Evander Singletary

Contributed by: Cheryl Phillips

Transcription: Evander Singletary was only a lad of fifteen years when the War between the States began, but before his eighteenth birthday he had volunteered with Company K, 40th Artillery Regiment, in which many other Bladen County men were serving. This company was stationed at Fort Fisher until it fell into the hands of the Federal forces in January 1865. He enlisted on January 30th, 1864. Evander was the son of Jesse Singletary and his wife Katie Wilson Singletary. He was born Februray 4th, 1846. After the war was over and on February 20th, 1868 Evander and Miss Nancy Jane Edwards, daughter of Stephen and Polly Graves Edwards were married. To this union were born these children: Hattie, Lydia, Katie, Celia, Stephen W., Haynes E. Evander Singletary served Bladen County as Clerk of the Superior Court from 1873 until 1881. He was noted for his excellent penmanship and spelling. So proficient was he in his penmanship that he was employed by the Federal Government in Washington, D C., after he left the Clerk's office. Evidences of his handwritting still in existence are very beautiful. After his retirement from Federal service he came back to his home in Bladen County and died here on October 20th, 1916. He is buried at the Oak Grove Church cemetery.

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