeons:  James M. Simes(?) Sines(?), Charles J. O’Hagen, 
    Nathaniel M. Scales(?), George L. Kirby(?), Kenneth A. Mack, J.G. Thomas, 
    Jobe(?) K. Ruffin, William E. White, Jos. H. Baker, William Little, Peter W. Young, 
    John H. McAdden(?), Thomas H. Wingfield, Charles LeSeuer, John S. Leach, 
    John T. Dun- - - t, Walter E. Mott(?), W.D. Whitted(?) Winteed(?), 
    William B. Mu - - res, Jos. W. Caldwell, Benj.(?) A. Cheek, William R. Wilson, 
    R. H.(?) Shields, Laumier(?) Lanmeir(?) K. (first letter of last name illegible the 
    rest is “aunders”), Wrightstill C - - - lit, W.S. McLean, Jos. J. Baxter, 
    Francis N. Lackey(?), William a. Holt, George H. Coke(?), Edward - - - - sero
    First Regiment North Carolina Troops (First Regiment State Troops-Infantry)
    Colonel Montfort S. Stokes
    Lt. Colonel M.W. Ranson
    Major John A. McDowell
    Company A
    Tristan L. Skinner
    John a. Benbury
    Lemnel(?) C. Benbury
    John L. Braiton(?) Bratton(?)
    Company B
    Hamilton A. Brown
    Marens A. Parks
    John A. Hampton
    Thomas S. Bocehelle(?)
    Company C
    James S. Hines
    Hardy L. Pennell(?)
    Owen Fennell
    William H. Thompson
    Company D
    Edward M. Scott
    Edward E. Sumner
    Adolphus W. Cheek
    Patrick H. Grundy(?)
    Company E
    James A. Wright
    John L. W - - ster
    Guilford L. Dudley
    Richard F. Langdon
    Company F
    Jarrett N. Harrell
    William S. Shepherd
    Cicero F. (or P.?) Lyon
    James P. Jenkins
    Company G
    Louis C. Latham
    M. (or N.?) J. Whitehurst
    Julian A. Latham
    Lucius C. Cole(?) Coke(?)
    Company H
    R.W. Rives(?)
    Napoleon B. Fagan
    John A. Mizell
    John E. Kerr
    Company I
    James H. Foote
    William D. Scarborough
    Hardiman D. Fowler
    James J. Terrell
    Company K
    Sterling H. Gee
    A L. Pierce(?) Pierez(?)
    William R. Williams
    William B. Stokes
    Second Regiment (Second Regiment State Troops-Infantry)
    Colonel Charles C. Tew
    Lt. Colonel William P. Bynum
    Major William R. Cox
    Company A
    Calvin Barnes
    James R. Sterling
    James Price
    Robert E. Calder
    Company B
    John Howard
    Joseph Pierce(?)
    John C. Gorman
    John McKeny(?) McReny(?)
    Company C
    Gideon M. Roberts
    William T. Fair - - th (Fairfeth?)
    David Cogdell
    William H. (last name illegible Le- - - n or Lo- - - n)
    Company D
    William S. Stallings
    Isaac(?) C. Applewhite
    Matthias(?) Manley
    Will(?) H.H. Cobb
    Company E
    John M. Morehead
    Henry C. Garrett
    Joseph M. Morehead
    James I. Scales
    Company F
    Hugh L. Cole
    Nat. M. Chadwick
    R. (?) S. Wetherington 
    Henry J.B. Clark
    Company G
    Harvey A. Sawyer
    Orren Williams
    William J. Dickerson
    Robert H. Jones
    Company H.
    James A. Washington
    Donald D. Moore(?) Munro(?)
    John P. Cobb
    James W. Gulick
    Company I
    Captain Daniel W. Huritt(?) Huril(?)
    Adjutant N.C. Hughes
    1st Lt. Edward K. Bryan
    2nd Lt. Sylvester Taylor
    Company K
    George C. Lewis(?)
    Alexander Miller
    Richard D. Hancock
    Joseph F. Heilen(?)
    Third Regiment (Third Regiment State Troops-Infantry)
    Colonel Gaston M- - - res
    Lt. Colonel Robert H. Cu- - -
    Major William L. DeRussell
    Company A
    Robert H. Drysdale
    Henry H.(?) Best
    James H. Albratton(?)
    William G. Williams
    Company B
    Stephenson D. Th- - - - - - 
    John H. Brown
    Thomas Cowan
    George W. Ward
    Company C
    Peter Mallett(?)
    Edward Spearman
    Henry W. Burne(?) Burns(?)
    Charles P. Mallett
    Company D
    Edward Savage(?)
    Adjutant W.A. Cumming
    1st Lt. J.F.S. Van Bekkelen(?)
