Stephen Henry Simmons

Contributed by: Joshua Waller

-North Carolina Troops: a Roster, 1861-1865 By Louis Manarin and Weymouth 
T. Jordan without finding Stephen H. Simmons.

-State Auditor, 1885 Pension Act without finding Stephen H. Simmons.
-State Auditor, 1901 Pension Act and found Stephen H. Simmons, Lenoir County.
Have Copy.  Applied for pensions for Civil War service 1901 and 1906 in Lenoir 
County, NC.  His widow Sophia applied for one in 1907 after his death in Lenoir 
County, NC.  They state he served in 2nd Reg., Co. B, NC State Troops in 1861.  
Another states he was in the Home Guard.  He states "I was in several different 
commands-was in the war from the first to last of it."  The Dr. that examined him 
for the pension stated that he was old, nearly helpless, can't work, nearly blind, 
and has deficient mind.
-The Daily Free Press Kinston, N.C., Tuesday, December 15, 1903 PENSIONS 
OF OLD VETS Warrants Have Arrived and Are Being Distributed by Clerk Collins 
OVER $2,700 COMES TO THIS COUNTY One Hundred and Fifty Old Confederates 
and Widows Will Receive a Christmas Present from the State. The pension warrants 
for the old Confederate soldiers and widows of soldiers entitiled to pensions, have 
been received by Clerk of the Court Plato Collins and he is busy distributing them 
to the pensioners. There are about 150 in all, aggregating over $2,700 to be paid 
out in this county to battle scarred veterans of the "Lost Cause" and it will prove a 
happy Christmas blessing to many. The pensioners are divided into four classes: 
1st class, $60; 2nd class, 45; 3rd class, $35, and 4th class, $14. All the widows' 
pensions are fourth class. The following is a list of the pensioners and they are 
urged to come and get their money: 
SOLDIERS Simon Dawson, Lewis Grady, L. F. Malpass, Lewis M. Wiley, Ben 
Dawson, Morris Foy, John D. Rice, Jesse Sutton, Wm. I. Taylor, Isaac E. Taylor, 
John A. Williams, B. F. Aldridge, James B. Carter, James Allen Hines, Thomas 
Jackson, Richard Phillips, Oliver H. Pearce, George W. Rhodes, Daniel Stroud, 
Ira Smith, D. L. Stone, Jesse Stanley, Stephen Board, Isaac Braxton, L. L. 
Barfield, John Brown, Alexander J. Barfield, Asa H. Battle, D. R. Bostick, Jacob 
Cox, R. P. Claytor, W. D. Chambers, W. B. Casey, J. W. Dawson, W. M. Dail, 
James W. Daughety, James Davis, Wm. W. Denny, Lewis H. Evans, John 
Eubanks, James Elmore, John R. Gray, Henry Goodman, Thomas Herring, William 
Hamilton, J. B. Hill, Samuel Hughes, Major A. Jackson, William Jenkins, Joe 
Jenkins, J. R. Jenkins, James Jones, Benjamin Jones, J. M. Joyner, J. E. 
Koonce, John William Koonce, Luther S. Kennedy, John William Langston, 
Rigdon W. Moore, Logan Metts, Nathan D. McDuffy, J. W. Malpass, W. J. Mitchell, 
Jordan Potter, J. P. Parrott, Z. Pate, Thomas Perdue, Lacy Phillips, Joseph J. 
Register, John W. Roberson, D. G. Sellars, J. H. Sheppard, Richard Slaughter, 
STEPHEN SIMMONS, Lemuel Skinner, John W. Simmons, Nathan Skinner, 
Major F. Sanderson, James A. Spence, W. J. Taylor, James Thigpen, George 
Turner, A. G. Tyndall, Louis Tayloe, Walter J. Tuton, Bradock Ivey Taylor, S. M. 
Thigpen, James B. Vance, Jerry Waters, James M. Ward, Felix Whaley, David 
M. Whaley, Clark M. Wade, James Williams, Marshal G. Waller, William Waters,
 WIDOWS Patsy Brown, M. Brown, Eliza Barnett, Jane Downward, Jane Dawson, 
Matilda Dail, Sarah J. Daughety, M. Faulkner, Eliza Foyles, A. E. Green, Susan 
J. Gray, Sallie Grant, Hannah Howard, Elizabeth Hughes, Mollie Huggins, Jane 
Heath, Sarah Elizabeth Harrison, Julia Hines, Roxie Huggins, Nancy Ann Harrison, 
Bettie Hinson, Caroline Johnson, Miriam R. Loftin, Rebecca Moody, Nancy 
Maxwell, Sallie Outlaw, Louisa Parker, Mary J. Potter, Sarah Elizabeth Parson 
Ann Pate C. Quinn, Susan Rouse, Martha Skeans, Catharine Stroud, Susan 
Sparks, Susan Spence, Polina Stanley, Martha Ann, Julia Tyndal, Eliza Tyndal, 
C. E. Tyndal, Winnie Taylor, Susan Underhill, Winnie Wiggins, Nancy Wade, 
Evaline Whaley, Nancy Williams, Nancy B. Waters, Alice Waller, Julia Whitley 

-Death of Mr. Stephen Simmons, Mr. Stephen H. Simmons died at the home of 
his son, Mr. Geo. F. Simmons, North Heritage Street Sunday afternoon at 
4 o'clock, of apoplexy.  He was 88 years old, but though feeble, was frequently 
seen on the streets until a few days before he died.  Like many of the gallant 
boys who went through that trying ordeal from 61' to 65'.  Mr Simmons passed 
away suddenly of paralysis of the brain.  He was a Confederate veteran and 
proudly bore the cross of honor placed upon him by the Daughters of the 
Confederacy for the gallant service during the war.  Another of that fast thinning 
army of old veterans has gone to his reward and to the final reveille, when the 
great Captain will sound the call.  But too few remain and we are reminded that 
in a short while, indeed, will the remaining ones bivouac for the last time, "in the 
bivouac of the dead."  Mr. Simmons was born in Duplin County but has lived in 
Kinston for a number of years.  The funeral took place this afternoon at 
four o'clock and the internment was made in Maplewood cemetery.

-New Bern Daily Journal, April 30, 1907, Stephen Simmons mentioned.  "Two 
confederate veterans have died in Kinston, since Saturday, Mr William Dunn 
whose fearful injuries by fire were noted in the Sunday Journal and Mr. Stephen 

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