Matthew Smith

Contributed by: Joshua Waller

-During the war between the states he served as a private in Indian Springs 
Company A, 27th Regiment, N.C. Militia.  Records show that he applied for 
a release from service because of deafness as he was unable to hear 
commands from his superior officers, and that his wife was poor in health and 
four small children, the oldest being 8 years old, who were unable to look 
after the farm, in the vicinity of Casey's Chapel Church, on highway 70 south 
of Goldsboro, Wayne county, N.C.  He was exempted from duty on July 10, 
1863.  He hired an attorney by the name of McDuffie to keep him out of the 
conscripts if he was required by the Officers of the Conscript law to bare arms.  
The attorney was payed $500 in confederate money.

-NC Archives found nothing for Matthew Smith in the Pension acts or NC 
Troops a Roster

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