Jonathan F. “John” Pierce

Contributed by: Sammy Pierce

Jonathan F. “John” Pierce enlisted in the 61st Regiment, NC Infantry, Company E, 
at age 23 on 15 Jul 1862 with his step-brother, Lewis Stocks.   He was enlisted by 
A. Groom in Greene County for "3 years or the War."  His first muster roll, Nov & 
Dec 1862, shows he was "last paid" 1 Nov 1862 by Capt Geo. H. Brown.  He was 
present for duty until the May & Jun 1863 muster roll when he was listed as absent; 
"On detached service in Robinson Co. since May 10, 1863 arresting deserters."  
The July & Aug 1863 muster roll lists him absent: "Missing in action with the enemy 
Aug 26, 1863 at Battery Wagner."  The night he was captured, his unit was on picket 
duty outside Battery Wagner.  They were attacked by a Union force of approximately
5,000 soldiers led by Brigadier General Alfred Terry.  Approximately 200 soldiers of 
the 61st NC INF were captured in the attack.  John Pierce was on various Union 
"Rolls of Prisoners" as captured at Morris Island Aug 26 or Aug 27.  He was a 
Prisoner of War at Hilton Head, SC, Ft Columbus, New York Harbor, and Cape 
Lookout, MD before being exchanged 1 Nov 1864.  He was released at Savannah, 
GA and walked back to Greene County from there.  After the war John Pierce married 
Elizabeth Ann “Bettie” McLawhorn of Pitt County and moved across Contentnea Creek 
to Pitt County near Scuffleton and Rountree Church.  John and Bettie had five children: 
Mary Magdalene, Levi, John Bryant, Henry Alonzo, and Ethel May.

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