    2nd Lt. Edward G. Seares(?)
    Company E
    M. LaFayette redd
    William T. Ennett(?)
    Leander Moore
    Elisha Porter
    Company F
    William M. Pardey(?)
    Hardy B. Willis
    Robert S. (last name illegible-Endshiff? Rudchif?)
    John W. Runnelman(?)
    Company G
    Edward H. Rhodes
    Solomon Gornic(?)
    William H. Quince
    Robert N. Bell
    Company H
    Theodore M. Sikes
    Duncan E. McNair
    Swift Gallsway(?) Galloway(?)
    A.L. DeRussell
    Company I
    John r. Carmer(?)
    Samuel B. Walters
    Archibald Craig
    William R. Gaylord
    Company K
    David(?) Williams
    Thomas E. Armstrong
    Alexander W. Bannerman(?)
    John P. Hand
    Fourth Regiment (Fourth Regiment State Troops-Infantry)
    Colonel George B. Anderson
    Lt. Colonel John A. Young
    Major Bryan Grimes
    Company A
    Absolom K. Simonton
    William A. Ellison(?)
    W.L. Davidson
    William G. Falls
    Company B
    James H. Wood
    Thomas C. Watson
    Jesse F. Stancil(?)
    John R. Harris
    Company C
    John B. Andrews
    J. Reid
    Joseph C. Wi- - - (Winte?)
    William A. Kerr
    Company D
    Alexander D. Tumbro
    Robert B. Po- - s (Potis?)
    John B. Griswald
    M. Clay Hazelle
    Company E
    David M. Carter
    Thomas L. Perry(?)
    Edward L. Rudding
    Daniel P. Latham
    Company F
    Jesse A. Barnes
    John W. Dunham
    Patrick R. Simms
    Thomas E. Thompson
    Company G
    William F. Kelly
    Samuel A. Keily(?) Kelly(?)
    Thomas J. Brown
    Samuel C. Davis
    Company H
    Edwin A. Osborne
    John Z. Dalton
    John B. Fore- - - (or Fure- - - )
    Franklin E. Weaver
    Company I
    William T. Marsh
    Leonidas B. Creekman
    Bryan T. (last name completely illegible)
    There was only one 2nd Lt. in this company
    Company K
    F.M.Y. Neely
    William C. Coughenoor
    Marcus Hallum
    William Brown
    Fifth Regiment (Fifth Regiment State Troops-Infantry)
    Corporal Duncan R. McRae
    No Lt. Col. Listed
    Major John C. Badburn
    Company A
    P.J. Sincalir
    No 1st Lt. listed
    William S. Boswell
    S.(?) B. Maloney
    Company B
    William J. Hill
    Isaac E. Pierce
    Roseu(?) Riddick
    Fab.(?) Pab.(?) J. Haywood, Jr.
    Company C
    Henry Mullins
    Moeback(?) F.(?) Hunt
    David F. Moore
    Only one second lt. listed
    Company D
    Jacob Brookfield
    Speight B. West
    James C. McRae
    Samuel F. Flannigan
    Company E
    Samuel Reeves
    Robert Hendry
    Frederick H. Sprague
    Only one second lt. listed
    Company F
    Thomas M. Currick
    Joseph G. Hays
    Richard P. Grant
    Marcus W. Perry
    Company G
    Thomas B. Thompson
    No 1st Lt. Listed
    John P. Clark
    George F. Parker
    Company H
    Solomon D. Dough
    James H. Doughlie(?)
    Charles R. King
    Isaac A. Jones
    Company I
    John W. Lee
    Samuel T. Snow
    John R. Bailey
    Only one second lt. listed
    Company K
    Hamilton C. Jones
    James M. Jones
    Lester M. Davis
    Only one 2nd lt. listed
    Sixth Regiment (Sixth Regiment State Troops-Infantry)
    Colonel William D. Pender
    Lt. Colonel Charles E. Lightfoot
    Major Robert F. Webb
    Company A
    Samuel S. Kirkland
    J.C. Turror(?) Turrow(?) Turner(?)
    James M. Pr- - 
    Only one 2nd lt. listed
    Company B
    William K. parish(?)
    William E. McMannon
    Alva K. Unsted
    Thomas L. Cooley
    Company C
    William J. Freeland
    Houston R. Lowrie
    Willie G. Guess
    Evans Turner
    Company D
    Samuel McD Tate
    D.C. Pearson
    Neill W. Ray
    John Carson
    Company E
    I.E. Avery
    Alphonse C. Avery
    James H. Burns
    John A. McPherson
    Company F
    James W. Wilson
    Hubert N. Carter
    Benjamin F. White
    Henry O. Dixon
    Company G
    James A. Craize
    Adjutant Benjamin r. S - - - - - 
    1st Lt. William R. Lewis
    2nd Lt. James T. Roseborough
    Company H
    William r. Dunham(?)
