Dr. Elias Faison Shaw

Contributed by: Billie Powell

Dr. Elias Faison Shaw, born on May 12, 1822, was the son of John D. Shaw of Cumberland County, 
NC, and Frances Faison Shaw of Duplin County, NC, and the grandson of Colin Shaw and Marion 
McCraney Shaw, who had migrated to Cumberland County, NC, from of the Isle of Jura, Argyllshire, 
Scotland.  Dr. Shaw volunteered in May, 1862.  He had been promoted to Lt. Colonel, just before 
his death on March 31, 1865.  He was leading a charge at the Battle of Chamberlain's Run, VA, 
and was mortally wounded.  He was buried where he died, beside a stream.  His family wanted his 
body to be reinterred in North Carolina, and today he rests at the Faison Cemetery in Sampson 
County, NC. 
He had two brothers, the Rev. Colin Shaw (1812 - 1905), and Henry Faison Shaw (died in 1829 at 
the age of 19); and one sister, Mary Ann (1815 - 1870) who married Richard Miller (1794 - 1850)  
and lived in Duplin County, NC. 
He was married to his cousin, Susan Arabella Faison, the daughter of William and Susan Mosely 
Faison, on May 12, 1847. They had eight children: William (died in infancy in 1848), Eugene 
(1850 - 1887), Susan Frances (1851 - 1866), Mary Josephine (1854 - 1862), Martha Faison (1856 - 
1859), Matthew Faison (1858 - 1935), Annie Amelia (1861 - 1885), and Maria Stuart (1863 - 1935).    

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