Kinchen Cobb

Contributed by: Larry Cobb

I have included the information of my G Grandfathers application for a confederate 
pension. His name was Kinchen Cobb and he lived at Castoria, Greene County 
N. C. when the application was filed.  Kinchen Cobb applied for a Confederate 
Pension on July 6, 1885 and stated that he was drafted in 1862 and sent to New 
Bern just before the New Bern fight and on March of 1862 he was wounded by 
having his right arm shot off near the shoulder. The application held for proof of 
service and approved July 30, 1885. At the time, he was 63 and a resident at 
Castora, Greene Co. Character witness was D A Sugg. Also signed by John D 
Grimsley, Chairman of Board of Commissioners, John Patrick and Joseph Dixon, 
Commissioners and Luby Harper, Sheriff. Hardy Sugg and W M Carraway gave 
supporting statements that loss of his arm was March, 1862.

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