    Levi H. Walker
    No 2nd lieutenants listed in this company
    Company I
    Richard W. York
    Malchus(?) W. Page
    Jeremiah A. Lee
    M.B. Barbee
    Company K
    James W. Lee
    Jos. S. Vincent
    C.N. Raney
    S.J. Crawford
    Seventh Regiment (Seventh Regiment State Troops-Infantry)
    Colonel Reuben(?) P. Campbell
    Lt. Colonel Ed. G. Haywood
    Major Edw. D. Hall
    Company A
    Junius L. Hill
    James G. Knox
    Andrew A. Hill
    Kenneth(?) W. Hill
    Company B
    Robert S. Young
    Samuel E. White
    Solomon Fe- - 
    John P. Young
    Company C
    Robert C.(or G.?) McRae
    David R.M. Murchison(?)
    Thomas H. McCoy
    Walter B. Williams
    Company D
    William L. Davidson
    John E. Brown(?)
    William J. Kerr
    Benj. H.(?) Davidson
    Company E
    A.J. Taylor
    Duncan C. Haywood
    Iredell M. Williams
    William A. Close(?) Closs(?)
    Company F
    J. McLeod Turner
    Thomas G. Williamson
    Elam(?) G. Buckner(?)
    Francis D. Stockton
    Company G
    Husan(?) Weatherspoon
    Canaday Lewis
    William E. Lowe
    S. Weatherspoon
    Company H
    James G. Harris
    Samuel E.W. Pharr
    John M. Alexander
    J.M.W. Alexander
    Company I
    James R. McAuley
    William N. Dickey
    Robert G. McAuley
    John Y. Templeton
    Company K
    Lew H. Peoples
    Nathan A. Pool
    William G. Green(?)
    Joseph C. Miller(?)
    Eighth Regiment (Eighth Regiment State Troops-Infantry)
    Colonel Henry M. Shaw
    Lt. Colonel George Williamson
    Major—none listed
    Company A
    James W. (last name illegible—Hinton??)
    William H. Begley
    No 2nd Lieutenants listed
    Company B
    J.M. Whitson
    Thomas J. Jarvis(?)
    Benjamin F. Simmons
    Enoch F. Baxter
    Company C
    Henry McRae
    Charles H. Barron(?)
    Thomas W. Davis
    W.L.S. Townsend
    Company D
    Andrew J. Rogers
    William H. Howerton(?)
    John J. Bell
    William H. Wilhelm
    Company E
    James Williams
    John M. Murchison
    K.M. Murchison
    Neil G. Munroe
    Company F
    Charles J. Jones
    William M. Walker
    Alfred (last name illegible—Alsten??)
    Leonard Henderson
    Company G
    Edward C. Yellowley
    Amos J. Hines
    Charles D. (last name illegible—Ronstree??)
    Walter N. Peebles(?)
    Company H.
    Rufus A. B-r-er
    Jacob (last name illegible—Fife??)
    Jonus Cook
    H.C. McAllister
    Company K
    Pinkney A. Kon- - - - 
    Archibald B.(or H.?) Gregory
    Robert B. Child- - - 
    James C. Cooper
    Ninth Regiment (Ninth Regiment State Troops-Cavalry)
    Colonel Robert Ransom
    Lt. Colonel Lawrence S. Bates
    Major James B. Gordon(?)
    Company A
    Thomas N. Crumpler
    William H.H. Cowes(?) Cowles(?)
    No 2nd lieutenants listed
    Company B
    John H. Whitaker
    Alexander B. Ambrose(?)
    William R.T. Williams(?)
    Only One 2nd Lieutenant listed
    Company C
    James M. Miller
    M. (another initial illegible) L. McLeod
    Robert Maxwell
    Only One 2nd Lieutenant listed
    Company D
    George N. Polk
    Samuel P. Caldwell
    James W. Council(?)
    John C. Ba-r (Barr?)
    Company E
    William H. Cheek
    Quartermaster R.I. Shaw
    No other listings for this company
    Company F
    (first name illegible—Rufus??) Barringer
    Joseph A. fisher
    No 2nd Lieutenants listed
    Company G
    William R. Wood
    Adjutant James L. Henry
    No other listings for this company
    Company H
    Thomas Ruffin
    Thomas L. Vail(?)
    William F. Karnegay(?)
