Edward J White

Contributed by: Jane Garner

American Civil War Soldiers Record about Edward J White 

Name:	Edward J White , 	
Enlistment Date:	01 May 1862 	
Distinguished Service:	DISTINGUISHED SERVICE 	
Side Served:	Confederacy 	
State Served:	North Carolina 	
Unit Numbers:	5 5 	
Service Record:	Enlisted as a Private on 01 May 1862 
Enlisted in Company 1st Co. I, 1st Light Artillery Regiment North Carolina 
on 01 May 1862. Transferred Company A, 1st Co. I, 1st Light Artillery 
Regiment North Carolina on 16 April 1863. Transferred in Company B, 1st 
Loc Def Troops Regiment North Carolina on 16 April 1863.	

From the Bible of  J.T. Cummings (was Edward’s father-in-law)

Edward enlisted in Confederate Army in Craven County on May 1, 1862, at 
age 16.  Family tradition says he was 16 and a cook in the army.  He was 
in the 10th Regiment, 1st Company I, in the Artillery Department.  He was 
transferred on April 16, 1863, as a private in Company B 1st Battalion, then 
was in NC Local Defense Troops, C. Whitford's Battalion, NC Partison Rangers.  
He was present there until transferred to Company B in the 67th Regiment on 
January 18, 1864.

Edward was married to a cousin, Louisa Catherine “Katy” White.  They were 
both from Craven County.  Had a plantation in Ocracoke.

A file contributed by Sloan Spence Mason, December 2000, located on the 
Lenoir County site (http://www.ncgenweb.us/lenoir/civwarvets/cocappscw.htm)
has a transcription of an application for the Children of the Confederacy by a 
grandniece of E. J. White.

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