Chicamauga, Bristow Station, Kelly's Ford, Warm Springs, and Rappahannock Railroad Bridge

    These pages are dedicated to the memory of all the men from North Carolina that fought in the Civil War.

    Among other items contained in this document are the following casualties:
    1.  Chicamauga:  58th N.C.T. and some from 37th in descriptive letter
    2.  Bristow Station:  27th N.C.T.-one full account and a later account of Company E; 
    Light Battery C, 10th N.C.T.; 15th (?) N.C.T.; 46th N.C.T.; 47th N.C.T., Company D 
    26th Regiment
    3.  1st N.C. Cavalry, casualties from October 10-20, 1863
    4.  25th N.C. Detachment, Battle Warm Springs (two—one short paragraph and a longer 
    5.  6th and 30th N.C. Regiments of Hokes Brigades commanded by Col. Archibald D. 
    Godwin at Kelly’s Ford
    6.  6th Regiment, Battle of Rappahannock Railroad Bridge
    North Carolina Standard
    October 7, 1863
    Capt. William A. Graham, Jr., Company K, 2nd N.C. Cavalry Regiment, has been 
    appointed Assistant Adjutant General of this state.  He was wounded in one of the 
    recent battles in Virginia.
    Lt. Col. Stephen D. Pool has been made colonel of the 10th N.C. Regiment in place 
    of Col. Bradford, deceased.  Major Guion has been made lieutenant colonel in place 
    of Colonel Pool.  Colonel Love of the 62nd N.C.T. has resigned on account of ill health.  
    The lieutenant colonel has also resigned.  Major McDowell is colonel, Captain Rogers 
    of Haywood is lieutenant colonel and Captain Henson of Transylvania is major.  The 
    5th and 7th N.C. batteries have been united under one command under General Polk.

    Chicamauga Campaign

    Changes in N.C. Troops Edward C. Yellowley of Pitt, Major of the 8th N.C. Regiment has been promoted to Lt. Colonel of the 66th Regiment. Colonel William DeRussel of Wilmington, has resigned his position as Colonel of the 3rd N.C. Regiment on account of disability from wounds received at Sharpsburg, Maryland. Lt. Col. Stephen D. Thurston of Brunswick has been promoted to Colonel of the 3rd, vice DeRussell resigning. Major William M. Parsley of Wilmington has been promoted to Lt. Colonel of the 3rd, vice Thurston promoted to Colonel. Captain Thomas S. Galloway, Jr., of Rockingham has been appointed Colonel of the 22nd Regiment vice Connor resigned. Progress

    Bristow Station Campaign

    Kelly’s Ford Campaign

    Rappahannock Railroad Bridge Campaign

    Transcribed by Christine Spencer, April, 2007

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