    Johnson R.(?) H.(?) Bryan
    Company I
    William J. Houston
    Wiley A. Barrie
    No other listings for this company
    Company K
    Thaddeus(?) P. S - - er
    William M. Addington
    Will H. Ross
    Only one 2nd Lieutenant listed
    Tenth Regiment (Tenth Regiment State Troops-Artillery)
    Colonel James A.J. Bradford
    No Lt. Colonel listed
    Majors William B. Thompson(?) and Stephen D. Ram- - m
    Company A
    Basil(?) C. Manly(?)
    William J. Saunders(?)
    Bernard H. Green
    Thomas B. Bridgis
    Company B
    Henry T. Gross(?) Green(?)
    First Lieutenants Alexander C. Latham and Thaddeus Coleman
    Second Lieutenants Joseph W. Stevenson and Edward D. Walsh
    Company C
    Thomas H. (last name illegible, Brett? Brete?)
    W. H.(?) B. Lewis
    Joseph Graham
    Arthur B. Williams
    Company D
    James Reilly
    Two 1st Lieutenants:  John A. Ramsey & William W. Myers
    Two 2nd Lieutenants:  Jesse F. Woodward & Wm. S. Sennde? Sannde? Sanude?
    Company E
    Alexander D. Moore
    John A. Baker
    John O. (or C.?) Miller
    John C. Mulhenny
    Company F
    William S.G. Andrews
    Two 1st Lieutenants:  Daniel Gozdell(?) & A.J. Briggs (Axariah?)
    Two 2nd Lieutenants:  C.S. Primrose & Richard W. (last name illegible)
    Company G
    J.S. Pender
    Two 1st Lieutenants:  James L. Manney(?) & Walter H. Pender
    Two 2nd Lieutenants:  John E. Robinson & Robert E. Walker
    Company H
    Stephen D. Pool
    John C. Manson(?)
    Joseph P. Robinson
    Benjamin F. Miller
    Company I
    John N. Whitford(?)
    John L. Pennington(?) Pernington(?)
    Stephen G. Barrington(?)
    Edward Whitford
    Company K
    Thomas Scarron(?)
    No First Lieutenant Listed
    J.J. Whitehurst(?)
    A.J. Thomas(?)
    Eleventh Regiment (1st Volunteers—“Bethel” Infantry)
    Colonel Charles G. Lee
    Lt. Colonel Joseph Starr
    Major Robert F. Hoke
    Company A
    W.P. Lloyd
    William G. Lewis
    William S. Long
    Only One Second Lieutenant Listed
    Company B
    William A. Owens
    Robert S. Bryce
    William P. Hill
    Thomas D.G. - - - pre or - - - pra(?) (Heepra??)
    Company C
    E.A. Ross
    E. H.(or B.?) Cohen
    E.B. Trotter
    C.W. Alexander
    Company D
    Richard J. Ashe
    James R. Jennings(?) Jeanings(?)
    Richard B. Saunders
    Richard Mullett(?), Jr.
    Company E
    William W. McDowell
    Washington M. Hardy
    George E. Gregory
    James A. Parton
    Company F
    Frank N. Roberts
    J.A. Pemberton
    George B. Sloat
    Benjamin Rush
    Company G
    Clark M. Avery
    Calvin S. Brown
    John A. Dickson
    Jas. C.S. McDowell(?) McDaniel(?)
    Company H
    Wright Huske
    Benjamin R. Huske
    C - - - les (Cowles??) B. Cook
    Hector McKe – ban
    Company I
    No Captain Listed
    M.T. Whitaker
    Clay Whitaker
    Carr B. Corbett
    Company K
    William J. Hoke(?)
    Wallace M. Reinhardt
    William R. Edwards
    Albert S. Haynes
    Company L
    J.(?) C. Jacocke
    Stark A. Sutton
    F.W. Bird
    James J. Speller(?)
    Company M
    J.(?) K. Marshall
    L.P. Warren
    Edward A. (last name illegible, maybe Small?)
    Thomas Capchard(?)
    Twelfth Regiment (2nd Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel Solomon Williams
    Lt. Colonel Edward Cantwell
    Major Augustus W. Horton(?)
    Company A
    Benjamin O. (or C.?) Wade
    Joseph H. Separk(?)
    Nathaniel C. Harmon
    Isham H. Bennett
    Company B
    George Wortham
    Augustus Landis, Jr.
    John B. Hunter
    John C. Hester(?)
    Company C
    Thomas S. Kenan(?)
    Thomas S. Watson
    William A. Allen
    John W. Hinson(?)
    Company D
    Edward M. Norment
    Owen C. Norment
    Henry R. McKinney
    Only One 2nd Lieutenant Listed
    Company E
    James E. Whitaker
    W.H. Anthony
    John S. Northington
    Crawford Gary
    Company F
    Henry Coleman
    John T. Taylor
    William H. Townes
    Thomas H. Morrow
    Company G
    Thomas L. Jones(?)
