Craven Tull Barwick

Contributed by: Allen Barwick

Corporal Craven Tull Barwick Co. B, 63 Regiment N.C.T. (5th Regiment N.C. Cavalry) 

This account of the Civil War history of Corporal Craven Tull Barwick's has been 
compiled from North Carolina Troops: 1861-1865, pp. 367-372 by Allen J.Barwick.

Summary of Service in The Civil War
Enlisted at age 28 on May 15, 1862.  Promoted from Private to Corporal
November 10, 1862.  Captured at Catletts Station Va. October 14, 1863.
Prisoner of war at Point Lookout Maryland.  Paroled and exchanged at Coxes
Landing, James River Va. Feb. 14-15, 1865.

Records From North Carolina Troops: 1861-1865 pp 367-372

May 15, '62   Enlisted at Kinston or Hookerton, N.C..
July 9, '62   Wilmington -- mustered into Confederate States Service under
Captain Stephen B. Evans, Company of Partisan Rangers, N.C. Volunteers.
Sept 11, '62  Goldsboro
Sept 12, '62  Kinston. Joined Major Peter G. Evans Battalion
Sept 15-25    Picket duty south of Tar River.
Oct. 1-3      Core Creek above New Bern to observe Fed. activity.
Oct 9    Malboro - Tarboro area.
Oct. 12  Halifax.
Oct 13   Garysburg, Northampton County, Camp Long
Joined 63rd Regiment according to Special Order No. 216, Paragraph 2.
Headquarters, District of N.C. Petersburg Va.  Dated Sept 39, 1862.
Nov. 10  C.T. Barwick promoted from Private to Corporal.
Nov. '62 Companies drilled under General B.H. Robertson
and joined with 59th Regiment, N.C. Troops.
Dec. 14  Join General N.G. Evans at Goldsboro to combat General John G.
Fosters' advance on Goldsboro.
Dec. 17  Foster destroys railroad bridge South of Goldsboro near White Hall
(Seven Springs).
Marched to Thompsons Bridge on the Neuse.
Dec. 18-24Marched to Goldsboro and stayed.
Dec. 24  Marched to Wise Forks on South side of Neuse River.
Jan 2, '63Camped at Snow Hill several weeks.
March 13-15Took part in General D.H. Hills attack on New Bern.  Expedition was
May Ordered to Richmond to join Army of Northern Va.
June 8Grand Review in Richmond.
June 9   Kelly's Ford against Gen. David Greggs' Division of Federals.  Battle
ofBrandy Station - Act as a reserve and protected right flank of the troops
engaged in front of Rappahannoah Station.
June 9   63rd Regiment ordered to report to General J.E.B. Stuart.
June 10 or so Support Gen. Wade Hampton's Brigade.  General Robertson notes:
"Although in sight of the enemy for many hours, and exposed to the fire of his
artillery, my command was not at any time actively engaged."
June 16  Cross Rappahannoak River to screen Gen R.E. Lee's movement to the
Shenandoah Valley.
June 17  Drive Federals out of Middleburg with mounted charge.
June 18  With W.H.F. Lee's Brigade, hold a Federal advance in check just west
of town.
June 21  At Upperville moving toward mountain.  Brigade repulsed enemy attack
on the column.
June 22  Federals fall back, cavalry reestablishes screen east of mountains.
June 24  Remain as a screen until moved up to protect the left and rear of the
July 1   Cross Potomac at Williamsport Md. and pass through Hagerstown.
July 1   night Camp near Greenscastle Pa.
July 2   Enter Chambersburg, Pa. and remain until late at night then began
moving toward Carlisle Pa. and abruptly turned right and hurried to Gettysburg.
July 3   Morning,, arrive at Gettysburg and proceed to defend flank and rear of
army.  At Fairfield went to assistance of Jones' Brigade and drove the enemy
out of the town with a mounted charge.
July 4   Guard wagon trains moving through Jack Mountain passes toward
Williamsport.  Considerable fighting - proceeded to Hagerstown.
July 7   Army concentrates around Hagerstown assigned to North  front of
Hagerstown.  Stayed in this area skirmishing with enemy in area.
July 14  Cross back into Va.
July 24  Chester Gap to Warrenton.  With General James Longstreet.  Establish
pickets on South bank of Rappahannoak at Kellys Ford.
July 24-Sept  Two armies watch each other using cavalry to probe for
indications of movement or weakness.
Sept 9   Cavalry reorganized commanded by Gen. L.S. Baker
Sept 22  Active battle.
Sept 28  Col. James B. Gordon promoted to Brigadier General. This group
assigned to General Hampton's Division under J.E.B. Stuart
Oct 9-20 Bristoe Campaign.  Cavalry protects flanks of infantry and engaged the
Federal Cavalry on numerous occasions.
Oct 10   Gordon's Brigade was engaged at Russells Ford and James City.
Oct 14   At Auburn Mills/Catletts Station.  Corporal Craven Tull Barwick
captured this day by Federal Troops. Imprisoned at Point Lookout, Md.
Feb. 14-15,'65     Corporal Barwick was paroled and exchanged at Coxes
Landing,James River Va.

Family History Sources:  Family Bible held and Last Will and Testament are in the 
possession of Allen Barwick. Craven Tull lived on his farm near Edwards Bridge on 
the Contentnea Creek when he died. 

Submitted by 
Allen J. Barwick
4509 Waterbury Road
Raleigh, NC 27606

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