Charles Lockwood Stokely

Contributed by: Bob Stokley

Charles Lockwood Stokely and Henry C. Stokely were brothers who joined and fought in the same 
unit during the War Between the States. Charles was wounded and unfortunately his brother, Henry, 
did not survive the war. What follows is a brief account of their service to the Confederacy based on 
their Confederate Army records.

Charles Lockwood Stokely was born in Pasquotank County, NC in 1836 the son of Jeremiah 
Delamare Stokely and Mary Lockwood Stokely. By trade he was a farmer. On February 1, 1862, at 
the age of 26, he enlisted for the war in Company A, 8th Regiment NC Troops (Infantry). He was 
mustered in as a Private and was promoted to Corporal on June 1, 1864. He was promoted to 
Sergeant sometime between November, 1864 and April, 1865. He was wounded in Johnston County,
NC on April 17, 1865. According to his Confederate Army records, he appears on a roll of medical 
officers, attendants and patients at Court House Hospital in Greensboro, NC paroled in accordance 
with the terms of a Military Convention entered into 26 April 1865 between General Joseph E. 
Johnston, Commanding Confederate Army, and Major General William T. Sherman, Commanding 
United States Army in North Carolina. Sergeant Stokely was listed as an Acting Ward Master and 
was paroled on May 2, 1865. He returned to Pasquotank County after the war. On June 1, 1885  he 
applied for a pension based disabilities as a result of the wound he received during  his Confederate 
service. His death date is not known. 

Name:    Charles L Stokley ,   
Residence:    Pasquotank County, North Carolina  
Enlistment Date:    01 February 1862  
Distinguished Service:    DISTINGUISHED SERVICE  
Side Served:    Confederacy  
State Served:    North Carolina  
Unit Numbers:    119  
Service Record:    Enlisted as a Private on 01 February 1862 at the age of 26
Enlisted in Company A, 8th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 01 February 1862.
Promoted to Full Corporal on 01 June 1864
Promoted to Full Sergeant on 30 November 1864 (Estimated day of Promo)
Wounded on 17 April 1865 at Johnston County, NC
Paroled on 02 May 1865 at Greensboro, NC 

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