    William S. Davis
    Robert Tw - - y (Twery??)
    James Sutherland
    Company H
    Jerome B. Fulton
    Cicero A. Durham
    Jesse Jenkins
    Philo(?) P. (first letter of last name illegible, - eke, maybe Deke?)
    Company I
    Samuel S. Vick
    William H. Blount
    John W. Barrett
    William F. Bowland
    Company K
    David P. Rowe
    Yancey M. Wilfeng(?)
    Miles A. Fourt(?) Yount(?)
    Thomas W. Bradford
    Thirteenth Regiment (3rd Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel Alfred M. Scales
    Lt. Colonel W.S. Guy
    Major D.H. Hamilton
    Company A
    John A. Graves
    B.Y. McAdon(?) McAden(?)
    R. (or M.?) W. Norfleet
    F. L. Potent(?) Poteat(?)
    Company B
    A.A. Erwin
    John R. Erwin
    Robert S. Warren
    William A. Presley
    Company C
    James T. Mitchell
    Leonard H. Hunt
    Joseph Fleming
    Samuel R. Thornton
    Company D
    John T. Hambrick
    E. Brock Helden
    Romy(?) Homy(?) A. Rogers
    Daniel (first three letters of last name illegible - - -  mond—may begin with a ‘M’)
    Company E
    Thomas Ruffin
    John A. Murray
    W. H. Fan - - - t
    Only One Second Lieutenant Listed
    Company F
    Jesse A. Clement
    Julius(?) Roseler
    Wiley Clement
    Cheamer(?) Sain
    Company G
    Joseph H. Hyman
    J.A. Fuqua(?) Fugna(?)
    C.N. C - - - - er
    P. Jenkins
    Company H
    Capt. Henry McGeehee
    No 1st Lieutenant Listed
    John Scales(?)
    David Settle
    Company I
    Thomas Settle
    Chalmers Glenn
    E.W. Hancock
    Robert H. Ward
    Company K
    Giles P. Bailey
    Robert Wait
    Hugh L. Guerraut(?)
    William M. Nunnaly(?)
    Fourteenth Regiment (4th Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel Junius Daniel
    Lt. Colonel George S. Lovejoy
    Major Paul(?) S. Fason(?)
    Company A
    William A. Johnson
    W.A. Pearson
    B.B. Bobbitt
    Robert Myrick
    Company B
    Willis L. Miller
    Pleasant G. Thomas
    Henry W. Ayer
    Joseph C. Lambeth
    Company C
    Charles(?) E. Smith
    William M. Hammond
    Walter J. (first letter of last name illegible – aggen, might be a ‘B’)
    William A. Liles
    Company D
    Edward Dixon
    Rupert S. Patterson
    Rufus R. R - - - k
    William M. Ware
    Company E
    George H. Fairibault
    William M. Thompson
    John W. Harrison
    James M. Royster
    Company F
    Philus(?) W. Roberts(?)
    Edward W. Herndon
    James N. Gudger
    Samuel S. Brown
    Company G
    Thomas T. Slade(?)
    Andrew J. Griffith
    John S. Johnson
    John J. Gilliam(?)
    Company H
    Richard Anderson
    James R. DeBerry
    Julius A. Kendall
    John R. S - - pson
    Company I
    Jesse(?) Hergrove
    H.N. Wevers(?)
    William M. Holt
    Thomas B. Beale
    Company K
    Wilson R.(?) Harrison
    S. H.(?) Rogers(?)
    Joseph Jones
    Seaton(?) Gales
    Fifteenth Regiment (5th Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel Robert McKinney
    Lt. Colonel Ross R. Ihrie(?)
    Major William F. Green
    Company A
    Samuel T. (last name illegible)
    Adjutant and 1st Lieutenant J. Manning, Jr.
    William P. V - - - (Vick?)
    Jas. B. Randolph
    Company B
    William McRae
    Thomas H.(?) Means
    Leander A. (last name illegible)
    Robert P. Jo- - - - - 
    Company C
    Chris G. Love
    John N. Nicholson
    Daniel(?) G. Harder(?)
    Only One Second Lieutenant Listed 
    Company D
    William S. Corbett(?)
    Quartermaster H.C. Ca – me – s
    Daniel La – mers
    G.R. Hardie(?) Hardin(?)
    Company E
    Wiley Perry, Jr.
    William H. Ballard
    Roscum(?) S. Harris
    Henry C. Kearney
    Company F
    Kenneth Marchison(?)
    Kenneth M. McNeil
    Robert H.(or B.?) Smith
    Samuel D. Pipkins
    Company G
    James J. Jackson
    No other listed
    Company H
    J.R. Stockard
    David I.(?) Thompson
    J.N.H. Clendinnen(?)
