Lockey Arnold Henderson

Contributed by: Jim Tucker

My great granddad on my dad's mother's side was Lockey Arnold Henderson also 
from Montgomery Cty. N.C. who was a member of  ?6th Regiment, North Carolina 
Senior Reserves-Lockey Henderson-Sgt.  Lockey was a farmer & owned land on 
the New Hope Rd. before you get to Coggins Mine. He is buried with his first wife 
at Henderson Cemetery in Eldorado. He was a farmer & @ an early age left home 
& rode on horseback to Eldorado to work in the gold mines where he met his 1st 
wife Mary " Polly " Davis [ 12 children ].  His 2d wife was Mary Abigail " Abbie " 
Russell [ 6 children ]. 

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