James H Bell

Contributed by: Joshua Waller

-North Carolina Troops: a Roster, 1861-1865 By Louis Manarin and Weymouth T. Jordan; 
Vol. VIII, page 32-33; James H. Bell, 27th Regt., Co. C

Private  resided in Lenoir County and enlisted at Coosawhatchie, SC at age 17, 
March 3, 1863 (his son disputes this above) for the war.  Wounded in the left 
arm at or near Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia, on or about May 8, 1864.  
Returned to duty prior to January 1, 1865.  Present or accounted for until 
captured at Hatcher's Run, Virginia, March 31, 1865.  Confined at Point Lookout, 
Maryland, until released on June 23, 1865, after taking the Oath of Allegiance.

-Searched State Auditor, 1885 Pension Act without finding James H. Bell.
-Searched State Auditor, 1901 Pension Act and found James H. Bell, Carteret 
County, Box 6.203
Have copy of NC Confederate Pension Application, Act of 1901, James H. Bell
-15 June 1912 filed for confederate soldier pension in Morehead City, Carteret 
County, NC at age 67.  Enlisted on or around the 2nd day of march 1863. 27 
NC Co. C.  While in said service at Wilderness, 2nd days fight, 2nd battle in the 
state of VA, on or about the 8 day of may, 1864.  " I was wounded slightly in the 
left arm, can't say that it was any thing serious.  Notice I haven't the same use 
of that I have of the other.  Can't say that the wound caused in my eyes is serious 
by affected.  Think it was from smoke from camp fires and powder."  

-Have Muster Rolls of James H. Bell, 27 NC Co. C
27 NC Company muster roll for sept. and oct. 1864, enlisted march 3, 1863 at 
Cooswahatchie, by E, G. Wooten, period of war.  Last paid by L?. H. Thomas 
to Juen 30, 1864.  Absent, home on furlough of indulgence Oct 23, 1864.
-muster roll for nov. and dec. 1864.  Last paid by Capt. Thomas to June 30, 1864, 
-muster roll for jan. and feb. 1865.  Capt McClain to Oct.31, 1864, present
-27 NC Roll of Honor, county Lenoir, entered service march 3, 1863, age 17, 
as a substitute
-CSA Hospital, Richmond VA.  disease: Vicl Schlo?, admitted may 26, 1864, 
transferred june 2, 1864
-General hospital camp Winder, Richmond VA.  admitted may 26
-receipt roll for commutation of rations from oct 18 to nov 17, paid nov 27, 1863
-receipt roll for clothing, date of issue may 12, 1864
-receipt of roll for clothing, date of issue Jul. 26, 1864
-receipt of roll for clothing, date of issue Aug. 23, 1864
-prisoner of war at Point Lookout MD.  date of arrival City Point VA, april 2, 1865.  
Captured at Hatchers Run VA, on march 31, 1865.  Released june 23, 1865
-oath of allegiance, sworn to oath, 23 June, 1865.  place of residence: lenoir county 
NC.  Complexion: fair, Hair: Light Brown, Eyes: Blue, Height: 5ft 8,3/4
-appears on a list of prisoners of war captured by the 24th army corp march 31, 
1865 and forwarded to City Point VA
-Medical directors office, Richmond VA.  hospital: Winder Div 5, furloughed 30 days 
oct 19, 1862

-"I know that my Bell grandfather was in the Civil War.  I thought he was a bugler.  
Daddy used to say that when they asked their father if he had killed anyone in the 
war, he would reply: "I shot in their direction and people fell down but he never 
knew whether it was his bullet or that of another."  (from Betty Mae Bell O'Byrne)

-The Eric Bell Story, by N. Eric Bell (son of James H. Bell); “my father entered the 
Confederate Army on April 3, 1863 to Co. C, Heath’s Division, 27th Regiment, N.C., 
Cook’s Brigade, Hill’s Corp, Army of  Northern Virginia.  He was in Battles at Bristol 
Station, First/Second Battles of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, and 
Rheams Station.”  From a book by Needham Eric Bell titled the Eric Bell Story 
through the years in NC, AL, IL, 1974.

-" Aged Countian Dies While On Visit at Dawson Station" "James Bell, 80, a retired 
farmer and Confederate veteran, died at Dawson Station, where he was visiting, at 
4:30 this morning. The body was brought here to be prepared for burial. Mr. Bell was 
known to many persons. He was the father of Julius Bell of Kinston, Charlie and 
Herman Bell of Gainesville, Fla., Eric Bell of Montgomery, Ala., and Mrs. J. T. Smith 
of Parmele, N.C. Mr. Bell was a native of Lenoir and resided in the county all his life. 
He spent most the past summer at the residence of his son here. His wife died eleven 
years ago. The funeral will be held at 3 Wednesday afternoon. Burial will be made in 
the Maplewood Cemetery. Freeman Heath, of the staff of Gordon Street Church of 
Christ, will officiate." 
-Have you ever seen this obit? Do you have any idea what paper it would have been in? 
Were the other sons deceased? My grandfather's notes say that "Jas. Henry Bell was 
born May 15, 1844 on old Bell Farm above Wheat Swamp Church in Lenoir County, N.C. 
He died October 12, 1925. Said he did not remember when he started chewing tobacco, 
but quit at age 71 to show his sons he could. He did not resume the habit. He had six 
sons and a daughter." Did you know that James H. Bell and Mary John Rouse were 
second cousins through the Creech family? (Email from Molly Kirkpatrick, descendant 
of N. Eric Bell)

-Have a Piece of Letter head from James H. Bell Repair shop where he and others 
signed the sheet of paper saying that a John W. Burkett had served in the war.  This 
John was probably trying to get a pension.

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