    G.A. Clendenin
    Company I
    Turner W. Battle
    Henry A. Dowd
    Fred Phillips
    R. Sugg(?)
    Company K
    Gray W. Hammond(?)
    William T. Gay
    John J. Reid
    Thomas H. Griffin
    Company L
    Algernon S. Perry
    W.S. Harris
    William H. Yar - - r –
    R – cks M. Pierce
    Company M
    John H. Taylor
    William L. Landen
    Oscar M. Neal
    Only One Second Lieutenant Listed
    Sixteenth Regiment (Sixth Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel Stephen Lee
    Lt. Colonel Robert G.A. Love
    Major Benjamin F. Briggs
    Company A
    Andrew W. Coleman
    Dillard L. Love
    J.R. Love
    William Green
    Company B
    John Pe – ke
    S.W. Carter
    W.N. Kee – h
    D.W. Anderson
    Company C
    John S. McElroy
    J.A. Ho- - - - (Hobarth?)
    R.B.(?) Acheston(?)
    Samuel D. Byrd
    Company D
    Herbert D. Lee
    James (?) W. Kilpatrick
    William F.(?) P.(?) Thorn
    A.A. McK – ensy
    Company E
    Elijah G. Kirksey(?) Kirtsey(?)
    James R.(?) B.(?) Kincade
    Ambrose S. Baylor
    W.F. Worlick
    Company F
    Patrick H. Thrush
    Alfred A. Havenor
    E. B.(or R.?) Alexander
    Thomas P. Jones
    Company G
    Champ(?)Chimp(?) T.N. Davis
    L.P. Erwin
    I. (or J.?) B. McL - - irs
    J.W. Wilkins
    Company H
    Thomas M. Angel
    James Cunsler(?)
    C.L. Robinson
    William McD(?) Allman
    Company I
    William Shipp(?)
    J.J. Spann(?)
    W. D. M - - er
    J.W. Lane
    Company K
    John G. (or C.?) Camp
    George W. Peale
    R. H. (last name illegible)
    J. C. (or G.?) - - lls
    Company L
    E.G. Johnston
    J.M. Welch
    G.W. Rogers
    Company M
    W.A. Stowe(?)
    L.W. Stowe(?)
    J.D. H - - - nd
    A.W. Roberts
    Seventeenth Regiment (Seventh Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel William Martin
    Lt. Colonel George W. Johnston
    Major Henry A. Graham
    Company B (Note:  No Company A Listed)
    James J. Kerth(?) Keith(?)
    John O. Swindell
    W.M.B. Swindell
    Joseph C. Owens
    Company C
    No Captain Listed
    Robert Green
    M. T. Mays(?) Maye(?)
    George W. Daniel
    Company D
    T.H. Sharp
    William B. Wise
    No First Lieutenant Listed
    Julian G. Moore
    John B. Lyon
    Company E
    Alexander P. White
    James L. Lassell
    John B. Lyon
    Only One Second Lieutenant Listed
    Company F
    John G.(or C?) Lamb
    Joseph M. Si – le – sur
    William Biggs
    Only One Second Lieutenant Listed
    Company G
    L.L. Clements
    Cader A - - - - ms
    James A. Whitley
    Thomas B. Griffin
    Company H
    George W. Grimes
    Thomas J. Norman
    Stuart L. Johnson
    Company I
    I.(?) J. Johnson
    M. O.(?)  Jo – d - - (Jordan? Or Jouduc?)
    Thomas H. Gilliam
    Only One Second Lieutenant Listed
    Company K
    Captain James H. Swindell is the only listing for this company
    Company L
    John B. F - - ing
    Adjutant John W. Poole
    Second Lieutenant Charles G. Elliott
    No Other Listings for This Company
    Eighteenth Regiment (Eighth Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel James D. Radcliffe
    Lt. Colonel Oliver P. M - - - cs
    Major George (last name illegible Tait??)
    Company A
    C. (first three letters of last name illegible, then nebison)
    G.H.W. Ru – ge
    Englehardt Schulken
    Company B
    Robert Tait(?)
    Gilmore Edwards
    Wiley J. Sykes
    John W. McGill
    Company C
    Ferney George
    William (?) K. Gore
    Calvin C. Gore
    First three letters of first name illegible then--mford Long(?)
    Company D
    William S. Norment(?)
    William F. French(?)
    Owen C. Norment
    Alfred Be - - and
    Company E
    John R. Hawes(?)
    Henry A. Calvin
    Calvin V.(or Y.?) Hines
    Frederick Thompson
    Company F
    Charles Mallory
    John B. Buchanan(?)
