Benjamin R Rivenbark

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Name: Benjamin R Rivenbark 
Residence: Duplin County, North Carolina 
Occupation: Farmer 
Enlistment Date: 03 March 1862 
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE 
Side Served: Confederacy 
State Served: North Carolina 
Unit Numbers: 158 
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 03 March 1862 at the age of 35 Enlisted in 
Company C, 51st Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 08 April 1862. 

Benjamin R. Rivenbark (First_Last) 
Regiment Name 51 North Carolina Infantry 
Side Confederate 
Company C 
Soldier`s Rank_In Pvt. 
Soldier`s Rank_Out Pvt. 
Alternate Name 
Film Number M230 roll 33 


51st Regiment, North Carolina Infantry 51st Infantry Regiment was organized at Wilmington, 
North Carolina, in April, 1862, with men recruited in the counties of Cumberland, Sampson, 
Duplin, Columbus, Robeson, and New Hanover. It was assigned to General Clingman`s 
Brigade and served under him for the duration of the war. After fighting at Goldsboro, it 
moved to the Charleston area and was prominent in the defense of Battery Wagner. The 
51st was then ordered to Virginia, participated in the battles at Drewry`s Bluff and Cold 
Harbor, and endured the hardships of the Petersburg siege south and north of the James 
River. Returning to North Carolina, it saw action at Bentonville. On July 18, 1863, this 
regiment lost 16 killed and 52 wounded at Battery Wagner and in August contained 374 
effectives. In May, 1864, it contained 1,100 men, and in October there were 145 present. 
During that time the 51st lost in killed and wounded 160 at Drewry`s Bluff, 194 at Cold 
Harbor, and 104 at Fort Harrison. Very few surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. The 
field officers were Colonels John L. Cantwell and Hector McKethan, Lieutenant Colonels 
William A. Allen and Caleb B. Hobson, and Major James R. McDonald. 

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