    Daniel M. McLaurin
    John W. Rop - - 
    Company G
    Henry Savage
    Charles D. Myers
    John J. (last name illegible, starts with ‘P’)
    James D. McPeake
    Company H
    D.N. Gore
    William G. Baldwin
    Y.V. Richardson
    Matthew A. Byrne
    Company I
    Hubert D. Williams
    Matthew Lespayre
    Roderick McRae
    Joshua T. James
    Company K
    William S. Devane
    George W. Marsh
    James H. Robinson
    William A. Matthis(?)
    Nineteenth Regiment (Eleventh State Troops-Second Cavalry)
    Colonel Samuel B. Calcrel(?) Caicrel(?)
    Lt. Colonel William B. Robinson
    Major John W. Woodlin(?)
    Company A
    George W. Hays
    John V.H. Rogers
    William C. Moore
    George W. S - - der
    Company B
    Clinton M. Andrews
    S. Jay Andrews
    Richard M. Alison(?)
    James N. Turner
    Company C
    John Booth
    James W. Wynne
    Ellis L. E – re (Eure?)
    William P. Roberts
    Company D
    James W. Strange
    William H. Lu – terink
    Joseph Baker
    James F.T. Williams
    Company E
    Columbus A. Thomas
    Josiah J.B. V - - k
    Nichols M. Harris
    Robert W. Atkinson
    Company F
    Sarzillai(?) L. Cole
    Elisha B. King
    James R. Nelson
    Only One Second Lieutenant Listed
    Company G
    Lewis E. Satterthwait
    William B. Satterthwait
    William M. Nelson
    George P. Bryan
    Company H
    John Randolph
    Henry B. Hardy
    George Bishop
    William H.(or B.?) Newsom
    Company I
    Jesse B.(?) Bryan
    John Arnold
    Daniel O’Bryan(?)
    John S. Ritter(?)
    Company K
    Josiah Turner
    William A. Graham
    John P. Lockhart
    James Moore
    Twentieth Regiment (Tenth Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel Alfred Iverson
    Lt. Colonel Franklin J. Faison(?)
    Major William T - - - 
    Company A
    Nelson Slough
    Charles f.(?) Harris
    P.A. Smith
    J. C.(or O.?) Young
    Company B
    J.B. Atwell
    R.(or S.?) S. Harris
    J.W. Caldwell
    William Johnston
    Company C
    R. Smith
    James B. Williams
    Henry Coleman
    Only One Second Lt. Listed
    Company D
    John B. Stanly
    W. Jasper Stanly
    Jonathan L. Gore
    Elisha W. Collins
    Company E
    Claudius B. Deusen(?)
    Adjutant R. Pryor James
    1st Lt. Lewis T. Hicks
    No Second Lt. Listed
    Company F
    C. (or O.?) L. Chesnutt?
    James W.Wright
    J.W. McRae
    John W. Brown
    Company G
    J.S. Brooks
    Lewelice(?) Leonard
    Oliver E. Mercer(?) Mercur(?) Mercor(?)
    John W. Ward
    Company H
    Ux. W. Cox
    Claudius B. Monk(?)
    Harley H. West
    Nathaniel L. Hurley(?) Hawley(?)
    Company I
    James a. Faison(?)
    D.J. Devane(?)
    W. Kirby
    B. Murphy
    Company K
    Thomas F. (first two letters of last name illegible - - en)
    J.O. Williamson
    W.P. Collins
    Chad- - - Eason(?) Fason(?)
    Twenty First Regiment (11th Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel William M. Kirkland
    Lt. Colonel James M. Leach
    Major J.M. Richardson
    Company A
    Jacob G. Hedgecock
    Adolphus A. Moss
    James E. Buell
    R.(?) A. Womack
    Company B
    John K. Connally
    Miles M. Cowles
    Reuben E. Wilson
    Nathan G. Hunt
    Company C
    Bayley Y. Graves
    John W. Phillips
    Logan T. Whitlock
    Benj. F. (or P.?) Bray
    Company D
    Alfred H. Bule(?)
    William L. Mastin(?)
    Edmund A. (last name illegible)
    David B. Barrow(?)
    Company E
    Rufus W. Wharton
    Phillip D.(?) Hendley(?) Headley(?)
    Julius R. Vogler
    Charles H.(?) B.(?) Brooks
    Company F
    Rufus K. Pepper
    John C. Blackburn
    John K. Pe – per
    Thomas J. Blackburn
    Company G
    S. Westmoreland
    Sanders(?) Fulton
    William E. Willis(?)
    Jas. O. Blackburn
    Company H
    Company H
    James R. Waugh
    James H.(?) Jones
    William A. Jenkins
    Alexander Chatham
    Company I
    John C. Gilmer
    M.C. Munro
    John M. Gwyn
    William C. (or O.?) T. Banner
    Company K
    Francis P. Miller
    Coleman B. Ziglar
    W.F. Swann
    Alexander (first three letters of last name illegible - - - ler)
    Company L
    Andrew J. Boyd
    James M. Katlum(?) Katham(?)
    David Mallory
    James T. McEllis
    Company M
    William L. Scott(?) Senit(?)
    William L. Rankin(?) Runkin(?)
    John Doggett
    Andrew (last name illegible, maybe Summers?)
    Twenty-Second Regiment (12th Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel J. Johnston Pettigrew
    Lt. Colonel John C.(?) Long
    Major Thomas S. Galloway
    Company A
    Thomas D. Jones
    J.B. Clark
    Felix G. D – l – (Dale? Or Dele?)
    William W. Diessen(?)
    Company B
    J.M. Neal(?)
    A.G. Halyburton
    J. M – l – ggus
    S.H. Adams
    Company C
    R.H. Gray
    C. Gray
    J.A.C. Brown
    W.G. Spencer
    Company D
    J.M. Odell
    Labun(?)  Odell
    J. N. Pounds(?) (P - - nds)
    H.C. Alred(?)
    Company E
    C.(?) G.(?) Cole(?)
    H.E. Charles
    W.H. Faucett
    John N. Nelson
    Company F
    Preston R. Reeves(?)
    John Gambol(?)
    H.S. Reeves
    George McReeves
    Company G
    John W. Graves
    J.J. Stokes
    No other listings for this company
    Company H
    Hamilton Scales
    Ephraim Bouldin
    S. Martin
    Only One 2nd Lt. Listed
    Company I
    S.G. Worth
    E.H. Winningham
    A.C. McAllister
    H. C. (or G.?) Graham
    Company K
    Alney(?) Burgin(?)
    C.H. Burgin (or Burgun?)
    A.W. Crawford
    J.E. Morris
    Twenty-Third Regiment (13th Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel John F. Hoke
    Lt. Colonel John W. Leak
    Major David H. Christie
    Company A
    William F. Hardee(?)
    W.D. Redfearn(?)
    J.M. Little
    L.W. Crowder
    Company B
    George W. Seagle
    Thomas J. Seagle
    Leo Johnston
    Sidney A. Shuford
    Company C
    C.J. Cochran(?)
    H.J. Christian
    E.J. Gaines
    J.W. Montgomery
    Company D
    James S. Knight(?)
    Jno(?) W. Cole
    William G. Wall
    D.H. Covington(?)
    Company E
    J.H. Horner
    T.W. Moore
    J.B. Mitchell(?)
    A.D. Peace
    Company F
    M. L. McCorkle
    John H. Miller
    M.L. Belton(?)
    R. (or D.?) A. Cobb
    Company G
    Charles C. Blacknell
    Adjutant J.J. Young
    First Lieutenant C.W. (last name illegible K - - rel)
    Second Lieutenant V.C. (last name illegible T - - ver(?) or T - - ner?)
    Company H
    E. M. (last name illegible, starts with ‘P’ or ‘F’)
    R.M. Ratchford
    T.N. Cr - - - 
    J.M. Kendrick(?)
    Company I
    E. Ames(?)
    N.A. Gregory
    A.M. Lu - - 
    T.E. Carrington(?)
    Company K
    Robert D. Johnston
    William H. Johnston
    John F. (or P.) Goodson(?)
    G.(?) W. Hunter
    Twenty-Fourth Regiment (14th Volunteers-Infantry)
    Colonel William J.(?) Clarke
    Lt. Colonel Thomas B. Venable
    Major Jonathan Evans
    Company A
    John B. Dillehay
    James (last name illegible—Holeman?)
    E.F. Satterfield
    Ed. B. Robert
    Company B
    George T. Duffie
    Jas. C. Frazell
    J. R. (last name illegible Hu - - )
    William T. Ellis
    Company C
    George W. Crockett
    William B. Gulley
    Elias J. Stallings
    Jas. H. Young
    Company D
    Nothing listed for this company
    Company E
    B. Lane
    G. Kornegay(?) Kurnegay(?)
    C.D. Combs(?)
    C.S. Powell
    Company F
    Charles H. Blockner
    James S. Evans
    William A. King
    C.H. Blocker
    Company G
    Charles D. Love
    Alexander A. McIver
    Hector McEachern(?)
    Harrison Purcell
    Company H
    John L. Harris
    Jas. C. Bailey(?)
    John King(?)
    Only One Second Lieutenant Listed
    Company I
    Ira(?) T. Woodall(?)
    Charles H. Su – ad (Sunad?)
    One Second Lieutenant’

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, April, 2007

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